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INGREDIENTS: DISH RECIPE: -300g broccoli - Clove of garlic -olive oil - pepper - salt - vegetable broth - pasta (orecchiette) Wash broccoli. Steam broccoli for 15min. Orboil broccoli in salted water, drain them. Brown with the garlic whit oil for few minutes put the broccoli, pour 2/3 tablespoons vegetable broth. Cook for 5 minutes. Cook pasta in salted water, draw it put pasta in the pan whit broccoli cook for 2/3 minutes. Pasta with broccoli

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  • 1. INGREDIENTS: DISH-300g broccoli- Clove of garlic-olive oil- pepper- salt- vegetable broth- pasta (orecchiette)RECIPE:Wash broccoli.Steam broccoli for 15min. Orboil broccoli insalted water, drain them. Brown with the garlicwhit oil for few minutes put the broccoli, pour2/3 tablespoons vegetable broth. Cook for 5minutes. Cook pasta in salted water, draw itput pasta in the pan whit broccoli cook for 2/3minutes.Pasta with broccoli

2. INGREDIENTS: DISH-mozzarella 100g- pepper- 200g courgette- olive oil- tomatoes 125g-Oregano- saltRECIPE:Wash the courgettes removeand cut the last slice addtomatoes soap, add the oliveoil and pepper grill thecourgettesMini pizza of courgette 3. INGREDIENTS: DISH-500g cannelloni (pasta) forthe filling- 400g spinacia- 400g ricotta- eggs- nutmeg powder for thebesciamella- sauce butter- milk- flourRECIPE:Canneloni with ricotta and spinaciaCook cannelloni in salted water for 11/12 minutes preparingbesciamella sauce: put in the pan the butter and the flour,mix them quickly, finally put he milk and keep mixing.Preparing filling put the ricotta and the boiled and crumbletspinak, egg, salt, pepper and nut neg powder in a bowl, mixfor 2/3 minutes.Fill each cannellone with the filling put cannelloni in a bakingtin and cover pasta with besciamella savce put the baking tinin the oven for 30 minutes at 200c. 4. INGREDIENTS: DISH- 1 pig feet- 1 pig ears- 125 g of pork rinds- 0.5 kg of pork ribs- 4 sausages Verzini- 200 g of luganiga- 1 kg of cabbage- 0.5 onion- 1 celery ribs- 1 carrot- butter- Dry white wine- saltRECIPE:cassoeulaBoil for 45 minutes in salted water ears and rind of the pig, and the feet for 1 hour , after havingscraped and flamed , drain and cut into small pieces. Saut for about 10 minutes the ribs with alittle butter so that you coloriscano slightly, then remove from heat and keep aside ; do the same inanother pot with sausage Verzini riddled luganiga and cut into fairly large pieces . Peel and washthe cabbage leaves , then put them in a pot without water sgrondarle last wash . Cover and letthem dry on low heat. In a large saucepan , melt 50g of butter and saut a chopped onion , thenadd the chopped celery and carrots too , as soon as they are colorful , add the sausages andluganiga , nuanced with a glass of wine, let it evaporate , pour a little water and cook for about 10minutes over moderate heat . ? Then add all the meat and after a few minutes, add the cabbage ,stir well and add a little water if necessary . Cook over low heat for about 1 hour or until the meatcomes away from the bone , and if too wet to dry with little water. Halfway through cooking, addsalt and pepper. ? Cassoeula Let stand for 20 minutes before serving , accompanying it to tastewith hot polenta . 5. Paccheri gragnano baked stuffedINGREDIENTS:PHOTO24 paccheri Gragnano;120g of white sauce;300g of sausage;1 shallot;150g of goat cheese;150g of fresh spinach;Salt to taste;Black pepper to taste;Extra virgin olive oil totaste.RECIPE:Finely chop the shallots;Fry it in a pan with olive oil and ateaspoon of water;Join the crumbled sausage;When the sausage is cookedaway from the fire;Combine the sieved ricotta, whitesauce, chopped spinach and addsalt and pepper;Stir ant il the mixture ishomogeneus.Transfer the mixture into asaccapoche;Bring to boil a pot of water: salt, addpaccheri and drain when al denteCover the botton of a baking dish foroven with 60g of white saucePlace paccheri verticallyFil each pacchero with the filling andpour the reaining sauce over thesurface. Cook in a preheated oven at180 for 30 minutes in the last 5 underthe grill. 6. INGREDIENTS: 5 eggs 4 zucchini 1 sprig of parsley Parmesan chease 100g Olive oil saltRECIPE:Wash the zuchini and cutinto suces pour into the panlittle oil and let the zucchiniwill cook on lou heat.breakthe eggs and add salt ,parsley , parmesan and turnunitil it becomes smoothpaste. when the zucchiniare couket versatice overthe egg mixture .when theomelet begins to have goodsmell cover the pan with alid ,then turn,flipping theomeletZUCCHINIOMELET 7. INGREDIENTS:RECIPE:LLEENNTTIILLSS IINNDDAAMMPP300g of lentils1 onion1 carrot2 cloves of garlic1 glass of white wineSalt and pepperLaurelOilbrothYou put in soak the lentilsOne day before. brown in apots minced garlic and onionWith oil, add the laurel. Addthe lentils drain and dry,Put the white wine and letEvaporate mixing, add theBroth, salt and pepper. 8. Soup ofINGREDIENTS:Carrots 4 slices of breadVegetable broth400g carrots2 potatoes1 onionCelery80g creamButterParmesan cheeseSalt and pepperRECIPE:Wash and peel the carrots,The potatoes and celery andchop them peel and slice theOnion brown vegetables in theButter for 5min., add vegetableBroth, cook over low heatfor 30min. Blend the mixtureAdd the cream, the parmesanand cook for other 3min. 9. INGREDIENTS:RECIPE:ZZOOLLAA AANNDDRRAADDIICCCCHHIIOO1lt vegetable broth RRIISSOOTTTTOO380gr rice80gr gorgonzola leave of chicoryOnions and oilBrown the onions with aSmall spoon of oil add thefinely cut radiche and witherThe chicory, add the rice andSkip the rice and slowly addThe broth and stirr continuosly.10 min. before the rice is doneAdd the zola cut in squa. ResAnd finish cooking. 10. INGREDIENTS:200 g pinach1 eggSalt300 g ricotta4 table spoons of paemesiacheeseA rool of puff pastry50 g asiago cheeseRECIPE:Boil the spinach , drainand chop. In a containermix the spinach , aggricotta , parmesan andasiago cheese , a pinchof salt in a pan roll outthe cheese , pastry. Prikthe puff pastry and pourtheeilling. Cook for fortyminuts.PIE WITHSPINACH 11. INGREDIENTS:Waflesandwich00 flour 250 grBaking powder in polvere 1 / 2tablespoonZucchero 20 grEggs 2Burrofuso 30 grSaleq.b.Grass cipollinaq.b.Pepeneroq.b.Milk 500 mlMustard 3 tablespoonProsciuttocotto 150 grInsalataq.b.RECIPE:To make the waffle sandwich you olace in abowl the flour, baking powder and sugar.Pourthe milk, stirring with a wiskh.Separate theyolks from the whites and pour into, coverthe bowl with plastic wrap and slice thetomatoes. Now, beat the eggs whites with apinch of salt and whipped until stiff after theresting time, pick the dough of the wafflemaker and add the egg whites, stirring with aspatula from the top down not to dismantlethem at this point, proceed with the cooking:heat a griddle waffle, pour the mixture intothe mold whit the aid of a special ladle. Closethe plate and cooked sformateli and let themcool. The farcitene 3 and 6 waffle with tomat,mozzarellas salad and slice of ham; coverthese with another waffle. Your wafflesandwichs are ready to be enjoyed in thecompany! 12. INGREDIENTS:2 puff pastories1 Kg of spinach250 gr ricotta50 in parmesan chees butterSaleq.b.A spinach of pepperRECIPE:Pie with spinachRool ant the dought from the aven and pittedmenanuhile, cook the spinach then once cooked,leave to cool and then mik spinach with thericotta and parmesan pay tene pastey and put inthe aven at 180 to 20 minutes. 13. INGREDIENTS:Ingredients: (for 4 people)- 400 grams of potatoes;- 300 grams of fresh green beans;- 200 grams of cheese ValtellinaCasera;- 150 grams of butter,- Onion, salt, pepper.RECIPE:in a pot to boil peeled potatoesin water with green beans. Allowto cook well and then drain.Mash everything with a woodenspoon so as to obtain almost apuree. Add salt and pepper,then place the dough in abuttered bowl, taking care to puta layer between the cheese andthe other Casra already cut intoslices. Meanwhile, fry a slicedonion in the butter, allow tobrown and then pour on taroz.taroz 14. INGREDIENTS:KALTSONETO THEGREEK250g puff pastry300g the spinach10 leaves the basilic1 speece garlicRECIPE:Put puff pastry in to the baking greased whitoil. Boil the spinach, wring, fry slightly whit thegarlinc. Put the spinach over half the puffpastry, covered whit breaking feta, and cutingbasilic. Close the kaltsone. Superimpose twohalf the puff pastry. Tweak the edges andclose whit fingers. Bake at 180 the grase for 40minutes. 15. INGREDIENTS: RocketpestoPine nutOlive oilParmesanSaltClove of garlicRECIPE:Mince all theingredients add littleby little oil and keepin the fridge.Yuo canuse basil instead ofrocket. 16. INGREDIENTS: DISHRECIPE:Pizza withvegetables400g flour -yeastSalt -hot waterOlive oil -red pepperCrilled cougettes andauberginesSpinach -basilTomato souceKnead the flour the yeast andthe water rub in online oil andsalt roll out mixture and wait fore hours sprikle with tomatosouce griwea courgettes andaubergines, red pepper andspinach.bake for 30 minutes at200c 17. INGREDIENTS:Tripe and beanssoup1 kg tripe200g boiled beans2 potatoes1 carrot1 onion1 celery1 leek50g beckon50g butterSage and bay1l brothParmesanSalt and pepperRECIPE:Wash and chop brown theonion and the bacon outpotatoes,celery,lekk and addthen add tripe whit broth saltand pepper when the cripe ismedium done add beans. Cookover low heat for 10 minutes.Serve whit toast bread 18. INGREDIENTS:1 puff pastry200g spinach200g cheese250g ricotta1 eggSalt, oil of oliv, pepper2 spoon of parmesan grateRECIPE:Stew the spinach and to put away. In aterracotta bowl , put the egg, theparmesan, salt and pepper, to mix. Add tothe ricotta to mix. In the cake tin put thekitchen roll, put the dough, to bakealready heat an 180C for 30-40 minutes,check baking.SAVOURYFLAN