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Newcastle draft -Team 1_2010

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Managing Reputation and Risk - NewCastle

Text of Newcastle draft -Team 1_2010

  • 1. University of Newcastle
  • 2. Short summary of the plagiarism event at Newcastle
    UoNs problem includes tainted reputation, punishment by state, media humiliation and revenue impacted
    Holmes options?
    Argenti Strategic Communication Framework Assessment
    Post Mortem of Holmes actual interview
  • 3.
    • 1998 - a partnership formed with the InstitutWira, a Malaysian private business school
    • 4. Jan 2003 Ian Firnsrealised the plagiarism and reported it
    • 5. Late February Ian Firns found out that
    • 6. 1) his comments were erased
    • 7. 2) 15 scripts remarked by RachidZaffane and were given top marks
    • 8. MrFirns revealed an interview with Sunday
    • 9. Culprits of cover up (Deputy Director and Head of the Graduate school of business at UoN, Robert Rugimbana & Professor Paul Ryder)
    • 10. 27 Feb Ian Firns brought up the matter again to UoNs Vice Chancellor, Professor Roger Holmes
    Timeline Jan to Feb '03
  • 11. 14 March UoN appointed Professor David Lamond as an external investigator - Did not exercise their responsibilities in dealing with Mr Firns allegation and individuals acted in good faith but on the basis of a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of plagiarism
    -Recommendation to put the staff members through remedial training session
    Timeline March '03
  • 12. August - Mr Firns furious over results by Professor Lamond and UoN dismiss his allegations
    Mr Firns lodged a complaint with NSW ICAC
    Professor Holmes openly expressed to the media that he welcomed the move?
    WHY? And why choose media to express?
    Timeline Aug'03
  • 13. Before ICAC investigation is revealed
    Media, Channel Nines Sunday granted an intervewi with Roger Holmes after the story goes on air
    Pre- interview a talk on Plagarism. Invited guests Ian Firns and Australias Education Minister Brendan Nelson
    There will be absolutely no sympathy from the commonwealth government, if quality of education is compromised.
    Problem Brewing
    • Dr Brendan John Nelson
    • 14. Minister of Education

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