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  • 1. Developing Your UniqueMarketing Style Cathy Harrington,Director of Marketing

2. Agenda

  • Prospecting, Prospecting!
  • Focus on the Consumer
  • Marketing on the Internet
  • Prudential Marketing Tools

3. Prospecting 4. Get your pipeline flowing

  • To secure new and repeat business and referrals, create an action plan to make monthly contact with:
  • New leads
  • Sphere of influence
  • Residents in farm area
  • Local business owners
  • Past clients

5. New leads: be patientand consistent

  • They may not buy within the next 90 days take a long term approach
  • Learn to communicate the strengths that you bring to the table
  • Email:Sign them up for Property Alerts, send eNewsletter, info relating to their personal interests, i.e. gardening, travel
  • Mail:Send personal notes, market report, monthly newsletter, Yahoo! flyer, neighborhood specialist card

6. Sphere of influence:stay top of mind

  • 44% of buyers and 43% of sellers say they were referred to their agent by a friend, neighbor or relative.
  • Database of 100-300 people who know you.
  • Find reasons to contact them consistently.
  • Send info re real estate market, refinance tips, info on how to build equity, newsletter
  • Friend-request them on Facebook

7. Your farming area: become the familiar name

  • Every 30 days, send out a mailer to your farm:
    • News on local community events
    • Tips on selling or remodeling a home
    • Updates about what properties are selling for in your particular area
  • Prepare end-of-the-year report on average days on market, average sales price and list to sales price ratio.
  • Put a face to your name.

8. Local business owners

  • A great source of referrals!
  • Be the market expert
  • Keep them informed about local real estate conditions
  • Many are first point of contact for families moving into the area
  • Produce high quality materials
  • Visit in person and ask for referrals

9. Opportunity: Past Clients

  • 70% of buyers and 63% of sellers say they would definitely use their agent again or recommend them.
  • Yet only 11% of buyers and 28% of sellers use the same agent.
  • Huge disconnect!
  • Source: NAR

10. Past Clients: They know you

  • Dont let your hard work go to waste
  • Develop an action plan to remain in consistent contact
  • Let them know youd appreciate their referrals!
  • Its never too late

11. Stay in Touch

  • Mix touchie feelies like birthday cards, holiday cards with timely and relevant content on the industry, a clients neighborhood, etc.
  • Reach your clients on a variety of media, i.e.: postal mail, email, social networking, phone calls, etc. Vary your approach to achieve high frequency without fatiguing your database.
  • The quality of your materials should be in line with what you want your image to be - thus, I advise against cheap postcards and chachkies.

12. Stratify your messages

  • Create a unique message for each of your audience segments
  • Targeted messaging boosts response and customer loyalty.

13. Include a Call to Action: what do you want them to do?

  • Sign up to get my Quarterly Market Report
  • Learn how you can buy your next home for less than the cost of paying rent
  • Subscribe now for free tips on foreclosures and short sales
  • Get a Home Evaluation
  • Learn about pricing trends
  • Get Advice from a Real Estate Professional

14. Job #1

  • Build your Sphere and Farm contact database be sure to gather emails!

15. Become Consumer Centric 16. Consumers: How have they changed?

  • Challenging to reach and build relationships due to technology
  • Want instant gratification
  • Rapidly evolving
  • They are leading us to the web

17. Can the "me, me, me" show

  • Today's homebuyer doesn't care about you
  • They care about is WIIFM -- What's In It For Me?
  • Prove your value to build trust
  • Your web site: Keep your pedigree and industry designations, awards on your About Me page, not on your front page.

18. Choose your niche and OWN it

  • People want products and services that are specifically tailored to them
  • Dont try to be the one stop shop for everything.
  • Make prospects believe that you are THE specialist in one thing and they will come back to you every time.

19. Does your professional niche brand you as a real estate expert, or someone who sells real estate?

  • Study customers, learn everything you can about them, how do you reach them?
  • Communicate to them in a way they want: blogging, email, phone, etc.
  • What do you know best:First time buyers? Women? Short sales? Trustee sales? Move-up buyers? Fine Homes?

20. Marketing best practices

  • Consistency
  • Protect your image
  • If it looks like you printed it on your home computer, dont send it
  • Must be professional, and make you stand out
  • Use great photography
  • Include all your contact info + photo
  • Include a great headline
  • Proofread!Typos are credibility-killers
  • Use a call to action

21. Marketing Your Listings on the Internet 22. What Do Buyers Want MostWhen Searching Online for Homes? 23. How Buyers Found their Home: 2009 NAR: 2009 Survey of Homebuyers and Sellers 24. How Buyer Found Agent 25. Educate sellers about the Internet vs. newspapers

  • Educate consumers (especially our sellers) on where buyers are finding the homes they buy.
  • Update our Listing Presentations to include this information and modify expectations.

26. leads in page views among online real estate consumers. 27. Your listings on

  • Company sponsored
  • You get the leads with one hour response time required
  • We enhance listing for you with MLS comments, additional photos
  • Add VT at no cost
  • Talk to your office administrator to get started

28. 29. 30. Advertise Your Open Homes Online

  • Enter your Open Homes to WebTop, and they appear on:
  • Trulia
  • Frontdoor/HGTV
  • You should add your Open Home to:

31. Your Prudential Marketing Resources 32. PrintShop on WebTop

  • Available Products include:
  • Just Listed & Just Sold Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • Welcome Postcards
  • Property Flyers
  • Fine Homes Flyers & Postcards
  • Card of the month
  • Monthly eNewsletter
  • Consumer flyers
  • Hispanic materials
  • CMA cards

33. PrintShop

  • Overnight delivery on orders placed by 2 pm PST
  • Professional designs unique to PCR
  • Ship to you or to your mailing list
  • Access on your desktop
  • Over 300 designs to choose from

34. Brand yourself as the Neighborhood Specialist

  • Neighborhood specialist card 3 designs
  • Send quarterly
  • You list recent sales in your farm
  • Overnight delivery if ordered by 2 pm PST
  • $ .39 (B & W back) or $.49 (color back)
  • WebTop>Marketing>
  • PrintShop

35. Just listed/Just sold postcards 36. 37. WebTop < Marketing < PrintShop 38. Short sale brochures 39. Useful Documents: Your personal market center

  • Sellers Presentations
  • Buyers Presentations
  • Quarterly Market Reports
  • Farming and Target Marketing
  • Buyer and Seller Farming Flyers
  • ABA Disclosures
  • Fine Homes Marketing
  • Free professionally designed property flyers
  • Logos and Artwork
  • Newsletters
  • Property Marketing Tools
  • Transaction Letters and Communication
  • < Marketing < Useful Documents

40. Prospecting flyers

  • FREE! Print out on your color printer
  • Open Houses
  • Walking your farm

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