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Tinea Korporis

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TINEA CORPORISNurotus Saniyah G9911112115

Pembimbing: Dr. Nugrohoaji Dharmawan, SpKK, M.Kes


Tinea circinata Tinea glabrosa Schrende Fletche Herpes circine trichophytique Ringworm of the body Kurap

DEFINITIONTinea corporis All dermatophytosis of glaborous skin (facial, body, upper and lower extremity)


disease caused by dermatophyte

A group of taxonomically related fungi that has ability to form molecular attachments to keratin and use it as a source of nutrients allow s them to colonize keratinized tissues, including the stratum corneum of epidermis, hair, and nails.

EPIDEMIOLOGY All age Man:Woman = 1:1 Usually occurred in areas with high humidity Depends on body and environment hygiene





Tinea Corporis

T. rubrum, T. mentagrophytes, M. canis, T. tonsurans


3 main steps


Development of a host respons


Dermatophytes must overcome several obstacles (UV light, variation of temperature and moisture, and competition from normal flora) in order to adhere to keratinized tissue


Secretion of keratinase enzyme by dermatophytes that will invate stratum korneum and keratin to provides a source of nutrition for the dermatophytes

Development of host response

To create clinical symptoms, the dermatophytes must overcome non spesifik and spesifik immune of the host

SIGN AND SYMPTOMSMany variants The classic presentation : annular lesion with scale across the entire erythematous border, some lesions are often confluented. Lesion: Erythematous with skuama, centra healing Erosion and crusta sometimes appear caused by scratching of the skin Itchy, especially when the patient is sweating


Skin scraping with KOH 10-20% hyphae or fungis spore

DIAGNOSISFrom the clinical manifestation Add the laboratories finding

DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSISDermatitis seborroik Psoriasis Morbus Hansen Pitiriasis Rosea Dermatitis Numularis Candidiasis Neurodermatitis Circumscripta

TREATMENT : NON MEDIKAMENTOSAEducation for increase body and environment hygiene Recommend for avoiding tight and non sweat absorbable clothing


Derivat imidazole (mikonazole, klotrimazole, tiokonazole, ketokonazole) Derivat alilamin (terbinafin, naftitin HCl)

Griseofulvin1st line Itrakonazol

Broad Fungisid Fungistatic Non hepatotoxic



PROGNOSISWith proper treatment Commonly are good Important to prevent re-infection

CASE REPORTName Age Sex Address

: Mrs. M : 56 years old : woman : Griyan RT 2/1 baturan Colomadu, Karanganyar Date of inspection : 29 May 2012 Number of MR : 01121232


Feeling itch in the upper arm and back


Approximately 1 year before goes to hospital, the patient complain some lesions at upper arm, then she lubricates some aloe vera to the lesions. After that the lesion become itchy and spread to the back. Previously, patient checked up at the puskesmas for 6 times. She got mikonazole zalf, after that the complain reduced but not totally healed.

HISTORY OF PREVIOUS DISEASEHistory of similar disease History of food allergy History of drug allergy History of hypertension History of DM History of atopic : (-) : (-) : (-) : (-) : (-) : (+)

HISTORY OF FAMILY DISEASEHistory of similar disease History of food allergy History of drug allergy : (-) : (-) : (-)

HISTORY OF HABITThe patient usually take a bath 2 times for a day with the soap and using different towel with other family. The patient often scratch her skin when she feels itch.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONA. Generalis status Generally

Head Face Neck Back Axilla Thorax Abdomen Gluteus Upper extremity Lower extremity

: good, compos mentis, sufficient nutrient impressive : normally : normally : normally : look at dermatology status : look at dermatology status : normally : normally : normally : look at dermatology status : normally

DERMATOLOGY STATUSRegio upper extremity, axilla, and thorax posterior (back): some macula erythematous lesions with skuama and centra healing.


DIFFERENTIALDIAGNOSIS Tinea corporis Psoriasis vulgaris Pitiriasis rosea


Tinea corporis

TREATMENT Non medikamentosa o keep the hygiene of body, clothes, and environment o Keep the lesion area away from sweat and high humidity condition o Use different towel with other families o Not scratch the skin Medikamentosa o Ketokonazole 2x200 mg (for 14 days) o Cetirizin 1x10 mg (for 7 days, if the patient feels itch) o Miconazole cream gr 50

PROGNOSE Ad vitam ad sanam Ad functional Ad cosmeticum

: good : good : good : good

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