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London, 13th of June 2014 Many Considerate Hoteliers, Sponsors, Suppliers and Judges gathered for a grand luncheon at The Langham Hotel, London on this day to celebrate the best in environmental, sustainable and socially responsible performance within the UK as well as the International hotel industry.

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  • 17/06/2014 17:23Considerate Hoteliers Awards Winners

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    Tuesday 17th June 2014

    Tuesday 17th June 2014London, 13th of June 2014Many Considerate Hoteliers, Sponsors,Suppliers and Judges gathered for agrand luncheon at The Langham Hotel,London on this day to celebrate the bestin environmental, sustainable andsocially responsible performance withinthe UK as well as the International hotelindustry.

    Guest of HonourFirst time guest of honour Zac Goldsmith received the GoodEgg Award, sponsored by Con-Serve, which ConsiderateHoteliers awards to those who have inspired and encouragedothers to embrace certain principles of life relating toenvironmental, sustainable and socially responsible performance.John Firrell, co-founder and out-going CEO of ConsiderateHoteliers says: It was an honour to have such an illustrious figureas Zac Goldsmith amongst our guests this year. We are delightedto have awarded him with the Good Egg as he representseverything we believe to be considerate in a person, and doesso in the public eye, therefore acting as a beacon for others tohopefully follow.Read More

  • 17/06/2014 17:23Considerate Hoteliers Awards Winners

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    The other eight winners of the prestigious annual Considerate Hoteliers (CH) Hotel of the YearAwards were duly honoured during a Gala lunch highlighting each and everyones efforts andinitiatives in all areas considerate:

    UK Considerate Hotel of the Year 2014(Sponsored by Gram)Trenython Manor (Cornwall)Trenython Manor continues to up its game, having served itsapprenticeship in the lead up to several awards including lastyears Considerate Marketing Initiative trophy. The hotel/resortfought its corner well against stiff competition proving it has theright credentials and personnel, and ably led by Nick Waddington,to ascend to even greater heights.Our winner has supported and is involved in over 20environmental initiatives and charities locally.Read More

    International Considerate Hotel of the Year 2014 (Sponsored by Gilchrist & Soames)Park Hyatt Hadahaa (Maldives)Their understanding of sustainable tourism practices stretchesacross the three pillars (environmentally-friendly operation,protection of natural and cultural heritage, support for the well-being of local people). They have been engaged in these effortssince the first stages of designing the resort and continuedsteadily enhancing these initiatives since opening in 2008.Motto acknowledges that their presence in this atoll has anegative impact on its fragile ecosystem, therefore theyendeavour to minimise our footprint and commit to protect theenvironment and the local communities Read More

    Considerate Marketing Initiative of the Year 2014(Sponsored by Eco-Pure Waters)Draycott (London)Important to say that green initiatives do not live without their talebeing told, nor does a tale live without the backing facts and

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    figures.According to our winner, encouraging guests to just reuse towelsdoesnt cut it anymore when it comes to being eco-friendly. Itsnew Keen to be Green initiative is part of an effort to becomethe most sustainable boutique hotel in the city, including findingcreative ways for travellers to reduce their carbon footprint. Aspart of this programme, guests receive a curated map that detailsa CO2-emissions-free way to explore London, with suggestedwalking and biking routes as well as ideas for a green day outwhile indicating to guests how many calories they have burntand how much CO2 they have saved which engages directlywith the consumer!Read More

    Considerate Champion of the Year 2014(Sponsored by Agricola del Sole)Gary Lohan - One Aldwych (London) Gary has for many years led from the front when it comes toresource conservation, social responsibility and innovation. Heconstantly encourages his colleagues to get involved. Anexample of this has been the Children with Cancer affiliation andpresentations which have raised 35,000 for children with cancer,from table donations, staff sales, a Bake challenge andsponsorship for the chef running the London marathon. A team ofOne Aldwych volunteers representing the nominated charityattended on the day to raise awareness. Gary has flown the flagfor sustainability for many years but remains too young to receivea lifetime achievement award - so far!Read More

    Special AwardPetrut Burghel - Crowne Plaza LondonA Special Award was made to the Crowne Plaza London Docklands commemorating the achievements of Petrut Burghelwho sadly died in February as a result of a motorcycle accident.Petrut led the Green Team with a passion and dedication thatclearly left its positive mark, as indeed did he during his all tooshort time on his planet.

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    Considerate Green Team of the Year 2014(Sponsored by Berendsen)Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse (Wales) The category criterion says green teams can come in all shapesand sizes and this year it is down to two Considerate stalwarts,John & Ceilia Whitehead, owners of Bryn Elltyd, in the foothills ofSnowdonia. Their establishment a beacon of sustainability - hasbecome Carbon Zero. All their energy inputs are from renewableenergy sources, hence no effect on climate change. Revampingthe kitchen was the final piece of this inter-grated jigsaw. The oldgas cooker was recycled free to a green charity, in line with thehotels ethos. The controllable induction replacement cookeractually turns off when a pan is lifted wasting less energy. Thismakes the kitchen colder. They have revamped the insulation onthe ceiling and installed closed cell foam insulation on the walls atthe back of units. Having chased yet more draughts down in thekitchen timber panelling, they are now back to the warm kitchenthey had before yet are creating less heat.The end result is a wonderful example of putting considerateprinciples into practice, and making them work. Why not visit John& Ceilia you will be inspired!Read More

    Considerate Housekeeping Team of the Year 2014(Sponsored by Aslotel) Landmark LondonWe saw the potential offered up by the housekeeping team at theLandmark a couple of years ago when the hotel won the GreenTeam of the Year award. This time HK have gone solo and areusing a green calendar to motivate and encourage housekeepingstaff to organise activities throughout the year. This team seemsto be truly dedicated to making the world a better place!! Weloved their work with the church's 'women in the work place' aswell as the 'bring and swap' days for their staff. The mostsuccessful in 2013 was World Cancer Day when with the help ofthe Uniform Room team they made homemade ribbons andorganised a stall in the staff restaurant, raising money for CancerResearch UK. In addition, the HK team continued to work withand play an active part in the Landmarks sustainability agenda.There is clearly more to come.Read More

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    Considerate Hoteliers Food Supplier 2014 (Sponsored by Parmigiano Reggiano)The Ethical Shellfish CompanyThe Ethical Shellfish Company recommended by Belmond LeManoir Aux Quat SaisonsThe Ethical Shellfish Company never sells shellfish that has beenfished in a way that will cause damage to the marineenvironment. Hand dived scallops are fished with no damage tothe seabed, no waste or by-catch, and small scallops are returnedalive to the sea to allow them to grow and spawn. Dive fishermenwork from small boats which use very little fuel. The award wascollected on their behalf by Paul Shanahan of Le Manoir as TheEthical Shellfish team were out in their boats in the waters offScotland treating the marine environment with the respect it sourgently deserves.Read More

    Considerate Hoteliers Non-Food Supplier 2014(Sponsored by Parma Ham)Delphis Eco Recommended by the County Hotel - ChelmsfordTaking account of biodegradable packaging, chlorine andphosphorous free, Eco-Label accredited, their communityprojects, anti-bacterial sanitisers, cleaning chemicals, degreasers,lime scale removal, beer and line cleaner, Delphis Eco are theleading British manufacturer of ecological cleaning products. Theyclaim to be the only UK company to exclusively produceenvironmentally friendly cleaning products for the commercialsector and the first to be awarded the DEFRA recognised EUEcolabel (for cleaning products). We use our cradle to cradle model to ensure that the companyis green at every stage from ingredients, to packaging, totransport.Read More

    National Recycle Week 16-22 June 2014If youd like to get involved with Recycle Week, you can now findthe 2014 guide on the WRAP Resource Library, full of ideas forhow different types of organisations can get involved.

  • 17/06/2014 17:23Considerate Hoteliers Awards Winners

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    17th of July save the date!How to make sustainability work for your hotel - co-hosting anevent at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, with SustainableRestaurant Association.

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