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  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 24 - 30, 2016 Issue


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    UP-Diliman picksSantiago, Robredo

    VOL. XXIII, NO. 26 BICOL, THE PHILIPPINES APRIL 24 - 30, 2016 P5.00


    Salceda eyes 2019SEA Games in Albay

    Gov. SALCEDA

    LEGAZPI CITY -- Af-ter successfully playinghost to the Palarong Pam-bansa 2016, Albay Gov.Joey Sarte Salceda saidon Sunday he plans to

    TUMAGUITI FALLSFor those wanting to cool down from the summer heat awayfrom the beaches, the falls at the Consocep Mountain Resort,Mt. Isarog, Sta. Cruz, Ocampo, Camarines Sur is the idealmountain retreat where cool, fresh spring waters freely owinto a catch basin where excursionists may dive into andsubmerge in its refreshing waters.


    bid for the hosting by Al-bay of the Southeast AsianGames 2019, the secondbiggest sports event in theworld.

    Salceda said with thenew and modern facilitiesused in the Palarong Pam-

    bansa, Albay is very much

    ready for a bigger sportsevent.

    The facilities were con-structed in a span of vemonths by Verzontal Build-ers Inc. under the close su-

    pervision of the ProvincialEngineering Of ce.

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    MANILA - AlthoughSenator Miriam Defen-sor Santiago has consis-tently placed last in the

    pre-election nationalsurveys of major poll-sters, she remains thetop choice of students ofUniversity of the Philip-pines (UP) in its maincampus in Diliman,Quezon City.

    In the April 13-15 survey

    of 710 respondents conductedin UP Diliman by UP Dili-man’s UP Statistical Society,Santiago was the top choicewith 405 UP Diliman student-

    CONQUERING ACROPHOBIAVice Presidential candidate Rep. Leni Robredo showed her courage by riding the thezipbike at the Panicuason Hot Springs Resort in Naga City on the eve of her birthday, thusconquering what she said her fear of heights.

    Facebook Photo

    respondents (57.04 percent)choosing the feisty senator,who is battling cancer.

    The country’s premierstate university is Santiago’s

    alma mater.Davao City Mayor

    Rodrigo Duterte was secondwith 13.52%, Senator

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    SM. CFC-ANCOP,the Archdiocese of Palo,

    the Heirs of Franciscoand Brigida Creenciaand SM's donors, turnedover 400 houses to thesurvivors of typhoonYolanda (Haiyan) inTacloban City last April16, 2016. The villageis called the "PopeFrancis-CFC ANCOP-SM Cares Village" andwill be given to selectedbene ciaries for free.

    The Tacloban village isthe 3rd village completedunder the SM Cares

    Housing Project for thesurvivors of Yolanda.The other villages arelocated in Bogo, Cebu(200 houses), turnedover Nov. 2014, and inConcepcion, Iloilo (200

    SM & Donors turn over its biggest housing villagefor Yolanda survivors in Tacloban City

    houses) turned over Oct.2015. The nal 200 housesin Ormoc, will be nishedthis year, completing thetarget 1,000 houses.

    The project is fully private funded. Throughits tenants, business

    partners, service providers,

    employees and localcommunities, SM wasable to raise the moneyneeded to build the 1,000houses, a moving proofof the people's accord intimes of emergency.

    Some of the donorsfor the SM Cares Village

    in Tacloban includeZonta Club, Duty FreePhilippines, Forever 21,ANCOP, New Golden CityBuilders & Developmentand Philippine DailyInquirer. Global Port andSultan 900 donated the

    basketball court.

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    As we all know, this election season willbe a time for political butter ies. The latestexample is of course, Albay Governor JoeySalceda whose turn-around was in major newsnetworks last week. It was certainly expected:Salceda is a national gure and he is always agood copy.

    In Philippine political context, turn-coatismis a given, an accepted behavior. In ordinaryparlance, it is normal. This is because, whilewe have a political party system, this self-samesystem is just a one-night accommodationfor interest groups, mostly moneyed eliteinterests. This explains why party membersdo not talk about po litical ideologies, they talkabout interests.

    In the case of Gov. Salceda, well, he haddone it previously. So, what else is new.

    We can only conjecture on the reasons forhis “jumping ship,” to use a mariner’s term.We can look at it from the side of the oneabandoned, i.e. Mar, who sounds like he is aclone of the incumbent President; i.e. he isnot original. He repeats Pres. Aquino’s DaangMatuwid as if it is gospel truth. With globalclimate change and China’s exing its muscles,we need a leader who can at least assure usno harm will come upon us, either caused bynature or a Superpower. We do not see thatin Mar, as well as in the other presidentialcandidates, who think governance is all aboutmuscles and a healthy cardiovascular system.

    From the Governor’s side, well, he canalways say “I told you.” What he told was:the snags in the completion of the Daraga

    International Airport would surely affect thechances of the administration candidates.It was an early signal, which clearly theadministration did not take seriously. Is Poe agood choice for Salceda? That is a judgmentcall.

    On our part, the issue of citizenship, legalresidence, or loyalty to the republic willalways hound Poe. A natural-born citizen, perthe Constitution’s de nition is someone whodoes not have to do anything to prove it. Whydid it take the Highest Court of the land to sayPoe is quali ed to run? Elections, to be thetrue democratic system it is designed to be,should ideally not be about legalese bu t aboutthe will of the people. We hope this electionwill be one, even amidst the silent itting and

    apping of wings around.


    T’is the Seasonfor Flying

    LEE G. DULLESCO II Head, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU Editor


    include equity capital, reinvestmentof earnings and borrowings betweenaf liates.

    For the month of January, net equitycapital in ows went up by 911.7% onyear-on-year basis. It was the largestcontributing factor to the FDI growthduring the period. This was on account ofthe surge in equity capital placements (of$260 million) while withdrawals amountedto $3 million only. These equity capitalplacements were traced from investors

    coming from Hong Kong, the Bahamas,Taiwan, the US and Singapore.STILL LOW: Government spending in

    2015 is still below program. Agencieswere blamed for last year’s under spendingand DBM said reforms are underway tohelp them fast track their procurementprocesses. Despite the remarkable year-on-year increase, disbursements still fellbelow program though on a slower rate,the DBM said. Spending rose 12.6% (toP2.231T last year - fastest in three years)This is 12.8% below the P2.56T target,so program gap was down from 13%

    (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,CPAs-DFK International – is past chairof ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA

    past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

    GROWTH: The World Bank (WB) hasput its bet on the Philippine economyfor being the strongest among ASEANeconomies even as it trimmed down itsgrowth forecast for developing East Asiaand Paci c region. The WB has kept itsgrowth forecast for the Philippine economyat 6.4% for 2016. It also expects the highgrowth to continue in 2017 through 2018with an average 6.2% annually. Amonglarge developing ASEAN economies,Philippines and Vietnam have “strongestgrowth prospects”.

    The World Bank is also optimistic thatwith Phl’s sustained growth, governmentprograms to alleviate poverty have ahigher ghting chance. Recent increasein underemployment rate, high foodin ation, and weak agricultural outputin 2016 will need to be countered by asustained increase in per capita incomegrowth and continued focus on reachingthe structurally poor. For this year, the 6.4

    % growth estimate is anchored on electionrelated spending and implementation ofthe PPP.

    FDIs DOUBLE: The Bangko Sentralng Pilipinas (BSP) said it registered$587M worth of net foreign directinvestments (FDIs) last January 2015 -about 123.5% higher than 2015. All FDIcomponents recorded improvements,signaling investor optimism in the growthpotential of various local industries, aswell as con dence in the country’s soundmacroeconomic fundamentals/ FDIinvestment ows that the BSP monitors

    WB Upbeat on Phl Eco




    presidential candidate Rodrigo Dutertewarned he is prepared to cut diplomatic tieswith the United States and Australia after theirambassadors criticized his joke about the

    jailhouse rape of a missionary.”This shows Duterte lacks knowledge of

    foreign affairs. Didn’t Duterte know that theUS is one of our biggest foreign investorand trading partner? Millions of Filipinos areworking in the US and Australia. What willDuterte do if the US and Australia will sendthem away?

    Sen. Grace Poe is a foundling but wasfound in the Philippines is considered aFilipino citizen not natural-born citizen,because she has not shown any proof ofFilipino bloodline.

    She studied college in the US and marrieda Filipino-American citizen. She renouncedand abjured her Filipino citizenship to bea US citizen. Then she came back to the

    Philippines and applied to reacquire herFilipino citizenship. She is a Grade 2teacher in the US and now wants to be aPresident of the Philippines. Will you trustour country to someone who turned herback on her Motherland by renouncningher Filipino citizenship. She said if she iselected President, he will appoint Duterteas Prime Czar.

    Former Rehabilitation Czar of Yolandavictims, DOT and DILG Sec. Mar Roxaslacks execessive skills, managerialcompetence and compassion for the poor.The inef ciency in MRT III transportationsystem, the failure to decrease crime ratein the country speask for itself The samewith the very slow and selective aid toYolanda victims. Corruption issues by hisrivals and political enemies, those have tobe proven with evidence in Court. Binayhas four masters degree: Master of Law,Master of Public Administration, Masterof National Defense from the NationalDefense College of the Philippines, Masterof Local Government Administration.

    Binay is pro-God, pro-poor, and procountry. He will not just kill or condemnanyone without due process. ‘May takotsa Diyos’. His accomplishments in MakatiCity is there for everyone tosee andthat’s what he wants to do for the entirecountry, especially free education, freehospitalization and medicines, morebene ts to senior citizens, expansion of 4Psprogramto 5Ps, tax exemptions to thoseearning P30,000 and below.

    Above all, let’s pray for a peaceful andfair elections.

    Foul statements of presidential candidateshit the national dailies recently which hasserious consequences to our country, if electedpresident. The following excerpts are reportednews in the Daily Tribune dated April 21, 2016:Headline: “2000 psyche report: DU30 a mentalcase.” The volatile and abrasive character ofPDP-Laban presidential bet has roots frompsychological imbalance based on a reportmade on his mental health 15 years ago whichdescribed him as anti-social and narcistic. Apsychological assessment on Duterte whichappeared in a television news report statedthat he has ‘Anti social, Narcistic PersonalityDisorder. The report became basis for thecivil annulment of Duterte’s marriage to her

    rst wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman. The ICD-10of the World Health Organization called whataf icts Duterte is characterestics by at leastthree of the following: callous unconcern forthe feelings of others, harsh and persistent

    attitude of irresponsibility and disregard hissocial norms, rules, obligations; incapacity tomaintain enduring relationship though havingno dif culty in establishing them; very lowtolerance to frustration and a low threshold fordischarge of aggression, including violence,incapacity to experience guilt or to profitfrom experience particularly punishmentand marked readiness to blame others or tooffer plausible rationalization for the behaviorthat has brought the person into con ict withsociety.”

    Would a president with mental disorder begood for the country? Let’s think of this beforevoting for a candidate with mental case.

    The Daily Inquirer dated April 22, 2016reported the following: “Trash-talking

    “2000 Psyche Report: DU30 A MentalCase” - Daily Tribune, April 21, 2016





    against 2014.In particular, capital outlays suffered

    from procurement delays and weakplanning. The infrastructure spendingtotaled P436B up by 20.2% year-on-year, but below target of P546.7B. Itwas not clear why there was a largediscrepancy from gures reportedand what the DBM provided. Basedon statistics the latter infrastructurespending hit a record of P597.78 billion.DBM of cials and public informationunits are mum on the issue. Bakit kaya?

    GOV’T LOANS: Governmentborrowings surged 208% to P135B in January. An accounting entryincreased borrowings of the nationalgovernment by more than two-foldin the rst month of 2016. The grossborrowing hit P134.5B in January, up208% from P43.66B same period lastyear. Broken down, external liabilitieswent down 71.22% to P10.29B, whiletheir domestic counterparts surged1,474% to P124.21B.

    The increase in local obligationcould be traced from “transfers” madeto national coffers from the bond sinking

    fund (BSF), amounting to P92.44B andwas used as “payments” to existingdebts. Gov’t borrows from local andforeign markets to settle existing andexpensive debts and nance its budgetde cit. BSF is an escrow accountkept and invested by government toraise funding for debt service. It is notrecorded as part of state balance sheetand budget performance.

    GOOD NEWS: Whoever winsthe national elections will inherita progressive, thriving economicsituation.

    Grace Poe was third with9%, former DILG SecretaryManuel Roxas was fourthwith 7.3%, and VP JojoBinaywas last with 0.85%.

    Twelve percent abstainedfrom the presidential surveyin UP Diliman.

    In the vice-presidentialrace, the Liberal Party andadministration’s vice-pres-idential candidate Leni Ro-

    bredo was the top choice with71.9% of respondents choos-ing her.

    UP is also Robredo’s alma

    mater. She graduated fromUP School of Economics.

    Senator Alan Peter Cay-etano was next with 8.03%,followed by Senator ChizEscudero with 6.2%, Sena-tor Bongbong Marcos with4.93%, Senator AntonioTrillanes with 1.69%, andSenator Gringo Honasan with0.42%.

    A total of 6.76% abstainedfrom the vice-presidentialsurvey.

    The UP Statistical Soci-ety survey’s sample size was

    generated using the quotasampling, a non-probabilisticapproach. Thus it may not berepresentative of the opinionsof 17,964 law and undergrad-uate UP Diliman students.

    The researchers said therespondents of the self-ad-ministered survey were se-lected by convenience, butthey assured that the numberof respondents per collegewas proportional to each UPDiliman college’s populationsize.


    The latest results weresimilar to previous ones con-ducted in other UP campuses.

    In a November to Decem- ber 2015 survey conducted by UP Los Baños’ (UPLB)University Pulse Survey Re-search Program (UPSRP),Santiago and Robredo cameout on top with 85 percentand 40 percent, respectively.

    In UP Manila’s mock pollconducted on January 22,Santiago was on top with59.54 percent; in the VP sur-vey, Robredo got 25.95 per-cent. - ABS CBN News


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    BIKOL REPORTER 3 APRIL 24-30, 2016

    CamNorte celebrates 96th founding anniversary,12th Bantayog Festival

    DAET, Camarines Norte —The provincial govern-ment of Camarines Nortehere has slated various ac-tivities in celebration of the96th founding anniversaryof the province and the 12thBantayog Festival from April14-24.

    Last April 15, in time forthe foundation anniversary ofthe province, the provincialgovernment commenced thecelebration with ag raisingand wreath offering at the Ban-tayog Monument of Dr. JoseRizal, conceded to be the rst


    monument to be built in thecountry in honor of the nation-al hero. A thanksgiving massand opening program wereheld in the afternoon.

    “On the occasion of thefounding anniversary and Ban-tayog, let us look back on therole played by CamNorteñosin the nation’s path to inde-

    pendence, whose heroism and patriotic fervor are evidenced by our World’s First Jose RizalMonument or Bantayog niRizal,” acting Gov. Jonah Pi-mentel said.

    “Let us draw inspiration

    from the patriots and martyrsof Camarines Norte so thateach one of us CamNorteñoswill be in the forefront in re-

    building our country,” he said.This year’s theme for thecelebration is “Camarines

    Norte: Land of Gold, Land ofGrowth.”

    The 12th Bantayog Festi-val, on the other hand, startedwith a Bantayog Futsal Clinicon April 14 until April 24 at theAgro Sports Center; Tunog-Kalye last April 13; while theBantayog Regional EcologicalCamping at Mt. Labo was heldon April 15-17.


    Donsol LGU resets Butanding Festival to MayDONSOL, Sorsogon – The local government here on

    Wednesday said, the local preparations are in full swing forits Butanding (whale shark) Festival.

    “From April, the usual start of the peak of the butanding sea-son, we have moved the festival to May so that it coincides withour traditional celebration for the town esta in honor of our pa -tron, St. Joseph the Worker, that starts on the 18th of the month,Mayor Josephine Alcantara-Cruz said.

    The whale shark *Rhincodon typus) is the worlds largest sh.Whale shark appears in Donsol waters in considerable numbers

    between December and May of each year, taking advantage ofdense food concentration. Donsol is the seasonal feeding groundfor whale sharks. This gives scientist and conversationist the op-

    portunity to provide interaction tours, and visitors now have thechance to swim alongside these majestic creatures.

    Donsol is located in the province of Sorsogon, in the BicolRegion of the island of Luzon, Philippines. The towns is tradi-tionally engage in shing and agicultural activity.

    Whale sharks, known locally in Bicol as “butanding” are to page 7)

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    Istoryang Pang-Aki



    saiyang pangaturugan, bootpa giraray niyang magingpigtitingara. Kaya pinakuaniya an sarong iskultor nganinggibohon an saiyang rebulto napapatindugon sa plaza kanbanwaan. Mayong naginibo aniskultor kundi magsunod. Kayanasunod an ipinagboot kan aki.

    Makalihis an haloy napanahon, pagnagaagi an mgatawo sa plaza, pigoorolayanninda an iskultor na kaggibokan istatuwa nin pagkataba-tabang aki na dai ninda midbid.Huna ninda, an istatuwa sarolang produkto kan makinawatna imahinasyon kan iskultor.

    Kadtong mga panahon, igwangsarong aki na an pangaturuganiyo an magin midbid na artista.

    An boot niya talaga iyo na maginsikat asin pigtitiriponan nin mgakapwa niya aki. Kaya sarongaldaw, nagpaiba siya sa saiyangmagurang nganing mag-auditionpara sa sarong programang pang-aki sa telebisyon. Dawa ngani maysinasabi an saiyang magurang,dai siya naako, bakong ta mayosiyang talento, kundi ta may ugalisiya na mandaog-daog kan mgakapwa niya mga aki.

    Nagtulod ini saiya na mag-iba nin pangaturugan, na madaliman niyang nakua ta susog ini

    sa saiyang ugali. Kadaklan,nadadaog niya ta bako lang dakulaan saiyang lawas, kundi igwa pasiyang kwarta na pambakal ninmga bulldog.

    Dawa nakua na niya an

    jokee BOTOR-REYES


    CASURECO III and Globe,Quo Vadis ?

    I called up CASURECO III to report the electric me -ter in my brother’s house in Carnation St., San Juan,Iriga City that got burned and the spark went on end -lessly for some two hours and it was fearful. I calledup CASURECO and was advised to call its Substation.I was asked to call up before 5pm for the evening shiftto answer my request. I did call and was assured that alineman was coming soon. No lineman came. That wasFriday, April 15. I called up CASURECO substation thefollowing day (Saturday) nobody answered my call. Thesame thing happened Sunday. i nally got a good an -swer Monday through Suzette (former Ms. Bandoy) whowas so accommodating and that was when a new elec-tric meter was installed (Tuesday) and after four nightsin darkness, light was restored.

    Another case in point. Bayantel sold out to Globe. MyBayantel landline was out of order. It has no dialtone. Iwent to Globe LCC of ce and was asked to report myclaim to Globe (is it that one in Naga?) The woman atthe end of the line told me to wait within two days formy landline to have dialtone. Nothing happened. At thetime of writing, it’s more than two days and our landlinephone does not have its dialtone yet. I am following upmy claim rst hour tomorrow.

    CASURECO III and Globe, will you x your lines?

    St. John the Baptist Church:Albay’s icon of faith, heritage

    TABACO CITY — For many years, the Saint John theBaptist Church, also known as Tabaco Church, stood asone of Albay’s icons of faith and cultural history.

    According to the archives of Tabaco’s City Library, theconstruction of the church was begun in 1864 and completedin 1879, currently giving the church a 137-year lifespan. Dur-ing those years, the said construction was greatly credited toFr. Fermin Llorente, a priest, engineer, and soldier.

    Fr. Llorente is said to have used volcanic soil and stonesheld together by molasses mixed with lime, materials thathave astonishingly withstood the test of time.

    One rare feature of the church is the presence of masonicmarks and rococo designs, an exceptional rarity in the Phil-ippines. The church also sports compartments in its unusual

    oor plan, which is still a mystery as to why. Aside from itsaesthetic beauty, the church’s function in the olden days as adefensive structure is also very evident.

    The church, with its sloped foundations and thick granitewalls, functions like a bunker against cannon re. Also, the

    belfry was originally the town watch-tower to warn the peopleof pirate invasions.

    With its rich history, the church was declared as a NationalCultural Treasure and its marker was unveiled on June 22,2012. However, this historical treasure is not completely im-

    pervious to the havocs of nature and wear-and-tear of time. Natural calamities, like the typhoons that have devastated Al- bay throughout the years, has irretrievably destroyed some ofthe church’s original parts like the ceilings and windows.

    Tabaco Church is included in the Philippine government’s budget for conservation and rehabilitation of cultural heritagesites. As per the statement of the St. John the Baptist ParochialOf ce, rehabilitation has already begun but still incomplete.

    It has carried Tabaco City’s history for more than a century,and now it needs a helping hand to bear the weight for yearsto come. For so long, the Saint John the Baptist Church hasserved its people as a glimpse of the past and thus a guide forthe future. - PIA5/Albay

    My Home via Pag-IBIG loanBy WILLIE JOSE

    Owning a home is every-one’s cherished dream in thePhilippines.

    With the country’s stan-dard of living , not everyoneis given a chance to get adecent house .

    However, getting life’s basic necessities is moreimportant for our kababay-ans than buying a house; ifthere’s a way of owning one,they would move heaven andearth, so to speak , to grabevery opportunity at hand.

    We --who are blessedenough to live and workabroad-- could help ourloved ones back home byeither buying for them theirdream houses or helpingthem defray the cost of pur-chasing affordable housesavailable in the homeland .

    With the hard-earned dol-lars we have at our disposal,

    plus the high rate of dollarsexchange in the market, per-haps it would only take a fewyears to pay off their homemortgages .

    In short, our dollars’ earn-ing could spell the big differ-ence in their lives.

    Helping them to own ahome is more than an eco-nomic investment, it’s an in-vestment of love—our wayof showing them that we docare, always thinking of theirwelfare even if we are thou-sands of miles away fromhome.

    We all know the hardshipof raising the money to buya home and if our familieswould just rely on their mea-ger earnings, it would be astruggle even next to impos-sibility to own houses.

    Today, the Home Devel-opment Mutual Fund, popu-larly known as the Pag-IBIGFund has been taking the ini-tiatives to set up Pag-IBIGService Desks worldwideto offer to all Pinoys basedabroad—migrant workers,immigrants, permanent resi-

    Lawyer Darlene Marie B. Berberabe, Chief Executive Of cer,Home Development Mutual Fund or PAG-IBIG

    dents and former Filipinos – programs to avail themselvesits affordable housing loansand the members’ retirementsavings plan.

    At present, there are 23service Pag-ibig posts aroundthe world and they are stra-tegically located in countrieswhere most of our kababay-ans are concentrated.

    In a forum held this week-end at the Philippine Con-sulate in Toronto, Pag-IBIGCEO and President lawyerDarlene Marie Berberabetold the leaders of the Fili-

    pino groups that as of Jan.2015 her agency has a totalasset of $ 11.24B, a net in-come of C$ 579.46 M anddividends at C$ 402.12M.

    She said that for the op-

    erations of this semi-gov’tagency, it relies mainly on itsearnings and the contribu-tions collected from the 15.9M members and 4.1 M ofthis number are OFWs.

    “We don’t even ask thegovernment for our budget “,Berberabe said.

    In assuring the peoplethat the operations of thePag-IBIG are transparentand above-board, she saidsaid her agency has earnedits third Straight Unquali edOpinion from the Commis-sion of Audit and it meansthat the agency adheres tostringent international nan -cial reporting standards.

    Adding to this COA’s un-quali ed opinion, Berberabeshowed the ISO 9001:2008certi cation which meansthat the agency’s existing

    processes in membershipregistration are essentially

    proper and of private sector-caliber.”

    The above-mentionedcommendation and citationare enough proofs that the

    Pag-IBIG Fund administra-tors have taken care of theworkers’ savings with duediligence and integrity.

    For paying less than $50for membership at the Peg-IBIG Fund program, Filipinooverseas can avail themselvesof the agency’s affordable

    housing loans not exceed-ing P6M with a low interestof 6.5 % per annum payablefrom three to 30 years. Andthe agency will determinethe loan applicants’ collateraland their nancial ability to

    pay.These people have to be

    members of the Pag-IBIG before they could bene tfrom these housing loan andsavings programs.

    As a procedure, the agen-cy requires for a two-yearmembership before they canapply either for the housingloans or the savings plan.

    “ To become members ofthe PAG-IBIG, these over-seas Filipinos, will have to

    pay a lump sum of P2,400— the equivalent of two years”contributions of PAG-IBIGmembers and that’s all that’sneeded.”, she said.

    Aside from the Fund’shousing loan, its memberscan also prepare their retire-ment through the Pag-IBIGsavings program and theirsavings can earn dividendsan average of 4.14% per an-num

    Berberabe said that “ eventhose Filipino-Canadiansdon’t have to le for dual citi -zenships to avail themselvesof the PAG-Ibig programs.They can easily own houseseither for their retirementor loved ones in the Philip-

    pines.”There’s another voluntary

    savings plan called Modi edPag-IBIG 2 program. Asidefrom being tax-exempt, witha 5-year maturity only andmembers could save anytimeat their convenience, thesesavings get higher dividendsdepending on the income of

    the agency.With the success of thePag-IBIG programs, own-ing homes these days is easyand certainly a bright hopeis looming in the horizon— something many of us canlook forward to the futurewith optimism.


  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 24 - 30, 2016 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER 5 APRIL 24-30, 2016

    GOOD GOVERNANCEAtty. Loida Nicolas-Lewis, a Sorsogon-born Americanbusinesswoman recently paid Naga City Mayor John Bongat

    a visit before her scheduled engagement where she talked,“How the Values of Anti-Corruption Can Firmly Take Root inFilipino Society”.

    AS ALWAYSAs expected huge crowd attended the campaign sorties of Liberal Party candidates inCamarines Norte led by Rep. Cathy Barcelona Reyes and Vice Gubernatorial aspirant,

    Daet Mayor Tito Sarion in Brgys Mampurog, Matacong & Daculang Bolo, San LorenzoRuiz, Camarines Norte

    Political dynasties tackled in forumNAGA CITY - The Politi-

    cal Democracy and Reforms(PODER) and GovernmentWatch (G-Watch) of theAteneo School of Govern-ment (ASoG), in collabora-tion with Ateneo de Naga,Naga City People’s Council(NCPC) and Jesse M. Robre-do Center for Good Gover-nance (JMR Center), recent-ly spearheaded the forum onthe "Ill-Effects of DynasticPolitics and the Imperativeof Political and Electoral Re-forms as a Campaign Issue".

    The forum was held April13 at the Ateneo de NagaCampus participated in byrepresentatives from people'sorganizations, academe, andgovernment agencies, amongothers.

    Joy Aceron of the AteneoSchool of Government stat-ed during the forum held inAteneo de Naga here that the2016 elections appear “criti-cal” in terms of turning elec-tions into an accountability

    mechanism.“Election is a transition. On

    the other hand, we can turn itas an opportunity by makingthe election an accountabilitymechanism and we do that by

    providing information dissem-ination venue that facilitatesthe interaction of the candi-dates and the citizens, and bymaking sure that the electoral

    process is itself credible, thatit’s really the will of the peoplethat will be re ected in the votecome 2016 Elections,” Aceronadded.

    Renne F. Gumba, execu-tive director of JMR Center forGood Governance, discussedthe issue on political dynastyin relation to local governanceand Bicol development.

    Gumba quoted the AsianInstitute of Management pol-icy study in 2011 which citesthat “political dynasties in thePhilippines are found in re-gions with higher poverty lev-els and also shared Center forPeople Empowerment in Gov-

    DA honors top rice producers in annual tilt

    The City Government of

    Naga joined the ranks of top16 rice producing cities/mu-nicipalities in the country asit was conferred an awardof recognition with a trophyand cash prize of P1M by theDepartment of Agricultureduring the awarding cer-emonies for Agri-Pinoy RiceAchievers Awards (APRAA)for 2015 held at Resort Worldin Pasay City, Manila. CityAgriculturist, Edna Bong-alonta received the trophyand check from DA secretaryProceso J. Alcala and Assis-

    tant Secretary, Edilberto M.

    De Luna.Also awarded were the top

    5 rice producing provinceswhich received P4M cash

    prizes and a trophy. Thesewere Ilocos Norte, NuevaVizcaya, Occidental Mindoro,Davao del Norte and DavaoOriental. Five exceptional Ir-rigator’s Associations receivedP1M worth of project grantseach, while 3 outstandingSmall Water Impounding Sys-tems Associations (SWISAs)each got P500,000 in projectgrants. Likewise, 398 selected

    Agricultural Extension Work-

    ers (AEWs) and Local FarmerTechnicians (LFTs) from allover the country were also rec-ognized for their hard work andefforts in assisting farmers andfacilitating transfer of improvedtechnologies. Each took homea cash incentive of P20,000.There were 27 AEWs and 5LFTs awardees from Bicol.They were joined by DA-BicolRegional Technical Director forOperations and concurrent Of -cer-in-charge Dr. Elena B. Delos Santos when they receivedtheir awards from Secretary Al-


    The National Rice Award-ees were selected based ontheir incremental increase inrice harvest and average yield

    per hectare over the previousyear’s levels; amount of bud-get allocated and disbursedto rice projects and initiatives;number of farmers bene ted;degree of farmers’ technol-ogy adoption and utilization ofquality seeds.

    Naga City bested other cit-ies and municipalities in Bicolwhich vied for the top rank as

    ernance or CenPEG’s nd -ings that poverty and socialinequality are worse in prov-inces with deeply-entrenched

    political dynasties wherein itcited Bicol as the 4th poorestregion and ARMM occupyingthe top post as poorest regionin the country.

    “A state that is anchoredon families and clans withnarrow and exclusivist inter-

    ests and loyalties is bound tocreate dif cult problems forstate formation and democ-ratization, particularly, in theabsence of strong national po-litical institutions. Moreover,the accountability mechanismsthat form a key aspect to thedemocratization process be-comes short-circuited by nar-row kinship loyalties ratherthan legitimized by broad

    citizens’ choices,” Gumba fur-thered.

    Aside from Professor Gum- ba, the organizers also invitedother panelists such as incom-ing dean of Ateneo School ofGovernment Ronald Mendozaand Ronnie Holmes, presidentof Pulse Asia, to share theirviews on the local context of

    political electoral reforms andrelated studies on academic

    and dynastic politics.All the collated inputs will

    be used in the brainstormingsessions to be conducted withthe different sectors speci -cally youth and civil societyorganizations (CSOs) and will

    be used as an input for possiblefuture actions that the organiz-ers will undertake to be moreresponsive to the needs of theelectorate. -PIA5

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  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 24 - 30, 2016 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER6 APRIL 24-30, 2016





    Notice is hereby given that the named parties are theheirs of Pedro Basinal and Felicitas Corbe, who died onSeptember 12, 1997 at San Antonio, Poblacion, Nabua,Cam. Sur and on Nov. 21, 2005 at Calagasgasan, Daet,Cam. Norte, at the time of their death, left certain parcelsof land situated at Sta. Elena, Bula, Cam. Sur with TCTNo. 26880, 26882 and 26881; the parties agreed todivide and adjudicate among themselves the entire estateExtrajudicially; that for and in consideration of the sum ofOne hundred Seventy-Eight thousand and Six hundred FiftyTwo (P178,652.00) pesos, receipt is hereby acknowledgedin full, the parties herein, do hereby convey by way of

    Absolute Sale unto Marck Bendrick Dy Tecklo, his heirsand assigns, that certain parcels of land; as acknowledgedbefore Notary Public Atty. Baby Juru Batan-Lugo, Doc. No.555, Page No. III, Book No. XVI, Series of 2015.BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016

    ADJUDICATION BY A SOLE HEIR WITH SALENotice is hereby given that Victoria Balayboa Badiola-Briones is the sole heir of Eufemia Balayboa, the onlychild of Sps. JULIO BALAYBOA and LAZARA DELAROSA-BALAYBOA, who died on September 28, 1993,December 21, 1955 and July 19, 1978 respectively at SanNicolas, Baao, Cam. Sur, with no Last Will and Testamentand with no known debts, left a parcel of agricultural land;that being the sole heir and for and in consideration of thesum of Seventy Nine thousand (P79,000.00) pesos, receiptis hereby acknowledged, the Heir do hereby Sell, Cede,Transfer and Convey by way of Absolute Sale unto,MaricelC. Dy Tecklo, her heirs, succesors and assigns, thedescribed property; as acknowledged before Notary Public

    Atty. Baby Juru Batan-Lugo, Doc. No. 620, Page No. 124,Book No. XVI, Series of 2015.

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016

    ADJUDICATION BY A SOLE HEIR WITH SALENotice is hereby given that Victoria Balayboa Badiola-Briones is the sole heir of Eufemia Balayboa, the onlychild of Sps. JULIO BALAYBOA and LAZARA DELAROSA-BALAYBOA, who died on September 28, 1993,December 21, 1955 and July 19, 1978 respectively at SanNicolas, Baao, Cam. Sur, with no Last Will and Testamentand with no known debts, left a parcel of agricultural land;that being the sole heir and for and in consideration of thesum of Seventy Four thousand Nine hundred Seventy(P79,970.00) pesos, receipt is hereby acknowledged, theHeir do hereby Sell, Cede, Transfer and Convey by way of

    Absolute Sale absolutely and unconditionally unto, MikaelaBeatrice Dy Tecklo, her heirs, succesors and assigns, thedescribed property; as acknowledged before Notary Public

    Atty. Baby Juru Batan-Lugo, Doc. No. 683, Page No. 137,Book No. XVI, Series of 2015.

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016


    Notice is hereby given that Victoria Balayboa Badiola-Briones is the sole heir of Eufemia Balayboa, the onlychild of Sps. JULIO BALAYBOA and LAZARA DELA ROSA-BALAYBOA, who died on September 28, 1993, December21, 1955 and July 19, 1978 respectively at San Nicolas,Baao, Cam. Sur, with no Last Will and Testament andwith no known debts, left a parcel of agricultural land; thatbeing the sole heir and for and in consideration of the sumof Seventy One hundred Eighteen thousand Six hundred(P118, 600.00) pesos, receipt is hereby acknowledged,the Heir do hereby Sell, Cede, Transfer and Convey byway of Absolute Sale absolutely and unconditionally unto,Maricel C. Dy Tecklo, her heirs, successors and assigns,the described property; as acknowledged before Notary

    Public Atty. Baby Juru Batan-Lugo, Doc. No. 622, PageNo. 125, Book No. XVI, Series of 2015.BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016


    Notice is hereby given that Victoria Balayboa Badiola-Briones is the sole heir of Eufemia Balayboa, the onlychild of Sps. JULIO BALAYBOA and LAZARA DELAROSA-BALAYBOA, who died on September 28, 1993,December 21, 1955 and July 19, 1978 respectively at SanNicolas, Baao, Cam. Sur, with no Last Will and Testamentand with no known debts, left a parcel of agricultural land;that being the sole heir and for and in consideration ofthe sum of Sixty thousand (P60,000.00) pesos, receiptis hereby acknowledged, the Heir do hereby Sell, Cede,Transfer and Convey absolutely and unconditionally byway of Absolute Sale unto, Dick Micholson Dy Tecklo, herheirs, successors and assigns, the described property;as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Baby Juru

    Batan-Lugo, Doc. No. 624, Page No. 125, Book No. XVI,Series of 2015.BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016

    Republic of the PhilippinesLOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE

    Province of Camarines Sur City of NAGA

    NOTICE FOR PUBLICATIONCFN- 007-2016 CCE- 0044-2016In compliance with the publication requirement

    and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013Guidelines in the Implementation of the AdministrativeOrder No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Noticeis hereby served to the public that EDELYN A. FRIAS has

    led with this Of ce, a Petition for Change of First Namefrom “EDWIN” to “EDELYN” and correction of entry inSEX from “MALE” to “FEMALE” in the certi cate of livebirth of Edwin Alcantara Frias and whose parents areEduardo Frias and Erlinda Alcantara.

    Any person adversely affected by said petition mayle his written opposition with this of ce not later than

    May 2, 2016. (Sgd.) ALEXANDER CAYETANO City Civil Registrar BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 17 & 24, 2016

    "We only need a few moreadditional facilities to be able tohave better hosting of a biggersports activity, like facilities forindoor games and additional air-conditioning units for the existingfacilities," Salceda said.

    The governor said he and De- partment of Education Secretary

    SALCEDA EYES 2019 SEA GAMES. . .Armin Luistro have already talk-ed about this and they both be-lieve that some events of the SEAGames can be held in the prov-ince so not all would be concen-trated in Metro Manila and thatManila-Albay could be co-hosts.

    Aside from access facilities,he said, one of the assets of Al-

    bay in bidding is being expert inestablishing and running joint op-eration and incident commandsin more orderly and systematicmanner.

    In terms of accommodation,Salceda said Albay has been usedto handling and taking care of anumber of guests because theAlbayanos have learned to faceall situations in times of calamitylike strong typhoons and Mayonvolcano eruptions wherein notless than 50,000 individuals are

    being taken care of for a span of120 days.

    In terms of security, he said,all Albay needs to know is to rep-licate the security plan done dur-ing the Asia-Paci c EconomicCooperation (APEC) Summit inthe country.

    The Albay chief executivesaid that under the "Gintong Al-

    bay Program," which was pat-terned after that of Michael Keon,the province will focus on threeevents where the Albayanos ex-cel, from athletics wherein they

    become the champion in Palar-ong Bicol in three years -- 2011,2012 and 2013 -- to swimmingand cycling where height is notneeded to win.

    He said he will do this and pursue this even if he will no lon-ger be at the provincial capitoland instead be in Congress.

    All that are needed, he said,are determination, resourcesand early training of athleteswith more incentives like whatthe province is now doing --Php5,000 cash incentive for goldmedalist, Php4,000 for silver andPhp3,000 for bronze.

    In the Bicol Region, only Al- bay has been practicing the in-

    centive system, Salceda said.Meanwhile, for the mainte-

    nance of the sports facilities, theSangguniang Panlalawigan com-mittee on budget and appropria-

    tions headed by Board MemberRalph Andes passed an ordinanceallotting Php5 million so thesewould be continuously taken careof. -PNA

    bet, said under federalism allregions in the country includingMindanao will become semi-autonomous since they are notindependent from the centralgovernment in terms of defenseand foreign relations.

    “Let’s give our muslim brothers the autonomy they have been longing for, and that isthrough transition from uni edgovernment that we have nowto federal form of government,”he said.

    Contacto said he will be sup- porting federalism which is alsothe stand of their party’s standard

    bearer, PDP-Laban chairmanDavao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ,to give muslims the right to liveand govern according to theircustoms and traditions.

    “Our muslim brothers should be given the right to live andsolve their own problems. Theymust have their own govern-

    ment governed by fellow mus-lims based on their customs andtraditions. The Christians haveno right to interfere with ourmuslim brothers. We need torespect their traditions and cul-ture,” he said.

    Maravillas, an independentcandidate, af rmed the need torespect each culture and reli-gion citing that the con ict weare facing now in our society,including all corruption and il-legal activities are rooted to bro-ken relationship with God andneighbor.

    Olaybal on the other hand,also independent, said federal-ism is not the answer to the is-sues and concerns that need to

    be addressed to attain peace inMindanao such as poverty andarmed con ict.

    “Federalism is not the an-

    ALBAY CONGRESSIONAL BETS . . .swer because it is not the ques-tion. The issues to be addressedare economic environment andsegregation. Poverty in Mind-anao can be solved by passing alaw prohibiting centralized ap-

    proval of loans by the big bankswhich are concentrated in MetroManila that is why money isnot properly circulated to other

    provinces including Mindanao.We call it hoarding of capital.”he explained.

    Olaybal furthered that in-stead of segregating muslims tochristians and fellow lipinos,they must be integrated and nottreated differently “since we arenow living in a world without

    borders.”Moreover, all candidates are

    one in their stand not to supportthe passage of the BangsamoroBasic Law, in its present form,should they be elected in con-gress noting that some of its pro-visions are unconstitutional andneed revisions.

    Also in the said forum aregovernment of the Philippineschief negotiator and Of ce ofthe Presidential Adviser on thePeace Process (OPAPP) repre-sentative Prof. Miriam CoronelFerrer and Moro Islamic Libera-tion Front (MILF) representa-tive Prof. Aboud Syed Linggaas members of panel of reactors.

    The panel of questioners areKapisanan ng mga Brodkasterng Pilipinas (KBP) Albay chairHermogenes Alegre Jr repre-senting broadcast media andABS-CBN news chief AireenPerol-Jaymalin for television.

    Representatives from vari-ous sectors such as academe,government, religious, youth,media and business also partici-

    pated in the said forum. -PIA5

  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 24 - 30, 2016 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER 7 APRIL 24-30, 2016

    Contact No.:

    Allan - 0921-999-8888Fely - 0918-628-7818

    Peñafrancia Parish Seniors

    go on Summer Encounter Members of the Our Lady of Pe-ñafrancia Parish Senior ParishionersFellowship went on a Summer En-counter with Nature last Sunday atthe Naga City Eco Park, here.

    For a change from their regularParish Hall venue, the Seniors after at-tending Mass at the Shrine, spent therest of the day at the Park, stating witha Walk in the Park under shade trees,songs and dances from volutneers,lunch under the trees, games, prizesand socialization.

    Spiritual Director Fr. Rey Rellora,in his short message, said that aside

    from the Senior Parishioners Fellow-ship, even as Chairman Tony Am-parado announced that the FellowshipExecutive Board has considered theproposal of the Tomasinong Bicolanochaired by Dr. Marimil Bombase to

    jointly conduct a Pap Smear screeningof the Cervix for women and free Digi-tal Rectal screening of the Prostate formen. Details shall be announced once

    nalized.Shown above are some of the Se-

    niors in a souvenir picture with beau-tiful trees and landscape at the back-ground.

    A Youth Leadership SummitCum“ParadangKabataanKontraDroga” was held at the BagasbasBeach which coincided the open-ing of the founding anniversary.

    Among other activities heldwere Bantayog Sur ng Clinic atBagasbas Beach from April 16-18, Bantayog MTB Cross-Coun-try Challenge at San Lorenzo toBagasbas Beach; and WAVE:Bantayog Festival Beach Partyalso in Bagasbas last April 16;

    The Bantayog Youth Day andBantayog Beach Mix Volleyballin Bagasbas Beach; and Environ-mental Princess-Miss Teen Cam

    Norte at the Agro Sports Centerlast April 17.

    A BantayogAgri TourismTrade Fair is going on at theFreedom Park from April 18-24where various indigenous prod-ucts are on display.

    The Bantayog Art Exhibit atthe Provincial Capitol HiddenGarden was opened April 18 andwill run until April 22.

    Other activities include: theLittle Miss Cam Norte held lastApril 19; Bantayog Script andSong Writing Workshop andBantayog Variety Show on April20; Search for Bb. Cam Norteon April 21; and Bantayog DLCCompetition at the Central PlazaComplex to Provincial Capitol onApril 22.

    The Street Dancing and GrandFestival Parade will highlight theevent on April 23 wherein differ-ent festivals of the municipalitiesare expected to join the event.

    A BantayogKalesa Decorat-ing Contest at the provincial capi-tol grounds and BantayogPadyakRace at Vinzons town hall havealso been slated on April 23 whilethe TM Astig Bingo Fest at theAgro Sports Center and Bantay-og Governor’s Night at BagasbasBeach will culminate the eventon April 24.

    Several political gures andtelevision personalities have beeninvited to grace the different ac-tivities of the twin celebration.

    CAMNORTE . . .

    to grow to lengths of up to 18m,weigh up to 40 tonw and liveup to 100 years. In other partsof the Philippines, whale sharksare known locally as “balian”,kuwano,, tawki and “toki” inDonsol waters, typical sightingsof whale sharks are between4-12m in length. Distinctivecharacterestics include: a broad,

    at head, 3 prominent ridges onthe upper ank, a checkerboard

    pattern of white spots and stripeson its blue-gray-brown skin.Whale sharks are highly migra-tory. Their movement may beguided by food availability, watertemperature and quality, environ-mental factors, such as weather,currents and winds. Where theygo, during the off-season is stillnot known.

    DONSOL . . .

    it posted the highest produc-tion growth of 50.12% from6,298.94 metric ton in 2014to 9,456.06 metric ton in 2015with a yield growth of 28%from 4.05 MT per hectare to5.20MT/ha. It also increasedits rice area by 16%.84 from1,555.7 hectares to 1,817.65hectares . It also recorded over64% increase in high qualityseeds utilization.

    In terms of budget alloca-tion, the Naga city governmentallocated to its Rice program25.39% of its IRA equivalent toalmost P3M and implemented13 other related projects in sup-

    port to rice and agriculture pro-grams.

    The LGUs of Polangui ,Albay and Castilla, Sorsogonwere the two other municipali-ties of Bicol which have previ-ously won in this prestigiousnationwide annual contest



    which is now on its 5th year.In his message Alcala ac-

    knowledged the efforts of thehardworking farmers and farmworkers whom he considers“mga bayani sa lahat ng pana-hon”. He also thanked ked thecontribution of the LGU’s tothe attainment of the 97% riceself-suf ciency level of thecountry despite the onslaughtof natural calamities. He saidthat our country’s rice produc-tion for the past ve years un -der the Aquino administrationhas consistently surpassed18 million metric tons, whichearned our country the recogni-tion by the US Department ofAgriculture Grains Authorityof having posted the highestincrement of harvest and fast-est gains of 2.8% in rice pro-duction among rice producingcountries in the world for the

    past ve years.

    Alcala expressed his appre-ciation to the farmers who gavetheir testimonies on the bene-

    ts and good things they derivefrom the government’s agricul-tural programs. “Ako ay labisnatutuwa na marinig ang mga

    bagong tinig ng ating mga mag-sasaka at mga komunidad samga kanayunan na hindi puro

    galit at pagsusumbat kunghindi tinig ng pagpapasalamatat pakikiisa at pagiging bukassa mga teknolohiya” . He un-derscored that the governmenthas slowly changed the usualimage of Filipino farmers :wallowing in drudgery of pull-ing his stubborn carabao in the

    eld. “This time, the image ofof Filipino farmers is one thatuses modern technology andmechanization, “ , he asserted.-Emily B. Bordado/DA5

    things beautifully. When youhave con dence and a posi -

    tive outlook, you will alwayslook beautiful.” After three de-cades in the salon industry, Jesiwould like to share with youngartists “not to work for money

    but to work because they lovewhat they do.”

    Joining in the festivities wereother top makeup experts whohave worked in lm, fashion,commercial, bridal, and whohave made beauty their business.Each one received a PRO-Card,which entitles the bearer to dis-counts and perks from the store.The SM Beauty Section is the

    rst and only retailer to offersuch a privilege to these profes-

    sional artists.After holding the Beauty Ball

    for the professionals, SM Beautywill hold the biggest MakeoverEvent in the country at the MegaFashion Hall on May 7 and May8, 2016. Participants can get afree makeover and beauty dis-counts and witness the beautyshow featuring the craft of theMakeover Masters 2016.

    Check Facebook ( and In-stagram page (@smbeautyph)

    for more details.

  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 24 - 30, 2016 Issue


    happy is that he gets “to sharemy knowledge and earnings.I am happy that a lot of tal-ented hairstylists and make-up artists are passionate inwhat they do, and that I alsolearn from them.” For James,“beauty is like the light thatcomes from your heart, add-ing that “women should wearmakeup because it makesthem feel good.”

    Jesi Mendez says that,“beauty is when you look at

    Dir. BLANCO


    DTI Bicol frms up drive vssub-standard products

    LEGAZPI CITY - Aspart of their intensi ed mon -itoring and enforcementof the Fair Trade Law, theDepartment of Trade andIndustry (DTI) in the Bicolregion has issued notices ofviolation to hardware storeswho did not comply with theProduct Standards Law.

    DTI Bicol regional directorJocelyn L.B. Blanco revealedthat out of 137 hardware storesthat were visited, fteen wereissued notices of violation forselling uncerti ed and decep -tive products. These productsdo not have the required Prod-uct Standard (PS) and Im-

    ported Commodity Clearance(ICC) stickers which is in vio-lation of Republic Act 4109and 7394, otherwise knownas the Product Standards Law

    ALL-OUT FOR LENIThe H.S. Pillars of ’74, the batchmates of the late Sec. Jesse M. Robredo has organized twocampaign caravans thus far, one in Camarines Norte and last week, in Albay; to show theirsupport to Leni Robredo. The Ateneans were also joined by Leni’s 1982 Batchmates from theUniversidad de Sta. Isabel.

    and the Consumer Act of thePhilippines.

    DTI Bicol estimated thecost of ther non-compliant

    products around P.3 million.Blanco said the inspections

    were done throughout the Bi-col region by DTI Bicol Re-gional Enforcement and Mon-itoring Teams from March 29to April 15 of this year.

    The enforcement activitiesare done twice every year tomake sure that traders in theregion always comply withthe law.

    Of the fteen notices ofviolation (NOV); six were is-sued to hardware stores in Al-

    bay, four in Camarines Norte,one in Sorsogon, and two eachin the provinces of CamarinesSur and Masbate.

    Blanco appealed to the public to be critical in buyinggoods and commodities to getthe best value for their money.

    “Each should be cautiousand must look for the appro-

    priate markings, particularlyon the mandatory products…We are serious in our quest toeradicate uncerti ed productsin the market,” reminded Di-rector Blanco. -PIA5

    Albay congressional betsbare stand on Mindanao

    LEGAZPI CITY – Fiveout of eight congressionalcandidates in three con-gressional districts in theprovince of Albay present-ed their stand and platformon peace concerns in Min-danao at the Peace Forumheld April 19 at the BicolUniversity.

    The SM Beauty recentlycelebrated the work of sixMakeover Masters, givingthem recognition as artists inthe Makeup Industry who haveturned their craft and talentinto a profession.

    Held at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel, the event presentedSM Beauty’s Makeover Mas-ters 2016 with their best sup-

    portive muses: Cristine Duquewith Denise Laurel, DeniseOchoa with Jodi Sta. Maria,Jake Galvez with Vice Ganda,

    Present in the UsapangKapayapaan Forum for Con-gressional Candidates in Al-

    bay are Atty. Antonio Betitoand Atty Gregorio Contactofor the 1st district, DaniloMaravillas for 2nd districtand Atty. Oliver Olaybal andElmer Pornel for 3rd district.

    Betito, Contacto and

    Maravillas are pushing forfederalism to give Muslimsthe opportunity to govern ontheir own and improve eco-nomic condition of commu-nities as it can pave way to a

    bigger share in their collectedtaxes and revenues.

    Betito, NPC congressio nal(Turn to page 6)

    (Turn to page 7)

    SM Beauty’s Makeover Masters 2016

    SM Beauty paid tribute to the original Makeover Masters and beauty industry pioneersFanny Serrano, James Cooper, and Jesi Mendez during the Beauty Ball. They are shownwith Watsons Marketing Director Viki Encarnacion, Managing Director Robert Sun, and SM

    Retail Pres. Jorge T. Mendiola.

    “Real beauty comes from the goodnessof the core. It's the sum of what is in yourhead, heart, and gut,” says MakeoverMaster Robbie Piñera with muse AnneCurtis. Robbie, who has worked more thanseven years in the industry was given theprivilege to work abroad for Rogue coverin Paris and Tokyo, a fashion editorial inLondon and more.

    Model Phoemela Baranda Justin Quirino, Robby Carmona,and Janeena Chan

    Fashion Styl is t S idney Yap Mar tin De Leon and Andi Eigenmann werespecial guests ofMakeover Master Jake


    GMA Art is t Bianca Umali Model Monika Sta. Maria brings e leganceto the SM Beauty Ball red carpet

    “Everything can be beautiful, you justhave to see beauty in everything,” saysMakeover Master Denise Ochoa withmuse Jodi Sta. Maria. Denise has beenin the makeup and hairstyling industrysince 1999. She is the talent behindKathryn Bernardo, Jodi Sta. Maria andToni Gonzaga, and has mastered the artof seeing the beauty in everything, andenhancing instead of transforming.

    “Compassion, empathy, and kindnessare and will always be what makes a womanbeautiful,” saysMakeover Master CristineDuque with muse Denise Laurel. Cristineis a famed makeup artist to stars like ourvery own Miss World, Megan Young, andJennylyn Mercado. Celebrating her 26thyear in the beauty industry, she takespride in her very sophisticated, clean andfeminine touch in doing makeup.

    “It is important for the artist to get toknow the client’s personality,” saysMakeoverMaster Jake Galvez with muse Vice Ganda. “This will make the client feel more comfortable,allowing her innate glow will shine through.”Mentored by his uncle, Tony Galvez, as well asother cosmetology trainings abroad, Jake hascome up with his own unique style that madehim one of the best young make up artist inthe country. Some of his regular clients includeMarian Rivera and Andi Eigenmann.

    “Trends may come and go but truebeauty, comes from within,” saysMakeoverMaster Jigs Mayuga with muse ChescaKramer. Jigs is the expert at work behindthe glorious faces of personalities likeBea Alonzo and Shaina Magdayao, and isknown to make sure the make up is perfectfor their face symmetry as well as their skincondition.

    “I don't put makeup to change the way aperson looks, but to highlight and enhance herown beauty,” says Makeover Master MickeySee with muse Jolina Magdangal. Mickey hasbeen in the industry for over a decade, makinghis clients like Liza Soberano and JolinaMagdangal. Known for his glamorous smokeyeyes, he won the Make up Artist of the Year Award in 2010 together with Lourd Ramos andClaire Diokno.

    Mickey See with Jolina Mag-dangal, Robbie Piñera withAnne Curtis, and Jigs Mayugawith Chesca Kramer.

    SM Beauty also paid tributeto the country’s original Make-over Masters --Fanny Serrano,James Cooper, and Jesi Men-dez, who were awarded as pil-lars and pioneers of the beautyindustry.

    Fanny Serrano considers itas his strength as he has seen“the transition of changes inmake-up artistry” and at this

    point, he still “wants to con-tinue learning.” Working inthe beauty industry for over 45years with some of the coun-try’s most beautiful and stylishwomen, he says that throughthe years, he was “able to seethe real meaning of beauty, andthat is --con dence.”

    James Cooper, on the otherhand, has worked with severalHollywood celebrities and wasthe rst Filipino to introduceair-brush makeup in the Philip-

    pines. What truly makes him