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  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 11 - 17 Issue


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    Ayala enters Legazpi mall rush

    Daet zeroes in on waste elimination Bikol short lmin int'l fest nals

    PENANG, Malaysia --

    A seven-minute Bikol lm

    [Pa]Duman ([To] Some-

    place) was named one of

    the nalists at the TropFest

    Film Festival 2015. Theannouncement was made

    on Thursday, January 8,

    in a press conference with

    the lmmakers and Trop-

    Fest secretariat in Penang,


    [Pa]Duman, which ac-

    cording to TropFest web-

    site depicts how, along

    every road to someplace,

    there are stations where

    lives may change, is the

    third directorial work ofJennifer Lyn M. Romano,

    a Communication gradu-

    ate from Ateneo de Naga

    University. Romanos

    rst lm Kuwatro:Otso

    was Bicol Regions rep-

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    DAET, CNorte -- This towns consti-

    tuents will soon say goodbye to their gar-

    bage, but not unproductively.

    TWO GROUNDBREAKING RITESDaet Mayor Tito S. Sarion was a picture of a leader in ahurry as he led two groundbreaking rites last week. Firstwas the Go Green Daet Waste Diversion/Recyling Facility atBrgy. Bibirao; and later, the Metro Daet Satellite Market atthe CT Terminal Complex at Brgy. Camambugan.

    Over the weekend,

    Mayor Tito S. Sarion led

    the groundbreaking of theGo Green Daet Waste Di-

    version/Recycling Facility

    located at Barangay Bibi-rao.

    Expected to be nished

    after 160 working days

    once construction starts,

    the PhP30-million facil-

    ity will process from 17.5to 20 tons of garbage col-

    lected daily in the town

    into fertilizer and other

    products, like construction

    materials from non-biode-

    gradable waste.According to Sarion, the

    eliminating and recyclingwaste will be Daets local

    response to the global eco-

    logical problem.

    The facility, accord-ing to Sarion, will directly

    benet some 42 scavenger

    families living near the

    garbage dump.

    Part of the program will

    be the purchase of 5 new

    garbage trucks which willcollect garbage in the town

    on designated days, one forbiodegradable and another

    for non-biodegradable

    wastes, to create a culture

    of garbage segregation,

    the Mayor said. -- fpj


    LEGAZPI CITY -- Ayala Corp.

    (AC), one of the countrys busi-

    ness giants, is now part of Legazpi

    Citys bandwagon of big invest-

    ments joined ahead by two of its

    close equals -- SM Prime Holdings

    of Henry Sy and Robinsons Groupof the Gokongwei family.

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  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 11 - 17 Issue



    FX rate (vs. the US$) the local pumpprices of gasoline, diesel and kerosenewill be lower. Our good ination rating

    in the last quarter of 2014 can besustained. Lower transport costs favorconsumers hoping that our producerswill cushion their prices by inputting thefuel cost savings in their selling prices.In addition, we pray that the Papal Visitwill bring added luck to our country.

    FOREX RESERVES: The Phl ForexReserves hit US$79.8 B last December.The countrys gross internationalreserves (GIR) reect our ability to pay

    for import of goods and services and toservice our foreign debt. The year-end GIR level is a bit lower than thatof 2013 (US$83.187B) and of 2012(US$83.572B). Despite the lowerForex Reserves the country isassured of its commercial capabilityin handling international trade andservices.

    The GIR year-end level can cover10.2 months worth of imports of goodsand payments for services. At the

    Two itineraries of Pope Francis are appropriatelychosen to bring home his expected message of mercyof compassion. They are much like the ideal soil for thesowing of the good seed in the Biblical parable.

    The rst is the Mall of Asia in Pasay where he willmeet with families. The MOA, or how it is curtly andpopularly called, like all other malls, has become thecontemporary center of urban family activities andgathering, or as an anthropologist puts it, the newcathedral of consumerism.

    The MOA then is a tting venue for this dialoguewhich centers on the family whom the Pope calls thefoundation of coexistence and a remedy against socialfragmentation.

    It is not surprising then that Pope Francis will alsofocus on this issue as he considers the importance ofthe family in the survival of humanity. In an address tothe bishops of Brazil in 2013, he described the family asan essential cell of society and the Church.

    The contemporary family, in the Popes mind,however, is in crisis.

    In a broadcast from the Vatican Radio, he said thatThis revolution in manners and morals has often ownthe ag of freedom, but in fact it has brought spiritualand material devastation to countless human beings,especially the poorest and most vulnerable. Crisis in thefamily has produced crisis of human ecology.

    His other itinerary at the Palo Cathedral in Leyte islikewise appropriate as the devastation of the provincein the wake of Haiyan underscore what he termed the

    need for a new human ecology.Although the human race has come to understandthe need to address the conditions that menace ournatural environments, we have been slower to recognizethat our fragile social environments are under threatas well, slower in our culture, and also in our CatholicChurch. It is therefore essential that we foster a newhuman ecology and advance it, he urged.

    This ecology, he argued during the World Youth Dayin 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, can be promoted by goingback to the basics, like life, which is a gift of God, and avalue to be promoted and protected; integral education,one which is not a transmission of information for prot;health, which is integral for well-being; and security,where violence can be overcome by the human heart.

    In the same event, he challenged to youth to berevolutionaries by rejecting the idea that marriage isout-of-fashion, that it is not worth making a life-longcommitment and making a denitive decision, forever.

    Children he said, have the right to grow in a family:capable of creating a suitable environment for the childsdevelopment and maturity.

    same time, it is also equivalent to8.4 times the countrys short-termexternal debt based on originalmaturity, and six times based onresidual maturity. The exchange ratestrength of the Phl peso is directlyaffected by the GIR level as globalinvestors favor countries with strongpaying capacities.

    RURAL BANKING: The ownersand managers of the smaller ruralbanks are concerned by our alertcall on the initial implementation ofthe ASEAN Integration starting thisyear. Under this united regionalprogram, big nancial institutions

    throughout ASEAN will be allowedto open banking units or branchesin the Philippines thereby puttingtheir global operations here on equalstatus and at par with domesticbanks.

    When the giants play, the dwarfs

    can get squeezed or eventually be

    bumped out! The Monetary Boardhas issued policies mandating thesmaller banks (thrift and rural banks)to raise their level or operations or tomerge with fellow small operators.Many are opting to stay meantimeas they continually test the waters.But they are ready to sell-out tobanks expanding their horizons.The foreign banks earlier allowedto operate locally are buying smallprovincial banks.

    ENCYCLICAL: When our

    interior life is caught up in its own

    interests, there is no longer room

    for others!

    (PICPA past president and Hall-

    of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime

    Achievement Awardee).

    GLOBAL OIL: As a result of continuingglut in supplies and downtrends indemand (in mid-winter), world demandfor oil continues to go down due toeconomic slumps in Europe andslowdown in industrial outputs in China.While USA industries are reported to bechurning with improvements, Americanfuel requirements are not huge enoughto counter below-par industrial activitieselsewhere.

    Opinions Unlimitedis constrained tochange its earlier predictions that globaloil prices will start to move up gradually.It seems the major oil producers are notfearful of the price rollbacks, even asoil trading is now dictated by reducedorders. Producers minimum thresholdsare continually being adjusteddownward. Biggest oil exporter Saudi

    Arabia is expected to remain safe andunhurt even if the price per barrel goesdown to US$40.00!

    PESO-DOLLAR: We conrm our

    prediction that the Phl peso will soondepreciate against the USD notbecause our economy will falter, but moreso because the USA eco-performancewill improve. Latest statistics (GDP &GNP) seem to indicate that China nowhas the best performing fundamentals,with the USA ranking just close second.With our controlled ination rate (at

    2.7%) the domestic currency will notsuffer much in the exchanges.

    Global oil will continue to becheaper. If we are able to maintain the

    It is Thursday, the rst day of 20l5.

    The almost one month wet weather hasnot improved. It is still rainy and windy. Inmy old Caramoan hometown many yearsago, people said that if the rst day of the

    year was rainy, the whole January monthwould not be any better.

    The rst l2 days of January mirror the

    weather for the whole l2 months. My oldfolks could tell if a particular month wouldbe rainy or sunny by taking note of theweather of the rst l2 days.

    Each day represents a month.Call it superstition or folk wisdom but

    in many cases, they were right/My LoloEleno could predict the weather for a weekby observing the behavior of Mt. Damulogsouth of the barrio. When thick white mistblanketed its peak, it would rain, he once

    told me. And for days, the rains poured intorrent.In northern Catanduanes years ago, a

    merchant owner of a wooden motor launchcould tell if there was a brewing typhoonby dipping his ngers into the sea. He was

    described as a walking barometer.In those days, the barometer was

    the only reliable tool to detect a comingtyphoon.

    In his regular visit to Tabaco in Albayfrom Caramoran in northern Catanduanes

    with a cargo of copra and hemp, and back,he did not meet turbulent seas.

    Other motorboat owners, due to theirlong experience with the sea, knew whento make the trip or when to keep theirboats safe in the harbor.

    We, Catanduanes traders, trusted the

    boat owners with our goods and our lives.

    The weather was easy to predict yearsago even without the aid of instruments.Not anymore. The warming of the earthsatmosphere has changed everything. Thewell-pronounced summer or wet seasonis now a thing of the past.

    The usually dry months of March toMay and June are now typhoon and ood

    months. Areas rarely pounced upon by

    natural disasters have been repeatedlysavaged by calamitous weather.

    It appears that the earth is revertingback to its inhospitable era. But if everthat period comes, we have nobody toblame but ourselves. The worst enemyof the planet is man, his greed, hisdestructive nature.

    It is beginning to be felt.The nightmare of Tacloban City and

    nearby towns has revealed a weathergone berserk. There is no apt wordto describe the deluge which claimedthousands of lives.

    Nobody knows when anotherYolanda will come. Scientists predictmore violent weather disturbances in thecoming years. That means typhoons,oods, storm surges, landslides galore.

    I could see a much displeasedNature. Probably not only displeasedbut boiling mad at how some peoplebehave. They behave badly.

    Old folks who before could easilytell the coming weather by looking atthe peak of a mist-covered mountain ordipping their ngers into the sea would

    be hard-pressed predicting todaysweather.

    Very few people know what theweather will be in the next few days.

    Whats the weather tomorrow?



    Familial Call


    Head, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU



    resentative at the National

    Cinemarehiyon Film Festival

    in Cagayan de Oro City last


    [Pa]Duman is written

    by prizewinning poet and

    translator Victor Dennis T.

    Nierva who is also featured

    as an actor in the lm along

    with writer Frank Peones Jr.

    and Chrismund Leao. The

    lm was entirely shot in Mi-


    nalabac, Camarines Sur, and

    produced by Romano, Nierva

    and photographer Gerard Jan

    M. Asay who also served as

    its chief cinematographer.

    The screening of the lm

    along with fteen other nal-

    ists and the announcement

    of winner will be held on the

    festival proper on February 1

    at The Esplanade in Penang.

    TropFest 2015 will be graced

    by internationally acclaimed

    cinematographer and director,

    Christopher Doyle.

    The other nalists are:

    Kats Diary by Vanessa

    Amante, Commune by

    Sher Bautista, The Steel

    Child by Jake Soriano, The

    Little Reader by Inshalla

    Montero (Philippines); All

    that Could Have Been by

    Caston J. Chua, Wheel Roll-

    ing Home by Tan Yong Lin,

    Emmas Birthday by Joyce

    Huan and Nicole Goh, Tank

    by Shu Kar Keng (Malaysia);

    Lily by Phan Nha Trang

    (Viet Nam); Colorful Knots

    by Polen Ly, The Ride by

    Sok You Chea, The Scaven-

    ger by Sothe Chhin, Bub-

    ble by Hang Sokharo, A

    Fistful of Pebbles by Som-

    chanrith Chap (Cambodia);

    and Bond by Pek Hong

    Kun (Singapore).

  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 11 - 17 Issue




    LEGAZPI CITY -- The Philippine National Police Re-

    gional Ofce 5, aside from preparing for the Papal visit in

    Tacloban City, will send 1,500 police ofcers to Tacloban

    City to reinforce security measures for the head of the

    Catholic Church.


    Welcome to An Maogmang Lugar, the Center of Good Governance. The recent renovation ofthe welcome arch was realized through the collaboration of the city government and Naga CityUSA, an organization of Naguenos based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Thanks Naga CityUSA for your generosity.

    SP OKAYS NAGAS 2015 BUDGETThe Sangguniang Panlungsod approved on nal reading the city's 2015 annual budget totaling

    PhP834,689,694.14. The amount is 11% higher than last year's PhP751,377,318.

    Chief Supt. Victor Deona,

    PNP Bicol regional director,

    said that aside from the for-

    mation of the PNP Bicol TaskForce Papal Visit, a three-bat-

    talion Bicol police contingent

    to reinforce the PNP Region

    8 force, they have also been

    preparing security for devo-

    tees going to Tacloban by land

    through the Bicol Region.

    For instance, it has estab-

    lished Motorist Assistance

    Centers (MAC) in police

    stations along the Maharlika

    Highway -- from Tabogon,

    Daet, Camarines Norte, to

    Matnog, Sorsogon.

    Deona also instructed Sr.

    Supt. Bernie Banac, PNP

    Sorsogon provincial director,

    to re-implement controlledpoints in Sorsogon City, Iro-

    sin, Juban, Casiguran and


    The move aims to avoid

    long lines of vehicles that will

    go to Samar and Leyte via the (Turn to page 9)


    PILI, Camarines Sur

    --- Allowing the power of

    transparency and the work

    of technology to take its

    course while realizing its vi-

    sion for a more progressivePili, Mayor Alexis San Luis

    recently inked a Memoran-

    dum of Agreement (MOA)

    with the Land Bank of the

    Philippines (LBP) and Phil-

    ippine Payments and Clear-

    ing Systems (PhilPaCS) for

    the full automation of its

    operations with online pay-

    ment capability.

    The Capital town of Pili

    will be the rst Local Govern-

    ment Unit in the country that

    will be using the said tech-

    nology a great leap in local

    governance using the latest

    breakthrough in technology.

    In an interview, San Luisdivulged the benets that the

    automation will bring to the

    LGU, particularly to its con-




    spite the small area of ag-

    ricultural lands in this fast-

    developing city, the City

    Agriculture Ofce has re-

    corded 34.17-percent rice-

    sufciency level in 2014, 32

    percent higher than in 2013.

    City Agriculturist JesusKallos said in an interview

    Wednesday that this improve-

    ment was the result of the

    strong support to the agricul-

    tural sector by Mayor Noel E.

    Rosal, the Department of Ag-

    riculture (DA) and the Nation-

    al Irrigation Authority (NIA).

    Kallos said this achieve-

    ment can be attributed to the

    maximization of the use of

    rice eld areas and the appli-

    cation of rice farming tech-

    nology through proper land

    and water management, the

    usage of high-quality hybrid

    rice seedlings, post-harvest

    facilities, fertilizer manage-ment and conduct of several

    training sessions and seminars

    on the best farming strategy

    participated in by the mem-

    bers of the citys farmers or-


    We are looking forward

    into enhancing the lives of

    our people and making things

    easier and convenient to ev-eryone. This will enable the

    LGU to be competitive, trans-

    parent, more efcient in its

    operations and servicing of

    its citizens and attuned to the

    call of the ASEAN Economic


    San Luis said that everydepartment is connected to a

    server through the Executive

    or the automated local gov-

    ernment suite where all the

    transactions will be posted in

    real time and can be accessed

    by him anytime, anywhere.

    This will give him up to dateinformation regarding the

    LGUs dealings even if hes

    out of town attending other

    He said the citys hybrid

    rice program has a separate

    budget of Php1 million spent

    in every cropping cycle.

    The budget is for the pur-

    chase of high-quality seeds,

    fertilizers and other agricul-

    tural inputs used by the farm-


    In December last year,

    Rosal turned over three com-plete sets of farm tractor, two

    threshers with accessories and

    irrigation pumps that will be

    used to facilitate the farming

    activities of the farmers in or-

    der to produce more agricul-

    tural products.

    This aims to ensure that

    local foods and other agricul-

    tural commodities are always

    available and affordable for

    the daily consumption of the

    people in the community,

    Kallos said.

    He revealed that the pur-

    chase of farm machineries

    was part of the Php1 million

    cash reward given by theDepartment Agriculture dur-

    ing the 2013 Rice Achiever

    Award, with the City Govern-

    ment of Legazpi as among the


    The DA Bicol Regional

    Ofce turned over last year to

    the City Administration Php4

    million for the construction

    of a farm-to-market road in

    the southern village of Cagba-

    cong to hasten the transport of

    agricultural products from the

    villages down to the commer-

    cial site of this city.

    A 75-hectare vacant area

    in that place is now on theCAOs drawing board to be

    developed into rice eld, Kal-

    los pointed out.

    The city agriculturist said

    the DA also distributed last

    year to the citys farmers or-

    ganizations three threshers,

    three tractors and other farm

    machineries to help them in

    their daily farming activities.

    The NIA has also made a

    strong support to the citys ag-

    ricultural sector that resulted

    in the completion of six irri-

    gation projects in the identi-

    ed rice areas in the villages

    of Tamaoyan, San Joaquin,

    Maslog, Bagong Abre, Ban-querohan and San Francisco.

    The projects materialized

    through the counter-parting

    agreement between the City

    Government of Legazpi and

    the NIA.

    Kallos said one of the best

    practices of his ofce was the

    very good collaboration of the

    farmers organizations and the

    city administration.

    Almost all the projects

    of this ofce came from the

    recommendations and sug-

    gestions of the farmers and

    all of these were submitted to

    the Ofce of the City ChiefExecutive and to the DA, he


    To address the high cost of

    fertilizers, Kallos said his of-

    ce entered into an agreement

    with the ELR Corp. for the

    manufacture of organic input

    and that the rst 100 bags of

    this organic fertilizer will be

    given on Jan. 27.

    This program would reduce

    the usage of inorganic fertil-

    izers and enable the farmers

    to spend less in their farming


    ELR Corp. is based in Sci-

    ence City of Munoz, Nueva

    Ecija and is now recognizedas one of top producers of

    organic fertilizers being ex-

    ported to China, Korea, Viet-

    nam, United States, Indone-

    sia, Malaysia, Japan and other


    (Turn to page 4)

    Matnog port and ensure the

    security of the commuting

    public and motorists who will

    surely ock to Leyte to havea glimpse of the Holy Father

    of the Catholics for their once-

    in-a-lifetime experience.

    Deona underscored the im-

    portance of controlled points

    in Sorsogon province for the

    comfort of the travelers as

    these facilities will have facil-

    ities like comfort rooms and


    This, he said, was done

    when super typhoon "Yo-

    landa" hit Samar and Leyte.

    Banac said his men are all

    ready for the important occa-

    sion, although, he said, there

    are not much passengers trav-

    elling yet.At peak season, however,

    there are about 600 vehicles

    and 5,000 passengers that

    crowd at the Matnog Port.

    He expects this number to

  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 11 - 17 Issue




    Tano Ta Bikol, Liwat

    idto nin pagtulod, pagpapusog asinpagpapatubod nin kalangkawan ninsarong lengwahe, na iyo an Englishasin an Filipino/Tagalog sa ibangmga rehiyonal na lenggwahe. Anresulta iyo an mga namamanwaanan suhay sa saindang banwaan anhawak asin isip.

    Kaipuhan lang ini nin desisyonsa parte kan mga paratukdo namaglakaw pa nin sarong milya.Dikit na higos. Sabi ngani kan mgaTsino, an paglakaw sa sanribongpadumanan, minapoon sa enot nalakdang.

    Yaon na an literaturang Bikol saagimadmad asin hablon kan nasyon.Prueba digdi iyo si panggana kansarong taon kan limang librongsinurat asin nakasurat sa tataramonna Bikol.

    Kaipuhan ta na lang iningandurugan. Sabi ngani kan mgataga-Iriga, if you cannot agwans,better diskans.

    Sa ginibong ika-15ng Region VTertiary Schools Press Conferencesa University of Saint Anthony kannakaaging semana, liwat na namanakong nahapot kun tano ta kaipuhanna itulod an pagsurat sa tataramon naBikol.

    Siring sa dati, an sakong simbagiyo ta an tataramon ko Bikol asin anlenggwahe, garo ika-duwang kublit. Daiini mahahali sa sakong pagkatao.

    Dai ko natatanyog kan mga riparo nadikit naman an mga nagbabarasa ninBikol, katubuan nagta-Tagalog. Maskisoboot an mga paratukdo nadidipisilanna magtukdo sa mother-tongue kayaano daw ngaya kun Filipino/Tagalog oEnglish na lang.

    Sa enot, an hapot ko man siring sahapot kadto kan sarong aktibistangtaga-UP, kun bako kita, siisay?Kun bako ngonyan, nuarin? Siisaymataram asin maataman kan satongsadiring tataramon kun bako kita. Nuarinpa man kita maataman kaini kundi

    ngonyan nganing dai ini magresultasa sinasabing language erasure, opagkapara.

    Bakong rason an kadipisilan na daina magtukdo. Dai ako nagtutubod naan sarong Bikolnon na paratukdo nanagtataram nin Bikol madidipisilan naitukdo ini. An saindang kadipisilan yaonsa pag-iisip ninda. Bunga sinda kanpalpak na bilingual educational systemkan panahon ni Marcos. Panahon


    Aroaldaw akong minatingagNi JUSAN MISOLAS*

    Sa paglaom na ika yaon sa itaas

    kan sakuyang mga mata,sa kalangitan na saimong itinuga

    na papadumanan ko sa huring aldaw.

    Sinasabat ako nin mga pananguron

    na nagriribay-ribay lalawgon:

    Aki na may darang tsupon,

    kuneho na mabarahibuhon,

    kenkoy na nadalan sa telebisyon,

    gurang na mabarbason.

    Anas puti, garo mga halang na kayo

    na pigpapalid nin duros.

    Tinutukdo ko ini sa dawa sisay

    na sakong mahiling, uy, hilnga ito!

    Dangan maribay sinda nin lawog

    na garo baga ako sana an gustong pahil'ngan.

    Hain man? Tinutukdo ko

    hasta madutaan sinda kan sakong muro,

    ngarig dai na sinda

    makaribay pa nin lawog.

    Si Jusan nagaadal saAteneo de Naga, asin aktibo sapagpakarhay kan Rimpos LiteraryFolio asin sa Ateneo Literary


    ofcial concerns.

    The online payment ca-

    pability feature of the auto-

    mation will make payment

    schemes more convenient by

    using its online features. Resi-

    dents of Pili who have migrat-

    ed to other countries but still

    maintain their properties in

    this town, can now pay their

    taxes without the hassle of

    going through the process of

    bank transfers or similar pay-

    ing scheme. Booking of tick-

    ets and similar transactions

    can already be done without

    the annoyance of queuing inairlines ofces.

    South Luzon Lending

    Group First Vice President


    Daisy Macalino and South-

    east Luzon Branches Group

    Assistant Vice President

    Marilou Villlafranca who

    were both present during the

    MOA signing in Manila last

    December 17 lauded San

    Luis vision of enhancing its

    services and vowed to assist

    and provide the banks prod-

    ucts and services to the LGU

    as its partner.

    The agreement will not

    just provide transparency of

    the LGUs projects but also

    the utilization of funds, ow

    of inventory and even ap-proval tracking. The auto-

    mated system of the LGU is

    accessible via internet online

    and has a cross-platform ca-

    pability where citizens can

    view the ow of processes of

    their municipality using their

    available gadget desktop

    computers, laptops, tablets,

    and even mobile phones,

    San Luis added.

    It will also be advanta-

    geous on the part of the LGU

    since it can easily log on to

    the website, have their docu-

    ments led, taxes and fees as-

    sessed, and obligations paid

    without leaving the comforts

    of their home or ofce. Pay-

    ments can be done using ac-

    credited banks and directlydeposited to the LGU Land-

    Bank account.

    The system also provides

    the efciency of a fully-in-

    tegrated system where each

    completed transaction is di-

    rectly logged to the munici-

    palitys treasury and logged

    in the accounting records in

    real time.

    The towns constituents

    can view the latest municipal

    resolutions since they are also

    published online. The docu-

    ments can also be tracked for

    approval purposes.

    San Luis capped the good

    news by saying that the pos-

    sibilities of more efciencies

    and technology advancement

    for the municipality are lim-ited only by the innovation in

    the minds of its implementers

    and users.

    The in thing today in the Department of Education isK-12. It is a most welcome innovation in the Philippineeducational system. No wonder, it is getting a lot ofpositive feedbacks. Now, we are getting ready to facethe world very competitively in terms of employmentopportunities globally.

    Never mind if Mother Tongue is used as a medium ofinstruction. But there is simply no way of putting Englishon the sides. That Filipinos speak good English has

    always been a source of pride especially to those whoare working outside the country and in local multinationalcorporations. We have many prominent writers in Englishthat have established a niche in literature some of whichhave been published in world anthologies.

    So, we continue to hone our English prociency. Wecontinue to develop our students ability to speak andwrite correct English. We encourage them to read greatbooks in English, the classics for example. Many a writerwho have been recognized for their literary output talk ofreading Shakespeare in English, Homer in English, thebiographies of the Greek playwrights, Omar KhayyamsRubaiyat all these in English. So, unless we continueto sharpen our ability to put English into our system andencourage our students to grow with the language, theywould lose the opportunity to admire the works of theliterary masters and life would not be fullling for them.

    It does not mean that we put aside our own. Let usnot, however, forget that we have a national languagewhich is Filioino. We have our local dialects andlanguages that are beautifully written and read.

    Today, our Bicol literature is already considered adeveloped literature in the country as there are manyprominent Bicol literary writers, two of whom are FrankPeones and Kristian Cordero. May your tribe increase!

    K-12 is going to bring us the fulllment of our dreamto wave high amidst the global competition in the pursuitof better employment opportunities.

    K-12, Yes. But English is Still it.


  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 11 - 17 Issue



    Republic of the PhilippinesTanggapan ng Sangguniang Panlungsod

    J. Miranda Ave., City Hall, City of Naga

    (472-7919 473-2049 473-2051



    NOS. 1992-042, 1992-049, 2002-017, 2006-70, 2010-066, 2011-018, 2013-036,2013-054, AND 2014-034, RESOLUTION NO. 2010-340 AND INTEGRATINGTHEREIN THE SENIOR CITIZENS MONTH EXECUTIVE ORDER 2006-016,AMENDING SOME SECTIONS IN THE PROCESS

    Author: Hon. Esteban Greg R. Abonal III Co-sponsor: Hon. Jose A. Tuason


    After the enactment of R.A. 7432 known as An Act to Maximize theContribution of Senior Citizens to Nation Building, Grant Benets and Special

    Privileges and for Other Purposes four more related laws were adopted.Immediately after the promulgation of the rst senior citizens law, the City

    of Naga likewise legislated Ordinance No. 1992-042 creating the Ofce of the

    Senior Citizens Affairs. Then followed several related or amendment ordinances,supplemented by a resolution and an executive order, to wit: No. 1992-049, AnOrdinance Granting Discounted Fares to Senior Citizens in Common CarriersOperating in the City of Naga; No. 2002-017, An Ordinance Appropriating the

    Amount of One Hundred Thousand (P100,000) Pesos out of the Unappropriated

    Surplus for the Year 2001 to Cover the Death Assistance to Afliated Senior

    Citizens of the City of Naga at One Thousand (P1,000) Pesos per Beneciary; No.

    2006-70, An Ordinance Creating the Ofce for the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA)

    Headed by a Senior Citizen in the City of Naga as Mandated by R.A. 9257; No.

    2008-091, An Ordinance Establishing a Cash Assistance for Death Expenses forSenior Citizens of the City of Naga; No. 2010-066, An Ordinance Mandating anIncreased Budget Allocation for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disability (PWDS),

    Allocating No Less Than One Percent (1%) of City and Barangay Budgets for EachSector, and Requiring Implementation Beginning Year 2011; No. 2011-018, AnOrdinance Implementing Extra Privileges to Senior Citizens in Naga City; No. 2013-036, An Ordinance Establishing a Trust Fund for the Ofce for Senior Citizens

    Affairs (OSCA) in the City of Naga; No 2013-054, An Ordinance Prescribing theReplacement of Senior Citizens Lost/Worn-out and Mutilated IDs and PurchaseBooklets for Medicines and Prime Commodities and Prescribing Fees Thereof;and, No. 2014-034, An Ordinance Amending Section 2 or Ordinance No. 2008-091,

    Entitled: An Ordinance Establishing a Cash Assistance for Death Expenses forSenior Citizens of the City of Naga by Increasing the Cash Assistance from TwoThousand (P2,000.00) Pesos to Three Thousand (P3,000.00) Pesos.

    This ordinance consolidates these ordinances and integrates the resolutionand executive order all for the purpose of easy reference. Be it ordained by the Sangguniang Panlungsod of the City of Naga, that :

    SECTION 1. Title. This ordinance shall be known as the ConsolidatedSenior Citizens Ordinances.

    SECTION 2. Adoption of Policies and Objectives. The City of Nagahereby adopts the declared policies and objectives in Section 2 of R.A. 9994,otherwise known as An Act Granting Additional Benets and Privileges to Senior

    Citizens, Further Amending Republic Act No. 7432, as Amended, Otherwise Knownas An Act to Maximize the Contribution of Senior Citizens to Nation Building, GrantBenets and Special Privileges and for Other Purposes, more specically :

    a. To establish mechanisms whereby the contributions of the senior citizensmay be maximized;

    b. To adopt measures whereby our senior citizens are assisted and appreciatedby the community as a whole;

    c. To establish a program benecial to senior citizens, their families, and the

    rest of the community they serve;d. To establish community-based health and rehabilitation programs for senior

    citizens in every political unit of society.

    SECTION 3. Additional Privileges and Responsibilities. In addition tothe benets and privileges enumerated in Section 4 of R.A. 9994,

    a. All senior citizens shall be entitled to the following benets and privileges:

    1) Comfortable seats in public conveyances, e.g. buses, vans, jeepneys,tricycles

    2) Priority in services in restaurants, groceries, markets,3) Free movie once a week at the designated theater and at the designated

    date and time4) Financial assistance of Three Thousand Pesos (P3,000) to the family

    for the death of an afliated senior citizen

    b. In this regard, the management of establishments shall assume the

    following responsibilities:1) Where customers must queue for service, as in fast food centers or

    payment counters, to provide marked lanes that shall give priority tosenior citizens;

    2) In restaurants and on buses, to reserve seats most convenient forentrance and exit or for embarking and disembarking;

    3) In dealing with senior citizens, to extend the utmost patience and duerespect.

    SECTION 4. Senior Citizens Coordinating and Monitoring Board.Pursuant to Rule VIII, Section 5 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR)of R.A. 9994, there shall be a mechanism on the implementation of R.A. 9994 to beknown as the Senior Citizens Coordinating and Monitoring Board (SCCMB).

    a. The SCCMB shall be composed of: the Social Welfare and DevelopmentOfcer as Chairman; the Department of Interior and Local Government

    (DILG) Ofcer as Vice-Chairman; and as members: the Head of the OSCA,

    the City Legal Ofcer, the City Health Ofcer, the Department of Trade

    and Industry (DTI) Field Ofcer, and the Representative of the Naga City

    Peoples Council.b. The SCCMB shall have the following duties and functions:

    1) To formulate a City Plan of Activities for Senior Citizens, in coordinationwith the City Government, the Social Welfare and Development Ofce

    and Stakeholders;

    2) To develop an effective monitoring and reporting system toward efcientand uniform implementation of the law;

    3) To develop and institute effective and innovative approaches andmethods to address emerging concerns of the senior citizens;

    4) To coordinate the programs and projects of the City Government withresponsibilities under R.A. 9994 and its IRR;

    5) To monitor the conduct of orientation, training and other capabilitybuilding programs to maximize the contributions and participation ofthe senior citizens;

    6) To coordinate the conduct and evaluation of the plan of action, researchand documentation of good practices and disparities for policy andprogram development; and

    7) To prepare a yearly report for the City Mayor and concerned localgovernment units.

    c. The SCCMB shall meet at least quarterly to promulgate policies, rules andregulations, and resolve issues complaints and other concerns related tosenior citizens affairs.

    d. The SCCMB shall use part of the special purpose appropriation for thesenior citizens budgeted for operation and implementation of its functions.e. The OSCA shall serve as the SCCMB secretariat.

    SECTION 5. Ofce of the Senior Citizens Affairs. Pursuant to Section 6of R.A. 9994, there shall be the Ofce of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA).

    a. The head of the OSCA shall be a senior citizen chosen from a list of three(3) nominees of the general assembly of the accredited senior citizensassociation of Naga City. He shall be selected and appointed by the City

    Mayor for a single term of three (3) years without prejudice to an extensionif exigency so requires. During his term, he may not be removed exceptfor reason of death, permanent disability or ineffective performance of hisduties to the detriment of fellow senior citizens.

    b. The OSCA shall serve the interest of the senior citizens and shallfunction:1) To plan, implement and monitor yearly work programs in pursuance of

    the objectives of this ordinance;2) To draw up a list of available and required services which can be

    provided by senior citizens.3) To maintain and regularly update on a quarterly basis the Senior Citizens

    Master List and to issue, free of charge for the rst instance, the Senior

    Citizen Ofcial Identication Card (ID) and Purchase Booklet which

    shall be valid anywhere in the country but shall be distinguishably forNaga City senior citizens.

    4) To serve as a general information and liaison center to serve the needsof the senior citizens;

    5) To monitor compliance of the provisions of this ordinance and othernational laws, particularly the grant of special discount and privilegesto senior citizens;

    6) To report to the City Mayor, individuals but especially establishmentfound violating any provision of this ordinance and applicable nationallaws; and

    7) To assist the Senior Citizens in ling complaints or charges against any

    establishment, institution, or any agency refusing to comply with theprivileges under R.A. No. 9257 before the Department of Justice or thecity or regional trial court

    c. All salaries and wages of items created under this ordinance as well asmaintenance and other operating expenses shall have their own budgetaryallocation in the annual Local Expenditure Program.

    d. No less than one percent (1%) each of the city and of the barangay annualbudgets shall be allocated for benets, plans, programs, and activities of

    the senior citizens either organized, implemented, and/or sanctioned by theOSCA and/or by other General Administrative, Social, Economic Servicesdepartments/ofces of Naga City or, in the barangay level, by the BASCA

    and/or by the Senior Citizens Committee of the Barangay Council.e. All fund disbursements for various plans, programs, and activities for

    the benet of the senior citizens shall be based on a Work and Financial

    Plan duly endorsed by the Sangguniang Barangay or the OSCA and dulyapproved by the Punong Barangay, or by the City Mayor, as the case maybe.

    f. One Hundred Pesos (P100.00) shall be charged for replacement of lost/

    worn-out/mutilated ID and Twenty-Five Pesos (P25.00) for replacement oflost or lled-up Purchase Booklet. An Afdavit of Loss shall be required

    for replacement of lost ID or Purchase Booklet and that payment shall bemade at the Treasurers Ofce.

    SECTION 6. Senior Citizens Associations. Even as City Hall ofcials andofces respond to individual needs of senior citizens, the OSCA shall coordinate

    and assist in organized efforts by organized senior citizens associations.a. There shall be one (1) Barangay Association of Senior Citizens Affairs

    (BASCA) in each of the twenty-seven (27) barangays of Naga City andshall hold ofce in their respective barangay halls.

    b. The Naga City Senior Citizens Federation, Inc. (NCSCFI) shall be recognizedas the ofcial umbrella organization of all the BASCAs in the city.

    c. Each BASCA shall submit to its respective Punong Barangay its annualplans and requests for budgetary assistance from the barangay.

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    d. The NCSCFI shall collate its own as well as all BASCA annual plans andrequests for budgetary assistance from the City Government and submitthe same to OSCA for consideration and accommodation in time for theannual budgeting process of the City Government in August each year.

    SECTION 7. Senior Citizens Month. Septemberis declared as SeniorCitizens Month and the City Senior Citizen Ofcials Program (CSCOP) is adopted,


    a. Composition and Manner of Election

    1) There shall be one senior citizen counterpart for the City Mayor, one forthe City Vice-Mayor, twelve counterparts for the City Councilors, onecounterpart for the Sanggunian Secretary, and twelve counterparts fordepartment heads or heads of ofces.

    2) The SCCMB shall set the period and guidelines and shall supervisethe election of the City Senior Citizen Ofcials.

    3) Each Barangay Association of Senior Citizens Affairs (BASCA) shallsubmit to the SCCMB its single member-nominees Resolution ofNomination and Certicate of Candidacy to OSCA; provided, that any

    previous City Senior Citizen Ofcial (CSCO) may be nominated and

    serve only up to a second time.4) The Presidents of the twenty-seven Barangay Association of Senior

    Citizens Affairs shall elect through secret balloting the full complementof fourteen (14) city ofcials from among the nominees.

    5) The candidate with the highest number of votes shall be the City SeniorCitizen Mayor; the second highest, the City Senior Citizen Vice-Mayor;and, the next twelve, the twelve City Senior Citizen Councilors.

    6) The Senior Citizen Mayor-elect shall designate remaining BASCAnominees as counterparts for the Sanggunian Secretary and fordepartment heads or heads of ofces.

    b) Term of Ofce, Functions, and Honorarium

    1) The term of the City Senior Citizen Ofcials shall be from September 1

    to 30 each year.2) They shall serve as counterpart of the elected or appointed ofcials

    and shall perform similar duties and functions of their counterparts,except matters pertaining to monetary disbursement.

    3) Each City Senior Citizen Councilor shall automatically become theChairman, Co-chairman, or Member of the Sangguniang PanlungsodStanding Committee in which the regular City Councilor of whom theformer is the counterpart is the Chairman, Co-chairman, or Member.

    4) During the joint session with the regular Sangguniang Panlungsod, theCSCOs shall participate in the deliberations but shall have no votingpower.

    5) Aside from the joint session, the CSCOs shall schedule a separate dayfor their regular session to deliberate on matters for proposal to theSanggunian.

    6) At the end of their term, the Senior Citizen City Mayor shall conveneall the elected and appointed CSCOs for an evaluation of their CSCOPand submit the evaluation report to the City Mayor, the SangguniangPanlungsod, and the OSCA.

    7) All CSCOs shall receive honorarium on a daily wage basis.

    SECTION 8. OSCA Trust Fund.

    a. The OSCA Trust Fund is created and maintained at the Treasurers Ofce to

    provide additional nancial and/or material aid to senior citizens for health

    care and rehabilitation system for the disabled senior citizens and extendassistance to the needs of the underprivileged, sick, and incapacitatedelderly and give full support to the improvement of the well-being of theelderly.

    b. To this OSCA Trust Fund shall be paid/deposited all payments forreplacement of IDs and Purchase Booklets, donations from individualsor institutions, earnings from income-generating activities and projectsundertaken by the OSCA, and savings from externally-funded activities.

    c. This OSCA Trust Fund shall be managed by Trustees that by resolutionshall approve disbursements for full and exclusive assistance to seniorcitizens in need and shall require annual audit of the same. The Trusteesshall include:1) City Mayor Chairman2) OSCA Head Vice-Chairman

    3) Sangguniang Panlungsod Chairman of the Committee on SeniorCitizens Member

    4) City Treasurer Member5) NCSCFI President Member

    SECTION 9. Penalties and Other Sanctionsa. The following acts concerning drug and medicine purchases are considered

    violations of the ordinance:

    1) A Senior Citizen or his/her representative or a person misusing theprivileges by:

    a) using several purchase booklets,

    b) availing of the discount to buy medicines, drugs, medical accessoriesand supplies not for the use of the senior citizen,

    c) unauthorized use of the identication card of the senior citizen.

    2) A medical practitioner giving prescription to other persons in the nameof the senior citizen or giving anomalous prescription.

    3) Retailers and establishments dispensing medicines:

    a) refusing to grant the full 20% senior citizens discount and VATexemption on drug and medicine purchases paid via credit card,

    b) making a distinction between branded and generic drugs andmedicines in giving the 20% discount,

    c) posting notices and signages telling customers that availment of the20% discount is limited to cash purchases only,

    d) limiting of discountable drug and medicine purchases to certainweekdays only, such that senior citizens cannot avail of the 20%discount on other days, and e) restricting the purchase time or periodfor senior citizens to a particular hour each day only, i.e. refusing togrant senior citizen discounts after a certain hour.

    b. The following acts concerning food purchases are considered violations ofthe provisions of the ordinance:

    1) Pegging a maximum amount of food purchase subject to 20% discountand the VAT exemption, and/or posting of notice to that effect;

    2) Refusal to grant the 20% discount and VAT exemption on take-out /take-home / drive-thru orders it appearing that the purchase is for theexclusive use and enjoyment of senior citizens;

    3) Refusal to grant a discount for credit card payments; and

    4) Refusal to grant a 20% discount and VAT exemption on delivery ordersit appearing that the purchase is for the exclusive use and enjoymentof senior citizens.

    c. Any person who refuses to honor the senior citizen card or violatesany provision of the ordinance shall suffer the following penalties: OneThousand Pesos (P1,000) for the First Offense, Three Thousand Pesos(P3,000) for the Second Offense, and Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000) forthe Third Offense and every succeeding offense thereafter.

    d. If the offender is a corporation, partnership, organization or any similarentity, the ofcials thereof directly involved such as the president, general

    manager, managing partner, or such other ofcer charged with the

    management of the business affairs shall be liable.e. Provided, however, that any person/establishment charged with violation

    of any of the provisions of this ordinance and does not wish to contest

    the charge(s) and is willing to pay the ne voluntarily prior to the ling ofcharges before the proper Court shall be allowed to pay the correspondingne at the City Treasurers Ofce to avoid criminal prosecution within twelve

    (12) hours from apprehension; otherwise, the case shall be prosecuted.f. Upon ling of an appropriate complaint, and after due notice and hearing,

    the proper authorities may also cause the cancellation or revocation of thebusiness permit, permit to operate, franchise and other similar privilegesgranted to any person, establishment or business entity that fails to abide bythe provisions of the Act, the Implementing Rules, and/or this ordinance.

    SECTION 10. Separability Clause. Any provision of this ordinance foundto be in violation of the Constitution or declared invalid by a competent court shallnot impair the other provisions or parts thereof and shall continue to be in force andin effect.

    SECTION 11. Repealing Clause. Ordinances, rules and regulations orparts thereof which are inconsistent or in conict with provisions of this ordinance

    are hereby repealed. Likewise, all previous senior citizen ordinances particularly,except for the persons with disabilities (PWD) provisions in Ordinance No. 2010-

    066, are hereby repealed.

    SECTION 12. Effectivity. This ordinance shall become effectiveimmediately upon approval.

    ENACTED: December 19, 2014

    APPROVED: January 5, 2015xxx xxx xxx

    WE HEREBY CERTIFYto the correctness of the foregoing ordinance.

    (Sgd.) GIL A. DE LA TORRE

    Secretary to theSangguniang Panlungsod

    (Sgd.) GABRIEL H. BORDADO JR. City Councilor &

    Temporary Presiding Ofcer

    (Sgd.) NELSON S. LEGACION City Vice Mayor


    (Sgd.) JOHN G. BONGAT City MayorBIKOL REPORTERPublished: January 11, 2015

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    Understanding Scientic

    Hypothesis, Theory and LawThe terms hypothesis, theory and law have precise meanings

    when used in science. Generally speaking, these terms all tryto provide reasonable descriptive statements about specicphenomena. The big difference, however, is the levels ofcondence attributed to these terms.

    The levels of scientic condence are based on the reliability

    of predicted result as veried by independent experiments.Hypotheses typically have the lowest scientic condence while

    theories and laws have the highest levels of scientic condencebecause they are well-tested and peer-reviewed by scientists.

    Contrary to common understanding, hypothesis, theory andlaw do not necessarily imply a continuum. A hypothesis doesnot always graduate into theory or law. Similarly, a law is notnecessarily more well-established than a theory.


    A scientic hypothesis is a tentative explanation about aparticular phenomenon, set of observable facts or implicationsthat remains to be tested. It could be derived either throughdeductive or inductive reasoning based on previous observationsand established scientic theories or laws. Multiple hypothesescan also be proposed, rened and combined to provide amore coherent and comprehensive explanation. This typicallybecomes a working hypothesis, which is a provisionally acceptedhypothesis that is subject to further research.

    According to Schick and Vaughn, scientists who areevaluating and comparing various hypotheses should take intoconsideration the following criteria:

    1.)Testability or falsiability2.) Parsimony or the application of Occam's razor3.) Scope the apparent application of the hypothesis to

    multiple cases of phenomena4.) Fruitfulness the prospect that a hypothesis may explain

    further phenomena in the future5.) Conservatism the degree of "t" with exist ing recognized


    Scientic hypotheses typically have high mortality whenthey are subjected to a barrage of tests. Very few hypothesessurvive to be accepted as factual. Most hypotheses do not leadto breakthroughs even if they become a well-established fact. Ahypothesis could be as mundane and narrow as explaining whythere is a mold growth in a supposedly sterilized agar mediumin a Petri dish or it could be a grand and complex as explaininghow it is possible for biological life to arise from simple organicmolecules.

    TheoryContrary to common notion, a scientic theory is not a merely

    speculative explanation. A scientic theory is rigorously testedto the point that it becomes a very reliable and comprehensiveexplanation about some aspects of nature. A theory is well-supported by a vast body of evidence that typically comes frommultidisciplinary approach. The tests for the validity of a scientictheory are independently done by various experts in a particulareld of inquiry, complying with the strictest scientic protocolsand other criteria of modern science. A theory is proposed ina way that it can either be empirically veried or contradicted

    (falsied).Scientic theories have the characteristics of being capable

    of providing accurate predictions. In contrast to hypotheses,which are empirically testable conjectures, theories havealready undergone and survived several empirical tests done byindependent scientists.

    Theories may either be modied in the light of additionalevidence or they may be integrated with other theories to form asynthesis such as such as in the case of the modern synthesisof genetics with the Darwinian Theory of evolution throughnatural selection. Very few theories well-established theories arecompletely overthrown.

    Historically speaking, few paradigms shifts or scienticrevolutions had completely overthrown well-established theories.Some common examples include the following: geocentrictheory overthrown by heliocentric theory, absolute space-timetheory overthrown by relativity theory, and steady state theoryoverthrown by the big bang theory.

    LawA scientic law is similar to a scientic theory in terms of

    empirical support and wide acceptability among the experts in aparticular eld. However, the main differences of a scientic lawwith a theory include comprehensiveness, predictive capabilityand explanatory ability. Laws and theories are interrelated anddo not have degrees of superiority compared to each other. It isa misconception to assume that a law is more established thana theory.

    A law is a descriptive statement about a specic phenomenonwhile a theory is the explanation behind that phenomenon. Inmost cases scientic laws are contained within theories. Forexample, the three Mendelian laws of inheritance are containedwithin the theory of genetics. The Medelian laws describe thephenomenon of inheritance while the genetic theory explains

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    DPWH-Bicol completes 315 infra projects in 2014By FLOREO G. SOLMIRANO

    LEGAZPI CITY -- TheDepartment of Public

    Works and Highways Bicol

    regional ofce completed

    315 infrastructure projects

    in the region in 2014, a re-

    port released Tuesday by the

    agencys Public Information

    Ofce said.

    The accomplished infra-

    structure projects are part of

    the 422 projects targeted by

    the agency for the year, in-

    volving a total allocation of

    Php9.19 billion for the Bicol

    Region under the DPWH In-

    fra Program.

    The projects include roads

    and bridges, ood control anddrainage, water system, school

    buildings, national buildings

    and other public infrastructure


    The big chunk of the allo-

    cation was for the construction

    and rehabilitation of roads and

    bridges with Php7.1-billion

    share, DPWH Bicol Region-

    al Director Melvin B. Navarro


    Navarro explained that the

    DPWH-Bicol is one of the

    key agencies that provide the

    infrastructures necessary to

    spur the development of the


    The regional ofce and its15 district engineering ofces

    have facilitated the delivery of

    the much-needed infrastruc-

    ture services to Bicolanos, he


    Other portion of the

    Php9.19-billion total alloca-

    tion went to ood control and

    drainage, Php1.6 billion; wa-

    ter system, Php10.5 million;

    school buildings, Php14.0

    million; national build-

    ings, Php297.0 million; and

    other public infrastructure,

    Php209.1 million.

    Water system and schoolbuilding projects have been

    fully implemented while oth-

    ers are in progress.

    One of the remaining not

    yet started (NYS) projects

    is ready for implementation

    while others are still under the

    pre-construction activities due

    to the delayed pre-detailed en-gineering activities.

    Navarro said that aside

    from the current infra pro-

    gram, his ofce also imple-

    mented carry-over projects

    under CY2013, CY2012 and

    CY2011 infra programs.

    For 2013 carry-over proj-

    ects, the total accomplishmentin 2014 yearend was 97.04

    percent, with one remaining

    NYS project under perfec-

    tion of contract; while for the

    CY2013 carry-over projects,

    SM dominated the pres-

    tigious Don Emilio AbelloEnergy Efciency Awards

    for 2014, getting a total

    of forty eight awards, the

    most number given to a

    company by the award-

    giving body.

    SM malls, a department

    store and two ofce build-

    ings were conferred 48

    energy efciency awards,

    including a Hall of Fame

    award for SM Clark.The Don Emilio Abello

    Efciency Awards is spear-

    headed by the Department

    of Energy in recognition to

    outstanding companies and

    energy managers who have

    undertaken energy efcien-

    cy and conservation pro-

    grams to achieve substantial

    savings in their energy con-


    For being the only Philip-pine company to receive a n

    award at the 2014 ASEAN

    Best Practice for Energy

    Management in Buildings

    and Industries, SM City

    Davao was given an Award

    of Recognition.

    SM City Naga was also

    given an award of recog-

    nition for its entry for the

    Energy Efciency and Con-

    servation Best PracticesCompetition in the new and

    existing buildings category.

    Due to energy efciency

    programs implemented in

    the malls, SM has saved

    P320.28 million in electrici-

    ty. Thus, adhering to the ca ll

    to contribute to the mitiga-

    tion of climate change and

    the power shortage.

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    Balatas Road, Brgy. Balatas, Naga City


    POBLETE, MONINA S. 10-Dec-145.ENCINARES, DANTE L. 10-Dec-146.SALES, NORMA C. 16-Dec-147.AZOTILLO, CEASAR A. 17-Dec-148.ARCEGA, REYNALDO S. 19-Dec-149.KATIGBAK, VALENTINA T. 20-Dec-1410.AGNABO, OTILLO C. 21-Dec-1411.VILLAMORA, CLAYTON JERARD B. 23-Dec-1412.VIOLA, SEVERO C. 26-Dec-1413.DE MATTA, VICTOR V 30-Dec-1414.


    EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATENotice is hereby given that the named parties are thesurviving spouse and only child and sole heirs of thedeceased ANDRES BERNALES PEONES who diedintestate in Naga City on August 7, 2014 with no knowndebts or obligations due against the estate, leaving realand personal properties (1/2 of the conjugal properties ofthe decedent) located in Naga City, Sagay and Tigaon,Camarines Sur more particularly described as follows: a)Residential House and Land located at Naga City; b)Toyota Revo (2002 Model) with Plate No. PLW 985;c) Residential and Agricultural lands located at Sagnay andTigaon, Camarines Sur; the parties adjudicate among thethemselves in pro-indiviso equal shares the entire estate

    particularly the real property described, in the manner setforth in the Extra-judicial Settlement, as acknowledgedbefore Notary Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No.315, Page No. 63, Book No. 121, Series of 2014.

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: January 4, 11 and 18, 2015

    Republic of the PhilippinesLOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE

    LUPI, Camarines Sur


    CCE-0001-2015 RA 10172In compliance with the publication requirement and

    pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1,Guidelines in the implementation of the AdministrativeOrder No. 1, Series of 2012 (IRR on RA 10172). Notice ishereby served to the public that JUDEL DOGOS BARROGAhas led with this ofce, a petition for correction of entryin the SEX of the Child from FEMALE to MALE in theCerticate of Live Birth of JUDEL DOGOS BARROGA whowas born at Lupi, Camarines Sur and whose parents areSIMON JR. ALIBUZO BARROGA and DELIA DOGOS.

    Any person adversely affected by said petition mayle his written opposition with this ofce not later than

    January 26, 2015.

    (Sgd.) LORNA T. NOVERO-RIEGO Muncipal Civil Registrar

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: JAN. 11 and 18, 2015


    substantial income.

    APPLY NOW at Estate Quest Realty Services, Bulusan

    Street, Dayangdang, Naga City.

    Kindly bring your resume.

    Interview is being conducted every Saturday.

    Please contact Felix G. Morandarte Jr. at 09209099334

    for prior appointment.

    the project was taken over

    late last year by AC, which

    vowed to nish it this year.

    He is condent the Ayala

    company could do it without

    hitches, knowing its reputa-

    tion as one of the largest in-

    tegrated property developers

    in Southeast Asia that offers

    innovative and sustainable

    lifestyle cities with the devel-opment of malls, residences,

    ofces, hotels and conven-

    tion centers.

    With this new billion-peso

    investment, the mayor said,

    AC joins SM and Robinsons

    in the bandwagon of grand

    investors in the city that has

    been emerging as the new

    shopping and investment ha-

    ven in Bicol, given its strate-

    gic location and its being the

    regional government center

    and center of transportation,

    health services and educa-


    The city boasts of an ex-

    pansive market that extendsfrom the entire province of

    Albay to the adjoining prov-

    inces of Camarines Sur, Cat-

    anduanes, Masbate and Sor-

    sogon -- up to Samar areas.

    Shadowed by the majestic

    Mt. Mayon and named the

    City of Fun and Adventure

    by the worlds travel indus-

    try, Legazpi is also the heart

    of Albay and Sorsogon tour-


    SM Prime Holdings now

    runs its grand Save More

    grocery store within the

    sprawling City Grand Ter-

    minal Complex and has two

    branches of its Banco De Oroin the city.

    Robinsons, on the other

    hand, has its supermarket at

    a prime location near the city

    hall and the Albay provincial

    Capitol as part of one of the

    AYALA ENTERS LEGAZPI . . . largest and most successfulchains of malls in the country


    The Gokongwei group

    also acquired in 2012 the

    Legazpi Savings Bank, the

    biggest thrift bank in Bicol

    based here, from Albay Con-

    gressman Al Francis Bichara.

    Rosal said both SM and

    Robinsons are still lookingfor spacious lands for their

    respective plans of putting up

    of more commercial estab-

    lishments in the city.

    We are impressed by this

    response of the countrys

    leading investors to our call

    for investments after the De-

    partment of Trade and Indus-

    try cited the Legazpi as the

    most business-friendly city in

    Bicol for its prompt compli-

    ance with the governments

    simplied Business Permit

    and Licensing System, Ro-

    sal said.

    The Department of Inte-

    rior and Local government(DILG) has also named

    Legazpi as Bicols most

    business-friendly local gov-

    ernment unit, citing its ef-

    fectiveness and efciency in

    paving the way for the place

    to become haven of invest-


    The Philippine Chamber

    of Commerce and Industry

    has recognized the city as the

    most business-friendly for

    the whole of South Luzon.

    The Asian Institute of

    Management named Legazpi

    as one of the most competi-

    tive cities in the Philippines.

    Apart from that, the cityis also recognized as one of

    the best places of business

    process outsourcing outside

    Metro Manila when it ad-

    vanced in 2011 to the 10 next

    wave cities in the countrys

    industry list of the Business

    Processing Association of the


    Early last year, the city

    government won its second

    Seal of Good Housekeeping

    from the DILG for its ex-

    cellence in the eld of good

    governance measured by

    administrative, social, eco-

    nomic, environmental andother forms of achieve-

    ments that benefited both

    the community and its con-


    It was followed by an

    award given by the Nation-

    al Disaster risk Reduction

    Council and the Department

    of National Defense last

    March, which honored the

    city government as the 2013

    national champion in the

    Gawad Kalasag Awards.

    Last October, the city gov-

    ernment was awarded three

    more national championship

    accolades that came in a row

    within a week's timetheMost Livable City Award,

    Galing Pook Award and Sil-

    ver Governance Trailblazer

    Award for excellence in the

    implementation of Public

    Governance System.

    Ahead of SM, Robinsons

    and AC, the Gaisano Grand

    Group of Companies of the

    Cebu-based Gaisano family

    has established here the Pa-

    cic Mall Legazpi, the rst

    full-sized integrated shopping

    center in the Bicol Region.The mall, located at a

    prime location within an over

    two-hectare property, opened

    in 2001 as the centerpiece of

    the Landco Business Park, a

    master-planned central busi-

    ness district in the heart of

    the city.

    AC is pouring in to the city

    an initial amount of Php1 bil-

    lion for the establishment of

    the City Center Mall (CCM)

    within a 1.5-hectare land

    owned by the city govern-

    ment at the heart of the citys

    central business district, ac-

    cording to City Mayor NoelRosal.

    The property has been

    leased by the city govern-

    ment to Liberty Commercial

    Center Inc. (LCCI) of the Tan

    family, a Filipino-Chinese

    clan from Tabaco City --

    some 30 kilometers north of

    this city, which pioneered the

    putting up of malls here and

    most parts of Bicol starting

    way back in the late 1970s.

    LCCI runs Liberty Com-

    mercial Center (LCC) which

    has a chain of malls and gro-

    cery stores in the city and

    several urban centers of the


    Under the contract signed

    in late 2013 by LCCI with the

    city government, the property

    is leased for an annual base

    rent of Php5.775 million and

    pursuant to the express provi-

    sion of the Contract of Lease,

    the company has paid a Con-struction Performance Bond

    in the amount equivalent to

    30 percent of the proposed

    structures estimated cost in

    order to guarantee the full im-

    plementation of the project.

    The project cost was not

    mentioned in the document

    covering the contract but

    sources said it is to the tune

    of about Php1 billion to cover

    the development of the site

    into a world-class shopping

    and lifestyle center featur-

    ing a four-level modern mall


    Rosal on Thursday said

    the total yearend completion

    was 97.94 percent, with nine

    ongoing projects and one re-

    maining NYS that is under

    MOA with an LGU and ready

    for implementation.

    The total yearend perfor-

    mance for 2011 carry-overprojects was 94.81 percent,

    with two remaining ongoing


    DPWH-BICOL. . .

  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 11 - 17 Issue



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUAL-DAD PAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave.,Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2014 whoseterms have expired will be sold to public auction sale onFEBRUARY 02, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 28,2015 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLOR-ER PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St.,Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2014 whoseterms have expired will be sold to public auction sale onFEBRUARY 02, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 28,2015 only.



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE SPEEDPAWNSHOP, JR. Bichara Complex, San Antonio Poblacion,Calabanga, Camarines Sur, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2014whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale

    on FEBRUARY 02, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 28,2015 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPEPAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue,Naga City, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2014 whose termshave expired will be sold to public auction sale on FEBRU-ARY 02, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 28,2015 only.


    Published: JANUARY 11 and 18, 2015



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPEPAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, NagaCity, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2014 whose terms haveexpired will be sold to public auction sale on FEBRUARY02, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 28,2015 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWN-JEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall cornerJ. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned fromAUGUST 1-31, 2014 whose terms have expired will be soldto public auction sale on FEBRUARY 02, 2015 from 9:00A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 28,2015 only.



    triple during the Papal visit in


    Deona has recommended to

    the Philippine Ports Authority

    and the Maritime Industry Au-

    thority to add more trips of sea

    transport plying the Matnog and

    Bulan ports, both in Sorsogon,

    during the visit.

    He also plan to meet the De-

    partment of Transportation and

    Communication family in the

    region on this matter.

    In a related story, Governor

    Joey Sarte Salceda has issued a

    no-work order for Capitol em-

    ployees and the suspension of

    classes at all levels on Jan. 16.

    Salceda said his decision

    is based on his comprehensive

    consultations and collective ap-

    praisal with appropriate gov-

    ernment agencies like the Bicol

    University and the Department

    of Education in Albay.

    He said 85 percent of Albaya-

    nos are Catholic.


    The governor said he had also

    ordered ofcials and employees

    of the Provincial Government

    of Albay to make adjustments

    on their work schedules before

    Jan. 16 so as not to jeopardize

    the public.

    He also requested the Depart-

    ment of Public Works and High-

    ways and local government units

    to temporarily suspend work on

    this day so as to clear the route

    from Albay to Metro Manila.

    The provincial chief executive

    noted that in the past 50 years,

    this opportunity happened only

    between 15-20 years.

    "This is a once-in-a-lifetime

    event," Salceda claimed.

    He stressed that not all Al-

    bayanos can have the opportu-

    nity to visit the Vatican.

    "If those in the National Capi-

    tal Region or Metro Manila will

    have an opportunity to see the

    Holy Pope, why deprive the Al-

    bayanos of the same privilege,"

    the cause and mechanism of inheritance.For example, the rst law of inheritance (Law of Segregation)

    states that every individual contains a pair of alleles for eachparticular trait which segregate or separate before cross breedingfor any particular trait and that each parent passes a randomlyselected copy (allele) to its offspring. This is well-established factthat is observable when breeding diploid organisms. However,this law does not explain why it happens or how it happens.

    Scientic laws are narrower in scope while theories are muchbroader and comprehensive. For example, the Newtonian law on

    universal gravitation does not apply in very strong gravitationalelds such as in the case of black holes. This law may describeplanetary motions and projectile trajectories but does not providean explanation. By comparison, Einsteins special theory ofrelativity does not only account for the planetary motions andprojectile trajectories but explains gravity as the curvature ofspace-time, thereby providing explanation as to how and whythe paths of motions are curved. More precise calculations canalso be made using Einsteins theory.

    Philosophical ViewsScientic hypotheses, theories and laws are all based

    on empiricism or the idea that a valid test for truth must bebased on sensory experience and evidence. As a branch ofepistemology, science is primarily concerned with veriable andprovable knowledge. Hence, scientic knowledge is a posterioriknowledge.

    On a stricter sense, scientic hypotheses, theories andlaws are limited to methodological naturalism. This means thatscience is limited by facts and ideas that can be experimentallytested or empirically observed. It is based on the assumptionthat nature is coherent, consistent and self-explanatory.

    On one hand, the logical positivists assume that scienticconcepts in the forms of hypotheses, theories and laws can bededuced based on the axioms of nature. On the other hand,the semantic view assumes that scientic concepts are bothinductive and deductive in nature but only provides models orapproximation of reality rather than revealing the fundamentaland consequential state of nature.









    6. Schick, Theodore; Vaughn, Lewis (2002). How to think about weird things:

    critical thinking for a New Age. Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. ISBN 0-7674-



    the governor said.

    He claimed that amid the tight

    security and crowd control to be

    enforced along the route of Pope

    Francis, everyone has a chance to

    have a glimpse of him.

    Salceda said many believe

    that no one should squander the

    opportunity that awaits Albaya-

    nos, in particular, and the Filipi-

    nos, in general.

    He also believes that this op-

    portunity will also give way to

    the unication of the Filipino na-

    tion as one family and one com-


    "The meeting of the Holy Fa-

    ther with the youth will be a great

    inspiration to them as the hope of

    the society," the governor said.

    Earlier, it was announced that

    the Pope will meet with families

    at the Mall of Asia Arena on Jan.

    16, and on Jan. 18, Pope Francis

    will meet with the youth at the

    University of Santo Tomas.

    He will lead a Holy Mass at

    the Rizal Park.

    Search for gender-fair media launchedTo give due recognition

    to gender-fair practices in

    Movie, Print and Broad-

    cast Media, the Gender

    Equality Committee (GEC)

    has launched a nationwide

    search for recipients of the

    GAD Transformation and

    Institutionalization throughMainstreaming of Pro-

    grams, Agenda, Linkages

    and Advocacies (GADtim-

    pala) Awards.

    The GADtimpala Awards

    is an incentive awards system

    that recognizes the best gen-

    der-fair and gender-balanced

    media practices.

    GEC Chairman, Secre-

    tary Sonny Coloma of the

    Presidential Communications

    Operations Ofce (PCOO),

    said the GADtimpala Awards

    will help in mainstreaming

    the gender equality criteria

    of gender balance in content

    and programming, gender-fairlanguage, positive portrayal of

    women in media and lm and

    other works by professionals

    and students.

    The award has four cat-

    egories: Gender-Fair Radio

    Program, Gender-Fair TV

    Program, Gender-Fair Print

    Media, and Gender-Fair Film.

    There will be one awardee

    for each category but special

    citations may be given to de-

    serving organizations. Each

    winner will receive a plaque/

    trophy from the Media and

    Gender Equality Committee

    during the awarding ceremo-

    ny, one of the highlights of the

    Womens Month Celebrationin March.

    The committee launched

    the search during the kick-off

    of the Philippine Commission

    on Womens (PCW) 18-Day

    Campaign to End Violence

    Against Women (VAW) last

    November 25 at the Quezon

    City Memorial Circle.

    For details on the criteria

    for the award, nomination pro-

    TERTIARY SCHOOL PRESSCONPIA Provincial Head, Ana-Liza S. Macatangay was the keynotespeaker during the 15th Region V Tertiary Schools PressConference held at the University of Saint Anthony in IrigaCity. Macatangay, who also served as Judge and Lecturer onOpinion and DevCom Writing, is joined by CHED SupervisorDr. Christian Rivero and USANT Vice President for AcademicAffairs, Dr. Domingo R. Ortega Jr.

    cess, selection/qualifying pro-

    cess and to download the nom-

    ination form, log on to PCWs


    ph, or contact the GADtimpa-

    la Secretariat at (02) 7358509

    or 7351651 loc. 131, or send

    an email to [email protected]

    ph. The deadline for nomina-

    tion is January 30.

    The GEC was estab-

    lished through Section 19 of

    RA 9710 or an Act Provid-

    ing for the Magna Carta on

    Women, to promote gender

    mainstreaming, formulate the

    guidelines on gender equality

    and Code of Ethics for media,

    and monitor and evaluate their


    The committee is com-

    posed of representatives of

    the PCOO, PCW, National

    Telecommunications Com-

    mission (NTC), Movie and

    Television Review and Clas-

    sification Board (MTRCB),Film Academy of the Phil-

    ippines (FAP), Film De-

    velopment Council of the

    Philippines (FDCP), Optical

    Media Board (OMB), Na-

    tional Commission for Cul-

    ture and the Arts (NCCA),

    and womens media NGOs.


  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 11 - 17 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER10 JANUARY 11-17, 2015


    Residents of seven villag-

    es in Guinobatan, Albay,

    have complained of ies

    coming from a poultryfarm in Barangay Binog-

    Flies swarm 7 villages in Guinobatan townBy EDUARDO M. CASULLA

    sacan of the same town

    that are swarming their

    localities, to the detri-

    ment of their health.

    The PNA learned that theresidents have complained of

    the situation since October

    2014 yet.

    They claimed they could

    not eat well due to the bad

    smell emitted by the poultry

    farm, posing danger to their


    Even village ofcials could

    not help advising their constit-

    uents to just catch the ies and

    decimate them.

    Guinobatan Mayor Ann

    Gemma Ongjoco said she

    already warned the owner

    of the poultry farm, who

    has promised to do some-

    thing about the problem but

    begged not to close h is busi-

    ness as he had poured mil-

    lions of investments into the

    proje ct.

    The local government unit

    had suspended operation of the

    poultry farm for three months

    last year but it later allowed

    the business to resume opera-

    tion after its owner promised

    to do something about the situ-


    Then ies also resumed in-

    festing the surroundings of the

    farm. --PNA