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  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 4 - 10 Issue


  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 4 - 10 Issue



    Our year-end economic fundamentalsare strong enough. It can withstand bothdomestic and global disturbances. Thereare old and new obstacles but with thenever-say-die resolve of Filipinos, weshould expect another positive year forour economy. With the liberalization ofbusiness and industry within ASEAN theresilient Filipinos are expected to spiritedlyght it out in the open arena of trade andindustry.

    EDUCATION: The big changes arein the eld of education as the K-12

    Program comes into full gear. A lot ofadjustments have to be made and thebudgetary funding therefor has beenprovided. Bigger challenges lay beforeour educational institutions. They needadditional classrooms, and technicallyqualied teachers. Some colleges anduniversities now have problems in theemployment of teachers and professors.

    Effective this year, some institutionsof higher learning adjusted their school

    Most likely, we will miss most of the 8 Millennium

    Development Goals(MDG) which reckoning year is

    2015 particularly the rst which hopes to eradicateextreme hunger and poverty, even if the targets

    set are already minimal, to say the least.Natural disasters, like Yolanda, have made

    matters worse, i.e. they frustrated the attainment

    of these targets, as they showed how our

    governments disasters programs are geared

    more towards rehabilitation and relief distribution,

    than preparation and mitigation.

    Social interventions, like the so-called PAPs

    and CCTs (more popularly known as 4Ps), have

    not been much of a source of relief or offering a

    light at the end of the long and dark tunnel of our

    countrys poverty situation.

    In Bicol, for instance, an independent surveydone in the rst quarter of last year showed thatalmost 70% of those pooled believed that the 4Ps

    have not made much of a difference to the lives of

    the beneciaries which now reached 305,379 as ofJanuary last year.

    These gures are supported by and consistentwith other statistics which glaringly show thatnot much have improved in our peoples lives

    Bicols poverty incidence reached 34.1 percent in2012 which made us the seventh poorest region in

    the country.

    State apparatuses, like the national budget

    for instance, can be our source of hope. Yet, we

    must make sure that allocations for the poor and

    poverty alleviation should not go to waste or to

    graft and corruption, as shown for example by the

    PDAF scam, or locally by the dismissal of three

    city ofcials last year by the Ombudsman foroverpricing fertilizers meant for farmers.

    To be fair, the government has set in place

    safeguards that these will not be so, such as the

    Grassroots-Based Budgeting (which replaced theerstwhile Bottoms-Up Budgeting scheme); which

    hopes to ensure that the budgets are reective ofthe real needs of the people.If we are failing the MDG targets, then we should

    look towards a post-2015 scenario of recticationand correction, by ensuring that henceforth, we

    should closely watch and ensure that government

    programs and budgets should be for sustainable

    development, i.e. the economy, society and the

    environment are factored in the equation andcoherently reinforcing each other.

    The natural calamities and the graft-ridden

    Philippine political economy, should remind us

    that we should not leave governance alone to


    That is the least we can do in ensuring that

    indeed, 2015 as the Year of the Poor, should

    indeed be a year of reckoning for us, that we are

    truly a nation which cares for the sick, shelter the

    homeless and feed the hungry.

    years, aligning start of classesand graduation periods. This is tocalibrate their schedules with thoseof other countries, especially from theadvanced and industrialized world. Acomplementary (unpopular) policy isthe downgrading of Filipino subjects (as

    non-technical course). We agree withour nationalist educators that this policyshift is negative!

    ECO-POLITICS: The nextpresidential elections are still seventeen(17) months away. But this early -politicalalignments and strategic campaignsare already on. There are signs thatmoney will again be the deciding factorin many contests, especially the road toMalacanang. The Filipino voters mustbe re-educated so that selling of votesto highest bidders can be negated.Candidates must learn that money givenaway does not guarantee that they willget the votes.

    There are many political familieswhose members lost almost totally in thelast elections because of family identity.But there are still those who continueto dominate the political scenario.

    Voters should teach these domineeringgroups by shifting voting preferencesto new leaders. We need young inour government with novel styles ofapproaches and leadership governance.We have available, qualied aspirantsjust waiting to be tapped.

    NEW YEARS WISH: May you staystrong and healthy ever looking up tothe One source of our life.

    (PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime AchievementAwardee).

    YEAR 2014: It was a tumultuous,challenging year with weatherdisturbances wreaking damages to manyregions of our country. But surprisingly,

    we did not just survive we also attainedsome sort of economic progress registering strides ahead of our ASEANneighbors. Collection of revenues tosupport our economic and service activitieswas commendably high, setting positivepatterns for the years to come.

    Opinions Unlimitedis apprehensive thatas the ASEAN Integration goes into effectnext month (2015) we may be caughtstill unprepared in many aspects, moreso in matters of production, technologyand sciences. Our government mustwork double time so that our moreadvanced neighbors may not beat us onthe draw. We should analyze our presentcapabilities. Continue doing those wherewe are good at and just rely on our ASEANallies to export to us cheaper products andservices.

    LOOK AHEAD: One bright light in the

    immediate horizon is the ofcial visit toour country of our most revered PopeFrancis. We have so much to learn fromHis Holiness in terms of his pragmaticways in leading the 1.2 billion worldwidemembers of the Roman Catholic Church.He can be the long-awaited uniting forceso that Filipinos can be one regardlessof sex, gender, color and creed. We canlearn from his gentle and simple leadershipstyle.

    It seems that the aim is to make theopposition weak and paralyzed before the2016 election with the incarceration of itsleaders. Will it succeed?

    * * * * *A team of Justice Sec. Leila de Lima

    recently raided the National Bureau ofPrison in Muntinlupa and discovered thatconvicted drug lords are still able to control

    a signicant portion of the illegal drugs inthe country. It was reported that they founddrugs, money, drug paraphernalia, guns,bullets, air-conditioning units, Jacuzzi, hotelbeds which cannot enter the prison buildingwithout the approval of the NBP ofcials.

    Dr. Ramon Ricardo Roque wrote thefollowing in the Tempo dated Dec. 23,2014: This is plain, simple and clear

    illustration of how the government, bothpersonel and system becomes partnerin committing crimes. The raid negateswhatever claims the government hasabout good governance in the country.I agree with him.

    I think thats one of the reasons whySen. Tito Sotto announced he is goingto le a case reviving death penalty forviolation of the Anti-Illegal Drugs Law. Itsonly for drug pushefrs. He said, there isno hope that drug lords can be reformedwith imprisonment. It is true that Godcommanded Thou shalt not kill. ButI look at Sottos bill as killing in self-defense of would-be victims of illegaldrugs and not just killing for bad intention.This deserves a serious study. I believeGod will judge us on a case to casebasis. Illegal drugs sent to the Philippinesbecause we do not have death penalty

    here. During the Martial Law days, wehad the death penalty. When drug Lord,Lim Seng over shot, drug lords stoppedsending their drugs here.

    * * * * *

    As the year 2014 is ending this monthof December, several unprecedentedthings happened. These never happened

    before.Three justices of the Flora Division of the

    Sandiganbayan inhibited themselves fromthe plunder and graft cases of Sen. JinggoyEstrada. This happened after they heardthe testimony of star witness Ben Hur Luy.The reason they gave was for personalreason. They are Justices Rolando Jurado,the chair, Alexander Gesmundo and MariaTheresa Dolores Estoesta.

    It was published in the national dailiesthat they allegedly were being pressured. Ofcourse this will be denied. They are beingasked to explain their reason.

    Rep. Rodriguez said that if they refuseto explain, the Supreme Court should forcethem to do so. Rep. Rodolfo Albano III saidthat the three justices should resign if theyrefuse to explain.

    According to rumors from grapevinesources, the alleged pressure is to convict

    Sen. Estrada even if there is no evidence.But these are only rumors. It may be trueor not, only the Justices to heard the callof of PNoy.

    Sen. Jinggoy Estrada belongs to theopposition and is a vice presidentiable.

    In my early years, I was happiest whengiving bent to my wanderlust. My feet hadtaken me to almost every corner of thisover 7,000 islands. It was a carefree life.The future? I had nothing to worry. I wassingle, a blessedness I treasured.

    If there was already an exodus ofFilipinos to distant lands in those days ,I would have joined the diaspora. I wasready to settle in the worlds remotest

    parts.This high point in my life abruptly ended,

    when I was mesmerized by a youngbeauty in northern Catanduanes in one ofmy sojourns there. It was the beginning ofthe end of a carefree bachelors life. I hadfound the woman of my hearts desire.

    When my two boys came, one after theother in a space of 9 years, my hungerfor distant, exotic places had taken abackseat. There were moments, however,when I had found myself yearning forthe excitement of going places , ofadventure.

    But whenever I looked into the facesof my little boys,my untamed longing for a

    life on the go would recede.Catanduanes in early 70s particularly

    the northern Caramoran town was verypeaceful. There was a time when it hadzero crime rate. Because of the peaceand quiet, ideal for my restless spirit, Idecided to make it a home for my smallfamily.

    There was one thing the provincelacked:electricity. Except for capital townVirac which had a daily 3-hour power

    supply, the rest of the provinces l0towns were pitch dark during moonlessnights. The province was alive onlyduring full moon.

    People stayed out late to enjoy thebright evening, listening to the hootingof owls. Most communities had forestedareas nearby.

    It was former United Nationsambassador Leandro Verceles, Sr.

    who became governor who energizedthe whole province.

    An owl from nearby forest across ariver in Caramorans barrio Tucao paidus a visit one moonlit evening. It ewstraight into our kitchen through anopen window disturbing our cat dozingnearby.I tried to catch the intruder butits sharp claws sunk into my hands. Icried in pain.

    Caramoran in those days was linkedto Virac by a rough highway built onthe side of a mountain range. Travelwas ve hours by jeepney over bumpyroad.




    Head, Advertising Associates


    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU



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  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 4 - 10 Issue



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    UNC H/S CLASS 68 CHRISTMAS PARTY 2014Ofcers and members of the University of Nueva Caceres High School Class of 1968 Alumni Association held their ChristmasParty last Dec. 13 at the Childrens Educational Center along Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City.


    ROY SAN RAMON OF DWKMVice Mayor Nelson S. Legacion of Naga City administered the oath of the new electedofcials of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas-Camarines Sur Chapter, led byEdwin Lara (BBS-DWLV).

    Naga City Vice Mayor

    Nelson S. Legacion led the

    oath-taking of the new of-

    cers of the Kapisanan ng

    mga Brodkaster ng Pilipi-

    nas -Camarines Sur Chap-

    ter (KBP-CamSur), head-

    ed by its president, Edwin

    Lara of BBS-DWLV.

    Aside from Lara, ofcials

    of the KBP this 2015 are:

    Romar Vasquez of Love Ra-

    dio, vice president; Reyna

    Betare of RPN Iriga, trea-

    surer; Janet Hirang of PBN

    5, secretary; Alex Parfan of

    Radyo Aguila, auditor; and

    Rick Arnedo of FBN-DZGE,

    performance ofcer.

    In the induction ceremony

    held last Dec. 17 at Eurotel,

    Dinaga, Naga City, Lega-

    cion congratulated KBP-

    CamSur for supporting the

    city government of Naga in

    disseminating accurate in-

    formation on city programs,

    policies and activities , as

    well as for promoting the

    highest standards of quality

    in the broadcast industry.

    Legacion, however, coun-

    seled the media practitioners

    to always observe fair playin their reporting and com-


    Legacion inducts new KBP ofcers

    Madrigal Foundation eyesRinconada expansion

    Climate fund proposalsreview set in Mid-2015

    Gov. SALCEDA


    LEGAZPI CITY -- TheGreen Climate Fund (GCF)

    Board will likely start re-viewing funding proposals

    in the second half of 2015,according to Albay Gover-nor Joey Sarte Salceda.

    Under Salcedas co-chair-manship of the GCF Board inOctober 2013-2014, the Boardachieved, despite skepticismand deep divisions, two majormilestones -- the completionof the eight prerequisites foroperationalization; and rais-ing of USD 10.2 billion forthe initial resource mobiliza-tion.

    "Apparently 2015 augurswell for developing nationsthat face threats of climatechange," he noted.

    The GCF was establishedto act as a central vehicle forclimate nance under whichindustrialized countries wouldassist developing countrieswith new nance for publicand private sector projects and

    programs, Salceda said.It offers unlimited oppor-

    tunities for deploying resil-ient and clean solutions thatwill foster economic growthand employment globally, headded.

    We are fully condenton GCFs ability to start dis-bursing funds next year and

    encourage more countries tocome forward with contri-butions and for contributingcountries to further raise theirambition, Salceda quotedManuel Pulgar-Vidal, Min-ister of the Environment of

    Peru and president-designateof the United Nations Frame-work Convention on ClimateChange (UNFCCC) Confer-

    ence of the Parties (C0P), assaying.The Albay governor also

    remembered Pulgar-Vidal assaying that the GCF is theepicenter that determines thedirection of both public andprivate investment over thenext decades and the capital-ization of the Fund is one ofthe wisest investments in the21st century.

    This creates a positive at-mosphere for the start of suc-cessful negotiations in Limain less than two weeks, thePeru ofcial added, as quotedby Salceda.

    The UNFCCC-COP hadits 20th session in Lima onDec. 1-12 and will have its21st session in NovemberDecember 2015.

    It encouraged governmentsthat have not yet contributed tothe Fund to continue pledging.

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    NAGA CITY --- The

    Consuelo Chito Madrigal

    Foundation (CCMF) Bi-

    col honored its empoweredwomen and their big role

    in shaping the economy in a

    simple yet notable ceremony

    held over the weekend at the

    Jesse M. Robredo (JMR)

    Coliseum here.

    All the key players and

    ofcials of the Foundation

    also graced the occasion with

    their presence as a testimony

    of their untiring support and

    commitment to alleviate pov-

    erty particularly here in the

    region and provide pro-poor

    programs that will sustain the

    communitys need for eco-

    nomic stability.

    Speaking before a multi-tude of almost 8,000 bene-

    ciaries, CCMF Board of Trust-

    ees President Atty. Gizela M.

    Montinola lauded their wom-

    en-beneciaries for being the

    foundations active partners in

    pursuing development and by

    engaging in projects that will

    ght poverty through respon-

    sible entrepreneurship.

    Im happy to see all of

    you here. There are so manywomen in the Coliseum. This

    means that in the eld of mi-

    cro-nance, indeed women

    are enterprising. CCMF will

    not succeed if not for you. We

    will not succeed in what were

    doing if not for you. Your tri-

    umph is our triumph. I think,

    and as I see it, youre all lucky

    not because of us, but be-

    cause of your perseverance

    and your effort, Montinola


    The lady President also

    took the opportunity to chal-

    lenge the members to do

    three things: rst, to realize

    the Pay it forward schemewhich means to help others

    since they were also blessed,

    and nd someone that they

    can also help; second, to love

    their work and third, love their

    neighbor and their country for

    it is in these three essences of

    lifes values that prosperity

    and total development will

    happen.Fr. Wilmer S. Tria, CCMF-

    Bicol Chief Executive Of-

    cer (CEO) gave his words of

    thanks to everyone for con-

    tinuously giving their support

    to the programs of CCMF

    and vowed that the Founda-

    tion will continue to exist to

    empower more and more in-

    digent people through their


    Fr. Tria announced the ex-

    pansion of the CCMF-Bikol

    Micronance Program to

    the Rinconada Area which

    includes, among others the

    towns of Iriga, Buhi, Baao,

    Nabua, and Bula. He addedthat CCMF is targeting 15,000

    members before the end of

    2015. Currently, CCMMF has

    Celebrating a decadeof Wawas legacy


    IRIGA CITY --- It couldhave been a decade now

    since she saw the light 98years ago. Yet to this date,her memories and the legacyshe left behind remains asthriving as she rst started

    making her dreams come

    true years back. Her demisetwo years ago never stoppedher vision from unfolding.

    Dr. Remedios Dy-SanchezRigoroso-Alfelor, Universityof Northeastern Philippines(UNEP) matriarch, will belovingly remembered on herbirthday come December 30.She might have physicallyleft her mortal abode, but theinspiration and love she hadunselshly shared will be re-membered till innity.

    Fondly called Wawa byfamily members, loved onesand those close to her heart,Wawa has left a priceless lega-cy the love for learning, put-ting great value in education.She has instilled high regardand appreciation for teachingand believed that embracingthis profession will help hermold future leaders. And itdid! Now UNEP is dubbed asthe Home of Global leadersfor producing top of the linegraduates competing with theworlds best professionals.

    It was her dream to havean affordable yet quality edu-cation, especially for her con-stituents in the Rinconada area.

    A dream which saw its fulll-ment over the years and madeUNEP- her beloved institutionof learning what it is now- theHome of Global Achievers.

    Wawa was also so rich inlove and showed the generos-ity of heart to those she left be-hind. She also made her religi-osity so pronounced that otherswere also drawn into puttingChrist in the center of theirlives. Her immediate fam-ily members, especially UNEPExecutive Vice President andEVP For Finance Deli Alfelor-Tibi, continued this devotion.

    Her 100th birthdate will besimply remembered through asolemn mass.

    Ms. Deli, one of Wawasdaughters, took care of Wawawhen she was already oldand ailing. She never misseda chance to sing her favoritesong Let Me Call You Sweet-heart before going to work.

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  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 4 - 10 Issue



    jokee BOTOR-REYES



    2015. What is in store for the Filipinos?X First Holy Communion

    We are an optimistic people. We do not lose hope easily.Maybe because we are a praying people. No matter what

    comes, they are only to make us even stronger. 2014 broughtabout calamities. Typhoon Yolanda was the worst that hit thecountry. Until now many have not yet recovered but still hoping.

    We were likewise hit by Typhoon Glenda but we have moved on.We celebrated Christmas happily. We sang Christmas carols thesweetest way, we gave gifts, no matter how simple but straight

    from the heart. We were short of nances but gladly survived.Our bills were all paid before the year ended.

    The Yuletide season was lled with joy. Finishing the nine-daymisa de Aguinaldo was very satisfying and spiritually uplifting.Although the season was marked with rain, we still found a

    lot of time having fun with friends and relatives. The Year-end


    kan magpoon sindang magtanom bakona lang para sa saindang pagkakan,

    kundi nganing magkaigwa nin kwartanganing makatransaksyon sinda sabagong merkantilistikong sistema o

    pagkabuhay. Nangangahulugan ini ninpaggamit nin mga kemikal asin abono

    nganing magin produktibo an saindangmga oma. An resulta iyo an pagluyakan pagooma sa katasan.

    May kontemporaryong leksyon anbiological diversity sa satong vidapolitika.

    Kun pirme-pirmeng parehongapelyido an mamamahala sa satong

    gobyerno, maabot an panahon namareynar an ley kan ekonomiya an inaapod na law on diminishing

    returns. Mababangkarote sinda samga bagong ideya kaya nasibog sindasa tradisyonal asin probadong mga

    pormula: gamiton an kapagtiosan kankadaklan bilang kakusgan kan saindang

    kapangyarihan.Sa huri, an mga namamanwaan an

    pierde sa pagreynar kan political dynasty

    kan mga luma asin tradisyonal na

    pamilya sa gobyerno. Panahon namanna magkaigwa nin diversity, nin iba.

    Kun may patarikmas na kurit sa sakongtitulo, ini ta boot kong ipahiling an rarom

    kan satong tataramon. Naghahanapakong dakitaramon kan diversity saBikol asin sakong narisa na an ugat na

    tataramon na iba sakop asin dakop naan sakong hinanahap.

    Inbwelto ako ngonyan sa sarongproyekto sa pagdakitaramon kan saronglibro na pinag-adalan an tradisyonal na

    gawi nin pagtanom sa mga katasan nalugar kan bukid kan Iriga, Isarog asin saMasaraga kan mga katutubong Agta.

    Nahiling kan pag-aadal na sarosa dahilan kan haros pagkawara na

    kan gawing ini, apwera sa migrasyonkan mga katutubo pasiring sa lantad,iyo an pagkawara man kan diversity

    o pagkakaiba kan mga pananom naitinatanom kan mga katutubo.

    Kadto kaya, apwera sa paroy,

    nagtatanom pa an mga katutubong Agtanin iba pang produktong makukuahan nin

    pagkakan arog kan batag, duma asin mgaprutas. An pagkakaibang ini nagsiguro naan daga sa katasan, dai mapapagal asin

    mawawara an mga taba o nutrients sa

    sobrang pagtatanom o sa kontemporaryoasin usong tataramon sustainable.

    Nawara an kaibahan na ini huli sakolonyal na kasaysayan kan satong

    nasyon si mga dating inaapod nangonyan na ancestral domain kan mga

    katutubo napatitulohan kan mga taga-lantad asin sinda mismo nawaran ninderechos igdi. Sa irarom nin kolonyalismo,

    an luma nindang konsepto nin espasyo,nasanglian nin legalidad na an epektoiyo an pagkawara ninda nin istaran o

    displacement.Kinakaipuhan man nindang

    makisabayan sa angat kan mga para-oma sa lantad asin sa ley nin merkado,


    Conference cum Christmas Party of the Iriga City Water Districtwas most enjoyable. Everyone one went home happy. Every

    employee won rafe give-aways.Everyone had a reunion to attend...with batchmates in school,

    with friends who were out of town for some time and came home

    for the holidays. I missed Rosabel Guevara-Angeles and thereunion of her high school class at the Mabini Memorial Collegesafter fty years. Its too bad but I also missed the party at the

    ofce of the City Tourism. It was a formal party and I missed itbecause I did not have a formal dress to wear to the occasion, he

    he. I also missed Trisha Amarantos Little Angel Kiddie SchoolsChristmas get-together

    Yuan Corporal. Rose Blasco-Corporals daughter turned 7

    last December and she was the picture of a very lovely mini-debutante. Mrs. Corporal runs the local Kumon.

    My darling granddaughter X, 9, received her first Holy

    Communion last December with some 200 Grade III pupils of

    the University of Saint Anthony Montessori School. It was amost memorable and exciting event for the children and equallyexciting for their parents and teachers. X had looked forward toit much glee. Dressed in immaculate white with white shoes and

    white stockings with a white veil decorated by white owers, shewas very pretty as all other young girls her age. She told me she

    can now receive Jesus in Holy Communion regularly.So, whats in store for 2015? We start hoping that when the

    next elections on 2016 come, we will elect good and responsible

    national leaders and lead the country sa daang talagangmatuwid at hindi gaya ng matuwid na daan kuno ni Pinoy na

    bumaluktot ng husto. We hope the Philippine economy will

    be better. We hope there will be no new taxes to pay, no farehikes, no increase in electric bills. Casureco III has not been

    very kind to its consumers. During the last two weeks, we havebeen experiencing brown outs.

    I hope we will have less crimesless domestic violence

    less child exploitation. I hope we be freed from serious illness.I hope our children will grow up not just healthy but respectfulto their elders and to authorities.

    The Pope is coming to visit us. Thats a most welcome thing.

    I have seen Pope John Paul II (now a Saint) two times and Iwill cherish that wonderful memory as many Filipinos who sawhim too felt the same.

    May Pag-asa. Welcome 2015.


    Mawot kong magdanay sa saimong puro O Sabang

    dawa dai itugot kaining hawak, kaining panahon,kaining kinamumuktakan ngunyan.

    dawa pa an gabos an sako umulang.

    Mawot kong magtukaw giraray sa gilid kan saimong baybayon

    na garo baga naghahalat sana ako sa kun isay na dai man pagmate garo yaon na akong gayo sa pinakaibong kaining kinaban

    kun yaon ako diyan O Sabang, diyan sa saimong puro.

    Mawot kong makamata giraray nin mas amay, abutan sa saimong puro

    an sinarom. Asin sa sakuyang hampang maatubang an kagayunan

    kan palibot mo O Sabang: an alon, an baybayon, an tubig-askadkan San Miguel Bay, kahiwasan sana kan langit an limitasyon.

    Mawot kong madangog an mga sulog, mga sampalingkan tubig-askad sa saimong break water.

    Daing kasagkudan siring sarung mahamis na pagkamoot

    Sarung pinapangaputan na paglaom.

    Mawot kong sabaton an duros na hali pa sa kun saen

    na lugar na dai ko pa nadudukayanasin mahiling an saimong huyom mantang

    dinuduyan kan saimong alon an mga paralahod.

    Mawot kong mahiling liwat an paggibsawsa mga balde kan lumang baroto

    na perang aldaw na yaon sa tahaw kan dagat

    hidaw an mga ngisi kan aki, nagkikirikilyab agid sa mga bituon.

    Kaya dawa pa magayon an oras maglakaw

    Magpasiring sa kun saen darahon kaining mga bitis

    Mawot ko man giraray magpawalat nguna igdi sa taid mona garo baga dai na ako mahali sa saimong baybayon.

    jerome M. HipolitoNagtutukdo sa Central Bicol State University

    of Agriculture, Calabanga Campus

    Nagin fellow sa 12th Ateneo National Writers Workshop

    Mawot kong magdanaysa saimong Puro O Sabang


  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 4 - 10 Issue





    PurgatoryoKan si Lola Vacion nabubuhay pa asin ako aki pang sadit, sabi

    sako ni lola an kada daa tipasing bagas o maluto na sinasayangsarong aldaw sa purgatoryo an karibay. Kun totoo man na may

    purgatoryo perang taon kaya sa purgatoryo an mga tawong pa-sosyal na naheheling ko sa mga food courts kan malls na kunsaen kabanga lang kan inorder na maluto an kinakakan? pano

    pa kaya si mga opisyales kan gobyerno sa NFA na sako-sakongbagas an sinasayang asin napapabayaan magkaralapa sa mga

    bodega? Siguro kun totoo an purgatoryo kulang an sanribongtaon para sa mga tawong arog kaini!

    Sa balyong lado, dae ta man talaga maiwasan na dae

    magsayang nin paroy, bagas o maluto. Kadakli sato dae mantinutoyo arog sana halimbawa kan mga parabunag sa tinampo.Dawa gurano ninda sigidon para tiponon an binunag na paruy,

    ugwang matatada sa tinampo o makakaiba sa mga rida kannag-aaging mga sasakyan. Siring man kun masapna kita asin

    may mga mauulang bagas sa bangerahan sa paghugas tanin bagas. Kun isasapna naman minsan dae man tinutuyo namatututungan. Idagdag pa igdi an mga nasasayang dahil sa

    mga aki na mawarakon kun magkakan. Minsan man napanosna an bahaw na maluto asin dae na pwedeng isanlag. An mgadae tinutuyong pagsayang nin paruy, bagas o maluto dae man

    talaga totalmenteng nasasayang ta nagagamit pang pangbahogsa ido o kaya panghalo sa sagmaw para sa orig.

    Alagad an makasura asin dapat kundenahon iyo anpagsasayang asin kapabayaan kan nagkakapirang nasagobyerno na garo baga mayong pagmakulog sa dakol an

    nagugutom na Filipino. Kun satong matatandaan, napabaretana sobra sa 11 million na sako nin imported na bagas (550,000metric tons)an napabayaan magkaralapa sa mga bodega kan

    NFA. Ini kinakalkula na 16.5 billion pesos an kantidad. Pwedena kuta ining magpakakan nin kulang-kulang sa sarong milyong

    pobreng pamilya sa laog nin sarong taon! Ini iyo an mga bagasna nagkabarasa dahil sa bagyo o an iba man napabayaan onalingawan isubasta kaya kinarakan na nin bokbok o tinuruboan

    na nin alamag. Totalmenteng dae na ini pwedeng kakanon

    kan tawo asin maski ataman na hayop dae naman pwedengmagkakan kaini. Idagdag pa an insulto sa perwisyo ta an mga

    bagas na ini bako man binakal hali sa mga paraomang Filipinokundi hali sa ibang nasyon. Kun uugkuron ini saro man klaseng

    pagsabotahe sa satong ekonomiya asin agrikultura.Base sa sarong pag-aadal na ginibo kan Food and Nutrition

    Research Institute of the Department and Science and

    Technology(FNRI-DOST), minalaog sa 16 grams o one-fourthcup na maluto an nasasayang kan kada Filipion sa sarongaldaw. Ini minakantidad nin nagkakaperang milyones pesos na

    garo ta man lang sinusulo ara-aldaw.Ngonyan na katatapos pa lang kan selebrasyon kan

    kapaskohan asin bagong taon, dae man maiwasan na ugwangmga nasayang na bagas asin iba pang pagkakan. Ini siguropwede pang mapatawad kumpara sa mga sinasayang kan mga

    taga NFA. Kun totoo man an sabi ni Lola Vacion na an mgatawong nagsasayang nin mga tipasi nin bagas mabakasyonsa purgatoryo, ini siguro kulang na pasakit sa mga tawo sa

    gobyerno na ginigibong impyerno an buhay kan mga nagtitiosna Filipino arog na lang kan iba na napwepwersang magkakan

    nin pagpag hali sa basura. REFERENCES:1.)




    Email: [email protected]

    CSur Energy Press Corps ofcers inductedNaga City. PIA--Cam-

    Sur provincial head, Lizel

    S. Macatangay led the of-

    cers of the newly-organized

    Camarines Sur Energy

    Press Corps who were in-

    ducted by Naga City May-or John G. Bongat during

    the Media Appreciation

    Day hosted by the Nation-

    al Grid Corporation of the

    Philippines(NGCP) on De-

    cember 23, 2014 at the Av-

    enue Plaza Hotel, here.

    Macatangay is joined by

    Melvin Machado of Radyo

    Singko as VP for Radio; John-

    ny Escandor of Inquirer/ Bicol

    Mail as VP for Print; Sarah

    Imperial of Manila Bulletin/Bicol Mail as Secretary; Ruel

    Saldico of Inquirer/Bicol Mail

    as Treasurer; and Ruben Babar

    of Bikol Reporter as Business

    Manager. Kate Delovieres of

    ABS-CBN as VP for TV and

    Ric Arnido of DZGE as Audi-

    tor failed to make it on time

    for the oath-taking.

    The occasion which also

    served as an advanced Christ-

    mas Party, was facilitated by

    NGCPs Dale Q. De Vera, Pub-lic Affairs Ofcer-South Luzon

    Regional Communications Di-

    vision and Mr. Nelson Bautista,

    NGCPs Division Head of the

    Regional Communication Divi-

    sion who gave the inspirational


    Edwin Lara, President

    of the KBP-Camarines Sur

    presented the Ofcers.

    The NGCP also awarded all

    the media entities a Certicate

    of Appreciation for their sup-port to the Corporation, and for

    their cooperation in bringing

    transmission-related informa-

    tion, anti-pilferage campaigns,

    and transmission line safety

    awareness to a wider audience.


    Started in 1997 by the local

    government unit here to speed

    up the business permit process-

    ing of the citys business estab-

    lishments, the BOSS program,

    which was later adopted by oth-

    er LGUs in different parts of the

    country, has proven to be an ef-

    fective approach in business tax

    assessment, using the Enhanced

    Tax Revenue Assessment andCollection System (e-tracs).

    Mayor John Bongat said that

    for 2015 BOSS the process-

    ing of such documents would

    be more expeditious and a lot

    easier because the usual 5 steps

    adopted in business permit

    and licensing approval in 2013

    which was reduced to four steps

    in 2014 will be further reduced

    to three steps in 2015. This is

    what we got from our efforts to

    always look for possible means


    to innovate and improve our

    services, he added.

    This coming scal year,

    what our business owners have

    to do is to le only an accom-

    plished application form, pay

    for its processing and thereon

    get the permit applied for,

    Bongat said.

    Ofcer-in-charge Gregoria

    Nilda B. Abonal of the City

    Treasurers Ofce (CTO) saidthe transaction is shortened be-

    cause of some procedures that

    were simplied, unlike in previ-

    ous years when every client had

    to spend an hour or two to se-

    cure the document, which were

    already relatively fast and short

    compared to other LGUs.

    The matter is expected to

    provide each of our clients with

    transaction time that will not go

    beyond 30 minutes, excluding

    their waiting time she said in

    an interview.

    The BOSS will operate from

    January 5 to 31, 2015. Securing

    of business and mayors permit,

    taxes, fees, and charges beyond

    January 23 will be charged with

    penalties and surcharges.

    Abonal appealed to busi-

    nessmen or their employees to

    avail of BOSS services at thesoonest possible time as it was

    observed in previous years that

    more clients only start to avail

    of the one-stop shop services

    when it was drawing to a close.

    She also enjoined bookkeep-

    ers who are securing permits or

    renewals for 10 to 20 business

    establishments to transact their

    business after 5:00 oclock in

    the afternoon, to give way to

    those who are transacting with

    lesser number of business per-

    mit applications.

    Frontlining the BOSS team

    as in past years are: the busi-

    ness permit and licensing ofce

    of the CTO, the Ofce of the

    Building Ofcial for building

    clearance, City Health Ofce

    for sanitary permit and health

    cards, City Planning and De-

    velopment Ofce for zoningclearance, and the Bureau of

    Fire Protection for re safety

    inspection certicate.


    controlled corporations (GOC-

    Cs) like the Government Ser-

    vice Insurance System (GSIS),

    Pag-IBIG Home Mutual De-

    velopment Fund, and the So-

    cial Service System (SSS) are

    encouraged to join the BOSS

    where they will be provided

    with desks to assist their respec-

    Wawa would surprisingly re-spond amidst hum and facialexpression to let her daughterknow that she appreciates hergesture of love.

    UNEP President Atty. Re-melisa Alfelor-Moraleda, oneof Wawas beloved grand-daughters, continue to fulllWawas wishes and vision,making UNEP now on the toplist of academic institutionswith strong adherence to qual-

    ity education.Indeed, its been a decade

    now yet the legacy that thisstrong-willed woman leftbehin d remains as s turdy asthe University of Northeast-ern Philippines (UNEP) pil-lars, standing proud amidstthe passing of time. Justa living proof that Wawaslegacy will still serve thenext and upcoming genera-tions.


    tive clients.

    In 2014, the local gov-

    ernment generated a total of

    P169M from 6, 938 business

    establishments, overshooting

    the target set by the treasurers

    ofce by more than P1M.

    The effective tax campaign

    that the city government is un-

    dertaking resulted in the judi-

    cious delivery of economic

    and social services which in-

    clude the implementation of

    various projects that enhanced

    the citys prosperous business



  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 4 - 10 Issue




    Notice is hereby given that ANGELO R. YAGO is theonly child of Ramon I. Yago who died intestate onSeptember 9, 2000 in Pasig City who predeceased

    his parents, Sps. Soledad I. Yago and Pablo D. Yago,who died on June 21, 2014 and February 24, 2006

    respectively in Naga City; the deceased Soledad I.Yago died without any will nor debts and left behind aparcel of land located at San Pedro, Buhi, Camarines

    Sur under OCT No. 2013000078 containing an area of356 square meters; a parcel of land containing an areaof 36,002 square meters located at Buhi, Camarines

    Sur under OCT No. 28767; pursuant to Sec. 1 Rule 74of the Revised Rules of Court of the Philippines, said

    party Angelo R. Yago hereby adjudicated unto himselfthe described parcels of land; as acknowledged beforeNotary Public Atty. Grace C. dela Torre, Doc. No. 647,

    Page No. 116, Book No. 1, Series of 2014.

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: Dec. 14, 21, 2014 and Jan. 4, 2015

    For the Greater GoodBy SANNY P. AMISOLA

    Private School Multigrade TeacherBaao Adventist Multigrade School, Inc.

    Bagumbayan, Baao, Camarines Sur

    It was proclaimed throughout the nation andit will bedone.

    Around 5 years ago, Malacaang was rattled by the resultsof a survey taken at that time wherein Philippines was recordedas one of the 3 countries that still hadnt taken up the 12-year

    education cycle currently known as K-to-12. With the futureof the country and its global competitiveness and connection atthe line, we had no choice but to solve the problem. Fortunately,the President knew that the most likely solution to this isimplementation of K-to-12.

    And so, it was implemented. As of now, people know whatK-12 is. The government sees it as the hope for the hope.After all, it was all meant for the benet of the children. Sadlythough, it not all of it shows the effect a benet should give.Even before it was implemented, K-12 was the most likelytopic in a debate. It was debated whether it would have moreadvantages or just the opposite. It was expected that thenumber one concern by most parents is not the improvementof education of the children but rather the upcoming increaseof school nances as well as the additional 2 years at school,which will eventually result to greater nancial crisis. That wasthe main concern of the parents before K-12 was implemented.Now, it proved to be true.

    However, the complainants are no longer just the parents.After it was implemented, complaints can now be heard fromthe student body. Aside from the increase of projects and

    activities, the difculty of the advanced lessons is startingto get to every students mind. The lessons that were oncetaught to college students were now taught to the 7th, 8 thand9thgraders. Some say it was too advanced...or too difcult forthem. Both parents and students are difcultly but slowly takingin shock of this sudden change. Is K-12 really an advantage tous? If you think about it, what is the worth of this suffering if youcould be successful in life? K-12 is now the only way to assurea graduated students life abroad because it will enable us toslightly, if not completely, match up to other countries, though itprobably will take a long time.

    Coping with K-12 may be hard for now, but soon enoughwe will be fully adjusted to it. When we have done so, we cannow start coping with other countries on educational basis andimprove not just the state of our nation but also our businessrelationship with the whole world. This is meant for us and weneed to accept it to further improve our current state. This is forthe greater good.

    EXTRA-jUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATENotice is hereby given that the named parties are the

    surviving spouse and only child and sole heirs of thedeceased ANDRES BERNALES PEONES who diedintestate in Naga City on August 7, 2014 with no known

    debts or obligations due against the estate, leaving realand personal properties (1/2 of the conjugal properties ofthe decedent) located in Naga City, Sagay and Tigaon,

    Camarines Sur more particularly described as follows: a)Residential House and Land located at Naga City; b)

    Toyota Revo (2002 Model) with Plate No. PLW 985;c) Residential and Agricultural lands located at Sagnayand Tigaon, Camarines Sur; the parties adjudicate among

    themselves in pro-indiviso equal shares the entire estateparticularly the real property described, in the manner setforth in the Extra-judicial Settlement, as acknowledged

    before Notary Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No.315, Page No. 63, Book No. 121, Series of 2014.

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: January 4, 11 and 18, 2015

    received the award.. They wereaccompanied by Mayor Olivia

    Bermillo, DA RFO 5 OIC Re-gional Executive Director Abe-lardo R. Bragas, and Aloha GigiI. Banaria, DA regional GawadSaka Coordinator.

    Secretary Alcala said thatwhile the agriculture sector isgreatly affected by numeroustyphoons and the heightenedcompetition in the ASEAN mar-ket, the DA is intensifying itsinterventions to help farmers/sherfolk increase their income.He added that despite the fre-quent typhoons, the agriculture

    S'SOGON RIC GETS . . .

    sector maintained its upwardtrend in the rst three quarters

    of the year, with the crops sub-sector registering 1.2 % growthand 1.05% for livestock sector,although the sheries and poul-try sector are in the negative dueto typhoon Glenda and Yolanda.Over all, the agriculture sectormanaged to achieved P1.1 tril-lion prot based on current pric-es, which is 9.55% higher thanlast years prot.

    Alcala said that these growthshave been possible because ofthe interventions particularlyfocused on agricultural infra-

    structure such as irrigations andFarm-to-Market roads and themechanization and moderniza-tion of agriculture. In the rst

    three quarters of the 2014, theDA has constructed 314 smallirrigation projects in areas thatwere not reached by national andcommunal irrigation. Togetherwith PhilMech and other gov-ernment agencies, the DA hasfabricated postharvest facilitieswhich can be availed by farm-ers thru direct purchase fromaccredited fabricators or fromPhilMech, and thru counterpart-ing scheme for qualied farm-ers organizations. -- Lovella P.Guarin - RAFIS 5

    Malamag beach, in the town ofPio. V Corpuz.

    Smiling faces of people whoreceived gifts which consistedof a pack of rice and groceryitems, from governor bright-ened up, however, what could

    have been a gloomy day.One of the recipients namedAlito said he often felt the es-sence of Christmas every timehe received a gift from any-

    body, which is, this time, an op-portunity because it is not onlya gift but a bundle of grocery

    items that will answer his fam-ily's daily needs, at least for afew days.

    Village ofcials and support-ers of Lanete made themselvesavailable at the beach.

    Public school teachers

    formed a group and do the "ma-nanita," or early dawn birthdayserenade at the governor's mainquarters.

    Municipal mayors and vicemayors, including some of theSangguniang Bayan ofcials,also attended the birthday bash.


    is set to fast track seedling

    production to augment the

    tree planting and seedling

    growing activities of the

    DENR Gonzales said.

    Given the seedling pro-

    duction capacity, the mecha-

    nized nursery can produce at

    least 200 seedlings an hour,

    and for 2015, we are targetingto produce an estimated 26

    million seedlings, to which

    from the aggregate number,

    16.8 million will be allocated

    for DENR Bicol and 5.6 mil-

    lion for Region 4A RD Gon-

    zales added.

    Forestry experts posit that

    mechanized nursery would

    put prime on quantity as

    well as quality seedling pro-

    duction, the unconventional

    way of speeding up seedling


    production and generating

    high-quality saplings would

    strengthen reforestation ef-

    forts under the NGP that set

    to be completed in 2016.

    Engr. Raymond Sipin,

    head of the Project Manage-

    ment Unit reported that the

    Sooc mechanized nursery

    is nearly completed with atleast 87% work accomplish-

    ment as of October 2014.

    He said the facility will

    operate in March 2015 or as

    soon as all the machineries

    and facilities are completed.

    We must give other con-tributors the chance to surpriseus, Salceda also quoted the re-mark of Henrik Harboe, newlyelected co-chair of the GCFBoard and Deputy Directorof the Norwegian Ministry ofForeign Affairs.

    The GCF Board now hasthe critical role of translatingthese pledges into nancingdecisions for climate projectsand programs in developingcountries, the Filipino greeneconomist added.

    The Berlin Pledge heldearlier, the UN-named climatechange champion said, demon-strated that there is true prog-ress in providing nancial sup-


    port to developing countriesthat are willing to shift to moreclimate-resilient development

    pathways, and at the same timeto lower their emissions.

    The Funds pledges consti-tute the largest resource mobi-lization for adaptation nancefor vulnerable countries.

    The Pledging Conference

    of the Green Climate Fundyielded unprecedented USD10.2 billion.

    Governments unite behindthe Fund to leverage privateinvestment ows to provideclimate nance.

    The pledges were made by21 countries, including contri-

    butions from four developing

    countries.Their combined contribu-

    tions provide for the largestamount the international com-munity has ever mobilized fora dedicated climate nancemechanism within a time frameof less than ve months, Sal-ceda said.

    Resources allocated to theGreen Climate Fund will serveas a multiplier to unlock -

    nance ows from the privatesector.

    Private investment owsare essential for the transitionto a low-emission, climate-resilient future, the world-re-nowned Filipino nancial andinvestment expert claimed.

    These investments can bestimulated through applicationof concessional public nanc-ing from the Fund, he said.

    8,844 micronance members.

    City Mayor John Bongat

    was also invited to grace the

    occasion. The Chief Execu-

    tive was all hats up to the ac-

    complishments of CCMF,

    most specially for serving as

    a tool for community transfor-


    This is a classic example

    of a partnership and pagta-

    tarabangan ( helping each

    other) . There is the academe,

    the Ateneo de Naga, there is

    the private sector the CCMF.

    We are being taught on how

    we, the private sector and

    the government can help in

    the development of our com-munity, our province, and our

    nation. The bonus here is that,

    we have the support of the

    church, not only to help us to

    be responsible citizens or Fili-

    pinos, but to help us realize

    that we have a responsibility

    to also help the government

    thru our own effort, Bongat


    Under this years Durun-

    gan sa Pag-Uswag, sa Hawak

    asin Kalag theme which


    means total development, inbody and soul, Archbishop

    of Caceres Most Rev. Ro-

    lando Tria Tirona focused on

    the value of sharing which is

    the very purpose of the bless-

    ings and graces received from

    God. He emphasized the role

    of prayer to deepen our re-

    lationship with God and the

    devotion to Mother Mary

    as our model to our modern


    CCMF-Bikol), a subsidiary

    organization of the CONSUE-



    gan operations in 2004. This

    was after the late Doa Con-suelo Chito Madrigal ap-

    proved the grant of Php 200M

    for Bikol as her way of shar-

    ing her blessings to the poor

    segment of the society. The

    initial phase started off with

    then Ateneo President Fr. Joel

    E. Tabora, SJ.

    The partnership was even

    strengthened when Dona

    Consuelo learned that the late

    Archbishop Emeritus Most

    Rev. Leonardo Z. Legaspi,

    O.P.,D.D. belonged to the Do-

    minican Order, she extended

    the service of her Foundation

    to Bicol. Accounts says thather family owed so much to

    the Dominicans because her

    father, Vicente Madrigal, used

    to be Dominican scholar at

    San Juan de Letran. The rest

    is history.

    CCMF will continue to

    empower the less privileged

    by giving them a decent place

    to live in, a job that they can

    be proud of and a community

    where love and harmony ex-

    ist. -- LSMacatangay

  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 4 - 10 Issue



    Campus Journalism: Training Studentsfor Professional Journalism

    By MARICEL BERIA BERNAL, Teacher IIIRinconada National Technical Vocational School

    Sto. Domingo, Iriga City

    Starting em young. Thats a very common saying. Thatjournalism can be learned at a very young age is indeed verylaudable. This could be one of the most important objectives ofthe Elementary and Secondary PressCon which are an annualundertaking of the Department of Education. The idea is noless than to get students at their very young age to involve inall aspects of journalism, both print and broadcast. To manystudents, involving in the annual competition in journalism isenough reason to be proud. It is also a chance for them to learnthe ropes of the trade and subsequently use what he has learnedin the future should be opt enter in the journalism world. It is giventhat before the competition, participants in the presscon havebeen given thorough coaching from their mentors. Probably,the intensive coaching may not even be premised on the factthat their contestants the presscon have to learn but that theyhave to win. Well, after all, it has always been the culture of theFilipinos that participating in any contest means winning whichis not exactly very ethical.

    But no matter, campus journalism is aimed primarily to developjournalism among the young. In the process, the young campusjournalists with the training given them, the competition itself andthe feeling of being a proud member of the fourth estate can betaken as a guarantee of a making of a professional journalist.

    Journalism is a wonderful career. It is a profession that givesthe practitioner the chance to rub elbows with others, especially

    men and women of prominence and leaders of the world. Itgives one the chance to see the world while he reports on whatshappening there. Journalism might not prove lucrative a career,but the fact that one is doing a most wonderful job of reportingthe events of the world or even just in the domestic front canalready very fullling.

    The campus journalist can take it upon himself that young thathe is and no matter how limited his areas of reporting is, which isonly his campus, he is doing the different publics of his school andhis community a big service, something he could be proud of.

    Campus journalism can reward him a nice feather to his capand a badge he can wear, a feather and a cap that could pavethe way to professional journalism.

    Campus journalism is no different from professional journalismexcept for the fact that the campus journalist is a young studentwho is not working for a remuneration while the professionaljournalist is working to eke a living.

    days traditional Christmas Partywhich also marked the yearendmerrymaking of City Hall of-cials and employees.

    National awardsLast October, its exceptional

    performances in local governanceonce again put the city govern-ment in the limelight for win-ning three national championshipawards in a row.

    On Oct. 15, the city wasawarded as one of the countrystop three most livable cities in thesearch called the Liveable CitiesDesign Challenge organized bythe National CompetitivenessCouncil (NCC), Asia-PacicEconomic Cooperation (APEC)2015 National Organizing Coun-cil NOC), World Wildlife Fund(WWF), Alliance for Safe andSustainable Reconstruction (AS-SURE) and Asia Society and Ur-

    ban Land Institute (ULI).In the ranking among the

    three, Iloilo came rst, this citysecond and Cebu third.

    By launching this DesignChallenge, its organizers have

    been able to start a movementfor better urban planning acrossthe country to make cities fun,

    vibrant, and safe places to live,work, invest in and visit.

    A week later or on Oct. 21 thecity was given the Galing Pooknational championship award forthis year.

    This award program is a jointinitiative of the Local Govern-ment AcademyDepartment ofInterior and Local Government(LGA-DILG), the Ford Founda-tion, and other individual advo-cates of good governance fromthe academe, civil society and thenational government.

    The Public-Private Partner-ship (PPP) program won for thecity the award under the TenOutstanding Local GovernancePrograms as it was able to show

    positive results and impact, pro-motion of peoples participation

    and empowerment, innovation,transferability and sustainability,and efciency of service deliv-ery.

    On the same day, the most-coveted Silver Governance Trail-

    blazer (SGT) award for excel-lence in local governance given

    by the Institute of Solidarity inAsia (ISA) for its Public Gover-nance System (PGS) awards wasalso received by the city govern-ment.

    In this contest, the city gov-ernment garnered a score higherthan 8.5 in the public revalidaor performance report in accom-

    plishing the Compliance Stage inISAs program for institutionaliz-ing its PGS making the city theonly winner among the countrysLGUs this year.

    Tourist successAfter receiving over half amillion tourists last year for awhopping increase of 32.27 per-cent from the previous years list

    2014 VERY FRUITFUL . . .

    of arrivals, the city this year isclosing in on some 700,000 arriv-als for another tremendous tour-ism development performance.

    As recorded by the regionalofce for Bicol of the Depart-ment of Tourism based here, thetotal arrivals of both domesticand foreign tourists in the city forthe whole year of 2013 reached579,470, which was higher by141,370 over the 2012s 438,100gure.

    That was good enough forlast year as we surpassed eventhe 523,832 arrivals that the en-tire province of Albay posted in2012. This year, we already havealmost 700,000 and still counting.Our goal is to hit the one-millionmark by 2016, Rosal said.

    Tourists now visit Legazpinot only for the breathtaking viewof Mt. Mayon, one of the worldsmost active volcanoes made fa-mous by its magically-congured

    perfect cone form, but also for itssparkling metropolis loaded withheavy tourism-related activitiesand exciting places to relax, playand enjoy a healthful living, Ro-sal said.

    Convention Capital

    After hosting 30 conventionsand similar big gatherings thisyear, this key Bicol metropolisknown in the worlds travel in-dustry as the City of Fun andAdventure believes it is scoringhigh to become one of the coun-trys a leading convention city.

    This year, we are condentof being recognized as one of thecountrys ve favorite venues of

    big regional, national and inter-national gatherings like conven-tions, summits and similar grandoccasions, Rosal said.

    He based his condence onthe citys being chosen this yearas host to at least 30 big ofcialgatherings organized by variousnational and international groups,among them the Association ofSoutheast Asia Nations (ASEAN)

    and the United Nations WorldTourism Organization (UNWTO)which held last May their seriesof conferences on InternationalTourism and Climate Change.

    That UNWTO-ASEAN con-ferences and all those other gath-erings brought in to the city the

    bulk of visitors from almost allcorners of the world who enjoyednot only the view of majestic Mt.Mayon but also the ambiance ofthis city as a world-class traveldestination, according to Rosal.

    Our quest for preference asa venue of big national and inter-national gatherings is anchoredon our being highly capable nowof hosting and properly handlingfriendly visitors from any part ofthe world, Rosal said.

    Tourism is indeed taking a

    crucial role in the citys continu-ing pursuit of inclusive and hori-zontal growth that benets notonly big investors such as hoteloperators but also the people in

    the countryside, where most of itstourist destinations are located, by

    providing more opportunities foremployment and business ven-tures, the city mayor stressed.

    Infra developmentThe city government and the

    Department of Public Worksand Highways (DPWH) arenow jointly implementing thePhp300-million urban drainageimprovement project funded bythe national government to putan end to the ooding problemsconstantly confronting the centraldistrict of this city.

    The project is covered by thefunding worked out by Rosalwith Pres. Aquino and releasedduring the middle of this yearvia the 2014 General Appropria-tion Act (GAA), which was madeas part of the Php2-billion oodcontrol program approved by thePresident for the city last year andnow ongoing implementation.

    The entire program will pro-vide giant pumping facilities to

    pump out into Albay Gulf oodwaters from three strategic lo-cations around the citys urbancenter covering the entirety of itscommercial, industrial and resi-dential areas.

    The widening of the Yawa

    Bridge, a major bridge along thenational highway connecting thecity with the rst district of Albay

    province, has also been startedthrough the Php50-million ini-tial appropriation under the 2014GAA released by the DBM.

    Yawa Bridge is a 64-meter-long concrete structure whosetwo-lane make has grown toonarrow for the burgeoning trafc

    between the city proper and itsurban barangays on the northernside down to Tabaco City and vemunicipalities of the provincesrst district.

    The trafc congestion beingcaused by the bridge as the bot-tleneck would be eased by wid-ening it to four lanesa projectapproved by Malacaang for anamount of Php140 million.

    Works are at the same time inprogress on the Php 200-milliontourism mega highway that willopen a direct link between thistourist city and the South LuzonInternational Airport (SLIA) now

    being constructed in the nearbyDaraga, Albay.

    It will be a 10-kilometer con-crete road whose prime section isthe now-famous Legazpi Boule-vard in Barangay Puro, a four-ki-lometer stretch of wide concreteroad bordering the long beach ofAlbay Gulf and serving as an ar-tistic milieu for physical tnessactivities that is well-lighted atnight, clean, easily accessible,secure and free from air pollu-tion.

    The mega highway willtraverse several upland villagesalong the southern sector of thecity and become the new localinvestment haven and anothersite for tourism industry develop-ment. -Danny O. Calleja

    For the rst time in the history of the Catholic church, a Popein the person of Pope Francis listed 15 ailments of the VaticanCuria, during his annual greeting to Cardinals, bishops and priests.Im writing it here because it is also applicable to all priests andCatholics. It was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer datedDec. 24, 2014:

    Ailments of Curia, according to Pope FrancisVATICAN CITYPope Francis listed 15 ailments of the

    Vatican Curia during his annual Christmas greetings to thecardinals, bishops and priests who run the central administrationof the 1.2-billion strong Catholic Church. Heres the list.

    1. Feeling immortal, immune or indispensable.A Curiathat doesnt criticize itself, that doesnt update itself, that doesntseek to improve itself is a sick body.

    2. Working too hard. Rest for those who have done theirwork is necessary, good and should be taken seriously.

    3. Becoming spiritually and mentally hardened. Itsdangerous to lose that human sensibility that lets you cry withthose who are crying, and celebrate those who are joyful.

    4. Planning too much.Preparing things well is necessary,but dont fall into the temptation of trying to close or direct thefreedom of the Holy Spirit, which is bigger and more generousthan any human plan.

    5. Working without coordination, like an orchestra thatproduces noise.When the foot tells the hand, I dont need youor the hand tells the head Im in charge.

    Spiritual Alzheimers6. Having spiritual Alzheimers. We see it in the people

    who have forgotten their encounter with the Lord in those whodepend completely on their here and now, on their passions,whims and manias, in those who build walls around themselvesand become enslaved to the idols that they have built with theirown hands.

    7. Being rivals or boastful.When ones appearance, thecolor of ones vestments or honoric titles become the primaryobjective of life.

    8. Suffering from existential schizophrenia. Its thesickness of those who live a double life, fruit of hypocrisy thatis typical of mediocre and progressive spiritual emptiness thatacademic degrees cannot ll. Its a sickness that often affects thosewho, abandoning pastoral service, limit themselves to bureaucraticwork, losing contact with reality and concrete people.

    9. Committing the terrorism of gossip.Its the sickness ofcowardly people who, not having the courage to speak directly,talk behind peoples backs.

    10. Glorifying ones bosses.Its the sickness of those whocourt their superiors, hoping for their benevolence. They arevictims of careerism and opportunism, they honor people whoarent God.

    11. Being indifferent to others.When, out of jealousy orcunning, one nds joy in seeing another fall rather than helpinghim up and encouraging him.

    Funereal face12. Having a funereal face.In reality, theatrical severity

    and sterile pessimism are often symptoms of fear and insecurity.The apostle must be polite, serene, enthusiastic and happy andtransmit joy wherever he goes.

    13. Wanting more.When the apostle tries to ll an existentialemptiness in his heart by accumulating material goods, notbecause he needs them but because hell feel more secure.

    14. Forming closed circles that seek to be stronger thanthe whole.This sickness always starts with good intentions butas time goes by, it enslaves its members by becoming a cancerthat threatens the harmony of the body and causes so muchbadscandalsespecially to our younger brothers.

    15. Seeking worldly prot and showing off.Its the sicknessof those who insatiably try to multiply their powers and to do soare capable of calumny, defamation and discrediting others, evenin newspapers and magazines, naturally to show themselves asbeing more capable than others. AP

    FROM MY WINDOW . . .

    Once, a woman with a very sick child boarded a jeepney inbarrio Datag for an emergency hospital in Pandan, 7 barriosaway.The hapless child died before reaching the hospitalbefore my eyes.I could not bear the sight of a distraught mother,howling, clutching her dead child close to her breast.

    The memory of that tragedy still lingers in my mind.When the New Peoples Army gained a foothold in

    Catanduanes a few years back, the military followed to driveaway the rebels.The rst casualty was the peace and quiet ofmany communities.

    The experience of Catanduanes was the experience of myCaramoan hometown in the Bicol province of Camarines Sur.Free of rebels during my high school days,I was shocked tolearn when I came home after the decade that it was rebel

    infested.Residents talked of the time when the townhall was stormed

    by insurgents who surfaced aboard a truck. They also talkedof l3 civilians who were killed by armed men who red at aspeeding jeepney full with passengers.

    Those dark days are seemingly past.Today, the once sleepy coastal barrio Paniman, connected

    to the town proper by a 3-kilometer road, which had remainedunnished for half a century, has become a tourist haven.It isnot unusual to see foreign tourists strolling down the beach onearly mornings.The unnished road is now well-paved.

    Paniman is my birthplace.I rarely come for a visit.unlike before when home was

    Paniman with my grandparents. Home is now Legazpi City. Butit was in Catanduanes years ago.

    My years of wandering are over.


  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter January 4 - 10 Issue




    OUTSTANDING LOCAL NEWSPAPERFor Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter

    Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards


    JANUARY 4-10, 2015

    BICOL RIC NATIONAL WINNER jUN COLLANTESThe Bicol delegation headed by RED Abelardo Bragas posed with Secretary Alcala during theawarding ceremony for the Gawad Saka 2014.

    SUDOKU SUPER CHALLENGE AT SM CITY NAGAMath wizards from various schools in Bicol competed for the Sudoku Super Challenge Regionalelimination round recently conducted by the Mathematics Trainers Guild at SM City Naga. Atotal of 274 high school students from Hope Christian School, Camarines Sur National HighSchool, Blessed Lights International Christian Academy, Universidad de Sta. Isabel, AquinasUniversity and Naga City Science High School took part in the competition. Winners of theelimination round have qualied for the National Finals of Sudoku Super Challenge which willbe held in SM North EDSA on January 31, 2015. Winners from the National Finals will get thechance to compete for other world Sudoku contest in different countries.

    By Norman B. Tamar

    MASBATE CITY -- Thesaying "It is better to give

    than to receive" was the

    spirit Masbate Governor

    Rizalina Seachon-Lanete

    shared to her constituents in

    celebration of her birthday

    on Dec. 30, which coincided

    with the 118th death an-

    niversary of the country'snational hero, Gat Jose P.


    The lady provincial chief

    executive said people have

    been receiving gifts from her

    since the time when she was

    still a congresswoman.

    She added that more or less

    7,000 families beneted fromthe gift-giving activity.

    The weather was not good

    on Dec. 30 here, but people

    braved the rains and support-

    ed her birthday celebration at(Turn to page 6)

    (Turn to page 6)

    PICC, PASAY CITY The Rural ImprovementClub(RIC) of Miluya, Castl-la, Sorsogon is this yearsnational outstanding RICawardee, one of the total oftwenty-two (22) individu-als and organizations thatpassed the agencys most

    prestigious search.The award which consisted

    of a P300,000 project grant,P50,000 cash award, trophyand plaque of recognition, wasgiven by Agriculture Secre-tary Proceso J. Alcala duringthe 44th national awardingceremony of the Gawad Saka2014 Outstanding Achieversin Agriculture and Fisherieson December 18 at the Philip-pine International ConventionCenter in Roxas Boulevard,this City.

    The club president JenieMatamorosa together withMiluya Bgy. Captain andRIC committee on livelihoodchairperson Vilma Marticio




    8:00 AM Flag Raising Ceremonies

    8:30 Opening of Business One Stop Shop (BOSS)

    9:00 Inauguration / Blessing of Daet Go Negosyo Center

    (Business and Investment Development Center)

    10:00 Awarding of 2014 Outstanding Taxpayers

    1:00 PM Go Negosyo Stakeholders Meeting Conference Room


    7:00 AM Three Kings Celebration& Parade

    (Central Plaza to Elevated Plaza Plaza Pineapple Fountain

    9:30 Groundbreaking Ceremonies:

    G2D Waste Recycling Facility and Metro Daet Satellite Market

    (Barangay Bibirao and Camambugan)

    3:00 PM Barangay Ofcials Assembly (Heritage Center)

    Awarding of Paskong Kumukutitap winners

    Launching of Gayon Daet, GayonBikol 2015

    Launching of Gayon Bicol: Festival of Festivals

    5:00 Gift-giving to Indigents of Daet Heritage Center


    9:00 AM LGU-Daet Program Review and Planning Workshop

    11:00 Meeting League of Municipalities of the Philippines

    S'sogon RIC gets nat'l award