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    TESDA Bicolreadies K-12


    TESDA Bicolreadies K-12


    Daet, Labo host Hawaii Trade MissionBy RosaLiTa B. ManLangiT

    DAET, Camarines Norte The towns of Daet and Labo were visited by the 25th Hawaii Trade Mission of the Filipino Chamber of Hawaii (FCCH) Wednesday (Feb. 11). The visit was headed by Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui (Ed.:not Tsutusi as earlier reported) of the State of Hawaii along with Honolulu Philippine Consul General Gina Jamoralin.

    Top TrADE miSSion mEmBErS hAil SArionall three leading members of the recent Hawaii trade mission here were unanimous in heaping praises on what Mayor Tito s. sarion had done for Daet. good ideas are only made possible by great leaders like Mayor sarion, Hawaii Lt. gov shan Tsutsui said during a welcome lunch for the delegation at the terrace grill here. Tsutsui, who is touted as the next governor of the Pacific State said that steering the town as the most competitive in the country is no mean feat and had been the reason the 25th Hawaii trade mission included the town. Filipino Chamber of Commerce in Hawaii president Paul alumbuyao said even top officials of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry whom they meet the night before their Daet trip said the municipality is the next wave as investment destination in the country. for her part, Consul general gina Jamoralin who traces her roots in sorsogon said that if all local chief executives will be like Mayor sarion, the Philippines will be a country to reckon with.

    The mission was an off-shoot of the visit of Daet Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion in Honolulu Hawaii last year. Sarion believes that the visit will eventually bring better economic opportunities for the said municipalities.

    In appreciation of Tsut-

    suis visit, a resolution was made adopting him as hon-orary son of Daet. Resolu-tion No. 07-2015 was read and turned over to him dur-ing a simple ceremony here. It was passed by the San-guniang Bayan prior to the officials visit which stated that Daet will promote Ha-waii in the Philippines as an investment and the munici-pality as a tourist destina-tion. Sarion believes that it will encourage trade and economic activities across the Pacific Region.

    The resolution also put emphasis on Tsutsuis desire to establish long relation-ship with the Philippines,

    Bicol farmers get P53M Da assistance

    sec. aLCaLa

    Department of Agri-culture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala turned over ag-ricultural facilities, dis-tributed goods, livelihood checks and project grants amounting to over P53-million in his recent visit to Camarines Sur and Al-bay provinces last week, the DA Field Office No. 5 said in a press statement.

    On February 10, he turned over a rice process-ing complex in Polangui (see separate story) and another in Bula, Camarines Sur. The former projects costs P16-million, while the latter, is PhP6-million.

    During his visit in Ca-marines Sur, his 7th in the province and 15th in the region, Alcala interacted with over 1,700 farmer leaders, local government

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    LEGAZPI CITY With the forthcoming implementation of the Senior High School (SHS) program by 2016, the top official of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) regional office here assured that close coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd) Bicol regional office is underway to comply with the requirements under the K to 12 program.

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    While congressional investigations or hearings are reported on-going one after another, I wonder what our elected legislators are doing in connection to their law-making function. Cong. Felix William Wimpy Fuentebella of the 4th District of Camarines Surs office provided me the following bills filed by the Congressman nationally funded. These bills are geared toward quality education in his district, sports development, coastal trade, faster decisions rendered by the Housing and Regulatory Board for Housing, Planning and Urban Development, for justice of murder victims of Gata, Camarines, etc.




    goods went down including industrial and wood products, and electronic equipment. Outbound sales of electronics, machinery and transport equipment, garments and miscellaneous articles and chemicals remain buoyant. In general export of agro-based products were up, even as lower coconut production (due to natural calamities) and exports thereof dragged the sector down.

    EUROPE: Euro zone economic growth unexpectedly improved in the final quarter of 2014 with the Blocs largest member (Germany), expanding at more than twice the expected rate. The total growth for the whole of Europe just grew by 0.3% but that rate was already considered high what with the negative performance of many of its members. The positive achievers were led by Germany with 0.9% growth in the fourth quarter of 2014.

    There were speculations of recession last year but recent economic

    performance of the bigger Euro members erased that. France grew by 0.1%, even as Greece continued to tally negatively with its financial difficulties. Euro purchasing managers survey produced the best for euro zone firms since mid-2014, pointing to first quarter 2015 growth of 0.3%. This means oil purchases for Europe will go up, and with it - global fuel prices!

    TERRORISM: Satanic forces are now all around us! Even the supposedly financially- secure centers of population are now invaded by terrorists. If such economic giants like the USA, Russia, and Euro countries are now troubled by terrorist incursions, how much more so for under developed nations like the Philippines? Anti-terrorism measures should not just be for the government to think about. We can help to save our communities.

    To insure the continuing peace and livelihood safety, the safety prime movers should be the people themselves. Peace and security of our environs is our own concern. We must work closely with government and our peacekeepers so that terrorism can be nipped in the bud. We must know the daily activities of our neighbors more so those engaging in suspicious transactions. In these times we have to work closely with our police and military.

    READING: Christian life is not just the absence of bad things; it is also the present of good things.

    (PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

    REUNION: Alumni brothers of the Nu Kappa Phi Fraternity (NKP) of the University of Nueva Caceres met recently in a dinner meeting hosted by this columnist (NKPhian since 1961). The frat members included Judge Leo L. Intia, Prosecutor Bong dela Cruz, media man Gil Basmayor, Prof. Ramon K. Cervantes, Engrs. Asis Macaraig & Boy Aman, Vic Alparan, Rolly Bolvar, Tim Borromeo, Ato San Juan, Totoy Abiog and other professionals.

    The group received the status report on the NKP from their campus brothers. Suggestions received included fund raising to further activate the fraternity one of the two remaining accredited student organizations. Among the projects envisioned are: sponsorship of quarterly technical seminars, scholarships for poor but deserving students, and related activities to promote the vision and mission of the honor fraternity.

    EXPORTS: The outbound product shipments of the country in 2014 posted a 9% growth to US$61.8 billion. The figure could have been higher were it not for the lower exports in December 2014 due to lower exports from manufactures, agri-based and petroleum products. The growth rate is exemplary when compared with the sluggish performance of the Euro countries, Japan, China and even Korea.

    Export earnings from manufactured

    Proud to be NKPhian

    What a great waste of human materials. I am referring to the fallen SAF members whose lives were snuffed out in a lopsided battle with Muslim rebels. I remember what US General George Patton in the movie, Patton, said upon seeing German infantrymen falling like tenpins from American bullets. What a waste of young infantrymen, he said.

    I grieve for the slain troopers. They were too young to die. Their deaths, however, could not be avoided. If death does not come too soon, it will come later but nobody knows when. The life of a soldier is always in peril.

    Their dying for the country and being honored as heroes for the supreme sacrifice is always there. That is what makes a soldier some kind of a mortal cut above ordinary men. The possibility of exiting from our world anytime endows him with a magical allure.

    Not everyone is given the chance to die for the country. These were the words of the late chief justice Jose Abad Santos

    to his son.He told his son to be brave in the face

    of impending death.The chief justice was executed by the Japanese during the Pacific War

    But even if death is always around the corner, when it comes,you will find it very hard to describe the searing pain. In fact, words are not enough to express the agony.

    I do not buy the excuse of the MILF that what occurred was due to a misencounter. Even former Sen. Panfilo Lacson would not accept that reasoning that it was a mistake with the number of casualties on the side of the troopers.

    The rebels, according to a survivors published account, had violated the laws of war. They pumped bullets on his dying comrades There were also marks of mutilation on the dead troopers bodies. The MILF, however, has denied the accusation of brutality.

    You can not expect unschooled rebels to observe rules adhered to by civilized men. To them, rules in warfare are nothing but scrap of toilet paper.

    For what the rebels did, their massacre of the troopers and the mutilation of their bodies, their commanders and their men should be held accountable and punished. That is justice.

    a great waste of valuable human materials

    lee g. dullesco iiHead, Advertising Associates



    Tel. no. (054) 475-6262

    ed g. yuEditor


    Love in the timeof Mamasapano

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, a solon has proposed to declare Valentines Day as a national holiday. Where did this con-gressman draws his logic, when far more pressing issue like the future of the BBL should be addressed, escapes us. This is clearly diversionary. One cannot find peace where the enemy is intent on war. There is also no second time around, quite contrary to the SWS survey. Love and peace should come from the mutual confidence. The Mamasapano massacre put the BBL hanging in a balance.

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    gender Equality in the WorkplaceBy Ma. sHEJiBa L. RaMBoYong - Teacher 2

    san Miguel Elementary schooliriga City

    These days there is not much distinction between a male and a female when it comes to work. Todays workplace is characterized as a haven for both male and female working together regardless of gender. They are equal. They could seek the same promotion, are given the same treatment, are entitled to the same benefits and hopefully come to terms harmoniously.

    Today, some men dress like women and most women have outfits those of men. And nobody is bothered anyway. The world has gone ambivalent.

    In the workplace especially in the education industry, men and woman alike share common responsibilities and duties. They are entitled to the same benefits. They handle similar subjects. They can aspire for the same promotions. It is now a matter of who is best qualified. It is now a matter of who has the best educational qualifications and gender is out of the question.

    No one, however, can dispute the fact that women dominate the educational sector and many high positions in the educational industry are occupied by women but this is not saying that women are far more efficient than men. It is not unusual now for women teachers handling subjects meant for men and vice versa. Women teachers are handling agriculture and men handling embroidery and doing crochet and better than womenhehe. Today there is a big need for welders for overseas employment and many women are into studying welding and they stand better chances of getting employed than male welders. There are many women bus, jeepney, taxi and trimobile drivers. On the other hand, there are many male midwives and it is believed they are more caring than their women counterparts.

    It is Philippine historywe have had two lady Presidents and many world leaders are female. This is not to say that females are predominantly superior than men but this is to rightfully say that that men and women now are practically on the same boat in all fields of life. no more distinction between being male and female. Gender is never a big issue now.

    The question of the hour isare gays female and lesbian males? Just asking.


  • bikol reporter 3february 15-21, 2015

    Economic Deprivation is not a Hindrance in the Pursuit of Education

    By MaRia TEREsa L. oBias - Teacher 1san agustin Elementary school

    iriga City Countless stories have been related of people who have

    become successful in their life. most of them are self-made person. They have carved their names on their own. Some of them were pupils who sent themselves to school working their way because their parents could hardly afford to provide for their education. Some would go to school on empty stomachs. Others would walk kilometers to reach their school. Some could hardly buy notebooks much less books. In short, his family is economically deprived but that is no reason to go to achool and seek education.

    We have also heard of parents who are doing everything possible to send their children to school despite their financial setbacks reasoning out that education is the only inheritance they could give their children, a legacy that no one can take away from their children.

    Poverty is not a hindrance in the pursuit of education. It is even a key to pushing to get educated and doing the best they can. Education can be had really despite financial incapacity. If pupils would study very well, they could be awarded scholarships that can make them move to their next academic ladder gratis. Otherwise, a pupil can work his way. He can become a working student , work during his spare but certainly not neglecting his studies. Then alls well.

    The advantage of being financially short for a student is that it makes him concentrate on studies alone. He will have no time for barkada who might push him to go on drinking sprees. He will not be bothered going to computer shops and play dota. But he will have, however, time to go to the same establishment for his researches and other school works that need for him to visit the computer shop for a very good reason.

    Today, there many opportunities for economically deprived students to study. The program of the government through the Department of Social Welfare that is the 4Ps is giving families with financial difficulty the chance to send their children to school since it is a provision of the program that children of the programs beneficiaries are onligated to send their children to school. In ones own neighborhood, school children can do odd jobs like helping their neighbors who are better off in running errands, helping clean the hosue and do gardening. They could provide the student wih something for their projects. In which way, they do not get a reprimand friom teachers or group mates because they could not contribute to group projects due to financial constraints.

    VisiT ouR

    The Challenges of an Elementary grade graduate

    By Ma. gEnoViVa n. Quiao - Teacher IIIriga Central School

    Iriga City

    After the sixth grade, what? The best answer is move forward. Go back to school and seek a secondary education. Could this be true to all elementary grade graduates?

    Many of our forebear long and speak with nostalgia their days when after completing an elementary education, they are capable of getting a job even engaging themselves in teaching. Those were the days. Compared to the time these days, where will an elementary education take a child? The answer is nowhere. It is even difficult to land a janitorial job which requires a secondary education which means, a good four years after the sixth grade.

    Needless to say and quite brutal too, a sixth grade graduate will not take him to a position of comfort in life. It should therefore dawn on the sixth grade graduate to start thinking what would he do with his life. Stay at home? If there is no chance of going back to school due to financial constraints, perhaps he can go farm or raise hogs or think of getting married? My God, the last one is simply unthinkable.. how will he raise a family?

    Today, there are many chances of seeking secondary education. There are many available scholarships for high school education offered by credible and well-meaning institutions in the country. This is where the grade six graduate will get back to what he has learned in his elementary schooling. If it was fruitful, there is no reason to fret. A scholarship can be his. Otherwise, he can seek education in government institutions of learning like a national high school in his barangay and perhaps he can support his basic needs by doing odd jobs in school like running errand for his teacher during his free time, helping his teacher in his home like gardening for him or helping in his laundry work or cleaning the house. It is a matter of being enterprising. But best of all it is being hard working, honest and dependable.

    The bottom line isget back to school, Pursue high school and if you are s hardworking and dedicated to your study, after due time, you will have a high school diploma but ready to face a different kind of challenge..

    There is still life ahead of a sixth grade graduate.

    Film ApprEciATion WorKShopaward-winning Director Brillante Mendoza received a special token of appreciation from sM City naga Mall Manager Wesley Villanueva and sM sVP for Marketing Communications Millie Dizon during the launching of the first Brillante Mendoza Film appreciation Workshop last January 30, 2015. special screenings of the documentary film " One Small Act " were also held at the sM Cinema the day after. students from the Central Bicol state university for agriculture, universidad de sta. isabel attended the event.

    The Philippine Infor-mation Agency (PIA) in partnership with the De-partment of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) sponsored a Pro-vincial Stakeholders Fo-rum on Climate Change Adaptation Advocacy at the New Crown Hotel, Naga City on February

    10, 2015.The forum is part of the

    strategy being adopted by DENR and PIA to implement the advocacy campaign for climate change.

    With the Forums theme Strengthening Partnership among Communities for Cli-mate Change Adaptation, and the message Nagbabago

    na ang Panahon, Panahon na para Magbago, it aims to popularize and strengthen ad-aptation and mitigation mea-sures in response to climate change.

    The Forum was attended by Atty. Arnel Rodriguez, DENR Asst. Regional Direc-tor for Management Services, and by some local chief exec-

    utives, including Naga City Mayor John G. Bongat who delivered the inspirational message, City and Munici-pal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officers, representatives from LGUs, non-government organiza-tions, the academe, tri-me-dia and other stakeholders in Camarines Sur.

    Baao upland folks get safe drinking waterBy ana-Liza s. MaCaTangaY

    BAAO, Camarines Sur --- Barangays Caranday, Sta.Teresita and Del Pilar, all of Baao, Camarines Sur can now enjoy safe and potable water after the turn-over of a water project jointly sponsored by the Philippine Rural Recon-struction Movement (PRRM) and Coca-Cola Foundation Philippine Inc. (CFFI).

    PRRM Area Manager and Field Project Coordinator Dante Bismonte stated that the un-dertaking is part of PRRM's community-based projects and

    empowering programs which pursues to uplift the condition of the locale most specifically their health condition. Along with this, PRRM also implements Water Sanitation (WATSAN) called Tubig sa Baryo Project.

    "Aside from providing water-less communities with access to safe and potable water, we also want to educate the youth and the members of the community on the importance of conserv-ing water resources. This is also to improve the sanitation of the place and make people aware of

    the importance of clean water to their health, Bismonte said in an interview.

    Dubbed "Agos Tubig sa Barrio", the project endeavors to serve far-flung communities without access to potable wa-ter. Waterless barangays in the remote outskirts of the country remain part of the tasks left un-finished for the past years. The government though, as part of its Public-Private Partnership (PPP) scheme, encourages other partners to take part in resolving this issue.

    Helping out in the said en-deavor is Coca Cola Company,

    implementing it as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) through their foundation, the CCFPI. The foundation is supporting communities espe-cially those in the far flung ar-eas to have an access to potable water.

    It was in 2011 when the foun-dation started its Agos Pro-gram and since then has been in aid of communities that are in dire need of safe and potable wa-ter. This is also part of the com-panys way of giving back the amount of water that they have utilized in the production of their merchandise. Agos is a taga-

    log word which means flow.PRRM, on their part, forge

    the said cooperation only last August 2014.

    The agreement was also sup-ported by the local government unit of Baao under the headship of its Chief Executive Melquia-des Gaite. Present during the occasion is PRRM President Isagani Serrano, CCFI President Cecile L. Alcantara, Liga Presi-dent Hon. Benjamin Blanquera and 5th District Representative Salvio Fortuno.

    The Punong Barangays of the barangay recipients were also around to deliver their mes-sage of acceptance.

    The said endeavor is also

    in support of the governments health program which aims to contribute to the attainment of the goal of providing potable water to the entire country. This is also defined under the Philip-pine Development Plan 2011-2016 Millennium Development Goals (MDG), and the Philip-pine Water Supply Sector Road-map and the Philippine Sustain-able Sanitation Roadmap.

    Dubbed as Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig Para sa Lahat or SAL-INTUBIG Program, it also aims to reduce incidence of water-borne and sanitation related dis-eases and develop a sustainable water supply to all waterless communities.

  • bikol reporter4 february 15-21, 2015hAlo-hAlo

    inner chessBY J. HEnRY DaniCan

    nin sarong nasa frontera kan laban.

    Sala sa Presidente Aquino na apodon ining trahedya. Pinapasimple kani an isyu asin idinudulag siya sa responsibilidad, na iyong marka nin trahedya.

    Pagadalan niya garo na maghale sa puwesto sa bagong iwas-pusoy na ini.

    Bakong trahedya si Mamasapano. Sa mga Greko an trahedya minaugat sa inaapod na hubris o an pinakaharaning tataramon ta hambog. Bakong hambog si pigpursige kan operasyon laban sa Malaysianong parabomba. May pigsunod si Napeas na order, dawa bako ining klarado, asin kagadanan kan 44 judgment call

    Modern technology has taken a toll in all of us. Its worldwide use has established the fact that modern technology outnumbers the positive more than its negative impact. Each and every domain of our life, be it education or the regular household chores seems to have use of modern technology that we are almost about to askare we relying too much on it that we have become habitual to it?

    Is technology causing education to improve over time or have we just been catching up with the trend of educational technology? With technology education is now highly modernized. It is relying much on technology that it can be said education has become much easier.

    Education has been a whole new meaning and truly education leaves us no doubt the educational system has been transformed.

    Used correctly technology and education make a perfect combination. It can be the great factor in making education achieve its goal.

    Through technology teachers can collaborate to share their resources online, get connected with fellow teachers in an instant. On the other hand, students can develop valuable research skills at a young age. Students and teachers have access to an expanse of materials. Resourceful websites can be utilized. The internet provides a variety of knowledge and doesnt limit students to ones opinion. Online learning is now an equally credible option.

    With modern technology used in education, better student performance has been discovered, long term researchers indicate the positives of technology on learning. It was likewise discovered that the same improves student learning outcomes.

    The use of Modern Technology in Classroom instruction

    By Luz M. BagaCina - Teacher 2Tamban Central school

    Tinambac, Camarines sur

    Teachers on the goKeeping Time on Check

    By MaRiFE o. aLMELoR - Teacher 2San Miguel Elementary School, Iriga City

    Teachers are extremely busy people. Most of us, teachers, have homes to keep, as husbands or wives and of course, we have children to take care of. This keeps us thinking how do we spend our time wisely. Most of us are caught in a time crunch. We seem to have so much to do that 24 hours a day is never enough. In this time and age of high technology, we have even surrounded ourselves with the latest gadgets to save on precious time.

    We can only reminisce about the good old days when we have all the free time in the world to idle around. Today, we have become slaves to the clock. We can not have that relaxing repartee with fellow teachers measuring times through things we have accomplished. We become agitated.

    But, there is really nothing to be worried about. Teachers but also mothers and fathers, and we are known

    to be people on the go, keeping time checked that we do not lose ourselves in the mire of hopeless simply because we can not schedule our lives correctly.

    There is always a time for everything. Just like in school, there is a time for MAPEH, a time for English, for everything including a time for our snacks and lunch and even a time for exchanging ideas with fellow teachers. Start with waking up early which is such a wonderful practice. Starting the day with a prayer for a fulfilling day is great. Then, we are off to do breakfast for the family. If the children are of school age, they must have been prepared for school, homeworks done and checked before they settled for bed the night before. Llunch must have been prepared for the ones who go home for lunch. Could this also mean that we had retired early the night before? Maybe not because we were kept busy making our lesson plan or checking papers or accomplishing forms, etc.

    We are never busy enough if we manage our time wisely. Going to school early is such a good practice. We should not keep our chair waiting. With us coming to school on time, we are given the chance to do boardwork, go over unfinished tasks the day before. It is possible that we still have time to water the plants in our surroundings, discard unwanted things and throw them properly in the right trash, So the morning is as bright as every single child who is expected to sing the national anthem from the bottom of their hearts with you because they too came to school on time.

    In school, normally things just work as they are scheduled. Your teaching materials have been readied and all you need to worry about are the childrens mischiefs but that is the least to be worried about. They are very young and hopefully, healthy.

    It is a matter of being positive all the time. Gods in His ever loving guiding hand and us, teachers, we are in the rightest position to fulfuill the mandate we gave ourselves when we chose teaching for our profession.

    Tinagba Festival 2015 successfulThe 2015 Tinagba Fes-

    tival in Iriga City was marked with seven floats that chronicle the history of Tinagba when it was first done by the agtas in Iriga as a pagan ritual of thanks-giving offering the best pro-duce of their farm and of-fering them to a gugurang. The ritual was later chris-tianized by the Spaniards and held February 11 to co-incide with the feast of Our lady of Lourdes. From then on the festival was held an-nually with bullcarts pulled by gaily decorated cara-baos and laden with fruits and vegetables which were the best in their farms were later distributed to chosen marginalized sectors in the city. A street dancing be-came regular feature of the celebration.

    This years Tinagba Fes-tival on its 40th year had the whole city agog over

    the many colorful events that were featured during the one-week celebration with a Agri and Trade Fair, an extreme bike challenge, paarakan which showed the best talents of the city plus guests from Manila that per-

    formed magic, games, songs and dances all to the thrill and enjoyment that made the celebration something to be remembered.

    Vice Mayor Ishko More-no of Manila and Richard Yap of Be Careful with my

    Heart teleserye that capti-vated guested and thrilled the female audience. .

    To Mayor Ronald Felix Y. Alfelor and former Mayor Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen are credited for the festival success.

    The bloody encounter in Magindanao has again brought to public attention the existence of enclaves outside the authority of the lawful government. The enclaves are ruled by rebels who wont allow government agents to enter without their consent.

    The long held belief is that some areas in Mindanao are outside Philippine jurisdiction. The l987 Philippine Constitution has defined the limits of our territory. Nothing is mentioned about areas outside our territory.

    The only places temporarily outside Philippine jurisdiction are those occupied by foreign embassies.

    a question of privilege . . .

  • bikol reporter 5february 15-21, 2015

    homar murillo

    HeroismWhen the Nazis came for the communists, I remained

    silent; I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat. When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.

    Reverend Martin niemoeller

    When I was in elementary, I hated the subject of history. I hated memorizing dates, names, and events that did not seem to have any significance in everyday life. History seemed very unreal to me. I was more interested in cartoons. For me, Superman, Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman were more appealing heroes than Aguinaldo, Bonifacio and Rizal. The Katipunan seemed more fictitious than the Justice League or the Fantastic Four. You cannot blame me. Like any other child, I was in the stage wherein fiction was more appealing than facts. Heroism was an abstract concept for me. I did not consider anyone without any superpowers as hero well, except for Batman.

    Although I havent totally outgrown my childhood fantasies, I am now more aware what heroism is all about. I have realized that heroism is not really about saving the world from inter-galactic or trans-dimensional villains. I have realized that real-life heroes do not necessarily wear colorful and tight costumes. I have realized that heroes are not necessarily fearless. I have realized that heroes are also capable of crying for fear of their lives like Jun Lozada. I have realized that heroes can also bleed and die from bullet wounds like the farmers who were massacred in Mendiola. I have realized that heroes can come from all walks of life like the ones who used their bodies as barricades against advancing tanks during the first EDSA revolution. I have realized that heroes can be nameless and faceless like those activists who were murdered and buried in unmarked graves.

    Heroism is not necessarily about dying for an ideal. Heroism can be as simple as voicing your opinion. Heroism can be as simple as being outraged by injustice, lies and corruption! Heroism can be as simple as walking a few meters with the Sumilao farmers or lighting a candle for the 44 slain SAF officers in Maguindanao.

    Heroism can be as simple as desiring to have a better society and a good government. Heroism can be as simple as watching the news and being aware of the issues. After all, it is through awareness that the seed of action may grow.

    Although we honor the memories of the dead heroes, our country needs living heroes more than ever. Heroism does not necessarily demand your blood. Becoming a hero can be as simple as performing your civic duties without being told or forced to do so.

    Becoming a hero can be as simple as abandoning your apathy.

    Email: [email protected]

    Republic of the PhilippinesnaTionaL WaTER REsouRCEs BoaRD

    PARTIDO DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION Applicant Case No. 14-2004x - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x

    noTiCE oF HEaRingThis is an application for the Issuance of a Certificate of Public Convenience to oper-

    ate and maintain a waterworks system within the 4th District, Province of Camarines Sur, Tigaon-Sagnay, Goa, San Jose, Lagonoy, Tinambac, Siruma, Presentacion, Garchitorena and Caramoan, with the following proposed rates:

    PRoPosED RaTEsResidential / institutional / Public Taps Commercial / industrialConsumption, cu.m. Peso / cu.m. Consumption, cu.m. Peso / cu.m. 0-10 (min.) P322.00 (min) 11-20 35.40 0-25 (min.) P1,610.00 (min) 21-30 38.70 31-40 41.90 26-1000 77.30 41-50 46.70 Over 50 53.10 Over 1000 93.40

    Notice is hereby given that this application will be initially heard by the Board on March 2, 2015, hearing will start at 9:00 oclock in the morning at the NWRB-WUD Conference Room, 8th Floor, NIA Building, EDSA, Quezon City at which time applicant shall present his evidence.

    At least fifteen (15) days prior to the scheduled hearing, applicant shall publish this notice once in a weekly newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Camarine Sur and send by personal delivery or registered mail a copy of (i) the application and its attach-ments, and (ii) this notice, to all affected parties appearing on page 2 hereof.

    Parties opposed to the granting of the application must file their written opposition sup-ported by documentary evidence on or before the above scheduled date of hearing, furnishing a copy of the same to the applicant.

    Failure on the part of any affected party to file its opposition on time and to appear at the hearing will be construed as a waiver of right to be heard and the Board will proceed to hear and decide the application based on the evidence submitted.

    Likewise, failure by the applicant to appear at the hearing shall amount to lack of interest on its part and the instant application shall be dismissed accordingly.

    Witness the Honorable Executive Director of the National Water Resouces Board this 28th day of January 2015.

    By Authority of the Board: (sgd.) sEViLLo D. DaViD, JR. Ph.D. Executive DirectorBiKoL REPoRTERPublished: February 15, 2015

    Games always connote fun. Who is a child who does not want to involve in games? Who is a child who does not want to enjoy and have fun? No one. In fact, even adult want to involve in games for the fun and excitement that games give not just for the players but also for the spectators.

    Games may be used in school by teachers in order to enhance their instruction and in the process provide the children the chance and opportunity to acquire mastery of skills, challenge their understanding and improve their ability to think fast. While enjoying, the children develop camaraderie with fellow students and understand the meaning of sportsmanship. They also learn to work in group and even as individuals, they get to enhance their ability to use time in check.

    There are many instructional games that are very useful in order to enhance academic instruction. They have goals to improve pupils who have learning problems and give them the opportunity to respond and participate in learning tasks and improve their skills.

    Games like chess, checker, cards dice, spinners, game boards and dominoes give the students the chance to think especially those with learning problem even also as they enjoy playing these games.

    Games provide many response opportunities providing mastery,, fluency and skill. Modeling of skill in isolation and in context provides memory assistance.

    The teacher uses modeling and the use of positive reinforcement and facilitates students willingness to take learning risks.

    The teacher uses the data he gathered from the students performance providing him for future evaluation and planning for future instruction and future practice.

    Games may be played individually or in groups giving the players to take so-called risks that they have to take and challenge themselves to overcome these risks. These risks are either physical or mental. In the case of games that involves physical strength, naturally they develop the pupils health and capacity to stand the challenges brought about by games that need physical strength while games that need mental strength reinforce the students strength tp solve problems. There are games that can be contested among students like crossword puzzles, Chinese checkers. Chess is

    Enhancing academic instruction through Educational games

    By asTER M. LagDaan - Teacher 3san agustin Elementary school iriga City

    Pwede Bang ituro ang Filipinosa Wikang English?

    By JERiCKson D. gETizo - Teacher 1Rinconada national Technical Vocational school

    sto. Domingo, iriga City

    Believe it not. But some students find Filipino subject difficult and English a lot easier. Bakit nga ba? Samantalang ang Filipino ay sariling atin at ang Wikang English ay banyaga.

    As a Filipino teacher it does not surprise me when my students tend to understand English better than Filipino. It now appears that Filipino is foreign to them and English is not. Thats quite funny and unbelievable. For example students are more familiar with verbs than when you say pandiwa. They are more familiar with sentence than the pangungusap.

    One reason maybe because as Filipinos we speak different dialects. The Visayans would have a way of saying, something that is different from the way a Bicolano would say it.

    So, I teach Filipino alright. But to be better understood by my students I use English in some instances.

    A student asked me once. Sir, bakit ang dami nating dialects sa Filipinas samantalang isa lang ang English nila sa America? So Americans understand one another but some Filipinos cannot understand other Filipinos. Even Bicolanos sometimes cannot understand among themselves.

    As a people we were colonized by the Spaniards and they left us words of which there is no translation in the dialect like Espiritu Santo. Surely it is funny to translate it as Banal na Mamaw in Filipino. Then, there are words that could not be translated in Filipino and they remain English except for their spelling or pronunciation. Unit in English is yunit in Filipino; train in English is tren in Filiipino; beefsteak in English is bistek in Filipino. There is no translation in Filipino for bra and brief. If some words have to be translated in Filipino, ang airplane daw ay salipawpaw at ang chair as salumpuwit.

    When you say Kagawaran ng Tanggulang Pambansa, the students would not likely understand you but say Department of National Defense, presto, you are understood. We are prone to say Department of Justice or National Bureau of Investigation than their translation in Filipino.

    Pwede nga bang ituro ang Filipino sa Wikang English? Pwede rin kung kinakailangan pero Filipino pa rin dapat ang gamitin sa pagtuturo.

    Let it not be misconstrued that if we speak English we are have a colonial mentality. It is only that there are times when we are best understood if we speak English more than Filipino.

    Filipino is a very beautiful language. And Filipino as a subject is necessary for our own cultural development as a people.

    one game that need a sound mental set-up because it needs a lot of thinking and thinking logically like solitaire that need the players proper positioning.

    But these games are not played specifically for winning and the winners should not consider winning over his weak opponents. These are played with a no loser and no winner stance. The ones who do well, however, over the ones who did not play well can share his technique or strategies so that he gets the recognition from all oher players but the teacher gives cognizance of the advantages learned from the games played thus paving the way for the players to share their experiences and feelings.

    The teachers becomes very discriminatory in the choice of games to be played. At the beginning, he explains his objective why games have to be played and , he also becomes open to questions on instructions that may not be very clear to the students thus developing their sense of understanding. He also becomes open to suggestions and comments providing the players for a sound group dynamics session.

    At the end of the game, the teacher may assign tasks that need writing and/or talking. This becomes the intellectual enjoyment the players undergoes after having experienced physical enjoyment.







    from my window . . .

    (Turn to page 8)

  • bikol reporter6 february 15-21, 2015

    The K-12 Curriculum Picking up Positively in our Educational system

    By soFia a. BaiLE - Teacher 1San Miguel Elementary School

    Iriga City

    It is not very far away when we shall have the first K-12 graduates. So, the program has picked up. It is an indication that the program would have been tested and that the graduates would be the product of this new curriculum that has been premised to make our Grade 12 graduates become competitive with students in other countries.

    With the old curriculum of four years in high school, the graduates could hardly fit in especially in the matter of getting employment. If they have to apply for overseas employment, it is a requirement that the applicant should have at least two years of college education so a high school graduate which means 4 years of secondary education would never qualify.

    The way things are going on with the K-12 curriculum, our students are very receptive of the subjects taught and how they are being taught. The use of the Mother Tongue has made the students more conversant, more comprehensive of their lessons. They could adapt to situations easily because these are the situations they are really in.

    Although a lot of adjustments are being made by students and teachers as well as parents, everyone now understands the reason behind the twelve-year schooling. And by the time, they are graduated, they are ready to file application for employment using what they were fashioned for in their grades 11 and 12. Ready that they are because they chose the right field they wanted to go into, employment would not be hard to find. This is the beautiful thing about the K-12 curriculum. .

    This is precisely what the main principle behind the K-12 curriculum is and this is going to be a big boost to the country since unemployment would be reduced tremendously. Not to say, employment would help thje government increase its coffers.

    There is every good reason to feel happy over this new curriculum. The K-12 would surely pave the way for a much progressive country simply because it has employed and successful citizens.

    Leadership styles vs good governanceBy EDna F. aLaDano

    Principal 1, Binobong High schoolPili, Camarines sur

    They say that the key for development is good governance; a concept that manifest an ideal form of management. Governance and management, these are words that suggest not just good decisions, but also the best process at arriving at those decisions. The words good governance seems to be redundant; governance is understood to be good already since it means effective decision-making process and good decision itself which will benefit whoever is being served by the system, and objectively, the goal of providing government or management is to direct a system towards something beneficial and positive. Perhaps the reason why we juxtapose the word good with governance is that we came to the observation that there are poor delivery systems in the management. This could be the reason why development is so sluggish if not elusive in the case of our nation.

    There are of course parameters and characteristics for such governance like being accountable, transparent, constitutional, responsive, equitable and inclusive, participatory, effective and efficient. However, it appears that such characteristics would not suffice. The challenge is on how to promote and establish good governance to institutions. At one point, there is the issue regarding the quality of leadership operating the system. There are diverse kinds of leaders and leadership style and we can highlight the point that the kind of leadership applicable or suited to the culture of group being governed is crucial in establishing good governance since it can only be established if everyone is concordance. Everyone in accord with the set of goals, objectives and rules set by the supposed leader and agreed by the majority. Good governance there would not be so much difficult since people are brought into unity and compliance through effective leadership. The different styles of leaderships as to being autocratic, democratic, transactional, or laissez-faire are significant in affecting people into establishing good governance. The kind of leadership must fit well into the schema of the mindset and cultural outlook of the people. It is of equal importance that the leader has the necessary competence to bring people into the agreed or desired direction, using leadership instead of authority or coercion.

    In the case of our country, one may ask which leadership style is effective for us. It is a very difficult question, where the answer may only be identified through empirical approach and observation, perhaps conducting a research will be very effective. As for now, common sense and personal experiences may provide our minds with immediate hypothetical answers. It is the challenge faced by leaders, managers, administrators, and heads which will bring the best out of them. In the end, we could blame the masses for not being responsible enough to change themselves to come into one concurrence, or perhaps the politics surrounding social dynamics in every organization, but I always believe that despite such factors, an effective leader will always find a way to maneuver people towards the right direction. Good governance can be achieved through effective leadership. We must not forget that the government is simply the people, they choose a representative or a leader among themselves; someone they recognized or believe that can give them direction. So the leader, as trusted by the people, finds the best direction and leads them there. As Abraham Lincoln said, No man is good enough to govern another man without that others consent. It is that simple. The answer really lies on the leader and on choosing the right one.

    The Teacher and His CommunityBy gina M. suMPaY - Teacher 2san Miguel Elementary school

    iriga City

    A teacher is not limited to his classroom alone. It is expected that HE maintains a harmonious relationship with the members of his community. As a teacher and an educational leader he must bear in mind that his community has much expectations from him in terms of helping make that community environmentally aware, spiritually enhanced, adherent to local and national pronouncements and knowledgeable of many things of concern to the constituents in the community. This looks like a tall pronouncement. But the fact is, the teacher is looked upon as a leader and a role model, being the molder of the youth and is looked upon with respect and that respect he must give back to the people his community.

    It is not surprising that the teacher is invited in most, if not in all, the occasions in his community, whether the occasion is social, religious or civic. He is a most-sought ninong/ninang to a childs baptism, a solemnization of a marriage. He is even at times expected to attend the wake of a community member and these he considers his social responsibility.

    As a role model especially to the youth in his community, he is aware of his deportment, his mode of dress and speech. This poses as a challenge to a teacher but knowing the versatility of a teacher, he takes the impositions-so-say with a grain of salt.

    A teacher indeed lives a very fulfilling life. His education has equipped him with the tools to make not just his own life meaningful and fulfilled but everyone and all others he has touched.

    particularly the municipality of Daet to strengthen business op-portunities with Hawaii.

    Tsutsui said that he is speechless for the warm wel-come of Daeteos and looks forward to a wonderful rela-tionship with them for the up-coming years.

    He said that relationship is more than business opportuni-ties but its all about whats in-side in each one of us or what they call Aloha spirit which is to share and help one an-other.

    This relationship will build our foundation as we move forward. I will invite Mayor Bernard Carvallo Jr. of the County of Kauai of State of Hawaii to go to Daet for the signing of the Memo-randum of Agreement (MOA) for the establishment of a sis-terhood relationship for both the country, he added.

    Tsuitsui stated that with him in this endeavor is the Filipino Chamber of Com-merce of Hawaii, a number of Filipino-Americans who are very successful in Hawaii who have joined the trade mission to look for an oppor-tunity like renewable energy, resources, import and export of products and similar pros-pects.

    Sarion on the other hand said that he was very happy that the town was part of their trade mission to the country.

    I am proud and honored to adopt Lt. Governor Tsutsui as honorary son of Daet. This MOA for sisterhood was ini-tially tackled in Manila and the formal signing will be made soon, Sarion cited.

    After the visit here, a tour followed where the group went to the town of Labo. Town Mayor Joseph Ascutia hosted a luncheon meeting cum forum on tourism and investment pro-

    daet, labo host hawaii . . .motion. Ascutia also showed to the team the cacao and coconut farm in Barangay Masalong, pineapple decorticating plant and queen pineapple produc-tion of Labo Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Barangay Malasugui, Paradiso Verde Organic Farm and Resort, and the Cadig Cave and Malatap Falls.

    FCCH President Paul Gaer-lan Alimbuyao, Vice President and Manager of First Hawaiian Bank said that this years mis-sion theme is Strengthening business links with the Philip-pines.

    More than 34 business ex-ecutives were here in the coun-try from February 7 until 17 for the 25th Trade Mission of the FCCH. Along with Daet and Labo in Camarines Norte, FCCH also visited Manila for the business conference with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and to follow Cebu and Palawan. -- PIA5

    chief executives, agricultur-ists and agricultural extension workers((AEW) at the Avenue Tent Hotel in Naga City for the Agri & Fishery Stakehold-ers Summit and Agricultural Extension Workers Congress. In the same occasion, Alcala awarded 27 AEWs, 5 local farmer technicians, 2 munici-pal LGUs of Castilla and Po-langui, and the Province of Al-bay as 2014 Agri-Pinoy Rice Achievers. Bicol is among the 5 top rice producing regions in the country for 2014.

    He also awarded 10 units 4-wheel drive tractors worth P2-million each to the LGUs of Tabaco City, Guinobatan, Lupi, Iriga City, Nabua, Aro-roy, Masbate; the Province of Camarines Norte, the Dr. Emil-io B. Espinosa Memorial State College of Agriculture and Technology(DEBESMSCAT) in Masbate, Green PMC of Uson, Masbate; and KABA-CAS Multipurpose Coopera-tive of Calabanga, Camarines Sur.

    Alcala also signed memo-randa of agreements with DE-BESMSCAT, DA-DepEd and BREDC PapaYaman-C para sa Eskwelang Bikolnon, a joint project of the DepEd, the DA and the Congressional Com-mittee on Bicol Recovery and Development which promotes papaya and lemon in feeding programs for children, and the AKO Bicol to produce and dis-tribute organic fertilizers from chicken manure. - RAFIS/DARFO5

    bicol . . .

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: Feb. 15 and 22, 2015

    Barangay San Roque - HanopolMunicipality of CaramoanProvince of Camarines Sur

  • bikol reporter 7february 15-21, 2015Republic of the Philippines

    oFFiCE oF THE sangguniang BaYanNew Legislative Office (NLO)3F Municipal Building Annex

    Cor. Provl. H-way/Sto. Domingo Rd., Milaor, Camarines SurTel. No. (054) 472-6399

    EXCERPTs FRoM THE MinuTEs oF THE REguLaR sEssion oF THE sangguniang BaYan oF MiLaoR, CaMaRinEs suR HELD on FEBRuaRY 2, 2015 aT THE nEW LEgisLaTiVE oFFiCE, MuniCiPaL BuiLDing annEX, MiLaoR, CaMaRinEs suR.

    Present: Hon. Andre R. Hidalgo Municipal Vice MayorHon. Gerry M. Sta. Ana Municipal CouncilorHon. Nelia B. Pado - -do-Hon. Senen B. Bermas - -do-Hon. Rubilyn C. Euste - -do-Hon. Antonio E. Vida - -do-Hon. Maria DA. Cano - -do-Hon. Rogel Abel A. Flores - LIGA Representative

    Absent: Hon. Jesusa P. Maravilla - Municipal Councilor Hon. Rolando A. Cabase - do -

    REsoLuTion no. 13series of 2015

    REsoLuTion-oRDinanCE auTHoRizing THE CaMaRinEs suR sPoRTs aREna To HoLD/ConDuCT sPECiaL CoCKFigHTing DaYs (sCD) EVERY TuEsDaY, THuRsDaY anD saTuRDaY inCLuDing CaBLE HooKED-uP gLoBaL CoCKFigHT gaMEs oFFERED FoR ViEWing-BETTing FRoM JanuaRY unTiL DECEMBER oF CuRREnT YEaR.

    WHEREas, presented for consideration was the basic letter of Mr. Ricky V. Magtuto, Owner/Proprietor, CamSur Sports Arena, dated 01 December 2014 applying for a permit to hold/conduct Special Cockfighting Day (SCD) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday including the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games offered for viewing-betting by the CSSA from January until December of current year;

    WHEREas, the applicant Camarines Sur Sports Arena (CSSA) is the biggest, most established and well-managed cockfighting gallery (cockpit) in the entire province of Camarines Sur, that host, stage and offers for viewing-betting the popular spectator sports of cockfighting before a whole range of people that virtually catches the drama, comedy, triumph and tragedy of the game;

    WHEREas, Camarines Sur has now become a top tourist destination in the Philippines. The province continue to draw big volume of domestic and foreign tourists arrivals including vacationing balikbayans. Cockfighting being the traditional and customary form of spectator sport has become at the forefront of recreation, pastime and entertainment activities offered to vacationing transients and dignitaries.

    WHEREas, the said application for permit to hold SCDs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday including the cable hooked-up. Global Cockfight Games can be granted in pursuance with the powers and authority of the Sangguniang Bayan to issue permit and license to any institutions or person to establish, operate and maintain cockpits, and to regulate or schedule cockfighting sessions of valid rights, in effect, enforceable and exerciseable under the pertinent and relevant provisions of the Local government Code (Ra 7160) and 1987 Philippine Constitution, viz: (a) section 447(a)(3)(v); (b) TiTLE onE, CHaPTER onE, sECTion 2(a); (c) TiTLE onE, CHaPTER onE, sECTion 5(a); (d) section 2, aRTiCLE X, 1987 Phil. Constitution;

    WHEREas, SB-Committee on Laws and Rules (SB-CLR) Committee Report No. 03, dated February 2, 2015 recommended for the grant and approval of permit to Camarines Sur Sports Arena to hold/conduct Special Cockfighting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games from January until December of current year, the citations and stipulations thereof are made integral part of this Resolution;WHEREas, the yearly grant of authority to stage SCD should not be misconstrued with the permit that is required to be applied and paid for everytime SCD on Tuesday(s), Thursday(s) and Saturday(s) including cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games shall be held in pursuance with Sec. 6(g)(1)(a)(b), (2)(a)(b), ARTICLE B, 2012 Revised Municipal Tax Code of Milaor, Camarines Sur;

    WHEREas, in compliance with the pertinent provisions of the LGC, Section 188 and Section 511(a), the Resolution- Ordinance granting authority to the CSSA to hold SCDs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, including the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games from on-line television providers for viewing-betting from January until December of current year must be published in a newspaper of general circulation to become effective and therefore rights can be derived from its provisions.

    WHEREFoRE, on common and collective motion of the members of the Sangguniang Bayan present;

    BE iT REsoLVED, as iT is HEREBY REsoLVED, to favorably act on the request of appicant Mr. Ricky V. Magtuto, Owner/Proprietor, Camarines Sur Sports Arena, upon compliance of the requirements as herein stipulated.

    oRDinanCE no. 02series of 2015

    auTHoRizing THE CaMaRinEs suR sPoRTs aREna To HoLD/ConDuCT sPECiaL CoCKFigHTing DaYs (sCD) EVERY TuEsDaY, THuRsDaY anD saTuRDaY inCLuDing CaBLE HooKED-uP gLoBaL CoCKFigHT gaMEs oFFERED FoR ViEWing-BETTing FRoM JanuaRY unTiL DECEMBER oF CuRREnT YEaR.

    BE IT ORDAINED, by the Sangguniang Bayan of Milaor, Camarines Sur, that;

    sECTion 1. issuanCE oF PERMiT. Permit to hold/conduct Special Cockfighting Days (SCDs) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday including the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games from, January until December 2015 at Camarines Sur Sports Arena is hereby authorized upon prior application and payment of relevant permit and fees and compliance of all and any requirements as provided herein.

    sECTion 2. iMPosiTions oF REQuiRED PERMiTs, FEEs, CHaRgEs, PERMiT oF CoCKPiT oFFiCiaLs oR PERsonnEL anD PaYMEnT oF aMusEMEnT TaXEs.

    a) Special Cockfighting Day (SCD) i) Application Fee

    ii) Mayors Permit (per SCD or Global Cockfight)For purposes of this Section the following assessment and guidelines shall be applied:

    i) Application fee of Php550.00 for every conduct of SCD on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games

    ii) SCD Mayors Permit at Php2,200.00 per conduct of SCD on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games

    iii) If by any reason, the management ceases operation or the conduct of SCDs including the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games as applied for due to force majeure, no re-scheduling of cockfight will be permitted and all payments made thereon shall be forfeited in favor of the LGU.

    b) Permits of Cafes, Restaurants, Carenderias, Snack Inns, Turo-Turo, Refreshments and food establishment of similar nature.

    Food establishments for public patronage and operating within the confines of the Cam Sur Sports Arena must secure and comply with all impositions for permits and clearances before any business activity is started.

    For purposes of this Section, food establishment beyond the direct control and supervision of the Cam Sur Sports Arena (existing outside the building) should be obliged by the management to strictly comply the same.

    c) Permits of Cockpit Officials/Personneli) Promoter P770.00ii) Pit Manager 660.00iii) Referee 550.00iv) Bet Managers (Kasador) 550.00v) Bet Takers (Kristo) 330.00vi) Gaffers (tagatari) 550.00

    d) Amusement Taxes per AdmissionAmusement tax returns every conduct of Special Cockfighting Day every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the cable hooked up Global Cockfight Games indicating gross receipts duly certified by the proprietor, owner, operator, or any authorized representative of the Cam Sur Sports Arena shall be submitted to the Municipal Treasurer copy furnished the Sangguniang Bayan upon payment of the tax. The Municipal Treasurer shall compare the return with the corresponding record of the Inspector assigned during the day and verify the correctness of the return before acknowledging the payment.

    sECTion 3. TiME anD MannER oF CoMPLianCE anD PaYMEnT. All permits and other requirements shall be complied immediately before any activity is held relative to the cockfight as applied herein.

    Fees, charges and other form of taxes, including but not limited to amusement taxes from Special Cockfighting Day every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games shall be directly paid to the Office of the Municipal Treasurer. Receipts showing payments shall be properly secured.

    sECTion 4. aDMinisTRaTiVE PRoVisions. (1) In the collection of amusement taxes per admission, the Municipal Treasurer shall appropriately collect the taxes due to the municipality. Fitting number of inspector maybe designated to monitor the admission or ticket sales. An authentic record shall be kept for the rounds of inspection. The Inspector shall require a countersign from the proprietor, owner, operator or any authorized representative of the Cam Sur Sports Arena every time an inspection is made, and citing for the purpose the result of admission in terms of number. (2) That this permit/authority to hold conduct Special Cockfighting Days (SCDs) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the cable hooked-up Global Cockfight Games from January until December of current year may be recalled when public safety and common good so requires.

    sECTion 5. PEnaLTY. Any violation of the provisions of this Ordinance shall be punished by a fine not exceeding Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (Php2,500.00) or an imprisonment for a period not exceeding six (6) months, or both in the discretion of the court.

    sECTion 6. EFFECTiViTY. This Ordinance shall take effect immediately upon approval.

    Enacted: February 2, 2015x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

    Voting on the foregoing Ordinance were as follows:


    (sgd.) gERRY M. sTa. ana (sgd.) nELia B. PaDoSangguniang Bayan Member Sangguniang Bayan Member

    (sgd.) sEnEn B. BERMas (sgd.) RuBiLYn C. EusTESangguniang Bayan Member Sangguniang Bayan Member

    (sgd.) anTonio E. ViDa (sgd.) MaRia Da. CanoSangguniang Bayan Member Sangguniang Bayan Member

    (sgd.) RogEL aBEL a. FLoREsLIGA Representative

    i HEREBY CERTiFY to the correctness and authenticity of the foregoing.

    (sgd.) CHaRLY CLaRo RosaRi Sangguniang Bayan Secretary

    ATTESTED: (sgd.) anDRE R. HiDaLgo Vice Mayor Presiding Officer


    (sgd.) RogELio a. FLoREs Municipal Mayor

    BiKoL REPoRTERPublished: February 15, 2015

  • bikol reporter8 february 15-21, 2015

    24K PaWnsHoPgeneral Luna st., naga City

    AucTion SAlE on MaRCH 6, 2015 of all unredeemed articles pledged from JuLY - augusT, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.

    BiKoL REPoRTERPublished: FEBRuaRY 15, 2015

    r. GuinhAWA PaWnsHoPgeneral Luna st., naga City

    AucTion SAlE on MaRCH 13, 2015 of all unredeemed articles pledged from JuLY - augusT, 2014 at 8:30 a.m.

    BiKoL REPoRTERPublished: FEBRuaRY 15, 2015

    stress and anger Management Towards safeand abuse-free school and Community

    By MaRY ann M. BaLang - Teacher 3Pili Central school Pili, Camarines sur

    All of us experience being stressed and angry from time to time. This is perfectly normal and a commonly experienced emotion. But anger and stress can be incredibly destructive if they cannot be controlled. They could cause ill reputation of one who shows frequent or misplaced anger. They could destroy relationships too and even damage ones health.

    Anger and stress may be caused by hurt, frustration, harassment and also injustice.

    A leader who is prone to anger will not be respected by his subordinates. In the same manner, a teacher who is frequently angry will be not just feared but also heated by his student. There is no harmonious relationship between teachers and pupils and even among fellow teacher. As a result, he does not become an effective teacher and subsequently, his pupils will suffer the consequences of his anger. They will not perform well, would frequent their absences and will not learn much.

    The teacher must know how to control his anger and stress.

    Psychologists have formulated many strategies that will control anger and stress and if one is a teacher and use these strategies he is paving the way for a safe and abuse-free school and community.

    Be honest with yourself. Build trust. Accept that you have a problem. Keep a hostility log. It means that are aware what is causing your anger and stress. Use your support network. Invest in relationship. Alleviate your stress if you have members of your family to whom you can talk to about your problem.

    Anger is a cycle. You can interrupt that cycle probably by taking a bath or the advise of old peoplecount very slowly up to 7 and before you reach 7 you must have realized how stupid you are and you will have a good laugh. Use empathy; from

    The importance of school-based Trainingto the Professional growth of Teachers

    By MERCY a. DoRosan - Master Teacher 1san agustin Elementary school iriga City

    Education is a continuous process. It means one does not stop educating oneself. When ones procession needs to educate other people like teachers entrusted with children whom to educate, it is necessary that the educator or the teachers must study continuously. This is where trainins come in.

    Most trainings are conducted out of town. If this is something that many teachers fi nd a wonderful idea if not a wonderful experience although some teachers abhor the idea. There are those who welcome the idea because out-of-town trainings is a respite from the humdrum classroom activity. It means travel to a place they probably never been to, the chance of meeting new faces listening to new and experienced resource speakers and undergoing a different mode of learning. But the most important is being able to learn new things which as training is aimed at to improve the growth of teachers professionally.

    But considering the absence of the teachers in their home ground and the monetary consideration that are necessary when teachers are sent to out-of-town trainings, trainings have been found to be more effective and functional if they are conducted as school-based. So, the training need not be held in p osh hotels and in places far from ones school saving the school from further expense.

    As many teachers as possible can attend school-based trainings and they result in as many benefi ciaries as possible. Then also, teachers can interact among themselves making the school-based training achieved its purpose with less expense.

    Around 200 DepEd per-sonnel are already undergo-ing training with us to prepare them in teaching technical and vocational subjects for senior high school, TESDA Bicol regional director Con-rado Bares revealed in a press conference held in this city last week.

    In an earlier interview conducted by Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Bicol during its radio pro-gram Aramon Ta Daw (Let Us Know), DepEd Bicol Education Program supervi-sor Cecile Ferro disclosed that technical and vocational courses will be among the four major specializations to be offered for grades 11 and 12 under the K to 12 pro-gram.

    The students will choose from the four major thrusts, namely academic, technical and vocational, arts and de-sign, and sports, Ferro said.

    Ferro also revealed that some high schools will be selected to become cen-ters based on the four major thrusts. A senior high school as a center, will only offer one out of the four thrusts, Ferro added.

    The DepEd offi cial told the PIA that their agency is now in the process of deter-mining and qualifying some leading secondary schools in the region that manifest inter-est and capability in offering the said four courses.

    Our task is to train and accredit instructors who will teach technical and vocation-al courses, DepEd will be re-sponsible for identifying the high schools that will be ac-credited as technical and vo-cational centers, Bares said.

    The TESDA offi cial also assures their agencys full support to the K to 12 pro-gram. We will be providing technical assistance for the implementation of the senior high school program, Bares added.

    Earlier, DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro has al-ready issued a memorandum

    mistakes one learns to improve oneself. Relax.This is a very sound advice. Live today as though this is your

    last day. Naturally, you do not want to die angry. Forgive and forget. People who must have offended you should not just be forgotten. They should be forgiven.

    With these simple to follow strategies to control anger and free oneself from stress, it will be smooth sailing day by day by day. You can be certain that your school and community will be safe and abuse free.

    When one is stressed and angry, sometimes he loses control of himself and becomes violent. One becomes unreasonable and could not work effectively. There had been many instances when one committed something wrong or even deadly simply because he was either stressed or angry or both. It is too late when one discovers that he had been into a situation that may cost his profession or the comfort of his family.

    There is no room for stress and anger in ones workplace, much more if the workplace is the school and young schoolchildren compose the workplace s public.

    tesda bicol readies k-12 . . .specifying the guidelines on the preparation for the na-tional implementation of the SHS program in non-DepEd schools for the school year 2016-2017 and onwards.

    According to Luistro, schools, individuals, corpo-rations, foundations or orga-nizations may signify their intention to offer SHS under the three categories specifi ed by DepEd.

    Under category A are pri-vate schools which have been granted recognition by DepEd to offer secondary education or granted at least level II ac-creditation by any of the ac-crediting agencies under the Federation of Accrediting Agencies in the Philippines (FAAP), the memorandum states.

    Under category B mean-while are non-DepEd schools which have been issued a permit or government rec-ognition by TESDA to offer any training course and/or the Commission on Higher Edu-cation (CHED) to offer any higher education program.

    Other individuals, corpo-rations, foundations or orga-nizations duly recognized by

    the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are un-der category C based on the DepEd directive.

    Meanwhile, the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) recently passed a reso-lution "Expressing support for the upcoming implemen-tation of the Senior High School (SHS) Program under the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum in 2016."

    The resolution supports the upcoming implemen-tation of the Senior High School program by entering into partnership with The Asia Foundation to "cham-pion the establishment of coalitions that support SHS initiatives;" identify 10 cit-ies that will form the national coalition of SHS-supportive cities that are willing to al-locate local budget to support SHS implementation".

    Each member of the coali-tion will undergo training and mentorship on SHS planning and budgeting, and will be assisted in establishing local multi-stakeholder task forces for SHS implementation and

    in tapping national govern-ment allocation for SHS fa-cilities.

    This initiative is supported by the Coalitions for Change (CfC) Program in Basic Edu-cation funded by the Aus-tralian Embassy - The Asia Foundation Partnership in the Philippines.

    In Bicol, the Local Gov-ernment Unit (LGU) of Li-gao City is the very fi rst LGU that expressed support to the SHS program by committing to provide transport vehicles of senior high school stu-dents from their residences to the center schools, Ferro told PIA-Bicol.

    RA 10533 or the Expand-ed Basic Education Act of May 2013 revolutionizes cur-rent basic education offered in the Philippines by mak-ing kindergarten compulsory and adding two years of high school with fi eld specializa-tions in academics, technical-vocational, arts or sports. -- PIA5





    I want to correct a sentence erroneously printed with a wrong word in my last weeks column. It should be He, (referring to Pres. Fidel V. Ramos), blamed the lack of coordination not lack of association, poor tactical intelligence and poor strategic direction for the Mamasapano debacle.

    from my window . . . Last JanuaRY naME oF DECEasED DaTE oF inTERMEnT

    JaiME a. BuEnasEDa January 3, 2015 1. JaiME o. FoRTuno January 8, 2015 2. JosEFina gRaCia P. guzMan January 10, 2015 3. ViRginia s. CaMBaRE January 11, 2015 4. aVELina C. RosaLEs January 11, 2015 5. gian KiEFER FRiEDRiCH P. PaYTE January 11, 2015 6. RuFino a. CoMia January 11, 2015 7. HERCuLEs B. MaRFEga January 14, 2015 8. DEMoCRiTo a. BEnToR January 17, 2015 9. nEPoMuCEna B. BoRBoRan January 18, 2015 10. RosiTa s. aCosTa January 19, 2015 11. nELLY s. BuBan January 20, 2015 12. REnaTo s. CELEVanTE January 21, 2015 13. angELina a. aRCHiViDo January 22, 2015 14. CaRLos B. gaLLaRTE January 22, 2015 15. LuCiana T. BuEnDia January 24, 2015 16. ToMas M. ViLLanuEVa January 25, 2015 17. MaRY-ann g. BuaLaT January 25, 2015 18. DoMingo C. PRaDEs January 25, 2015 19. EMiLiana M. ViBaR January 27, 2015 20. RosiTa R. saLTing January 27, 2015 21. aLEXanDER DiEgo B. MoRiaL January 29, 2015 22. BEnJaMin a. saMBo sR. January 30, 2015 23. noEL s. MaRTinEz January 30, 2015 24. nEniTa B. BoMBasE January 31, 2015 25. JosEPH H. PaTRiCio January 31, 201526.

    Balatas road, Brgy. Balatas, naga city

    Be a REaL EsTaTE saLEsPERson and EaRn a substantial income.

    aPPLY noW at Estate Quest Realty services, Bulusan street, Dayangdang, naga City.

    Kindly bring your resume.

    interview is being conducted every saturday.

    Please contact Felix g. Morandarte Jr. at 09209099334 for prior appointment.

  • bikol reporter 9february 15-21, 2015

    The planned redevelopment in the dumpsite located in Ba-rangay Balatas, here, which will take three to 5 years from now, will declare the old site as ground zero, ready to be transformed into a new piece of land that will undergo bio-deodorization processand oth-er preparatory works to restore its commercial value.

    Vice Mayor Nelson Lega-cion said the project in the Balatas dumpsite and the put-ting up of a waste processing plant at the back of the dump-site will immediately com-mence after all the preparatory requirementshave been accom-plished.

    These requirements include: the SangguniangPanlungsodto determine whether or not the city government will resort to borrowings to finance the proj-ect; the passing and approval of a resolution once the city government decides to borrow, and the eventual holding of the bidding process.

    The borrowing option, which is being considered to augment the money sourced from the local development fund, will require the issuance of a resolution authorizing the city mayor to enter into loans or borrowing agreements.

    The project will need P167.5M, broken down as follows:Clean-up and closure of the dumpsite conforming to DENR procedures, P25M; odor control and waste water treatment using non-synthetic chemical compounds, P20M; conversion of garbage to small

    balatas dumpsite nears . . .biomass materials using the Recyclone Vertical Grinding Mill, P75M; preparation of the biomass particles to be used as waste to energy fuel ad-ditives, P25M; processing of plastic materials to produce synthetic diesel or RDF of a modified generator engine, P20M; and submission of land use plans for the Balatas prop-erty, P2.5-M.

    The machineries that the city government will purchase will be used to convert wastes like plastics, waste rubber tires, and the daily waste into useful by-products. The Solid Waste Management Office collects garbage at a minimum of 70 tons/day, Engr. Joel Martin, SWMO head, disclosed.

    RDF, an acronym for re-fuse-derived fuel, is produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste. It consists largely of combustible components of municipal waste such as plastic and biodegradable waste.

    The P167.5M will be taken from the appropriated P180M total budget passed and ap-proved by the Sangguniang Panlungsod in a resolution dated January 27, 2015.

    To be taken also from the P180M budget appropriation, are P12.5M to be spent for the healthcare waste management aspect of the project, namely, construction of 3 units of Medi-cal Waste Vault, P4M; procure-ment of special waste collection vehicle, P3M; procurement of pulverizer machine, P1.5M; conveyor machine, P500,000; disinfectant machine, P2M;

    shredding machine (200 kg. capacity), P1.2M; and procure-ment of protective clothing, P300,000.00

    The project is included in the list of priority projects un-der the administration of May-or John G. Bongat.

    Martin said that the realiza-tion of the projects is a dream come true for the city which has been looking for an effec-tive way to address the citys mounting problem on solid waste.

    At present, the city govern-ment has found one acceptable proposal from a proponent company to undertake the proj-ects but this does not mean that the city government has already decided to accept the private companys offer as the LGU is still looking for more proponents to start the bidding process, Legacion said.

    At present, the city govern-ment has one proponent for the project which is the 18H Company represented by Engr. Tony Herrera. 18H, according to Legacion, is a company reg-istered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and possesses all the necessary legal personality to enter into transaction with the city gov-ernment.

    Legacion said based on the presentation made by Her-rera before the Sanggunian, the project is expected to be completed within three to five years. If the presentation is accurate, we are supposed to expect that within 3-5 years the present Balatas dumpsite would have been flattened, and the machines for a new waste processing plant already in full operation, he said.

    the past wrong but rather, to make sure that the man who is punished and the one who sees him punished, may be deterred from doing wrong again.

    It is heartwarming to note that the police under his juris-diction are actively interacting with the people. This is good, indeed, because humans serve as the mirror for one another.

    gov. lee, pd banac pushing . . .

    BuluSAn lAKE

    Whether we hold a good or poor opinion of ourselves de-pends on the relationship with the other human beings. The greater skill in bringing ac-tions into accord with others, the better is their opinion of us, they reflect the opinion back to us, and the more certain we be-come of our own worth.

    Nevertheless, P/Sr/Supt. Bernard M. Banac joviality is noticeable in his keen admi-ration of the beautiful scener-ies around the province. This is one of the reasons why he is interested to promote the Sorsogon Tourism potential with the indefatigable Gov. Lee. In fact, he is encourag-ing the people to have a short brief escape from their regular schedules to visit a new place of their choice in order to have a refreshing experience and feel for themselves the rejuve-nating effect of nature. Strad-dling the Sorsogon-Albay boundary is the 25,000 hect-ares Bacon-Manito (Bac-Man) Geothermal Plant Eco-Park, a forest reserve which embraces the Botong Twin Falls, small lakes, spring and sheer rock faces. Beach lovers will surely be delighted with Sorsogons fine sand beaches on almost all sides because of its peninsular contour. Rizal beach in Gubat town has the longest stretch of sand and has resort hotels along the beach for those who want to stay overnight. Island-hopping is a fun-filled in Matnog because of its picture perfect islands of Tikling and Calintaan, with white beaches which is also dubbed. La Play Rosa due to its finest pink sand.

    There are many things to consider around the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park, fore-most of which is the Aquatic Ecosystem to where the En-chanting Bulusan Lake be-longs. You see, this Lake Bu-lusan, which means where water flows is dubbed as the Switzerland of the Orient by the foreign tourists who went away in total amazement and fascination by its perfection level, pristine ecosystem,

    and the coolness of the at-mosphere; not to mention the ancient forests, cascading wa-terfalls, and the rare plants and animals. In here the wild life always has the right way. The various species of trees, some of them gigantic and standing very high seemed looking at God all day. Writer Minnie Au-monier says. There is always music amongst the trees in the Garden but our hearts must be quite busy to hear.

    These trees are always whispering to our ears to spare them from the cruel hands of man. When the sunlight penetrates the thick foliage of these trees, the habitats of various species of rare flora and fauna, it creates a kalei-doscope of changing colors which is a magnificent sight to behold. Lake Bulusan of-fers picnic ground where you can swim, go fishing, sight-

    seeing or water-biking and other water sports. It also has a site for people who want to have peace and solitude and to contemplate on what is yet to come in this Planet.

    The Lake is 1.5 to 21 meters deep, with an area of 16.43 hectares, and a cir-cumference of 2, 096 meters in diameter. Bulusan was awarded in 2013 for having the Cleanest in-land Body of Water 1st Runner-up in the Gawad Pangulo Para sa Kalikasan. The Landscape configuration of the BVNP seemed altered by geologic processes and for aeon of times been enhanced and beautifully-crafted by the unseen hands of the Eter-nal Energy and converted it into what it is today-all for the benefit of man. Truly in every natural object is the re-flection of the living God.

    pili products to be more com-petitive in the global market, there is a need to develop the economies of scale for the Bi-cols pili. He added that aside from the great potentials of pili as a major export crop, it is also resistant to typhoons and pests and the fruits have long shelf life.

    Meanwhile, Mayor Ville-gas, convinced of the poten-tials of the pili industry, com-mitted to meet all his barangay captains that same day to come up with an inventory of all idle lands in his municipality and consider them for pili produc-tion.

    MNDC Executive Direc-tor Sieglinde Bulaong, on the otherhand said that Minala-bac is one of the most active members of the Metro Naga Development Council, and the PILIpinas project is in line with their vision to build an ecot-ourism site in Minalabac. She added that more opportunities for ecotourism will be cre-

    more farmers shift to pili . . .ated when the objectives of the PILIpinas project is realized. The MNDC is a planning and coordinating body composed of 15 member LGUs, private sector & national agencies which defines the role of each LGU in relation to the whole Metro Naga and identifies cor-responding priority investment projects.

    The DA 5 High Value Crops Development Program headed by Rosita Imperial earlier pro-vided 400 pieces grafted pili seedlings each to the two co-operators. After the pili planta-tion has been established in the areas, additional interventions of cacao and siling labuyo will be provided for intercrop.

    The DA is also providing technical assistance for the establishment of scion grove and nursery through trainings, farm lay-outing and provision of materials for intercropping, and production of organic fertilizer for pili plantation. -- Lovella P. Guarin

    noTicE To ThE puBlicAucTion SAlE/SuBASTA

    all unredeemed items/articles pawned at asPE EXPLoRER PaWnsHoP, ground Floor, Bichara Complex, abella st., igualdad, naga City, pawned from sEPT. 1-30, 2014 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on