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  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter February 1-7, 2015


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    Ticao Island showcases summerdestinations for the whole family

    OWWA-Bicol offers assistance

    to HIV-positive, affected families


    LEGAZPI CITY --Holiday season was

    just over and for sure

    people of all ages

    could not wait until

    their next holidays,

    summer vacations.(Turn to page 6)

    ROBREDO MUSEUM SOON TO RISE IN NAGAKnown locally and internationally as a center of good governance, the City of Naga

    welcomes representatives from the National Historical Commission of the Phils. who arein town to start preparations for and construction work on the 2-storey, 50 million-pesoRobredo Museum, to honor not only the Great Son of Naga, Sec. and Mayor Jesse M.

    Robredo, but to immortalize his legacy of good governance for the present and futuregenerations of Nagueos.



    The Overseas Workers

    and Welfare Administra-

    tion (OWWA) Bicol re-

    gional ofce Thursday

    announced that it is ex-

    tending nancial assis-

    tance to former Overseas

    Filipino Workers (OFWs)

    found to be positive to hu-

    man immunodeciency

    virus (HIV) or to their


    The assistance is part of

    the program for OFWs who

    can no longer afford to work

    abroad due to some reasons

    like disabilities or health


    Jocelyn Hapal, OWWA

    Bicol regional director, as-

    sured the clients and the af-

    fected families that their

    ofce strictly observe con-


    The nancial assistance

    can help OFWs with HIV

    to establish their own liveli-

    hood, Hapal disclosed.

    The Albay AIDS Council

    reported that proper coordi-

    nation was made between

    the ofce and the OWWA

    to assist OFWs with HIV to

    avail of the nancial assis-

    tance for livelihood.

    Recently, a male OFW

    from Malaysia received -

    nancial assistance from the

    OWWA regional ofce in


    Aside from the OWWA,(Turn to page 6)

    BOSS boosts Naga Citys

    economic prowess

    NAGA CITY ---- As its strong allies in pursuing a

    more vibrant economy, Mayor John G. Bongat sees to

    it that businessmen here are given justiable leeway and

    ease to enjoy their respective commerce and prociently

    practice their professional and corporate dealings with

    their clienteles.

    As a consequence of

    this outlook, Bongat has

    enhanced the conduct of

    the citys Business-One-

    Stop-Shop or BOSS. This

    endeavors to simplify busi-

    ness procedures and create

    a business-friendly process

    for the benet of those in

    the business sector.

    Bongat acknowledges

    the strong support of this

    sector in the ourishing

    economic status that the

    city is currently enjoying,

    the reason behind the cre-ation of Executive Order

    No. 2014-038. This year,

    BOSS has again earned

    praises from most of its cli-

    enteles, not only because of

    the efcient and courteous

    (Turn to page 6)


  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter February 1-7, 2015



    Zulkii Bin Hir, also known as CommanderMarwan who was believed harbored bythe Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters(BIFF) and the Moro Islamic LiberationFront which led to the bloodshed inMamasapano, Maguindanao.

    The President denied that his ofcewas directly involved in the operation.He cleared that Executive SecretaryPaquito Ochoa of the Anti-Organized

    Crime Commission was not involved in theoperation. He also defended DILG Sec.Mar Roxas and PNP-OIC General Espinain being kept in the dark in the operation.

    He said it is suspended PNP Gen.Allan Purisima who talked to him about theintricacies of the operation.

    So, the question on who ordered theoperation and who is responsible forit was not answered. Retired militarygenerals like Cong. Rodolfo Biazon and

    lawmakers believe that an operationas big as that, needs the approval ofhigh authorities. The United States hasoffered a reward of $6million dollars forthe capture of Marwan dead or alive.

    The days after the televised speech ofthe President, SAF Chief Getulio Napenasreportedly admitted responsibility for theplans and initiating actual assault and hegot his order from suspended PNP ChiefAllan Purisima.

    No amount of praises, medals andcash benets can compensate for thelost lives of the forty four dead SAFtroopers. But metting justice to theirkillers can assuage their grief and pain. Ijoin the nation in mourning their death.


    Makati City Mayor Jun-Jun Binay, sonof Vice President Jejomar Binay was

    arrested by the Sergeant at Arms of theSenate upon order of the Senate BlueRibbon Sub-Committee composed ofits Chairman Koko Pimentel, Allan PeterCayetano and Antonio Trillanes, thisFriday. These anti-Binay senators had

    When the news about the death of theforty four members of the Special ActionForces of the Philippine National Police, ina clash with Moro Islamic Liberation Front

    in Mamasapano, Maguindanao provincebroke out, the question asked by manypeople is why were they there and whoordered them to go there.

    At fir st, a spokesm an of the Mor oIslamic Liberation Front (MILF) publiclysaid that this happened because they, thegovernment, did not coordinate with themthat they were going to enter the MILFterritory. I said to myself, how pitiful thosesoldiers are. They already died in line ofduty and were yet being blamed. And howcome that the MILF owns a territory of thePhilippines. The Bangsamoro Basic Law isnot yet even approved by Congress andratied by the people in a plebiscite, if thiswill ever happen, I can imagine and I hopeI am wrong that the proposed Bangsamorosub-state in the Bangsamoro Basic Lawcan be a haven for criminals where they

    can hide and no government forces canenter and bring them to justice.

    In this televised speech to the nation, lastJan. 29, 2015, President Noynoy Aquinodenied giving a go signal to the SAF in theMaguindanao operations to pursue high-prole terrorists Jemaah Islamiya leader


    The performance appraisal, to beundertaken by the Bureau of LocalGovernment Finance (BLGF) will beginin June this year. It is part of the goodgovernance and transparency reformagenda of the Dept. of Finance, to boostrevenue generation efforts of LGUs. Itwill measure the treasurers achievementof their operational performance goals(OPGs) or those indicators to local revenuegeneration and expenditure management.

    INCOME TAX: This early, we wantto remind all earning individuals and

    businesses that the annual deadline forling your income tax returns (Pay as youFile) is on April 15. Let us not wait anymorefor that date, and instead we must nowgather our nancial records and readyour income tax returns for ling. Summonyour external auditors so they can performtheir examinations prior to issuance of therequired professional attestations.

    Judicial entities (partnerships and

    corporations) are obligated to submit theirBIR-stamped nancial statements to theSecurities and Exchange Commissionto prove that the articial person is aliveand operating. For cooperatives, theirnancial statements (also BIR-stamped)must be led with the Cooperatives

    Development Authority. Submissionsmust bear the BIR stamp to ensurethat entities are ling the same auditedstatements to regulatory agencies.

    BANKS: The professional servicesof our auditing and nancial consultancyrm have lately been solicited byseveral rural banks. Either they wantto upgrade the examination of theiroperations and nancial statements,or their former external auditors are nolonger accredited by the Bangko Sentralng Pilipinas. The BSP-Monetary Boardis now quite strict in the review of bankmanagement and operations, includingcorporated governance.

    Accreditation of external auditingrms has been upgraded, in effect re-quiring auditors to assume responsibil-ity in checking the effectiveness of bankmanagement. Whereas before, inde-

    pendent reports of bank auditors consistof less than 25 pages, now they are nowas thick as 70 pages with every nan-cial account dutifully explained. Auditof banks must be started within the rstthirty days after the end of the nancial(calendar) year.

    PROVERB: If a leader not know

    how to rule his own house, how can he

    govern his community?

    PICPA past president and Hall-of-

    Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement


    PRICES DECLINE: Ination may easefurther this month from the 2.7% recordedin December amid the lower cost of foodand continuing decline in oil prices. This

    was announced by BSP Governor AmandoM. Tetangco Jr., saying the rate could settlewithin 1.8% to 2.7% in January. Inationdecelerated from 3.7% in November asinternational oil prices went down, andwith lower costs of key food items in thedomestic market.

    This resulted in a 4.1% averageination for 2014, well within the 3%-5%target range. For this year and 2016, BSPnarrowed the target to 2%-4% range.Monetary authorities kept key policyrates steady in the last quarter of 2014as ination expectations fell within targetranger. Overnight borrowing and lendingrates were held at 4% and 6%, after a50-basis point hike in the third quarter (toanchor ination expectations).

    PERFORMANCE: The Department ofFinance (DOF) will conduct a performance

    review of all local treasurers as part ofefforts to increase the accountability oflocal government units in managing theirfunds. The DOF will use the results ofthe performance appraisal as basis forappointment as well as other personnelaction, such as promotion, renewal ofdesignation and extension of service,capacity building, and awards andrecognitions.

    Some years back, my old high schoolin the Bicol town of Caramoan, invited meas a commencement speaker. I did notthink twice. I accepted it and wired backmy acceptance to the school principal, Mr.Victorino Padua.

    The United High School has the time-honored policy of inviting as guest

    speaker former students who havemade good: lawyers, doctors, engineers,teachers, architects , high governmentofcials.

    I talked about the days when I wasdreamy-eyed young man, about my oldclassmates, my teachers, the girls I wasmuch infatuated with. And I talked aboutthe hardship of earning my high schooldiploma.

    In those days, a high school diplomawas a badge of honor. It could earn youthe respect, the admiration of your barriofolks. And the secret stares of young girlsmesmerized by your title.

    High school graduate yata yan, theywould say.

    The diploma is still with me, a yellowishpiece of paper, a memento of my yearslong ago when there were big dreams toachieve and more worlds to conquer, inthe words of Alexander, the Great.

    Minutes after my speech ended, the

    part of the campus where the programwas held was so quiet that I thoughtnobody had listened. Then cheerserupted from the audience. I wasrelieved.

    My high school best friend,businessman Kekoy San Pablo, latertold me my speech was the longest but

    the most interesting. It was the storyof a man who had nothing but whobelieved he could make something outof his life.

    I talked for about 20 minutes.At the poblacion the next day, I met

    an old acquaintance who said my storywas inspiring.

    I have not earned great wealthnor great fame nor lofty governmentpost. I have remained a little aboveordinary with a little above ordinaryachievements. My real wealth? My twoboys. One is a ship captain in a foreign

    Blessing in Disguise

    LEE G. DULLESCO IIHead, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU



    I join the national mourning for the 44 dead SAF& Mayor Jun-Jun Binay arrest

    Govt to move 200families from danger

    zones in BicolBy SALLY ATENTO-ALTEA

    LEGAZPI CITY The government is poised

    to move about 200 families from their shanties on

    hazardous areas in Camarines Sur for their own

    safety, a government spokesperson said Friday.

    The plan is to save the informal settlers in

    Tinambac town from being sweeped away by oods

    and twisters, said Evelyn Jerusalem, the Department

    of Social Welfate and Developments information of-

    cer for Bicol.

    Jerusalem said the municipal government pro-

    vided the land as its counterpart for the P14-million

    core shelter project, which is funded by the DSWD

    and supervised by the municipal engineering ofce.

    The land has been inspected by the Mines and

    Geosciences Bureau, she said.

    Jerusalem said the relocation project mainly in-

    tended to provide decent and typhoon-resistant shel-ters to informal settlers who had been living in low-

    lying areas of Barangays Antipolo, Bulao, Balite,

    Bangi, Cagliliog, Magtang, Sugod, Bataan, Tierra

    Nevada, Olag Pegueo, Canayunan and Lupi.

    She said core shelters are designed to withstand

    wind velocity of up to 180 kilometers per hour and

    magnitude-4 earthquake.

    Jerusalem said each family received a check for

    P70,000 from DSWD core shelter assistance coordi-

    nator Maritess Quosmorio in simple ceremonies wit-

    nessed by Mayor Ruel Velarde and Vice Mayor Jun


    The beneficiaries have been organized and

    trained in canvassing, purchasing of construction

    materials and monitoring of the shelter construc-

    tion, she added.

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  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter February 1-7, 2015



  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter February 1-7, 2015




    Early Awareness of BullyingAmong School Children

    By LUZ B. BAGACINA - Teacher IITambang Central School

    Tinambac, Camarines Sur

    Bullying is the use of force, threat or coercion toabuse, intimidate or aggressively dominate others. Thebehavior is often repeated or habitual. Bullying may be

    in the form of verbal harassment or coercion caused bydifferences of social class, race, religion, gender, sexualorientation, appearance, behavior, body language, per-sonality, reputation, or lineage strength.

    It is a fact that there had been bullying cases evenamong elementary school children. There had even afew deaths caused by a child bullied by another child. Ifthis has happened among very young school children,perhaps it is time that awareness of bullying can be doneas early as poss ible. And fast.

    Some children are simply bully. I hope it is not a lackof discipline at home. We do not like to think that parentstolerate children to do wrong to other children. could be nature for some children to pick up quarrelsor insult other children they think do not live up to theirtaste like, children who do not belong to their circle offriends, who are poor in class, not physically likeable likebeing short, pug-nosed, curly-haried, , black, or simply

    abhorrent to them. Maybe, these children are simplyunacceptable to them. These children become inferior,detached and hurt.

    This is the time when bullying can be taken up as animportant lesson in school. The values of respect of oth-ers, kindness and compassion to other children can betaken up as an early orientation. . Bullying can be takenup seriously in the classroom and regularly thus prevent-ing bullying to happen. The effects of bullying must like-wise be taken up as part of the lesson on the subject sothat children are aware of its consequences.

    The teacher has a big hand in preventing bullyingamong school children in their instruct.. The teachershould likewise promote activities that will keep all chil-dren learn to love and respect and help one another. .

    Much can be done to prevent bullying among schoolchildren and the earlier children ae aware what bullyingis and the negative things about it can save a child from

    being bullied which could result to a child dropping fromother, developing inferiority complex and the likes. Then,alls well that ends well.

    LEGAZPI CITY Four candidates

    vying to be the next president of the

    Bicol University (BU) have begun their

    campaign in a series of public foras.

    The four aspirants are Dr. Domingo

    Angeles, dean of the College of Agri-

    culture, University of the Philippines-

    Los Baos; Dr. Amelia Dorosan, BUvice president for administration; Dr.

    Helen Llenaresas, BU vice president for

    academic affairs; and Dr. Arnulfo Mas-

    carias, BU Research and Development

    Center director.

    In the public presentation and open

    forum conducted at the Bicol University

    Amphitheater, College of Arts and Letters

    on Monday, the four aspirants presented

    their plans (vision, mission, goals), given

    the chance to be the successor of Dr. Fay

    Lea Patria M. Lauraya, whose term will

    end on Mar. 9.

    Angeles placed emphasis on bringing

    BU into a new hub for academic excel-

    lence through instruction, research, ex-

    tension and governance.

    He said if necessary, he will reviewthe Bicol curricular program and revise

    them in order to conform to the national

    standard of education wherein graduates

    must be competitive in the job market.

    I envision BU as a great university

    whose faculty and students are among

    the best and the brightest and whose aca-

    demic program will create an impact. BU

    must catalyze and facilitate the improve-

    ment of the well-being of the people not

    only of Bicol but also of the nation, he


    He said he will be giving priority to

    the needs, especially on enhancing the

    technological and economic develop-

    ment, modernization of teaching and

    laboratory, increasing the nancial and

    scholarship allocation for the students,increase research productivity for the

    faculty, and strengthen participation of

    alumni that must be recognized as an

    important contributor to the universitys

    program and other support services that

    can be directed towards the welfare not

    only of the region but also of the whole


    Mascarias cited his master plan

    through his vision to make BU as a world-class university by producing leaders and

    change agents for social transformation

    and development.

    He said that in order to reach these

    goals; BU must innovate and sustain

    leadership to be able to address emerg-

    ing challenges and opportunities.

    Among his action plans are having

    responsive and efcient academic gov-

    ernance, partnering with the private sec-

    tor in helping various programs, making

    a market-driven and relevant programs,

    creating more research centers, enhanc-

    ing support to students through scholar-

    ships and housing plan for BU personnel

    and building or modernizing physical


    We must join the world universityranking to see for ourselves where we

    stand among the elite universities around

    the world. Starting 2015, the best is yet

    to come, he said.

    Llenaresas spoke about improving

    BU as a leading teaching and research

    university that nurtures 21st century pro-

    fessionals and leaders.

    Every BU graduate should have in-

    stitutional learning outcomes through de-

    livering quality education, she said.

    Among her plans are partnering with

    different agencies to build a network of

    collaboration; committing to academic

    excellence by giving the students needs,

    research and innovation; upgrading facil-

    ities; opening the university to national

    and international engagements; prioritiz-ing programs to special population (e.g.

    person with disabilities), and other ac-

    tivities that would serve as community


    As we embrace the challenges of

    internationalization, no one else can

    do best than hands-on and hardcore

    academicians love, dedication and

    commitment to service that are beyond

    question, she added.Dorosan also aims to make the

    school as university of the future.

    She believes that BU is ready to

    build itself to serve more to the com-

    munity by being exible and innova-


    Among her plans are laying down

    the building blocks that would help on

    efforts in reaching the schools vision

    by having a responsive and relevant

    scholastic engagement of students;

    adopting talent management system;

    improving university services that

    would identify gaps defeating a global

    university; innovating and institution-

    alizing the university system and policy

    standards to promote academic excel-

    lence; having a cohesive social agendain research development and extension

    to measure the impact of research de-

    velopment and extension engagement

    to community; producing sustainable

    information technology infrastructure

    and system; institutionalizing the stan-

    dards of service excellence and institu-

    tionalizing the standard of excellence.

    In working on these areas, we will

    be continually guided by our philoso-

    phy, 'education for service, nurturing

    and educating future leaders in students

    in service to the world', she said.

    The public presentation was fol-

    lowed by a closed door interview of

    the search committee headed by Dr.

    Emerlinda Roman, former president of

    the University of the Philippines.The Board of Regents (BOR) will

    (Turn to page 6)

    TINAGBA 2015Agri Fair slated

    For the upcoming celebration of the Tinagba Festival

    of the City of Iriga this coming February, the city would

    like to showcase local agricultural products to provide a

    wider exposure to promote business enterprises.

    Ofcer-in-Charge (OIC) City Agriculturist, Mr. Ruben

    Delos Santos of the city of Iriga proudly announces that

    this coming February 3 to 15, 2015 will be a very thrilling

    times for different businesses for they will be having an

    AGRI FAIR at the Iriga City Park.Mr. Delos Santos also conrms that all agricultur-

    al products and any related services are welcome to be

    showcased in the said event. In addition, different busi-

    nesses in relation to the said event all over the nation are

    also invited to participate.

    All local businesses with agricultural products are also

    excited to see and meet different products from foreign

    participants and learn from them.

    The city also states that any other information or in-

    quiries regarding the said event will be welcomed at the

    Ofce of the City Agriculturist, Iriga City not later than

    January 30, 2015.

  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter February 1-7, 2015





    Province of Albay will hostthe seventh Xterra Philip-

    pines Triathlon on Feb. 8

    as part of the 3rd Cagsawa

    Festival in nearby Daraga


    Gov. Joey Sarte Salceda

    said the big sports event has

    been organized by the pro-

    vincial government and the

    Sunrise Event of Wilfred

    Uytengsu Jr.

    Salceda said the Xterra

    Philippines Triathlon is an

    annual festival that will help

    a lot in boosting tourism not

    only in Daraga town but also

    in the entire province.

    He stressed that the Feb. 8

    activity will serve as a qual-

    ifying event for the Xterra

    World Championships to

    be held in Maui, Hawaii, in

    November this year.

    The sports competition

    will highlight the 200-year

    cultural heritage of the his-

    torical world-renowned

    Cagsawa Ruins.

    The Xterra Triathlon will

    bring its participants to the

    beautiful and interesting

    tourist spots in Albay prov-

    ince like the Swim Course

    in Mayon Riviera in Baran-

    gay Lidong, Sto. Domingo


    There will be a trail bike

    at run in Lidong village

    which will end at Cagsawa

    Ruins in Daraga.

    Salceda said about 246

    athletes have already regis-

    tered for the competition, 80

    of whom are foreign, which

    will also be participated in

    by well-known movie and

    political personalities of the


    Current champion RenataBucher of Switzerland will

    lead the competitors like

    veterans Ben Allen, Bradley-

    Weiss, Joseph Miller, Jacqui

    Slack, Charlie Epperson,

    Fabrizio Bartoli, Mauricio

    Mendez, Daz Parker, Carina

    Wagle, Mieko Carey, Dimity

    Lee Duke and Flora Duffy.

    The provincial chief ex-

    ecutive has also assured

    the participation of Senator

    Pia Cayetano, a known Tri-

    athlete Pro, as well as local

    celebrities Ryan Agoncillo,

    Matteo Guideceli, Christine

    Torres and others.

    The Provincial Govern-

    ment of Albay and the Sun-

    rise Event have a sched-

    uled a press conference at

    the Albay Astrodome on

    Feb. 7.




    (Part 3 of a 4-part series)

    III. What are the limits of knowledge?Justication may reasonably demonstrate the validity or

    truthfulness of knowledge such as in the case of experimentaltests of scientic theories but there are limits to knowledge.Aside from personal biases, intellectual capacity, precisionof instruments and accuracy of measurements, there arephilosophical barriers that limit knowledge. These include theGettier problem and the Mnchhausen trilemma.

    A.) Gettier problemPlatos theory of knowledge as justied true belief has

    been well-accepted and unquestioned among philosophersfor thousands of years until 1963 when American philosopherEdmund Gettier challenged the theory in his short paper IsJustied True Belief Knowledge? Gettier expounded that thereare situations wherein the classical denition does not apply. He

    gave two scenarios wherein the classical denition of knowledgeis not applicable.

    Both of Gettier's counterexamples essentially follow thesame general form:

    Smith justiably believes that P. P is false. Smith correctly infers that if P is true, then Q is true. So, Smith believes Q, justiably. Q is true, but not because of P. So, Smith has a justied true belief that Q.In these examples, and all true Gettier-style examples, the

    aw arises from forming an inference based on a false premise,though there is sufcient evidence to believe that premise istrue.

    The Gettier problem simply demonstrates that the limits of ourknowledge include the disjunction in justication. Even if a beliefis justied and true, there are conceivable situations wherein thebelief cannot properly be considered as knowledge.

    B.) Mnchhausen trilemmaThe Mnchhausen trilemma deals with the circular nature of

    some justications, innite regress of justications and axiomaticcertainty of justifying knowledge. It was named after BaronMnchhausen, who allegedly pulled himself and the horse onwhich he was sitting out of a swamp by his own hair. It is alsoknown as the Agrippas trilemma, which has the same basicform.

    It is called a trilemma because it is consist of three problemsof justication or proving knowledge:

    1. The circular argument, in which theory and proof supporteach other (i.e. we repeat ourselves at some point).

    2. The regressive argument, in which each proof requiresa further proof, ad innitum (i.e. we just keep giving proofs,presumably forever).

    3. The axiomatic argument, which rests on accepted precepts(i.e. we reach some bedrock assumption or certainty). The mainproblem with this last one is about certainty. How can one becertain that something can be considered axiomatic, especially

    in science.


    Email: [email protected]

    FROM MY WINDOW . . .

    21stOperation Reachout Surgical Mission 2015

    4thCongressional District

    Theme: "Padagos na Pag malasakit sa Salud kang mga taga Partido"

    Date: Feb. 5 to 8, 2015

    Venue: Dr. Manuel Fuentebella Memorial Hospital - Sagay Tigaon Municipal Infermary Tigaon

    Hosted by: Congressman Wimpy Fuentbella 4thDistrict Camarines Sur

    Former Deputy Speaker Noli Fuentebella

    Partido Development Administration

    Isarog Medical and Research Foundation

    Sponsor: Mga Sirujanong Doctor hali sa Far Eeastern University Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation Association of Fillipino Physician of America

    Physician for Peace Phililipines Bond of Mercy

    LGUs of Partido District

    Para sa completong detalye, mag dolok sana

    sa saindong Municipal Health Ofcer

    Target patients: 100 plus patients for major operation

    Unlimited to minor operation

    been conducting many hearings in the Senate apparently not onaid of legislation but for their political interest and goal.

    Mayor Binay was bodily dragged to session hall and forcedto attend the hearing. Former senators Joker Arroyo and ReneSaguisag who represented Mayor Binay chided Sen. Pimentelfor crumpling human rights citing several violations of theConstitution in the supposed inquiry.

    Arroyo said they went to the Senate to prevent the continuedviolation of the civil liberties and the degrading of governmentinstitutions. As former Blue Ribbon Committee Chief, Arroyosaid that any witness can ask for advance questions so that heor she will know exactly how to answer. It was denied. That isin the Rules.

    About the authority of the arrest, I cant imagine two senatorscan speak for twenty senators. The Blue Ribbon Committee iscomposed of twenty senators. With those detained, that is stillseventeen senators and among them, how may participated?Only three. How could that be? Arroyo asked.

    After three hours, Mayor Binay was released, since the orderof arrest has been satised.

    *****I wish to correct a word erroneously printed on my last

    weeks column, it should be: This part of his speech appearsto be uncalled for and UNWARRANTED not unwanted. I referto the part of the Presidents speech in Malacaang during thepapal visit when he criticized the role of the clergy in the societyparticularly in its aggressive position against the RH Law and thesupposed silence of the Church during the nine-year unpopularrule of former President Gloria M. Arroyo.

  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter February 1-7, 2015



    Balatas Road, Brgy. Balatas, Naga City


    FALABI, JACE AMIEL 4-Dec-141.

    GEREZ, MARIO P. 6-Dec-142.

    BUEZA, LEONITO B. 9-Dec-143.

    TUASON, MARILYN L. 9-Dec-144.

    POBLETE, MONINA S. 10-Dec-145.

    ENCINARES, DANTE L. 10-Dec-146.

    SALES, NORMA C. 16-Dec-147.

    AZOTILLO, CEASAR A. 17-Dec-148.

    ARCEGA, REYNALDO S. 19-Dec-149.

    KATIGBAK, VALENTINA T. 20-Dec-1410.

    AGNABO, OTILLO C. 21-Dec-1411.


    VIOLA, SEVERO C. 26-Dec-1413.

    DE MATTA, VICTOR V 30-Dec-1414.


    Republic of the Philippines

    LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICEProvince: Camarines Sur

    City/Municipality: Libmanan


    CCE-0079-2014 R.A. 10172

    In compliance with the publication requirement andpursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1Guidelines in the Implementation of the AdministrativeOrder No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice ishereby served to the public that GERALDINE CAYABYABEVANGELISTAhas led with this Ofce, a Petition for cor-rection of entry in Sex from FEMALE to MALEin thecerticate of live birth of GERALDINE CAYABYAB EVAN-GELISTA at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parentsare JOSE EVANGELISTA and GERONIMA CAYABYAB.

    Any person adversely affected by said petition mayle his written opposition with this ofce not later thanFebruary 13, 2015.

    (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar


    Published: February 1 and 8, 2014

    Republic of the PhilippinesLOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE

    Province: Camarines SurCity/Municipality: Libmanan


    In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048,a notice is hereby served to the public that EULA GAYCHICA OMNEShas led with this Ofce, a Petition forChange of First Name from EULA GAY ESPERANZA toEULA GAY in the certicate of live birth of EULA GAYESPERANZA CHICA who was born on October 26, 1955at Taban, Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parentsare JOVENTINO D. CHICA and MYRIAM ABAD.

    Any person adversely affected by said petition mayle his written opposition with this ofce not later thanFebruary 13, 2015.

    (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar


    Published: February 1 and 8, 2014

    Republic of the Philippines

    LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICEProvince: Camarines Sur

    City/Municipality: Libmanan

    NOTICE TO THE PUBLICCCE-0075-2014 R.A. 10172& CFN-0006-2014

    In compliance with the publication requirement andpursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1Guidelines in the Implementation of the AdministrativeOrder No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Noticeis hereby served to the public that JESS DEL ROSARIOSAN BUENAVENTURAhas led with this Ofce, a Petitionfor Change of First Name from JESSA to JESS andcorrection of entry in Sex from FEMALE to MALEinthe certicate of live birth of JESSA DEL ROSARIO SANBUENAVENTURA at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whoseparents are JESSIE SAN BUENAVENTURA and FLOR

    DEL ROSARIO.Any person adversely affected by said petition may

    le his written opposition with this ofce not later thanFebruary 13, 2015.

    (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar


    Published: February 1 and 8, 2014

    Some may be looking for

    possible places where they

    could spend their vacation

    this approaching summer.

    But of course, along with the

    preparation for their summer

    getaways is the consideration

    of money and budget. If you

    are looking for a place where

    you can relax and enjoy with-

    out spending too much, Ticao

    Island is the right place for


    A Triple treat awaits

    you in the island of Ticao

    in Masbate. Three beautiful

    spots can be found in the is-

    land where you can have a

    wonderful vacation. First on

    the list is the Altamar resort,


    owned by the Altajeros fam-

    ily. Altamar resort is a perfect

    place for family bonding; it

    has white sand and crystal

    clear water where you can go

    swimming. The resort also

    offers fun-full activities like

    horseback riding, snorkeling,

    and island hopping and for

    those who dont want to get a

    tan this summer, they can still

    enjoy by visiting the mini zoo

    in the said resort.

    Next is the San Miguel

    Island that is made attractive

    by its white sand and invit-

    ing crystal clear water, what

    makes the island more beau-

    tiful are the rock formations

    forming triangular shapes

    that look like the pyramids of

    Egypt. San Miguel Island can

    be found in the municipality

    of Monreal, Masbate.

    Last but denitely not the

    least is the cool spring called

    Matang Tubig that was named

    after ice water because of its

    cool and clean water. Ma-

    tang Tubig is located in the

    middle of a forest that takes a15-minute ride from the is-

    land of San Jacinto. Matang

    Tubig is the most visited

    spot by the locals and the


    When it comes to the ex-

    penses, be assured that you

    will not be spending too

    much if you choose to visit

    Ticao Island. A bus fare from

    Legazpi City to Bulan, Sor-

    sogon costs 150 pesos only

    and a boat ride from Bulan,

    Sorsogon to San Jacinto costs

    120 pesos only. For the lodg-

    ing, 200 pesos to 1500 pesos

    are the rate per night. So if

    you want to spend a cheap

    and wonderful vacation, Visit

    Ticao Island and have a Tri-

    ple treat experience at a low


    the Philippine Social Secu-

    rity System is also extendingsupport to persons with HIV

    as long as they are individual


    An HIV-positive person

    can avail of the permanent

    disability pension, however,

    it would depend on their pre-

    vious monthly contribution.


    P-NOY VOWS ...

    employees manning the lanes

    but also due to the exible

    payments that gives consider-

    ation to some businessmen.

    Just recently, Bongat re-

    quested the Sangguniang Pan-

    lungsod to pass an ordinance

    extending the 1st Quarter due

    date for the payment of busi-ness taxes, fees and charges

    from January 20 to Friday,

    January 23, this year. Sur-

    charge and interest will apply

    if payment has been made af-

    ter January 23.

    BOSS is expected to ben-

    et more or less 7,000 busi-

    ness establishments this year.

    The easy licensing scheme

    also uses the Enhanced Tax

    Revenue and Collection Sys-

    tem or ETRACS. This is a

    web-base and has an LGU

    Taxation Application design

    for LGUs. One of its modules

    is the business permit and

    licensing module which fea-tures automated assessment

    of new or renewed business

    permit applications.

    Clienteles also noted that


    the BOSS steps were reduced

    to three (3) steps as compared


    City Analyst II (EDP)

    Anselmo B. Mano said that

    from several steps, now cli-

    ents can already nish their

    transaction in a matter of 30

    minutes to 2 hours or lesser iftheir papers are already com-


    City Events, Protocol and

    Public Information Ofce

    Deputy Chief of Ofce Zayda

    Fe Rifareal stated that BOSS

    serves as an effective mecha-

    nism to fast track business

    renewals from small to big

    businesses. The scheme not

    only benets the business-

    men but the city as well for it

    means added revenue which

    in turn are being used to fund

    other LGUs programs and

    services. Improved services

    will also benet the citys

    constituents in return.

    To ensure that information

    about this scheme is well-

    disseminated, a Joint Inspec-

    torate Team was constituted

    under EO 2012-2016. The

    team is tasked to conducta year-round inspection of

    business establishments and

    at the same time disseminate

    the information regarding the

    citys business registration

    procedures including the pro-

    cessing of requirements and


    Naga City started this

    program in 1997 and is now

    being emulated by other lo-

    cal government units in most

    parts of the country.

    cast the votes, wherein the

    person who obtains at least

    two-thirds of the votes will

    be named a s the new pres i-


    The BOR includes Dr.

    Patricia Licuanan, the chair-

    person an d the Commission

    on Higher Education com-

    missioner; Dr. Fay Lea Pa-

    tria Lauraya, BU president;

    and Pia Cayetano, chair of

    the Senate committee on

    education, arts and culture;

    Roman Romulo, committee

    on technical and higher ed-

    ucation chair of the House

    of Representatives; Engi-

    neer Luis Banua, officer-in-

    charge of the National Eco-

    nomic and Development

    Authority-Bicol; Engineer

    Joseph Esplana, president

    of BU General Alumni As-


    sociation; Engineer Abelar-

    do Bragas, regional director

    of Department of Agricul-

    ture-Bicol; Director Tomas

    Brinas, regional director of

    the Department of Science

    and Technology-Bicol;

    Prof. Noel Rafer, president

    of BU Union of Facu lty As-

    sociation Inc.; and Adelaine

    Bautista, president of Uni-

    versity Student Council as


    The schedule of casting

    of votes is yet to be an-

    nounced. -PNA

    arship assistance will also be

    given to their children, as well

    as employment and livelihood

    assistance to their widows,

    siblings and parents.

    Before his speech, Presi-

    dent Aquino paid his last re-

    spects to each of the fallenSAF members by praying and

    placing a Medalya ng Kata-

    pangan on top of each cof-


    He then proceeded to the

    Moral and Spiritual Forma-

    tion Center across the mul-

    tipurpose hall to meet with

    the families of the SAF mem-


    According to Coloma,

    President Aquino listened to

    the sentiments expressed by

    the family of each SAF agent

    and he in turn condoled with

    them, reiterating the govern-

    ments determination to ren-

    der justice to the slain troop-


    He said the President has

    directed Interior and Local

    Government Secretary Mar

    Roxas and PNP Officer-in-Charge Deputy Director Gen-

    eral Leonardo Espina to en-

    sure that the families receive

    all of the benefits due them

    within the shortest time frame

    possible .

    During the necrological

    service, PNP-SAF Officer-In-

    Charge Police Chief Superin-

    tendent Noli Talino paid trib-

    ute to the 44 SAF members.

    Widow of Senior Inspector

    Ryan Pabalinas, Erica Paba-

    linas, who spoke on behalf

    of the families of the slain

    police officers, asked Presi -

    dent Aquino for justice to be


    Also present during the

    service were former president

    Fidel Ramos, Senate Presi-

    dent Franklin Drilon, Execu-

    tive Secretary Paquito Ochoa,Jr., Public Works Secretary

    Rogelio Singson, Social Wel-

    fare Secretary Dinky Soli-

    man, and other members of

    the Senate and Congress.

    Before the President ar-

    rived, his sisters Maria Elena

    Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, Auro-

    ra Corazon Pinky Aquino-

    Abellada and Victoria Elisa

    Viel Aquino-Dee were seen

    condoling with the families of

    the police officers. -- PCOO-


  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter February 1-7, 2015




    substantial income.

    APPLY NOW at Estate Quest Realty Services, Bulusan

    Street, Dayangdang, Naga City.

    Kindly bring your resume.

    Interview is being conducted every Saturday.

    Please contact Felix G. Morandarte Jr. at 09209099334

    for prior appointment.

    MEDICAL DONATIONThrough the relentless efforts of CamSur Gov. Migz

    Villafuertes administration to source for grants and

    donations from international organizations, the World

    Medical Relief, Inc. which is based in Detroit, Michigan, USA,

    RTD Ellen De los Santos addressing the representatives of

    Civil Society Organization and other stakeholders attended

    has positively responded by sending four container vans full

    of assorted medical equipment including hospital beds and

    ambulance vehicles for use in the different district hospitals

    in Camarines Sur.

    the consultative meeting. (photos by Jun Collantes/DA-



    CSOs, other stakeholdersconsultation meeting held

    NAGA CITY - As an ef-

    fort to cultivate deeper and

    more meaningful partner-

    ship and engagement with

    Civil Society Organizations

    (CSOs) and other stake-

    holders in the in the plan-

    ning and implementation of

    agricultural development

    programs in the region, the

    Department of Agriculture

    regional ofce conducted a

    CSOs and other stakehold-

    ers consultation meeting at

    Villa Caceres Hotel here on

    January 27.

    Some 70 participants rep-

    resenting various CSOs fromthe Bicol provinces and other

    partner institutions took part

    in the meeting where the DA

    Proposed Plans and Budget

    for 2016 were presented for

    review and suggestions and

    recommendations were elic-

    ited from the participants.

    Said activity is also in

    compliance with the Depart-

    ment of Budget and Manage-

    ment Memorandum No. 109

    of 2011 directing government

    agencies to strengthen demo-

    cratic institutions , broaden

    constructive partnership ,

    empower citizens and in-

    stitutionalize their partici-pation in project planning,

    implementation and even in

    budget processes.

    In her opening message,

    DA regional Technical Di-

    rector for Operations and

    Extension, Dr. Elena B. de-

    los Santos acknowledged the

    contribution of DAs partners

    and stakeholders in the suc-

    cessful implementation of

    agricultural programs. She

    enjoined everyone to sustain

    said partnership as she em-

    phasized that the candle of

    partnership should continue


    De los Santos also re-

    minded everyone to uphold

    and be guided by the eight(8) principles of constructive

    engagement which are: trans-

    parency, accountability, integ-

    rity, partnership, consultation

    and mutual empowerment,

    respect for internal processes,

    sustainability and national in-


    The rst part of the con-

    sultative meeting was the pre-

    sentation of the accomplish-

    ment and program status and

    progress of various programs

    which include the projects

    and activities under the Rice,

    Corn, High Value Crops,

    Livestock, Organic Agricul-

    ture, Bottom-Up Budgeting(BUB), PAMANA, Irriga-

    tion, Infrastructure and Farm

    Machineries and Equipment,

    programs and the projects of

    DA attached Agencies.

    It was reported that for

    Rice, Bicol region is among

    the top 5 highest produc-

    ing regions in the country as

    of December 31 and it has

    achieved 116.68% self suf-

    ciency for the same period.

    DA was able to assist 102,217

    individual farmers and 2,331

    groups/associations. Rice in-

    dustry s production in the

    region expanded by 1.2%.

    Corn on the other hand at-

    tained 9.26 growth rate as a

    result of 3.66 increase in areaharvested and 5.08% increase

    in average yield per hectare.

    The HVCDP and Livestock

    Sector likewise posted posi-

    tive growth as a result of the

    many interventions provided

    by the DA and other growth


    The second part of the

    consultative meeting was the

    presentation of Priorities for

    2015 and Plans and Budget

    Proposal for 2016.The third

    part was the Open Forum

    where the participants venti-

    lated their views on the pre-

    sented plans and proposals,

    raised issues and concernsand presented recommenda-


    One of the issues raised

    by the CSO representatives

    was that some of the post

    harvest facilities provided by

    the DA were not a complete

    package. For example, some

    at bed dryers are not pro-

    vided with shed hence, they

    are exposed to the elements.

    Also, it was noted that there

    is no one monitoring the ef-

    fectiveness and efciency of

    the farm equipment and fa-

    cilities and other services and

    assistance being provided by

    the DA to the various bene-

    ciaries. RTD Ellen said that

    said problems are now beingaddressed. Flatbed dryers

    and other facilities are now

    being provided in a complete

    package. She also cited that

    the Regional Agriculture and

    Fishery Council organized

    and being assisted by the DA

    is mandated to help moni-

    tor agricultural projects and

    the new chairperson, Jimmy

    Cordero had already prepared

    a memorandum organizing a

    monitoring team from among

    the council.

    DA RTD for Research and

    Regulations , Dr. Edgar Ma-

    drid for his part said that the

    recommendations should betranslated into policies. -Em-

    ily B. Bordado

    of all regions except NCR,

    also gives specific direc-

    tions to the said officials to

    facilitate the smooth transi-

    tion of the affected offices

    and ensure that their opera-

    tions in their present loca-

    tions will not be affected.

    The trimming down


    of the personnel is part of

    the contingency plan of

    the government to save on

    costs. This is done because

    there is no longer an over-

    head budget provided for

    the CENROs. In line with

    this, we will fast track the

    filling-up of 379 positions

    merchant eet, sailing the seven seas, visiting exotic placeswe come across only in books.

    The other, a board topnotcher, is an urban planner in theMiddle East who is married to a topnotch architect.

    Did I say I have remained a little above ordinary? Whenthe invitation from the old high school came, I was in thegovernment employ, holding a position which I must admit,there was little to crow about.But the local media which I onceheaded built a cult around me as someone the unconnected

    could depend on for speedy succor.Radio and TV reporters would come to my ofce almostdaily. I would bare to them all what our ofce had accomplishedfor the crime victims and for those seeking justice but hadfound none.

    I was daily heard over the radio and daily seen on television.

    The ofce allowed me to hug the limelight. Years after I

    transferred to the academe, people at the market place would

    sometimes shake my hands.

    I do not know if that was due to my work in the CHR.In that

    ofce, I did what I could do to those who came to seek relief.

    It was while there that I almost got appointed to a middle

    level executive government post courtesy of the late UN

    Ambassador Leandro Verceles, Sr. who became my fast friend

    when I was editing the Bicol Forum of Jose G.Burgos, Jr.

    The ambassador and I shared the same passion: writing.

    The position would have paved the way for my major entry

    into the governmentservice.My papers got lost in the labyrinth

    in Malacanang and did not reach the desk of the President.

    That missed opportunity encouraged me to nish a

    doctorate. An example of a blessing in disguise.


    in the whole Region V cov-

    ering the six (6) provinces,

    Rodriguez explained.

    PENRO Rodriguez also

    shared that during one of their

    departments consultation

    meetings, the DENR have en-

    sured that affected personnel

    will not be misplaced.

    For a Supervising PEN-

    RO, those provinces which

    has more than one CENRO,

    such as Camarines Sur, the

    CENRO-Naga will be abol-

    ished. In Legazpi, CENRO-

    Legazpi will be abolished

    and will be absorbed by

    PENRO-Albay. However,

    the CENRO in Guinobatan

    will still exist.

  • 8/9/2019 Bikol Reporter February 1-7, 2015


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    OUTSTANDING LOCAL NEWSPAPERFor Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter

    Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

    8 FEBRUARY 1-7, 2015

    P-Noy vows justicefor fallen commandosBy MIKE DE LA RAMA

    MANILA -- President

    Benigno S. Aquino III on

    Friday vowed justice for

    the 44 members of the

    Philippine National Po-

    lice Special Action Force

    (PNP-SAF) who died dur-

    ing a police operation in

    Mamasapano, Maguin-

    danao last Sunday.

    Sisikapin po nating

    makamit ang katarungan

    para sa lahat ng pinas lang

    at kanilang mga naiwang

    mahal sa buhay, the Presi-

    dent said during his speech

    at the necrological service

    held for the slain police of-

    ficers in a multipurpose hall

    in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bi-

    cutan, Taguig City.

    He assured their respec-

    tive families that the gov-

    ernment would provide

    them assistance.

    Pipilitin nating bawasan

    ang agam-agam sa inyong

    kinabukasan. Tutugunan

    po natin ang inyong mga

    pangangailangan nang su-

    musunod sa lahat ng batas

    at patakaran, he said.

    He noted that the govern-

    ment would grant financial

    aid to the families of the

    police officers who died,

    as well as those who were


    Mula sa pagbibigay-

    suporta sa pag-aaral ng mga

    benepisya ryo, hanggang sa

    pagtu long sa pagha hanap

    ng trabahot mapagkakaki-

    taanilan lang po ito sa

    mga halimbawa ng ayudang

    ipinagkakaloob ng inyong

    gobyerno, the President


    According to Communi-

    cation Secretary Herminio

    Coloma, Jr., the benefit

    package includes lifetime

    pension, gratui ty equivalent

    to a years salary, addition-

    al pension for the next five

    years, Pag-Ibig Fund death

    benefits, insuran ce bene fits,

    and commutation of leaves.

    Each family will ini-

    tially receive a minimum of

    P800,000 in cash, excluding

    monthly pension benefits,

    he said, adding that schol-

    DENR to implement RAT plan,shifts organizational structure


    NAGA CITY --- Depart-

    ment of Environment and

    Natural Resources (DENR)

    Community ofce or CEN-

    RO here will cease its op-

    eration commencing on the

    1st day of February pursu-

    ant to the implementation

    of the governments ratio-

    nalization program under

    Executive Order (EO) No.


    CENRO Naga including its

    counterparts in the municipal-

    ities of Sipocot, Goa and Iriga

    will be abolished and will be-

    come a technical division asthe department implements in

    full swing its rationalization

    program. This will affect the

    towns of Naga, Calabanga,

    Bombon, Magarao, Milaor,

    Gainza, Pili, Canaman and

    Camaligan as they are part

    of the geographical territories

    covered by the four (4) CEN-

    ROs here in the province.

    Outgoing Camarines Sur

    PENRO Atty. Arnel Rodri-

    guez conrmed during the

    [email protected] held over the

    weekend that the effectivity

    of the said order was set this

    February and therefore asked

    the assistance of the media to

    help their agency in dissemi-

    nating the information so that

    clients will be guided where

    to transact their concerns in

    the future. All transaction

    will now be done under the

    PENRs ofce.

    As our Undersecretary for

    Field Operations USEC Dem-

    etrio L. Ignacio directed, we

    will shift to the new DENR

    organizational structure effec-

    tive Calendar year 2015 pur-

    suant to the approved DENR

    rationalization plan. So we

    will just abide with the imple-

    menting rules and guidelines

    as stated, Rodriguez added.

    Rodriguez cited the impor-

    tant role of the CENROs as

    the departments frontliners.

    He said that its the CENROs

    who take care of the initial ac-

    tion on important transactions

    like signing the patents and

    directly delivers the govern-

    ments programs to their cli-

    ents in the local level.

    The memorandum issued

    to DENR Regional Directors

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