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7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/bikol-reporter-november-8-14-2015-issue 1/8 OUTSTANDING LOCAL NEWSPAPER For Five Consecutive Years St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards www.bikolreport.blogspot.com e-mail: [email protected] REGIONAL EXPONENT FOR PROGRESS Leni cites her Bicol roots Gov. SALCEDA Rep. ROBREDO 3d foo, GerONiMO blDG., bArliN sT., NAGA CiTY • Tel.: (054) 475-62-62 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766 Albay is 1st Top Destination Awardee  VOL. XXIII, NO. 4 BICOL, THE PHILIPPINES NOVEMBER 8 - 14, 2015 P5.00 CATHY & TITO Everywhere they go, the tandem of Camarines Norte Gubernatorial and Vice Gubernotarial Candidates incumbent Rep. Cathy Barcelona-Reyes and Daet Mayor Tito S. Sarion is always meet with heartwarming welcome as they bring along with them their Medical Clinic or Handog Kalusugan Services in priority areas in the Province. GATHER ‘YE LITTLE CHILDREN Vice Presidential Candidate Rep. Leni G. Robredo says children are closest to her heart. “I also felt their hardship.” LONDON -- Ex- pect Albay to draw more and more worldwide attention in travel and tourism from hereon. Albay Governor Joey Salceda’s strong pitch for his province as a genuine top global tourist destina- tion when he received the 2015 Pacic Asia Travel Association (PATA) CEO Challenge’s Top Destina- tion Award in formal rites at the Stationers’Hill along Ave Maria Lane in this British capital last Nov. 2, instantly drew enthusiastic raves and response. The PATA award has made Albay the Philippines’ foremost bet in the travel and tourism industry now. Following Salceda’s speech at the awards rites, giant travel and tourism players approached and assured him they will henceforth put Al-  bay in their top priority des- tination lists. One immediate proof of this emerging trend is the dramatic surge in the registra- tion attendance for the 2015 PATA New Frontiers Forum which Albay hosts on Nov. 25-27 this year, following the London event. From an ini- tial 191 conrmed registered  participants, the number has more than doubled and needs to be capped at 460 even as interested registrants are pro-  jected to surpass 600. Addressing the PATA ad- vocacy dinner, which was attended by some 151 travel and tourism CEOs from all (Turn to page 4) SOGOD, Bacacay, Al- bay -- “I am the pure and true Bicolano,” Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, the Liberal Party's vice presi- dential candidate, claimed as her edge over four other Bicolano aspirants for the same position. In an impromptu dialogue with local media and leaders of the Lagman political clan at its ancestral residence here on Saturday afternoon, Robredo said he is the only genuine Bicolano as she was born and raised in Bicol, unlike her po- litical rivals who started their  basic education in schools outside the Bicol Region. Awing her audience and the media with her simplic- ity and straightforwardness, the Camarines Sur solon said she is proud to nish her elementary and second- ary schooling at the Un- ibersidad de Santa Isabel in  Naga City. (Turn to page 6)  473-8888 FACEBOOK PHOTO

Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue

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  • 7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue



    LOCAL NEWSPAPERFor Five Consecutive YearsSt. Peter Baptist CatholicMass Media Awards

    www.bikolreport.blogspot.come-mail: [email protected]


    Leni cites her

    Bicol roots

    Gov. SALCEDA

    Rep. ROBREDO

    3d foo, GerONiMO blDG., bArliN sT., NAGA CiTY Tel.: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

    Albay is 1st Top Destination AwardeeVOL. XXIII, NO. 4 BICOL, THE PHILIPPINES NOVEMBER 8 - 14, 2015 P5.00

    CATHY & TITOEverywhere they go, the tandem of Camarines Norte Gubernatorial and Vice GubernotarialCandidates incumbent Rep. Cathy Barcelona-Reyes and Daet Mayor Tito S. Sarion is alwaysmeet with heartwarming welcome as they bring along with them their Medical Clinic or HandogKalusugan Services in priority areas in the Province.

    GATHER YE LITTLE CHILDRENVice Presidential Candidate Rep. Leni G. Robredo says children are closest to her heart. I also felt their hardship.

    LONDON -- Ex-pect Albay to drawmore and moreworldwide attentionin travel and tourismfrom hereon.

    Albay Governor Joey

    Salcedas strong pitch for

    his province as a genuinetop global tourist destina-

    tion when he received the

    2015 Pacic Asia Travel

    Association (PATA) CEO

    Challenges Top Destina-

    tion Award in formal rites

    at the StationersHill along

    Ave Maria Lane in this

    British capital last Nov. 2,

    instantly drew enthusiastic

    raves and response.

    The PATA award has

    made Albay the Philippines

    foremost bet in the travel

    and tourism industry now.

    Following Salcedas speech

    at the awards rites, giant

    travel and tourism players

    approached and assured him

    they will henceforth put Al-

    bay in their top priority des-

    tination lists.

    One immediate proof of

    this emerging trend is the

    dramatic surge in the registra-

    tion attendance for the 2015

    PATA New Frontiers Forum

    which Albay hosts on Nov.

    25-27 this year, following theLondon event. From an ini-

    tial 191 conrmed registered

    participants, the number has

    more than doubled and needs

    to be capped at 460 even as

    interested registrants are pro-

    jected to surpass 600.

    Addressing the PATA ad-

    vocacy dinner, which was

    attended by some 151 travel

    and tourism CEOs from all(Turn to page 4)

    SOGOD, Bacacay, Al-

    bay -- I am the pure and

    true Bicolano, Camarines

    Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, the

    Liberal Party's vice presi-

    dential candidate, claimed

    as her edge over four other

    Bicolano aspirants for the

    same position.

    In an impromptu dialogue

    with local media and leaders

    of the Lagman political clan at

    its ancestral residence here on

    Saturday afternoon, Robredo

    said he is the only genuine

    Bicolano as she was born and

    raised in Bicol, unlike her po-

    litical rivals who started their

    basic education in schools

    outside the Bicol Region.

    Awing her audience and

    the media with her simplic-

    ity and straightforwardness,

    the Camarines Sur solon

    said she is proud to nish

    her elementary and second-

    ary schooling at the Un-

    ibersidad de Santa Isabel in

    Naga City.

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  • 7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue



    Two big international events which the country ishosting this month necessitate an immediate solutionto the laglag-bala racket at the NAIA.

    These are the Asia Pacic Economic Cooperation

    (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting from 1819November 2015 in Manila; and the Pacic Asia TravelAssociation (PATA) New Frontiers Forum on Nov. 25-27 in Albay.

    The bullet-planting scam which has become anational source of shame needs not just a deeperinvestigation, as suggested by Liberal Partycandidate Mar Roxas in his recent Bicol visit but atotal shake-up in the NAIA operations.

    We need not repeat the obvious. This scheme isnothing new in the NAIA culture which has becomesynonymous with bribery and extortion activities,albeit, in either discreet or embarrassing ways.

    We are saying the bullet planting is rooted inthe Pinoys creativity at designing schemes to earnmoney the easiest way.

    Those who are doing this therefore are clearlydyed-in-the-wool shady characters.

    Ergo, the Pnoy administration should not justmake a teka-teka or well dig into that, assuranceabout it.

    It either should take the advice of the police chiefin the Charles Bronson movie, Death Wish, to scareoff, the vigilante Paul Kersey which Bronson plays;or quote Dirty Harrys question to a rogue cop: Do Ifeel lucky?

    Were saying the Aquino administration shouldbite the bullet in the bullet planting brouhaha atNAIA.


    Biting the Bullet

    Raising the Ante


    Head, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU






    articiality is wreaking havoc on Filipinoslives.

    Many who have booked ights as earlyas July when the President announcedthat Nov. 18 and 19 would be non-workingholidays are also having problems. Theiright cancellations leave no alternativebecause their planes wont be ying totheir destinations. How can people y outof MM when their pre-booked ights havebeen cancelled? Does this show lack ofplanning on the part of our government

    or plain braggadocio? Ano ba ito - Haay,Naku!CREDIT: Consumer loans extended

    by Philippine banks jumped by 19.3% inthe rst semester of 2015 on the backof the strong demand for auto and realestate loans. BSP data showed consumerloans extended by universal, commercialand thrift banks amounted to P959.2Bup to end-June, which is P155.13Bhigher compared to P802.05B last year.The amount is 2.83% or P26.4B higher

    (Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,CPAs-DFK International is past chair of

    ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA pastpresident and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPPLifetime Achievement Awardee).

    FLIGHTS: Over 350 ight schedules both domestic and international havebeen cancelled from Nov.15 to 20 dueto the upcoming Asia Pacic EconomicCooperation Leaders Summit. Up to 21global leaders are expected to attend.Much earlier, the DOTC had alreadyadvised the Philippine ag carriers aboutthe periodic runway restrictions to beimposed for the duration of the summit.The insufciency of our runways hassurfaced. Mahirap ba itong ma-solve?

    The ight cancellations are called for toprevent further congestion that is alreadybeing experienced at the NAIA. Theproblem is exacerbated by unpredictableweather conditions that also cause ightdelays. There had been experiencesof airplanes running out of fuel in the airwhile waiting for the signal to land. Someof the ights are being diverted to ClarkAirport which causes inconveniences

    to passengers, especially those withconnecting ights.ROAD TRAFFIC: Trafc rerouting

    schemes will also be implemented alongmajor MManila roads. Express/VIP laneswill be made accessible only to APECvehicles. Malacanang is now encouragingMM residents to go out of town. In ourdesire to please the delegates, we wantFilipinos to sacrice. Why dont we justshow our visitors the fact that we are apoor country, with lots of problems? Our

    APEC Summit in Manila

    P102.315 million, amount intact. Habagatooding (Aug. 2012) total P7.627 million,amount intact;

    * Various disasters undated totalP1.039 million, amunt intact;

    * Typhoon Maring (Aug. 2013) totalP45,216 amount intact;* Zamboanga siege (Sept. 2013) total

    P158,924 M amount intact;* Bohol earthquake (Oct. 2013) total

    P4.983 million, amount intact;

    * Typhoon Yolanda (Nov. 2013) total

    P136.997 million balance P98.242 million.

    The COA claimed that the totalunused donations being kept by OCDin DBP stood at P384.95 million. TheOCD claimed it was not able to releasethe funds due to failure of claimants tocomply with the requirements. They canno longer submit precisely because of thecalamity typhoon that struck them in thearmed conict that plagued them.

    Anak Pawis Rep. Fernando Hicapsaid in a statement: The rage of typhoonvictims is indescribable over the Aquinogovernment criminal negligence, manyhave lost their farms and other hardshipsbut we are to discover that donationssupposed to help them are headed;the Aquino government should be held

    responsible for this mercilessness.Is this the righteous path on DaangMatuwid of the administration? Itobviously appears as a heartless anduncompassionate path.

    The front page of the Daily Tribune

    dated November 2, 2015 is the following:P385 million in disaster aid unused-COA(Commission on Audit) Govt kept donationsin DBP since 2008 it was deposited astrust fund in the DBP and it has earned aninterest of P1,709.00 million.

    The following is the reported completelist of donations and utilization attached tothe audit report:

    * Typhoon Frank (June 2008) totaldonations P26.26 million-remaining balanceP5.83 million;

    * Flashood in Cagayan de Oro/Gingoog/Iligan (January 2009) total P2.045 millionamount intact;

    * Tropical storm Sendong (Dec. 2011)total P126.843 million-balance P114.507million;

    * Tropical storm Ondoy and Peping(Sept. 2009) total P40.925 million balanceP36.143 million;

    * Typhoons Pedring and Quiel (Sept./Oct. 2011) total P16.784 million, balanceP12.019 million;

    * Typhoon Pablo (Dec. 2012) total

    P385 M disaster aid unused, P1 Billion in QRF

    disaster fund idle, Tanim-Bala in Internat'l Airport

    NeNiTA fueNTebellA-PeONes




    compared to P932.78B booked in endMarch 2015.

    The BSP reported that auto loansreached P259.36B in end-June,P52.32B more compared to P207.04Bin same period last year. Residentialrealty loans surged 17.34% to P409.2B

    in end-June from P348.7B last yearamid tightening of credit standardsimposed by banks. Residential realty,however was P2.27B lower comparedto P411.4B booked in March this year.BSP Loan Ofcers Survey showedbanks imposed tighter credit standardsfor the 13th straight quarter.

    INCOME TAX: The Philippineshas the highest corporate income taxrates among the ASEAN six. Our highcorporate income tax rate puts us in aslippery slope. With the advent of theASEAN Economic Community nextyear, businesses, large and small, caninvest freely across ASEAN stateswithout capital controls. Other thingsconsidered, why will investors chooseto set up shop in the Philippines whenour own government takes the largest

    chunk of their income?As of now, Phl gets the least foreign

    direct investments (FDIs) in the ASEAN6. Last year, our FDIs of $6.2B wasa pittance to Singapores $67.4B andIndonesias $25.6B. This year, our FDIsare down by 40%. It goes to show thatbeing Investment Grade is not theend-all, be-all in attracting FDIs. Sen.Sonny Angaras bill to reduce corporateincome tax of 30% will reduce it to 27%

    The attering description of a Bicolanoas Oragon-smart, feeling superior,unafraid of nothing, not even death, deeplyhonest- has found much credence in thechoice of four native-born Bicolanos andone Bicolano by marriage for the vicepresidency.

    A victory in the May, 20l6 polls byanyone of them will place a Bicolano withina shouting distance from Malacanang. Ifever this happens, we may have the rstBicolano vice president and who knows aPresident years from now.

    That is a dizzying but not too impossibledream to come true.

    The ve are Leni Robredo of CamarinesSur, Chiz Escudero and Gregorio Honasanof Sorsogon, Antonio Trillanes and AlanPeter Cayetano of Albay. Cayetanos wifeis from Tiwi, Albay.

    The entry of Bongbong Marcos withhis vaunted Solid North, the IlocosRegion, does not dim the chances of theve descendants of the Bicol epic hero,Ibalong.His Solid North against the whole

    country of anti-Marcos legions does notgive him any advantage.

    His camp has the delusion that ahopelessly divided Bicol Region will handover the vice presidency on a silver platterto Bongbong. That is easier said thandone.

    Bongbongs supporters have for-gotten the peoples abhorrence foranything associated with the late dictatoris very much alive, nurtured by the

    present economic mess, poverty,unemployment, corruption , blamed onhis fathers 20 years regime of plunder.

    The fear of another Marcos inMalacanang is not a monopoly ofOpposition Metro Manila and other anti-Marcos bastions. It is pulsating in everynook and corner of the archipelago.

    No, never again. That is the battlecry of many Filipinos today who havegone through the dark days of martiallaw.Is that good for Bongbong?

    The estimated Bicol votes of abouta couple of millions are admittedlynot enough to install a Bicolano asvice president. But harnessing the stillsmouldering anti-Marcos sentimentsand turning them into votes will make adifference.

    But who among the ve has theresources and the organization to sendBongbong to the canvass, down andout, except Leni Robredo who has thesupport of the LP machinery.Todays

    The year of the Oragon






    (Turn to page 6)

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    Whoever is ripping the tarps of UNA candidatesArnie Fuentebella and Peachy Alfelor-Moraleda isnot helping raise the level of political campaign inthe province.

    We do not think that it is the people of theincumbent in the Capitol behind this for otherwise,they are doing a disservice to their boss who was

    picked way back by a glossy magazine where hewas featured as one of Men who Matter.

    We are certain Gov. Migz Villafuerte wants tomatter and continue to matter for the people ofCamarines Sur; and this he will show by leadingby example to ensure that the elections will be onethat will be fought on platforms and principles andnot personalities.

    We do not think that he will direct his men to goon a tarp-ripping operation, just like what happenedto that tarp at Palestina which clearly was directedat his administration.

    We nevertheless, along the principles oftransparency and accountability, demand that thegood governor should answer what was printed onthat tarp.

    On the other hand, if this tarp-tearing is thehandiwork of a third invisible party, then it will beeverybodys job to ensure that the coming electionwill, as hoped for by the regional COMELEC chief,

    be relatively peaceful.

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  • 7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue



  • 7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue



    Istilo nin Kampanya



    frANk PeONES JR.

    Sa saiyang diskurso, nakanood nasi Mar na maka-konektar sa saiyangparadangog. Tatao nang magsuba.

    Halimbawa, pigistorya niya kun panonagreklamo si Korina kan maaraman namapa-Daet siya sa ika-duwang beses.

    Di ba may magandang kongresista

    diyan na mapulang-mapula ang labi?hapot daa ni Korina, manongod kiKongresista Cathy Barcelona Reyes namagayon man nanggad asin pirmengmapula an ngabil.

    Naogma kaini si mga nagdadangogasin sa hiling, duman lang nakuana niya an suporta kan mga yaonduman.

    Alagad, dapat magpahiling pa siyanin kapusugan sa mga simbag sa mgaimportanteng isyu. Garo nahihiling koan anino ni Presidente Pnoy saiya kunsiya minasimbag, garo mayong siertongtindog, garo nagduduwa-duwa.

    Dai ini makakatabang saiya sakahaluyan.

    Duwang nang presidentiable annakaulay ta asin narisa ko an kaibahankan saindang istilo sa pangangampanya.

    An enot iyo si Jojo Binay, duman saTigaon perang semana na an nakakaagisa kompleanyo ni dating House SpeakerNoli Fuentebella.

    Si Binay seryoso, dai nagbabago anekspresyon kan lalawgon, alagad diretsoan simbag, mayong pasikot-sikot.

    Sabihon tang mayong kolor (dai tapagsusubahan an saiyang kublit dawaan saiyang mga handlers ginamit anpagigin niya nognog). An simbag niyanasisingitan niya kan saiyang personalna istorya pano siya nagpoon namayong-mayo asin ngonyan nagkaigwanin pagkakataon na makapaglingkod sakadaklan kan mga namamanwaan nayaon sa kapagtiosan.

    Sa sakong hapot kun ano sa pamanaasin leksyon kan EDSA an saiyangdadarahon sa presidency, sinabi niya anrule of law. Inaasahan ko ini ta ini man

    an nahihiling ta sa administrasyon niPnoy na malinaw na may particular na leysa particular na tawo o sitwasyon. Kunliliwaton ku an sinabi ni George Orwell sa1984, an iba mas may ley sa iba.

    Sa Daet, nadangong ko si Mar Roxasdawa dai ko siya nahapot manongod sasaiyang paninindugan sa pagmimina saCamarines Norte.




    Email: [email protected]

    Pyesta nin mga GadanTanda ko kan mga sadit pa kaming aki kan sakong mga

    tugang asin kapipinsanan. Nagigin garo playground ansementeryo kada pyesta nin mga gadan. Minarilibot kami samga pontod para magkolekta nin mga natunaw na kandila paraguibuhong bola o ihurma sa manlaen-laen na klaseng kawatanarog kan badil-badilan saka robot. Syempre kadakli sa nairibasa ekspedisyon na ini si mga aking lalaki. Bihira man mag-iba si mga pinsan ko na babae sa pagkolekta nin natunaw nakandila ta mas gusto nindang mag-iristoryahan nin katakotansa ibabaw kan nitso nina lolo asin lola. Minsan man minabaliman kami sa iristoryahan manungod sa aswang, multo sakazombies.

    Garo nagigin dakulang picnic area ang sementeryo kadapyesta nin mga gadan. Saro ini sa mga taonan na espesyal naaldaw na nagin parte kan sakong pagiging aki na ina-antisiparanko kadto kada Nobyembre. Apuera kaya sa medyo halabangbakasyon, pagkakataon man an pyesta nin mga gadan para

    magkahirilingan kami kan sakong mga pinsan. Yaon pa dyanidagdag an mga masisiram na pagkakan na dara kan samongmga magurang, mga tiyo asin tiya. Bilang mga aki, harayo mansa isip mi an talagang kahulugan kan okasyon. Para sa samosaro lang ini sa mga pagkakataon para mag-ogma dawa nganiminsan naaagotan por dahil sa kalikutan.

    Bilang mga aki harayo na marhay sa mga isip mi an tunkolsa kagadanan. Iyo, aram mi man na mga gadan na kapartidaryoan dahilan kun tano kami minbisita sa sementeryo pero daeman kami masyadong apektado ta si mga nakalubong, pwerana lang siguro ki Lola Vacion, dae mi naman inabutan onamidbidan. Mga pangaran lang sa lapida ang Emiliano Neola,Barbara Gonzalez, Ernesto Neola asin iba pa na maski nganisa ritrato dae mi naman nahiling.

    Alagad sa pag-agi kan mga taon habang kami nagdadakulapadiit-diit man na nag-iba an samong pananaw asin gawikada pyesta nin mga gadan. Yaon pa man si mga iristoryahanpero ibang tema naman an pinag-uurulayan. Kan kami mgateenagers na halimbawa, tungkol naman sa mga crushes sakasa barkada ang tema. Nawara naman si hilig magkolekta ninmga natunaw na kandila. Hangang nag-abot si panahon namga girlfriends saka boyfriends na an kaibanan sa sementeryokada petsa uno kan Nobyembre. An kadakli samo dae namanminahaloy sa may nitso ta kun bakong masimba maduman pasa ibang sementeryo kun saen nakalubong si mga kapartidaryokan kabarkada o kailusyon.

    Uminabot si sarong Nobyebre uno na medyo kakaiba samga nakaaging pyesta nin mga gadan. Bako na lang si mgalolo asin lola an samong binibisita sa pontod. Naribayan nanin pangaran kan iba sa samong mga magurang asin pinsanan nasa mga lapida. Haros gabos naman sa samuyangmagturugang asin mga kapipinsanan an ugwa nang mgaagom asin aki.

    An samong mga aki naman an nagkakarawat asin nagtitiponnin mga natunaw na kandila habang si iba nag-iiristoryahannin katatakotan. Kami naman si mga sigeng pang-angot asinpangudot sa samong mga aking pasaway. Yaon pa man giraraysi picnic alagad dakol na an nagbago.

    Mga perang dekada pa an maagi kami naman an bibisitahonkan samong mga magigin makuapo.

    in 2016, and 25% in 2017. It is not enough to woo investors, butat least it puts us at par with Malaysia (and Indonesia).

    PBC CALL: Filipino businessmen are urging the Aquinoadministration to lower both personal income rates and corporateincome tax rates stressing that this will be a positive signal to theinvestor community that will outweigh whatever projected lossesin government revenues. The PCCI said lowering the income taxrates will empower both individual taxpayers and corporationsto spend, thereby creating economic activities that will lead tohigher taxes.

    With bigger personal income, consumption will also growand companies will have more capital to expand to meet higherdemand. The commercial group further explained that on top ofthe regular 30% Income Tax, corporations are also paying othertaxes on their products. With the I/T reduction, Philippine-basedcompanies will become competitive even as other ASEANcountries are also poised to lower their I/T rates (IndonesiasI/T rate down to 18% next year from 25 %).

    POLITICS: My VP candidate is still lagging behind her morepopular adversaries. But I predict that in due time once the

    voting public come to meet her (as I did at the Kamay ni HesusShrine) they will realize that in her simplicity, there is that goodfaith and sincere desire for honest service to our people. Allthose who are inspired by her should multiply their votes byconvincing their friends and associates to go for Leni Robredo.We will never lose with her simple smiles!

    Thats why I am happy that Sen. Serge Osmena has thrownhis personal support (Simple Adviser daw lang) for Congw. Leni.The veteran politician has varied inuences that can bolstersupport for our candidate.

    The wait-and see developments for a Rudy Dutertepresidential inclusion seem going the way of the Mayor. He haslong spoken his piece and his supporters should respect hisdecision. With him out of the derby, VP Binay and LP-anointedMar should benet therefrom!

    WISDOM: Happiness is in our hearts. It is seen in our eyes,and heard in the timbre of our voice. Be happy!


    The Bikol region is in the typhoon belt. We might suffer thesame fate as those reported above. Why didnt anyone in theCabinet especially Mar Roxas complain about this hoarding offunds! This is for our our information and study.

    On the next day, Nov. 3, 2015, the headlines of the DailyTribune is s follows: COA report: P1 billion in QRF lay idle. Moredisaster funds underspent.

    This did not come from any politician or the opposition. It is areport of the Commission on Audit.

    Aside from the P385 million donations for calamity victims, thegovernment had withheld, the Commission on Audit also foundnearly P1 billion in dormant Quick Response Fund in state.

    The Daily Tribune reported: In its 2014 annual report on theOfce of the Civil Defense (OCD) , COA noted that at least P1

    billion has been slashed by the agency despite the devastationbrought by natural disasters that killed and rendered homelessmillions of Filipinos.

    The Quick Response Fund which accumulated to a hugeamount of P923,153,721.00 as of December 2014 was not utilizedas envisioned and became idle, thus, depriving the intendedbeneciaries of the benets therefrom.

    If you watched and listened to many but not all of the LPs andtheir allies talk about Daang Matuwid, it is as if they are clean,very good but these COA reports speaks of conscienceless, lackof concern and compassion for the poor victims of typhoons andcalamities and of criminal negligence. The P1 billion disasterfund deposited as trust fund at DBP earned interest and deprivedthe victims of any help at the time they needed it most and eventoday. The timing is important because many died of hunger andsickness. Can you call that the Right Path?

    * * * * *The Philippines Ninoy Aquino International Airport was named

    one of the Ten Worst Airport in the World at the time when MarRoxas was the Secretary of the Department of Communicationand Transportation. Now, it is no longer in the top ten list. It hasanother name: The airport where there is the Tanim Bala scam(planted bullet in the passengerrs luggage for extortion. Ouroverseas Filipino workers, foreign and local travelers are nowafraid that their luggage be planted with bullets. They even wraptheir luggages with plastic material and with messages. This hasnow caught a worldwide attention and I hope the Presidents menwho are in the saddle will be able to solve this embarrassingcontroversy as soon as possible. This will scare foreign touristsand investors and even our Overseas Filipino Workers who helpour economy a lot needless to say, our tourism industry will bebadly affected.

    FROM MY WINDOW . . .over the world, Salceda high-

    lighted the strong points why

    Albay was chosen as a fore-

    most global destination and

    why travel agencies should

    now put it in their list of prior-

    ity spots. The dinner aims to

    enhance tourism development

    of emerging destinations, in a

    sustainable manner.

    Albay won the 2015 PATA

    CEO Challenges Top Desti-

    nation Award in the Regional/Provincial category and shares

    half of the US- million prize

    with Thekkady, Kerala, India

    which won in the second/third

    tier towns and cities category.

    Salceda projects tourist arriv-

    als in Albay will further surge

    after PATAs partner TripAdvi-

    sor shall have worked out the

    provinces tourism marketing

    strategy where Albays share

    in the PATA CEO Challenge

    USD 1 million prize will be


    PATA Chief Executive Of-

    cer Mario Hardy presided

    over the London awards

    rites along with Martin Ver-don-Roe, vice president of

    Global Display Sales of Trip

    Advisor, CEO Challenges

    partner, and UN World Tour-

    ism Organization Secretary

    General Taleb Rifai who was

    guest of honor.

    PATAs 2015 CEO Chal-

    lenge Top Destination Award

    is at its maiden edition and

    Albay goes on record as its

    very rst recipient. The award

    incidentally came as the Phil-

    ippines launched its Visit


    the Philippines Again 2016

    campaign at World Travel

    Mart at the ExCel Docklands

    in London, which Salceda also

    attended with Department of

    Tourism Sec. Ramon Jimenez.

    In connection with its latest

    PATA award, he said the issue

    is not about being the best but

    about what can be accomplished

    if people work together, stress-

    ing that all the awards and ac-

    colades Albay had receivedthrough the years were the

    products of Albayanos unity of

    purpose and vision.

    The governor is the driving

    force behind Albays strong

    tourism program for the past

    eight years, introducing many

    innovations which trans-

    formed the provinces sedate

    travel environment into a bus-

    tling world class destination.

    The DOT has declared Al-

    bay as the Philippines fastest

    growing tourist destination,

    posting a sustained tourism

    growth of 47 percent in 2012,

    66 percent in 2013 and 52 per-

    cent in the second quarter of2014 and a soaring increase

    in foreign tourist arrivals of

    from 8,700 in 2006 to 339,000

    in 2014.

    Within that period, Sal-

    ceda pushed the construction

    of some 320 kilometers of ac-

    cess roads to new and unique

    tourism destinations which,

    together with his innova-

    tive programs, made Albay a

    national partner for tourism

    growth. DOT honored him

    with its First Tourism Star

    Award early this year.

    PATA, the premier travel

    organization in the Asia Pa-

    cic, has close to 1,000 as-

    sociate groups, education and

    hospitality agencies, tourism

    destinations, as well as corpo-

    rate, government and industri-

    al links; and about 70 aviation

    carriers as partners. - PNA

  • 7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue



    DAR, LGU team up for Tinambac water supply project

    SR. CITIZENS CITY OFFICIALS OATH TAKINGActing City Mayor Nelson Legacion administered the Oath of

    Ofce of the Senior Citizens Ofcials headed by SC Mayor

    Lourdes Sayson, during the Nov. 2 ag ceremony.

    SR. CITIZENS WEEKNaga City Senior Citizens Ofcials started working side by

    side with their regular elected counterparts.

    WATER SUPPLY PROJECT MOA SIGNINGOIC-Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Ofcer I Gay L. Labad, and Tinambac Mayor Ruel T.Velarde recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement for a community-based potable watersupply project. They were joined by PFFA chairman Severino Barcillano. (standing) CPWASHpoint person Edmundo C. Nacario, Pag-asa Bgy.Captain Salvador N. Bermillo, MunicipalCouncilor Annie Cabral, Tinambac Agrarian Reform Chief Romulo R. Caceres, and DARSupport Services Division Chief Benjar M. Romero.


    Department of Agrarian

    Reform (DAR) Bicol and

    the local government unit

    (LGU) of Tinambac, Cama-

    rines Sur II recently joined

    hands in the launching of the

    community-managed po-table water, sanitation and

    hygiene (CPWASH) project

    in the said municipality to

    provide disease-free water

    system to agrarian reform

    beneciaries (ARBs) and

    local communities in the

    said municipality.

    Provincial agrarian reform

    program ofcer I (PARPO I)

    Gay L. Labad said DAR has

    conceptualized CPWASH to

    be done by installing low-

    cost water supply technology

    and sanitation systems that

    primarily address the require-

    ments of safe, clean and po-

    table water for the ARBs andother residents in the agrarian

    reform communities.

    We are pushing this

    project especially in remote

    areas where people lack po-

    table drinking water, La-

    bad said as she commended

    the Tinambac LGU for their

    willingness to help the DAR

    in this project.

    Labad said DAR provided

    the WATSAN Technologywhile LGUs , Pag-asa Farm-

    ers and Farmworkers Asso-

    ciation (PFFA) provided the

    construction materials and

    necessary labor requirements

    as their project counterparts.

    The project amounting to

    P230,000 will include con-

    struction of 23 water and san-

    itation (WATSAN) facilities

    including iron removal lter

    (IRF), biogas digester, rain

    water collector and bio-sand


    This is the fth munici-

    pality in Camarines Sur II

    area where CPWASH will

    be implemented after Cana-man, Sagay, Caramoan, and

    Garchitorena. Labad said.

    On the other hand,

    Tinambac mayor Ruel T.

    Velarde was pleased to be

    selected among the recipient

    LGUs. He expressed his in-

    tention to expand the project

    to other barangays, acknowl-

    edging water as the basic

    right of every community.

    We are glad that DARis continuously assisting our

    town through the provision of

    support services such as the

    provision of potable water

    system, Velarde said.

    Meanwhile, Edmundo Na-

    cario, CPWASH point person,

    explained the rain water col-

    lector and iron removal lter

    will be constructed at Pag-

    asa Elementary School com-

    pound while bio-sand lters

    will be provided to twenty

    households. Both facilities

    are useful in removing lime-

    stone sediments and turn rain

    water and water from artesian

    well safe to drink.While the biogas digester

    will collect waste from the

    piggery and other farm ani-

    mals to produce methane gas

    which could produce re for

    cooking, he added.

    Signing of the memoran-

    dum of agreement (MOA)

    highlighted the launching led

    by PARPO I Labad, mayor

    Velarde, and PFFA chairper-

    son Severino Barcillano.

    Pag-asa punong barangay

    Salvador Bermillo, coun-

    cilor Annie Cabral, munici-

    pal agrarian reform ofcer

    Romulo Caceres, support

    services division chief Ben-

    jar Romero, and other DAR

    personnel also witnessed the


    Construction of the proj-

    ect will be done next month

    and is expected to be com-

    pleted and be functional after

    ten days. -SAA/DAR5-PIA5/


    Albay to host 2016Palarong Pambansa


    bay won the bid to host the

    Palarong Pambansa 2016

    after careful deliberation

    and tedious evaluation by

    ofcials of the Departmentof Education (DepEd) and

    Philippine Sports Commis-

    sion (PSC).

    Albay bested Tuguega-

    rao City, Cagayan, the lone

    competitor for the bid to host

    the annual national games set

    next year.

    The nal choice was made

    based on voting results by the

    Palarong Pambansa Board

    chaired by the DepEd Secre-

    tary Armin Luistro.

    We reviewed the recom-

    mendations from the regions

    and had our own delibera-

    tions. We went through billet-ing, facilities, your presenta-

    tions, including readiness of

    our regions, as well as other

    considerations that are spe-

    cic to 2016. Ang nanalo po

    with a very, very slim margin

    is Albay Luistro declared.

    Before the bidding and of-

    cial presentations of the two

    provinces, DepEd and PSC(Turn to page 6)

  • 7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue








    RUFINA C. DY OCTOBER 20, 2015




    PAZ G. MINOR OCTOBER 23, 2015



    CSO readies for clean, peaceful pollsLEGAZPI CITY -- Civil

    society organizations in theBicol Region are now prepar-ing for possible pre-electionscenarios to ensure that thecoming May 2016 polls willbe clean and peaceful.

    The church-based Parish

    Pastoral Council for Respon-sible Voting (PPCRV) acrossthe region, for one, has beenenjoining volunteers to sign upand get involved in advocat-ing for an honest, orderly and

    peaceful election in next year'spresidential and local electoralprocess.

    In Albay, the the Diocese ofLegazpi, through the DiocesanCommission on Social Con-cerns and Social Action Cen-ter, has ofcially launched thePPCRV Election Operation asit began to map out plans andstrategies to check pre-electionactivities initiated by politicalcandidates.

    The PPCRV, the church-

    based election watchdog, hasstarted to closely coordinatewith the Commission on Elec-tions, the Armed Forces of thePhilippines (AFP) and the Phil-ippine National Police (PNP)concerning election-related is-sues.

    The issues include the cam-paign against political rivalries,political armed groups (PAGs),loose rearms, harassment,

    permit to campaign demandedby communist insurgents andvote-buying.

    Albay Bishop Joel Baylonof the Diocese of Legazpi urgedauthorities and the PPCRV to

    this reporter, he said his worstfear in the upcoming polls isthe intense political rivalriesthat end up to violence, hiringof PAGS, vote-buying and ha-rassment.

    What is scary is when peo-ple get indifferent about the

    election process, he said.According to Camposano,PAGs are being used by local

    politician as an instrument tosow terror and violence andeliminate political leaders togain political advantage overtheir rivals. In the previous na-tional and local elections, therewere at least six PAGs listedoperating in Masbate, of whichonly two are active -- the Ari-zobal and Villaruel groups --with 38 members.

    For this reason, Task ForceMasbate was created after re-

    ports that local politicians hereexercise too much inuenceover the police and sometimesthe police are being dictated

    upon in the conduct of theiroperations.The TF Masbate was formed

    during the previous election tooversee the security operationsin the province, tagged by themilitary and the police as ahot spot due to intense politi-cal rivalries, presence of PAGsand communist rebels.

    During the 2012 nationaland local elections, the TaskForce was able to seize hun-dreds of loose firearms andencourage political candi-dates to surrender at least200 high-powered firearms.-PNA

    beef up the presence of law en-forcers in areas believed to beelection hot spots.

    Baylon also asked the PP-CRV to launch a voters' edu-cation drive aimed at helpingvoters from the countryside tochoose good political leaders.

    The PPCRV will be orga-nized in every province, city

    and town in the region.The Comelec and the PNP,in past election events, hadidentied the provinces ofMasbate, Camarines Sur andCamarines Norte as electionareas of concern due to intense

    political rivalries and the pres-ence of PAGS and New Peo-

    ple's Army (NPA) rebels.Masbate had been consis-

    tently been tagged as an elec-tion hot spot in previous elec-tions because of the intense

    political rivalries among clansthere, including election-relat-ed violence that claimed thelives of hundreds of people.

    Based on the list, Masbatehas the most number of vil-lages that were placed underComelec control, with 40 vil-lages in 18 towns.

    "The incidence of election-related violence is a 'wake upcall' for us to move and be vigi-lant to advocate for a free, hon-est and peaceful election," the

    Masbate Advocate for Peace(MAP) said in a statement re-leased to media.

    Igmidio Emilio Campo-sano, a local trial court judgehere and MAP president, saidtheir group, in this early stage,is preparing to map out pre-election scenarios to ensurethat the May 2016 elections inthe province would be peacefuland orderly.

    We are not taking chancesand would not allow our guardsto back down so that in thisearly stage we are preparing,Camposano said.

    In a previous interview with

    Robredo -- whose fatheris from Bulan, Sorsogon andmother, from Camarines Sur --said although she took up herEconomics degree at the Uni-versity of the Philippines, shesaw to it that she would spendher vacation in Naga City dur-ing her semestral breaks.

    After earning her Eco-nomics degree in UP, shealso entered the law school atthe University of Nueva Cac-eres (UNC) in Naga City and

    passed the bar examinations in1990.

    Comparing herself with oth-er Bicolano candidates for thesecond highest post in the land,

    Robredo said she can boast thatshe has worked with the grass-roots by providing free legalassistance to the poor -- unlikeher political rivals who are ex-

    perienced, moneyed and haveworked with well-established


    law rms, some of them havingeven served big companies.

    Robredo is pitted againstexperienced Bicolano lawmak-ers Senators Chiz Escudero,Gregorio Honasan (UNA), Al-lan Peter Cayetano (NP), Anto-nio Trillanes IV (Magdalo) andFerdinand Marcos Jr.

    Soon after passing the bar,she was employed at the gov-ernments Public AttorneysOfce (PAO) in Camarines Surand later joined the Sentro ngAlternatibong Lingap Panlegal(Saligan), a non-governmentorganization giving free legalservices to members of themarginalized sector.

    Confronting the legal is-sues of poor families abouttheir rights, I too felt the hard-ship they had encountered,Robredo pointed out.

    She said all her legal ser-vices were gratis et amore",

    saying never in my mind I

    have thought of using my legalservices to enrich myself.Robredo was guest speaker

    at the Haloween Forum initi-ated by LP stalwart and formerAlbay 1st District Rep. EdcelC. Lagman who is reclaiminghis congressional seat after hisson, incumbent CongressmanGrex Lagman, gave way to hisfather.

    She said she thought shewas invited by the Lagmanfamily for just a lunch but gotsurprised with the huge crowdthat greeted her.

    Robredo spoke to close to2,000 Lagman leaders and as-

    pirants for various municipaland city positions, wearing

    yellow shirts at the Lagmanancestral home here.The elder Lagman pledged

    his all-out support to Robredo,promising an entire LP slatewin in the 198 villages in theve towns and a city in the 1stDistrict of Albay.

    Lagman said he would con-

    vince his constituents to go all-out for Robredo because of herexcellent traits like humility,sincerity, and risk-taking.

    He said she will also pushfor the bill authored by hisson, Grex, for the repeal of aComelec ruling allowing elec-tive ofcials seeking higher

    posts (president and vice presi-dent), especially senators, toreturn to their post even if theylose.

    At the forum, the elder Lag-man urged party leaders tosupport Robredo by boosting

    peoples awareness level abouther candidacy as recent pollsurveys indicate that her ratinghas improved from 3-percent-

    age point to 15 percent.Robredo lamented that shehas no logistics to spend fortelevision and print advertise-ments but she would rely muchon interpersonal campaign.

    She looks forward for theimprovement of her rating in

    the coming surveys, sayingpagpinakilala ninyo ako sainyong ka-barangay, ito'y ma-giging malaking tulong sa LP

    campaign.Asked to comment on therevival of the Bicol Expresstrain operation being used asa campaign promise to gainvoters' approval by other can-didates, Robredo said as theelection campaign approaches,

    politicians promise the starsand heavens just to get votes.

    It is a campaign strategyfor them to look good, butthey did nothing, you can askthem who among them foughtfor the renewal and the exten-sion of the Philippine NationalRailways (PNR) when its char-ter expired, she said.

    Records have it that I wasthe main author of the bill at

    the House extending the PNRcharter and providing for ad-ditional capitalization, whileSen. Ralph Recto sponsoredthe Senate version of the bill,Robredo claimed.

    She said the plan is not onlyto revive the PNR but also to

    completely modernize it withnew tracks and coaches ina ve-year timeline under aPhp200-B Public-Private Part-

    nership scheme.Asked if she would acceptany cabinet position if electedvice president, she said shewould not accept any cabinet

    post with administrative func-tions.

    She, however, said, if ever,she would choose to head the

    National Anti-Poverty Com-mission, an agency pursuing

    program versus poverty.Once elected vice president,

    she said, she would continue toride passenger buses that sheused to do even as a Houserepresentative.

    But this time, Robredo said,she would be with compan-ions.

    On the looming power cri-ses, she said, she would requesta review of the Epira Law.

    She also said she favors thecontinuance of the 4Ps, how-ever, with wider coverage and

    bigger nancial assistance.-PNA

    polls will not be different from past elections where money andgrassroots organizations have played a vital role.

    The youth votes, said to comprise 35 per cent of thecountrys votes, can not be taken lightly. The youth are ercelyindependent and they will go for anybody who has captured theirimagination.

    Escudero has topped poll surveys for vice president butsurveys do not guarantee poll victory. Besides, many things canhappen between now and May 2016 polls. VP Binay repeatedlytopped surveys but where is he now?

    Escudero has a problem with his personal life. And he runs

    as independent. No one has won the vice presidency as anindependent.Trillanes does not rate much in surveys despite hisimage as a fearless graft ghter.So is Honasan who has losthis luster, having been out of the limelight for sometime, So isCayetano, a well known lawyer but who does not seem to excitepeoples imagination.

    But if they run for the Senate, all of them will have little trouble.Bicolanos, because of their hardy character,their being Oragon,always triumph in the end.


    technical ofcials inspectedeach venue last June to see if thefacilities and billeting areas areadequate.

    PSC Commissioner Jose LuisGomez meanwhile presented tothe body the rating system usedwhich included internationalstandards, distance from the

    main complex, power supply,and security, among others.DepEds Schools Sports

    Events and Activities Unit headCesar Abalon reported on thestatus of the billeting areas,which are evaluated based on thesufciency of rooms, bathrooms,kitchen areas and medical provi-sions.

    With a budget of P300 mil-lion, Albay Governor Joey Sal-ceda assured the Palarong Pam-bansa Board that Albay has theequipment and resources neededto construct and repair its sports

    ALBAY TO HOST 2016 . . .facilities and playing venues as

    soon as possible.

    Salceda furthered that Albay

    assures of readiness showcasing

    the province's geocentricity loca-

    tion that offers less travel time,

    least cost and discomfort among

    delegates, spectators and visi-

    tors. The same has strong indoor

    capacity from private schoolsand commerciall malls; billeting

    capacity from APSEMO's JICA/

    AECID centers and 3,900 pri-

    vate accommodation capacity;

    adding up tourist readiness of

    ecosystem and destinations.

    Luistro. following the

    anoouncement of the decision,

    also asked both provinces to

    continue supporting the agencys

    sports development program,

    like Batang Pinoy and Philippine

    National Games, among others.

    -- PIA5/Albay

  • 7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUALDADPAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave., Igualdad,Naga City, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2015 whose terms haveexpired will be sold to public auction sale on DEC. 1, 2015from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2015 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORERPAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St., Igual-dad, Naga City, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2015 whose termshave expired will be sold to public auction sale on DEC. 1,2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2015 only.


    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: NOVEMBER 8 and 15, 2015



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE

    PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, NagaCity, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2015 whose terms have expiredwill be sold to public auction sale on DEC. 1, 2015 from 9:00A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2015 only.




    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPEPAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, NagaCity, pawned from JUNE 1-30, 2015 whose terms have expiredwill be sold to public auction sale on DEC. 1, 2015 from 9:00A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2015 only.


    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: NOVEMBER 8 and 15, 2015



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWN-JEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall cornerJ. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned from JUNE1-30, 2015 whose terms have expired will be sold to publicauction sale on DEC. 1, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until NOVEMBER 28,2015 only.




    Catanduanes hopesto regaincrab capital titleBy DANNY O. CALLEJA


    island-province of Catand-uanes is using the foreign-funded Philippine Rural De-velopment Project (PRDP) asa stepping stone towards be-coming once more the CrabCapital of the Philippines.

    We see from the PDRP anopportunity to redevelop Cat-anduanes as the countrys top

    producer of mud crabs and en-able the province to win backits Crab Capital title lost to theVisayas several decades back,

    provincial agriculturist RobertoCeballo said in a statementreaching here Wednesday.

    The Provincial Project Man-agement and ImplementationUnit (PPMIU) of Catanduanes,he said, is now working closelywith the Department of Agri-cultures (DA) PRDP RegionalProject Coordination Ofce(RPCO) for Bicol in the prepa-ration of the Provincial Com-modity Investment Plan (PCIP)on mud crabs (Scylla serrata).

    The PCIP is a three-yearrolling consensus plan betweenthe DA and the provincial gov-ernment that contains specicinfrastructure and enterprisesub-projects and other inter-

    ventions to boost the identiedprovincial commodity based onthe value chain analysis (VCA)

    conducted with stakeholders.When completed at least

    before the end of this year, Ce-ballo said, the PCIP will be sub-mitted to the Project SupportOfce (PSO) of the PDRP forapproval and funding support.

    The PRDP is a foreign-funded project being imple-mented by DA as a platform fora modern and climate-smart ag-riculture in the region and other

    parts of the country.Its national implementa-

    tion carries a Php27.535-bil-lion total fund, consisting ofPhp20.553-billion loan fromthe World Bank, Php3.579 bil-lion as national governmentcounterpart, Php3.118 billionequity of the local governmentunits and Php287-million grantfrom the Global EnvironmentFacility (GEF).

    It involves 80 provincial lo-cal government units (PLGUs)and agri-shery stakeholdersnationwide in an attempt torealize the goals of improvedfood security and increased in-comes, climate resiliency andenhanced environmental poli-cies and governance.

    In six years2013-2019,

    the project aims to raise annualreal farm incomes of household

    beneciaries by ve percent, in-

    crease the value of annual mar-keted output by seven percentand ensure that 20 percent morefarmers and shers benet fromDA services

    Ceballo said that as arrivedat during consultations with lo-cal industry stakeholders, de-veloping the Catanduanes mudcrab industry will help raisethe income of crab gatherers,stockers and shpond ownersin the province.

    The development of an in-tegrated crab sanctuary, whichis being made part of the PCIP,would also help promote the

    provinces ecotourism pros-pects, said Ceballo, adding thatthe island presently has a totalof 589 hectares mangrove pondsthat produce a substantial vol-ume of crablets locally calledkuto-kuto, langaw-langaw andthumbtacks.

    Kuto-kuto refers to thesmallest size, as small as lice,of crablet which becomeslangaw-langaw as it grows y-sized, then thumbtacks when it

    becomes as big as the head ofthumbtacks.

    Since these varieties ofyoung mud crab species thatare abundant in the swampywild of Catanduanes are idealstarters for grow-out growersand aquaculture operators, localsherfolk have been indiscrimi-nately poaching them and sell-ing to traders that ship them out

    to buyers in other parts of Bicol.There is an increasing de-

    mand for crabs in both domes-tic and international markets,especially during peak monthslike December, that makes sup-

    ply inadequate and market priceincreases.

    As reported in 2014, marketprice at its peak ranged fromPhp600 to Php750 per kilo for500 gram crabsprices that

    please much crab farmers andwish they had more crabs to har-vest for the season.

    Hence, the PCIP on the man-grove crab aims to establish asustainable supply of crablets by

    protecting the spawning ground,protecting the mangrove areasand other shing grounds wherecrablets grow, and introducingnew production technologies forcrab growing and fattening.

    It also intends to improveexisting producers productivecapacity and competitiveness asthe province is even eyeing theinternational market for its mud


    crabs.We are looking at the

    ve biggest crab-consuming

    countriesChina, USA, Japan,Korea and Thailand. Corner-ing just a portion of the interna-tional market, especially duringthe winter season when thesecountries experience consider-able drop in the supply of crabs,would be a big lift to our indus-try, Gov. Araceli Wong had ear-lier said.

    All the province needs is theparticipation of all stakeholders,including the private sector, inthe provincial governments ef-forts to maximize the develop-ment of the industry towards the

    production of more export qual-ity products, she stressed.

    The PDRP will be a big boostonce the PCIP for mud crab isapproved and funded, given thatthe project involves the provi-sion of key infrastructure, fa-cilities, technology, and supportinformation using science-basedtools such as vulnerability andsuitability assessment, VCA,geomapping and geotagging,according to Ceballo.

    So far, the Catanduanes mudcrab industry is enjoying thesupport of the Bureau of Fish-eries and Aquatic Resources,

    Department of Science andTechnology, Department ofEnvironment and Natural Re-sources, Department of laborand Employment and Catand-uanes State University.

    The provincial government,for its part, is maintaining theCatanduanes Crab Center (CCC)which serves as a source of crab-lets for grow-out and fattening

    by shpond operators.It carries out a special pro-

    gram for "queen" or "gravid"crabs designed to ensure thesustainability of the industry inthe province, which originallyowned the crab capital of thePhilippines title and lost to Ne-

    gros about three decades ago.Since the start of its op-

    erations way back in 2007, theCCC, according to Wong, hasnot only addressed the rampant

    poaching and illegal transport ofcrablets out of the island but alsostandardized the operations ofthe crab nursery and the cultureof crab larvae to crablet sizes forlocal grow-out production.

    She added that the provincesmud crab industry is focusing onthe production of female crabsthat play an important role inmarketing, particularly in Asiancountries such as Japan, Taiwan,Hong Kong and Singapore.-PNA

    the mobile passport services.

    For those renewing their

    expired passports, they must

    bring two (2) valid identica-

    tion cards (ID) and a photo-

    copy the pages of passport to

    be renewed (rst two pages

    and the last two pages).

    For more details and infor-

    mation, the CamSur Employ-

    ment Center may be reached

    at telephone 054-4775858/ 4777468 / 09198775952 /

    09175020406 or may be vis-

    ited at their ofce located at

    the 2nd Floor, Capitol Main

    Bldg, Capitol Complex, Cad-

    lan, Pili, Camarines Sur or

    better check out their email

    address and Facebook ac-

    count: [email protected]

    com and fb/ProvinceOfCam-

    Sur. - jmts/mmec with re-

    ports from camsur peso


    sent of the parties."

    Mayor John Bongat, who

    is still on ofcial leave, hailed

    the decision of the Ombuds-

    man, saying that the citysdecision was solely based on

    legal grounds.

    In a text message sent to


    the members of the media,

    Bongat stated that the recent

    Ombudsman decision af-

    rms the propriety and legal-

    ity of the City governmentspeaceful takeover of the for-

    mer Central Bus Station now

    called the Bicol Central Sta-


    Bongat further stated that,

    At the end of the day, the

    law and the interests of all

    Nagueos, over and above

    anybodys personal inter-ests, shall prevail. We were

    elected to serve not just one,

    but all!

    The case for violation of

    Section 3 (e) of Republic Act

    (RA0 No. 3019) and GraveMisconduct and/ or conduct

    Prejudicial to the best inter-

    est of the service was led by

    FPM Corporation, represent-

    ed by businessman Fortunato

    P. Mendoza on July 1, 2014.

  • 7/23/2019 Bikol Reporter November 8 - 14, 2015 Issue


    Ombudsman drops bus terminalcase vs LGU Naga officials

    OUTSTANDINGLOCAL NEWSPAPERFor Five Consecutive YearsSt. Peter Baptist CatholicMass Media Awards

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    By ANA-LIZA S.


    NAGA CITY --- A

    Joint Resolution dis-

    missing both criminal

    and administrative

    charges led againstthe Naga City ofcials,

    including other city

    personnel was released

    by the Ofce of the

    Ombudsman recently,

    upholding the citys le-

    gitimate claim on the

    operation and manage-

    ment of the Naga City

    Central Bus Terminal


    Vice Mayor Nelson Lega-

    cion, together with other city

    ofcials joined the mem-

    bers of the media in a pressconference Friday to share

    the good news that the case

    led against them my FPM

    Corporation was dismissed

    by the Ombudsman on the

    ground that the NCBT, now

    Bicol Central Station (BCS)

    is owned by the city.

    In its decision, the Om-

    budsman "nds no prob-

    able cause and/or substantial

    evidence to hold the respon-

    dents criminally and ad-

    ministratively liable for the

    offenses charged. The deci-

    sion further ruled that "BCS

    is owned by the City", hence

    "cannot be precluded from itsmanagement and operation".

    Excerpts from the decision

    noted further that the FPM

    Corporation "cannot claim

    any vested right to manage

    or operate (BCS) perpetually

    or to demand its renewal as

    a matter of right." The Om-

    budsman added that "basic is

    the rule that contracts can be

    renewed only by mutual con-

    Albay, Yamanashi eye tourism, DRR ties



    World famous Mt, Fuji in

    Yamanashi prefecture in

    Japan and Mt. Mayon in

    Albay will soon be kin. Both

    are active volcanoes and

    enticingly beautiful and at-

    tractive tourist attractions,

    even as they are similarly

    furious and destructive

    when they erupt.

    Ofcials of Yamanashi

    prefecture and Albay have

    started discussions last week

    on a sisterhood agreement

    for their two top assets which

    will benet their develop-

    ment programs, particularly


    The provincial govern-

    ment of Albay said theplanned sisterhood between

    two of the worlds most beau-

    tiful and stunning volcanoes

    Mt Fuji and Mt. Mayon

    is a major marketing coup

    for the Philippines and the

    Department of Tourism, and

    there is no doubt Albay and

    the whole Bicol region will

    gain a major boost from this

    tourism alliance.

    Aside from tourism, the

    sisterhood agreement also

    explores partnership in disas-

    ter risk reduction and climate

    change adaptation for which

    Albay has been a global

    model, as well as on educa-tion, agriculture, trade and


    Four representatives

    from Yamanashis Fueiki

    City headed by Mayor Seiji

    Kurishima met with Salceda

    and other Albay provincial

    ofcials Oct. 21 at the Dia-

    mond Hotel in Manila and

    started talks on areas of part-

    nership that could link up

    their development programs.

    PARENTAL EFFECTIVENESSNaga City Councilor Elmer Baldemoro addresses participants

    in the Solo Parent's Federation (NCSPF) Inc. 'parent

    effectiveness seminar' to help create better family ties and

    relations for the city's families.

    Two-day mobile passport processing at CamSur PESOThe CamSur Employ-ment Center of the provin-

    cial government of Cama-

    rines Sur, in collaboration

    with the Department of

    Foreign Affairs (DFA), Ma-

    nila will conduct again the

    Mobile Passport Service on

    November 28 & 29, 2015

    at the Capitol Convention

    Center, Capitol Complex,

    Cadlan, Pili, Camarines


    This is meant to address

    the growing needs of provin-

    cial residents seeking to avail

    swifter processing of theirpassports.

    CamSur PESO head,

    Ms. Sha Torallo said that

    on Saturday, Nov. 28, from

    9:00AM-4:00PM, the activ-

    ity scheduled is purely the

    processing of passport appli-

    cations which will continue

    on Sunday, Nov. 29, from

    9:00AM-12:00NN only.

    She said this early her

    ofce is now accepting re-

    quired documents to avail of

    the passport service as well as

    in conducting the pre-regis-

    tration of applicants in order

    to determine the limited slots

    for processing of passport ap-


    For new applicants inter-

    ested to apply, the required

    documents for assessment

    include an authenticated birth

    certicate from the Philip-

    pine Statistic Authority but

    if said document is blurred

    specically entries for neces-

    sary data, i.e., Name, Date of

    Birth, and others, a certica-

    tion from Civil Registrars

    Ofce must be sought as ref-

    erence; marriage certicate

    for married women; original

    and photocopy of school cre-

    dentials (Form 137, Diplo-

    ma, Transcript of Records);

    everyone is also advised to

    bring other documents which

    can further support personal

    identity. All interested are

    likewise encouraged to visit

    online www.dfa.gov.ph for

    further information on re-

    quired documents to avail of

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    All members of


    CLASS 68

    Annual Homecomingand

    Christmas PartyDec. 5, 2015 -South Hills Resto & Grills

    Magsaysay Ave., Naga City

    Activities start at 1:00 p.m.

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