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    reGionAl eXponent for proGressvol. XXii, no. 11 bicol, the philippines nov. 30 - dec. 6, 2014 p5.00

    LEGAZPI HOSPITALCity Mayor Noel rosal, assisted by members of the city council, lead the ceremonial ground breaking ceremony for the planned city hospital in furtherance of its most livable city character.

    Cayetano, Marcos in Reg'lYouth Entrep CongressDec. 5-6

    Senator Alan Peter Cayetano is the key-note speaker of, while Senator Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. will ad-dress, the First Re-gional Youth Entre-preneurship Congress at the CamSur Con-vention Center in Pili, Camarines Sur on De-cember 5-6, 2014.

    The congress has the theme: Laying down the building blocks of tomor-rows economy, today and

    is presented by the Cama-rines Sur Chamber of Com-merce and Industry (CSCCI) in partnership with Gov. Luis

    Miguel Migz Villafuerte, the Province of Camarines Sur, the Philippine Cham-

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    CamSur still Cocolisap-freeNAGA CITY --- After the cocolisap scare in

    the province of Quezon, a Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) offi cial here expressed strong resolve not to allow the coconut scale insect to gain grounds in the Bicol soil through the for-mation of a taskforce to particularly focus on the matter.

    Sen. CAyETANo Sen. MArCoS Engr. NGo

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    Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN150 basis points and restricting deposits of investment management accounts or the singular fund accounts usually offered to retail investors in the facility. The purpose then was to encourage the moneyed people to use their funds in economic activities that are beneficial to economic growth. But then, the risks of inflation subsequently came about!

    APEC 2015: The Philippines will host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting next year. This early, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) launched programs in cooperation with the private sector to take advantage of opportunities that go with the hosting of this big international event. One of the main programs is the 23rd APEC Economic Leaders Forum which we will be leading.

    DTI hopes to underscore therein the significance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in our countrys economy, and their possible integration into the global supply chain. With stronger

    To paraphrase Shakespeare, a pork by any other name, would still be pork.

    This is in essence what Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago recently pointed out in the 2015 budget passed by the Senate which voted 13-0 in favor.

    Santiago argued that there are pork barrel-like insertions in the budget and this is in violation of the recent Supreme Court decisions declaring unconstitutional the Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF.

    These funds, regardless of the name, may be considered pork barrel, because they are national funds used for local projects selected by legislators, and they are granted in lump sums, she said.

    Like a knight in shining armor out to rescue the embattled budget, however, Sen. Chiz Escudero, brushed aside the woman senators accusations.

    While there may be lump sum appropriations in the 2015 budget he said, they are not necessarily pork.

    And so that was what transpired in the Senate the other week.

    Ask any veggie, and he or she will tell you smell carnivorous.

    That this kind of debate came up in the Senate, only shows that nothing is over yet on the PDAF issue.

    Lawyers call the act of skirting the provision of law as circumvention.

    We call this budgetary gobbledygook.If indeed there are pork barrel insertions

    in next years budget, as shown in the PhP 37.3 billion lump sums appropriations to five government departments, that is clearly a pre-election preparation.

    This is also shows that the Presidents Tuwid na Daan is actually crooked. He is not being forthright with the people he swore to serve with honesty. That is not transparency, that is obfuscation.

    It is about time that a child among us tell President PNoy, he is naked after all. And smells pork.

    SMEs the Philippines can draw supplies from global sources even as local enterprises may export abroad products that we can produce cheaper and with better quality. Philippine SMEs account for 99% of total economic entities, even as they provide 65% of domestic jobs.

    ELECTIONS: My wife and I are regular voters in all the past national and local elections. But we were threatened (like other voters) with disenfranchisement if we dont re-register with COMELEC under their digitalized system (with picture to boot). So we went to one of Lucena Citys malls where the electoral office set up a temporary registration station. As old voters, we had our records checked using our senior citizens IDs.

    The registration for new voters and the re-registration of old voters were systematic (patterned after the systems adopted by the NBI and DFA). After revalidation (through computerized records) of our voters registration we were endorsed to the digital photo-section where our photos and fingerprints were inputted into a computer. We were done in fifteen minutes! Amazed at the positive change, we asked when our Voters IDs will be issued. The curt answer maybe in one years time po. Aray ko!

    GODS ADVICES: Be alert and watchful! We dont know when our time will come. So, stay awake!

    (PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

    LIQUIDITY: Our domestic liquidity (M3 in technical terms) continued to ease last month (October) even as the Bangko Sentral adjusted upwards the reserve requirements of bank deposits and special deposit accounts (SDA). M3 the broadest measuring stick of liquidity expanded by 15.4% to P7.208 trillion last month. The rate is slower than those for the previous two months (18.3% in August, and 16.2% in September, 2014).

    There was a recorded expansion of credit to the private sector. Its good, because the loans during the month were channeled to key production sectors wholesale and retail trade, real estate, renting, manufacturing, business services, utilities and financial intermediation. On the other side of stratum, public sector loans also went up (to P1.07 trillion) as government deposits with BSP were withdrawn to pay maturing obligations.

    POLICIES: Threats of inflation surface when money supply exceeds credit demands of the economy. To siphon in excess liquidity the Monetary Board raised the reserve requirements on deposits (which reduce the banks credit utilization of deposits that they received from their customers. The reserve requirements on deposits were increased by 200 points (2%), while the reserves for SDAs were raised by 0.25%,

    The liquidity tightening was actually in response to the Monetary Boards trial moves last year of reducing the SDA rate by

    Lower Eco-Fundamentals

    exercise, drink lots of water. Above all, consult your doctor.

    Remember that toxic burdens on the body can manifest into disease with time.

    Question: How can I have a beautiful complexion?

    Answer: The best way is to detoxify your body. Remove a buildup of toxins from within.

    Try this proven regimen: Sweat it outExercise three times

    a week, daily if possible. Increase green vegetable intake,

    preferably raw, to 75 percent of your meal intake.

    HydrateDrink 10-15 glasses daily.

    Increase vitamin C intake to 1,000 mg daily.

    Consider intravenous drip therapy of vitamin C and glutathione.

    Have a cleaning facial once a month.

    Try a 20-minute session inside an infrared sauna.

    Question: What does it mean when you say You are what you eat?

    Answer: There is a Doctrine of Signatures, meaning that every whole food is symbolic of a vital organ in the body.

    If within nature there is a code, maybe we should heed the signs.

    For example:

    CarrotWhen sliced, it resembles the eye. Take note that carrots are rich in vitamin A which benefits the eyesight.

    WalnutIt looks like a small brain. This nut is known as a helper to three dozen neurotransmitters in the brain.

    FigsFilled with seeds, figs hang in a pair from a tree, resembling the scrotum. Figs stimulate the health and number of sperm cells.

    Sweet potatoesResembling the pancreas (which produces insulin), sweet potatoes are the best food for diabetics as it brings down the glycemic index.

    Avocados (like eggplant and pears)These look like the female and male organs. Research has proven that when a woman eats one whole avocado once weekly, it helps balance hormones, prevents cervical cancer and helps in reducing excess weight brought on by pregnancy.

    GrapesWhen clustered together, they look like the shape of the heart. Every single grape looks like a blood cell. Todays research shows that grapes are a blood-revitalizing food benefiting the heart.

    Grapefruit, oranges, citrus fruitsThey look like breasts. They contribute to breast health and the movement of the lymph within the mammary glands.

    TomatoWhen sliced, it resembles a heart with four chambers. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, considered blood food.

    Celery (bokchoy and rhubarb) They look like bones.

    Trivia: Bones contain 23 percent sodium and celery contains 23 percent sodiumnatures message contained in food.

    Kidney beansThey look like kidney replicas. These beans maintain kidney function.

    This weeks affirmation: I am open to limitless possibilities

    Many people are getting sick and we can do many things for a healthy living. The following are excerpts taken from the column of a health guru, Cory Quirino entitled Is nature sending us a message? , in the Philippine Daily Inquirer dated October 14, 2014 which are helpful:

    So many questions about healthy living and so little time to answer them all. But yes, there is a practical answer for every practical question.

    Learn a little more with me today. You can only benefit from it.

    Question: I sleep early and hardly stay out late. But why am I so sickly? I am home most of the time because I am a hands-on mom of five kids.

    Answer: There are many possibilities. For one, you could be stressed and overworked as a full-time mother.

    But there are other areas you should explore, like the air you breathe or the food you eat.

    Do you know that about 80 percent of any health challenge can be attributed to ones eating habits?

    And that there is a chance to turn around your condition simply by making adjustments on the quality of your meals?

    Are you eating enough vegetables? Are they organic?

    Do you drink enough water? Do you exercise at all?One crucial truth about environmental

    effects on ones health is the poor air quality within the home. A tropical climate can be damp. High humidity is a perfect condition for molds to accumulate.

    If you are asthmatic, you must address the mold air levels in your home.

    Solution: Ionizing air filters are now available.

    Also, leaking roofs that damage ceilings can become damp and create a proliferation of molds.

    Consider putting a water filter in your home.

    Increase your vegetable intake,

    Is nature sending us a message?

    NeNiTA fueNTebellA-PeONes



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    editorialA pork by any

    other name

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    Kuya Emil Tumala - past NMr 1 Governor & 2014 Congress Secretary, Kuya Lino Chan-2009 National Treasurer, Kuya Gilbert Gille-2007 National President, Kuya Nilo raymundo-Charter National President, Kuya Jojo Longcob-2008 & 2010 National President, Kuya Vicente S. Avila-2009 National President, Kuya oliver S. Coronado-1993 National Exec. VP, Kuya Sultan Cosme-2009 National Officer. (inset photo) 2013-2014 PE Nat'l Pres. Sainoden 'Enoy' A. Balindong.

    Kuya Ferdie bernasor, children Eric, Eidrif, Ella and Ate Jo bernasor, Kuya Vic Avila, Kuya Lino Chan, oliver Coronado, Linson Chan.

    Kuya Vic S. Avila, Kuya Ferdie bernasor, Congress Chairman 2014, and Kuya Earl Lim, 2009 National Executive President with daugther Sherl Dania b. Lim.

    Phl Eagles welcome back 2009 Nat'lprexy Kuya Vic S. Avila to its wings

    The Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles) headed by its Founder and National Charter President Kuya NIlo Raymundo, 2013-2014 National President and Kuya Sultan Sainoden Enoy Alonto Balindong represented by Kuya Ferdie Bernasor-2014 Congress Chairman, Kuya Gilbert Gille, 2007 National President and Kuya Jojo Longcob, 2008 & 2010 National President welcomed back Kuya Vic S. Avila to the Fraternal Order of Eagles after 5 long years of hibernation from the group due to hectic activities in Bicol Region.

    The affair was faciliated during the sentimental visit to Cagayan de Oro City hosted by 2009 National Treasurer Kuya Lino Chan & Family who personally took care of their trip, itinerary and accommodations, which coincided with the 33rd National Congress of the Fraternal Order of Eagles held in Grand Caprice Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City.

    He was awarded a plaque and trophy by the National President and National Congress Chairman in recognition of his performance during his term as National President in 2009, and for living up to the ideals of the organization.

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    A pieceof Wit

    First, I would like to thank my publisher Ben Babar for having faith in me that I am never too old to continue proving my craft. In itself, writing is not just a passion but it is more than setting a fulfilling career.

    I had columns in the past telling readers about the importance of reading. And over a year, I valued the things I learned from reading articles about a woman who built the National Book Store (NBS). This person herself who never ashamed telling the people that she never had a college degree. And this woman I am saying is Socorro Nanay Ramos who caught my interest reading the last article she wrote at the Philippine Star sometime last year. She retired as a writer when she turned 90 last 2013. The same time I embraced her as my new inspiration who said that she started doing columns at the age of 83. Her words inspired me with a golden thought as she said: Whether you want to start a career or you want to say sorry, remember..its NEVER TOO LATE. So guys! I dont regret, neither feels sorry that I am still here for my PIECE OF WIT to inculcate within me the joy and wonder in this journey; to bring fulfillment not only for myself but for others as well.

    Somehow, it makes me sad, because I was averse to reading in the past. I should have achieved more if I was not a person who loved pleasure than read books. So..opposite of what I used to be, now I instigate reading to every young people. Im just thankful I have children who read a lot. And more thankful I have a granddaughter who loves books most. I remember reading The Alchimist by Paolo Coehlo which took me days before I finished the book. My 9 year old granddaughter took it just overnight! My eldest daughter who is her mom, would always buy books for her. While I am the strict mentor in English speaking. At home she cant speak bicol or tagalog, not to pretend that we are Americans, but because I knew its an investment. You reap what you sow. Im not surprised she is launching her first article, which she wrote in school recently during her journalism workshop at Naga Central School. My granddaughter is turning 10 on December 13.

    I may have failed to become the person I wanted to be, I hope

    bELIEVE and Have FAITH



    frANk Peones jr.

    sanglian asin gamiton an mga apelyidong Kastila.

    An paggamit nin bansag, sarong paagi nin pagolog-olog sa kabotan kan awtoridad. Kaya embes na Nacario o Marpuri, mas nagin midbid an mga ini sa bansag na baduya o kaya pagitpit. Saro pa ining teknik nganing mabuhay. Kan panahon nin Hapon, dakul na mga Pinoy an naisalbar huli ta tinago an saindang pagkamidbidan kan bansag.

    Mamundo na an mga kontemporaryong bansag nagbutwa sa mga politiko o mga artista o mga sikat. Nahali na ini sa mga ordinaryong tawo, na iyong ginikanan kaini. An mga bansag ngonyan pano na nin politika asin panraraot. Dai na si pangirit, si kaosongan na iyong nagtatao digdi nin karakter asin gayon.

    Kun magkaibanan an duwang parehong may bansag, siguradong makurab iyan. Arog lang kaini minapoon iyan: halimbawa, si X na may bansag na Champorado titinohon ni Y na may bansag na Pagitpit. Y: perteng mamahaw ngonyan nin champorado. X: Tano, siisay apurado asin boot pagitpit na maghali?

    Siring kaiyan an gayon kan bansag, yaon sa tarom kan isip, sa marikas na simbag asin sa pangirit na sipa.

    An bansag nakagamot sa panahon na inaapod na oral, o an komunikasyon pataram, kaya an inpormasyon sa paagi man na sinasabi o sinasaysay. Naging uso ini sa panahon na dai pang gayo taratao an mga tawo na magsururat, asin sa panahon na hayahay asin bako pang siribot an mga tawo sa mga kasiribotan na pigkakasiribotan kan mga kontemporaryong tawo.

    Pama-an**sarong tataramon sa Rinconada na boot sabihon,

    baga, na tinatahuban nin abo nganing magdanay asin magkaigwang pampapamakot o pantao sa mga daing kalayong pagtaraid harong. Mawot palaadon giraray sa espasyong ini an pagsurat sa tataramon na Bikol, siring sa suanoy asin mitikong pagdara nin kalayo ni Prometheus sa mga tawo. Ipadara an rawit-dawit asin rikastorya (flash fiction) na may 100 na tataramon, kaiba an halipot na bio-data asin malinaw na retrato sa [email protected]

    Kan panahon na tatao pa sindang makipagulay asin makisubahan dawa sa kanto o sa tindahan.

    Pinara kan modernong pagkabuhay an bansag, na sa hiling ko, sarong paagi man kan satong mga apoon laban sa kolonisasyon. Kan panahon ni Gobernador Heneral Narcisco Claveria, nagmanda ini na an mga apelyido kan mga indio

    uNEP gets PACuCoA nod for 5 consecutive years

    Salmingby IrMINA V. TorrES

    Paghuna ko magkaiba kitang kinaban.Digdi ako sa abot tulang na lipotna saro an parong kan bado sa buhok.

    Ika sa luwas d'yan sa abot tuhod tubig na malipotna saro an parong kanbado sa buhok.

    Hasta sa iguritkan tubig uran an satung lalawgonna magkapandok.

    About the author: Irmina V. TorresSarong court stenographer kan Regional

    Trial Court, Branch 33, Pili, Camarines Sur si MIna. Tinatapos niya an masters degree (MLLP) sa Ateneo de Naga University. Nag-adal man siyang Pagkaparasurog sa Univer-sity of Nueva Caceres, Naga City.

    Nagin writing fellow sa Osipon sa Juliana Arejola-Fajardo Workshop sa Literaturang Bikol (JAFWLB) kan Abril 2012 dangan sa 9th Lamiraw Creative Writing Workshop sa Calbayog City, Samar kan Nobyembre 2012. Nagpipinta man siya.

    Sa duwa niyang aki na sinda Melbert dan-gan Rafael idinudulot an librong ini.

    (Turn to page 6)

    IRIGA CITY --- For five years in a row, the Uni-versity of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) has maintained its stature as an Institution with the highest number of accredited pro-grams in Region V. This is for religiously maintaining their quality of education based on the standards set by the Philippine Associa-tion of Colleges and Univer-sities Commission on Ac-creditation or PACUCOA.

    UNEP President Atty. Re-melisa Alfelor-Moraleda re-ceived the good news early

    this November. She was also invited to receive the award and grace PACUCOAs 41st Founding Anniversary cel-ebration slated on Decem-ber 4 at Solaire Resorts and Casino, Aseana Avenue, Paranaque City, Metro Ma-nila. The event also coincides with PACUCOAs 25th An-nual General Assembly.

    The honor given to the university only speaks of its unceasing desire to excel in their field of endeavor and continuously improve on their craft. UNEP has gained the nod of the members of

    PACUCOA Awards Commit-tee for five consecutive years for their compliance of their set rules and standards.

    The honor is indeed given to learning institutions that deserve the said accolade.

    PACUCOAs Awards Committee is headed by Jai-me M. Buzar M.D.

    UNEP sees to it that they are consistently raising their academic structure, includ-ing a constant review of their educational philosophy, cur-riculum offerings and pro-grams year after year. This is to ensure that students are

    given opportunity to level up their learning and be at par with the standards set by the university itself and by PA-CUCOA.

    They continuously pur-sue their core values which include love of God and Pro-fessionalism, Accountability, commitment, unity, care, out-comes orientation and agil-ity.

    UNEPs banner programs which were accredited by PACUCOA includes Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Sec-

    (Turn to page 7)

    inner chessby J. HENry DANICAN

  • bikol reporter 5nov. 30 - dec. 6, 2014

    Legacion joins bikol biblecentennial anniversaryby PAuL JoHN F. bArroSA

    bicol LGus honored in Corn Congress

    The Philippine Press Club of ontario (PPCo) Commemoration of Maguindanao Massacre and

    dinner with Cheche Lazaro, the 2014 Marshall McLuhan Fellow, at the Casa Manila in Toronto.

    NAGA CITY --- Vice Mayor Nelson S. Lega-cion of this city received copies of the Bible, writ-ten in Bikol, from the Philippine Bible Society in view of the centennial celebration of the transla-tion of the Holy Bible into the dialect of this region and the 115th Foundation Anniversary of PBS as a bible society.

    Legacion said the Bibles, given to him on Nov. 26 at the Universidad de Sta. Isa-bel Auditorium will serve as the inspiration as well as the reason why Naga shall continue to strive to make the best better.

    All the systems we have established in the city for the empowerment and in-

    volvement of our constitu-encies in charting the citys future are all anchored on the principles of disciple-ship and servant-leadership shared by Jesus Christ, Legacion said.

    In his speech, the vice mayor thanked the mem-bers of the Philippine Bible Society for being reliable partners of the city govern-ment in its programs on good and principled gover-nance.

    It is refreshing to have someone as your orga-nization to remind us about the value of reading again and again the Bible to strengthen further our foundation. Naga, as seen in our practice, is in one with the Philippine Bible

    CENTENARY OF BICOL BIBLENaga City Vice Mayor Nelson S. Legacion, a lawyer by profession, poses with former Chief Justice reynato Puno during the celebrations of the centenary of the bikol bible and the 115th anniversary of the Philippine bible Society at the universidad de Sta. Isabel Auditorium, Naga City.

    Society in dreaming of A Transformed Philippines Through Gods Word, he said.

    Aside from Legacion, prominent personalities like former Chief Justice

    Reynato Puno, Most Rev-erend Rolando Tria-Tirona, archbishop of Caceres, and Most Reverend Arturo Bastes, archbishop of Sor-sogon, also attended the event.

    This writer is a 10 year old pupil of Naga Central School who was chosen as the youngest writer of THE GRADER, the offi cial pub-lication of the school. The selection was held during the recent journalism work-shop held sometime last week. The said young writer will compete in the Regional Press Con on January 2015. Thank you to her mentors, teachers and relatives for the support and prayers.

    I grew up reading books. I feel that I can't live without reading. Everyone calls me BOOKWORM.

    How did I fi nd interest in reading? Well, when I was still a baby my Mom started reading me stories and she did that as I was growing up. Then fi nally when I was old enough to read books by myself, she let me explore it on my own. My mother, relatives and friends would always give me books. They just know how I love books more than toys. When we are in a mall, a treat


    Growing up With booKSby Jahzara DAWNDAy SF Endriga

    for me would be staying in a bookstore for several hours. Bookstore is always a favorite spot for a booklover like me.

    Without the ability to read, we would not know a thing or two. Reading help us add knowledge and information that we can use in a daily ba-sis. Most of kids today, dont fi nd interest reading books. They prefer playing games and read by using the latest technology like WATTPAD- a trend style of reading nowa-days. Even though it is very much trending I still prefer the old fashioned way which is for me, better than Wattpad,

    The Budget Offi cer inEducational Development

    by FrANCIA N. MArTINEZAdmin. Offi cer III (Supply)

    DepEd, Iriga City

    In any undertaking much more in a big agency, whether private or public, a budget offi cer is of prime importance. In him lies the day-to-day transactions, month by month and ever more crucial are the yearlong doings. That is how necessary and critical rthe budget offi cer is. If he is not careful enough he can even shoulder the blame of a companys poor undertaking. But budget offi cers, know-ing their roles are trained more than enough to ccope with the demands of their works and their bosses.

    The budget offi cer is the logical choice and a key par-ticipant in any economic endeavor such as those point-ed for development.. He is backed up by a fi nancial and conditioned training and experience in common budget matters and must not have a vested a vested interest as a proponent of any particular development plan or proj-ect. This, in effect, is telling us that a budget offi cer is a very objective person and his position is one of trust. He is someone who has the capability to weigh things whether they need to be given rooms for inclusion in any program or not. He is never subjective in his decision so that his accountability cannot be questioned.

    He is burdened by the responsibilities among which are creating fi nancial incentives, analyzing and/or assisting with creating individual development properly, reporting development agreements, monitoring compliance of on-going development agreement and facilitating the devel-opment and ongoing economic development programs.

    Addendum to his bigger tasks and responsibilities are : he must justify means of estimating economic and fi scal impact of a plan or strategy before they are imple-mented. He assesses fi nancial and economic impact of proposed plan, participate in the development of various fi nancial incentive tool , identify the general fi nancial cost and fi nancial impact and risk of using the capacity of the tool used, coordinating internal analysis of development programs and assisting in creating an economic develop-ment plan or strategy.

    It cannot be said that the job of aa budget offi cer is easy but with a budget offi cer armed with the proper cre-dentials and a full knowledge of the responsibilities of his position, the agency where he serves in that capacity can say that the agency cannot go wrong and neither will the programs planned by the agency.

    In the education sector with many projects and pro-grammed designed the year round duration or for a lon-ger time, the fi nancial offi cer is indeed a kay person. The budget offi cer takes the challenge of his position with con-fi dence.

    CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY Bicol local govern-ment unit agriculturists were cited during the 10th Philippine National Corn Congress. held in Cagayan de Oro City, Limketkai Center on November 19 to 21, 2014.

    Baao, Naga City, Tigaon, Ligao City and Calabanga received project grants worth P1M each plus trophy.

    The municipal /city agri-culturists of said LGUs except Tigaon were also awarded and received cash prize of P30,000 each. These include Ramon Bitao of Baao who topped the

    list of winners under this cate-gory, Ma. Edna B. Bongalonta of Naga city, Cesar D. Sodsod of Ligao city and Gil Gabriel H. Bordado III of Calabanga. Lea M. Beltran and Menandro U. Calingacion of Naga city were awarded as municipal/city coordinators and received P25,000 each and trophy.

    The Corn Congress was attended by Department of Agriculture top offi cials led by Undersecretary for Opera-tions Atty. Emerson U. Palad; Undersecretary for Adminis-tration and Finance Antonio A. Fleta; Assistant secretary for Field Operations and Na-

    tional Rice and Corn Program Coordinator, Edilberto M. de Luna; Assistant secretary for Finance Ophelia P. Agawin and DA Reg. 10 regional ex-ecutive director, Lealyn A. Ramos and PhilMaize presi-dent, Roger V. Navarro at-tended the event.

    It was convened by the Philippine Maize Federation, the Department of Agricul-ture Field Offi ce No.5, the city government of Cagayan de Oro and the province of Misamis Oriental. It gathered the corn industry players and stakeholders: the corn farm-ers, business group, agri-input

    suppliers, representatives from the government, private sector and academe.

    Seventeen (17) Bicolano corn technicians were also awarded P20,000 cash prize each and trophy. They are: Jonafel Taduran, Elena N. Salvamante, Marly Corporal, Carlos Samar, Lourdes Ibar-bia, Noel G. Manaog, Amelita O. Palacio, Dely B. Nocos, Elsa N. Bonagua, Magdalena P. Pobocan, Santiago B. En-rique, Victor B. Cortez, Feli-cisima M. Obiasca, Joshua T. Ipo, Teresita A. Barce, Lili-beth O. Patoc and Benedicto C. Heraldo.

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    Yuletide MessageCalling all members of UNC H/S Class '68.

    There will be a CHRISTMAS PARTY of our batch, to be held at Children Educational Center, Magsaysay Ave., Naga City on Dec. 13 at 3 p.m.

    Please attend.

  • bikol reporter6 nov. 30 - dec. 6, 2014

    Balatas Road, Brgy. Balatas, Naga City

    NAME oF DECEASED DATE oF INTErMENTFrANCISCo C. QuIoNES November 3, 20141. JuDITo LorENZo M. boTor November 4, 20142. LEoNor S. VILLANuEVA November 5, 20143. ELENA A. QuIrANTE November 6, 20144. DAN SATo November 6, 20145. ANANIAS E. MENDrIQuE November 8, 20146. EDEN G. ASuNCIoN November 7, 20147. HErNAN A. HErNANDEZ November 7, 20148. yoLANDA S. LLAMANZArES November 15, 20149. ANAToLIo G. borNILLA Jr November 19, 201410. JuAN b. AGuILAr November 21, 201411. ArNEL V. SEGISMuNDo November 19, 201412. ErNESTo r. PrESENTACIoN November 22, 201413. rICHArD FrANCIS A. CLEMENTE November 26, 201414. LETICIA F. yAP November 26, 201415. JAIME C. CuLTIVo November 24, 201416. FrANCISCo C. ASETrE November 26, 201417. JoSEFA G. MorALES November 28, 201418.

    For NoVEMbEr

    SELF-ADJuDICATIoN WITH SALENotice is hereby given that the JESUS NATE is the widower, legitimate and surviving heir of the deceased FLorENCIA M. NATE, who died on August 30, 2002 at Concepcion Grande, Naga City, that JESUS NATE is the registered owner of parcels of land situated at Concepcion Grande, Naga City; that pursuant to Sec. 1, Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of Court of the Philippines, the surviving heir do hereby adjudicate said real property; that for and in consideration of the sum of THIRTY THOUSAND (P30,000.00) pesos, in hand paid by RIZALINA BERMEO-SOBREVILLA, of legal age, with postal address at Concepcion Grande, Naga City, do hereby sell, cede, transfer and convey by way of Absolute Sale unto Rosalina Bermejo-Sobrevilla, he heirs, assigns and successors -in-interest, said parcel of land being Lot 1-A, Psd-05-036837, situated at Concepcion Grande, Naga City; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Leoncio M. Clemente, Doc. No. 499, Page No. 101, Book No. 181, Series of 2009.bIKoL rEPorTErPublished: November 16, 23 and 30, 2014


    Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legitimate heirs of the late AuGuSTo b. borJA, the heirs have executed an Extrajudicial Settlement Among Heirs with Waiver of Rights under Doc. No. 183, Book No. 35, Page No. 6, Series of 2010 before Notary Public Atty. Jose T. Rojas; said deceased left another real property of which he is a co-owner a parcel of land covered by TCT No. 6384, in the name of Cesar H. Federizon, et. al. containing an area of SIXTY THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED SIXTY ONE (60,461); a portion of said real property under (TCT No. 6384) containing an area of THIrTy THouSAND TWo HuNDrED THIrTy oNE (30,231) square meters,more or less, the parties all of legal age with full civil capacity to contract agree to divide and adjudicate the described property in favor of TErESITA F. borJA with the other parties waiving their rights on the said property; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Jose T. Rojas, Doc. No. 171, Page No. 35, Book No. 19, Series of 2014.

    bIKoL rEPorTErPublished: November 16, 23 and 30, 2014


    Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the heirs of the deceased ELSIE E. DAGPA who died on July 4, 1998 had left at the time of her death a JITNEY WITH FRANCHISE described as follows: UNIT: Make-Fuso, Body Type-Jitney, Chassis No. SPMM-61305-93-C, Motor No.227707, Plate No.EVE922; FRANCHISE: Case No. 05-93-0495, MVFile:0476 5-B33691-93-UV, Route: Naga City-Del Rosario via Diversion and from said places to any point of Bicol Region when used as cargo service. The HEIRS hereby SETTLE and ADJUDICATE the mentioned JITNEY WITH FRANCHISE for and in consideration of the amount of EIGHTy THouSAND (P80,000.00) pesos,receipt is hereby acknowledged from GEMMA M. rIVEro (Vendee) by ANNIE C. SANTIAGo (Vendor), hereby SELL, TRANSFER and CONVEY unto said VENDEE the described MOTOR VEHICLE, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Doc. No. 276, Page No. 56, Book No. 90, Series of 2014.

    bIKoL rEPorTErPublished: November 23, 30 and Dec. 7, 2014

    PCA Bicol Regional Manager III Mateo B. Zi-pagan initiated the orga-nization of a Provincial Taskforce on Coconut Scale insect (COCOLISAP) , in cooperation with the Pro-vincial Government of Camarines Sur headed by Governor Miguel Migz Villafuerte and invited rep-resentatives from the me-dia, private and government agencies to be a part of the newly-formed taskforce.

    The creation of the Pro-vincial Taskforce on CO-COLISAP composed of dif-ferent line agencies and local government units endeavors to protect, preserve and con-tinuously develop the coconut industry in Camarines Sur. We intend to keep the region,

    cAMsur still cocolisAp-free. . .cocolisap- free and equip our planters with the correct know-how on how we can avoid this menace, Zipagan added.

    He said the task force will perform various functions from quarantine checkpoint, regular checking of coconut crops for the presence of co-colisap and widening their information dissemination campaign to inform the com-munity of the dangers of co-colisap and how to avoid the said pest.

    Members of the taskforce include the Offi ce of the Pres-idential Assistant for Food Security and Agricultural Modernization (OPAFSAM), Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Maging ang Department of

    Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP), non-Government Or-ganizations, Local Govern-ment Units (LGUs), media group and the Philippine In-formation Agency (PIA) as information arm.

    Zipagan said that Bicol remains free from cocolisap infestation. This, he said is a good news but everyone should help to secure the en-try points so as not to allow infected-coco seedlings from entering the perimeters of Bi-col.

    The creation of the Task Force is in support of Execu-tive Order No. 169 series of 2014 or an act that establishes emergency measures to con-trol and manage the spread of damage caused by infestation. -LSMacatangay

    ber of Commerce and Indus-try (PCCI), the Department of Tourism (DoT), the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Junior Chamber Interna-tional (JCI) and the GMA Net-work and sponsored by NGO & Sons, Vast, Excelsure, LYRR Deca Homes, Chef Mama, Car-amel, Philippine Island Resort, Prime Digital Print Center, the Province of Camarines Norte, AI, the University of Saint An-thony, Innoserve, Regal Plaza Hotel, Most Reliable Metal In-dustry, Bank of the Philippine Island, MetroBank, Lucky 9, Avenue Plaza Hotel, Kimstore, Board Member of the third dis-trict of Camarines Sur Son SJ Julia, and Desny Grill.

    The main activities of the congress include plenary ses-sions, workshops, a fellowship night --- since the congress is for the youth --- and trade fair and exhibits.

    On the fi rst day, to wel-come the delegates, guests and

    cAyetAno, MArcos in reG'l youth . . .participating organizations to the congress is Camarines Sur Chamber of Commerce and In-dustry President Engr. Solomon C. Ngo while to acknowledge the participants and to give the overview of the congress is Congress Director Mr. Ray-mond L. Concepcion. Likewise, to address the congress are: Ca-marines Sur Governor Miguel Luis R. Villafuerte, PCCI South Luzon Area Vice President Mr. Eduardo R. Nicolas.

    In the afternoon of the fi rst day of the congress, plenary sessions will feature speakers on IT Solutions and Digital Marketing and on Entertain-ment and INDE Film Making Production. These speakers are: Mr. Jordan Imutan, Executive Director of iAcademys School of Continuing Education, on IT Industry and e-Learning; Ms. Penny Bongato, the Executive Director of IT & Business Pro-cess Association, on IT Solu-tions and Business Process; Mr.

    Stephen Jagger, Co-Founder of Business Development, Payroll Hero, on Techno-preneurship; Mr. Alvin Kingson Tan, Pro-prietor of Chinoy TV, on En-tertainment and Production; Mr. Alvin Yapan, writer and Inde fi lmmaker, on INDE Film-Making; Mr. Kent V. Osial, CEO of Quesworks, Inc., on 3D Graphic Arts.

    On the second day, the ple-nary sessions will feature Fash-ion, Lifestyle, Culinary Arts and Agri-preneurship. The resource speakers are: from GMA Net-work, on Restaurant Concept and Management; Ms. Tim Yap, on Lifestyle; Mr. Ronald Costales, Chairman of Costales Nature Farm, on Agripreneur-ship; Ms. Allison Howard, an International Fashion Model and American artist, on Fash-ion; Ms. Steph Stefanowitz, CEO of Miss Global Interna-tional, on Lifestyle and Fashion, ; Mr. Avel Bacudio, on Fashion, Entrepreneurship

    On the same day the fourth plenary will be on Franchis-ing. To give an overview of the Philippine Franchising Sector is the Philippine Fran-chising Association. Here the President of PCCI Mr. Alfred Yao and Senator Bongbong Marcos will give their mes-sages. A resource person from the Bank of the Philippine Is-land will speak on Financial Management.

    Breakout sessions on Culi-nary Arts by GMA Network and on Investing in the Right Fran-chise by the Philippine Fran-chise Association will be held after the lunch break which will feature video presentation from the congress corporate sponsors.

    To cap the congress is the closing ceremony to be presid-ed by PCCI Region V Governor Mr. Jeremie S. Lo.

    As of press release time, various associations and orga-nizations of students, number-ing several hundreds, taking up Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Hotel and Restaurant Management in colleges and universities in Camarines Sur have fi led reservations and signifi ed their attendance in the congress. Come December 5, 2014, all roads will lead to the Camarines Sur Convention Center in Pili town.

    someday my granddaughter will not just be the echo of myself, but the realization of my passion and dreams. A month ago she said to her mom..Before I used to dream of becoming a pilot. Now, I wish to become a famous writer and a book author someday. I felt graciously proud as I wrote her in a private message on FACEBOOK: Just believe in your dream. Have FAITH and just be humble. Use writing as a blessing from God, and value your craft as your own giftedness. Make praises on others achievements; NO, NO TO ENVIOUSNESS.

    And when you want something, all the universe CONSPIRES in helping you to achieve it.. says Paolo Coehlo in his book THE ALCHIMIST. While Nanay Socorro Ramos said: Whenever I want something I really work hard to get it. There is no such thing as SWERTE!

    A piece of Wit . . .

  • bikol reporter 7nov. 30 - dec. 6, 2014

    be a rEAL ESTATE SALESPErSoN and EArN a substantial income.

    APPLy NoW at Estate Quest realty Services, bulusan Street, Dayangdang, Naga City.

    Kindly bring your resume.

    Interview is being conducted every Saturday.

    Please contact Felix G. Morandarte Jr. at 09209099334 for prior appointment.

    bookWorM . . . ebooks or other hi- tech ver-sion of reading. Why?...OH, HOW I LOVE THE SMELL OF BOOKS! Reading brings me to a new world. It equips me with so much information and enhances my imagination. It is also my way of relaxation. It takes away all the stress I had for the day. It is an expo-sure to new words, widens my vocabulary which I can use in my studies & conversing with people. Reading also enhanc-es my memory and help me better in my writing skills.

    Using hi-tech gadgets for gaming may be handy and lighter, but too much expo-sure to it may cause radiation which is bad for our health. In my case, reading through my tablet cause me headaches that is why I prefer reading using a real book, may it be hardbound or softbound.

    If reading cannot be de-veloped, then how could we speak and communicate ef-ficiently? We learned words from books. I like reading very much, you can tell that with the number of books in my room. I dont judge peo-ple who choose to read thru gadgets because its still reading. But it should be done less, because for me its harmful to our health. Reading is one of the most important thing in our life to which some people dont find it convincing. But it is true! If not for reading, we cannot SPEAK INTEL-LIGENTLY, THINK and KNOW things around us. It must be part of our life. We were made to live fully & think for greater things. We should grow up reading, as long as we breathe READ!

    ondary Education, Business Administration, High School, Hotel and Restaurant Man-agement, Nursing, Criminol-ogy, Master of Public Admin-istration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Education, and Doc-tor of Education.

    Currently, program which are still under Candidate sta-tus include Architecture, Ele-mentary and Doctor of Public Administration.

    PACUCOA is an orga-nization that pursues high

    unep Gets pAcucoA nod for 5 . . .

    15,000 join anti-drug abuse rally in Legazpiby MANNy P. SoLIS

    LEGAZPI CITY -- At least 15,000 people from various sectors joined the foot parade and rally against drug abuse here on Friday afternoon in obser-vance of the Drug Abuse and Control Week, prompt-ing City Mayor Noel Ro-sal to declare the residents of the city are up against drugs.

    This is a clear testimony that Legazpenos are ready to fight and crack down on drug addiction in the community and make this city a drug-free locality, he said.

    Rosal was joined by Vice

    Mayor Vitorrio Roces and other city officials led the ac-tivity which had for its theme A message of Hope: Drug use disorders are preventable and treatable. No to Marijua-na Legalization.

    The participants included barangay officials, students from different schools and universities, police and mili-tary personnel, city govern-ment officials and employees, personnel of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, non-government organiza-tions, government agencies, senior citizens and women, among others.

    The four-kilometer march started at the citys down-

    town area in Barangay Rizal and ended at the Penaranda Park in Old Albay District.

    The Drug and Preven-tion and Control Week is an annual activity of the city administration as part of the support to the enforcement of anti-drug abuse policies, programs and projects of the national government to keep away the people, especially the youth and minors, from the dangerous effects of ille-gal drugs.

    Rosal expressed gratitude for the huge turnout of par-ticipants, saying, it was the biggest attendance so far in the history of the city.

    He said the grand rally

    would serve as an informa-tion tool to the public and make them more aware of the ill effects of illegal drugs to the society and to the health

    of the people.The city chief executive

    urged all officers and mem-bers of the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils (BA-

    DACs) of the 70 villages of this city to strictly enforce the citys curfew ordinance and closely monitor youth activi-ties in their respective areas.

    standards of excellence, par-ticularly in providing timely accreditation to deserving ed-ucational institutions. Their group is composed of highly-professional individuals who excel in their respective fields of endeavors, making the or-ganization more legitimate and credible.

    PACUCOA also see to it that they keep their associa-tion abreast of the new forms of learning. It has developed new outcomes-based self-sur-vey instruments for various

    courses like Fine Arts, Indus-trial Design, Interior Design, BS Social Work, MS Social Work, Animation, BS Library and Information Science, MS Library and Information Sci-ence, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School.

    It has also enhanced its survey instrument for Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism, Food Technology and Nutrition and Dietetics.