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  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 9 - 15 Issue


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    OUTSTANDING LOCAL NEWSPAPERFor Five Consecutive YearsSt. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

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    City Health eyes 100%child vaccination in Naga

    DENR-Bicol lines upthree Nov. activities

    Fortuno favorsraising SK age range


    LEGAZPI CITY - From hibernatingsomewhere else for quite some time, the

    gentle marine giants are back in Donsol, and

    so are the tourists.(Turn to page 6)


    The Naga City Health

    Ofce (CHO) is expecting

    a 100% compliance with

    the vaccination of children

    under the Garantisadong

    Pambata program of the

    Department of Health.

    This, after the team tasked

    to monitor the implementa-

    (Turn to page 6) (Turn to page 7) (Turn to page 4)

    Camarines Sur Fifth

    District Representative

    Salvio Fortuno is in favor

    of raising the age bracket

    of Sangguniang Kabataan

    (SK) members from 15-17

    years old to 18 to 25 years.

    He said this is one of the

    proposed amendments mem-

    bers of the House of Repre-

    sentatives are contemplating

    The Department ofEnvironment and NaturalResources (DENR) Bicolthrough Environmental

    Management Bureau (EMB)V has slated three veryimportant environmentalcelebrations this month: theNational Clean Air Month,the National EnvironmentalAwareness Month and theNational Climate Change

    Butandings, tourists back in DonsolButandings, tourists back in Donsol

  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 9 - 15 Issue



    Instead, the elderly band themselves

    together assisting each other as they

    walk to places. Probably because of the

    cold weather, the Japanese stride fast

    (but not in haste unlike in SF or HK)).

    Tokyo sidewalks are wide and separated

    from boulevards or main avenues. Even

    bicycle and motorcycle riders are allowed

    to use said pedestrian lanes.

    PRICES: One hundred Japanese yen

    is equivalent to P42. Malls and small

    stores (and restaurants) display prices

    per commodity. So we divided the amply

    displayed prices of goods by 42 to arrive

    at peso costs. We did not visit public

    markets (because malls and bazaars

    operate on 24/7 basis) thus, we did not

    experience hand signal bargaining (Hong

    Kong-style). (Advice: Dont rely on the

    bigger- printed prices. Instead, look at

    the small prints (inclusive of 8% sales

    tax).Souvenir items like T-shirts, my favorite

    key chains and bric-a-brac display items

    cost double as those in HK, Bangkok,

    Five books written or edited by Bikol authors

    and/or published in the region are among this

    years National Book Awardees. Why this

    deserves an editorial can simply be answered by

    the fact that it doesnt always rain in the summerof our publishing landscape in the region. This

    is also an award quite unlike the ones given by

    dubious award-giving bodies based in some

    dingy rooms in Sta. Cruz or Escolta which ask

    for donations for souvenir programs, and

    which victimize honor-hungry politicians and

    public ofcials; or those where nominators pay a

    sizable amount for their nomination. While there

    are quarters who question the fact that some

    members of the Board of the award-giving body

    are themselves publishers and therefore gives it

    some kind of a conict of interest angle; there

    is also no denying that the selection process

    is above-board and done by independent peers

    and authorities with impeccable integrity and


    The entry of the Ateneo de Naga UniversityPress among the elite list of University Presses

    in the country which have produced National

    Book Awardees is both a cause for celebration

    and challenge, not only for the University but

    also for those in the local production of books

    the writers, editors, book designers, the

    publishers themselves. A celebration because

    AdeNUP had shown that regional publication

    doesnt mean marginal or below par; or that

    being a local writer doesnt come up to

    national standards - qualitative distinctions

    which are really constructed and thus always

    permeable and refutable. A challenge, because

    by being honored for their work, the awardees

    have set a standard by which future or following

    publications will be measured.

    This recognition also opens up a new

    opportunity for the development of a bookculture in the region amid the tantalizing

    temptation of the new media or what National

    Artist for Literature Cirilo Bautista calls the

    tyranny of the eye. That kind of culture is not

    the showcasing and spectacle kind, as most

    local government chief executives understand

    the word; but more of cultivating and improving

    civilization, true to the words etymology.

    Economic development, included.

    So Bikol Reporter doff its hat to Kristian

    Cordero, Paz Verdades Santos, H. Francisco

    V. Peones Jr., Victor Nierva, and Merlinda

    Bobis; as well as to Fr. Wilmer Tria, director of

    the AdeNUP whose own translation of the Little

    Prince into Bikol; and Maryanne Moll, whose

    book, also made it as Finalists.

    Arogon an Oragon!

    Jakarta and Saigon - and about 50%

    higher than in Brunei, Singapore and

    KL. Chocolate and pastry products are

    affordable (per my calculator-guided

    budget). Average meals (one viand,

    soup and tasty Japanese rice) cost

    Y630 yen or P240 only. Soft drink

    costs are modest (150% by Phl prices).Restaurants welcome their customers

    with free drinking water.

    PEOPLE: Our DFK partners said

    there are now 150 million Japanese;

    30 million of them reside in Metro-

    Tokyo. The city does not look crowded

    because residents live in condo-style

    buildings and dont loiter around.

    From higher locations, we saw ample

    greeneries (similar to Singapore)

    doting residential locations. With

    Japanese discipline, we did not hear

    any vehicle honking nor see drivers

    hustling in the city trafc.

    There are very few idle people

    in Tokyo (low unemployment rate).

    Smoking is allowed in designated

    places only, so cigarette smoke does

    not pollute the air. Plastics are not [yet]

    banned in Tokyo. Service people areultra-courteous. Baggage boys bow

    in unison as public buses arrives; after

    loading, they again line up and bow as

    each bus leaves! Taxis have meters.

    Flag down is equivalent of P250. Fares

    for buses are modest; arriving at ag

    stops on time. (We wish we have this

    system in MManila!).

    WISDOM: Travelling abroad gives

    us valuable insights on how we can

    (still) improve our lives.

    (PICPA past president and Hall-

    of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime

    Achievement Awardee).

    DISCIPLINE: We have just returned

    from Tokyo (Japan) for our annual visit

    to our auditing rms partners in the DFK

    global fold. They conrmed that more

    Japanese medium-sized companies arekeenly looking at potential investment

    outlets in the Philippines. Whereas

    before, they are interested in big factories,

    this time they are surveying sales of

    techno spare parts, and in Phl tourism

    facilities for their ageing population.

    Japans demography is almost on level

    ow. The number of newly-born babies is

    just equal with old people passing away.

    As a result, factories and ofces are facing

    hardships in hiring personnel, more so for

    blue-collar jobs and lower clerical levels.

    Wages are decent compare with cost of

    living. OFWs have bright opportunities

    here, more so in the future as Japan

    economy recovers and when more local

    workers opt to retire early.

    ELDERLY: The government takes good

    care of their senior citizens. We noticed

    this with the kind of facilities extendedby public service and commercial

    establishments. Priority spaces for the

    elderly are designated in waiting areas,

    trains, buses and restaurants. Pension

    amounts given retirees enable them

    to go on tours and enjoy for the rest of

    their lives. We saw many senior citizens

    purchasing above-modest costing items

    in the malls.

    We saw only few seniors who are

    escorted by maids (unlike in the Phl).

    President, said. There is no reason toaxe Jojo Binay for offering constructivecriticism because even when alternativesolutions are offered, they are rejectedwithout explanation. It appears only theKKK (Kakampi, Kaklase, Kabarilan orallies, classmates and shooting buddies)have all the right answers.

    VP Binay said he will continue to be ateam player. VP Binay has the mandate ofthe people while the cabinet members do nothave. But they enjoy the trust of P-Noy.

    * * * * *So, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee

    will investigate the alleged overpricedIloilo Convention Center where SenatePresident Franklin Drilon supposedlyinfused P200 million of his pork barrel orPDAF. Will they conduct the same kindand way of investigation as they do on theMakati City Hall II?

    Why dont they continue the investigationof the PDAF scam where names of sixteensenators were listed by alleged PDAFqueen Janet Lim Napoles which includesthe names of Sen. Franklin Drilon andother allies of the administration to show

    there is no selective justice?* * * * *

    I saw the documentary on therehabilitation of the areas devasted bySuper Typhoon Yolanda on ANC-TVand it gives the impression that thegovernment made all those improvementsand rehabilitation. I also saw two

    businessmen say on TV that if businessis back in Tacloban, it is because oftheir own private efforts. They saidthe government did not even helpthem secure loans. There were ralliesprepared in Tacloban by typhoon victimsagainst the adminstration that wouldhave met the President, but PresidentAquino went to Giuan, Samar and notto the center hit by the typhoon surgewhich is Tacloban. Even if he receivesthe reports of his cabinet secretarieslike DILG Sec. Mar Roxas, DSWD Sen.Dinky Soliman, DPWH Sec. Singson,etc., it would still be better for him tomeet the people in the area. P-Noy is agood communicator.

    The Tempo dated November 9, 2014reported the following excerpt: TaclobanMayor Alfred Romualdez, speakingduring the anniversary of Yolanda saidthe city has received only P180 millionfrom the national government, a punygure compared to the billions of pesosthat the national government has setaside for rehabilitation efforts.

    Walang binigay sa amin (budget) forhousing or even temporary shelters.Some fourteen thousand (14,000)families were displaced by Yolanda butless than 200 permanent housing unitshave been built, half of which by theprivate sectors.

    Tacloban received P180 million fivemonths after Yolanda but it was only forthe reconstruction of government buildingsand civic centers, the mayor said.

    Rehabilitation Czar Panlo Lacsonsaid on TV that Mayor Romualdezshould stop politicking. In the PhilippineDaily Inquirer dated Nov. 10, 2014, he

    said, Tacloban is not the microcismof the 171 cities and the municipalitiesaffected by Yolanda.

    Isnt the administration the onepoliticking? Tacloban has the mostnumber of dead and the biggest damageto infrastructure according to the editorialof the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    The latest news is that Vice PresidentJejomar Binay backed out of a debatewith Sen. Antonio Trillanes which wassupposed to take place on Nov. 27, 2014.This is just right because they do notbelong to the same level. As Vice PresidentBinay is the second highest ofcial of thecountry. Trilanes is only one of the twentyfour senators. If Trillanes or anybodyhas evidence to prove that he pocketedthe money from the alleged overpricedMakati City Hall II, the construction ofwhich started in 2007 when he was theMayor of Makati, they can le chargesin the proper forum and that is the ofceof the Ombudsman. It is better to let thewheels of justice take its course insteadof debating.

    * * * * *President Noynoy Aquino said on TV

    that he is giving Vice President Jejomar

    Binay the freedom to leave the Cabinet ifhe cant suggest solutions to the problemshe cited as confronting the current regimeincluding the worsening trafc, impendingpower crises and deterioration of the peaceand order in the country.

    VP Binay reportedly mentioned in aspeech before the Philippine BusinessConference last October 23 about theseveral crises that hit administration whichmay have irked the President.

    This reminded me of the statementof the late respected journalist Ka DoroyValencia who said, True friends are notthose that praise but those who tell thetruth during the Marcos administration.

    Since VP Binay considers the Presidentand the Aquino family as his friends, I thinkhe said it as a constructive criticism. Binaywas one of the defenders of the Aquino

    family during the presidency of PresidentCorazon C. Aquino, which was besiegedby 7 coup detats.

    If P-Noy wants Binay out of his Cabinet,he should not give him the freedom toleave but ask him to resign. I t should not bethe act of Binay but the Presidents act.

    Sen. Serge Osmea, an ally of the




    Head, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU


  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 9 - 15 Issue



    PhilHealths Ready, TSeKaP,Go Fun Run 2015 launched

    Dr. INIGO


    Philippine Health Insur-ance Corp. (PhilHealth)ofcially launched theReady, TSeKaP, Go (Ta-mang Serbisyo para sa Ka-lusugan ng Pamilya) FunRun, Friday at the AvenuePlaza Hotel, here.

    PhilHealth Regional VicePresident (RVP) Orlando D.Iigo, Jr, said that the run

    shall carry the theme of theprimary care benet packageor TseKaP to instill amongthe target participants, par-ticularly the less privilegedand most vulnerable sectorof the society the importanceof prioritizing ones personalhealth condition and the pri-mary consideration to preventhealth maladies as against ex-pensive hospitalization.

    Our target for the FunRun is 4,000, just like twoyears ago. I heard in NagaCity during the Milo Mara-thon that it gathered 10,000runners, so, we hope we canexceed the 4,000 which theCentral ofce quota gave us,

    Iigo added.Why in Naga City after

    Legazpi City? We just dontlike to highlight Philhealth,but we also want to highlightNaga City because they really

    The Land Bank of the Philippines is ontrack to meet its full-year target net in-come of P12 billion, despite an 11-percentdecline for the rst nine months of theyear. The Banks third-quarter net incomestood at P9.3 billion against P10.4 billionof the same period last year.

    LANDBANK president and CEO GildaE. Pico attributed the decrease to more chal-

    lenging business conditions this year asagainst exceptional trading gains recorded in2013. We managed to surpass the year-to-date target net revenue by 3 percent and weremain condent about meeting our full-yeartarget, Pico said, adding that the decline inthe third-quarter revenue is signicantly nar-rower than the 29 percent drop in the rsthalf of the year.

    The nine-month net income translated to areturn on equity of 14.5 percent.

    Meanwhile, the Banks total assets grewby a hefty 24 percent to P910.9 billion fromP731.8 billion in the same period last year

    LEGAZPI CITY Over600 organic agriculturefarmers, practitioners, ad-vocates and supportersgathered at the IbalongRecreation Center here forthe 7th Bicol Organic Ag-riculture Congress whichfeatured a forum, productexhibit and presentation ofResolutions and recognitionof regional achievers.

    This gathering which isheld annually serves as anavenue for sharing of newideas, experiences and goodpractices among organic agri-

    culture practitioners, programimplementers and adaptors.It also serves as a venue fordisseminating information,policy and program updates,directions and thrusts onorganic agriculture in con-sonance with the implemen-tation of the Organic Agricul-ture Act of 2010.

    The Department of Agri-culture spearheads the hold-

    ing of this event in coopera-tion and partnership with theCity Government of Legazpi,

    the Provincial Government

    of Albay, the Central BicolState University of Agricul-

    ture (CBSUA), the PecuariaDevelopment Cooperative

    Inc., (PDCI), the Social Ac-tion Center and other private

    sector partners who are sup-porting the organic agricul-

    ture efforts in the region.The theme for this years

    congress is: Promoting thewell-being of Farming Fami-

    lies through Organic Agricul-ture which is aligned with

    the United Nation Declara-

    tion of 2014 as InternationalYear of Family Farming torecognize the farm families

    contribution in feeding theearth and caring for the envi-ronment.

    The guest of honor and

    keynote speaker during theopening program was Maria

    Estrella A. Penunia, Asia Pa-cic Region Ambassador for

    International Year of FarmingFamilies 2014 and secretary

    general of the Asian FarmersAssociation for Sustainable

    Rural Development. Alsopresent were: Mayor Noel Ro-

    sal of Legazpi City; CarolineM. Ubalde, program director

    of Organic Agriculture-basedSocial Enterprise Project; Dr.

    Georgina J. Bordado, presi-

    dent, CBSUA; Fr. GranwellPitapit, director of Caritasof the Diocese of Libmanan;

    Fr. Ian Trillanes, NGO sectorrepresentative of the National

    Organic Agriculture Board;Dr. Elena b. de los Santos,

    Regional Technical Directorfor Operations and Exten-

    sions of the DA who repre-sented Director Abelardo R.

    Bragas; Adelina A. Losa, DARegional Organic Agricul-

    ture focal person; Dr. AlbertJo of Rapha Valley Place of

    Wellness, and Miller Bicaldo,manager of PDCI, the only

    certied producer of organicrice in the Bicol Region.

    The topics discussed dur-ing the congress include: Ang

    Kahalagahang Pangnutrisyonng mga Organikong Gulay

    by Ms. Marilyn C. Valeza,National Nutrition Council;

    Kadyos: An Organic FoodOption by Ms. Fe B. Perlas

    and Ms. Melani Y. Abalayan,CBSUA; Marketing and

    Livelihood Opportunitiesfor Organic Agriculture by

    Pacita Juan and Regina Fran-cisco, ECHOSI Foundation;

    Organic Rice Value Chainby Mr. Crispin B. Cabal, Jr.,

    Pecuaria Development Co-operative, Inc.; Organic Agri-

    culture Registration and Cer-tication Process by BAFS

    representative. -EMILY B.BORDADO

    HOUSING LOT DONORMayor John G. Bongat and Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion thank the LCC for donating a 2.8-

    hectare parcel of land located in Cararayan near the Balatas boundary, for the City's urban

    poor housing program.

    on the back of steady growth in loans andinvestments.

    As of the third quarter, LANDBANKsgross loan portfolio grew 22.7 percent toP362.3 billion from P295.3 billion, whileinvestments grew 6 percent to P273.9 bil-lion from P258.3 billion.

    Total deposits likewise registeredsubstantial growth to P781.8 billion, 32

    percent higher than the P593.3 billion inSeptember last year. Total capital stoodat P72.1 billion, lower by 3 percent fromP74.2 billion.

    LANDBANK is the only bank present inall provinces of the country with the recentopening of its branch in Dinagat island. Thisbrings to 346 the Banks total number ofbranches in the country, complemented by1,315 ATMs. It remains the biggest creditprovider to small farmers and shers, localgovernment units, and the biggest lender tomicroenterprises and SMEs among govern-ment nancial institutions.

    appreciate good governance,one of the best efcient cit-ies, aside from highlightingour objectives, and our advo-cacies as a corporation, heexplained.

    The Run is among the ma-jor activities that PhilHealthis organizing, to mark its 20thyear with the theme Ensur-ing Universal Coverage forAll Filipinos.

    The second NationwideSimultaneous Run is slatedon February 15, 2015 in 13regions all over the country.Aside from Naga City, therun will be simultaneouslyheld in other designated areaslike the cities of Quezon, Tu-

    guegarao, Olongapo, Lucena,Lipa, Iloilo, Cebu, Tacloban,Davao and Koronadal, topromote amongst the par-ticipants that an ounce of pre-vention is worth more than a

    pound of cure.The Naga launch start-

    ed with a tree-planting andgrowing activity at 10:00 amat Villa Grande ElementarySchool in Barangay Concep-cion Grande, Naga City.

    During the launch proper,a Ceremonial Turnover ofDelivery Beds to three RHUsin Camarines Sur, namely;Garchitorena, Ragay and Si-pocot was also conducted.


    NAGA CITY --- Gold

    medalist bowman Danielle

    Jasmine Espiritu is one of

    the 5,000 athletes, technical

    and delegation ofcials who

    trooped to this city for the

    2014 Batang Pinoys Luzon

    qualifying leg from Novem-

    ber 11-15, this year.

    The 10-year-old Grade

    IV pupil of the University of

    Baguio, who is on top of the

    schools skilled contenders in

    the eld of achery since her

    Yeoman days in Grade II,was the only elementary pu-

    pil who hurdled the elimina-

    tion round for the Luzon leg

    in her region which was held

    3 weeks ago in Baguio City.

    In fact, she topped the

    ranking in the competition

    which was participated in by

    more than 40 opponents who

    are mostly high school stu-


    A Yeoman is an archery

    player who competes under

    the age group category of 9

    years old and below while a

    Bowman is under the catego-

    ry of those who are 10 to 12

    years old.

    Danielle is the only one

    from her school who will vie

    in archery to be held at the

    Metro Naga Sports Complex

    along with the team fromBaguio City National High

    School in the Cordillera Re-


    2014 Batang Pinoy Proj-

    ect Director Atty. Jay Alano

    who also heads the National

    Events and Coordinating Of-

    ce of the Philippine Sports

    Commission said delega-

    tions from all the 8 regions in

    Luzon are now in the city to

    compete in 24 events which

    are under the supervision of

    technical ofcials belonging

    to different national sports

    associations.ALANO ESPIRITU

    Aside from the 16 events

    being played in Palarong

    Pambansa, Batang Pinoy has

    additional 7 events, which

    include basketball 3 on 3,

    cheerleading, dancesport,

    judo, muaythai, weightlift-ing, and wrestling.

    Unlike in Palarong Pam-

    bansa, Batang Pinoy allows

    participation from out-of-

    school youths who are able

    to secure endorsement and/or

    sponsorhip either from their

    punong barangays, city or

    municipal mayors, or provin-

    cial governors.

    We believe that by way

    of encouraging out-of-school

    youth to join Batang Pinoy,

    we can be able to inspire them

    to go back to schools to study

    like the student-athletes they

    are going to meet and play

    with in this sports event,

    Alano said.

    The sports ofcial clari-

    ed that they observe no re-

    strictions in joining Batang

    Pinoy with regards to thenumber or status of interested

    individuals who wish to play.

    Any in or out of school youth

    are welcome to participate as

    long as they do not exceed

    the age limit of 15 years old.

    The Mindanao qualifying

    leg was held in September,

    this year, followed by the

    Visayas which reeled off last


    Athletes who won gold,

    silver, and bronze in the three

    legs are the ones who will

    compete in the national nals

    (Turn to page 6)

  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 9 - 15 Issue




    Bamboo SongHere, in these islands,

    Arm-in-arm we standTall against tropical stormsAnd the tyrants water cannons.

    On moonlit evenings

    We let our songs and moansSoar past our jointed bonesTo a milky constellation.

    (November 8, 2013)

    Kansyon Kawayan

    Digdi, sa mga islang iniNakatindog kaming abra-siete

    Pusog laban sa mga bagyoSagkod kanyon de agua kan


    Kun bangging bulanonPinapabayaan niyamo an samong

    kansyon asin ugongMaglayog lagpas sa tulang

    niamong tugbongPasiring sa magatas na


    (Nobyembre 8, 2014)

    Pakatapos kan wasiwas ni Yolanda saKabisayaan kan Nobyemre kan sarong

    taon, nagpaluwas tulos nin sarongpangapodan nin kontribusyon para samga rawit-dawit manongod kan bagyo

    para sa sarong antolohiya si EileenTabios, sarong Fil-Am na parasurat asin

    editor na nakabase sa Estados Unidos.Huli sa tabang kan internet, madalingnakalakop an saiyang pangapodan, asin

    madali man tulos nakatipon nin bilangnin mga kontribusyon. Kaya, madali manna nadara ini sa imprenta asin napublikar

    sa Amerika. Kan Agosto, nagkaigwa ninlokal na pagbunsod sa Tacloban, na saro

    sa grabeng tinamaan ni Yolanda. Partekan maguguno sa kabakalan kan libro namay simpleng titulong Verses Typhoon

    Yolanda o VTY pinagmarhay ni Eileenna itao bilang tabang sa mga biktima niHaiyan, an international na pangaran

    ni Yolanda. An sakong rawit-dawit naBamboo Song saro sa mga napili para

    sa antolohiya ni Eileen, na iyo manan nagmamantinir kan online-blog naGalatea Resurrects, kun sain pigpublikar

    man niya an sakong repaso kan libro nin

    rawit-dawit ni Eric Gamalinda na may

    *sarong tataramon sa Rinconada na boot sabihon,baga, na tinatahuban nin abo nganing magdanay asinmagkaigwang pampapamakot o pantao sa mga daingkalayong pagtaraid harong. Mawot palaadon giraraysa espasyong ini an pagsurat sa tataramon na Bikol,siring sa suanoy asin mitikong pagdara nin kalayo niPrometheus sa mga tawo. Ipadara an rawit-dawit asin

    rikastorya (ash ction) na may 100 na tataramon,kaiba an halipot na bio-data asin malinaw na retratosa [email protected]

    Pastidyong LanobRoldan W. HerveraBSE- 4 English

    Madya amigoDae magduwa-duwaIka maoogmaRani sakong amigo

    Itukod an mata asin magtago

    Sa labot na sadit sa sakong pamagoAn mag agom naglaog naDae ka magparisa

    Dae magribok,Asin tumultolSaimong dalanonAn duwang dae man maturog

    Tano nagtalikod?An konsensya mo nakatukod?Ta an sakong payo depende saimoKun ika masayuma o mapadara

    titulong Amigo Poem.

    Ihihiras ko digdi an rawit-dawit saorihinal na English asin an sadiri kongdakitaramon kaini, bilang paggiromdom

    sa mga biktima kan bagyo, orog na kiNoemi, na kaiba ko sa Batch 2005 kanmga Internatiional Ford Foundation

    Fellows. Si Noemi, sarong social workersa Samar asin sa pagkamidbid ko sa

    pagkamoot niya saiyang trabaho, dainiya talaga babayaan maski ano manna angat o kadipisilan kaini. An sakong

    rawit-dawit katakod kan Yolanda:

    Consciousness Week, withthe theme, "EnvironmentalSustainability: Moving IntoGreater Actions," focusing onsmall actions that translate into

    positive impacts when donecollectively.

    DENR Bicol Regional Di-rector Gilbert Gonzales saidthe three events are all gearedtowards the protection ofthe environment and to raiseawareness and environmentalconsciousness among Bicola-nos.

    On November 12, an Op-erators Forum regarding fuelconservation and efciency inroad transport in partnershipwith the Land TransportationOfce (LTO), and the LandTransportation Franchising

    DENR-BICOL LINES UP . . .and Regulatory Board will beheld to apprise key players inthe transport industry on Phil-ippine Clean Air Act or RA8749 among other laws imple-mented for mobile sourcesand likewise, to promote theneed to curb exhaust pollutantsfrom on-road motor vehicles

    by maintaining them in goodworking condition.

    The Air Quality Manage-ment Section of the EMB andthe LTO will be conducting ananti-smoke belching campaignon November 12-14 in majorthoroughfares of the region tocomplement the campaign oflessening air pollution frommobile sources.

    DENR will also spearheadan Interfaith Conference on

    Climate Change on Novem-ber 14 at the Ateneo de NagaUniversity to involve localreligious leaders in climatechange adaptation and mitiga-tion initiative being promoted

    by the agency.The DENR Dalaw Turo

    program, an innovative edu-cational tool for teaching and

    promoting environmental mes-sages on nature conservation,will do a series of IEC sortiesstarting on the second week of

    November throughout Bicolssix provinces.

    On November 19-25 theEMB will also be staging aregionwide environmentalsymposium to mainstream thedepartments thrust in environ-mental protection and manage-ment.

    The annual bike for cleanair will be on November 22dubbed as Pidal para sa gabos:Para sa Malinig na Paros PartIII a staple activity in linewith the Clean Air Monthwhich through the years has

    been making a huge followingamong bikers and environmen-tal volunteers.

    To cap the month-long cel-ebration, the Bureau will holda climate change exhibit atCentral Plaza Mall, in Daet,Camarines Norte to provide aglimpse of the current state ofthe global climate, the impactof climate change in the Phil-ippines and the everyday ac-tions that everyone can taketo reduce their greenhouse gasemissions and adapt to climatechange.

    In only nine months with

    the Nabua Police force, Chief

    Inspector Ruben D. Padua, Jr.

    has already earned a reputa-

    tion among the Nabuenos as a

    very aggressive police ofcer

    who is out to give the town

    the kind of police service it

    deserves. Very young and dy-

    namic, (he is in his late thir-

    ties and single) he has already

    a string of achievements the

    whole Nabua police force is

    happy to brag about.

    He is focusing on the youth

    of the town, they who are very

    vulnerable and in their forma-

    tive years stand all the chance

    of coming straight and be a re-

    sponsible children of their par-

    ents and an even more respon-

    sible community members.

    He just came back from a

    Youth Camp at the local col-

    lege and focused his talk on

    what should the young men

    and women today are not ex-

    pected to be... negligence of

    their studies, prone to bad in-

    uence, susceptible to vices

    like smoking and drinking

    and worst of all getting in-

    volved in the use of illegal

    drugs. I know very lately,

    there had been several crack-

    down on drug pushers and

    users and the credit goes to

    COP Ruben Dalit Padua, Jr.

    who has his early orientation

    from a father who has served

    religiously as a police ofcer

    I sense him as stern look-

    ing until he started to talk and

    I realized he just means seri-

    ous business with the PNP

    meant to serve and protect.

    He believes in police

    The Nabua MPS and COP PaduaBy JOKEE BOTOR-REYES

    PADUAvisibility as well as quick

    response are deterrents to

    crime. Police visibility is not

    conned to the areas within

    the poblacion but even in the

    far-ung barrios. Community

    relations is integral in police

    operation. If the people have

    access to the police and re-

    late with them, crime can be

    avoided. He also believes in

    quick response by police. It

    is not surprising why Ofcer

    Padua, who holds a Clinical

    Psychology degree knows

    more than enough in deal-

    ing with crime suspects and

    criminals. Nor surprising

    that the entire police force is

    actively involved in the anti-

    crime campaign and active

    involvement in community

    service like response during

    calamities have earned for

    Nabua MPS commendations

    from the local LGU and from

    the Civil Service Commis-


    Thank you very much P02

    Myla C. Pili and P02 Gina Oli-

    veros, very cool police women

    for one early evening of ex-

    changes on dealing with minor

    offenders. Mabalos po!

  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 9 - 15 Issue


  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 9 - 15 Issue



    Republic of the Philippines

    LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICEProvince: Camarines Sur

    City/Municipality: Libmanan


    In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048,

    a notice is hereby served to the public that EFREN NIDEABIGAYhas led with this Ofce, a Petition for Change ofFirst Name from EFREN DIONECIO to EFREN in the

    certicate of live birth of EFREN DIONECIO BEGAY whowas born on July 1, 1952 at Real St., Libmanan, CamarinesSur and whose parents are Martin Bigay and Salvacion


    Any person adversely affected by said petition mayle his written opposition with this ofce not later thanNovember 15, 2014.

    (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar


    Published: November 2 and 9, 2014


    Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the

    legitimate children and surviving heirs of the deceasedSILVERIA BALAYE-RODRIGUEZ and ANDRES P.RODRIGUEZ, who died intestate on July 4, 2010 and

    February 15, 1986 respectively both at San Isidro,Sangay, Camarines Sur, without will or testament andno outstanding debts, left a parcel of residential land

    situated at San Isidro, Sangay, Camarines Sur; the partiesall of legal age with full civil capacity to contract agree

    to adjudicate among themselves in equal shares thedescribed property, the heirs due to personal reasons andaffections have agreed to RELINQUISH, RENOUNCE,

    QUITCLAIM and WAIVE their rights in favor of their sisterEVELYN RODRIGUEZ-DELOS NIEVES and that she shallhave the exclusive right of ownership and possession over

    the said property; as acknowledged before Notary PublicAtty. Said Ali P. Maganduga, Doc. No. 548, Page No. 55,

    Book No. VII, Series of 2012.BIKOL REPORTER

    Published: November 9, 16 and 23, 2014




    published in this tabloid dated November 2, 2014 must



    Albay Governor Joey Sarte Salceda celebrated his birthday with the evacuees. He was joined

    by heads of NGA (DA, DENR, DSWD, DILG & AFP). In photo is DA 5 RTD Elena B. delos Santos

    (right) turning over some inputs and groceries to Gov. Salceda. Said groceries and planting

    materials were distributed to the school teachers (photo below)

    25 bags milled rice (worthP32,500); 2 units handtractors

    with trailer (P240,000); 2 unitspalay thresher (P150,000);5 units knapsack sprayer

    (P12,500); 100 pieces lami-nated sacks (P47,500); 60 bags

    certied palay seeds (P81,600);20 bags hybrid corn seeds

    (P70,000); and other produc-tion inputs such as vegetableseeds and garden tools worth

    P81,280.00. Combine harvest-ers were also deployed to assist

    in the immediate harvesting ofmatured palay in areas includedin the danger zones.

    Capacity building activitieswere also conducted for the

    evacuees. Last October 21, theDA in collaboration with the

    Bicol Recovery and Econom-ic Development Committeechaired by Ako Bicol partylist


    representative Hon. Rodel M.

    Batocabe conducted a forumon Disaster Risk Reduction

    and Management for 60 farm-ers and sherfolk of Daraga,Manito, Camalig, Rapu-Rapu

    and Legazpi City.On October 26, 2014 during

    Gov. Joey Sarte Salcedas birth-day celebration with the evacu-ees at Guinobatan East Central

    Elementary School, Poblacion& Mauraro High School, both of

    Guinobatan, Albay, he turned-over and distributed assistance

    coming from DA5 which in-cluded inputs such as assortedvegetable seeds, camote cut-

    tings, white corn seeds and dif-ferent groceries such as sugar,

    apples, laundry bar soap, cup-cakes and noodles.

    In addition, 4 batches of

    training on Karagumoy Bas-ket, Bag and Box making were

    also conducted for the evacu-

    tion of the program in thecitys 27 barangays placed at

    96 percent the initial turnoutof children who were giveneach a shot of Vitamin A, anti-measles, anthelminthic, andferrous sulfate.

    The CHO personnel, ba-rangay midwives, and Baran-gay Health Workers (BHWs)were commended by MayorJohn G. Bongat for their dyna-mism and zeal in handling thecampaign that includes house-to-house visitations.

    Dr. Butch Borja, city healthofcer, said the immunization

    CITY HEALTH EYES 100% . . .


    campaign is aimed at reducingmortality among children whoare aged 59 months and below5 years.

    The Garantisadong Pamba-ta Week is a biennial programheld in the months of Apriland October. It seeks to re-duce childhood illnesses anddeaths by promoting positivechild care behaviors.

    Borja explained that an-thelminthic are drugs that ex-

    pel parasitic worms from thebody by either stunning orkilling them and without caus-ing signicant damage to the

    We have at least ve of themnow staying and frequently ap-

    pearing before public eyes sinceabout two weeks ago, AlanAmanse, the Donsol ButandingInteraction Ofce (BIO) head,said in a statement reaching hereTuesday.

    He was referring to the whalesharks known as the gentle gi-

    ants of the ocean, which fornearly two decades, have madethe coastal water of Donsol, Sor-sogon, their seasonal home andattracted tourists from all overthe world who sought a once-in-a-lifetime close encounter withthese enormous creatures.

    With their (whale sharks) re-appearance after almost a year ofabsence, tourists have once againstarted coming, Amanse said.

    This means that this yearsseason for whale shark tourismin the municipality has startednearly four months ahead of theregular period that in the pastyears would come in the monthsof November through June.

    During this period, schools ofthese marine mammals, locallycalled butandings, usually ar-

    rive from nowhere of the oceanand stay near the mouth of theDonsol River to take advantageof the continuous abundance of

    plankton that ll their diet, tomate and even breed.

    From a sleepy fourth-classmunicipality, Donsol has beenaccelerated to rst class twoyears ago owing to the tremen-dous gains of its tourism sectorin just 12 years after the presenceof butandings in its waters wasofcially discovered in 1998.

    Barely 16 years ago, Don-sol, which sits 47 kilometerssouthwest of this city or 540kilometers southeast of Manila,was described as a sleepy ruralcommunity where weathered ve-hicles spurred swirling clouds on

    dusty, unpaved roads.Over years following its dis-covery as seasonal sanctuary ofwhale sharks, it captured inter-national attention with the WorldWildlife Fund (WWF)- Philip-

    pines spearheading a holisticconservation program, whichranges from satellite butandingtagging and photo-identication,

    to the effective management oftourism impacts.

    Since then, the national gov-ernment has been pouring infunds to improve the 29-kilome-ter main road linking the area tothe Maharlika Highway and roadnetworks within the municipal-ity to make it more accessible toland trips.

    The biggest among theseroad improvement projects be-ing undertaken by the Depart-ment of Public Works and High-ways (DPWH) are the ongoingPhp769.2-million Donsol-Pio-duran and the Php700-millionDonsol-Guinobatan roads thatwill open new convenient andshorter routes between the mu-nicipality and the southeasternsections of Albay.

    The road connection betweenDonsol with Pioduran will alsoallow tourists to move around ec-otourism sites along the coastline

    of Ticao Pass and jump throughthe Pioduran port to Burias, Mas-

    bate, a quaint island that offersunexplored ancient landmarksand pristine beaches away fromthe hassles of urban life.

    The Donsol-Jovellar-Guino-batan road, on the other hand,will make travel shorter betweenDonsol and areas covered by thethird district of Albay where Mt.Mayons southwestern quadrant

    could be closely viewed as wellas Ligao City, the site of the al-luring Kawa-Kawa Hill and Na-ture Park.

    Whale sharks are species ofgiant sea mammals, scienticallycalled Rhincodon typus, and area slow-moving lter-feedingsharks and the largest extant shspecies reaching as big as 13 me-ters in body length and weight ofmore than 21 metric tons.

    They are migratory in naturebut some of them have adoptedthe Donsol waters as residence.

    (Turn to page 7)


    host while Vitamin A plays animportant role in vision and

    bone growth and helps the im-mune system ght infections.

    Ferrous sulfate, on the otherhand, is an iron supplement.

    The program, which wasstarted in 1999, is the De-

    partment of Healths (DOH)response to the call of theUnited Nations ChildrensFund (UNICEF) to ght childmorbidity and mortality.

    GP is being implementedin all health centers, munici-

    pal health ofces, barangayhealth stations, and govern-ment hospitals throughout thecountry.

    (From back page) ees at Cabangan Elementary

    School in Guinobatan and DonaTomasa bgy. Hall in Maninila,

    Guinobatan.To counteract possible oc-

    currence of unreasonable priceincrease of basic commodi-ties in the possible eruption-

    affected areas, the DA RFO-5through the Marketing As-

    sistance Division (MAD) will

    mobilize its production-to-mar-keting mechanisms through the

    provision of ready market andcommodity-distribution access

    for crops producers, livestockraisers and handicrafts makers

    within the volcanic eruption-danger zones.

    Specically, to cushion the

    cost of marketing losses, trad-ing and transport expenses and

    other miscellaneous productionexpenses borne by the farmer

    producers and handicraft mak-ers, the MAD will assist the

    farmer/artisan-evacuees in buy-ing the products at reasonable

    price from the producers and

    selling it at prevailing marketprice in demand centers while

    intensifying market-matchingactivities to sustain the process.

    Such initiatives are expectedto augment and sustain their

    livelihood and incomes whileensuring available food supplyand stable price of wage goods

    and prime commodities in thearea. -Lovella P. Guarin

    which will be held in Bacolod

    City on Decemebr 9-13, 2014

    where some 2,540 delegates

    from all over the country

    who have hurdled the Lu-

    zon, Visayas and Mindanao

    legs will compete in various

    sports diciplines.

    Mayor John G. Bongat,

    in his message during the

    opening ceremony held last

    Tuesday, November 11,

    2014, said the city of Naga

    feels proud for being chosen

    to play host to the Luzon

    qualifying leg wherein the

    best of the count rys young

    athletes from the 8 regions

    in Luzon will compete and

    gain recognition.

    Naga City played host

    to Batang Pinoy for three

    times, the first was the

    events championship

    games in the early 90s while

    the second was the champi-

    onship games in 2010 and

    the third is the Luzon quali-

    fying leg which is about to

    finish on Saturday.

    He even assured the Phil-

    ippine Sports Commission

    and the Philippine Olympic

    Committee of the city gov-

    ernments support being a

    part of the very succeessful

    sports program of the nation-

    al government.

    Also highlighting the

    opening ceremony was the

    lighting of Batang Pinoy urn

    which was spearheaded by

    Kurt Anthony Chavez, sil-

    ver medalist in Batang Pinoy

    2013 swimming national -

    nals, the oath of sportsman-

    ship of athletes given Shaira

    Gabrielle Guevarra, silver

    medalist Batang Pinoy 2013

    gymnastics national nals,

    and the oath of technical and

    ofciating ofcials adminis-

    tered by Dr. Robert Narva-

    dez, Dancesports local tech-

    nical ofcial.

    Being integral part of the

    national policy and program

    for sports development, Ba-

    tang Pinoy is aimed to effec-

    tively address our need for

    a comprehensive grassroots

    sports program centered on

    values formation inherent

    in the practice of sports and


    The program is also hoped

    to serve as recruitment baser

    for sports specialization in-

    cluding training for other

    high level leagues, national

    tournaments and internation-

    al competitions.

  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 9 - 15 Issue



    Friendly to human beings,these creatures swim from sur-face to mid-water and with theirsize, they are hard to miss.

    This resident group, com-posed of around eight fully ma-tured butandings, would stay

    behind and continue entertain-ing tourists and visitors untilSeptember; then disappear from

    public view and stay not fartherthan the nearby Manta Bowl towait for their next season.

    The Manta Bowl is a deep por-tion of Ticao Pass, a sanctuary ofmanta rays, an equally-protectedmarine wildlife species.

    Study shows that the largestannual congregation of the whalesharks is in Donsol, where theymigrate in vast number, to takeadvantage of the dense food con-centration of plankton and krill,which is brought about by thecurrent patterns, water tempera-ture and the general health of the

    sea.For the whole of last year un-

    til the early months of this year,however, no whale shark arrived,idling the tourism industry of themunicipality that in the past yearswould be visited by an average of25,000 tourists yearly.

    During the period, the butand-ings have to stay away from the

    high temperature of the Donsolwaters and lack of food due tointense heat of summer, Amansesaid.

    The ideal temperature rangesbetween 26 and 27 degrees cen-tigrade but it signicantly roseto 29-30 degrees centigradewhile the supply of planktonalso declined due to the samefactor.

    That hurt badly the localtourism industry affectingseverely not only the townsrevenue earnings but the live-lihood of hundreds of industry

    workers.Whale sharks come to Phil-

    ippine seas essentially to feedon plankton; however, by them-selves, our seas are not rich in

    plankton, being located in anarea where upwelling, a processthat brings nutrients from the

    bottom of the sea to the surfaceand fertilizes the water columnwhich consequently results inrich plankton production, does

    not occur.Instead, our marine waters

    are fertilized by outwelling,which is caused by the monsoonood and typhoon winds andwaves which either transport thenutrients from the coastline tothe sea or stir the coastal bottomsediments and fertilize the watercolumn, followed by plankton


    In other words, the lack of

    typhoons in the recent years inthe region have rendered our

    seas quite infertile, decreased the

    plankton production, and made

    our seas a poor source of food forthe whale sharks, Amanse said.

    The prevailing rainy season

    and the coming of typhoon "Glen-

    da" last July must have helped in

    making Donsol waters attractiveonce more to the butandings and

    the return of tourists would cer-

    tainly relive the local tourism in-

    dustry to its peak during the wholeseason, Amanse said. -Danny O.


    to pass under the proposed SKReform and Empowerment Actof 2014 once they resume their

    plenary session on Monday, No-vember 17, 2014.

    He said that most of the mem-bers of the House agree that thecurrent age bracket covers youthwho are mostly in high schooland their involvement in the SKwill affect their education. Thesolons are also concerned thatthey will also be exposed to cor-ruption early on.

    On the other hand, thosecovered by the proposed amend-ments are those who are alreadyin the so-called legal age, andmostly are already in college, ifnot already graduated. This will

    FORTUNO FAVORS . . .make them more qualied andmature to deliberate on issuesaffecting their sector, Fortunoadded.

    He said that the House arealso unanimous in the postpone-ment of the SK election set inFebruary next year to the lastMonday of October 2015, intime for the barangay polls. Thiswill generate savings on the partof the government, he pointedout.

    Apart from this, there are alsomoves in Congress to disqualifycandidates in the SK who haverelatives in public ofces withinthe 3rd degree of consanguinityor to abolish the SK altogether,he added.

    ippine Star entitled Supreme) and

    club owner.Yaps entrepreneurial ven-

    tures included his own line ofwatches, toys, t-shirts and fra-

    grances. He owns several clubs inMetro Manila, Angeles City andBoracay. He is co-owner of OpusLuxe Lounge, Caf Republiq

    and Cabana Club at the Resorts

    World Manila, Manor Superclubin Eastwood, Quezon City, Arca-manas Filipino Cuisine in Boni-

    facio Global City, Taguig, PriveLuxury Club and The Tides Hotelin Boracay.

    Currently he is an endorser

    of many brands, including BeloNutraceuticals, Blackberry,FILA,Globe Tattoo as well as brand am-

    bassador for Procter and Gamble

    hair care, personal grooming andskincare, the style hub.

    Since 2008, Yap has been anactive supporter of the VirlaineFoundation, a non-government

    organization engaged in helpingstreet children.

    In 2007 and in 2008 he re-ceived the PMPC Star Awards for

    TV Best Lifestyle Show Hosts

    with Raymond Gutierrez and IssaLitton for Living It Up. He alsohosts the morning radio talk The

    Playground on 99.5 PLAYFMwith Sam Oh and Nikko Ramos.In 2013 he was awarded Out-standing Young Filipino in Entre-

    CSCCI BARES POWERHOUSE . . .BUTANDINGS, TOURISTS BACK . . .preneurship by Gawad Amerika.

    On Entertainment and Pro-duction, the resource speaker isAlvin Kingson Y. Tan, the Presi-dent and CEO of Technominds-

    Easco Inc. He conceptualizedSiglo, a technology-based liveli-hood program for the poor andhe was able to tap the PLDT as its

    reseller of products targeting the

    Small and Medium enterprises.He is also Vice President of

    Jersey Haven International, Inc.,

    which specializes in customizedsports apparel using importedfabrics and was able to close tieswith PBA as a licensee of the PBA

    Retro Jerseys and PBA Bags.He is President/CEO of Fil-

    Chi Media Productions Inc.which has conceptualized the TV

    show Chinoy TV. He launched anew division, Chinoy 360, which

    provides ads and marketing con-sultancy to companies targetingthe Filipino-Chinese community

    and the Chinoy TV Live, whichcreates events during big Chinesecelebrations such as the Chinese

    New Year and Mid-Autumn Fes-

    tival and the Chinoypreneur, a

    reality business show that aims topromote entrepreneurship to theyouth.

    Invited to the congress areyoung entrepreneurs (18-40 yearsold), would be entrepreneurs,educators and students.

    As of presstime, students tak-ing entrepreneurship in Legazpi

    City and in Iriga City have madeearly reservations.

    The plenary sessions of thecongress will streamline towards

    the lucrative industries for entre-preneurs, the potential hurdles,struggles of a new entrepreneur,especially during the rst two

    to ve years of operation of thebusiness, the creation of support-

    ing netwroks such the govern-ment agencies, nancial institu-

    tions and association and similarinstitutions.

    Since the event is for theyoung, who will look forward to

    events and parties, a fellowshipnight will be tendered by Gover-nor Migz Villafuerte and the Pro-vincial government of Camarines

    Sur.One of the highlights of this

    congress is the trade fair andexhibit that will showcase gad-

    gets, fashion and accessories,institutional and food which

    provide great exposur e andmarketing tool for exhibitors.

    A total of 30 booths are avail-able for lease.

    The registration fee of P500

    shall underwrite the conferencekit, meals and snacks and access

    to breakout sessions and tradefair/exhibits. Participants shallenjoined observe a dress code ---the use casual smart dress during

    the congress.

  • 8/10/2019 Bikol Reporter November 9 - 15 Issue



    DA remains committed to help AlbayanosDA remains committed to help AlbayanosLEGAZPI CITY, AL-

    BAY - Although there is a

    lull in the Mayon volcanosabnormal activities, the pos-

    sibility of a dangerous erup-

    tion is still imminent, thus

    Alert Level 3 remains. This

    is according to Phivolcs resi-

    dent volcanologist Eduardo

    Laguerta. Some evacuees

    were sent home last week,

    yet residents living within

    the 6-kilometer danger zone

    have to stay in the evacua-

    tion centers. The same is

    also true with the animals

    evacuated in the animal

    pooling centers.Based on the reports sub-

    mitted by the Local Govern-

    ment Units (LGUs) in Albay,

    the total agricultural area,

    within the 6-8 kilometer dan-

    ger zone (including the Cities

    of Legazpi, Ligao and Tabaco;

    Municipalities of Malilipot,

    Sto. Domingo, Daraga, Cama-

    lig and Guinobatan) that could

    be affected by ashfall and lava

    ows is estimated at 4,878.66

    Animals evacuated at the Sagip Center for Livestock in

    the Albay Breeding Station in Camalig, Albay. Photo belowshows staff of Albay Breeding Station bringing feeds to

    the animals through cut and carry.

    Initial ly, two (2) batches of training on Karagumoy Basket,Bag and Box Making were conducted last November

    4-5 and November 6-7 at Cabangan Elementary Schoolin Cabangan, Guinobatan, Albay and barangay hallof Alcala in Daraga, Albay. Karagumoy is an endemic

    plant in Bicol and is ideal for banig and basket

    The Department of Agriculture in Bicol also turned over two (2)

    handtractors, two (2) palay threshers, 20 bags corn seeds, 60

    bags palay seeds, 100 packets vegetable seeds and rafed off

    weaving due to its long brous leaves. The bags andboxes produced by the trainees will be bought by DA

    RFO-5 as containers for program souvenirs and trainingkits/reference materials that will be distributed in theforthcoming Agricultural Extension Workers Congress

    on November 27, 2014.

    10 sets of garden tools during the forum. Photo shows Ako Bicol

    partylist Rep. Rodel M. Batocabe and Rep Christofer Co with the

    recipients of handtractors with trailer and palay threshers.

    FARMERS FORUM ON DRRDr. Cedric D. Daep, Department Head of Albay PublicSafety and Emergency Management Ofce discussedfarmers Preparedness in Times of Calamities/Disasters

    including Recovery and Rehabilitation Process. Bottomphoto shows Corazon Realubit, OIC of the Philippine CropsInsurance Corporations (PCIC) discussed the protection

    benets provided to the farmers and sherfolks for any ofthe following types of insurance: crop, livestock, sheries,

    and non-crop agricultural asset provided to farmers andsherfolk registered under the Registry System for BasicSectors in Agriculture (RSBSA).

    Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for most of thefamilies living around the slopes of Mayon volcano. With the

    uncertain condition of the majestic Mayon, many families

    were displaced, livelihoods abandoned, and propertiesreportedly being damaged by frequent earthquakesoccurring around the 6-8 kilometer danger zones.

    hectares. These mainly in-

    clude rice (2,575.88 hectares),

    corn (1,487 hectares) and

    high value commercial crops

    (815.78 hectares).

    In support to the efforts of

    the Provincial Local Govern-

    ment Unit (PLGU) of Albay

    in reducing the losses in live-

    lihood of farmers in the vul-

    nerable areas, the Department

    of Agriculture RFO-5 Task

    Force Mayon led by DA Bicol

    Regional Executive Director

    Abelardo R. Bragas, coordi-

    nated with the PLGU to pro-

    vide the necessary interven-

    tions to the affected families.

    In his report to DA Under-

    secretary for Operations Em-

    erson Palad, Director Bragas

    cited a total of P1,319,430

    worth of interventions that

    were extended to the province

    of Albay as of this writing.

    These included drugs and

    biologics such as dewormers,

    antibiotics, vitamins, min-

    eral blocks and supplements

    (P212,245.00); various para-

    phernalia such as ropes, water

    drums, rubber gloves, face

    masks, rubber boots, bolo and

    brush cutter (P71,105.00).

    These were distributed in the

    animal pooling centers in the

    municipalities of Daraga, Ta-

    baco City and Malilipot. Oth-

    er drugs and biologics were

    provided to the Albay Breed-

    ing Station and Ofce of the

    Provincial Agriculturist for


    The Mayon Evacuation

    Animal Team (MEAT) re-

    ported that as of October 27,

    there were already fteen (15)

    animal pooling centers hous-

    ing 6,243 animals of differ-

    ent species. The designated

    evacuation centers are the

    following: Mi-isi, Matnog

    and Baadero Animal Pool-

    ing Center in Daraga; San

    Vicente and Buang Animal

    Evacuation Center in Tabaco

    City; Tambo Animal Evacu-

    ation Center in Ligao City;

    LPPTC Animal Evacuation

    Center in Malinao; San Jose

    Animal Evacuation Center in

    Malilipot, Mauraro Evacu-

    ation Center in Guinobatan;

    San Isidro, San Fernando, Sta.

    Misericordia and Fidel Surtida

    Animal Pooling Center in Sto.

    Domingo; and the Sagip Cen-

    ter for Livestock at the DA op-

    erated Albay Breeding Station

    in Camalig.

    Dr. Elsa Maranan, Super-

    intendent of Albay Breeding

    Station (ABS) said that they

    have started evacuating live-

    stock to the ABS Sagip Center

    for Livestock since Septem-

    ber 21, barely a week after

    the Mayon volcano began

    to spew out white smoke and

    some lava.

    It could be recalled that in

    October, Director Bragas cre-

    ated the DARFO 5 Task Force

    Mayon in response to the call

    from Agriculture Secretary

    Proceso J. Alcala to instigate

    measures to cushion potential

    impact of Mayon in case of

    eruption. He also immediately

    sent two (2) trucks to serve as

    hauling vehicle in the Albay

    Experiment Station (Tabaco

    City) and Albay Breeding Sta-

    tion (Camalig) in case there is

    a necessity to evacuate both

    ofce equipment and person-

    nel in the said stations.

    Likewise, the DA 5 ban-

    ner programs also provided

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