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  • 8/20/2019 Bikol Reporter February 21 - 27, 2016 Issue


    ( 473-8888

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    3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY • TELEPHONE: (054) 475-62-62 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766


    CSC Bicol goes on online recruitment

    AFP, PNP join forces vs hired thugs in Masbate


    Civil Service Commission

    (CSC) Bicol regional ofce

    has launched an online re-

    cruitment system to facili-

    tate employee selection pro-

    cedures and promote equal

    employment opportunity

    for all.According to the Public

    Assistance and Liaison Divi-

    sion of CSC Bicol, the system

    dubbed the "CSC RO5 Online

    Recruitment for Excellence

    (CORE)" will be the source of

    POLL PACTNaga City election candidates recently signed an agreement, "Covenant Signing and Candle lighting for Secure and Fair

    Elections" at the Plaza Qezon and witnessed and participated in b representatives rom the Naga Cit Police Oce (NCPO),

    COMELEC-NAGA, PPCRV- NAGA, and the 9th ID of the Philippine Army.

    OVERALL SWIMMING CHAMPWith ALEXANDRA S. MARONILLA-SEVA (girl standing beside Maor John Bongat) haling 7

    gold medals in swimming and emerging the most bemedalled athlete in the just concluded

    Palarong Bicol 2016. Naga regained the overall champion in regional athletic meet.

    BLOOD BONDSBarangay Lerma recently held a blood donation event from

    8am to 3pm. The blood collected will be deposited to the Bicol

    Medical Center's (BMC) Bloodbank where it shall be available

    to patients upon referral.

    Naga candidates vow

    honest poll conductBy ANA-LIZA S. MACATANGAY

    NAGA CITY --- Local candidates here, from

    the Mayoral post down to the aspiring councilors,

    agreed to seal their pledge of integrity by signing

    the covenant that will ensure a free, orderly, hon-

    est, peaceful and credible election come May 9.

    Incumbent City Mayor

    John Bongat, who will seek

    for re-election this year, was

     joined by Mayoral aspirants

    Fortunato Mendoza andLuis Ortega during the sign-

    ing held at the Plaza Quezon

    here, Monday. Candidates for

    vice mayor namely; Joaquin

    Calleja, Atty. Nelson Lega-

    cion (incumbent) and former

    City Councilor Nathan Sergio

    were also present during the

    signing, including aspirants

    for the City Councilor seat.The candidates, by sign-

    ing the covenant also agree to

    abide by the tenets of the Con-

    stitution, including its related(Turn to page 6)


    special operations group of

    elite policemen and soldiers

    was reactivated on Tues-

    day to press the campaign

    against mercenary groups

    working for politicians and

    communist guerillas in theisland-province of Masbate.

    A conference presided by

    the highest military ofcial in

    Southern Luzon and the high-

    est police ofcial in Bicol was

    held on Tuesday marking the

    activation of AFP-PNP Joint

    Special Task Force Masbate

    (JSTF Masbate) at the provin-

    cial headquarters of the Phil-

    ippine National Police here.

    Lt. Gen. Ricardo Visaya,

    commander of the Southern

    Luzon Command (Solcom),

    said he has ordered his troops

    in the JSTF Masbate to arrest

    any armed candidates and

    armed bodyguards as a gun

     ban is in force during the elec-tion period.

    “Pagpumutok sila, tapusin

    sila agad (If they open re on

    you, nish them off),” said


    He told candidates who ap-

     peared in the meeting that the

    estate security forces had a list

    of armed groups working for

     politicians in Masbate.

    Chief Supt. Augusto Mar-

    quez Jr., director of Philippine

     National Police for Bicol, said

    the decision to reactivate the

    JSTF Masbate was part of the

     police and military’s aim tostem the growing tension and

    “help create an environment

    that will be conducive for the

    holding of peaceful and order-

    ly elections.”

    Judging from the state-

    ments given during the meet-

    ing, there was a consensus

    among political contenders

    that the presence of JSTF in

    Masbate was for the good

    of the province as it has re-mained in the election watch

    list areas (EWAs) for the May

    9 balloting.

    Masbate’s inclusion in the

    EWAs this year was due to the

    resurgence of partisan death

    squads and New People’s

    Army, whose “dwindling”

    force, Visaya said, will at-

    tempt to rake in millions of

     pesos extorting money from

    candidates.The candidates said all of

    them and their campaign lead-

    ers—from gubernatorial to




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  • 8/20/2019 Bikol Reporter February 21 - 27, 2016 Issue



    As expected, most of the debates

    related to the initial Presidential

    wanna-be square off happened ex-

    locus, i.e. outside of the podium

    and mostly on social media and the


    This is because Filipinos are very

    partisan. So, the question of who

    really won Round 1 depends much

    on whose side one belongs.

    Not that we do not expect some

    standards or qalications or what

    a President should possess, but

    a blind mob usually blurs these

    things. Yet, we should separate the grain

    from the chaff.

    For our long neglected region, we

    shold look or a President who will

    also look ater the Bicolanos.

    Igwa daw siya nin agenda

    para, halimbawa, sa tunay na

    modernisason kan perokaril sa

    Bicol? Kun mayo, erase.

    This is not being ethnocentric, but

    when are we going to ask?

    It is time we ask becase most o

    those we elected to represent us

    in the past had all the while beenrepresenting themselves in all

    sorts of representation allowances,

    projects, etc. etc. Not the poor

    Bikolnons who contine to leave

    their places and become victims of

    child tracking, illegal recritment

    or mine the earth with only a plastic

    siphon as a breathing apparatus.

    This is not asking too mch. I a

    Presidential candidate has no Bikol

    agenda, then delete that aspirant’s




    The PresidentialDebate


     Head, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU



    Certain economic reforms and

    policy changes are essential for trade

    negotiations between countries and

    economic blocs to come into fruition.

    The Department of Trade said recent

    reforms implemented in the country

    have led the European Union to

    nally give its go signal to commence

    negotiations with the Philippines for

    the much sought-after free trade

    agreement (FTA) with the 28-member

    economic bloc. Phl secured EU’s nod

    to start negotiations for an FTA last


    BILL OF RIGHTS: The Insurance

    Commission (IC) is in the process of

    crafting a “bill of rights” framework,

    aimed at addressing the misconduct

    of the insurance industry’s agency

    force and the rights of the insuring

    public. The IC said the framework

    would cover both life and non-life

    sectors. When implemented, the IC

    will formulate a similar framework for

    the pre-need and health maintenance

    organization (HMO) sectors.

    The IC is also re-activating the

    reinvestment council. Generally,

    (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,

    CPAs-DFK International – is past chair

    of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA

     past president and Hall-of-Famer,

    and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement


    GOING UP: Bangko Sentral ngPilipinas (BSP) is set to raise interest

    rates this year. This was predicted

    by foreign banking experts. Ination

    is expected to pick up to two percent

    this year from 1.4% the previous year

    amid El Nino threats to food prices

    and increases in taxes on tobacco

    and alcohol products, as well as tariffs

    on electricity. The interest rate hike

    would likely happen in the second half

    of 2016.

    Last week, BSP’s Monetary Board

    kept interest rates unchanged for 11

    straight policy setting meetings (since

    October 2014) as risks to ination

    slightly shifted to the downside while

    domestic demand remained rm. The

    continuing downward slide of fuel

    prices on account of oil supply glut

    is keeping ination on the downside.

    There is the possibility that transport

    prices will consequently fall.

    REFORMS: With the Philippines

    now on the radar of most countries as

    a strong investment and trade partner,

    the country is advised to take caution

    on getting deals done as it could lose

    some of its competitive advantages in

    the process by giving away too much

    leeway. It’s basically a commitment

    not just for particular agreements but a

    commitment to ensure that everything

    that we develop or undertake in terms

    of policy reforms are signicantly from

    what we’ll have in the future.

    Upward Interest Rates




    insurers are allowed to invest in xed

    income instruments and a limited

    number of blue-chip securities.

    To be able to invest beyond the

    standard investments, insurers

    are required to seek approval

    from the IC and the Securities andExchange Commission (SEC).

    The reinvestment council is tasked

    to look at other options or non-

    traditional instruments.

    ELECTIONS: Electoral exercises

    and accompanying campaign

    activities augur well for our people!

    Candidates, their sponsors and

    leaders are expected to disburse

    funds in support of their bets. This is

    either in the form of cash or goods,

    as well as campaign materials.

    Consequently, printers and supplies

    providers will have volume sales

    that will directly benet their own

    workers. Campaign sorties will

    need people for ushers and crowd


    No matter what the righteous will

    say – money will have a big role in

    our elections. There are those who

    will donate funds in anticipation for

    return favors should their candidates

    win. Patronage politics will continue

    to sway the opinions of the light-

    hearted as well as those who do not

    care to check if the candidates are

    really worthy for their posts. Those

    who are not among these groups,

    are the voters who rightfully support

    progress for our country.

    VALENTINE: Obedience seems

     paradox to slaves. To lovers, it is

    a truism, as true lovers can do no


    by Dr. Vinaisa Asis Pejo.Million thanks to all the volunteer

    doctors, nurses, technicians, assistants,and those who helped in this freesurgical and medical mission for thepoor. May God bless you.

    * * * * *Voices from the LGBT community

    were raised against boxing icon MannyPacquiao for speaking his mind againstsame sex marriage. Pacquiao is aborn-again and he interpreted the bibleof his religion in his own words whichangered some LGBT. He apologizedto those who were hurt.

    Pacquiao is not against the LGBTcommunity but against same sexmarriage.

    There are other religions andother communities against same

    sex marriage too. The priest in lastSunday’s mass at Fatima Chapel saidthat his barber is a gay and he told her.Let us forgive Pacquiao because we allmake mistakes.

    Pro-poor and compassionate, and

    he can propose pro-poor bills inthe Senate; he is generous andhelpful to retired athletes and thepoor in Saranggani and thyphoonvictims.He gave P1,000 each toYolanda victims in the barangays hevisited, He can also talk about theneeds of Mindanao. Former HouseSpeaker Noli Fuentebella told methat Cong. Pacquiao stands andtalks in Congress.

    The other candidates I will votefor senator former SAF GetulioNapeñas, International terrorists

    “Mawan” was killed by the SAF 44. Ifthere was failure in coordination andcommunication in Operation Exodusin Mamasapano, it is because thePresident disregarded the chain ofcommand and Gen. Napeñas wastold not to coordinate. Napeñasbecame a scapegoat instead of beingthanked for the death of “Marwan.”My vote for Napeñas is to honorformer SAF 44 and the PNP.

    * * * * *I watched televised debate of

    presidential candidadtes in Caganayde Oro City spearheadaded byTV station GMA, Inquirer, and theCOMELEC last Sunday. It iwasgood that the voters were properlyinformed.

    Mar Roxas spoked as if theaccomplishments of Pres. Aquino ishis accomplishment. When it is nothis. For example the 4Ps programwhich is Pres. Gloria Macapagal

     Arroyo’s program and copied by Pres. Aquino. He is not the government.

    The yearly operation Reach-Out inPartido (4th district) conducted its 22ndyearly free surgical and medical missionthis February 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2016 at theDr. Manuel T. Fuentebella MemorialHospital in Sagnay, Camarines Sur.This is not funded by the government.

     A tot al of 304 ope rat ions wereperformed: 43 major operations, 237minor operations and 24 dermatologicalo p e r a t i o n s . T h e r e we r e 1 5 1consultations.

    Operation Reach-Out is sponsoredby the following : Deputy SpeakerNoli Fuentebella, Cong. Felix WilliamFuentebella, Hon. Evelyn B. Fuentebella,Hon. Arnie B. Fuentebella, IsarogMedical Research Foundation Inc., andPartido Development Administration,Meralco, San Miguel Corporation, andFirst Gen (the energy to dare and powerto care).

    The following volunteer doctors arefrom the FEU Nicanor Reyes MedicalFoundation: Dr. Albert Palpal-Latoc,Dr. Benedict Valencia, Dr. Ernest dela Cerna, Dr. Rodolfo M. Domingo, Dr.Bryan Leroy Francisco, Dr. BenjaminGerard David, Dr. George VincentHabacon, Dr. Raul Villarte, Dr. RamonPineda, Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, Dr.Frensel Cruz, Dr. Katrina Felize Pau,Dr. Chandler E. Andrade, Dr. RobertJvan Mallari and Dr. Paulo Chaza.

    From the Mary Johnston Hosptial:

    Dr. Tristan Trinidad; From The IsarogMedical Research Foundation: Dr.

     Acelita Llorin, Dr. Alfea Llorin and Dr.Rufo T. Llorin.

    Doctors from LGUs in Partido andthe Rural Health Unit of Sagñay headed

    455 Patients served in free surgical and medical missionin Partido and Why I’ll vote for Pacquiao,Gen. Napeñas





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  • 8/20/2019 Bikol Reporter February 21 - 27, 2016 Issue



    Catanduanes workers, employers learn Labor Laws

    Albay town cited for DSWDs Gawad ListahananSto. Domingo town re-

    ceives recognition as the Re-

    gional Awardee for the 2015

    Gawad Listahanan of the De-

    partment of Social Welfare

    and Development Field Of-

    ce V during its 65th found-

    ing anniversary on February

    19, 2016 at Ibalong Centrum

    for Recreation, Legazpi City.

    Hon.Mayor Herbie Aguas

    together with the Municipal

    Social Welfare and Develop-

    ment Ofcer Ma.Salome Vil-

    lanueva accepted the plaque of

    recognition from Regional Di-

    rector Arnel Garcia on Friday.

    The local government used

    the Listahanan database for the

     provision of nancial assis-

    tance, scholarships and referralsystem.

    The municipality entered

    the competition under the

    Municipal category contend-

    ing Jaen, Nueva Ecija and

    Cabanatuan, Iloilo in the na-

    tional level wherein Jaen town

     bagged the title.

    Meanwhile Baguio City

    won over Bislig City, and

    Cebu City for the city cat-

    Fil-Canadians rate Legazpias top tourism destinationBy DANNy O. CALLEJA


    over 300 tourists from Can-

    ada who arrived here as

    snowbirds ended their four-

    day stay with a rating of this

    city as Bicol’s best in hospi-

    tality and tourism develop-

    ment, Mayor Noel E. Rosal

    said here Tuesday. “When

    you set foot in Legazpi, this

    is the one-stop shop in Bicol

    from where you can go any-

    where you want, with its

    beautiful and friendly peo-

    ple. Tourism development

    here is excellent,” Rosal

    quoted the guests as sayingwhen he saw them off at the

    city airport. The visitors,

    mostly Filipino-Canadians,

    were participants of the 3rd

    Winter Escapade, the cus-

    tomized tour organized to

    escape their country’s sub-

    zero winter season temper-

    ature arrived in the city via

    a commercial ight from

    Manila last February 4 and

    stayed until February 8 af-

    ter visiting leading tourist

    destinations in the city and

    some parts of Bicol.

    The annual tour, now on

    its third year, is jointly or-

    ganized by the Philippine

    consular post in Canada and

    the Canadian Embassy in the

    Philippines. In a statement

    reaching here Monday, Van-

    couver Consul General Neil

    Frank Ferrer said this year’s

    travel itinerary and tour

     packages featuring Legazpi,

    which is known in the travel

    industry world as the City of

    Fun and Adventure and other

    tourism sites in the region,

    attracted more participantsnot only balikbayans but

    also mainstream Canadians.

    They really want exciting

    and new places to visit, and

    the irresistible choice was

    Bicol, with Legazpi as their

    main stop owing to the city’s

    world-class accommodation

    facilities, one-stop shop lo-

    cation, eco-tourism wonders,

    exotic cuisine and warm hos-

     pitality, according to Ferrer.

    Last year’s travel Winter

    Escapade, which drew only

    around 200 participants led

     by Philippine Ambassador

    to Canada Petronila Gar-

    cia, traveled to Dumaguete,Siquijor, Bohol, and Cebu.

    On their arrival here on Feb-

    ruary 4, the group was warm-

    ly welcomed at the airport

     by Rosal and Department of

    Tourism (DOT) Regional Di-

    rector Maria Ong-Ravanilla

     before they were ushered to

    their hotels of assignments

    for billeting. They went after-

    ward to the Mayon Skyline

    Park and Rest House in Ta-

     baco City to commune with

    the majestic beauty of Mt.

    Mayon. On the next day, they

    were divided into four groups

    for separate tours in Cama-

    rines Sur, Sorsogon, Camalig

    town of Albay and the rest of

    the province.

    The Camarines Sur group

    visited the Metropolitan Ca-

    thedral, Holy Rosary Minor

    Seminary, Archaelogical

    and Ecclesiastical museums

    and PortaMariae — all in

     Naga City — and the water-

    sports complex in Pili town.

    The Sorsogon group went

    to Bulusan Lake and Irosin

    Hot Springs with stops for

    karagumoy handicrafts and

     pilinut products while the

    Camalig tour included Busay

    Falls and ATV (all-terrain

    vehicle) adventure, visits of

    Hoyop-Hoyopan and Cala-

     bidongan caves, Quitinday

    Hills dubbed as the Chocolate

    Hills of Albay and Kitwinan

    Hill, considered as the high-

    est point in the municipality

    and sits right at the very foot

    of Mt. Mayon.

    The Albay tour was high-

    lighted by handicrafts shop-

     ping at the Cagsawa Ruins

    Park in Daraga town, culinary

    fusion featuring the super hot

    and mouthwatering Bicol Ex-

     press and demonstration in

     pinukpok abaca textile and

    geonet making. On February

    6, all the visitors stayed over-

    night at the posh Misibis Bay

    Resort in Bacacay, Albay

    and, on the next day, were al-

    egory, while Iloilo, Pampanga

    over Palawan for the provin-

    cial category.

    Regional Director Arnel

    Garcia extends his gratitude

    to the local government for

    the unwavering support to the

    implementation of Listahanan.

    Gawad Listahanan is an

    award conferred to Local

    Government Units (LGUs)

    for providing services to the

     poor, disadvantaged, and vul-


    It aims to promote the

    convergence of all social pro-

    tection stakeholders on the

    identied poor to effectively

    address the different aspects

    of poverty.

    Spearheaded by the DSWD,

    Listahanan is an informa-

    tion management system that

    denties who and where the

     poor are. This system makes

    available to NGAs, LGUs

    and other social protection

    stakeholders a database of

     poor families as a basis for

    identifying potential benecia-

    ries of their social protection

     programs and services. - cr-


    VIRAC, Catanduanes

     –A Provincial Labor and

    Management Forum de-signed to teach both work-

    ers and employers the ba-

    sics of Labor Laws was

    spearheaded by DOLE-Bi-

    col here on the whole day of

    January 21.

    Said forum was held at the

    Rhaj Inn, Apartelle and Exec-

    utive Inn, Gogon, Virac, Cat-

    anduanes which was attended

     by a total of seventy-ve (75)

     participants with which twen-

    ty-eight (28) were employers

    and thirty-one (31) were em- ployees.

    “This is the rst of a series

    of free advocacy activities,

    here. We want to boost the

    awareness of Catandungans

    on the rights and duties of

     both workers and employ-

    ers.” DOLE Bicol asst. reg.

    dir. Atty. Ma. Karina Perida-

    Trayvilla said.

    The Workers and Em-

     ployers Forum is one of the

    major advocacy strategies

    employed by DOLE Bicol

    two (2) years ago intended

    to disseminate not just labor-

    management rights but also

    the banner programs of the

    eleven (11) attached agen-

    cies of the DOLE Regional

    Coordinating Council (RCC)

    which are the NLRC, NCMB,



    and OSHC.

    The topics discussed dur-

    ing the forum focused on

    D.O.147-15 (Rules governing

    the Application of Just and

    Authorized Causes of Ter-

    mination of Employment);

    D.O.107-10 (Single Entryapproach); SSS, Philhealth,

    Employees Compensa-

    tion and Pag-Ibig Program

    and Benets; Occupational

    Safety and Health Standards

    (OSHS), D.O.126-13 (Facil-

    ity Evaluation), Productiv-

    ity, and Workers’ Rights and

    Management Prerogatives.

    Said topics were discussed by

    experts coming from ECC,


    Philhealth, HDMF Pag-Ibig,

    and Philhealth and DOLE..

    “This move is expected to

     push voluntary compliance

    from employers on General

    Labor Standards (GLS), Oc-cupational Safety and Health

    Standards (OSHS), Social

    Welfare Benets (SWB) and

    social legislations,” ARD

    Ma. Karina Perida-Trayvilla


    DOLE Bicol records re-

    vealed, that in the Province of

    Catanduanes, only seventy-

    four (74) establishments were

    assessed in 2014 and twenty

    (20) establishments were as-

    sessed in 2015. Among these

    assessed establishments, onlyseven (7) were granted a Cer -

    ticate of Compliance (COC)

    while the rest were found

    to have violated basic labor

    laws. Interestingly, most of

    the violations were allegedly

    committed “unintendedly”

     by the employers.

    “Most employers are will-

    ing to correct their violations

    and would say that if only

    they knew about the basics of

    Labor Laws then they would

    not have committed such

    violations. This is the reason

    why we are having this fo-

    rum,” ARD Ma. Karina Per -

    ida-Trayvilla stressed.An assessment is con-

    ducted by DOLE to check

    whether or not an establish-

    ment is complying with the

    labor laws. A COC is given

    to establishments who are

    fully complying with the la-

     bor laws.

    “If a COC is awarded by

    DOLE, the establishment

    will not be assessed for a pe-

    riod of 2-years unless there is

    a complaint led by an em-

     ployee,” ARD Ma. Karina

    Perida-Trayvilla explained.

    The labor and manage-

    ment forum is in line with the

    department’s implementationof the Labor Relations, Hu-

    man Relations & Productivity

    (LHP) Program, DOLE RCC

    Bicol Comprehensive Advo-

    cacy Strategies, and Depart-

    ment Order 131-13 otherwise

    known as the Labor Laws

    Compliance System (LLCS).

    (with reports from Joan N.

     Noya, LEO III, DOLE Cat-


    (Turn to page 6)

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  • 8/20/2019 Bikol Reporter February 21 - 27, 2016 Issue






    dapat kitang maghusga kun habo

    tang husgahan man.

     Alagad, pwede tang ihapot:

    isay nagtao saiya nin derecho na


    Trabaho daw ini nin sarongpropeta? Sa huri kong nadangog,

    kandidato si Pacquiao bilang

    Senador asin gusto pang magin

    Presidente kan nasyon – bakong


    Delikado an siring na mga

    panghuhusga ta indikasyon man ini

    nin kakulangan nin sabi mi sa Iriga

    na pagpapa-unod o tolerance. An

    kakulangan kan karakter na ini iyo

    an gamot kan kadaklan kan giyera

    sa kinaban ngonyan. Karakter ini

    kan mga fundamentalists na arog

    kan ISIS. Karakter ini kan mga Nazi

    sa panahon ni Hitler na ginadan sa

    mga gas chambers sa Auschwitz

    an mga Hudyo.

    Pacquiao bilang Senador?

    Magisip-isip ta baka ma-KO kamokan Pambansang Kamao.

    Kasing rikas palan kan saiyang

    kamot an saiyang dila. Ining si

    Manny Pacquiao mayong ulunugun

    na nagsabing mas pa sa hayop an

    makipagrelasyon sa may kaparehong

    kinatawo. Natural na maaanggot saiya

    si mga yaon sa siring na relasyon, na

    ngonyan dakul asin lakop naman,

    kaya garo hinihiling na natural na.

     Alagad sa Simbahan Katoliko,

    bako ining natural. Duwa lang an

    linalang nin Kagurangnan. An yaon

    sa tahaw, iuupa niya. Kaya mayong

    kwestiyon nin tahaw o alternatibong

    kinatawo sa paghiling asin doktrina

    kan Simbahan Katoliko.

    Dai makangalas na inuyunan kan

    Simbahan Katoliko si Pacquiao sa

    saiyang sinabi.

     Alagad, ta’no ta dakul naungis


    Saro kaya ining paghusga asin kun

    minahusga ka, yaon ka sa posisyon na

    masasabi tang superior o halangkaw.

    Garo moral high grounds. Nagsakatsi Pacquiao sa siring na langkaw

    asin hinusgahan si yaon sa saiyang


    Hayop. Garo si Nora Aunor sa Ina

    ka ng Anak mo kan maaraman na an

    saiyang ina iyo an ina kan aki kan

    saiyang agom. Siring an paghiling

    ni Pacquiao sa mga same-sex


    Kaipuhan daw ikondena siya huli

    sa saiyang panghuhusga? Kun

    gagamiton ta an mga adal na ginunuanniya kan saiyang mga pigtataram, dai

    NCCA, Daet LGUholds Bikol literator 

    DAET, CNORTE --- The

    National Commission for

    Culture and the Arts and

    the Local Government Unit

    of Daet will introduce a new

    approach in tourism calledliteratour, the town’s tour-

    ism ofcer bared.

    According to Marco Paolo

    Delnado, Project Director

    of the Bikol Literatour, the

    tour will take participants

    from this capital town to

     Naga City, Baao and Iriga on

    February 23, this year.

    The participants com-

     posed of tourism and litera-

    ture students, tour business

    operators, media and local

    government tourism of-

    cers, will be oriented on the

    role of Daet in the revolu-

    tion against Spain in Bicol as

    they visit the Bantayog, therst monument dedicated to

    Rizal. The participants will

    also read excerpts from an-

    other Camarines Norte hero,

    Wenceslao Q. Vinzons whose

    Malaysia Irredenta or Ma-

    laysia Redeemed is the rst

    such call for the formation of

    what would be the Associa-

    tion of Southeast Asian Na-

    tion, thirty-ve years before

    the ASEAN was formed in

    August 8, 1967 in Bangkok,


    From Daet, the group will


     proceed to the Naga Met-

    ropolitan Cathedral and the

    Holy Rosary Minor Seminary

    where they will read excerpts

    from Jose Ma. Panganiban’s

    El Pensamiento which stress-es the importance of press

    freedom, and from Carlos

    Aureus’ Nagueno, particu-

    larly the scenes in the story

    which occurred in the same


    They will have lunch at

    the Anthosia Cafe and pro-

    ceed to Iriga later in the af-

    ternoon where they will visit

    the Barit Bridge which was

    recently declared an Impor-

    tant Cultural Property. The

    group will then be shown the

    old city hall which demoli-

    tion was aborted by a timely

    cease and desist order from

    the National Historical Com-mission. They will also read

    excerpts from the works of

    Irigueno writers like Socorro

    Federis Tate, Frank Penones

    Jr. and Kristian Cordero.

    From Iriga, the group will

    go to Baao at the marker for

     poet Luis Dato, and will have

    an early dinner at the organic

    La Huerta farm in barangay

    Sta. Teresita, before they go

     back to Daet.

    Poet, book designer and

    translator Vic Nierva will

    serve as tour guide.

    Farm mechanization increased rice production,boost rice milling industry in Buhi

    BUHI, CamSur – Farm-

    er recipients of DA’s Rice

    Processing Center (RPC)

    here have proven that op-

    timizing the use of modern

    technologies in rice farm-

    ing can dramatically re-

    duce postharvest losses and

    increase farmers’ income.

    The increase in rice produc-

    tion in the 266 hectares ser-

    vice area of the SAFIMCORice Processing Center was

    evidenced by their record

    sales of P2,155,080 worth

    of milled rice purchased in


    The San Antonio Farm-

    ers Irrigators Multipurpose

    Coop (SAFIMCO) in Buhi,

    Camarines Sur is one of the

    recipients of the Department

    of Agriculture Bicol’s Rice

    Processing Center 1 worth

    P6M. Molina said the Rice

    Processing Center has been a

    godsend to their coop as well

    as to the rice farmers of San

    Antonio and neighboring ba-

    rangays. Since its operation

    in the last quarter of 2014,

    more farmers have been en-

    couraged to plant rice as there

    are now a ready postharvest

    facilities and they are assured

    of good quality of their grain

    which are sought after by

     buyers. Farming in their ba-

    rangay used to be labor inten-

    sive with just the carabao to

    help in the land preparation.

    During harvest time, farmers

    depend on sunny weather to

    dry their palay and sell them


    Explicit Teaching Towards Fast LearningBy MARICEL ARCILLA-AGAD. MA Ed., Ph.D 2

    The adage runs…there is no teaching where there is no learning.How true.

    The one most important purpose of teaching is to make studentslearn. Learning is a difcult process. It is also a painstaking activityand even takes a long period of time for a child to learn.

    To a teacher, there us none more inspiring than to see that hisstudents are learning or have learned. Yes, Virginia, a teacher isvery happy over his students getting good results in examinationshe has himself given. If a pupil can shout with joy because he hasmade an excellent mark in an examination, the teacher feels thesame way. The student is just manifesting that his teacher hastaught well that he understood what he taught and that he hascertainly learned.

    One hears a student says…”Di ko maintindihan si ma’am. Kayadi ako makasagot sa mga tanong sa test.” This is not new. And thisis something that should get into the teacher’s mind.

    There are many ways of teaching and all of them are aimed tomake learning easy. So, education nd ways.

    Explicit teaching can bring in the desired learning.Explicit teaching is an instructional strategy used by teachers to

    meet the needs of their students and engage them in unambiguous

    clearly circulated teaching.Making students learn is a challenge to a teacher that can be

    answered through a concrete focus on a gradual and progressivesteps. This eventually leads to a student development through anindependent application of knowledge, understanding and skillsassociated with a particular curriculum.

    The following are steps suggested in explicit teaching. The stepshave been formulated by education expertise.

    Start focusing instruction on identied curriculum content. Itis therefore necessary to understand in the rst place what thecurriculum is all about.

    Connect to prior knowledge and skills when beginning a newlesson. We can this recall of a past lesson taught to establishcontinuity of a lesson. Every single lesson is taught independentlybut they are carry over of a previous learned lesson.

    Establish and maintain clear learning goals and expectationsfor each lesson. As teachers we are aware that every lesson carriesa particular objective.

    Deconstruct and sequence teaching to focus on the stepsthat lead to new knowledge and deeper understanding and moresophisticated skill.

    Describe and model concepts and processes clearly usingthinking aloud and examining models and examples.

    Vary instruction in response to immediate and reflectivefeedback.

     Ask questions to continually monitor understanding and progress.The teacher should ask questions as often as possible and commenton previous knowledge

    Establish and maintain a reection on objectives. A kind of success criteria should be formulated.Demonstrate and intensify the lesson to develop the capability

    of the students to eelf regulate their learning. Actually, explicit learning is nothing new. The whole idea of

    teaching very clearly and simply is the bottom line of all kinds ofteaching and the goal of teaching has not changed a bit and that isto make students learn.

    With explicit teaching and with more defined strategies inteaching, there does not appear any hindrance to learning.

    to comprada at low price.

    But now with the Rice

    Processing Center and other

     postharvest facilities from the

    DA, the farmers can dry and

    mill their palay and sell them

    at higher price since the RPC

    strictly observes the prevail-

    ing buying price.

    In June 2014, the DA thru

    its regional executive direc-

    tor Engr. Abelardo R. Bragas,

    turned over to SAFIMCOchairman Loreto Ceneta the

    P6M Rice Processing Center

    1 with the following com-

     ponents: Multipass rice mill

    with 1 ton/hour capacity

    worth P1.2 M, 300 sq. me-

    ter warehouse worth P3.3M,

    operating capital worth P1M

    and administrative/capac-

    ity building worth P500,000.

    Previously, the SAFIMCO

    also received two (2) solar

    dryer, one (1) tractor with

    trailer, one (1) atbed dryer,

     palay shed and warehouse.

    Molina said these facilities

    greatly benetted not only

    the more than 400 members

    of the SAFIMCO but even

    non-member farmers in the


    The increase in rice pro-

    duction in the 266 hectares

    service area of the RPC can

     be gleaned from its operations

    in 2015 where it purchased a

    total of P2,155,080 worth ofmilled rice. During the rst

    cropping season (Jan-June

    2015) the palay procured to-

    taled to 1,017 sacks amount-

    ing to P753,176. For the

    second cropping (July-Dec.

    2015) the total palay procured

    was 1,587 sacks amounting to

    P1,190,595.85. Meanwhile,

    for the rst cropping of 2015

    the coop sold a total of 564

     bags of milled rice amount-

    ing to P852,210.00 and 4,691

    kilos of rice amounting to

    P37,528.00 registering a total

    sales of 889,738.00 for the

    rst cropping 2015.

    For the 2015 second crop-

     ping, the coop sold 868 bags

    milled rice amounting to

    P1,302,870, and 8,086 ki-

    los rice bran amounting to

    P56,602. They deliver milled

    rice to neighboring barangays

    and to another BFT in Iriga

    City and commercial tradersin Lidong and Maynaga in

    Polangui, Albay.

    Another assistance of the

    DA Bicol was the Baran-

    gay Food Terminal which

    was established with the as-

    sistance of the Agribusiness

    and Marketing Assistance

    Division, in March 2010.

    The BFT is equipped with

    chest type freezer, chiller, 2

    units weighing scale, digital

    weighing scale, plastic sealer,

    10 plastic crates, electric coco

    grater, The DA also provided

    P100,000 capital for NFA rice

    retailing and P 62,000 for the

     purchase of rice seeds. But

    after the SAFIMCO has op-

    erationalized their Rice Pro-

    cessing Center, they stopped

    selling NFA rice with the

     permission of the NFA and

    the BFT serves as the outlet

    of their milled rice. The con-

    sumers preferred their milled

    rice because they said it is

    “clean” and has good eating


    The BFT has been very

    successful that they were

    (Turn to page 6)

    BR_February 21-27 final.indd 4 2/24/2016 11:12:27 AM

  • 8/20/2019 Bikol Reporter February 21 - 27, 2016 Issue



    Gov. SALCEDA

    Red Cross sets Catanduanes Safety InstituteVIRAC, Catanduanes -The Philippine Red Cross

    (PRC) Catanduanes chap-

    ter will spearhead the 16th

    summer Safety Institute

    from April 2016 to May


    According to Reymund A.

    Reginaldo, ofcer-in-charge

    of PRC here, the activity is

    a continuing program of the

    PRC Catanduanes which is

     being conducted annually

    every summer.

    He said that the courses

    offered are so diverse and isintended primarily to secure

    lives whenever the need


    Reginaldo added that the

    training is also an opportuni-

    ty for developing social in-

    teractions and relationships

    enables one to establish a

    healthy and caring personal-

    ity giving the participants a

    chance to meet new friends

    and create camaraderie with

    one another.

    He likewise bared that

    PRC is inviting participants

    from the different govern-

    ment and private agencies

    to join the training as part ofcapability and disaster pre-


    The following courses are

    open for the 16th Summer

    Safety Institute, Standard

    First Aid BLS/CPR for Pro-

    fessional Rescuer with Au-

    tomated external Debrilla-

    tor Operation (April 4 to 8,

    2016) with a registration fee

    of P1,800.00; Ambulance

    Operation and Movement

    (April 9-10, 2016) with

    P2,000.00 registration;

    High Angle rescue and

    Rope Rescue Technician

    Training (April 11-15, 2016)

    with P2,500 .00 registration;

    Collapsed Structure Search

    and Rescue Training (April

    18-22, 2016) with P2,500

    registration; Basic Water

    Safety and Rescue Training

    (April 25-30, 2016) with

    P2,500.00 registration and

    Accident Prevention (May

    7-8, 2016) with P800.00


    For more information,

    interested party may con-

    tact PRC Hotline 0907-938-

    3031/0917-806-8528 or they

    can visit PRC, Catanduanes

    Chapter Ofce, EBMC

    Compound, San Isidro, Vil-

    lage, Virac. -PIA5/Cat'nes

    Salceda: Pres. Aquino's DaangMatuwid propped Albay boom

    Salceda cited the phenom-

    enal growth of PhilHealth

     beneciaries in Albay from

    203 at the start to 33,000 in-

    dividuals, with all senior citi-

    zens in the province covered

     by the program regardless of

     being already a cardholder.

    In the PantawidPamilyang

    Pilipino Program (4Ps) of the

    government, through the De-

     partment of Social Welfare and



    LEGAZPI CITY -- Albay Governor Joey SarteSalceda

    disclosed the programs and projects accomplished by the

    Provincial Government of Albay (PGA) with the full sup-

    port of the DaangMatuwid advocacy under the leadership

    of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III during the gener-

    al rally of the Liberal Party in Albay Astrodome over the


    Development, beneciaries in

    Albay ballooned from 77,382

    to 247,682 families and for

    this year, it is expected that

    even the vulnerable families

    can be a target as additional

    recipients of 4Ps benets.

    With the help of the nation-

    al government, Albay has new

    hospitals in different munici- palities like Polangui, Daraga,

    Guinobatan, and Bacacay.

    Even the Bicol Regional

    Teaching and Training Hospi-

    tal has new facilities.

    In education, Salceda said,

    Albay ranked 177 in National

    Achievement Test in 2007,

     but because of the help of

     present administration, Albay

    now ranks 13.

    The PGA scholarship pro-

    gram has produced 77,182

    graduates, with at least one

    graduate in every Albayano

    family.The governor also cited

    the modernization of the Bi-

    col University with the con-

    struction of the College of

    Medicine as well as renova-

    tions and construction of new

     buildings like in the colleges

    of Architecture and Civil En-


    Salceda said the rice self-

    sufciency level of the prov-

    ince went up by 74 percent

    to 104 percent, with irrigat-

    ed ricelands growing from

    17,000 hectares to 19,433

    hectares despite typhoons andother natural calamities that

    Albay is prone to.

    With the help of the Na-

    tional Irrigation Administra-

    tion and the Department of

    Agriculture, Albay always

    gets what it needs in terms of

    agricultural support.

    Over 20 years, Albay has

    sustained its goal of zero ca-

    sualty during typhoons.

    Recently, Albay received

    the Green Eco Champion

    Award during the First

    Environmental Summit in the

    Philippines.The Sangguniang Pan-

    lalawigan ng Albay has passed

    various ordinances towards

    the vigorous preservation and

     protection of the environment,

    Salceda said.

    The forest cover of Albay

    expanded by 88 percent as the

    mangroves grew in number by

    about 400 percent from 700

    hectares to 2,400 hectares, the

    green economist said.

    The province, he said,

    is now the second biggest

     producer and biggest exporter

    of camote and has the largest pili hectare at 2,972 from

    1,200 hectares previously.

    Aside from this, Albay has

    replanted 1.6 million coconut


    Tourist arrivals in the

     province of Albay multi-

     plied from 8,000 in 2006 to

    318,606 in 2015 owing to the

    construction 321 kilome-

    ters of tourist roads by the

    Department of Tourism and

    the Department of Public

    Works and Highways.

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    fOR JANuARy



    Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legal

    and sole heirs being the legitimate wife and children of the

    late ROQUE H. TAN, who died intestate on September 12,

    2012 in Naga City, leaving no last will or testament; left

    parcels of land situated in Palestina, Pili, Camarines Sur

    with TCT No. 2902 and 2901;Barangay Tabuco with TCT

    No. 55982 and Concepcion Pequena with TCT No. 15202

    in Naga City and in the District of Sampaloc, City of Manila

    with TCT No. 176338; that the parties agree to adjudicate,

    transfer and convey the described estate consisting of the

    share of the deceased in favor of Rosario Imperial Tan,

    Roderick Imperial Tan, Reginald Imperial Tan and Ryanmark

    Imperial Tan, in equal shares; as acknowledged before

    Notary Public Attorney Jose S. Ordona, Doc. No. 068, Page

    No. 04, Book No. XVI, Series of 2013.

    BIKOL REPORTERPblished: febrar 14, 21 and 28, 2016

    COURTESY CALL CEPPIOMGEN FERDINAND F. QUIDILLA, newly-appointed Commanding General of 9th Infantry

    Division o the Philippine Arm recentl paid a cortes visit to Maor John G. Bongat.

    24K PAWNSHOPGeneral Luna St., Naga City

    AUCTION SALE  on MARCH 11, 2016o all nredeemed articles pledged rom JuLy -

    AuGuST 2015 at 9:00 a.m.BIKOL REPORTER

    Published: February 21, 2016

    R. GUINHAWA PAWNSHOPGeneral Luna St., Naga City

    AUCTION SALE on MARCH 11, 2016o all nredeemed articles pledged rom JuLy -

    AuGuST 2015 at 9:00 a.m.BIKOL REPORTER

    Published: February 21, 2016

    lowed to venture on each of

    their own here for souvenirshopping, visit of the LigñonHill Nature Park, physical t-

    ness activities, sight-seeingand convergence with the

    city people at the LegazpiBoulevard. On February 8,

    Rosal arranged a direct ightfrom here for the entire groupto Palawan after their ight to

    Manila from where they werescheduled to be own to the

    same island destination wascancelled due to unfavorableweather.

    The group returned toCanada last February 12, still

    leaving the words that thiscity is best in all aspects oftourism—accommodation,

    foods, fun and excitement,


    adventure tours, healthy en-vironment, natural wonders,

    good roads, shopping malls,souvenir items and hospitali-ty, among others, according to

    Ferrer. They took home fromthis tour not just photos and

    souvenirs but lasting impres-sions of local communitiesthat have taken ownership of

    local economic developmentthrough tourism, Ferrer said,

    adding that anywhere theywent in Bicol, the group waswelcomed and entertained by

    the young and old from bothgovernment and private sec-

    tors. Also on Monday, Rosalsaid, these snowbirds look

    for new and unique destina-tions every year, during thewinter season and this year

    they preferred Bicol, spe-cically Legazpi, because no

    other destination can offerthem natural wonders and somany options and attractions

    to visit. “The group, par-ticularly the Fil-Canadians,

    ended its stay and tour in ourcity with deep expressions ofgratitude for reviving their

    Filipino spirit and for mak-ing their rediscovery of the

     place a resounding success,”he said.

    Their experiences in Bicol

    reinforced their faith in theregion, the Bicolanos and the

    Philippines as well as theylook forward to taking thesame itinerary for the Winter

    Escapade 4 for them to enjoymore the beauty and hospi-

    tality of the place, the mayornoted. The coming of these

    Canadian tourists, he said,added another feather to thecap of the local tourism in-

    dustry which is taking a cru-cial role in the city’s pursuit

    of inclusive and horizontalgrowth that will benet notonly big investors such as ho-

    tel and resort owners and op-erators but also the people in

    the countryside where mostof tourist destinations are lo-cated, he stressed.

    Tourism provides moreopportunities for employment

    and business ventures in thecountryside and parallel withthese developments, what the

    city government is doing isimprove its capacity to ac-

    commodate more tourists,taking into consideration that

    the city is also fast emergingas one of the country’s con-

    vention capitals. “We are nowhosting an average of over 50

     big conventions and similaroccasions yearly, bringing into the city around a million

    visitors each year. So far, weonly have more than 2,000

    hotel rooms that can accom-modate in one occasion some5,000 people,” Rosal said.

    Hence, he added, more ac-commodation facilities are

    needed, that is why the citygovernment has been encour-aging and attracting more

    investors to venture into this

    endeavor and the respondsare very encouraging.

    A-PAD and its stakeholdersacknowledged the signicantrole of the media in dissemi-nating timely and relevant in-formation particularly duringdisasters.

    Other members include theCentral Bicol State Universityof Agriculture (CBSUA) and

    Mariners Polytechnic Collegesrepresenting the academe; theMetro Naga Chamber of Com-


    merce and Industry (MNCCI)for the business sector; the Met-ro Naga Development Council(MNDC) represented by NagaCity Mayor John Bongat; andDRR ofces, namely: NagaCity Disaster Risk Reductionand Management Ofce, theCitizen’s Disaster Response

    Center (CDRC) and the Tara- bang Para sa Bicol, Inc.

    Participants in the Luzon-

    wide conference are lookingforward to hearing more inputsregarding DRR and listen tothe opportunities and chal-lenges that will help in mitigat-ing the ill effects of disastrousevents in their respective com-munities.

    The confab as part of thelaunching of A-PAD Philip- pines is a lso in support of the

    Philippine Disaster Risk Re-duction and Management Actof 2010.

     provisions that will guarantee

    a fraud-free election. They

    also vowed to uphold every

    citizen’s right to suffrage.

    The covenant also includes

    the aspirants’ assurance that

    they will not, in any way in-

    ict harm or use any form of

    violence just to justify their

    own caprice and gain unlaw-

    ful advantage over their op-


    The Commission on Elec-

    tions (COMELEC) also in-cluded the disclosure of cam-

     paign expenses in the pledge

     pursuant to Resolution No.

    9991 or the Omnibus rules

    and regulations governing

    campaign nance and disclo-

    sure of the expenses that the

    candidates will incur during

    the entire duration of their


    Doves were own as a

    symbol of impartiality or

    fairness while white candles

    were lighted as a symbol of

    a peaceful, clean and honest


    The covenant, although

    not a legal document perse,

    NAGA CANDIDATES VOW . . .is expected to bind the can-

    didates morally in a pledge

    to promote honesty and in-

    tegrity and vowed to uphold

    the sanctity of the democratic


    PS/Supt. Narciso D.

    Domingo, OIC, Naga City

    Police Ofce stated that they

    are in full support of the

    said exercise as part of their

    advocacy for secure and safe

    elections this 2016. This, ac-

    cording to him, is also in line

    with the PNP Patrol Plan 2030

    or the Peace and Order Agen-

    da for Transformation and

    Upholding of the Rule of Law

    of the PNP.

    able to construct an annex

    ofce which now serves as

    display area for their added products - hog feeds and

    farm inputs. Aside from

    selling meat products, root

    crops, fruits and vegetables,

    groceries and feeds at prices

    lower by P2.00-P1.50, the

    BFT also engaged in input

    dealership where they provide

    the needed inputs for the rice

    farmers thru a loan payable

    after harvest. For the 2015

    second cropping, the BFT has

    loaned out a total of P82,000

    inputs, 420 kilos hybrid rice

    seeds under HYTA, and 605

     bags of fertilizer 

    The BFT’s average daily

    sales is around P8,000. They

    hired two sales clerks who

    FARM MECHANIZATION . . .are being paid with 40% of

    the BFT revenues.

    Since their operation,the BFT has nanced the col-

    lege education of two schol-

    ars and the maintenance of

    the street lights around the


     Now, more than ever,

    many farmers would like

    to join the SAFIMCO so

    that they too would en-

     joy the fruits of the strong

     partnership between their

    coop and the Department

    of Agriculture, said man-

    ager Molina. He recalled

    that their coop started in

    1992 with a meager capital

    of only P30,000. Now the

    SAFIMCO has P33M xed

    assets. - Lovella P. Guarin

    BR_February 21-27 final.indd 6 2/24/2016 11:12:29 AM

  • 8/20/2019 Bikol Reporter February 21 - 27, 2016 Issue



    Republic of the Philippines

    LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICEProvince: Camarines Sur 

    City/Municipality: Libmanan


    In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048,

    a notice is hereby served to the public that JuDITH P.

    ALVARO-OLIVA has led with this Ofce, a Petition for

    Change of First Name from “JUDITA” to “JuDITH” in

    the birth certicate of JUDITA ALVARO who was born on

    November 19, 1960 at Palagñon, Libmanan, Camarines

    Sur and whose parents are UBALDO ALVARO and PA-


     Any person adversely affected by said petition may

    le his written opposition with this ofce not later than

    March 5, 2016.


      Municipal Civil Registrar 


    Published: February 21 and 28, 2016

    Republic of the Philippines


    Province: Camarines Sur 

    City/Municipality: Libmanan


    CCE-0008-2016 R.A. 10172

    In compliance with the publication requirement and

    pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No.  2013-1

    Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative

    Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice is

    hereby served to the public that CESAR A. PONTEJOS has

    led with this Ofce, a Petition for correction of entry in the

    date of birth from “July 24, 1960” to “Jne 6, 1960” in the

    certicate of live birth of CEZAR PONTIJOS a t Libmanan,

    Camarines Sur and whose parents are SOSEPATER


     Any person adversely affected by said petition may

    le his written opposition with this ofce not later than

    March 5, 2016.


      Municipal Civil Registrar 


    Published: February 21 and 28, 2016

    Republic of the Philippines


    Province: Camarines Sur 

    City/Municipality: Libmanan


    CCE-0009-2016 R.A. 10172

    In compliance with the publication requirement and

    pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1

    Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative

    Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice

    is hereby served to the public that MARVIN ALVAREZ

    GUEVARRA has led with this Ofce, a Petition for cor -

    rection of entry in Sex from “FEMALE” to “MALE” in the

    certicate of live birth of MARVIN ALVAREZ GUEVARRA

    at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are TE-


     Any person adversely affected by said petition may

    le his written opposition with this ofce not later than

    March 5, 2016.


      Municipal Civil Registrar 


    Published: February 21 and 28, 2016

    Republic of the Philippines

    LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICEProvince: Camarines Sur 

    City/Municipality: Libmanan


    In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a

    notice is hereby served to the public that FE CURIOSO-ES-

    TELLENA has led with this Ofce, a Petition for Change

    of First Name from “JOSIE ANGELINE” to “fE” in the birth

    certicate of JOSIE ANGELINE CURIOSO who was born

    on December 23, 1963 at Ibid, Libmanan, Camarines Sur

    and whose parents are NICANOR CURIOSO and ADELINA


     Any person adversely affected by said petition may

    le his written opposition with this ofce not later than

    March 5, 2016.


      Municipal Civil Registrar 


    Published: February 21 and 28, 2016

    forest managers and policymakers need to recognizeand integrate the full range of benets that forests generate,including contributions inenhancing food securityand eliminating poverty,conserving biodiversity,mitigating climate change and

    strengthening resiliency tonatural calamities.“

    More than 70 workshops,seminars and side events willtake place during Asia-Pacif-ic Forestry Week 2016 andwill serve as a springboardfor inclusive dialogue on theimplementation of commit-ments made under the ParisAgreement on climate change,future trade and market accessarrangements, meeting theevolving needs and expecta-tions of society with respect toforests, emerging institutionaland governance issues andgreen investments.

    “FAO is taking signi-cant steps to support nationsin sustainably managing the

    region’s forests while ensur-ing that long-term social,economic and environmentalobjectives are met,” said FAORepresentative in the Philip- pines José Luis Fernández. “Inthe Philippines, we are work-ing in close partnership withDENR’s Forest ManagementBureau in the implementationof three projects that will fa-cilitate the adoption of Forestand Landscape Restoration principles as well as the de-velopment of a National For-est Monitoring System ActionPlan.”

    Livelihood Beneciaries


    Trained on FinanceDaet, Camarines Norte-

    DOLE Bicol in partnershipwith the Regional TripartiteWages and Productivity Board(RTWPB) trained the grouplivelihood beneciaries in this province on Financial Man-agement or in simple words

    “Money Handling” on the lastweek of January at the Wiltanhotel here.

    The trainees are members ofthe Project Management Team(PMT) of the seven (7) grouplivelihood projects of DOLE-Bicol in the province whichare enrolled under the Sustain-able Livelihood Framework(SLF). These seven (7) groupsare the Abaca Slipper Makingof Guisican Multi-PurposeCooperative (GMPC), Gar-ments Production of Sta. Ele-na Agri-sheries Cooperative(SEAFC), Citronella Process-ing of KooperatibangMaliliit-naMagniniyogng BarangayKanapawan (KMMBK), Pine-apple and Pili by-products of

    Daet Food Producers Associa-tion (DFPA), Pineapple Bev-erages of Women and Familiesof San Lorenzo Ruiz Associa-tion (SLRA) and the JewelryProduction of Gold and SilverMakers Association (GSMA).

    “They are the ofcers ofthe group in which we grantedmillions if not thousands oflivelihood funds. Of coursewe have to train them on howto handle the group’s moneyso that their livelihood proj-ect will be successful,” DOLEBicol regional director andregional coordinating councilchairman Nathaniel V. Lacam-

     bra said.The training was spear-

    headed by DOLE Bicol’s Ca-marines Norte Provincial Of-ce headed by Ms. Jane Roldaas directed by DOLE RD Na-thanel V. Lacambra during theofce’s Year-End PerformanceAssessment (YEPA) at IrigaCity sometime last month.

    DOLE Bicol believed thatevery group livelihood ben-eciary must undergo suchtraining to attain mastery inmanaging their nancial re-sources.

    “We analyzed that most ofour group livelihood projectsfail due to poor nancial man-agement which later wouldresult to nancial losses andeventually failure of the entire project. This training is aimedto prevent this,” RD Lcambrastressed.

    In its goal to create a prof-itable and sustainable alterna-tive livelihood for Bicolanos, thru its multi-million liveli-hood grants, DOLE Bicol hasextended its services not only

    in delivering the funds butalso on follow up and collab-orative activities with othergovernment agencies such asthis training.

    “We believe that the im- pact will be greater if gov-ernment agencies would helpeach other achieve a commongoal. This is the reason whywe are forging a strong DOLERCC here in Bicol to delivera better and committed publicservice for the Bicolanos,” RDLacambra stated.

    The training focused on the basics of accounting, book-keeping, increasing produc-

    tivity, business management, preparation of nancial state-ment and marketing. Thesetopics were discussed by ex- perts or guru’s coming fromthe RTWPB. The RTWPB isone of the 11- attached agen-cies of DOLE RCC Bicol.

    “Now that we have a con-crete grasp of simple account-ing, going back to our placesof operation we will imme-diately reconcile our records,check all transactions and pre- pare nancial reports. In thatcase, we can determine howour businesses are going” a participant, not wanting to benamed said.

    After learning the posi-

    tive results of the training,DOLE Bicol regional direc-tor Nathaniel V. Lacambra hasordered the RTWPB Bicol toconduct the same training tothe DOLE Group Livelihood beneciaries in other prov-inces.

    “We have to replicate thisto ensure that the tax pay-ers money will be safe in thehands of our chosen bene-ciaries,” RD Lacambra ended.-With reports from Renalyn

     Enriquez, LEO III, DOLECam. Norte

    qualied candidates for vacant positions in CSC Bicol muchas to upgrade the commission'shuman resource managementsystems.

    It added that only those whohave applied through COREwill be considered for selection by CSC Bicol Human Resource

    Division.The CORE can be accessed

    through CSC RO5’s website,

    The same has advised thatall vacant positions are postedon the site and interested appli-cants should ll-out the OnlinePersonal Data Sheet.

    Those who are qualied forthe position/s shall be notied by the ofce and will move tothe next stage of the recruitmentand selection process.

    Since the Commission’sadoption of the Program to In-stitutionalize Meritocracy andExcellence in Human ResourceManagement (PRIME-HRM),it has consistently providedvarious HR systems innova-


    village councilors—are under

    serious threat.

    At least seven killings have

     been reported since January,

    when the election season be-

    gan and the Commission on

    Elections imposed the ban onrearms, in what authorities

    said were election-related at-

    tacks in Ticao Island and Plac-

    er town in Masbate mainland.

    Members of JSTF Masbate

    who belong to the military’s

    special operations forces will

    arrive in Masbate “very soon”

    to beef up the battalion of po-

    lice troopers in the task force,


    said Visaya.

    In 2010, an election year,

    Masbate surprised observers

    when it registered a relatively

    low number of politically mo-

    tivated killings. The decline

    was chiey credited to theJSTF Masbate, which was

    then backed up by the Masbate

    Advocates of Peace (MAP), a

    multisectoral group.

    In 2013, the JSTF Masbate

    was reactivated to oversee the

    security operations in what

    turned out to be blood-tainted

    elections in the province. -


    tions which are aimed at at-taining higher maturity level inPRIME-HRM.

    The maturity level indi-cates how well the behaviors, practices and processes of theorganization can reliably andsustainably produce requiredoutcomes.

    CSC Bicol aims to movefrom Level I (TransactionalHRM) to Level III (IntegratedHRM) by adopting excellenthuman resource management practices such as the CORE.For more information aboutthe CORE, CSC RO5’s Hu-man Resource Division can be reached through telephonenumber 482-0314 and email ad-dress [email protected] - PIA5/Albay

    BR_February 21-27 final.indd 7 2/24/2016 11:12:30 AM

  • 8/20/2019 Bikol Reporter February 21 - 27, 2016 Issue




    Naga City EDUCARE program bagsnew social technology award

    The Early Education

    Program (EDUCARE)

    of the Local GovernmentUnit of Naga City recently

    received the Best New So-

    cial Technology under the


    award of the Department of

    Social Welfare and Devel-


     Naga City Mayor John

    G. Bongat received the tro-

     phy and a cash prize from

    DSWD Secretary Corazon

    Juliano “Dinky” Soliman and

    Undersecretary Camilo Gud-

    malin during the awarding

    ceremony at the Asian Insti-

    tute of Management. He was

     joined by Ms. Elsie Romano,

    the EDUCARE Division Su- pervisor and Director Arnel

    Garcia during the awarding

    ceremony last January 28,

    2016 in line with the 65th

    Anniversary Celebration of

    the DSWD.

    The Naga City EDUCARE

    Program was recognized for

    its creative innovation and

    combined childcare and early

    education. This new approach

    led to the introduction of the

    School for Early Education

    and Development (SEED)

    using the Montessori system.

    It has since grown to become

    a key service program with

    EDUCARE centers catering

    to pre-school children in allof the city’s barangays.

    EDUCARE is a pillar of

    having “Good Schools” one

    of the 12 elements of Naga’s

    Maogmang Lugar vision.

    The city is committed to the

    vision of “Education for All”

    and the Sustainable Develop-

    ment Goals. As human rights

     – based approach to develop-ment, the city is duty bound

    to uphold the citizens achieve

    their dreams and goals in life.

    The programs came about

    when the City Government in

    1990, recognized the need for

     providing day care services

    to children ages 3 to 6 years


     Naga City Mayor John

    Bongat said that aside from

     providing the basic amenities

    needed at the center, one unit

    of tablet was also provided

    to all Day Care Centers. This

    is to help them in the quick

    and easy preparation of their

    lesson plans. Mayor Bon-

    gat also shared that the DayCare Workers are given regu-

    lar trainings for them to en-

    hance/improve their teaching

    skills. Scholarship program

    also offered for those day

    care teachers who are unable

    to nish their college course.

    To date, there are 21 day care

    workers who have completed

    their course in Bachelor ofScience in Elementary Edu-


    The “PagkakilalasaNa-


    Bayan (PanataKosa Bayan)

    awards acknowledges the

    efforts of the individu-

    als, groups, and organiza-

    tions whose “PANATA” or

    “VOW” is to share their re-

    sources, time and selves in

     providing for better oppor-

    tunity for the disadvantage


    “Gawad sa Makabagong

    Teknolohiyang Panlipunan

    “is an award given to ei-

    ther a local government unit

    (LGU),NGO or DSWD, FieldOfce who has introduced a

    new and effective social tech-

    nology who has introduced a

    new and effective social tech-

    nology deemed as best prac-

    tice based on the standard set.


    Disaster risk redction

    tackled in conab

    NAGA CITY --- Stake-

    holders representing the

    various sectors, partners

    and advocates of disaster

    risk reduction and manage-

    ment recently convened for

    a one-day conference at the

    Naga Regent Hotel.

    The confab, with the

    theme “Enhancing Com-

    munity Disaster Resilience

    through Public and Private

    Sector Cooperation” aimed

    to strengthen the participa-

    tion of the private sector,

     particularly encouraging

     business organizations andother stakeholders to play an

    active role in reducing the

    risks of disaster or reduce its

    negative impact to the com-


    A-PAD Luzon Coordinator

    Maricris A. Binas shared that

    they intend to gather experi-

    ences and knowledge coming

    from their participants and

    come up with recommenda-

    More than 1 000 govern-

    ment and forestry and natu-

    ral resources ofcials, and

    representatives of interna-

    tional and non-government

    organizations and forest in-

    dustries from over 30 coun-

    tries are expected to gather

    at the Clark Freeport Zone

    in Pampanga from 22 to 26

    February for Asia-Pacic

    Forestry Week 2016.

    Spearheaded by the Food

    and Agriculture Organization

    of the United Nations (FAO)

    and the Asia-Pacic Forestry

    Commission (APFC) in part-

    nership with the Philippines

    Department of Environ-

    ment and Natural Resources

    (DENR), Forestry Week 2016

    will be among the largest

    and most important forestry

    events in the region this year.

    It will run in conjunction withthe 26th session of the Asia-

    Pacic Forestry Commission

     – one of six such regional as-

    semblies supported by FAO

     – which convenes every two

    years to review progress in

    forestry development, dis-

    cuss common issues and set

    new agendas for addressing

    natural resource management

    challenges in the region.

    CYCLING TOURDaet Maor Tito S. Sarion welcomes participants and ocials o the Le Tor filipinas where

    the town hosted the cyclists in the penultimate leg prior of the tournament.

    Phl hosts Asia-Pacic forestry Week 2016By ANA-LIZA S. MACATANGAY

    tions on how stakeholders

    from various sectors can im-

     prove and harmonize disaster

    risk reduction efforts.

    Earlier, A-PAD also spear-

    headed the signing of a Mem-

    orandum of Understanding

    amongst various public and

     private entities coming from

    the academe, business sector

    and civic organizations with

    the primary objective of dis-

    cussing methods of their col-

    laboration for the effective

    delivery of Disaster Risk Re-

    duction (DRR) activities.

    Signatories include thePhilippine Information Agen-

    cy-Camarines Sur Provincial

    Ofce represented by its Pro-

    vincial Information Center

    Manager Ana-Liza S. Macat-

    angay and Mr. Edwin Lara,

    Camarines Sur Kapisanan ng

    mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas

    (KBP) Chairman both repre-

    senting the media.(Turn to page 6) (Turn to page 7)

    “The selection of the Phil-

    ippines as host country for

    this year’s Asia-Pacic For -

    estry Week is very timely. We

    have much to share with our

    colleagues from our experi-

    ence in implementing the rst

     phase of the National Green-

    ing Program, through which

    we were able to reforest more

    than 1.3 million hectares from

    2011-2015,” DENR Secretary

    Ramon J. P. Paje said.

    “At the same time,” he

    added, “we also look forward

    to learning from other coun-

    tries and international experts

    on how to improve the roll out

    of the expanded NGP and hit

    our 2028 target of reforesting

    an additional 7 million hect-

    ares of unproductive, denuded

    and degraded forestlands.”

    According to FAO’s 2015

    Global Forest Resources As-

    sessment, the Philippines

    ranked fth among 234 coun-

    tries and territories for the

    greatest reported annual forest

    area gain, with an increase of

    240 000 hectares per year be-

    tween 2010 and 2015.

    Growing our future!

    Held only once every four

    years, the 2016 Forestry Week

    will focus on “growing our

    future” through effective in-tegration of forestry with the

    other facets of sustainable de-


    Patrick Durst, FAO’s

    Senior Forestry Ofcer

    for Asia and the Pacic,

    explains that, “Gone are the

    days forestry can be viewed

    as primarily an extractive

    sector. More than ever,