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  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 3 - 9, 2016 Issue


    ( 473-8888

    Dir. BRIÑAS


    3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY • TELEPHONE: (054) 475-62-62

    DOST teams trains as Boardof Election Certi ers

    KABALIKAT Civicom Vinks MOA with PNP

    NAGA CITY --- For al-most two decades now, thePhilippine National Police(PNP) Regional Of ce herein Bicol has maintained itssolid alliance with the Kab-alikat Civicom Association,Inc. to ensure the safety ofthe community throughenhanced communicationlinkage.

    On Monday, March 14,PNP Acting Regional Direc-tor Police Chief Supt. Au-gusto Morales Marquez Jr.,and KABALIKAT RegionalGovernor Archimedes “Med-ic” Palmiano Salvino signedanew a Memorandum ofAgreement (MOA) at Camp

    General Simeon Ola in Le-gazpi City declaring their


    BEATING THE SUMMER HEATTry ice cream sold by the town’s local peddler, orbetter still hit the waves like this beach at Nato,

    commitment for a renewed partnership this year and on-wards.

    Under the MOA’s stipu-lated agreement, both par-ties will work incessantly toenhance public safety andsecurity and will serve thecommunity particularly intimes of disaster, in the eldof anti-criminality and elec-tion period.

    Salvino, who was also in-vited to grace the PNP PRO’sDistinguished Visitor’s Pro-gram as the distinguishedguest of honor and speakerexpressed his gratitude andelation for the trust and con -dence given to KABALIKAT

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    LEGAZPI CITY –Twenty six personnel of the

    Department of Science andTechnology (DOST) Bi-col regional of ce recentlyundertook the Trainers’Training for Board of Elec-tion Inspection (BEI) Cer-ti ers in preparation for

    the 2016 national and localelections on May 9 this year.

    DOST Bicol regionaldirector Tomas Briñas ex- plained that in the certi ca -tion process, written exami-nation was administered totrainees that need to get a

    passing grade of 60 percent

    by getting 24 of the 40 itemscorrect. The test was followed

    by the practical or hands-ontest which they need to get a perfect (14/14) to pass.

    Briñas added that as arequirement, the teacher-

    participants should pass bothwritten and practical exami-

    nations. A retake is only al-lowed once for those who

    failed in the written exami-nation but passed the practi-cal examination. Retake forthose who failed the practicalexamination is not allowed.

    The training commencedlast February 29 and will run

    until April 15, 2016 based onthe preparation timeline of

    the Commission on Electionor Comelec.Ralph Martin N. Roque,

    SRS II of the Provincial Sci-ence and Technology Centerin Albay and named as BEI

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    Daragang Magayon Festival opensLEGAZPI CITY – This year’s Daragang

    Magayon Festival (DMF) opened at the Al-bay Astrodome, with a Eucharistic celebra-tion followed by formal opening ceremoniesfeaturing the Albay Planet Festival or theshowcase of other various festivals celebrat-ed in the three cities and 15 municipalitiesin the province. A fusion of music, colors,dances, balloons and confetti highlighted

    the said ceremony.In his message, the guest of honor and for-mer senator Juan Miguel Zubiri congratulatedthe Albayanos and lauded the efforts of AlbayGovernor Joey Salceda in putting Albay in themap, as well as for the remarkable develop-ments that the province has undergone duringhis last three terms.

    ”Governor Joey is the best thing that hap- pened to Albay. He is a champion of the en-vironment being the center for climate change

    adaptation, the champion of education withover a hundred thousand scholars, a cham-

    pion of tourism elevating Albay from asleepy province, to know a true and verita-

    ble Cinderella story in tourism with the con-cept that tourism creates jobs,” Zubiri said.

    The senator also commended the politi-cal unity in Albay, noting the partnership

    between the governor and the Sangguniang

    Panlalawigan ng Albay, helmed by Vice-Governor Harold Imperial, calling it theepitome of performance politics.

    Salceda, now on his last term as Albaygovernor, chose this year’s theme as a cel-ebration of his past nine years in leading the

    province.“This year, we are going to revive, rec-

    reate and relive that golden era when we bask at the greatness and goodness of our

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    Sagñay, Camarines Sur, where Nato Port andAtulayan Island looms in the background.

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    As we have written in some past editorial,what ails the Aquino administration isits propensity of passing the blame or

    looking for excuses for its faux pas, asin the Kidapawan shooting. AgricultureSecretary Alcala’s excuse is the farmers’rally was “politically motivated.”

    Who is saying it wasn’t. Hunger thatresults from poverty is always political. Ifit is not, how will the government explainthe practice of dangling the 4Ps as apolitical gambit? Remember Joel Abongin the 80s during the massive famine inNegros? Abong was made a symbol,not only of the poverty in the island ofNegros but also of the neglect of theMarcos government of the poor they getmalnourished, they go hungry. Abong

    and his hunger became a political issue.And politics is basically power play.The government should have anticipatedthat the farmers’ rally could turn nasty,as it did. It should have learned from thelessons of history, the most proximateof course is the 1987 Mendiola massacreduring the Cory administration. Thegovernment should have anticipated thatthe farmers’ rally was an opportunity forhistory to repeat itself, as it did. So, it willbe a red mark in P’Noy’s administrationthat history repeated itself during histerm. It is a history of bloodbath. It isa history of farmers shedding their bloodin the hands of government executioners.During the Marcos years, the militaryand the police had some kind of aterm of engagement with rallyists. Inthe Kidapawan shooting, it looks likesuch term was absent. It appears thatonce more, the police failed in a crisismanagement, as it did during the Lunetahostage-taking. Thus once again, historyrepeated itself in Kidapawan, in P’Noy’swatch.

    Hunger and poverty are politicalbecause they frustrate the people fromturning their weapons into ploughshares.So to quote Peter, Paul and Mary song:“When will we ever learn?”


    Kidapawan Carnage

    LEE G. DULLESCO II Head, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU Editor


    loyalists.Leni should also harp on the

    successful ascendancy of Filipino womenin the limelight of Philippine politics andin business and industry. As a (nowsingle) mother – she can get the supportnot only of the “lights of the familyhouseholds” but also the female leadersof our country. Truth is – more and moreladies are passing both the CPA and Barexams. And there are many professionalmales (like me) who respect their femalecomrades in their professions. Mabuhaysi Ina at ang mga Kababaihan!

    TOURISM: Tourist arrivals in thePhilippines for this year is seen exceedingthe government target of 6M - puttingthe tourism sector in the right positionto contribute as much as 12% to thecountry’s overall Gross Domestic Product(GDP) over the next three years. TheDept. of Tourism said more than 500,000foreign tourists arrived in the countryin January alone. Tourism has beencontributing an annual average growth of8% to the Philippine economy, the thirdlargest FX earning industry.

    The government recorded tourist

    (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,CPAs-DFK International – is past chairof ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA

    past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

    2ND DEBATE: The ery entangle (inUP Cebu) among the presidential bets

    resulted in dirty name-calling – to thedelight of the debate audience. Analystsput descriptive tags in the vernacular,viz: “Magnanakaw”, “Mamamatay-Tao”,“Taksil sa Bayan” and ”Hindi Handa” . Thisis like a matching type examination. Inyour opinion to whom do the labels moreappropriately apply. If you listened to thehot exchanges – you can easily match thetags!

    Mar Roxas was placed at the centerof the issues – largely because every“attack” on the administration wasaddressed to him (as”apologist” for theDaang Matuwid) . As a result, he hadlonger exposure which, in my opinion,highlighted his position. VP Binay wasdisadvantaged as he was placed on thedefensive end with regular referrals tothe graft, corruption and plunder chargesagainst him and his family (thanks to Sen.Trillanes who is using his tirades vs. Binayas centerpiece of his campaign for the VP

    post).WOMEN VOTE: CamSur’s Rep. Leni

    Gerona Robredo consistently climbed thesurvey ratings – thanks to her assiduouscampaign to inform the public as to whoshe really is. Many admired her couragewhen she visited the “Solid North” whereSen. Bongbong draws his strength.

    Anywhere Leni goes – her theme is “Never Again” – with reference against the sorryevents of the Martial Law regime. Leni isthe only politician brave enough, willingto face the counter campaign of Marcos

    Presidential Name Tags




    arrivals of 5.3M last year - translating to a10% growth in revenues of US$6B.llion.The tourism sector will be backed bythree major drivers including increasedair connectivity and improvement inairport infrastructure. Expansion in thecountry’s accommodation capacity will

    be supported by the increasing numberof hotel rooms and international brandsthat are being brought into the country,as well as government efforts to marketPhilippine tourism globally.

    FORESTRY: The Philippinesgot P200M fresh grant for forestconservation from German Dev’t

    Agency.The fund is specially dedicated to

    improve sustainable forest managementand biodiversity conservation in thecountry. The Phil-German agreementwill be implemented through a projectgrant to the Forest and ClimateProtection Panay II. To be completed in45 months. It will be jointly implementedby DENR and GIZ with DENR’s BMBand Forest Management Bureau,

    The German government launchedthe International Climate Initiative in2008 to support partner countries inachieving their own climate protectiongoals. Grants come from the GermanFederal Parliament’s (Bundestag)regular budget allocation to contributeto emission reductions and climatechange adaptation in developing andtransitioning countries like Phl. Theproject will help stabilize local climate,water supply for local households, andprotection of rice-producing lowlandsby reducing siltation in coastal areas.

    RESURRECTION: Sacrifces bringforth success. Without Good Friday,there will be no Easter Sunday!

    in Zambales. We have seen that on TV.That’s another kind of politics.

    Manila is very near Makati City – andso as the other cities like Quezon City,Mandaluyong City, etc. Many citizenssee what is Makati and its services to thepeople. Many of them say they wish theycan also have free education, free healthservices, medicines and hospitalizationand bene ts to senior citizens they enjoyedunder the administration of Binay.

    *****There were two surveys conducted this

    month but only the survey of the SocialWeather Station was reported on TV. TheSWS survey after the second presidentialdebate of one thousand two hundredrespondents (1,200) found 35% choosing

    Grace Poe, Mayor Duterte 26%, VP Binay18%, former DILG Sec. Mar Roxas17%,Sen. Miriam Santiago 2%.

    The Daily Tribune dated March 29, 2016reported the Phillcoman platform-basedsurvey with 1,200 respondents showedVp Jejomar Binay topping the list at 27percent, Grace Poe, 21 percent, Sen.Miriam Santiago 18 percent, Mar Roxaswith 16 percent and Rodrigo Duterte with

    15 percent.Dr. Ernie Gonzales, a fellow of the

    London School of Economics andPolitical Science and PCMRII directorfor Research, said their eld researchershad asked 1,200 respondents at randomwhom they would vote for presidentif elections were held on schedule onfour important issues: social, political,economics and national security.

    “The PCMRII survey differs from theusual popularity survey conducted byother research organizations. Ours is

    a nationalist, policy-oriented researchstudy where respondents are askedwho of the candidates they think haveconcrete plans for the country based onthe four interrelated important issues,”Gonzales said.

    Simply stated, Vice President Binaywas the choice of 27 percent of 1,200respondents; Poe, 21; Santiago, 18;Roxas, 16; and Duterte, 15; with 3percent out of the respondents stillremained undecided. The samplingerrors for national percentages is threepercent, plus or minus; six for regionals;and the same for Metropolitan Manila.

    With such margins of error, Santiago,Roxas and Duterte are practicallytied for the third place, each with nosocio-economics and national securityplatforms so far.

    Each percentage point is equivalentto 440,000 votes, assuming 44 millionof the 54 millions registered voters casttheir ballot on May 9 as ordained by theConstitution.

    Of the presidential candidates, Binayis the only one with clearly-definedplatforms on the issues of political,social, economics and, in particular,

    The “Tempo” dated March 23, 2016reported by Elson Quismorio from CebuCity the following excerpt: “If the Garcialed One Cebu’s angry retraction of itsendorsement of VP Jejomar Binay hurt hischances here, it was not evident duringhis campaign rally Monday night at PlazaIndependencia.

    The rally was agreeably biggerthan UNA’s own campaign launch inMandaluyong City last month attended byits entire slate including senatorial boxingsuperstar Rep. Manny Pacquiao.

    The crowd was estimated to be aroundthirty seven thousand (37,000) by PoliceChief Inspector Jose Gesto of the PoliceStation 3 here. Gesto served as groundcommander during the rally which was held7 pm at the former military training ground.

    Former governor and now Rep. GwenGarcia and VP Binay were together duringa meeting of barangay health workers inBalamban town Monday afternoon. FormerCebu City Mayor Alvin Garcia, cousin ofWinston and Gwen, was present at theplaza.

    That’s politics in Cebu. Former Sen.John Osmeña who is running for Cebu CityMayor is supporting VP Binay

    *****Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada endorsed

    the candidacy of Grace Poe for presidentand Bongbong Marcos for Vice President.

    I am not surprised at this. Maybe thepopularity of Grace Poe will help him inManila’s closely contested election.

    San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez, themother of Joseph Estrada’s JV Ejercito issupporting Mar Roxas. Dra. Loi Ejercito, thewife of Mayor Joseph Estrada, hosted VPBinay in Zambales last week. According toformer Cong. Mitos Magsasay, their groupof the Binay camp, were well received

    Big crowd in UNA’s rally in Cebu City, Erap’sEndorsement of Poe, Poe tops SWS survey & Binay

    tops Philcoman survey






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    BIKOL REPORTER 3 APRIL 3-9, 2016

    CAR WINNERSCita Rodriguez from Pampanga, Mayeth Bacay from Batangas, Gladys Aurin from Laguna,Melody Lumbao from Legazpi, and Reno Donor from Quezon City shopped at the SM Storewith their MasterCard and brought home an AUDI A3 during the recent The SM Store andMasterCard promotion. MasterCard VP Jo-Ann Camacho (left) and The SM Store VP forMarketing Quennielyn Cua welcomed the winners and led the symbolical awarding at theAudi Edsa-Ortigas Showroom.

    Albay sets P4.5M for summer jobsBy MIKE DE LA RAMA

    LEGAZPI CITY -– TheProvincial Government ofAlbay (PGA) has allocateda total of PHP4.5 million

    for the salary of 1,080 highschool and college studentsto be assigned in differentbarangays in the provincestarting April 11.

    The PGA annually appro- priates fund for month-long jobs for indigent high schooland college students.

    Ely Salting of the AlbayProvincial Employment Ser-vices Of ce (PESO) said the

    budget this year is higher than2015's allotment of aroundPHP3.5 million for the same LP DAET RALLY

    Sen. Bam Aquino recently proclaimed the Liberal Party candidates in Camarines Norte led byDr. Cathy Barcelona-Reyes and Tito S. Sarion, gubernatorial and vice gubernatorial candidatesrespectively.

    The SM Store and Mastercardpromotion Audi car winners

    Cita Rodriguez fromGuagua Pampanga, MelodyLumbao from Albay, Legas-pi City, Mayeth Bacay fromBauan Batangas, GladysAurin from Los Banos La-guna and Reno Donor fromQuezon City were the velucky winners of an AUDIA3 2.0 TDI during the re-cent The SM Store and Mas-

    terCard promotion.

    A joint project betweenThe SM Store and Master-Card, every Php 5,000 singlereceipt purchase from TheSM Store using a Philippine-issued MasterCard entitled acardholder to one electronicraf e entry that gave thema chance to win one of veAUDI A3 2.0 TDI cars.

    For Cita, Melody, Mayeth,

    Gladys and Reno, it was as

    easy as shopping at the SMStore, using their MasterCard,and winning a luxury car. CitaRodriguez bought Christmas

    presents for family friends,and various charitable insti-tutions she supports from theSM Store in Pampanga; whileMelody Lumbao’s winningentry came from shopping forappliances at SM Makati.

    purpose.Each summer job employ-

    ee will receive PHP231 perday wherein 40 percent of thisamount is the counterpart ofthe Department of Labor and

    Employment (DOLE).“This is a cost sharing be-

    tween the PGA and DOLE,”Salting said.

    According to him, 60 per-cent of the PHP231 is chargedto the general fund of the prov-ince of Albay.

    Most of the summer jobemployees will be assigned in

    barangays to conduct pro lingand baseline data gathering.

    “They will be mobilized forskills registry system whichwill determine the available

    skills in every village,” Salt-ing also said.

    This initiative is part ofDOLE’s Special Program forthe Employment of Students(SPES).

    Students (tertiary/techni-cal/vocational) and out-of-school youth who are 15 to25 years old can nd work intheir local government or inany of the participating privatecompanies.

    All interested applicantsare advised to visit the DOLEregional of ce or the nearestPESO to apply.

    Under the SPES, theDOLE shoulders 40 percentof the salaries of the bene -

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    An Kidapawan sa Sakong Giromdom

    The Youth Vote





    “politically motivated.” Madali iningsabihon, garo lang si mga lumangMcCarthyist na akusasyon.

    Alagad, madali kaya kainingmatahuban an sarong isyu – anbilyon de pesos na pondo kangobyerno para sa paghahanda saEl Nino. Ano ta nagkagurutom anmga tawo? Malinaw na kulang anpaghahanda o dai napaghandaan namarhay kan gobyerno an sitwasyon.

    Pirilian na sa masunod nabulan. Saro, duwang semanapa, malilingawan na kan nasyonan nangyari sa Kidapawan. Arogkan mga nakaaging kapalpakan.Kaya kun may sarong pangenotna isyu kitang dapat ihapot samga kandidato sa eleksyon saMayo: igwa o mayo sindangadyenda sa kapagtiosan kan mganamamanwaan? Kun igwa, anobaga? Kun mayo, ano baya?

    critical in the 2016 generalelections that could skew theresults, either for the better orfor worse. Hence, there is aneed for the youth voters to bewell-informed about the issuesand platforms of the politicalcandidates.

    Merely relying on scriptedmedia propaganda, politicalads and campaign slogans isinsuf cient to guide the youth invoting wisely.

    Participating in public politicaldebates or forums is among thebest strategies to meticulouslyassess the capabilities andsincerity of political candidates.

    The youth voters will be ableto directly gauge the intellectualcompetence and knowledge of thecandidates about speci c issuesduring formal political debates orforums. The courage and patienceof candidates will also be testedduring such public events.

    It may seem to be somewhata cliché to say that the youth isthe hope of the motherland butit is also a truism that the newgeneration always has the burdenof taking the responsibility ofadulthood and suffering from themistakes of the forebears.

    For many rst-time voters, the2016 elections will be a rite ofpassage.

    Si matuang tugang kan ama ko,asin an saiyang pamilya, nagistarsa Kidapawan kan magsunod siyasa pangapodan na magpasiring saSur – si inaapod kadtong Land ofPromise. Kan magpa-Mindanaoako kadto, sa Davao City na kaminaghilingan. Inistorya niya sako kunpa’no ninda binayaan si saindangtanuman nin rubber trees asin maniba-ibang pananom sa Kisante, huli kanpagkaraba kan giyera sa Mindanao.Sa Davao sinda nagebakweyt.Kaya tama si Eduardo Gallarza, anMeksikanong parasurat asin lider ninobrero na an migrasyon resulta ninpagkagabot nin gamot. Ginabot sindaUncle Pastor kan giyera sa saindanggamot sa Kidapawan.

    An istorya ni Uncle asin an kadakulna mga Muslim, mga Lumad asinBadjao na yaon na napadpad sa Luzono sa Bisayas, malinaw na pagkagabot

    If properly informed andmotivated, the youth sector will playa decisive role in the upcoming 2016general elections (local, party listand national). This year’s electionswill be another signi cant turningpoint in the history of our countrybut unlike other past elections theyouth vote could be consolidatedwith the use of social media.

    Unfortunately, many of the viralinformation trending in the socialmedia are misinformation like thehistorical revisionism of the Marcosloyalists.

    Many of the young voters willvote for the rst time. They will havethe power to choose a new set ofleaders and representatives. Theywill also be largely responsible fordetermining the general welfare ofthe nation, affecting not only theirsector.

    The future is at stake not only interms of the political redistribution ofpower but also in terms of economicwellbeing and the quality of life ofFilipinos.

    The collective decision of thevoters will have a long-term impacton all sectors of society as theauthority to determine public policiesand laws will be entrusted to a few

    elected public of cials. According to the National YouthCommission, around 40% of themore than 52 million registeredFilipino voters (18 years old and

    nin gamot. An giyera, an kapagtiosan,an kawaran nin oportunidad asinkauswagan sa mga hinalian nindanglugar an pirmeng dahilan. Asinpag an orolay manongod na sakapagtiosan, dai maiibitaran na inimagin politikal na orolay. Kaya kulangsi pagkaagimadmad ni Sec. Alcalakan nangyaring pagkagadan nin mgapara-oma sa Kidapawan na sabi niya

    above) in 2016 belong to the youthsector. This means that the youthwill have very relevant role indetermining the fate of our country.

    As de ned by R.A. 8044,otherwise known as The Youth inNation-Building Act, youth is withinthe age bracket of 15 years old and30 years old. This sector is generallyperceived to be well-informed butalso vulnerable to misinformation.

    Although, comprising a signi cantportion of the population, the youthsector is economically marginalizedas many of its members are eitherstill nancially dependent on theirparents or still in the process ofestablishing careers. Many are eitherunemployed or underemployed.

    Many of the rst-time voters arealso very naïve and could easily bemanipulated by propaganda.

    Filipino youth vote will be very

    HOMAR MURILLOEmail: [email protected]

    jokee BOTOR-REYES


    Iriga City needs MadelaineAlfelor-Gazmen

    If the city has to continue to move with its evident progress,the wise voter must bring her back Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen,to the position as City Mayor. Nobody has done a great job thanshe does making the city a place where one wants to live in andso will the next generation.

    Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen has given Iriga City AB imagethat spells progress,. One can just take a look around. Now wehave what we did not we have in the past. Iriga before MayorGasmen time was a dead city…dark and even dirty,

    I once took along with me friends from Manila. “is this a city?”one asked. “Looks like a lowly town.” He was right,. After six inthe evening, we did not know where to go. Where to dine?

    Two years ago, I asked the same friends to come to Irigaand watch the Tinagba Festival and they were awed, Suchtransformation, and” who made this city beautiful and progres-

    sive now?” I pointed to a young woman who was a part of thegeneral public watching the Tinagba Festival. Beautifully. Shewas in her usual jeans and t-shirt and rubber shoes. “Our May-or. My Mayor,” I proudly proclaimed. They were amazed evenmore amd looks like she was just one among the countlessspectators. No air, no pretense, just herself. Exclaimed one…ifall government leaders are of her kind, the Philippines would bea much better place.” I could not comment. .

    In Mayor Madel’s time, Iriga has shown progress left andright. Today, we have several banks which is a manifestationthat people are coming in to invest. When before Iriguenoshave to bank in Naga or in Legazpi, they don’t have to anymore.There are now big supermarkets and department stores, malls,fast food chains, a new and beautiful government center, a pub-lic library, parks, places of interests, more vocational schoolsand pre-learning centers, and more importantly people whotrust in government. the Mayor also drove away cheap amuse-ment centers that peddle women and many wives were just toograteful for that move.

    Very respectful and caring. She has also developed cultureand the arts, encouraged people to take care of their own en-vironment, transformed Mount Iriga from a “brown mountain’ toa “green mountain.” Now, Mount Iriga lords over the city in itsmajestic green.

    I took along my family to Iriga, the place where I grew upand enjoyed my elementary and high school years. After hav-ing been away from Iriga for over thirty years, I decided to comehome for the very simple reason that I want my two male grandchildren ages 18 and 19 enjoy the tranquility of the city, I donot fear that they may be subjected to lawless elements whenthey come home a little bit late in the evening. And as a dot-ing grandma I even sleep soundly even when they are not yethome. I know they can even just walk home without fear of be-ing robbed, Fact is, they do not stay in Manila longer than fouror ve days to visit their grandparents there. They love Iriga,

    This is Iriga of Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen’s making. She isthe dynamic and indefatigable public servant. Give her Irigaagain.

    national security, where he showed hisexpertise and policies on anti-terrorism andcybercrime safeguards and eradicationwhich his of ce put into action in a seriesof seminars at the start of his term.

    On the persistent issues of plunderand corruption, largely sourced fromthe one-sided Senate, Ombudsmanand Commission on Audit investigationswhich fall under socio-economics, mostrespondents believed that Binay hadmerely been subjected to prejudgment ofguilt by his political enemies to degradehis popularity among the masses and themiddle class.

    This is for balanced information.VP Binay tops Philcoman platform-

    based surveyThe Philcoman Research Institute

    Inc.’s (PCMRII) platform-based surveyconducted quietly at the start of thepresidential campaign showed VicePresident Jejomar Binay topping thelist at 27 percent, way ahead of Sen.Grace Poe’s 21 percent and Sen. MariamSantiago’s 18 percent.

    Trailing behind them are Mar Roxas

    FROM MY WINDOW . . .

    with 16 percent and Rodrigo Duterte with15 percent.

    Dr. Ernie Gonzales, a fellow of the LondonSchool of Economics and Political Scienceand PCMRII director for Research, saidtheir field researchers had asked 1,200respondents at random whom they wouldvote for president if elections were held onschedule on four important issues: social,political, economics and national security.

    “The PCMRII survey differs from theusual popularity survey conducted byother research organizations. Ours is anationalist, policy-oriented research studywhere respondents are asked who of thecandidates they think have concrete plansfor the country based on the four interrelatedimportant issues,” Gonzales said.

    Simply stated, Vice President Binaywas the choice of 27 percent of 1,200respondents; Poe, 21; Santiago, 18; Roxas,16; and Duterte, 15; with 3 percent out of therespondents still remained undecided. Thesampling errors for national percentages isthree percent, plus or minus; six for regionals;and the same for Metropolitan Manila.

    With such margins of error, Santiago,

    Roxas and Duterte are practicallytied for the third place, each with nosocio-economics and national securityplatforms so far.

    Each percentage point is equivalentto 440,000 votes, assuming 44 millionof the 54 millions registered voters casttheir ballot on May 9 as ordained by theConstitution.

    Of the presidential candidates, Binayis the only one with clearly-definedplatforms on the issues of political,social, economics and, in particular,national security, where he showedhis expertise and policies on anti-terrorism and cybercrime safeguardsand eradication which his of ce put intoaction in a series of seminars at the startof his term.

    On the persistent issues of plunderand corruption, largely sourced fromthe one-sided Senate, Ombudsmanand Commission on Audit investigationswhich fall under socio-economics, mostrespondents believed that Binay hadmerely been subjected to prejudgment ofguilt by his political enemies to degradehis popularity among the masses andthe middle class.

    “The rst signing of thesame endeavor was in CampSimeon Ola with General

    Navarro in 1998, then duringthe time of General ChuckGuinto on the RegionalGrand Eyeball of KabalikatCivicom Region V in Sipo-cot. This is a testimony of agood relationship between usand the PNP and their unwav-ering trust to KABALIKAT,”Salvino added.

    Naga City Councilor Na-than A. Sergio with KB 645-02 call sign also graced theoccasion as one of the wit-nesses/signatories.

    Salvino assured the PNPthat they will not dither in

    pursuing their goals in serv-ing the community more ef-fectively and expeditiouslyespecially during vulnerabletimes likes disasters and oth-er calamities and other emer-gencies.

    He also promised that heis going to disseminate theMOA to all PNP Provincial


    Directors, City Directors andto all Municipal Police Chiefsto ensure that there will becontinuous ow of free infor -mation to arm the populaceand raise their awareness re-garding safety and securitymatters.

    The communication link-age endeavors to enhancecrime prevention, disaster

    preparedness campaign andresponse and during elec-tion period, including insti-tutional development under-takings.

    “Ako po sampo ng mgakasamahan ko sa KabalikatCivicom Region V, sa lahatng pagkakataong kailanganang suporta nang aming gru-

    po, kami po ay naka handaat handang kumilos. Salamat

    po sa pagtitiwala, asahan poninyo na hindi namin sisirainang pagtitiwalang ito at patu-loy po naming pangangal-agaan ang nabuong relasyonng PNP Region V at Kaba-likat Civicom Region V.”

  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 3 - 9, 2016 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER 5 APRIL 3-9, 2016

    JOINT TACTICAL INSPECTIONHundreds of security personnel of SM City Naga gatheredlast March 5, 2016 at the mall’s open parking for the JointTactical Inspection headed by Engr. Antolin Paule, SeniorVice President for Engineering and Security. The inspectionwas conducted annually across all SM malls as part of i tscommitment in ensuring the safety of its customersand clients. Both security manpower skills along withtheir equipment were checked, including protocols for

    emergencies, accidents and alertness. Likewise, agencypersonnel for janitorial work were also inspected.Apart from the tactical inspection, commendations andawards were also given to employees and guards whoreturned money, cellphones and other valuables to mallpatrons. Among those honest personnel was Securityguard Ryan Marco laguitan who was awarded with theMedalya ng Katapatan for displaying numerous acts ofhonesty at work.

    DOH conducts mentalhealth orientation

    VIRAC, Catanduanes – The Department ofHealth (DOH) throughthe National Center forMental Health conduct-

    ed an orientation on theMedicine Access Pro-gram for Mental Healthon March 29, 2016 atRakdell Inn, Virac.

    Participants were phy-sicians and nurses of theEastern Bicol MedicalCenter (EBMC), Dis-trict Hospitals and RuralHealth Centers from theeleven town of the Prov-ince.

    Dr. Hazel A. Palmesof the provincial healthof ce said that the objec -

    tives of the activity are todiscuss the medicine pro-gram for mental health; todiscuss the common men-tal illnesses; evaluationand management and; beable to handle psychiatricemergencies.

    Topics discussed were:Assessment and Evalua-tion of Mental Disorders;Psychotic Disorders: As-sessment and Manage-ment; Mood Disorders:assessment and Manage-ment; Psychiatric Emer-

    gencies and Updates on

    Medicine Access Pro-gram on Mental Health.

    Speakers and Lectur-ers from the Nationalcenter for Mental Health

    Dr. Beverly A. AzucenaFPPA, MMHOA, ChiefMedical and Professionalstaff II, Hospital Service;Dr. Joeffrey D. Cruzada,DPBP, FPPA, MedicalTraining Of cer, NCMH;Dr. Rico J. Caraos, DPBP,Training Program Ad-ministrator; Dr. Roy K.Mapu, DSBPP, ResidencyProgram Coordinator; Dr.RodelenPaccial, ResearchCoordinator, NCMH; Dr.Alden C. Cuyos, FPPA,MMHOA, Chief Train-

    ing Of cer and Mr. Pub -lioB. Plotena, Asst. Chief

    Nurse, Nursing EducationTraining and Research.

    Palmes Added that theExpected outcomes theClinical application of thelearning objective pro-vided for each topic dis-cussed.

    The activity is in coor-dination with the Provin-cial Health Of ce (PHO)and the CatanduanesMedical Society (CMS).-MAL/EAB-PIA5/Catan-


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    PNP Bicol vows helpto end violence vs womenLEGAZPI CITY – The

    Philippine National Police(PNP) Bicol regional of-

    ce has renewed its com -mitment to uphold therights of women as thenewly elected of cers ofthe all-male advocacygroup Men Opposed toViolence against WomenEverywhere (MOVE) weresworn into of ce Mondaythis week.

    PNP Bicol head C/Supt.Augusto M. Marquez led theoath taking of the new set ofof cers of the MOVE.

    PNP Bicol spokespersonS/Insp. Maria Luisa Ca-lubaquib said the group has

    been long organized in theregion with this year’s oathof of ce was done this monthin time for the celebration ofthe women’s month.

    Part of their vows asMOVE members are to beat the forefront of the cam-

    paign to eliminate violenceagainst women (VAW) be it

    physical, psychological orother aspects, be at the fore-front of gender advocacyand help in the establishmentof MOVE from the regionallevel down to the provincial,city and municipal levels.

    The new set of of cers areSupt. Nonito Marquez of theSorsogon Police ProvincialOf ce (PPO) as president;

    Supt. WilmorHalamani ofthe Police Community Re-lations Of ce of Camarines

    Norte PPO, vice president;SPO4 Marcos Bea of PRO5,secretary; SPO2 Tobias Bon-gon III of Naga City PoliceStation, assistant secretary;non-commissioned person-nel ReggiemarDoctolero ofTalisay MPS, treasurer; PO3Josephus Ramos, assistanttreasurer; and Insp. JhonVer-lano, auditor.

    The public relations of-

    cers representing theirrespective PPOs are SPO4Pepito De Los Reyes, AlbayPPO: PO1 Brian Aceron, Ca-marines Norte PPO; SPO1Ely Langitan, CamarinesSur PPO; SPO4 JuanitoTe-var, Catanduanes PPO; PO1Romeo Bislumbre, MasbatePPO; SPO2 Tomas Haloc,Sorsogon PPO; SPO2 NoelDennis Ajero, Naga CityPS; and Insp. UldrickTilos,

    5th Regional Publice Safety

    Battalion.Calubaquib said under

    PNP Bicol Chief Marquez,the group was institutional-ized as part of the programof PRO5 Police CommunityRelations Division whichconducted a seminar-work-shop starting March 17 for

    police of cers coming fromPPOs, CPS and MPS. Cul-mination of which is theelection of MOVE of cials.


    Paid for by Friends of Sammy

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    Republic of the PhilippinesLOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE

    Province: Camarines Sur City/Municipality: Libmanan


    In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, anotice is hereby served to the public that MARUJA PORTININACAY has led with this Of ce, a Petition for Changeof First Name from “MARUA” to “MARUJA” in the birthcerti cate of MARUA INACAY who was born on August 5,1954 at Taban, Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose par-ents are MARCELINO INACAY and PRECIOSA PORTIN.

    Any person adversely affected by said petition mayle his written opposition with this of ce not later than

    April 9, 2016.

    (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: March 27 and April 3, 2016

    Republic of the PhilippinesLOCAL CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE

    Province: Camarines Sur City/Municipality: Libmanan

    NOTICE TO THE PUBLICCCE-0019-2016 R.A. 10172

    In compliance with the publication requirement andpursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1Guidelines in the Implementation of the AdministrativeOrder No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice ishereby served to the public that TERESITA ORGANISTA-SORETA has led with this Of ce, a Petition for correctionof entry in Sex from “MALE” to“FEMALE” in the certi cateof live birth of MAJUN ORGANISTA SORETA at Libmanan,Camarines Sur and whose parents are AGAPITO SORETAand TERESITA ORGANISTA.

    Any person adversely affected by said petition mayle his written opposition with this of ce not later than

    April 9, 2016.


    Municipal Civil Registrar BIKOL REPORTERPublished: March 27 and April 3, 2016

    lives, this is the reason whywe choose gold as the basicmotif of our celebration, we

    have soared so high with ourachievements in protectingour environment, in keep-ing our families and proper-ties away from harm’s way,in pushing for the educationof our children, in achiev-ing world recognition forour cultural endeavors, andultimately in providing bet-ter lives for our constituents,”said Salceda.

    Governor Salceda alsoshowcased another milestonefor the province of Albay, thehosting of PalarongPambansato be held simultaneous withDMF 2016.

    “Having done the labori-ous works, we are now readyto play. This year, we crownour accomplishments withthe hosting, for the rst time,of the PalarongPambansa.And it is but tting that gold


    regional coordinator andsupervising certi er for the

    province, led the conduct ofcerti cation training, whilethe provincial S&T directorsacross Bicol region who weredesignated as supervisingcerti ers did the same in theirrespective areas of responsi-

    bility.In accordance with DOST

    Administrative Order No.012, series of 2015, the cer-ti ers submit the list of ex -

    aminees and results to theregional certi er who then prepares the list of certi edBEIs to be signed by DOSTregional director.

    DOST through SpecialOrder No. 732, series of2015, created the implemen-tation structure for the 2016DOST Certi cation Programfor the BEI in the comingMay 2016 national and localelections.

    The Program Steer-ing Committee (PSC) andthe Program Implementa-tion Staff (PIS) establish theDOST Certi cation ProgramProtocol and General Instruc-tions to ensure appropriateimplementation of the said

    program. -MAL-PIA5/Albay

    is our motif because we arealso aiming for the most goldin the national games that we

    are hosting,” Salceda stated.He furthered saying, “Weshall hold our usual featuredevents while we host the Pal-arongPambansa because wewish to showcase our capabil-ity to work and play while wetake care of our visitors andour tourists, we aim to makethis month April a truly spec-tacular period”, we wish tomake it a once-in-a-lifetimeevent that our constituents,irrespective of their standingsin life, shall always rememberlong after we have passed thetorch of glory to our next gen-eration.”

    The governor ended hismessage with the formal dec-laration of the opening of theDMF2016 as he raised hisglass to offer cheers to theguests of the ceremony.

    The participants then pro-

    ceeded to the open groundsof the Albay Astrodome forthe releasing of doves and

    balloons rituals before mov-ing to the different areassurrounding the Albay Capi-tol Grounds for the ribboncutting of various exhibits,shows, and settings.

    In the afternoon, the open-ing day celebration for theDMF2016 will continue withthe Legends Showdown, adance exhibition and com-

    petition from 6 contingentscomposed of different festi-vals from cities and munici-

    palities in Albay; a reworksdisplay in the Penaranda Parkand the ConciertosaMagayonlater tonight at the Albay As-

    trodome, a free concert withguests Loisa and Joshua fromthe famed PBB show, alongwith Ronnie from the HashtagGroup and comedian Kirayfrom the GGV show. -MAL/


    DOST TEAMS . . .

    Department of Scienceand Technology (DOST)Secretary Mario G. Mon-tejo recently said thatICT-enabled products andsystems for healthcare willgreatly help in improv-ing medical services in thecountry.

    “ICT has changed theway we live, and healthcareis among the areas that could

    bene t from its capability.DOST sees this opportunity to

    nd innovative solutions andto allow the MangJuans andAling Marias in the country-side to receive faster and lessexpensive type of medicalservices,” Montejo said.

    Montejo spoke of theICT-enabled solutions dur-ing the 34th anniversary ofDOST’s Philippine Coun-cil for Health Research and

    Development (PCHRD) last

    ICT role vital in improved medical services - Mont

    March 17, 2016 at the NewWorld Hotel in Makati City,with the theme “Going Glob-al: Increasing InternationalPartnerships in Research andInnovation for Health.”

    One of these innovativesolutions is RxBox, a devicecapable of storing and trans-mitting patient data to allowhealth workers in remote

    communities to consult withmedical specialists in urbanareas. RxBox is equippedwith a blood pressure moni-tor, pulse oxymeter, electro-cardiogram, fetal heart moni-tor, maternal tocometer, andtemperature sensor.

    “Several RxBox unitshave been deployed in differ-ent remote areas in the coun-try,” said Montejo. “Based

    on their collective feedback,local of cials and healthworkers in those areas viewRxBox as an effective toolin pushing equitable accessto quality healthcare by allFilipinos regardless of socio-economic status.”

    Montejo also highlightedthe eHATID LGU projector eHealth TABLET for In-formed Decision Makingof LGUs. It is funded byPCHRD in partnership withAteneo de Manila University.

    eHATID LGU is a soft-ware application for mobileandroid devices that offershealth Information systemand decision-making supportto LGUs through an Elec-tronic Medical Record thatgenerates particular healthreports for the Departmentof Health and the Philippine

    Health Insurance Corpora-tion.Montejo also shared that

    the rst public-private part -nership in biomedical re-search between PCHRD andOrthopedic International Inc.(OII) has resulted in a locally-developed, innovative, andaffordable knee replacementsystem suitable for Asians.

    Called the Axis Knee Sys-

    tem, it is a knee replacementtechnology half the priceof imported knee implantswhich cost around P 100, 000to P 120, 000. The Axis KneeSystem brings down the costto P60, 000 in governmentorthopedic hospitals and P70,000 in private hospitals.

    It is one of the productsdesigned, developed, andmanufactured by OII, an ISO13485-certi ed facility basedin Cabuyao, Laguna whichaims to solve various ortho-

    paedic problems through itstechnologies.

    DOST’s efforts in devel-oping ICT-enabled productsand systems for healthcareare among its major contri-

    butions to address variousissues in the health sector,”Montejo said. Among theseissues are the limited number

    of medical staff, equipment,and facilities in far- ung ar -eas.

    Montejo also cited theimportance of DOST’s vari-ous partnerships with theacademe, private sector, andother government agenciesto allow innovative ideasfor healthcare translated intoreality and be used by manyFilipinos. - AMVM

    Sec. MONTEJO

  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 3 - 9, 2016 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER 7 APRIL 3-9, 2016


    Notice is hereby given regarding the loss of Pepsi ColaProducts Phils. Inc. (PCPPI) Of cial/Collection Receiptswith the following document Numbers:

    10045596 10054464 10053354 10054487 10053358 10054500 10053366 10054525 10053376 10054656 10053400 10054657 10053465 10054683 10053467 10054751 10053495 10054753 10053497 10054789 10053578 10054816 10053588 10054861 10053599 10054896

    10053662 10054898 10053673 10054060 10053695 10054120 10053755 10054133 10053759 10054164 10053897 10054189 10053934

    The of cial/collection receipts with the abovementioneddocument numbers belong to PCPPI’s Naga Of ce.

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 3, 2016

    participants from Region 8on Tuesday.

    Banas said the bulk of theathletes, teachers and coacheswill arrive on the rst weekof April.

    The DedEd is expect-ing at least 18,000 delegatesfrom the country's 18 regionswill converge for the annualsports event designed to dis-cover future sports heroes.

    Banas assured that nish -ing touches being done insome of the facilities, par-ticularly the billeting centers,would not hamper the train-ing of the athletes.

    He said playing venuesare now 95 percent ready.

    The best students athletesaround the country will com-

    pete archery, arnis, athletics, badminton, baseball, basket-

    ball, boxing, chess, football,gymnastics, sepaktakraw,softball, swimming, tabletennis, taekwondo, tennis andvolleyball.

    Demonstration sports are billiards, futsal, wrestlingand wushu.

    Host Bicol region is hop-ing to improve its 10th place

    nish in Davao to fth place.Last year, the Bicol ath-

    letes brought home nine gold,14 silver and 19 bronze med-als. -PNA


    Contact No.:

    Allan - 0921-999-8888Fely - 0918-628-7818

    fected.Asymptomatic refers to

    a type of AIDS that does notshow any sign, which onlymanifests when the resultcomes out in a check-up.

    She said it is a result of un-safe sex and "risky behavior"or carelessness.

    Records of the Epidemi-ology Bureau of the Philip-

    pine HIV-AIDS Registryfrom 1984 to November 2015showed that the unit had reg-istered a total of 367 AIDScases in Bicol -- 69 are AIDSand 298 were asymptomaticincidents.

    Camarines Sur registeredthe highest cases at 20 AIDSand 113 asymptomatic; Al-

    bay followed with 25 AIDS

    and 89 asymptomatic; Sor-sogon trailed at 11 AIDS and37 asymptomatic; Masbatewas fourth at 8 AIDS and 24asymptomatic; Camarines

    Norte posted 3 AIDS and 24asymptomatic; and Catan-duanes had 2 AIDS and 10asymptomatic.

    Of the 367 HIV-AIDScases from 1984 to Novem-

    ber 2015, more males got sickat 322 while female victims

    were only at 45.Based also on the records,

    those infected aged 25 to 34years old totaled 210, fol-lowed by the 35-49 age brack-et with 76 cases and those inthe 14-14 age group have 69occurrences.

    As to other members ofthe society, 117 bisexuals gotinfected, 93 heterosexuals gotsick and 153 homosexuals.

    From 1984, 32 have diedof the social disease in Bi-col wherein ve died only in2015.

    As a result of these alarm-ing gures, the DOH strength -ened its advocacy in schoolsand communities to preventthe spread of the disease, likewhat it did in Manito, Albaywhere it conducted a one-week advocacy campaign.-PNA


    ciaries, while their employers-- government agencies, lo-cal government units, privatecompanies and other sponsor-ing institutions -- pay the re-maining 60 percent.

    The SPES bene ciariesuse their income to defrayexpenses for their tuition

    and other school expenses.Since 2010, the program has

    ALBAY SETS . . .

    been expanded to includeout-of-school youth, with noless than President Aquinomandating the increase in theSPES budget.

    It is now implementedthroughout the year.

    Gladys Aurin, who lovesshopping at SM because ofthe SM Advantage Card re-

    THE SM STORE . . . wards, bought a sofa bed,comforter, and shoes at theSM Store in Calamba; May-eth Bacay bought shoes at theSM Store in Lipa, where sheis a regular shopper; and RenoDonor bought Christmas giftsas well as a mobile phone atthe SM Store in Marikina.

    The #BestChristmasGift promotion is one of the manyexciting promotions of theSM Store

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    VICE-GOVERNORProvince of Camarines Norte

    Palarong Pambansa athletes start arrivingLEGAZPI CITY -- Hun-

    dreds of athletes have ar-rived in Albay to start thefamiliarization training forthe prestigious Palarong-Pambansa set April 10 to16.

    Department of Education(DepEd) Bicol spokespersonRoy Banas said rst to arrivewere 700 delegates from Re-gion 9 last week followed by

    (Turn to page 7)

    DOH alarmed over risein HIV-AIDS cases in Bicol

    LEGAZPI CITY -- TheDepartment of Health(DOH) Bicol regional of cehas expressed alarm overthe increasing number ofcases of HIV-AIDS in theentire region where it regis-tered a 74-percent rise overthe 2015 count compared tothe gures posted in 2014and 2013.

    The DOH-Bicol recorded57 cases in 2013, which rose

    by about 36.8 percent in 2014to 78 incidents.

    In 2015, the number stoodat 136, or 74-percent higherthan the 78 cases chalked upin 2014.

    AIDS COUNCIL MEETINGThe Naga City Aids Council (NCAC) held its quarterly meetingto review the progress of the Council’s efforts in HIV preventionand control, strengthen working relationships with multi-sectoral council, to determine the needs of its clients, and toplan and create strategies in bridging identi ed gaps. Dr. Vito

    C. Borja II presided the meeting attended by representativesfrom members of the Council, namely; the City Health Of ce,Family Planning Organization of the Philippines, Naga CityNutrition Council, Department of Education, religious sector,CEPPIO, and some members of the media.


    Lilian Rose Contesa-En-cisa, HIV coordinator andsenior health program of cer

    of DOH-Bicol, said that inJanuary alone, the agency re-corded three occurrences ofAIDS -- two in Camarines Surand one in Albay -- and 12 as-ymptomatic cases.

    Of the asymptomatic cas-es, four are in Camarines Sur,four in Albay, one in Catan-duanes and three in Masbate.

    Encisa said the DOH caneasily detect AIDS becauseof the symptoms it shows likeweakening of resistance andimmune system of one af-

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