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  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 10 - 16, 2016 Issue


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    ( 473-8888 VOL. XXIII, NO. 24 BICOL, THE PHILIPPINES APRIL 10-16, 2016 P5.00

    3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY • TELEPHONE: (054) 475-62-62 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766



    Paje: Fire prevention amust in protected areas

    IT'S SUMMER TIMEAlong guarded secret, the powdery white sand of Diwata beach in Sitio Macoto, Brgy. Cagmanaba, OasAlbay will cease to be after its recent discovery by other equally adventurous beach combers looking forplace less travelled by, will cease to be one.

    Environment Secretary Ramon J.P. Pajehas called on all protected area manage-ment boards (PAMBs) across the country togive priority to forest re prevention in theirmanagement planning strategy to ensurethe protection of the nation’s biodiversityand their habitats.

    Paje made the statement in light of the seriesof grassre outbreaks in the four of the coun-try’s most important protected areas: Mt. Apo

    MT. APO

    in Davao; Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato;Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon; and Mt. Kanlaonin Negros Island. The re in Mt. Apo remainsunabated.

    “Aside from tourism development, PAMBsshould also come up with their respective for -est protection plan and allocate funds for theestablishment of re lines and other forest re prevention activities like training for technical

    Rodeo Festival 2016 opensThe Rodeo Masbateno,

    Inc. (RMI), in cooperation

    with the city and provin-cial government, is hold-

    ing the Masbate National

    Rodeo Festival April 12-

    17 in Masbate City, start-

    ing with a lively parade

    of horseback riders per-

    forming stunts like lasso-

    ing on foot and on horse-

    back, livestock wrestling,

    casting down, load carry-

    ing, bull riding and whip-

    ping and other activities.

    A kickoff celebration

    ushered in the festival Feb.

    22 with the unveiling of the

    ofcial event logo, presen-

    tation of the festival activi-

    ties and the signing of the

    memorandum of under -

    standing between RMI and

    its supporters – the Masbate

     provincial and city govern-

    ment, Filminera, DMCI and

    Department of Education.

    The National Rodeo Fi-

    nals, slated April 12-17,

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    LEGAZPI CITY -- A total of 559 baran-

    gays in the Bicol Region have drug-related

    problems, the latest report of the Philip-

    pine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)


    This number, the PDEA re- port said, is 16.10 percent ofthe 8,629 barangays nation-wide that have drug-related

     problems while the 8,629 af -fected villages represent 20.51 percent of the 42,062 baran-

    gays all over the country.Former Congressman Ed-

    cel C. Lagman on Thursdaysaid he cited these gureswhen he keynoted the 17thfounding anniversary of the

    Malinao Treatment and Reha- bilitation Center (MTRC) inBarangay Comun, Malinao,Albay.

    Lagman founded theMTRC in 1999 with an initialappropriation of P10 million

    to afford drug dependents andtheir families easier access torehabilitation and treatment atlower cost.

    The MTRC is now headed by Dr. Ma. Theresa C. Iñigo,Chief of Hospital II.

    It does not only serve the patients from the First District

    of Albay and the Province ofAlbay but also the entire Bi-col Region, including someof those coming from the Vi-

    sayas like Tacloban City.The six-term Bicol law-

    maker, who is vying for acomeback, vowed to cham-

     pion once again the crusadeagainst drug abuse and traf -

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    “May the best woman win.” Rep.

    Leni G. Robredo’s parting words inthe recent Vice Presidential debatewas the best punch line of the day,better even than those thrown byManny Pacquiao which made TimothyBradley tumbled on the mat.

    The clarity of her idea on the vicepresidency and the concretenessof what she intends to do if elected,placed her in a strong position forthat repartee.

    The rest of the wannabees certainlygave the best of themselves,particularly Alan Cayetano who

    consistently jabbed at the solarplexus of Bongbong Marcos and thesins of his father; as well as GringoHonasan, whose senior status andexperience gave him a coolness ofa master. Except of course, ChizEscudero who sounded like R2D2each time he answers.

    The vice presidency, however,does not demand an old statesmanor a pesky stalker or a monotonousautomation. The Ofce needssomeone with the experience of whatails the nation, poverty. Someone

    who makes it a source of strength andinspiration (“hugot” in today’s lingo)and channels it to some powerfulstatement, like a knock-down punchas Pacquiao did Sunday.

    Someone like Leni Robredo “whohears the voices of battered womenin the evening” in her campaignsorties.

    So, ladies rst. And that is not avoice of machismo or chauvinistcomment but a recognition thatindeed among the candidates for theVice Presidency, our own lady should

    be rst.

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    People today are seemingly desperatefor a new leader, not just any leader, but

    one who has the raw courage, the stubbornwill to turn an impossible Filipino dream

    into something physically real: streets free

    from vicious criminals, enough food on thetable, public ofcials who will not steal, a

    living wage.Who that leader is, people do not know

    yet. But let us take a closer look a thepresidential hopefuls and go to Rodrigo

    Duterte for a start. Duterte has caught theimagination of Filipinos who have long

    searched this elusive leader with what he

    has achieved in Davao City.Many people, however, doubt if he is

    that man.Davao City is a dot compared to the

    country, with every nook and corner

    inhabited by the scums of the earth. InDavao it is easy to spot who the lawless

    are and where they keep themselves outof reach of the law. In Metro Manila alone,

    he will be dealing with the most ruthlesswhose life is worth no more than a penny

    but whose backers have more powers than

    the President.Of course, as a resident, he can lay siege

    at the fortress of crime and pulverize

    the baddest guys with his presidentialthunderbolt. There are constraints. If he

    employs short cuts or ignore the law, theusually timid Filipino will howl in protest.

    The biggest headache is theworsening crime after poverty and

     joblessness. Nobody is safe even in his

    own home. The walls offer no protection.Duterte has vowed to end the reign of

    terror in six months time.

    Can he redeem his pledge, that is,throw all the criminals in jail including

    their protectors? Or send them six feetbelow the ground. He said he would not

    hesitate to slit their throats or somethingto that effect.

    Miriam Santiago has also the balls

    to demolish the rampants of crime. ButSantiago is battling cancer. She may not

    Desperate for a leader?


    More than aknock-down punch


     Head, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ED G. YU



    longer qualied as independent directorsfor said companies.

    The reelection shall be with prior

    written notice and justication to theSEC. According to SEC Memo Circular

    No. 9 (2011), that applies to all listedand mutual fund companies. the term

    of an independent director is set for veconsecutive years (tenure of at least

    six months is considered one year). As

    such, an independent director shallbecome ineligible for election in the same

    company after this period.MIRACLE FOOD? Seaweed used as

    slimming agent can make us sexy! Expertssay that a certain substance, Fucoxanthin

    - one of the bioactive products derived

    from seaweed, is being developed into aslimming supplement that targets harmful

    fat. It is a pharmacologically activecarotenoid commonly distributed in brown

    algae. In human clinical trials, it showedpromising results for fat loss in humans.

    Fucoxanthin also acts as an anti-

    oxidant. It has benecial effects on

    (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,CPAs-DFK International – is past chair

    of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and

     ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).MARCH RECORD: Ination gathered

    speed last month, driven largely by

    slight uptick in food and oil prices. ThePhilippines Statistics Authority (PSA) said

    Phl consumer price index, main inationbarometer, rose to 1.1% in March from 0.9

    in the previous month. The 2016 level ishowever, slower than the 2.4% recorded

    in March last year. The BSP said last

    month’s ination is still within BSP forecastrange of 0.6% to 1.4%.

    The benign ination environment androbust domestic demand has allowed

    the BSP to keep interest rates at presentlevels, at least in the meantime. NEDA

    said ination in food items rose to 1.6%

    in March from the 1.5% in the previousmonth. This was due largely to marked

    increase in the prices of meat, sh, milk,cheese and eggs. Fuel is relatively steady

     – more on the lower side with global

    supply still more than ample against weak

    demand.CORP. DIRECTORS: The Securities

    and Exchange Commission (SEC)

    has reminded rms on the terms ofindependent directors with emphasis on

    those independent directors elected in

    2012.In an advisory, the SEC said

    independent directors elected in 2012could be re-elected again in 2017. If

    there are no suitable replacements, saidindependent directors may be elected in

    2017 and 2020. After that, they are no

    Infation Inching Up




    chemoprevention of cancer. In animal

    experiments it inhibited the developmentof intestinal carcinogenesis. Another

    bioactive product present in seaweedis Fucoidan, sulfated polysaccharide

    from brown algae known for its ability

    to act as an anti-contraceptive and

    reduce cholesterol levels. It also hasanti-cancer and anti-thrombotic traits,useful as anti-tumor agent and against

    the white spot syndrome virus.

    DEADLINE: The income tax annualling with the BIR - for both individual

    and juridical taxpayers is due on April15, 2016. The net income tax balance

    (after creditable withholdings andquarterly payments) is payable as the

    ITR is led. For individual taxpayers,

    the income tax may be paid in twoinstallments – the second being due

    on July 15, 2016. The ITR must beaccompanied by supporting (audited)

    nancial statements and Statement ofManagement Responsibility.

    Individuals must adopt calendar

    year while corporations may get BIRapproval if they want to follow a so-

    called “scal” year basis for theiraccounting. Fiscal year must consist

    of twelve-month period. Aside fromannual ITR – taxpayers must have

    previo9usly submited quarterly ITRs.

    Deadlines for individuals are: April 15, August 15 and November 15. Calendar

    year corporations le their rst threequarters’ ITR within 60 days after

    quarter-ending.TAXATION: The best way to avoid

    undue BIR harassment is by paying

    correctly our taxes on time! 

    arms and hands little by little every day.One day, His healer, Matet F. Limjoco,

    called my by phone to relay Sto. Nino’s

    message to me that in order to be strong, I

    should osterized and drink the juice of thefollowing: apples, pears, carrots, bananas,papaya, celery, a pinch of peppercorn and

    put milk. I wondered how it will taste, butbecause it came from Sto. Nino, I drank it. I

    nish one big pitcher in three days. It tasted

    good and I felt stronger. I started walking.First with a walker, then with a baston. Now

    even without this, I can already walk and

    write. I only dictated my past columns in

    the newspaper to my sisters-in-law, Editaand Erlinda.

    But I was still “kamhol”. During the

    prayer and healing session last monthwhere my daughter attended, Sto Nino

    had a message for me so that my being“kamhol” will be cured. I was told to sing

    “Oh hear of Jesus” thirty times every day.

    I did it. Now I’m no longer “kamhol” andrecovering very fast, because Sto. Nino

    and Mama Mary helped me.******

    Election day is only three weeksaway and let us vote wisely and ask

    ourselves who among the candidates

    can deserve the interest of the people.Tigaon Mayor Arnie B. Fuentebella who

    is running for Governor of CamSur says

    the following: * I constantly adhere to theHE WILL doctrine of economics: Health,Education, Electrication, Environment,

    Water, Infrastructure, Investments,

    Livelihood. * Expand scholarshipprogram which is beneting thousands

    of scholars in (Tigaon)…Strengthen theadopt-a-scholar program of teachers. *

    It’s the 30th healing anniversary of the

    Sto. Nino in Sampaguita Street MarianoVillage, Naga City on April 9, 2016. As one of

    its devotees regularly attending prayer and

    healing sessions, I learn at a proper time towrite what happened to me very recently.

    I had a stroke on November 7, 2015,hospitalized in Mother Seton for one week

    and went home with parts of my bodyparalyzed. My right foot and right arm and

    right hand could not move. I had difculty

    in eating solid food; I could not write, I wassomewhat “kamhol” in speaking. I do not

    know what “kamhol” in English. But mymind was clear and good as before. I could

    not move on my own. Thanks God for giving

    me a very good daughter who take care ofme, a good son-in-law and grandchildren

    and good sister-in-law, Erlinda. I take my

    medicines religiously together with otherfood supplements, but I was still weak.

    I prayed to Sto. Nino, the Holy Trinity and

    Mama Mary to heal and guide me. But if

    God wants to take me already, so be it. I onlyasked for time to pray the Act of Contrition.

    I believe, Sto. Nino helped me because,I, paralyzed, was able to stand and move

    in three weeks, was able to move my feet,

    My Testimony and Gubernatorial CandidateArnie B. Fuentebella’s platform





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    BIKOL REPORTER 3 APRIL 10-16, 2016

    DE LIMA & THE SARIONSSenatorial candidate Leila M. de Lima recently visited Daet where she met with the LP

    candidates led by Rep.Catherine Barcelona-Reyes, former Rep. Jojo Unico, and Mayor Tito S.

    Sarion, and his wife, Connie.

    Father-Daughter in One Art Show

    IRIGA CITY. - An artexhibit featuring a rare fa-ther-and-daughter tandemmarked the soft opening ofthe newest branch of Antho-

    sia Café here.Balikbayan artist Rene Al-

    ster Oliva and his daughter

    Jaffa Arela showcased their re-spective works in Tagam, theRinconada word for kindred.

    Rene is a recent recipientof the Natatanging Alagad ngSining award given by the Sin-

    ing Foundation Inc. He took

    his Fine Arts degree in the

    Philippine Women’s Universi-ty. This is clearly what landedhim in several jobs, illustratingtextbooks , for instance, in the

    Department of Education; andincluding his current work inKuwait. He is one of the origi-nal members of the Sig-AnganArt Group co-founded by hisartist-father, Alfonso L. Oliva,

    with poet-journalist Frank Pe-nones Jr., and terra-cotta art-ist, Pano Carumba. The groupwon rst places in the Pintahansa Dalan contest sponsored by

    the Camarines Sur provincial

    government, and the Pintahansa Ranow, sponsored by theLocal Government Unit ofBato, Camarines Sur. He

    has participated in variousexhibits, including the FirstAll-Bicolano Art Exhibit atthe Camarines Sur Convention

    Center; and in Kuwait wherehe is a member of a Filipino

    expatriate group of artists con-ducting psycho-social inter -ventions for fellow kababay-ans through art classes.

    Jaffa, Rene’s only daughterto his wife, Crisa Barra Oliva,

    rst gained recognition, in-cluding a national award, as amember of her elementary andlater, high school broadcastteam in the annual Pressconcompetition of the Department

    of Education, from 2013-2016which brought her to placeslike Butuan City, Puerto Princ-esa, Subic, and lately, in SouthCotabato . At the University

    of Saint Anthony, she orga-nized the USANT Sketch Clubwhich she heads as President.While a budding artist, she hadalready participated in threeart exhibits: 1. The 10th Bicol

    Business Week in Naga City inAugust 2014; 2. The 3-1 US-ANT Art Exhibit featuring hergrandfather Alfonso and herfather, Rene in February 2015;and at the Kusog nin Babayi

    Art Exhibit at the SM Nagaduring the Women’s Monthcelebration last month. Shehad also played a bit role inan indie-lm, “An Pisi ni JobBuena” which was a nalist

    in the 2nd Penafrancia Short

    Film Festival.

    Museum to open in MinalabacMINALABAC, CAM.

    SUR - A museum celebrat-ing this town’s rice plant-ing festival, the Tumatarokni San Felipe-Santiago, willbe inaugurated on April 24,the president of the foun-dation behind the museumsaid.

    Fabiana Arejola, founding president of the MinalabacCultural Society, Inc. saidtheir group composed of like-minded residents, have decid-ed to immortalize the festivalwhich National Artist Alejan-dro Roces hailed as one of Bi-col’s most colorful tradition.

    The Tumatarok, after the

    local word for a dance step“tarok” as well as the act of planting rice, traces its rootsto 1901 when Fr. Juan Villa-real became parish priest ofMinalabac.

    As a tribute to the two pa-tron saints of the town whoare believed to have saved theresidents from the Moro raidsin the 17th century, Villarealgathered the town musiciansto write songs of praises. Oneof the musicians, credited tohave written the libretto of thedance-paean, was Julian Mu-ralla, a direct descendant ofMariano Motos, the munici-

     pal president of Minalabac

    who commissioned the carv-ing of the statues of the two patron saints.

    Arejola said apart from photographs and materials onthe Tumatarok, the museumwill also feature the collec-tion of one of the town’s mostfamous resident, the late Le-onor Dy-Liacco; as well as photographs and historicalaccounts on the Bicol revolu-tionary leader Ludovico Are- jola, local movie star CeliaFuentes, nee, Cadores; anddiscuss-throw athlete,MarilouValdez; as well as archaeo-logical artifacts and materials

    on the life and culture of thetown.

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    Departamento nin Kultura




    na lang hilingon an modelo kan

    Espanya o Thailand bilang patunay

    kaini. Sa sakong mga nakaaging

    column, tinukar ko na ini asin

    mahalaga lang na sabihon na

    kaipuhan na an mga lideres kan

    satong banwaan na midbidonan papel asin kahalagahan kan


    Sabi ngani kan sarong pagaadal

    kan United Nations, an mga tawo

    mina-hiro susog sa mga nakatadom

    na sa isip na mga responso na

    inaapod tang kultura. Panahonna nganing gamiton ini kan mga

    lider ta na sunglugan magin man

    sanggunian. Sa pagpili ta kan

    masunod tang mga lider, hilingon ta

    kun siisay an mga siring na pagiisip

    May nakasalang na bill sa Senado

    na isinunad ni Senador Loren Legarda

    na mawot magbilog nin sarong suhay

    na Departamento nin Kultura.

    Dai ko na sasaro-saroon pa an

    mga probisyones kaini, ta katubuan

    manongod ini sa mga apektadongopisina na pagsasaroon asin

    mapapasairarom sa sinambit na

    departamento, an mga opisyales na

    mamamayo, asin an saindang mga

    trabaho, asin an manongod sa budget

    kaini.Sa pagrikisa mi kan bill sa

    samong pagtitipon kan KABULIG

    kan nakaaging semana, oyon man

    an gabos ming kaibanan na panahon

    man nanggad na magkaigwa na nin

    sinambit na departamento.

    Dai ta na ootrohon an kahalagahan

    kan kultura sa pagbibilog kin

    pagkamidbidan o identity, magin sa

    pagdara man nin ingreso sa kaban

    kan nasyon. Igwang kontribusyon an

    kultura sa ekonomiya asin kaipuhan

    Tea governance(transparent, ethical,




    The very unique style of governance as part of the

     Administration of the very humble, intelligent RegionalDirector of Region IV-A CALABARZON Sir Dads San

     Antonio whose a native form Bicol Region specically CA

    marines Sur is a magnate of Department of Education has

    really inuenced the School Heads .Last January 2016,

    was the 3rd year of its existence in the said region. All

    School Heads were participating they said conference held

    at Lucena City .An honorary ofcial from the Department of

    Education in the person of Bro.Armin Luistro,the Secretary

    who gave emphasis on the K to 12 Curriculum ,more

    signicantly the Senior High School. He cited the impact

    of Region IV-A to the success of its implementation due its

    large population.

    He really proud of the Institutionalization of TEA

    Governance, which will also a need to successful School-

    based management and would be part of implementing K

    to 12 Curriculum.

    During its 3rd  year, a contest of logo for the said

    conference was launched, luckily the Division of Quezon got

    it right. The logo stands for the meaning of Transparency,Ethical and Accountable DepED Ofcials. As a practioner

    of this governance, my realization is, I am a government

    employee and nothing could be insignicant to all my

    functions and duties to the best of the clients. Transparent

    in all my transactions specially when it deals with nances

    and resources, ethical the way I entertain stakeholders,

    accountable in all the properties lent to us.

    The governor of the said province was the so surprised

    of content of the scouters rack, has why he said he will also

    use it for benchmarking of his administration in the province

    of Quezon and for sure some changes could positively


     Being one of the Bicolano’s assigned in Tagalog Region,

    an honor to say that I am also from Camarines Sur wherein,

    Sir Dads came from who brought several innovation in

    CALABARZON Region.




    The unfortunate number of cases in the entire region

    of CALABARZON regarding the Dengue, brought good

    luck to all 9 years old pupils in Grade IV.They are the one

    to receive Vaccine to ght epidemic of Mosquito Dengue

    carrier. The government made this tough priority to improve

    health status The rst dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, will

    be launched in the Philippines through a School-Based

    Immunization Program (SBIP) for nine -year old and above,

    Grade 4 children in all public elementary schools in NCR,

    Region III and Region IV-A of children as cited from the

     AEFI Dengue surveillance of the Department of Heal th. Its

    general objective is to compare the proportion of pupils (9-

    year old Grade 4) in public elementary schools with clinical

    consultations due to an illness, pre- and post- denguevaccinationartment of Health.Specically;To determine

    the signs and symptoms experienced among selected 9

    year old Grade 4 pupils in public elementary schools in

    Region III, IV-A and NCR .To determine the proportion of

    students who experienced signs and symptoms prior to

    dengue vaccination List of Selected Schools in Region IV-

     A,Guinayangan Quezon has 289 pupils selected.

     All vaccines shall be monitored/ followed-up daily,

    after vaccination, for presence of any untoward medical


     All AEFIs seen (minor and serious), reported by the

    vaccinees themselves, parent/guardian, teacher, school

    nurse, shall be reported to the next higher level through the

    established PIDSR ow of reporting.

    Since this is a special campaign introducing a new

    vaccine, all AEFIs (minor and serious), shall be reported


    This DOH activity will be participated by DepED through

    the PSDS,MO,Nurse,LGU,MHO,PHN,and DMO.Sequence

    of activities are the following;1.Prepare list of school with

    corresponding number of enrolled Grade 4 pupils.2.Plot

    target schools on the provided calendar template,3.Estimate

    the no. of vaccinating teams,4.Prioritize big schools.

    There will be 3 doses to be given every after 6 months

    after the last vaccination received by such pupil, each dose

    costs 1000, and 00 pesos. This activity is is accordance

    to Administrative Order No.0096 entitled; Guidelines in

    the School-Based Immunization of Tetravalent Dengue

    Vaccine. A vital action made by Department of Health and

    Department of Education as an innovation.

    “You can have the best vaccines for a woman or her

    child, but if you can’t get her to come and get them, then

    they won’t work. - Melinda Gates

    Department of Education Employees’ SALNBy MICHELLE M. SEGUERRA

    Teacher II / OIC

    San Luis II, Guinayangan District

    Division of Quezon

    To help a lot of Department of Education Employees’

    SALN the approval of the Ombudsman is really vital. A

    Divison Memorandum No. 102, s. 2016 which entitled

    “Guidelines in Filing up of 2016 Statement of Assets,

    Liabilities and Networth (SALN) will be utilized for the

    checking of employees’ SALN. The Department of Education

    really made a gauge to preserve its professional interest and

    also nancial interest of all the employees.There are some confusions in lling up of forms due to

    yearly changes in data entry and few ofcials have knowledge

    in checking / evaluating the said form.

    Most of the learners under the umbrella of concerned

    agency must do something right to take care of her

    commitment and service end-product.

    However, they do sometimes neglect and careless

    with lling up of SALN because they are not aware of its

    consequences when undeclaring some properties. Luckily

    the Division Ofce of the Province of Quezon, had its leeway

    to help teachers and provide some helpful hints only for


    For teachers, please do not be angry and stressed when

    SALN travels back and forth for many times. Its good that our

    department take care of it or it is for the good of us.

    Emergency Response ActivityBy ROSALIE ASI

    Teacher II / TIC

    Capuluan Tulon Elementary School

    Guinayangan District, Division of Quezon

    July is the month we celebrate National DisasterConsciousness Month. As we are facing serious climate

    change problems, we need vital actions to avoid and prevent

    fatalities and injuries to any member of the families and those

    people included in the eld work.

    In school as part of the Department of Education Program,

    there is a need to conduct quarterly disaster drill, but its

    not enough to be free from accidents, disastrous activities

    instead, there will be an emergency rigorous activity to be

    conductedin elementary /secondary level.

    Pupils or students must be trained to respond immediately

    when disaster happen. They must be knowledgeable enough

    on what to do, how to do it properly. Presence of mind, strong

    body and dedicated to work.

    Each school must organize an emergency response team

    for the said activity.

    Localization Law in Department

    of EducationBy EMILIA D. VILLAVERDE

    Teacher III / TICDungawan Central Elementary School

    Guinayangan District

    Division of Quezon

    Teaching in a far ung area and travelling everyday the 21.5

    km from the Poblacion Proper of Guinayangan, Quezon to

    such a certain school is really a hard tasked for a newly hired

    teachers and school heads. The only means of transportation

    is thru habal-habal. A habal-habal is a means of transportation

    using motorcycle with foot guard wherein the passenger could

    lie his/her feet on both sides and feel comfortable even though

    it will take a long time before reaching the place.

     As a new teacher, why we always assigned in our area

    away from our home? Why we need to experience hazardous

    activities? Why a need to travel that far? If really utilizing the

    Localization Law, teachers must not to feel a deprivationfrom among the experienced teachers. Some ofcials are not

    following or even implementing that law for a very signicant

    reason that I don’t know why.

     Along the way of my task, a good news came in. We need

    to submit report and a certication from the barangay captain

    where I was assigned to claim of my hazard allowance. I

    have just received twice of my hardship pay that lighten my

    burden. Feeling relieve of my burdens can help me cope up

    my additional expenses for daily accomplishing my task as a



    PILI, CAMARINES SUR--- The 8th Premyo TomasArejola sa LiteraturangBikolnon (PTALB), throughits Chairman, Carlos A.Arejola recently bared theshortlisted entries set to viefor the premier literary com-petition’s top prize for the“Pagrokyaw kan Pinakam-ababansay na Obrang Pan-literatura 2016” comes April22.

    Three essays, eight shortstories, four one-act plays, sev-

    Arejola Prize bares shortlisted entriesen collections of poetry, andtwo short stories for childrenmade it to the list of nalistsfrom a eld of fty-one entriesfrom all over Bicol and other parts of the Philippines.

    The Selection Committeeheaded by Lorna A. Billanes,Ph.D. and her committeemembers painstakingly wentthrough every contest piece,ensuring that every worthydetail is noted and indexed intheir verdict sheets.

    “Karsel” by Mary Karol FeR. Go of Legazpi City, “AnHuring Paraduno” by Niles

    Jordan Breis of Tabaco City,

    “Urulay Mag-ilusyon” by El-sie C. Albis of Naga City, and“N da neym ov da Pudra” byRichard Madrilejos of TabacoCity were short-listed for theone-act play category.

    Shortlisted for ction are“Anino sa Resort” by IrminaTorres of Naga City, “Abo saPaggabas” by Marvin DavilaAquino of Tinambac, Cama-rines Sur, “Italbong sa Iraromkan Salog” by Gilmar Baran ofPili, Camarines Sur, “Rawraw” by Nestor Alagbate of Daet,Camarines Norte, “Scoop” byJuan Escandor Jr. of Gubat,Sorsogon and Naga City, “Bis-ita” by Sharmaine Zen Manza-

    no of Naga City, “Estudyante” by Michael Florano Sales ofPili, Camarines Sur, and “Basi-lio” by Jomark M. Baynado ofPolanqui, Albay.

    Making it to the nal list ofnominated pieces for poetryare “An mga Buto ni Kuracog” by Emmanuel T. Barrameda ofCatanduanes and Imus, Cavite,“Gapo asin Iba pang Rawit-dawit” by Elbert Olaso Baetaof Iriga City, “Ampaw asinIba pang Rawitdawit” by IrvinParco Sto. Tomas of Cana-man, Camarines Sur, “PanoPadabaon an Diyos asin Iba pang Rawitdawit” by RichardMadrilejos of Tabaco City,“Tag-ok sa Ginobat” by Nestor

    M. Awa of Iriga City, “Lapri-darga Mga Rawitdawit Dapitsa Sakral asin Handal” by Niles Jordan Breis of Tabaco

    City, and “Mga Kasagkodan” by Jerome Hipolito of Cala- banga, Camarines Sur.

    Arejola also conrmed that“Bako Ako Bikolano” by Rich-ard Madrilejos, “Magurang Ka

    Man” by Arlan Abanes Alzaga,and “Kun Tano Kami Kadto Nagbabaralon nin Pangudtu-han sa Sinehan” by Niles Jor -dan Breis, all of Tabaco City,Albay – made it for the essaycategory.

    The nalists for short sto-ries for children include “AdaBaruga”, a story for children by Jaime Jesus Borlagdan ofTabaco City and “An Apat naKabalang” a story for children by Irmina V. Torres of NagaCity.

    In an interview, Arejolastated that the annual literary prize is a tribute to the greatlegacy of the Bicolano patriotTomas Padilla Arejola, who

    was a leading member of thePropaganda Movement andMalolos Congress and a del-


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  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 10 - 16, 2016 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER 5 APRIL 10-16, 2016

    Twenty four members of the Ateneo de Naga High School Class 1956 came for their

    Grand Diamond Jubilee Reunion, March 30 & 31, this year, here and in Pasacao, C.S.The reunion was capped with an audience with Ateneo de Naga University President, Fr.

    Primitivo Viray, S.J., followed by a Holy Mass at the Ateneo de Naga University Church

    celebrated by Fr. Michael Alnor de la Rosa, parish priest of Milaor, Camarines Sur.

    Photo shows the Jubilarians with their respective spouses by the Ateneo Four Pillarswhere they formally received their HS diplomas and to some, along with their academicawards, some 60 years ago.

    From left front row: Azon Tordilla, special guest, Lita Macandog, Norma Razal, NilaSibulo, Luz Barrameda, Sally Calleja, Mameng Bonacua, Menche de la Rosa and Edna


    Second row: Rudy Cantor, Lao Macandog (program director), Romy de Jesus, VinceAlparan (president), Baba Sibulo, Joe Barrameda, Jun Calleja, Manny Razal and Sim

    Bonacua (nance ofcer).Third row: Frank Abainza, Jimmy Marquez, Leo Guinto, Dan Garcia, Erning Nocos,

    Mitoy Sambo and Tony Amparado (secretary).

    Last row: Alnor de la Rosa, Henry Acuña, Ed Dayao (vice president), Jun Artuz andBoy Duran. Not in picture are NIlo Malanyaon, Totoy Abainza, and Bert Bombase.

    Other major activities on the rst day of the reunion were the formal presentationof the Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Plates to each Jubilarian at the Avenue Plaza

    Hotel Reception, then Tree Planting and Fiesta sa Nayon at Margando Farm in Odicon,Pasacao, ‘til early evening.

    Marking the second day was the exciting and adventure –lled Naga-Bicol River

    History Cruise visiting the Tangcong Vaca Guerilla Monument in the riverside barangayof San Nicolas in Canaman. The Jubilarians were World War II children.

    Then a Despedida Dinner followed at South Hills. In a farewell gesture, the classresolved to meet again by 2021.


    WORLD WATER DAY FORUMTo mark World Water Day, March 22, 2016, the MetropolitanNaga Water District (MNWD) headed by Cesar H. Federizon

    (right photo) conducted a whole day Water Forum at the

    MNWD Multi-Purpose Hall attended by stakeholders in NagaCity and nearby municipalities with the theme: "Water and

    Jobs". The Forum focused on the central role that water

    is vital for creating jobs and supporting economic, socialand human development. Resource Speakers included

    Engr. Enrique Gita, Department Manager of the Local WaterUtilities Administration (LWUA) and Yolanda G. Sa-Ong of

    the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

    (DENR) RO5.


    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUAL-DAD PAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave.,

    Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from NOV. 1-30, 2015 whoseterms have expired will be sold to public auction sale onMAY 2, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until APRIL 30, 2016only.

    THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: APRIL 10 and 17, 2016



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLOR-ER PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St.,Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from NOV. 1-30, 2015 whoseterms have expired will be sold to public auction sale onMAY 2, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until APRIL 30, 2016only.

    THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: APRIL 10 and 17, 2016



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPEPAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, NagaCity, pawned from NOV. 1-30, 2015 whose terms have expiredwill be sold to public auction sale on MAY 2, 2016 from 9:00A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until APRIL 30, 2016only.


    Published: APRIL 10 and 17, 2016



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPEPAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, NagaCity, pawned from NOV. 1-30, 2015 whose terms have expiredwill be sold to public auction sale on MAY 2, 2016 from 9:00A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until APRIL 30, 2016only.

    THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: APRIL 10 and 17, 2016



    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWN-JEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRY STORE, Bichara Mall cornerJ. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned from NOV.1-30, 2015 whose terms have expired will be sold to publicauction sale on MAY 2, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by theabove-mentioned date will be honored until APRIL 30, 2016only.

    THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: APRIL 10 and 17, 2016



    6th Saringsing writersworkshop fellows named

    This year’s Sarings-

    ing Writers Workshop of

    Parasurat Bikolnon Inc.

    includes the following

    categories: Rawitdawit

    (Poetry), Padaling-Usip

    (Flash Fiction), Usipon

    (Short Story) and Dakit-

    Taramon (Translation).

    The twenty (20) of-

    cial fellows of the work -

    shop are: Rency Asas,

    Clinton Esperon Caceres,

    Mon Joar Imperial, Cla-

    risse Molin, John Cris

    Pineda and Abegail Sta.

    Ana (all from Calabanga,

    Camarines Sur), Mack

    Tuzon(Canaman, Cama-rines Sur), Kreselle Ca-

    nares (Masbate), Marvin

    Aquino (Tinambac, Ca-

    marines Sur), Gilmar Ba-

    ran (Balatan, Camarines

    Sur), Danny Boy B. Na-

    cario (Iriga City), Mary A.

    Galvez and Michael Sales

    (both from Pili, Camarines

    Sur), Nicky Gem Rivera

    (Baao, Camarines Sur),

    Emmanuel Barrameda

    (Catanduanes), Leopoldo

    Brizuela Jr. (Ligao, Albay),

    Rizalyn Sahagun , Armie

    Cardema-Cedo and Ahj Eu-

    fracio (all from Naga City).The fellows are entitled of

    free board and lodging for

    three days from April 15-

    17, 2016 sponsored by the

     Naga City Government and

    Sumaro Bikolnon Inc.

    The members of the

     panel will be comprised by

    Paz Verdades Doods San-

    tos, H. Francisco Peñones,

    Jun Pesimo, Estelito Est-

    ing Jacob, Jason Chancoco,

    Eilyn Nidea, Irmina Tor -

    res, Sai Reorizo-Redburn,

    Jerome Hipolito, Elbert O

    Baeta, Clinton D. Abilong,

    Jusán Villaór Misólas, Ir -

    vin Sto. Tomas, and Buboy

    Aguay as Workshop Direc-

    tor. (PHOTO: Saringsing

    Writers Workshop in 2013

    with Gabriel Hidalgo Bor -

    dado Jr)

    Sr. Citizens to get Pension Door-to-DoorThe Social Pension for

    Senior Citizen is a program

    of the Department of Social

    Welfare and Development

    (DSWD) that provides cash

    assistance of Five Hun-

    dred (PhP 500) as monthly

    stipend to indigent senior

    citizens. This in accordance

    with DSWD Administrative

    Order No. 15 and as man-

    dated by Republic Act no.9994 or the Expanded Se-

    nior Citizens Act of 2010.

    In calendar year 2012, the

    Social Pension was imple-

    mented by DSWD through

    cash payout to the benecia-

    ries. The cash requirements

    for the payout were funded

     by means of a cash advance

    drawn by the Special Dis-

     bursing Ofcers (SDO’s) and

    the payout was administered

    together with the DSWD

    Field Ofces through the Re-

    gional Social Pension Unit

    (RSPU) staff, City/Municipal

    Social Welfare and Develop-

    ment Ofce ( C/MSWDO)

    and Ofce of the Senior Citi-

    zens Affair (OSCA). To fast

    track the distribution of the

    cash grant, other LGU’s ad-

    opted the fund transfer and

    this has proven to be effec-


    However, these are some

    social pensioners who were

    not able to attend on sched-

    uled payout hence door to

    door delivery scheme will be

    adopted. To implement this,the department has inked

    Memorandum of Agreement

    (MOA) with the Philippine

    Veterans Bank as the service


    According DSWD Direc-

    tor Arnel Garcia this scheme

    aims to ensure the timely

    delivery of grants/payments

    to the beneciary and to pro-

    tect the staff from the risk

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  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 10 - 16, 2016 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER6  APRIL 10-16, 2016



















    Notice is hereby given that the named parties are theheirs of Pedro Basinal and Felicitas Corbe, who died

    on September 12, 1997 at San Antonio, Poblacion,Nabua, Cam. Sur and on Nov. 21, 2005 at Calasgasan,

    Daet, Cam. Norte, at the time of their death, left certainparcels of land situated at Sta. Elena, Bula, Cam. Sur with

    TCT No. 26880, 26882 and 26881; the parties agreed to

    divide and adjudicate among themselves the entire estateExtrajudicially; that for and in consideration of the sum of

    One hundred Seventy-Eight thousand and Six hundred FiftyTwo (P178,652.00) pesos, receipt is hereby acknowledged

    in full, the parties herein, do hereby convey by way of Absolute Sale unto Marck Bendrick Dy Tecklo, his heirs

    and assigns, that certain parcels of land; as acknowledged

    before Notary Public Atty. Baby Juru Batan-Lugo, Doc. No.555, Page No. III, Book No. XVI, Series of 2015.

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016


    Notice is hereby given that Victoria Balayboa Badiola-Briones is the sole heir of Eufemia Balayboa, the only

    child of Sps. JULIO BALAYBOA and LAZARA DELAROSA-BALAYBOA, who died on September 28, 1993,

    December 21, 1955 and July 19, 1978 respectively at San

    Nicolas, Baao, Cam. Sur, with no Last Will and Testamentand with no known debts, left a parcel of agricultural land;

    that being the sole heir and for and in consideration of thesum of Seventy Nine thousand (P79,000.00) pesos, receipt

    is hereby acknowledged, the Heir do hereby Sell, Cede,

    Transfer and Convey by way of Absolute Sale unto,MaricelC. Dy Tecklo, her heirs, succesors and assigns, the

    described property; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Baby Juru Batan-Lugo, Doc. No. 620, Page No. 124,

    Book No. XVI, Series of 2015.


    Published: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016

    ADJUDICATION BY A SOLE HEIR WITH SALENotice is hereby given that Victoria Balayboa Badiola-

    Briones is the sole heir of Eufemia Balayboa, the onlychild of Sps. JULIO BALAYBOA and LAZARA DELA

    ROSA-BALAYBOA, who died on September 28, 1993,December 21, 1955 and July 19, 1978 respectively at San

    Nicolas, Baao, Cam. Sur, with no Last Will and Testament

    and with no known debts, left a parcel of agricultural land;that being the sole heir and for and in consideration of the

    sum of Seventy Four thousand Nine hundred Seventy(P79,970.00) pesos, receipt is hereby acknowledged, the

    Heir do hereby Sell, Cede, Transfer and Convey by way of Absolute Sale absolutely and unconditionally unto, Mikaela

    Beatrice Dy Tecklo, her heirs, succesors and assigns, the

    described property; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Baby Juru Batan-Lugo, Doc. No. 683, Page No. 137,

    Book No. XVI, Series of 2015.

    BIKOL REPORTERPublished: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016


    Notice is hereby given that Victoria Balayboa Badiola-

    Briones is the sole heir of Eufemia Balayboa, the onlychild of Sps. JULIO BALAYBOA and LAZARA DELA ROSA-

    BALAYBOA, who died on September 28, 1993, December

    21, 1955 and July 19, 1978 respectively at San Nicolas,Baao, Cam. Sur, with no Last Will and Testament and

    with no known debts, left a parcel of agricultural land; thatbeing the sole heir and for and in consideration of the sum

    of Seventy One hundred Eighteen thousand Six hundred(P118, 600.00) pesos, receipt is hereby acknowledged,

    the Heir do hereby Sell, Cede, Transfer and Convey by

    way of Absolute Sale absolutely and unconditionally unto,Maricel C. Dy Tecklo, her heirs, successors and assigns,

    the described property; as acknowledged before Notary

    Public Atty. Baby Juru Batan-Lugo, Doc. No. 622, PageNo. 125, Book No. XVI, Series of 2015.BIKOL REPORTER

    Published: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016


    Notice is hereby given that Victoria Balayboa Badiola-Briones is the sole heir of Eufemia Balayboa, the only

    child of Sps. JULIO BALAYBOA and LAZARA DELAROSA-BALAYBOA, who died on September 28, 1993,

    December 21, 1955 and July 19, 1978 respectively at SanNicolas, Baao, Cam. Sur, with no Last Will and Testament

    and with no known debts, left a parcel of agricultural land;

    that being the sole heir and for and in consideration ofthe sum of Sixty thousand (P60,000.00) pesos, receipt

    is hereby acknowledged, the Heir do hereby Sell, Cede,Transfer and Convey absolutely and unconditionally by

    way of Absolute Sale unto, Dick Micholson Dy Tecklo, herheirs, successors and assigns, the described property;

    as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Baby Juru

    Batan-Lugo, Doc. No. 624, Page No. 125, Book No. XVI,Series of 2015.BIKOL REPORTER

    Published: April 10, 17 and 24, 2016

    Construct farm-to-market roads. * We are poised to pursue the

    delivery of improved internet services. * We are committed totourism development that creates positive experience for localpeople, local businesses and tourists themselves.

    “Representative Noli and Wimpy Fuentebella proposed analternative site in San Jose, Camarines Sur. This is due to a

    vision that the Philippine National Railway will improve the railway

    services by providing a bullet train that covers a three-hour trainride from Naga City to Metro Manila. Apparently, it will impact on

    the agricultural productivity of the province. Agriculture and foodsecurity will be a major concern for the country, especially due to

    the rapid industrial development of Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna,Batangas, Rizal and Quezon).

    In weighing these concerns, the expansion of Pili Airport may

    be benecial to travelers in the short term but not in the long run.Hence, our legislators made a counter proposal.

    FROM MY WINDOW . . .

    survive the pressure of the presidency. She would have made a

    strong president.

    Mar Roxas, whose whole life he lives in the shelter of hiswealthy family, is too decent to play the rough and tumble gameof a leader of this ungovernable country. He may not be able to

    match the ruthlessness of the forces of crime and corruption.

     As an economist, however, with unsullied reputation, he couldease the economic plight of the people, something which Duterte,

    with his whole efforts directed against the lawless, cannot fullypursue.

    The country has to prosper. Its poorest citizen must have adecent job and food on the table. It must have its golden years.

    Grace Poe is too raw for a country facing enormous problems

    that even a superman will nd daunting. Her inexperience is abig minus factor. But if she wins and uses the presidency to give

    form and substance to the Filipino dream, she may nd herselfadored like France’s Joan of Arc.

    Jejomar Binay is hobbled by allegations of corruption and

    unexplained wealth. Until now, he has not fully answered thecharges against him and his family. Without those accusations, he

    could easily sail right into the doorsteps of the Palace by the Pasig.But let us see if Binay can produce a miracle.

    Each of the aspirants has virtues and each has vices. Theperfect leader is yet to come. But I will settle for one who will not

    sell the country down the river.

    Is that leader still in the shadows?


    staff and volunteers,” Paje said.The environment chief also

    underscored the need to inten-sify the public awareness cam-

     paign against forest re, espe-cially before the onset of thedry season.

    “The public, particularly the


    local communities within ornear the protected areas should

     be reminded to exercise extravigilance against the risk of for -est res as protected areas, in-cluding natural parks and wild-life sanctuaries, are consideredas the last remaining represen-

    tatives of the country’s habitatsand ecosystems,” he said.

    At the same time, he alsoappealed to campers and trek -kers in protected areas to bemore responsible by exercisingcaution when building bon-res and making sure these arecompletely extinguished beforeleaving the place.

    According to Paje, even ifthe responsibility to suppress

    forest res was already trans-ferred to the Bureau of FireProtection, the Departmentof Environment and NaturalResources (DENR) providestechnical support to joint reghting teams of BFP and othergovernment agencies, and vol-unteer groups.

    He has also instructed hisregional directors to heightentheir coordination with con-cerned local government units(LGUs) and people’s organi-zations to ensure the safety of

     people and forest vegetation,

     particularly in areas covered by the government’s NationalGreening Program.

    As of December 31, 2015,around 1.3 million hectareshave been planted with variousspecies of forest trees and agro-forestry crops under the NGP,according to DENR report.

    Paje also said he had coordi-nated with Director Renato So-lidum of the Philippine Institute

    of Volcanology and Seismology(PHIVOLCS) following a re-

     port from DENR Region 11 Di-rector Joselin Marcus Fragadathat sulfur deposit on Mt. Apomay be causing the continuousre.

    Fragada said the PhilippineAir Force has already usedcrushed ice to stop the re, butto no avail.

    The Philippines has a totalof 113 proclaimed protected ar -eas, of which 84 are terrestrialPAs with an area of 2.20 millionhectares.

    of bringing huge amount of

    money during cash payout.

    In Bicol, there are 89, 839

    social pensioners. Out of this

    number 31, 692 pensioners

    will benet from the door

    to door delivery of the cash

    grant which covers 49 local

    government units (LGU’s)

    since the rest of the pension-ers were paid direct by the

    respective local government

    units under fund transfer. An

    amount of 3.1 million will

     be the cost of service for the

    servicing bank who in turn


    will include three new events

     – professional bull riding for

    women, bronco riding and

    team penning competition.

    The event, the rst of its

    kind in the country, is held

    annually and is in line with

    the tourism program of RMI

    and the Masbate government.

    RODEO . . .

    has the Banking Training In-

    stitute as conduit. The latter

    will be responsible for the de-

    livery of cash grant to the so-

    cial pensioners for every suc-

    cessful delivery, the courier

    will be paid P 100.00 each.

    For the 2nd and 3rd quar -

    ter, 89, 839 social pension-

    ers from 114 LGU’s will bereceiving their cash grant at

    this respective homes. There

    is an allocation of 134, 758,

    500 as a servicing fee. -eeje-


    egate to the First and SecondPhilippine Assembly.

    The ceremony is also insupport of Proclamation No.968, s. 2015 signed on Febru-ary 10, 2015 declaring Aprilof every year as National Lit-erature Month or “Buwan ngPanitikan”.

     AREJOLA . . .

  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 10 - 16, 2016 Issue


    BIKOL REPORTER 7 APRIL 10-16, 2016







    Contact No.:

    Allan - 0921-999-8888Fely - 0918-628-7818

    Republic of the Philippines


    Province of Camarines Sur 

    City of NAGA

    NOTICE FOR PUBLICATIONCFN- 007-2016 CCE- 0044-2016

    In compliance with the publication requirement

    and pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013

    Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative

    Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice

    is hereby served to the public that EDELYN A. FRIAS hasled with this Ofce, a Petition for Change of First Name

    from “EDWIN” to “EDELYN” and correction of entry in

    SEX from “MALE” to “FEMALE”in the certicate of live

    birth of Edwin Alcantara Frias and whose parents are

    Eduardo Frias and Erlinda Alcantara.

     Any person adversely affected by said petition may

    le his written opposition with this ofce not later than

    May 2, 2016.


      City Civil Registrar 


    Published: April 10 & 17, 2016

    POST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONFely P. Bonggao hosted a post-birthday celebration at her residence at Modern Village, Pili Cam. Sur on April 3, 2016 for her 20

    batchmates of the University of Nueva Caceres High School Class 1968 which included Ricardo Agrito, Ernesto Sancho, Ruben

    Babar, Ricardo Abrera, William Pascual, Enrico Tosoc, Doming Sto. Tomas, Benjamin Corpus, Manny Bonot, Zeny Falcon, Eva

    Macaraig, Mely Pelonio, Erlinda Vargas, Conching Baldesco, Claudette Borromeo, Nelia Cataneo, Marilou Reyes, Cecil Blacer,Grace Duran and Cynthia Madera. The host reminds the group for the early preparation of their forthcoming Golden Jubilee

    Reunion on April 20, 2018.

    revenue and employment of

    the country’s IT-BPM indus-


    Based on an assessment

    two years ago, Reyes said the

    contribution of next wave cit-

    ies account only to 22 percent

    of the total IT-BPM industry,

    with the larger portion coming

    from Metro Cebu and Metro


    The technical working

    group which evaluated and

    identied the 10 next wavecities is composed of IBPAP,

    the Department of Science

    and Technology-Informa-

    tion and Communications

    Technology Ofce, and the

    Leechiu Property Consultants


    “The idea is to spread out

    development of the industry

    so it can further drive the lo-

    cal economy,” Reyes said.

    “The economic turmoil

    in the Western countries and

    China has spelled greater

    need to move business opera-

    tions here in the Philippines

    where there is a large pool

    of talent and where it’s cost-efcient. The IT-BPM indus-

    try will see sustained growth

    in the coming years and that’s

    why industry players now


    move to the provinces where

    there’s great potential,” LPC

    chief executive ofcer David

    Leechiu said.

    Aside from the 10 next

    wave cities, 10 more locations

    were identied as new emerg-

    ing cities.

    The emerging cities are

    Balanga City, Batangas City,

    Iriga City, Laoag City, Le-

    gazpi City, Puerto Princesa

    City, Roxas City, Tarlac City,

    Tuguegarao City, and Zam-

     boanga City.

    “These have the potential

    and have the foundation to

     become future next wave cit-

    ies. We are hoping that after

    two years they will move up,”

    IBPAP CEO and president Jo-

    mari Mercado said.

    Meanwhile, Davao City

    and Iloilo City have been el-

    evated to the status of centers

    of excellence for IT-BPM

    operations, joining Metro

    Manila, Metro Cebu, Metro

    Clark, and Bacolod City as

    the established and high den-

    sity locations.

    “One of the reasons why

    we come up with this list is to

     provide locators and investors

    a shortlist so they don’t have

    to spend money, extra time

    and effort to do due diligence

    of which cities should they go

    to. So if there’s an investor

    that says I want to expand out-

    side Metro Manila, they don’t

    have to do the work, we’ve

    done the work for you. Here’s

    the top 10,” Mercado said.

    cking as well as the reha-

     bilitation of drug dependentswhen he joins the 17th Con-gress.

    Lagman made this com-mitment as he noted the in-crease in substance abuse in

    the First District of Albay.Shabu, the “poor man’s co-

    caine” is the drug of choice inthe country, he noted.

    Lagman underscored thatdrug addiction is reversiblewith proper treatment and re-

    habilitation.He also said that the cam-

     paign against the drug menace

    consists of drug preventionand rehabilitation of drug de- pendents.

    It is for this reason thatLagman included in his15-point legislative agendathe effective combat against

    drug menace and criminality.- PNA

    BICOL DRUG . . .

  • 8/16/2019 Bikol Reporter April 10 - 16, 2016 Issue



    VICE-GOVERNORProvince of Camarines Norte

    Naga in elite 'next wave'  cities list

    BEATING THE SUMMER HEAT JMTS/JOVIVILLAREAL/RBMJR/MMECThis enticing cove at the Caramoan Peninsula along with this private shore on Matukad Island serves as the perfect getaway to soak in the summer

    sun while gentle, cool waters lap the shores. The provincial government has consistently promoted the Caramoan Peninsula as an alternative to theusual beaches in the country and by far, many foreign visitors have enjoyed its rustic yet natural amenities that are the best antidotes to stress and

    the searing heat of El Niño.

    MANILA — Naga City

    is now ofcially one of the

    country’s 10 ‘Next Wave’

    cities, the rst in Bicol, inthe eld of information

    technology and business

    process management (IT-


    The other good news is

    that the other Bicol cities of

    Iriga and Legazpi are also fast

    catching up as emerging loca-

    tions for the rising IT-BPMindustry.

    The Information Technol-

    ogy and Business Process As-

    sociation of the Philippines

    (IBPAP) has identied a new

    set of areas outside Metro Ma-

    nila and Metro Cebu to serve

    as the country’s next IT-BPM

    hubs.Called the 10 next wave

    cities, these areas are seen as

    locations that will best enable

    and support the continued

    growth of the country’s boom-

    ing IT-BPM sector.

    The cities, aside from

     Naga, are Baguio, Cagayan

    De Oro, Dagupan, Dasmari-

    ñas, Dumaguete, Lipa, Malo-

    los, Sta. Rosa in Laguna, and

    Taytay in Rizal.

    IBPAP said these sites

    emerged as the top locations

    for local and international

    IT-BPM players based on as-

    sessments of 42 cities last

    year on indicators reectingtalent availability, presence of

    infrastructure, good business

    environment, and cost com-


    “All these are factored in

    to evaluate a city’s ability to

    enable and support the entry

    and growth of IT-BPM com-

     panies in its area,” the IBPAP


    IBPAP chairman Danilo

    Sebastian Reyes said the next

    wave cities are expected to

    contribute 40 percent to total

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