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( 473-8888 OUTSTANDING LOCAL NEWSPAPER For Five Consecutive Years St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards www.bikolreport.blogspot.com e-mail: [email protected] REGIONAL EXPONENT FOR PROGRESS VOL. XXIII, NO. 2 BICOL, THE PHILIPPINES OCTOBER 18-24, 2015 P5.00 ELECTION FEVER HEATS UP 3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY • TEL.: (054) 475-62-62 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766 (L to R) Partido Congressman Wimpy Fuentebella, former Rinconada Congressman Nancing Alfelor, candidate for Congressman; Speaker Noli Fuentebella, candidate for Congressman of Partido area; Congressman Nonoy Andaya, candidate for of the 1st district of Cam. Sur; Arnie Fuentebella, for Governor of Cam. Sur; Peachy Alfelor, for Vice Governor, Asuncion Arsenio, candidate for Congresswoman, 2nd district of Cam. Sur, Luis Villafuerte for Congressman, 3rd district of Cam. Sur and Cho Roco, former Congressman of 3rd District, during the proclamation in Naga City. Liberal Party (LP) chairman President Benigno S. Aquino III raises the hands of the administration senate slate for the 2016 national elections during the proclamation of the Koalisyon ng Daang Matuwid at the Balay Expo Centro Building in Quezon City on Monday (October 12). The 12 senatorial bets includes Cresente Paez, Risa Hontiveros- Baraquel, Joel Villanueva, Jericho Petilla, Ralph Recto, Franklin Drilon, Francis Pangilinan, Leila de Lima, Nariman Ambolodto, Teofisto Guingona III and Mark Lapid. – Malacanang Photo Vice Presidential aspirant and CSur 3rd district Congresswoman Leni G. Robredo raises the hand of Councilor Gabby Bordado, aspirant for Congressman of the 3rd district of Camarines Sur. Re-electionists Mayor John G. Bongat and Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion lead the Team Naga Councilors bet Greg Abonal, Miles Raquid-Arroyo, Elmer Baldemoro, Nene de Asis, Ray-An Cydrick Rentoy (extreme right) and new aspirants Atty. Buddy Castillo, Lito del Rosario, Dr. Sonny Ranola, Vidal Castillo and Jun Lavadia. Vice Presidential aspirant and CSur 3rd district Congresswoman Leni G. Robredo raises the hand of Camarines Norte's gubernatorial aspirant Catherine Barcelona-Reyes. Vice Presidential aspirant and CSur 3rd district Congresswoman Leni G. Robredo raises the hand of Camarines Norte's vice-gubernatorial aspirant Daet Mayor Tito S. Sarion.

Bikol Reporter October 18 - 24, 2015 Issue

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  • ( 473-8888

    outstanding local newspaperFor Five Consecutive YearsSt. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

    www.bikolreport.blogspot.come-mail: [email protected]

    regional exponent for progressvol. xxiii, no. 2 Bicol, the philippines octoBer 18-24, 2015 p5.00

    ElEction fEvEr hEats up

    3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY TEL.: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

    (L to R) Partido Congressman Wimpy Fuentebella, former Rinconada Congressman Nancing Alfelor, candidate for Congressman; Speaker Noli Fuentebella, candidate for Congressman of Partido area; Congressman Nonoy Andaya, candidate for of the 1st district of Cam. Sur; Arnie Fuentebella, for Governor of Cam. Sur; Peachy Alfelor, for Vice Governor, Asuncion Arsenio, candidate for Congresswoman, 2nd district of Cam. Sur, Luis Villafuerte for Congressman, 3rd district of Cam. Sur and Cho Roco, former Congressman of 3rd District, during the proclamation in Naga City.

    Liberal Party (LP) chairman President Benigno S. Aquino III raises the hands of the administration senate slate for the 2016 national elections during the proclamation of the Koalisyon ng Daang Matuwid at the Balay Expo Centro Building in Quezon City on Monday (October 12). The 12 senatorial bets includes Cresente Paez, Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel, Joel Villanueva, Jericho Petilla, Ralph Recto, Franklin Drilon, Francis Pangilinan, Leila de Lima, Nariman Ambolodto, Teofisto Guingona III and Mark Lapid. Malacanang Photo

    Vice Presidential aspirant and CSur 3rd district Congresswoman Leni G. Robredo raises the hand of Councilor Gabby Bordado, aspirant for Congressman of the 3rd district of Camarines Sur.

    Re-electionists Mayor John G. Bongat and Vice Mayor Nelson Legacion lead the Team Naga Councilors bet Greg Abonal, Miles Raquid-Arroyo, Elmer Baldemoro, Nene de Asis, Ray-An Cydrick Rentoy (extreme right) and new aspirants Atty. Buddy Castillo, Lito del Rosario, Dr. Sonny Ranola, Vidal Castillo and Jun Lavadia.

    Vice Presidential aspirant and CSur 3rd district Congresswoman Leni G. Robredo raises the hand of Camarines Norte's gubernatorial aspirant Catherine Barcelona-Reyes.

    Vice Presidential aspirant and CSur 3rd district Congresswoman Leni G. Robredo raises the hand of Camarines Norte's vice-gubernatorial aspirant Daet Mayor Tito S. Sarion.

  • Bikol reporter2 octoBer 18-24, 2015oPinion

    A new requirement which candidates in next years election were made to sign is a one-page Integrity Pledge.

    Simply, by and with such Pledge, the candidates committed to uphold the Constitution, abide by the election laws and regulations, and ensure an honest and peaceful elections.

    In other words, no violence and vote-buying. Or in the classic and curt summary of Philippine polls, no guns, gold and goons.

    We think that the Pledge, as a brainchild of the COMELEC, is first of all, addressed to the election body itself. It is after all a counting Commission which during the Marcos years under Leonardo Perez, was known as an office that didnt know how to count. Under the Arroyo administration, it proved it could subtract, as shown by the Garci scandal.

    The Pledge is of course, addressed to the candidates, next they who were made the sign it in the first place. The candidates may not be aware of it, but putting it in another way, the Pledge is an acknowledgement of their potential and historical role in making Philippine elections the dirtiest yet in this part of the world.

    Finally, the Pledge is also meant for the electorates we who can set the candidates to go straight and follow the letter of the law, or go astray by buying vote, assassinating political enemies, etc. It simply says this is what the candidates Pledge, it is time we watch if they still have that age-old palabra de honor. Lets see, if like a line in a 70s song by Edgar Mortiz, their pledge will not be broken.

    The Pledge points to what is wrong in our national character. We have become a nation of manananggal suhay sa hawak. It is about time we become whole, to be integral.

    Integrity, please. -- (fpj)


    Integrity, please

    lee g. dullesco iiHead, Advertising Associates



    Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

    ed g. yuEditor



    Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATANinterest. Housing mortgages average 5%-8% annual interest. Housing in the Sydney area is very costly (modest homes cost around A$1.0 million).

    WORKING: Regular office hours in Australia are from 8AM-5PM. Because of the high rate of income tax (based on total pay), overtime work is seldom availed of. Those earning A$10,000 or less per annum are exempted from income tax. Above that amount the rates go up abruptly and up to a maximum of 45%. Most workers save those in support services enjoy their weekends. In Sydney, public beaches are quite near, filled with joggers and swimmers.

    Until recently, shopping malls are opened only up to 5:00PM. With the influx of working immigrants, their needs to make purchases are responded to with business establishments especially supermarkets, opening on extended hours. The Australian dollar is now worth P33.30 only lower than one year or two years ago. Souvenir items sold in Chinatown are affordable, especially ref-magnets and keychains. As usual, these are imported from China!

    ORDER: Neighborhoods do not have fences except for some bushes and plants. Proliferation of drug users is not prevalent mostly confined to the area equivalent to our MM Ermita. Escalator traffic is also keep left to give way to those in a hurry. Traffic is regulated by lights with

    (Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International is past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee).

    MISSION: Your columnist is accompanying the Healing Priest of Quezon on a l0-ten-day Prayer Healing Mission in New South Wales, Australia. Healing Masses are to be held in the parishes of St. Aidans in Rooty Hill, St. Josephs in Rockdale, Mary Immaculate in Quakers Hill, St. Nikola (Croatian) in St. Johns Park, Mary Queen of the Family in Blacktown, and Our Lady of Victories in Shortland. The mission was coordinated by the Jesus, Light of the World (JLOW) Communities.

    Mission permits and diocesan clearances were secured by Nestor/Helen Aldana, Erwin/Rachel Santiago, and the JLOW servant leaders of the various charismatic communities. Healing priest Fr. Joseph Ayala Faller was awed by the faithful enthusiasm of the sponsoring organizations (mostly Filipinos). The kababayans are thrilled in touching the prelate who, they usually see only on TV masses via The Filipino Channel (TFC).

    SYDNEY: I had observations in this mission that corrected many of my misimpressions about Australia and its customs and traditions. It does not snow in the Sydney area, except in the mountain areas, and only during Winter. Weather can be very cold in mid-Winter, and ultra-hot (over 40 degrees centigrade) in Summer (December-January). Australians are jealous of their environment and entry of plants and fauna is controlled by the Border Protection Service (Immigration & Customs).

    As in most Commonwealth countries (paying homage to the Queen of England) Australian road traffic is Keep Left. It is discourteous to blow car horns except as accident prevention measure. Car ownership is affordable with costs similar to the Philippines in converted pesos. Car loans are freely offered at 10% p.a.

    Visiting Sydney, Australia

    Peachy Alfelor. Then he proceeded to present their municipal candidates in the 3rd district. He also presented former Board Members Emmanuel Llaguno and Marcel Pan of the 4th district.

    Cong. Wimpy B. Fuentebella also

    presented the candidates in the 4th district but before this, he presented former House Speaker Noli Fuentebella for Representative of the 4th district. Former Cong. Nancing Alfelor, the father of Atty. Peachy Alfelor-Moraleda, also presented the candidates of the 5th district and also of Iriga City. He is running for Representative.

    Former Congressman Sulpicio Roco was also here to support all the candidates.

    On the stage is a big picture of Arnie Fuentebella and Peachy Alfelor with the following: Kay Arnie at Peachy, CamSur Happy. Thats their motto and objective to make the province of Camarines Sur happy. A province can be happy if there are no abuses, violence and corruption.

    * * * * *I have been writing about presidential

    The big political leaders in the five districts of the province with diverse candidates in the national level, joined forces in presenting their common and only candidate for the local election of May 2016: Tigaon Mayor Arnie B. Fuentebella for Provincial Governor and Atty. Peachy Alfelor for Vice Governor.

    The presentation of the local candidates was done by districts at The Tent of Avenue Plaza Hotel last October 10, 2015. Campaign Manager Cong. Rolando Andaya, presented the Congressional candidate in the 2nd district; former mayor of Pasacao Asuncion V. Arsenio, then all the candidates for municipal positions in the 1st and 2nd district.

    Former Governor and Congressman Luis R. Villafuerte presented the provincial candidates saying An seguradong maganang Gobernador na si Arnie Fuentebella asin Vice Gobernador na si

    Political bigwigs in 5 districts united for Arnie Fuentebella& Peachy Alfelor and on Vice Presidential candidates




    policemen seldom seen manning spots. Driving courtesy is the order of the day - so accidents are rare even in the city centers. Highway driving is convenient with roads marked as to maximum speeds (70-80kms).

    Even within the so-called Sydney city center, there are wide forested or grass areas. Conversion of lands into industrial, commercial or residential areas are subject to public hearing. Uniformity of residential construction is suggested and neighbors may object to new structures that are not congruent with those already standing in particular communities. Selling prices of properties have escalated lately due to new demands from migrating young Chinese families.

    PEOPLE-RULES: Sydney has about 9 million of the close to 30 million population of Australia. Could be because of the strict rules residents are well-disciplined on the road and in public places. The traffic is Keep Left and this is observed even as pedestrians walk. Like in Singapore, chewing gums are generally barred. Fines for irresponsible disposal of garbage are ultra-high so people are trained to follow sanitation rules. Constructions of buildings and structures are strictly controlled and monitored.

    Australian Spring is from September to November followed by Summer (December to February), Autumn or Fall (March to May) and Winter (June to August). This is almost reverse of the weather in the Northern Hemisphere (America and Europe). Roads in Sydney are clean but I did not see sweepers doing their jobs. It could be that sanitation is a preventive and cooperative spirit of the residents. Traffic is CCTV-monitored and the heavy fines are meted out based on the pictured car plates of violators.

    WISDOM: If we have God in our hearts, we have a bigger Somebody to call on in our times of crises!

    Dead. Patay na.That is how this rare animal found only

    in the Philippines has been described.The description does not end there. If one can not be loyal to the party, the common belief is that he can not be loyal to the country. Ergo, most chamelon-like politicians have questionable loyalty to the country.

    Not many can remember when this lamentable practice of hopping from one party to another has started. Party changing is, however, motivated not by anything but by the fear of being left alone manning a dying organization.

    When the party is weakened either because its glory days are over or its resources have dried up, its members, in obedience to the law of self preservation escape to the welcoming arms of a stronger party. You know politics is addition.

    Compare this party to a sinking ship, taking in much water, going down to the bottom, with countless rats out of the hiding places jumping into the ocean to escape the ships fate.

    This is seemingly not experienced by the present party in power. Which is understandable.It has the resources, the capability to mount a bruising campaign to victory. What the coming days will bring, nobody can say, however.

    At the moment, its members feel secure and are steadfastly loyal.

    In the past reports of politicians changing political color were common. It was as easy as changing ones shirt on the back.

    At the local level, party loyalty is never a much-priced virtue. If one feels that his chances are jeopardized by his sticking with his old waning party, he will bed hop to another. It is being smart, someone squipped.

    That is how walang hiya are some

    Disloyalty to the party, disloyalty to the country

    salvador d. flor

    a QuEstion


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  • Bikol reporter 3octoBer 18-24, 2015

    Bongat: Naga in Billionaire city rank by 2017naGa CitY two years from now, naga will be joining the

    roster of billionaire cities in the Philippines. this means that it will be in the company of cities and municipalities in Metro Manila that earns billions of pesos in revenue collections, Mayor John G. bongat predicted.

    Bongat bared this optimism to the offi cers and mem-bers of the Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and In-dustry (MNCCI) during its 3rd quarter general member-ship meeting, business forum and election of directors at the Villa Caceres Hotel last October 10, this year.

    He said that the citys rising revenues collected from business and real property taxes places the local govern-ment unit in healthy fi scal position.

    If we are going to look at the gross revenue records at the city treasury, where in 2010 we realized an income of P509 million, the city budget in 2016, based on estimated revenues, would be P920 million, or a few million pesos short of P1 billion, Bongat said.

    He expressed confi dence that by 2017, the city will have a billion pesos or more in revenue collection be-cause of burgeoning new businesses. The city registers an increase of at least 20 percent in revenue collection in business taxes every year, the same percentage increase the city government obtains in terms of total collections in real property taxes.

    The city mayor believes that even the old businesses can further strengthen the fi scal robustness of the city coffers. He cited as an example the wholesalers and re-tailers at the Naga City Peoples Mall (NCPM), where businesses thrive well that makes the NCPM a big source of revenue for the city government.

    In previous years until 2010, NCPM had a gross rev-enue collection of not more than P34M. It perked up gross revenue to P54M in 2014, after it started to obtain major physical and operational development that were under-taken since 2011 up to the present. NCPM has a collection effi ciency of more than 90 percent, the mayor disclosed.

    Bongat attributed the dynamic economy of the coun-trys Most Highly Competitive Component City [as de-clared by the National Competitiveness Council] to the taxpayers and entrepreneurs who partner with the city government in creating more opportunities for its people.

    He said that because of the active interventions from the private sector the Central Bus Station has become a well-managed facility after the city government took over its operation in 2014. It was in the same year when the bus terminal earned a gross income of P36M per an-num compared to the P16M being collected by its former private operator in previous years.

    The second fl oor of the edifi ce [where the terminal is housed on its ground fl oor] was already submitted for bidding where the planned construction of a hotel will be undertaken, Bongat disclosed.

    He emphasized that the beautifi cation and the im-provement in the operations of the terminal has private interventions which are aimed to better its services.

    He gladly informed the public that with the opera-tions here of different new businesses in 2017, the gates for new employment generation in Naga will open. This does not include the continuous hiring being undertaken by the IBM, Concentrix, Stellar, and the other IT-BPO companies since 2012 that hired close to 4,000 talents in the city.

    Because of this healthy fi scal status, Naga, according to the city mayor, can afford to continuously undertake infrastructure projects and pursue key priority projects in health and nutrition, urban poor housing, education, tour-ism and livelihood, and peace and order.

    Mayor BONGAT

    It will be an odd mixture of established and new names who will slug it out in various elective positions as the fi ling of Certifi cates of Candidacy ended over the weekend.

    In Albay, incumbent gover-nor Joey Sarte Salceda is eye-ing the provinces 2nd District congressional post under the Liberal Party.

    He is joined by Vice Gov-ernor Harold Imperial also submitted his CoC for vice governor under LP in tandem with Congressman Al Francis Bichara, who is running for governor.

    Others who fi led their re-spective CoCs were incum-bent board members Ralph Andes and RB Imperial and former Legazpi City Council-or RollyRosal for the Second District.

    For the First District, those who fi led were board mem-bers Job Belen, lawyer Jo-emarMadrilejos and Reynaldo Bragais.

    In the province's third dis-trict, the aspirants who have registered are Board Member (BM) Rick Riva, former BM

    Old and new faces in 2016 polls in Bicol

    Arnold Embestro and newcomer Richard Baaga.

    For mayors, the early fi lers were: Legazpi City, incumbent Mayor Noel E. Rosal; Daraga, incumbent Mayor Gerry Jau-cian; Manito, the son of incum-bent Mayor Cesar Daep; Cama-lig, Ding Baldo, the incumbent mayor's brother; Rapu-Rapu, Dick Galicia.

    In the third district, Salceda and Congressman Fernando Gonzales have a unity team.

    In the fi rst district, Edcel C. Lagman will try to return to his old job as representative of the district.

    His daughter, KristelLagman-Luistro will also try to regain her seat as Tabaco City mayor.

    Comelec Albay supervisor

    Attorney Romeo G. Serrano has earlier reiterated that this years closing time for fi ling is differ-ent from that of the previous elections wherein COCs could be fi led up to midnight.

    Serrano has advised the pro-spective candidates to prepare the necessary requirements in fi ling the COC like fi ve copies of one-and-one-half photos taken during the last six months, fi ve documentary stamps and fi ve notarized accomplished COC forms.

    He added that the Comelec has temporarily suspended satel-lite registration this week to con-centrate on the fi ling of COCs. It will resume on Oct. 19 until the end of the month.

    Withdrawal of candidacy

    should be submitted before Oct. 16 while substitution of candi-dates will be up to Dec. 10 and the candidate involved must have a political party.

    The offi cial start of election period is on Jan. 10 to June 8, 2016.

    Albay, he said, has a total of 720,000 voters and the number may rise on the last day of the voters' registration on October 31.

    In Masbate, former governor Antonio T. Kho, who lost the post to suspended Gov. Rizali-na "Dayan" Seachon-Lanete, is staging a comeback for the province's top position with Dr. Oscar B. Acuesta as his running mate for vice gov-ernor.

    The two are running under the Nacionalista Party (NP) ban-ner.

    Alberto Caares III, Com-mission on Elections Masbate provincial supervisor, said other NP candidates who have fi led their CoCs are incumbent mu-nicipal Mayor Wilton T. Kho of Cataingan, son of Kho, who fi led his CoC for congressman in the Third District.

    Congresswoman Olga T. Kho also fi led for reelection for the same position in the Second District while Ciceron P. Altare-jos as representative in the 1st District.

    Aspirants for Sangguniang-Panlalawigan members under NP are Antonio R. Menoza, 1st District; Jose M. Abenir Jr.,

    3rd District; Ma. Angelita C. Manlapaz, 3rd District; and Patrick J. Lim, 3rd District.

    In the 2nd District, candi-dates who have fi led CoCs for SP membership are Ermelo C. Raola, LP; Donato R. Velas-co, NUP; Federico A. Serra, NP; and Lovely S. Abapo, NPC; and Gil D. Georga Jr., 1st District.

    The Kho-Acuesta tandem was the undecided party to fi le CoCs but drew more fl ock of people among the three par-ties during the fi ling

    The Bravo-Revil team and the Lanete mother-son tandem fi led their CoC's on the third day, which only a few people knew and accompanied them. -- PNA


  • Bikol reporter4 octoBer 18-24, 2015

    An dai sinasabi ni Aldub


    FRANk PEones jr.

    hon si Yayadub, ta yaon pirme sa saiyang likod nakasunod si saiyang lola na iyong simbolo kan inaapod na Aparato kan Estado. Si lola iyo an katauhan kan mga institusyon arog kan MTRCB, an media, an pulis, an mga awtoridad na nagdidikta kun ano an tama asin salang gawi kan mga hoben. Si Yayadub iyong katauhan man kan mga hoben na nagmama-wot nin katalingkasan na maipa-hayag an saindang sadiri. Lampas ini manongod sa kirag o seks.

    Sa siring na lente, mawot tang mahiling kan siring na kongresista an dai sinasabi kan mga hoben. Baka habo na man nindang pagpara sabihan asin panahon na dangogon naman an saindang boot sabihon.

    May saro daang kongresista kan nakaaging semana an nagngalas sa kasimbagan kan mga eskwela kan Miriam College sa Quezon sa saiyang hapot kun ano an saindang mga pinag-kakabaalahan. Si saindang katubuan nasimbag, si Aldub. Kaya sinabihan kan kongresista na kun pwede magtao man sindang kisera diyes porsiyento sa mga isyu kan sosyedad.

    Ngalas man ako ta ngonyan lang nagngalas an sinambit na kongresista. Garo dai niya nabaritaan kadto si kasim-bagan kan mga jovenes sa sarong survey kun siisay an saindang mga bayani asin kun papipilion sinda, sa anong banwaan sinda gustong magin ciudadano. Garo dai pati aram kan kongresista an implu-wensya kan media sa mga kaakian.

    Alagad, bako an manongod sa kawaran pakiaram kan mga hobenes sa mga isyung pang sosyedad an sa-kong tumbok ngonyan kundi kun ano ano an dai sinasabi ni Aldub. Sa pag-gamit nin mime, may mga boot sabi-

    inner chessBy J. HENRy DANICAN


    This years National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) shall be held on February 22-26, 2016 at Koronadal City, South Cotabato. Aside from its proximity to Samal Island where three foreigners and a Filipina were kidnapped recently, the date is significant to the campus journalists who will participate in this annual program.

    From 2011 to 2015, DepEd started holding the NSPC during summer (April or May) and many participants, students and teachers alike, protested albeit silently. While non-graduating pupils and students who participate in the activity are entitled to the corresponding credits in the succeeding school year, said credits are not granted to the graduating students. Moreover, knowing that winning or losing in the competition will not in any way affect his/her academic standing, mediocre performance from graduates are noted. NSPC attendance in summer is also a pressing issue as graduates migrate from one place to another in pursuit of higher education or employment.

    To hold again the NSPC before school year ends is a welcome change, at least to the campus journalists who laboriously pen ideas and keep the freedom of the press alive at the school level.

    MELCHIZEDEK C. TONGCO Education Program Supervisor I DepEd, Legazpi City Division Legazpi City

    Journalists Favor National Confab in February

    My PHILOSOPHICAL PAPERManagerial problem solving procedures

    The decision maker. The solution is considered to be the best if it would lead to the attainment of the goal and or other related objectives. In the Holy Bible, there is an admonition to people which says, Seek first the Kingdom of God and other Blessing shall be added unto. A biblical example is King Solomon, himself, who is known to have acquired green riches and renowned because before he became king of Israel, he prayed for wisdom that he might govern his subject wisely. He gave priority to wisdom over material wealth and political power but as a result he was blessed with all of these including long life just the same.

    IMPLEMENTATION - It is the actual application of the chosen solution to the problem at hand. The time element is critical, so the implementation of the solution is a must to be started at once before the condition worsens.

    FOLLOW-UP - It deals with the regular monitoring and evaluation of related activities being implemented as part of the plan. Causes of actual or potential deviation to the original plan are identified in advance and corrected on time during follow-up.

    MANAGERIAL PROBLEM SOLVING PROCEDURES - Is a continuous process or cycle of five steps and the level of success or quality of the solution depends primarily upon the problem solver, himself/herself, as guided by intelligence, discipline, faith and other inborn or acquired talents.

    REALITIES - The foregoing examples illustrate a harmonious scenario or logical sequence of realities as effective guide in character building and implementation of plan. However, sometime realties could appear very disorderly due to conflicting perceptions and beliefs of different individuals or sectors of the community about problems and solution to the results of actual projects and programs implementation, hence, the need for a contingency plan to meet adequately the unpredicted realities and events.

    VITO F. BRUSAS Ph. D. Student CBSUA, San Jose, Pili, CamSur

    politicos.How they can still look at people straight in the eye and get

    excited being described as honorable gentlemen is hard to understand. Conscience they have but a rotten conscience.

    Gone were the days when politicians had strong party loyalty, when they would stick to their party through thick and thin.That glory days had ended when the two-party system was replaced by the multi-party system and hell broke loose.

    It is believed that the multi-party system had put the coffin nail on party loyalty. After the demise of the two-party system, political butterflies had emerged from nowhere, celebrating the new era by flirting from one party to another.

    Can you trust these people with their questionable party loyalty, their fleeting political romance?

    When an elective official is charged with wrongdoing, who should be blamed? When a public official reneges on his oath to be faithful to the law of the land, not to use his position for personal gain, who should be blamed?

    That is disloyalty to the country.With countless of them walking in the corridors of power and

    facing various charges in court, it is safe to assume that they have violated their oath of loyalty to the country.

    Throw them into the burning furnace.That is too inhuman and our people whose hearts bleed for the wrongdoers wont allow it But they have to be penalized if very lightly. Disloyalty which is treachery has to be stopped, nipped in the bud, so to speak.

    But even if there is that law to scare the cuprits,it wont serve the purpose. In the first place, lawmakers who are the most guilty will not give their nod.That is against their interest.

    The anti-dynasty bill is an example. The bill has been avoided like a plague. Nobody in the legislature would touch it with a ten-foot pole.

    The Freedom of Information bill is another. Solons are not in a hurry to give it life.

    In the old days,there were quite a number of honorable public officials, statesmen, to apthly describe them, Today, they are endangered species.Also in the old days, party loyalty was a much valued virtue.. Toiday, it has been consigned to oblivion.

    a question of privilege . . .

    Total sales in this years Orgullo kan Bikol (OKB)-GayonBikol Regional Trade and Travel Fair only reached P13.3 million, P2.2 million short of the P15.5 sales re-cord last year.

    Despite this, the De-partment of Trade and Industry(DTI) vowed to con-tinue to support Bicolano en-trepreneurs.

    OKB will continue to support Bicol MSMEs and will find new markets for them. The event has become more than just an annual marketing event. It is evolving into a socio-cultural affair. We aim to improve the sales perfor-mance as we go along, Engr. Chito Aguilar, DTI

    OK Bikol 2015 Sales Dipregional division chief said.

    Now on its 19th year, this years event was participated in by 111 exhibitors from all over the region 30 from Albay, 12 from Camarines Norte, 21 from Camarines Sur, 11 from Catanduanes, 9 from Masbate and 25 from Sorsogon.

    It also featured 38 new entrepreneurs and 162 new products which the DTI helped develop.

    In the next couple of years, the OKBikol is envisioned to be turned over by the DTI to the OKB Association Inc. as the trade body sees more opportunities in the horizon with the ASEAN integration. -- fpj

    lEni at oKBVice Presidential candidate Leni G. Robredo took time out to drop by the booth of the Burikbutikan Artists Collective, Inc. at the SM Megatrade Hall at Megamall during the 19th OK Bikol where the art groups partici-pation was made possible courtesy of the DTI.

  • Bikol reporter 5octoBer 18-24, 2015

    homar murillo

    tip of aniceBergEmail: [email protected]

    IdeolohiyaKun uugkuron, mayo ni saro man sa mga nagdadanay na

    partido political ngonyan sa Pilipinas an masasabing existido por dahil sa ideolohiya or hararom na prinsipyo. Sabi ngani sa sarong nabasa ko na column, an Communist Party of the Philippines na lang daa an masasabing tunay na partidong pulitikal na ugwang ipinaglalabang prinsipyo.

    An gabos na dominanteng partidong pulitikal ngonyan ginigibo na lang na behikulo kan mga pulitiko sa pang-sadiring interes. An pinaka rason kaini iyo an multi-party system na lalong nagpaurog kan patronage politics na kun saen an personal na utang na boot an minadanay. Ginagamit kan dakol na mga pulitiko an direktang poder, karisma, yaman asin suhol para magkaugwa nin utang na boot sainda an mga botante. Bako man sa prinsipyo o mga isyung pang sosyodad an nagigin sentro nin urulay.

    Por dahil na ngani ta madalion lang ang mag-guibo o maglipat nin partido, mayo man nin disiplina an mga pulitiko. Garo lang mga alibangbang na palipat-lipat nin burak. Kun saen lang konbenyente duman sinda. Kada pulitiko ngonyan na makandidato sa padangadang na eleksyon mawot daang magserbisyo sa banwaan na garo baga sinda lang an ugwang lehitimong kakayahan.

    Tano baga an pagserbi sa banwaan magiguibo sana kun ika nakatukaw sa pwesto? Ano baga ta garo diit lang an gustong magpahunod lalo na pag-abot sa mga halangkaw na posisyong pang nasyonal? Iyo, tama na diretso ninda an magkandidato alagad risado man an kadaklan sainda na pansadiring interes man lang an motibasyon ninda kun tano makandidato. An pagheling ninda sa posisyon sa gobyerno oportunidad bakong responsibilidad na nangangaipuhan nin sakripisyo. Para sa kadakling mga TRAPO, an pulitika sarong negosyo na pwedeng ipamana sa agom, aki, makuapo, tugang o minsan ngani pati sa kabit.

    Anong klaseng ideolohiya man nangad ugwa an kadakli sa satong mga pulitiko? Ideolohiya kayang maaapod an patronage politics? Ideolihiya kaya na masasabi an denistiyang pulitikal na garo pigsusudo-sudo an prinsipyo kan demokrasya? Pinapatubod kita na mga botante asin ordinaryong namamanwaan na ugwa daang demokrasya sa Pilipinas alagad pano ta masasabi na ini totoo kun kapot lang kan nagkakapirang pamilya ang poder asin kayamanan kan satong nasyon? Kun babasehan ngani an datos kan NEDA asin Credit Suisse kan year 2000, kinakalkula na haros otsenta porsyento (80%) kan yaman kan satong nasyon pagsasadiri kan nakakataas na dyes porsyento (10%) sana kan populasyon. Bako man makasorpresa na ining dyes porsyento na ini kinababalihan kan mga pamilyang negosyante asin kadsairi nin mga darakulang haciendas na kun bako man na political clan, dukot sa mga poderosong pulitiko. Ini totoo lalong-lalo na sa mga rural areas na kun saen dakulang porsyon kan populasyon an pobre na haros mayong makakan.

    Marhay kuta an intensyon kan multi-party asin party-list system na tawan nin mas dakulang oportunidad an mga iba-ibang sektores kan sosyodad na marginalized. Alagad an sistemang ini naaabuso asin nagigin personal na gatasan lang kan mga darakulang pulitiko. Puera sa mga midbid na political parties, dakol sa mga party-list groups an konektado asin dummies lang kan mga TRAPO. Mga paimbabaw lang an ideolohiyang dinadara ninda. An kadakli ngani sa mga ini regionalism lang an ideolohiya.

    Kan nakakaaging October 16, 2015 si huring aldaw kan pag sumite nin certificates of candidacy (CoC). Uminabot daa sa 130 na persona an nag-sumite nin CoC para sa posisyon nin pagka-presidente. Dakol man an mga nagpasali asin makaulok ta garo daa mga bua-bua arog sana kan saro na nagpabistong Intergalactic Earth Ambassador. Garo kangngiritan lang an mga inaapod na nuisance candidates. Hinuhuna tan a mga kapay lang sinda. Alagad siisay baga talaga an tunay na kapay? Sinda kaya na mga nuisance candidates o itong mga kurakot na pulitiko na nakapay na sa pagkapot nin poder? O baka man kaya kitang mga botanteng padagos na naboto sa mga TRAPO asin sa mga pamoso alagad incompetent na mga kandidato?

    DA launches project to make DEBESMSCATcenter for Agri-Development in Masbate

    sM villagESM and its donors turned over the 2nd SM Cares Village for the survivors of Typhoon yolanda ( Haiyan ) last October 3, 2015 in Concepcion, Ilo-ilo. The village has 200 disaster- resilient houses and will be given to selected beneficiaries for free. The project is fully privately funded with donations coming from SM and its tenants, business

    partners, suppliers, employees, and communities where an SM mall operates. The 1 hectare lot where the villages stands, was domated by the family of Roberto and Gloria Tirol and the NGO partner for community development is the Jaro Archdiocesan Social Action Center, Inc. (JASACI).

    Mandaon, Masbate the department of agri-culture regional office in Bi-col and the debesMsCat based here sealed a pact on october 13, to make the state college the center for agricultural development in the province of Masbate. over 600 participants com-posed of students, parents, farmers, barangay captains, rural based organization presidents, DA officials led by engr. abelardo R. bra-gas and Rtd elena b. delos santos and debesMsCat staff headed by President erwin Malto attended the event. also present were acting Governor Vincent Homer Revil, 2nd district Congresswoman elisa Kho, ako bikol Partylist repre-sentative Rodel M. bato-cabe, mayor Kristine salve Hao-Kho of Mandaon, Mayor Rowena tuason of Masbate City. 3rd district Cong. scott davis Lanete was represented by General darius tuason Jr., while the Municipal agriculturist of san Fernando, Masbate Floricel Lim represented the 1st district Congresswoman Maria Vida e. bravo.

    This four-year project which will be implemented from 2015 to 2019 is an ini-tiative of DA Bicol Regional Executive Director Abelardo R. Bragas, the first of its kind in the region and even in the country. Director Bragas said that the project aims to show-case agriculture not only as a mere supplier of food, but as a major income earner by pro-moting agribusiness and agri-enterprise techniques, through provision of farm machineries and equipment, conduct of trainings and establishment of 15 different 1-hectare techno demo farms.

    Director Bragas revealed that another reason for this concept is the provinces pov-erty situation, Masbate being one of the countrys poorest provinces, and the youths de-clining interest in agriculture courses as evidenced by the critical drop in number of en-rollees in agriculture courses over the past years.

    farM MachinEs turn-ovErDr. Erwin Malto, Congresswoman Elisa Kho, AKB Party list Congressman Rodel Batocabe, Gov. Vince Revil, Mayor Rowena Tuason of Masbate City, Mayor Kristine Hao of Mandaon, DA RTD Elena delos Santos and Regional Director Abelardo Bragas attended the turn over of P8.3M worth of farm machineries and agricultural inputs to DEBESMSCAT.

    DEBESMSCAT is the sec-ond largest state college in the Philippines next to Antique in terms of land area, (and also has the longest name Dr. Emilio B. Espinosa Sr. Me-morial State College of Agri-culture and Technology). Its 3,668 hectare land area gives it the greatest potential to show-case agricultural development through quality production and enhanced agri-enterprises and ultimately serve as ser-vice provider for the farmers within its area.

    Investing in a depressed area for the students from poverty stricken families, who will be the future farmers and agriculturists, according to Hon. Rodel Batocabe, AKB Partylist representative, is a brilliant initiative as this will help in furtherance of food security.

    Initially, over P8.4 M worth of farm machineries and equipment, inputs and planting materials were turned over to DEBESMSCAT during the launching. These included a 4 Wheel Drive Tractor worth P2.4 M, hand tractors, palay thresher, rice drum seeder, transplanter, sacks of hybrid palay seeds and Green Super Rice seed, corn grits mill, cas-sava granulator, corn sheller,

    corn planter, hammer mill and cassava stalks, power spray-ers, drums, power tiller, shal-low tube well, incubator and 50 heads native chicken, 300 heads ducks, 100 pcs grafted pili, 40 bags organic fertilizer, and assorted vegetable seeds. As expected, more projects will be implemented that will enhance the skills and capa-bilities of the students, which will greatly equip them in tak-ing the Licensure Examina-tion for Agriculture.

    Half of the income from this project will be used to fi-nance succeeding production cycles while the half shall be given as school allowance of the initial 175 students who will be involved in the proj-ect.

    Director Bragas said that exposing the students to mechanization and teaching them to operate them will en-hance their skills extensively as compared with just learn-ing the theories. He also em-phasized the important role of research and extension, one of the mandates of DE-BESMSCAT, in helping farm-ers cope with the fast chang-ing times, especially that the Philippines is lagging behind other giant countries in ag-ricultural development. DE-

    BESMSCAT President Erwin Malto affirmed this saying that the benefits of the project will be radiated to the neighboring communities by research and extension programs.

    Aside from the above men-tioned interventions, the DA also conducted technology demonstrations and seminars on production practices of various commodities, soil sampling and soil analysis and organic agriculture which were reinforced by the exhib-its of the five banner programs of the department, showcas-ing new technologies, and the technologies generated by DEBESMSCAT.

    Support from the provin-cial, congressional and mu-nicipal governments poured out to DEBESMSCAT during the launching. Acting gov-ernor Vicente Homer Revil brought with him the check worth P255,000 as financial support to 51 scholars. Con-gresswoman Elisa Kho of the second district announced that even from the start of her term, she has strongly lobbied for a high budget for the school, that is why for 2015, a total of P108 million was allocated for the DEBESMSCAT under the GAA. She is also strongly lobbying for the approval of

    the DEBESMSCAT to be the lone state university in Masbate comes 2016. Mayor Kristine Salve Hao-Kho of Mandaon, donated a building inside the campus to serve as students dorm. While mayor Rowena Tuason of Masbate City donat-ed a 1-hectare area in Masbate City to be the site for the satel-lite campus in the city.

    Congresswoman Maria Vida Bravo was represented by San Fernando Municipal Agriculturist Floricel Lim. In

    her speech she extended her gratitude to the DA for the un-ending support to her district. She also said that DEBESM-SCAT is very close to her heart as this was named after her grandfather Dr. Emilio Bartolabac Espinosa, hence she committed her full sup-port to DEBESMSCAT.

    Director Bragas was ac-companied by all the division chiefs and program coordina-tors of the DA regional office. -Lovella P. Guarin

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    Child labor report in CNorte Unfair - DOLE, LGUs

    targEt EfficiEncY JMTS/DANREy/RBMJR/MMECReg. Dir. Ma. Dolores D. Salud, Chief-Human Resource Specialist of the Civil Service Commission Region V personally conducted a workshop on human response level of excellence to CamSur targeting HR System on Performance Management Systems (PMS) upon direct instruction from Gov. Migz Villafuerte to all section chiefs and assistant chiefs of the different offices of the provincial capitol to undergo such training in order to harness the optimum efficiency of the provincial personnel.

    daet, CaMaRines noRte -- the Child Labor incidence report of the Hu-man rights Group organiza-tion (HRWo), although rec-ognized by doLe bicol, was in reality, may just be too much.

    This was coined by most of the Mayors of the LGUs concerned during the meeting initiated by DOLE Bicol in the Province of Camarines Norte and Masbate, two (2) days after the HRWO publicized its report on national media.

    "The way we (DOLE) and the LGUs sees it, in a simple sense, the figures shown in said child labor incidence, had some discrepancies. They should have first heard our side to know what we have done" DOLE Regional Office No. V (DOLE Bicol) asst. reg. dir. and Officer-In-Charge Atty. Ma. Karina Perida-Trayvilla said after personally conducting the immediate on-site ocular validation and meetings with the Local Chief Executives of LGU Jose Panganiban, LGU Labo and LGU Paracale Cama-rines Norte.

    Also, a separate DOLE Bi-col team was deployed in LGU Aroroy, Masbate to conduct a similar on-site verification and possible profiling of the alleged child laborers in the said prov-ince as featured in the HRWO report.

    After said verifications, DOLE Bicol stressed that the tri-medias interpretation and the report of the Human Rights Watch Organization could have been overly emphasized but still DOLE Bicol said that it may become our basis in our future interventions if they (HRWO) would work hand-in-hand with us and provide us with their list of child labor-ers.

    It was also emphasized by DOLE Bicol and the LGUs concerned, that the HRWO may have been 'rushed' into saying that the government is failing to protect the children who dig and dive for gold, since there have been numerous activities and various Ordinances in the Province, Municipal and Ba-rangay levels, created, passed and implemented prohibiting and protecting children from all sorts of child labor particu-larly on engaging in mining activities and banning the use of harmful substances such as mercury.

    Apparently , DOLE Bicol with the help of the LGUs con-

    cerned specially in Camarines Norte and Masbate, have been waging its continuous WAR AGAINST Child Labor which reached its peak in 2011 and in which its major activities was witnessed personally by the Hon. DOLE Secretary Rosal-inda Dimapilis-Baldoz.

    Its activities have contrib-uted greatly in lowering the incidence of child labor in said areas and these incidences captured by the HRWO now, may have been part of the new cases.

    We have already covered the major Barangays in these municipalities. But we (DOLE) recognize this report on these Barangays thus our immediate action to investigate and pro-file the alleged child laborers covered by said report DOLE Bicol Officer-In-Charge Atty. Ma. Karina Perida-Trayvilla said assuring.

    In Jose Panganiban, Cama-rines Norte, DOLE Bicol alone, has already released a total of P1.2M livelihood project to 202 identified parents of child laborers some years back and is scheduled to release this year, another P689,746000 for the DOLE Kabuhayan Starter Kits (DKSK) livelihood project to 102 identified parents of Child Laborers and an expectedly higher amount for the "Bang-kabuhayan" Project. Also, a Municipal Child Labor Council (MCLC) have long been estab-lished by the LGU and DOLE to prevent and protect children from mining and has laid down plans to implement long term solutions such as proposed amendment of Municipal Or-dinance No. 030-2002 which bans the employment of chil-dren 15-years below in Small Scale Mining and the proposed re-conversion of the 24-hectare mining site in Brgy. Sta. Mi-lagrosa to its former state as a fishpond. The pond shall be used for dispersing fingerlings which will serve as an alterna-tive livelihood for miners and 5-hectares shall be reclaimed and converted to a "Pabahay" program.

    According to LGU Jose Panganiban, the mining site in Brgy. Sta. Milagrosa by virtue of said municipal ordinance, have been raided several times, confiscating compressors used in compressor mining and pro-hibiting "Pagkakabod". How-ever, despite these interven-tions and massive efforts by the LGU and livelihood grants by DOLE Bicol, the prohib-

    ited mining still operates in the background.

    In Brgy. Malaya, Labo, Camarines Norte, the 11-year old minor aliased "Anthony" featured by the HRWO to have dropped out of school to engage in Gold Panning or "Pagkakabod" was located and interviewed by DOLE Bicol. "Anthony" said that contrary to the report, he is actually going to school and is only engaging in "Pagkakabod" as some sort of 'apprenticeship' to his father during Saturdays or Sundays. It was in this instance that the HRWO documentation hap-pened thus capturing his actual "Pagkakabod". With the help of the Philippine Army, DOLE Bicol has started profiling the alleged actual Child Laborers in the area for the provision of an alternative livelihood to the parents. LGU Labo has also deployed its personnel for the immediate response on the re-port of awful water condition on said area.

    "Since the community are more at ease with the army than us, we requested their help to pin-point the real number of

    from my window . . .candidates and not yet about the candidates for Vice President who are equally important. It is important to know the qualifications, plan and goals for the country because they are just a step away from the presidency. What can we expect from them?

    The first to register his certificate of candidacy for Vice President, together with President Jejomar C. Binay of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) is Sen. Gregorio Honasan of Sorsogon, popularly known as the army colonel Gringo Honasan. He graduated from the Philippine Military Academy.

    At a news conference, Sen. Honasan said: Can you imagine how providence has worked in the case of the Vice President and myself, reminding reporters that they were on opposite sides during the coup attempts against Cory Aquino in the 1990 with his Reform the Armed Forces Movement. We were hunting each other. Now we found each other. We were fighting for a principle, he said.

    Sen. Honasan said he is for healing and unification on such issues as finally burying the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, whose remains are at the Marcos Mauseleum in Ilocos Norte province. Bury once and for all this culture of anger, hatred and vindictiveness. Give everybody due process.

    No, they are not afraid of going head on with the administrations resource driven campaign, adding they would focus on poverty alleviation, employment and security.

    Our dream is to go home in a country that is safe, strong and free. Anybody who gets in the way no matter how high you are, especialy if you are a criminal element, we have track record to implement.

    Honasan made it clear he and Binay would go after criminals and those involved in corruption.

    * * * * *On Vice Presidential candidate Atty. Leni Robredo of the Liberal

    Party, she has always said she will continue the legacy of her late husband DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo on good governance. I only wonder why she has an alliance with a candidate for Governor who has no award on the Seal of Good Governance against the candidate who has these awards.

    By the way, the Liberal Party in the province does not have a line-up of candidates for the local positions. It has no candidate for Governer and Vice Governor. Who will carry Sec. Mar Roxas candidacy? Leni Robredo has an alliance with the Nationalista Party which is for Grace Poe. Robredo said on radio that she will be the one to campaign for Roxas. Thats a big job in a province twice the size of Albay and Sorsogon.

    * * * * *Sen. Bongbong Marcos, another candidate for Vice President

    said he wants to be judged based on his performace as Governor of Ilocos Norte and as a Senator. He said he will focus on the economic problem of the country and peace aqnd order. He criticized the unsolved traffic management problem and the prevailing criminality in the country.

    * * * * *On Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes IV,

    their greatest accomplishments is as destroyer of reputation of VP Binay and his family thru trial by publicity. If they have evidence against the Vice President, they should charge him in court because only the Court can render judgment and not the Senate. Their intention is for political interest. What have they done for Bicol?

    alBayanos . . .

    34), which covers the August 29, 2015 to September 4, 2015 period, which has the highest number of dengue cases among the 4 morbidity weeks (MW 32, MW 33, MW 34 and MW 35) in the clustering of cases that occurred from January 1 to September 28, this year. It was in these 4 weeks when dengue was reported to be at its peak.

    The MW 34 has 21 cases: Brgy. Concepcion Grande, 1; Concepcion Pequea , 4; Cara-rayan, 4; San Felipe, 3; Lerma, 1 and Del Rosario, 2.

    In MW 32, Triangulo, Cara-rayan, and Lerma have 2 cases each and one each for Concep-cion Grande and Del Rosario while Lerma has 2 and one each for Concepcion Pequea, Triangulo, and Del Rosario in MW 33. In MW 35, Concep-cion Pequea has 5, Concep-cion Grande, 4; 1 each for Ler-ma, San Felipe, and Cararayan.

    The report also said that out of 206 cases, 58% or 120 were male while 22% or 45 of the 206, which are under the age group of 15 to 19, had the most number of cases.

    Of the twenty-seven baran-gays, 24 were affected. Listed with the highest number of cas-es were: Concepcion Pequea, 30; Cararayan, 22; San Felipe,

    dengue campaign . . .22 and Del Rosario, 18. No in-cidence of dengue was noted in the barangays of Abella, Di-naga, and San Isidro.

    The barangays that are dengue-affected, as of Sept. 28, 2015 have been identified, as follows: Concepcion Pequena, 30; Cararayan and San Fe-lipe, 22 each; Del Rosario, 18; Concepcion Grande, 15; Sta. Cruz and Triangulo, each has 11; Calauag and Lerma, 10 each; Bagumbayan Sur and Liboton, 8 each; Balatas and Dayangdang, 6 each; Pa-col, 5; Carolina, Tinago, and Bagumbayan Norte, 4 each; Peafrancia, 3; Mabolo, Sa-bang, Tabuco, 2 each; Ig-ualdad, Panicuason, and San Francisco, 1 each.

    Onza said the next dispatch on dengue cases will be made within this month of October 2015.

    alleged child laborers in Brgy. Malaya and from there we will see what livelihood we can of-fer. However, let me reiterate, if the HRWO can lend us their list, then itll be much easier and faster for us to make our intervention" DOLE Bicol Of-ficer-In-Charge Trayvilla said.

    rose among the thorns. She is incredibly hardworking, intel-ligent and pro-poor. She takes ten-hour bus rides even when plane rides are more conve-nient. She is the only congress-man I know who goes to the most remote areas regularly all year-round and allows true peo-ple's participation," Sy said.

    Definitely, she added, Robre-do will contribute immensely to Roxas' campaign, as people will easily spot a true gem in her.

    I am seeing an easy win for her, which is indeed a victory for our country, Sy added.

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    PDA steps up fight vs rabies

    DSWD to Geotag Kalahi CIDSS projects in Bicol

    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUALDAD PAWNSHOP, Cor. Igualdad Ext. & J. Hernandez Ave., Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from MAy 1-31, 2015 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on NOVEMBER 03, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until OCTOBER 28, 2015 only. THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: OCTOBER 4 and 18, 2015

    noticE to thE puBlicauction salE/suBasta

    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLOR-ER PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St., Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from MAy 1-31, 2015 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on NOVEMBER 03, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until OCTOBER 28, 2015 only. THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: OCTOBER 4 and 18, 2015

    noticE to thE puBlicauction salE/suBasta

    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga City, pawned from MAy 1-31, 2015 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on NOVEMBER 03, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until OCTOBER 28, 2015 only. THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: OCTOBER 4 and 18, 2015

    noticE to thE puBlicauction salE/suBasta

    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga City, pawned from MAy 1-31, 2015 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on NOVEMBER 03, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until OCTOBER 28, 2015 only. THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: OCTOBER 4 and 18, 2015

    noticE to thE puBlicauction salE/suBasta

    All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWN-JEWEL PAWNSHOP & JEWELRy STORE, Bichara Mall corner J. Hernandez & Gen. Luna Sts., Naga City, pawned from MAy 1-31, 2015 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on NOVEMBER 03, 2015 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.

    Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until OCTOBER 28, 2015 only. THE MANAGEMENTBIKOL REPORTERPublished: OCTOBER 4 and 18, 2015

    noticE to thE puBlicauction salE/suBasta

    agusan visitorsDelegates from the Province of Agusan Del Sur visit Naga City to learn the citys People Empowerment Programs and the Naga City Investment and Trade Promotion.


    san Jose, Camarines sur --- in keeping up with the mandate of Republic act 9482 or the anti-Rabies act of 2007, the Partido develop-ment administration (Pda) enjoined the participation of all stakeholders from the ten municipalities of the fourth congressional district of Ca-marines sur in a series of anti-rabies ieC and advo-cacy drives dubbed as Rabies awareness Caravan.

    Starting off Monday in this town, the caravan kicked off with more than 79 baran-gay leaders, barangay tanods, municipal agricultural offi-cers (MAO), personnel of the Municipal Health Office and Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP) present to help raise community awareness on the

    dangers of rabies.The said activity is an off-

    shoot of the earlier similar ini-tiatives conducted in early July by members of PDA and De-partment of Health (DOH) in response to the alarming report of 11 fatalities or 20 percent of the 54 deaths listed from 2010-2015 due to rabies, came from the Partido area.

    Organizers have already scheduled their visit in other municipalities included in the district-wide information edu-cation campaign (IEC) : Ti-gaon (Oct.13), Goa (Oct.14), Sagnay (Oct.19), Lagonoy (Oct. 15), Presentacion (Oct. 20), Caramoan (Oct. 21), Siruma (Oct. 29), Garchitorena (Oct.22) and Tinambac on Oc-tober 27.

    Rabies, though fatal, is preventable through proper awareness and responsible dog ownership. Most of the rabies carriers are stray dogs

    and cats that were either left by their owners to freely roam the streets or abandoned animals that feed themselves on dirty leftovers.

    Rabies is a virus spread through the saliva of an in-fected animal, usually through bites.

    Rep.e Wimpy Fuentebella of the fourth congressional dis-trict, reiterated the importance of wider and proper informa-tion dissemination regarding rabies. He also urged LGU representatives to submit their proposed projects, particularly those that would enhance the barangays capability to carry out anti-rabies program so that he can properly channel avail-able funding for its realization.

    Also at the helm of the said caravan are the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Interior and Local Govern-ment (DILG), and the Local Government Units (LGUs).

    the department of social Welfare and development (dsWd) will geotag 3,803 community sub-projects con-structed from 2002 to present for greater transparency in Kapit-bisig Laban sa Kahi-rapan Comprehensive and integrated delivery of social services (Kalahi-Cidss), a dsWd program that seeks to help alleviate poverty through community-driven develop-ment (Cdd).

    The location information of the geotagged photos of com-munity sub-projects will be available in a Kalahi-CIDSS web application once uploaded. Geotagging of these sub-proj-ects is expected to be completed by the end of year and soon will be shared to the public once all information is completely up-loaded.

    More than 1,000 DSWD field staffs deployed in 101 municipalities and 2,902 baran-gays will be trained on Geotag-ging. They will use their mobile phones as their Geotagging devices. They will be trained

    on the following Geotagging workflow: data collection, capturing images using global positioning system (GPS) and uploading the data in the cloud storage.

    Moreover, some DSWD employees were already trained last October 7-8, 2015 held at Legazpi City who will be train-ers in their respective areas of assignment.

    In Kalahi-CIDSS, this tech-nology will be also used for the verification and approval of sub-projects, progress supervi-sion and operation and mainte-nance activities.

    DSWD has initially geo-tagged 156 out of the 3,803 community sub-projects where 110 of which are already pub-lished on the Kalahi-CIDSS web application.

    According to World Bank, one of the development partners of DSWD, Geotagging is an in-novative and practical tool and considered as a Best Practice in sub-project transparencies and total public disclosure.

    CDD puts power back in the hands of the people by giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions on locally identified options for develop-ment and manage resources to implement sub-projects that ad-dress needs identified by com-munities themselves.

    Sub-projects refer to the community projects that are implemented through Kalahi-CIDSS. The program follows an open menu system, wherein communities will choose what sub-projects will answer their prioritized needs. These are ba-sic services sub-projects, basic access infrastructures, commu-nity common services facilities, environmental protection and conservation and skills training and capability building.

    The operations of the CDD approach expanded into a na-tional scale, which was tried and proven effective by Kalahi-CIDSS. 101 poor municipalities in Bicol are under its expansion from 2014 to 2019 with a total of grant of Php4, 497,448,178.

    Irene Solmirano, Entrepinay Legazpi City Chapter president, said Robredo's decision to be the vice presidential running mate of Mar Roxas was, indeed, a hard one.

    "She would be sacrificing her personal and family inter-ests. But the challenge of ser-vice, quality and sincere one, to the country and her fellow Fili-pinos, especially those wearing 'tsinelas' and are at the 'laylayan',

    alBayanos . . . is worth facing -- bravely. Leni has the heart of a mother, the untiring spirit of a head of the family, the ability and charisma to win hearts and the caring and loving eye for one's neighbor as taught by God," she said.

    The civil society organi-zation leader said Robredo will be the country's next vice president, an unblemished one, adding, "and, who knows, af-ter six years, we will have the first Bicolano president -- and a woman at that!"

    Father Jovic Lobrigo said It is a welcome development when a non-trapo and reluctant candidate with solid qualifica-tions, both personal and profes-sional, comes forward. Im sure the Filipino electorates will support her.

    Jose Briones, a tourism of-ficer, said in spite of her being young in politics, Robredo will be able to carry on easily as a vice president in case she gets elected.

    "Her knowledge as a law-yer and the experiences she learned from her late husband, Secretary Jesse Robredo, as city mayor of Naga, who was hailed as an outstanding leader in government service, would be sufficient in mak-ing her get inspired in paving the direction of her political career smoothly and easily," Briones said.

    A university Political Sci-ence professor, he said, the Camarines Sur lawmaker has an edge over the other VP as-pirants due to the following characteristics: She is a woman, single mother, simple living, fully educated.

    The women's vote will go to her, Briones said.

    "When she talks of Tuwid na Daan, she comes across with integrity. She has never been tainted with corruption, in fact, she offered free legal services during her stint in the private sector," he add-ed.

    She practices what she talks about, rides the bus when she goes home to Naga, and main-

    tains her simplicity, honesty and sincerity, Briones said.

    "Given this, it's Grace and Leni in 2016," he added, how-ever.

    Marcial Tuanqui, a member of the Albay Chamber of Com-merce and Industry, said, "It's an excellent choice of the LP as she represents what the 'Matu-wid na Daan' programs stands for as well as hers and Jesse Robredo's."

  • BorJa: DEnguE caMpaign "pa MorE"BIKOL REPORTER

    REgIOnaL ExPOnEnT fOR PROgREss

    outstanding local newspaperfor five consecutive years by the st. peter

    Baptist catholic mass media awards

    8 octoBer 18-24, 2015lps caMnortE teamVice presidential candidate and CamSur 3rd District Congresswoman Leni G. Robredo (center) raises the hand of (L to R) Marisol Panotes, candidate for the 2nd District of

    CamNorte, Jojo Unico, 1st District of CamNorte, 1st District Congresswoman Catherine Barcelona-Reyes, for Governor of CamNorte and Daet Mayor Tto S. Sarion for Vice Governor.

    sM caBanatuan opEningMayor Cesar Vergara (second from left), and Vice Mayor Jolly Garcia (second from right) both cut the ceremonial ribbon marking the new SM Cabanatuan. They are joined by Mrs. Felicidad T. Sy (SM Prime Holdings, Inc. President Hans T. Sy, (left), SM Supermarket Vice Chairman Herbert T. Sy and Most Reverend Roberto Mallari. The new SM, located in Barangay H. Concepcion along Maharlika Highway, is expected to serve shoppers in Cabanatuan and nearby towns in Nueva Ecija, the largest province of Central Luzon in its 153,756 square- meter five level mall.

    SM City Cabanatuan opensshoppers in nueva ecija have more

    shopping, leisure, and entertainment ex-citement to look forward to when sM City Cabanatuan opens its doors to the public on Friday, october 9, 2015. it is sM Primes 53rd supermall, and the second in nueva ecija after sM Megacenter Cabanatuan, which opened in april this year.

    Located on a four- hectare site in Baran-gay H. Concepcion along Maharlika High-way, the 153,756 square- meter five level mall will serve shoppers in Cabanatuan and nearby towns in Nueva Ecija, the largest province of Central Luzon, which is one of the top pro-ducers of agricultural products in the coun-try.

    SM City Cabanatuan will be a landmark in this highly urbanized city with a bold, dynamic prismatic aluminum clad feature curved wall that creates a vivid focal point with a strategi-

    cally located entrance for convenient access. The SM Store and SM Supermarket are the

    malls major retail anchors, leading the way with SM mainstays like the SM Appliance Center, ACE Hardware, Watsons, Surplus, and the Body Shop. Theres more shopping fun ahead as global brands Philip Stein, Guess, Guess Kids, The Face Shop, Melissa, and Ed Hardy open together with well loved local brand Human within the year.

    The mall will also have six digital cinemas, including a Large Screen Cinema that can ac-commodate 507 guests in a stadium much like that of the IMAX Theater. Amusement areas like Kidzoona and Sports Zone; and wellness outlets like Laybare and Body Tune Spa com-plete the malling experience.

    For customer convenience, the mall will have 2,058 parking slots and 476 motorcycle parking slots.

    Dr. BORJA

    Cong. ROBREDO

    albayanosfor lenias vp

    LeGaZPi CitY -- six out of ten albayanos claim Camarines sur Rep. Leni Robredo is the woman to beat among the four bicolanos aspiring for the vice presidential post.

    Majority of those inter-viewed by the Philippines News Agency Tuesday said they welcome Robredos de-cision to be the running mate of Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party presidential standard bearer.

    Several others expressed

    naGa CitY the City epidemiology and surveil-lance Unit (CesU) of the City Health Office here has recorded 206 cases of dengue from January 1 to septem-ber 28 this year, or a 73% in-crease as there were only 119 cases registered for the same period in 2014.

    The figure was summed up from reports from the Bicol Medical Center, Mother Seton Hospital and St. John Hospital,

    all based in this city, being the recognized medical institutions by the Department of Health as sentinel hospitals, from which the data on dengue cases can officially be culled for purposes of establishing trends.

    No death due to dengue was recorded in the reports dis-patched to CESU by any of the 3 medical institutions.

    City Health Officer Dr. Vito C. Borja II said the current status of dengue cases in the

    city suggests that the campaign against the disease should be intensified further. He also urged the public to show seri-ousness in undertaking the gov-ernments drive against dengue through the 4 oclock habit.

    The habit is best practiced by using the stop, look and listen method, of which the preliminaries include mapping out high-risk areas in a com-munity, organizing teams that will undertake critical response

    activities, and establishing a system of communication for better coordination.

    Stop means discontinu-ing everything and focusing on certain tasks for mosquito control. By 4 p.m., teams must look for the breeding sites of dengue-carrying mosquitoes and conduct systematic search and destroy activities to elimi-nate them.

    Listen requires heeding the instructions from health

    personnel, community lead-ers or barangay volunteers for a coordinated implementation of the 4 oclock habit, which could be done either on a daily or weekly basis, depending upon the prevailing resources and capability.

    In her report to Borja, CESU Disease Surveillance Officer-Designate Maria Divina Cora-zon Onza said that it was the 34th morbidity week (or MW

    doubts, however, that she would win over other Bicolano aspirants who are either more experienced, moneyed or have political networks.

    Among the Bicolano vice presidential bets. Rep. Leni lives and symbolizes everything that is good and honorable in being a Bicolano. Personal accounts of ordinary people in the region have been consistent that Leni is Bicolandias overwhelming choice. As her colleague in the House of Representatives, I am the least surprised by this well spring of support, Rep. Grex Lagman (LP, Albay 1st Dist.)

    said in a phone interview,Dr. Ofelia Samar Sy said

    in a text message, "She is Bicol's greatest contribution to our country's political sys-tem's booming reputation. She is not just the typical Da-vid defeating Goliath during her successful congressional bid against a political king-pin, but she is an extraordi-nary down-to-earth person who is not a politician but a true public servant."

    She said Leni would truly stand out among the five vice-presidentiables, three of whom are from Bicol and one has a wife who is also from Bicol.

    "She is truly an exemplary

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