IoT Eindhoven Iskander Smit - Civic City

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  • Iskander Smit




    Research & valorisation with Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesSleeve that create an Internet of TouchPhotography by Local Androids, Model Leonie Baauw

  • Stampions

    Connected stamps to explore industrial heritage

  • making IoT work

    connectable .io

  • Smart product Smart home Smart city Smart life

  • Kies een leuke achtergrondkleur

  • Product stories

    Hello Lamppost

  • The Civic City TKI Nieuwe Winkelstraat


  • The approach

    Expert seminar

    Problem definition





  • Werkwijze

  • Grote titel van twee regelsOndertitel van maximaal 1 regel

  • Prototype

  • WoeWe

    Het wijkhuisdier van Woensel West

  • Base Children

  • I have some food left over. Who want it?

  • Whats next

  • Leveraging the results

    Detailing Woewe design

    Find partners to build

    Offering: The Civic City Kickstart

  • The Civic City Kickstart

    From spark to prototype for that one neighbourhood,

    in just one week!

    Involve the people, create interesting smartness

  • Thanks!

    11 February 2016www.civiccity.nlIskander Smit