A-wearable hackathon introduction - Iskander Smit

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Text of A-wearable hackathon introduction - Iskander Smit

  • A-wearable sensing data#hack010 Iskander Smit labs.info.nl

  • AMS


  • Kies een leuke achtergrondkleur

  • 4 decades of internet

  • > 1994: information, the hyperlink > 2004: people, social relations > 2014: daily life, things > 2024: the self, neuro

  • internet of daily life

  • wearables are connecting the things and the self

  • Madeline Gannon, madlab.cc

  • Human partners with tech partners with human

  • Augmented humans


  • Kies een leuke achtergrondkleur

  • Augmented via interfaces


  • [Tekstslide]

  • [Tekstslide]

  • [Tekstslide]

  • Focus on notifications


  • The notifaction space

  • Understanding

    Mapping and localisation keyhttp://schedule.sxsw.com/2015/events/event_IAP996703

  • co-design adaptive playful

    beyond the screen

  • Ringlyhttps://ringly.com

  • Kies een leuke achtergrondkleur

  • Apple Watch

    Haptic interactions

  • The hackathon

  • Where data and the personal sense meet, we speak of a-wearable

  • The Personal API &

    The Wearable

  • Our challenge for you

    A concept where personal data combined with data of the city make sense to the user.

    Bonus points for an interesting concept for a wearable.

    Super bonus for working prototypes.

  • Materials

    Datasets. See overview on http://awearable.nl

    Test-devices and test-data: Jawbone, Glass, Fitbit, Withings

    Arduino with sensors, Little Bits, etc.

    Workshop space: 3D printer and other tools to make stu

  • Criteria for our judges

    The story: 30%

    The data: 30%

    The working: 20%

    The looks: 20%

  • A watch. A wristband. A glass. A hat. A shirt. A belt. A ring. A glove. A sock. A sleeve. A wearable.

  • Have a great day!