Rockstart Smart Energy Summit - Iskander Smit

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  • Adaptive interactions and the core of things31 March 2016, Rockstart Smart Energy Summit Iskander Smit

  • iskandr

  • AMS

  • Salons: every 1st Friday, starting April 1, next conference December 2, 2016


    Research & valorisation with Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesSleeve that create an Internet of TouchPhotography by Local Androids, Model Leonie Baauw

  • making IoT work

    connectable .io

  • Can we predict the future?

    Less than 10 years old

  • Still

    40 years ago, in movie 2001 Space Odyssey

  • The AlphaGo Moment

    January 2016 tipping point: Google AIs beat number 1 Go PlayerThe moment Artificial Intelligence became more than just a helpful tool

  • But it is a bumpy road of Microsoft discontinued after turning into a racist

  • Titel

    A story on connections

  • Titel


  • Titel

  • Change in coffee culture

  • Aeropress

  • Coffee tasting game by Hubbub

  • Auroma

  • Think about the core of things

    a pile of core memory

  • Product with an app

  • A product with an app does not leverage the multiplying power

    of connectiveness

  • Fake IoT

  • Make connectables

  • A product as a platform

  • Titel

    Rush HourBlack Sheep Films:

  • The core changes

  • Adaptive

  • The function of a product will emerge from the use

  • New uses

  • New design

  • In the moment

  • Rule-based Conversations

  • Uber via Amazon EchoThe Verge:

  • The Conversational UI

    Uber in Messenger

  • Speaking to things

    the next generation will do withWhat this generation does with touch,

    Chris Messina, Uber, SXSW 2016

    conversations with things

  • Framework

  • Framework

    sensor data



    connection cloud

  • Framework

    sensor data

    connection algo





  • Underground design

    Claire Rowland

  • Systems change

    Tesla Powerwall as hub for energy distribution

  • LomboXnet

    Community driven energyCombining sun power, electric cars for storage, energy plans

  • System design with a meaning

  • Product as a platform

    Bosch SoftTec

  • Understanding three levels of

    value and values

  • Titel

    Uninvited Guests (Superflux)

  • Be prepared for the Internet of Stubborn Things

  • Thanks!@iskandr