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Adaptive interactions and the core of things27 May 2016, Campus PartyiskandrAMSSalons: traveling, next 10 June in Antwerp, next conference 2 December, 2016StampionsConnected stamps to explore industrial heritage TASSTResearch & valorisation with Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesSleeve that create an Internet of TouchPhotography by Local Androids, Model Leonie Baauwmaking IoT workconnectable .ioCan we predict the future?Less than 10 years oldStill40 years ago, in movie 2001 Space OdysseyThe AlphaGo MomentJanuary 2016 tipping point: Google AIs beat number 1 Go PlayerThe moment Artificial Intelligence became more than just a helpful toolBut it is a bumpy of Microsoft discontinued after turning into a racistTitel story on connections in coffee cultureAeropressCoffee tasting game by HubbubAuromaThink about the core of thingsa pile of core memory with an appA product with an app does not leverage the multiplying power of connectivenessMake connectablesA product as a platformTitelRush HourBlack Sheep Films: core changesAdaptiveThe function of a product will emerge from the useRethink productsCloudwash concept, BERGNew usesNew designIn the momentOur current app modelNotifications as separate layerTriggersas the new interfaceRule-based ConversationsUber via Amazon EchoThe Verge: Conversational UIUber in MessengerEmotional conversationsJiboGoogle HomeIntroduced at I/O, rolled out in 2016Speaking to thingsthe next generation will do withWhat this generation does with touch,Chris Messina, Uber, SXSW 2016conversations with thingsA watch. A wristband. A glass. A hat. A shirt. A belt. A ring. A glove. A sock. A sleeve. A wearable.New layers of hapticsTaptic engine Apple Watch6th sense interactionsProject SoliProduct as a platformBosch SoftTecUnderground designClaire RowlandPush the power of the service layer far beyond where it is nowTom Coates, 2016Tom Coates, 2016To sum up: Hardware as a platform New interactions beyond the screen Conversations Context driven, rule basedTitelUninvited Guests (Superflux) prepared for the Internet of Stubborn ThingsThanks!@iskandr