Iskander Smit - Infonl - IoT & The City

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Text of Iskander Smit - Infonl - IoT & The City

  • The city as playground for the new things#AMSIoT1, 5 September 2016

    Iskander Smit / @iskandr

  • iskandr

  • Framework for IoT by ItoM &

  • Design rules for IoT

    Research #LABSinfonl, 2016; Gian Andrea Giacobone

  • Connected stamps to explore industrial heritage

  • Stampions: smart stamp


    Research & valorisation with Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesSleeve that create an Internet of TouchPhotography by Local Androids, Model Leonie Baauw

  • Internal product: rules and behavior

  • AMS

  • Next Salon 7 October in Amsterdam on the Internet of Toys. next conference 1&2 December, 2016, Volkshotel Amsterdam

  • .amsterdam

    ThingsCon Amsterdam2015 (2nd edition):

    in Volkshotel Amsterdam 1 day, 8 keynote speakers, 4 Dutch case studies, 10 workshops, 15 demos

    More than 300 attendees Rating visitors 4.5/5

    5 Thingscon Salons as follow-up in 2016

    2016: 2 days! (1&2 December)

  • Smart product Smart home Smart city Smart life

  • LEaD The Way

    Is the main purpose for the smart city to be more efficient?

  • Hello Lamppost

    Or is the city a place to play?

  • Can the city make you healthy?

    BAMBEA, Bewegen in Amsterdam met Beacons

  • How can you support the individual interests of citizens?

  • Thanks!

    What will happen when the city becomes media?


  • The city as a platform ()

  • Understanding three levels of

    value and values

  • Titel

    Rush HourBlack Sheep Films:

    A platform facilitating smart things

  • Facilitating local initiatives

    LomboXnet; Community driven energyCombining sun power, electric cars for storage, energy plans

  • Titel

    Uninvited Guests (Superflux)

    Things that respect the human

  • Tom Coates, 2016

    The service layer makes the difference

  • Speaking to things

    the next generation will do withWhat this generation does with touch,

    Chris Messina, Uber, SXSW 2016

    conversations with things

  • New underground design

    Claire Rowland

  • In the moment

  • Rule-based Conversations

  • The merge of humans, smart things and city as a platform

    Ross Atkin,

  • Smart product Smart home Smart city Smart life

  • Role for policy makers to shape opportunities and define the right boundaries

    Amsterdam Open Beacon Network

  • Thanks@iskandr