Google Glass Explorers Meetup - Iskander Smit - Couchmovies

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Show and tell of Glass project we did for, presented by Iskander Smit at Glass Explorer meetup in Amsterdam March 28, 2014


<p>ShownTell bolcom couchmovies.key</p> <p>Iskander Smit, @iskandr</p> <p> Couchmovies for Glass</p> <p>Glass Explorers Meetup, March 28, 2014</p> <p>Experimenting with Glass</p> <p>Next generation mobile OS</p> <p>Glass is part of an overall trend towards now media and impulse shaped services</p> <p>Trigger design</p> <p>Key relationships/value propositions</p> <p>Money</p> <p>Example values: Money, Power, Exposure, Experience, Love, Reputation, Rights, Attention, Trust, Service, Loyalty, Product, Information, Credits, Performance, Convenience</p> <p>Loyalty</p> <p>Stakeholders</p> <p>InternalPrimarySecondary</p> <p>Mission</p> <p>Company</p> <p>Key brand values</p> <p>Date Design team</p> <p>Inspired by the Value Network Canvas by 2012</p> <p>value network map</p> <p>Business objectives/KPI's</p> <p>Journey stages</p> <p>Value proposition</p> <p>Mind to include pre-service, service consumption and post-service periods in your customer journey</p> <p>Persona Objectives</p> <p>Inspired by the Customer Journey Canvas by Mark Stickdorn &amp; Jacob Schneider</p> <p>Customer touchpoints</p> <p>Emotional journey</p> <p> 2012</p> <p>Company Date Design team</p> <p>customer journey map</p> <p>Place/time Actors Data</p> <p>(Devices, networks, touchpoints, other people,...)</p> <p>Usage</p> <p>(Where does it come from? When? By whom? Does it change?)</p> <p>(Location on time of day, weekday, weekend,...)</p> <p>(What can be done with the data? What are the oppurtunities)</p> <p>Conditions Trigger Result (end user) Result (business)</p> <p>Base trigger</p> <p>+1</p> <p>+1</p> <p>Mix of Lean Service Design tools Add context, add data Make a dierence with trigger design</p> <p>couchmovies Branded Glass utility</p> <p>Cinema RSS</p> <p> recommendation engine</p> <p>[T+P]</p> <p>[T] [&gt;&gt;]</p> <p>Beyond Minimal Viable Product</p> <p>Add personal watch profile</p> <p>Add social watching</p> <p>Add second screen (IMDb trivia)Add personal movie profile</p> <p>Add save to watchlist</p> <p>Check and share your experiences!</p> <p>Iskander Smit,, 06-24532388Thanks!</p> <p>April 9, Rotterdam</p>