Dutch Digital Design in Paris - Iskander Smit

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Text of Dutch Digital Design in Paris - Iskander Smit

  • Adaptive Interactions in the Internet of TouchDutch Digital Design in Paris; 8 September 2016 Iskander Smit, #LABSinfonl

    Photography by Local Androids

  • Adaptive haptics

    Introduced yesterday: taptic home button in iPhone 7

  • iskandr

  • Design rules for IoT

    Research #LABSinfonl 2016, Gian Andrea Giacobone

  • Experimenting connected products

    Stampions; Connected stamps to explore heritage

  • Learning from reflecting

    Workshops design with haptics (ao SXSW, Thingscon, Darefest)

  • Salons: traveling, next 7 October in Amsterdam, next conference 2 December, 2016

  • Touch, care and well being

    Social Touch Technology, PhD Gijs Huisman

  • The Midas Touch

  • Anger 59* Hitting, squeezing, Fear 51* Trembling, squeezing, Happiness 38 Swinging,

    shaking, liftingSadness 35 Stroking, squeezing, Disgust 83* Pushing, lifting,

    tappingSurprise 24 Squeezing, lifting, shakingEmbarrassment 18 Shaking,

    tapping, Envy 21 Pulling, lifting, strokingPride 25 Shaking, lifting,

    squeezingLove 62* Stroking, finger interlock, Gratitude 66* Shaking, lifting,

    squeezingSympathy 57* Patting, stroking,

    Hertenstein et al. (2006)

  • Lken et al. (2009)

  • A watch. A wristband. A glass. A hat. A shirt. A belt. A ring. A glove. A sock. A sleeve. A wearable.

  • Navigate with Belty

    Added functions

  • Making distance bearable

    Parihug, as found at SXCreate

  • Uber in Messenger

    Conversational UI

  • Google Home

    Introduced at I/O, rolled out in 2016

  • Emotional conversations


  • Hack all the things in a conversational UI

  • Conversational haptic coach

    Research Beyond Glass; Digital Life Lab & info.nl

  • Wearables are connecting the things and the self

  • In a system of sensors

  • worship the moment, design the rules

  • The dominant interaction paradigm

    will be trigger based dialogues

  • Haptics enhances these dialogues

  • Haptics is a new powerful

    design material

  • Thanks!

    #LABSinfonl@iskandrIskander Smit