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  • New haptic interactions & the Internet of Touch

    Iskander Smit, @iskandr, IoTShifts 2015, 19 October 2015

    Photography by Local Androids, Model Leonie Baauw

  • Iskander Smit




  • COMMIT/ Internet of Touch

    Researching haptics

  • Awearables feel the invisible

    Air pollution suit - By Borre

  • Nerve fibers detect tempature differences

    free nerve endings detect servere pain and high pressure

    Merkel endings detect continuous pressure

    Ruffini endings detect tension in different layers; stretching Pacinian endings detect high


    Skin is a complex organ

    Aduen Darriba, 2015

  • Changing voltage creates electronic connector between finger and surface

    Structure and movement (dynamic) play a major role for rich haptic experiences

    Electro vibration mimics touch

    Skin is not good in exact location, so easy to simulate

    Aduen Darriba, 2015

  • Six-dimension vibrations:

    Combining vibrations with other interaction methods (visual, auditive, etc.)

  • Haptics is the science of applying touch (tactile) sensation to interact with computer applications.

  • Haptics; more than vibro-stimuli

  • Think beyond the screen


  • Pavlok give electric shocks to change your habits

    Painful interactions

  • Feel from a distance

    Cryoscope Weathervane

  • New layers of haptics

    Taptic engine Apple Watch

  • Wearables are connecting the things and the self

  • Haptics enhances the wearable

  • Now: apps model

  • New messaging layer

  • New model

  • Adaptive

    Lucy McRae - Body Architecture

  • Learning loop for adaptiveness

  • Conversational UI

    Research Beyond Glass; Digital Life Lab &

  • New haptic interactions

  • Haptics as new design material

  • A system of sensors

  • Worship the moment, design the rules

  • Impuls driven adaptive things with haptics embedded

  • James Bridle; Surveillance Spaulder

  • See you in Amsterdam!