NRC Live - Iskander Smit

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Text of NRC Live - Iskander Smit

  • Experiment and research in LABSNRC Live, March 24 2016, Iskander Smit

  • AMS

  • Design for impuls shaped services / products

    / experiences

  • making IoT work

    connectable .io

  • Tool: Hackathon

    Hack010; connecting personal data with data of the city

  • Tool: Designfiction

    Retail as media, graduation research by Jules Holleboom

  • Multi-vibrationsMinor Intelligent Environments 2015


    Research & valorisation with Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesSleeve that creates an Internet of TouchPhotography by Local Androids, Model Leonie Baauw

  • A watch. A wristband. A glass. A hat. A shirt. A belt. A ring. A glove. A sock. A sleeve. A wearable.

  • Making distance bearable

    Parihug, as found at SXCreate

  • Experience & explore

    type 3

    type 4

    type 2

    type 1

  • Haptic gear

    Pavlok pain band (1)Bluetooth steered engines + research app (2)Experience sweatband (10)

    Myo band (1)

  • Lyft shared drive

    Social car sharingPlan a route and someone doing a similar ride finds youAll mobile use

  • Think on possible haptic moments Choose one or two moments How will these moments feel

    Sketch them on the paper.

    And it is all about the discussion.

  • Reflections

  • Thanks!

    @iskandrMarch 22, 2016