Cross Media Cafe - Iskander Smit - Wearables and now media

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At the Cross Media Cafe event in Mediapark Hilversum Iskander Smit presented his vision on the role of wearables and the impact on media and makers.


  • 1. Impulse shaped services and Now media Iskander Smit; @iskandr Immovator Cross Media Cafe; February 4, 2014Image:

2. Hello world >> September 20, 2013 3. Be relevant to survive. 4. Glass is shifting the model of media consumption 5. Image: 6. The essence of NEST is how it learns from its context 7. Tesla is a poster child as new touchpoint with our context 8. 2013: Google NOW 9. destinations You need to shift your thinkingtriggers 10. Triggers are the new interface 11. trigger [TIME=starthire -30] >> suggest routeplanning trigger [PLACE=car] >> open car trigger [TIME&PLACE=too late] >> extend hire 12. trigger [PLACE=home] >> suggest movies of the day trigger [TIME=end movie] >> ask rating 13. The quality of the OS will be the notifaction space 14. We live with our heads in the cloud 15. Everything will be media 16. Everything has a digital auraImage: 17. Wearables are the connectors Typ hier de ondertitel van de presentatie (1 of 2 regels)Image: 18. Context as a Service Typ hier de ondertitel van de presentatie (1 of 2 regels)Image: 19. Three roles for wearablesImage: 20. Winners in the post digital world of wearables are !the ones that understand media and can design relevancy in context 21. Thanks! Iskander Smit @iskandr