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  • Shopping2020 & digital future of retailHRO Emerging Media kick-o, February 17, 2015 Iskander Smit, @iskandr


  • @iskandr

  • "Shopping"2020" 2"


  • Hackathon Personal API


  • 16 retail organisations 460 experts 19 research topics

  • "Shopping"2020" 3"


  • What are the relevant touchpoints connecting the retailer and the consumer in 2020?

  • Will there be shopping streets?

    GFK research Shopping 2020, 2013

  • Collecting shopping impulses on the fly

  • Refine and filter your collected ideas at ease

  • Update your 3D fitting profile

  • Plan to visit the experience store

  • Have your personal fitting room

  • Confirm the buy

  • Shopping bags as profile carriers

  • Touchpoint is the moment of contact between consumer and retailer.

  • "Shopping"2020" 15"


  • "Shopping"2020" 17"

    7&YEARS&AGO?&Predicting the future is hard

  • Shopping 2020 73




    10% 3% 15%





    5% 3% 4%

    Laptop Desktop TabletSmartphone Interactive/Internet television Glasses (e.g. Google Glasses)Smart watches Other devices

    Total market: devices used in the future to make online purchases (expert forecast)

    Distribution of online purchase channels (%)

    Base: all experts who have given their vision on the total market and have evaluated a specific segment (n= 268)

    2013 2020

    FUTURE TOUCHPOINTS Laptops and desktops are believed to be replaced by tablets & phones Interactive TV will also gain market share (9%) but Smartware (watches and glasses) will remain small

    70% online shopping = mobile

    GFK research Shopping 2020, 2013

  • 174% growth shopping apps

    Flurry Analytics 2015

  • H&M scan and buy

    Shopping app

  • Wearables are taking o

  • a future inhabited by people

    for whom the words offline, online

    and mobile have become irrelevant


  • The Internet of Everything

    Sensoring all of our life

  • Low entry VR; Samsung, Google Cardboard

    New reality

  • The You-Web

  • Traditional app model

  • Current notifications

  • Notifications as separate layer

  • Context of user (profiles)

    Actions of user (sensors)

  • Notification layer binds the devices into a context relevant service ecosystem


  • Apple Pay integrated on Apple Watch

    Instant hub

  • six trends

  • 1. hyper personalisation

  • trend 1

    Hyper personalisation of all


  • Editd runs the worlds biggest apparel data warehouse

    Data service provider


  • 2. real experiences

  • Local driven market hall

    Real experiences balancing a data-driven world

  • Even Heineken is local in Amsterdam

    Local is the new black

  • Fab.

    Social curation

  • With Social Shop you buy via your friends

    Social curation

  • trend 2

    Pop-up experiences

  • 3. hybrid shopping

  • Hybrid shopping as default


  • 04

    Key Takeaways Mobile search is the starting point. Instead of going directly to a site or app, 82% of shoppers use search engines for browsing product information while in-store.

    The retail landscape is evolving for all industries. Mobile use in stores is not category specic - Nearly 2/3 of baby product shoppers compare prices in-store.

    Smartphones are transforming the in-store shopping experience. 8 in 10 smartphone shoppers use mobile in-store to help with shopping

    Shoppers who use mobile more, spend more in-store. Frequent mobile shoppers spend 25% more in-store than people who only occasionally use a mobile phone to help with shopping. Research Google, 2013

    Embrace showrooming

  • 4. non-lineair journeys

  • Hands-free shopping

  • "Shopping"2020" 38"


    Asynchronous customer journey

  • Net a Porter connects the TV runway to the webshop

    Watch & shop

  • 5. retail in the cloud

  • trend 5

    Retail will be in the cloud

  • trend 5

    Retail will be in the cloud

  • Regentstreet in London, Bijenkorf Rotterdam


  • 6. store everywhere

  • trend 6

    The store is everywhere


  • Fancy Glass app combines curated shop with color exploring

    Connected ecosystems

  • Amazon Fire phone introduces scanning and buying

    Everything Store

  • 1. hyper personalisation

    2. real experiences

    3. hybrid shopping

    4. non-lineair journeys

    5. retail in the cloud

    6. store everywhere

  • Possible futures


  • "Shopping"2020" 48"


  • Become a platform

    Focus on dataThink beyond your own storeMake open relations

  • Build a community

    Value customer relationsBe an expertUse platforms for transactions

  • retail as media

  •, Jules Holleboom, 2014

  • product as platform, Jules Holleboom, 2014

  • The digital future of retail: platforms and communities.

    The store is everyewhere, Retail as media.

    Iskander Smit, @iskandr

  • Social commerce (the role of the promoter)Ubiquitous touchpoints (the shop everywhere)

    Hyper personalization (wearables, 3D printing)

    Hybrid shopping (omnichannel, retail in the cloud)

  • Thanks!HRO Emerging Media kick-o, February 17, 2015 Iskander Smit, @iskandr