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Shopping2020 & digital future of retailHRO Emerging Media kick-o, February 17, 2015 Iskander Smit, @iskandrImage:"Shopping"2020" 2"Introducing&,"design,"development"and"management"of"online"pla=orms."Connec@ng"the"dots."Hackathon Personal APILabs retail organisations 460 experts 19 research topics"Shopping"2020" 3"Members&of&the&expert&group&What are the relevant touchpoints connecting the retailer and the consumer in 2020?Will there be shopping streets?GFK research Shopping 2020, 2013 shopping impulses on the flyRefine and filter your collected ideas at easeUpdate your 3D fitting profilePlan to visit the experience storeHave your personal fitting roomConfirm the buyShopping bags as profile carriersTouchpoint is the moment of contact between consumer and retailer."Shopping"2020" 15"Touchpoints&"Shopping"2020" 17"7&YEARS&AGO?&Predicting the future is hard Shopping 2020 73 32% 31% 22% 10% 3% 15% 10% 33% 21% 9% 5% 3% 4% Laptop Desktop TabletSmartphone Interactive/Internet television Glasses (e.g. Google Glasses)Smart watches Other devicesTotal market: devices used in the future to make online purchases (expert forecast) Distribution of online purchase channels (%) Base: all experts who have given their vision on the total market and have evaluated a specific segment (n= 268) 2013 2020 FUTURE TOUCHPOINTS Laptops and desktops are believed to be replaced by tablets & phones Interactive TV will also gain market share (9%) but Smartware (watches and glasses) will remain small 70% online shopping = mobileGFK research Shopping 2020, 2013174% growth shopping appsFlurry Analytics 2015H&M scan and buyShopping appWearables are taking oa future inhabited by people whom the words offline, online and mobile have become irrelevantsource: Internet of EverythingSensoring all of our lifeLow entry VR; Samsung, Google CardboardNew realityThe You-WebTraditional app modelCurrent notificationsNotifications as separate layerContext of user (profiles)Actions of user (sensors)Notification layer binds the devices into a context relevant service ecosystem Pay integrated on Apple WatchInstant hubsix trends1. hyper personalisationtrend 1Hyper personalisation of allImage: placed.comEditd runs the worlds biggest apparel data warehouseData service provider real experiencesLocal driven market hallReal experiences balancing a data-driven worldEven Heineken is local in AmsterdamLocal is the new blackFab.Social curationWith Social Shop you buy via your friendsSocial curationtrend 2Pop-up experiences3. hybrid shoppingHybrid shopping as defaulth"p:// Key Takeaways Mobile search is the starting point. Instead of going directly to a site or app, 82% of shoppers use search engines for browsing product information while in-store. The retail landscape is evolving for all industries. Mobile use in stores is not category specic - Nearly 2/3 of baby product shoppers compare prices in-store. Smartphones are transforming the in-store shopping experience. 8 in 10 smartphone shoppers use mobile in-store to help with shopping Shoppers who use mobile more, spend more in-store. Frequent mobile shoppers spend 25% more in-store than people who only occasionally use a mobile phone to help with shopping. Research Google, 2013Embrace showrooming 4. non-lineair journeysHands-free shopping"Shopping"2020" 38"Asynchronous&customer&journeys&Forrester"Asynchronous customer journey Net a Porter connects the TV runway to the webshopWatch & shop5. retail in the cloudtrend 5Retail will be in the cloud 5Retail will be in the cloudestimote.comRegentstreet in London, Bijenkorf Rotterdam Beaconstreets6. store everywheretrend 6The store is everywhereImage: Glass app combines curated shop with color exploringConnected ecosystemsAmazon Fire phone introduces scanning and buyingEverything Store1. hyper personalisation 2. real experiences 3. hybrid shopping 4. non-lineair journeys 5. retail in the cloud 6. store everywherePossible futuresScenarios"Shopping"2020" 48"Four&scenarios&The"two"axes"leads"to"4"scenarios."Descrip@on"in"slides"following"Become a platformFocus on dataThink beyond your own storeMake open relationsBuild a communityValue customer relationsBe an expertUse platforms for transactionsretail as, Jules Holleboom, 2014product as platform, Jules Holleboom, 2014The digital future of retail: platforms and communities. The store is everyewhere, Retail as media. Iskander Smit, @iskandrSocial commerce (the role of the promoter)Ubiquitous touchpoints (the shop everywhere) Hyper personalization (wearables, 3D printing) Hybrid shopping (omnichannel, retail in the cloud)Thanks!HRO Emerging Media kick-o, February 17, 2015 Iskander Smit, @iskandrImage: