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Labs organised a knowledge session on Google Glass, July 10, 2014. What is the future of Glass based on a year of experimenting with this new wearable device. Presentation as held in two parts by Iskander Smit.

Text of Knowledge session Glass - - Iskander Smit

  • 1. July 10, 2014,, Iskander Smit The future of Glass

2. This session ! Short introduction into Glass essentials Reections on context by Rommert In practice Drinks and experience ! And: please interact! 3. Typ hier de ondertitel van de presentatie (1 of 2 regels) Experimenting with Glass partnered with 1st Dutch Glass Explorer 4. Hackathon organised together with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Hack your personal API 5. Glass is part of an overall trend towards now media and impulse shaped services 6. Individual targeting technology will be so good it will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them. Eric Schmidt, Google (2010) 7. One of the main drivers for developing the device was being able to nd information instantaneously. Bakak Parviz, Google X dirctor 8. Google NOW 9. The essence of NEST is how it learns from its context 10. Layering our environment 11. Tesla Model S 1: Digital layer 12. Uber 2: create a service via connected context 13. Car2Go 3: new form of use 14. Google Self-driving car 4: the system changes 15. 5: the world changes 16. Google spinning the world 1998: web! ! ! ! (search)! 2000: advertising! ! (adwords)! 2002: news! ! ! (News)! 2004: e-mail! ! ! (Gmail)! 2005: geo! ! ! ! (Maps)! 2005: analytics! ! ! (analytics)! 2006: video! ! ! (YouTube)! 2006: ofce! ! ! (Docs)! 2008: mobile! ! ! (Android)! 2011: money! ! ! (Wallet)! 2011: people! ! ! (Plus)! 2012: life! ! ! ! (Now)! 2013: things! ! ! (Glass) Googles brain OS 17. lm Her, 2014 Living Operating System 18. People ThingsServices 19. We live with our heads in the cloud 20. Everything will be media 21. Everything has a digital aura Image: 22. Typ hier de ondertitel van de presentatie (1 of 2 regels) Wearables are the connectors Image: 23. Google Glass 24. touchpad speaker (bone conduction) camera (photo/video) screen via prism battery titanium 25. 26. take a picture record a video get directions to send a message to start a hangout pinned apps / live cards now / immersive timeline past 3 days / static cards voice menu 27. 5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording Bluetooth 16GB storage (12 GB available) 3 axis gyroscope 3 axis accelerometer 3 axis magnetometer (compass) Ambient light sensing and proximity sensor Bone conduction audio transducer Wi GPS and data via phone 28. You need to shift your thinking destinations triggers 29. Subscription model, triggers key. 30. 31. Traditional app model 32. Current notications 33. Notications as separate layer 34. Context of user (proles) Actions of user (sensors) 35. Binds the devices into a context relevant service ecosystem 36. The quality of the OS will be the notifaction space 37. The Extensible Context Template 38. In practice 39. Design for Glass Dont get in the way Keep it relevant Avoid the unexpected Build for humans 40. trigger [TIME=starthire -30] >> suggest routeplanning trigger [PLACE=car] >> open car trigger [TIME&PLACE=too late] >> extend hire 41. EYE; a new way of storytelling open up the museum 42. Principle: nd the stories in the space 43. Filmpje gaat verder (volgende fragment) Volgende lmpje Uitleg over wat er gebeurt Filmpje over onderwerp begint "Welkom bij EYE. Als u naar links kijkt ziet u een aantal vitrines met bijzondere objecten uit de lmgeschiedenis. Meer weten?" App sluiten "Kijk maar even naar het object of je dat kunt vinden" Filmpje uit beeld/ gepauzeerd Filmpje gaat verder (volgende fragment)Kies uit lmpje/vitrineWelkom bij EYE! Fragment over de details van het object Fragment over de context van het object Wil je meer weten? Filmpje is afgelopen Filmpje is afgelopen Wil je meer weten? Hangout begint met beheerder Hoofd knikken: Ja (Akkoord) Hoofd schudden: Nee (Niet akkoord) Hoofd naar zijkant: Volgende fragment Kijk naar boven: Fragment start/ gaat verder Kijk naar beneden: Fragment pauzeert/ gaat uit beeld Beweeg hoofd naar voren: Fragment over de details Beweeg hoofd naar achteren: Fragment over context Hoofdbewegingen Flow Using head movements to control stories 44. 45. Glass inspires new ways of interacting, using head gestures and in real presence Storytelling is a powerful guideline 46. couchmovies Branded Glass utility 47.

Cinema RSS recommendation engine 48. [T+P] [T] [>>] 49. Beyond Minimal Viable Product

Add personal watch prole Add social watching Add second screen (IMDb trivia)Add personal movie prole Add save to watchlist 50. 51. Future of Glass 52. What is the future of Glass? 53. Handsfree B2B the only valid use case? 54. Iskander Smit,, 06-24532388 Thanks!