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Empathy map and problem statement

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Text of Empathy map and problem statement

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Defining the Problem

School to Work Transition

Stakeholder Student Undertaking graduate studiesTrying to find a job related to her career


Im currently working because I care about my boss and want to help him.

I feel unhappy about this situation.

I dont know how some of my MAs classmates have done to find translation projects.

I dont know where or how to start finding opportunities.

I want to find job opportunities as a freelance translator

Ive being struggling to actually do something to change my situation

Im staying at my current job hoping to make contacts, but hasnt work yet.

Its so frustrating.

I would like to find projects that I love.He [teacher] should help us and explain us better hows that that well find projects as freelancers


She thinks that doesnt have enough tools to get started

She thinks that having contacts is the solution to her problem

She is frustrated about the whole process

Lacks motivation to take action


Problem StatementThe stakeholder needs a fun and easy way to target clients in order to effectively find opportunities as a freelance translator.

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