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  • 1. PROBLEM STATEMENT: I had an easy transition because of my internship and mentor I was blessed to have a mentor I am really lucky I applied for internship; 3 accepted out of 20 applicants I was mentored and encouraged in how to look for a job during my internship Many peers arent actively looking for a job because they dont know how to Applied for selective internship; 3/20 accepted Internship became part-time then full-time job Encouraged to look for outside opportunities Mentored in how to apply for jobs Given challenging/independent work at internship College prepares you for technical skills but not on how to apply for a first career position An Undergrad Senior who made the transition My college mentor helped me get an internship; my intern mentor gave me challenges, taught me how to write a resume, which positions to look for and how to apply I feel lucky/blessed to be where I am today because of the people who helped me I was scared to apply for a job because I didnt have an in I didnt know anyone at the company I now work for Many of my peers dont know how to write a resume or what jobs to apply for [Stakeholder] Undergraduate Students need a way to because [need] be guided by mentors to transition into a career [insight] they lack the skills, confidence and networks to make the transition on their own.

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