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Assignment empathy map & problem statement - 5 aug13

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Text of Assignment empathy map & problem statement - 5 aug13

  1. 1. Design Thinking Assignment: Empathy Map & Problem Statement 5 August 2013
  2. 2. SAY THINK DO FEEL Stakeholder Needs way to Need Insight
  3. 3. Say 1. Interned starting 2nd year of university 2. (Focus] in art 3. Theory with few technical tools. 4. Not prepared with the computer 5. General idea of design, but not applied to web 6. Had [few] animation classes 7. Loved drawing and doing paper models 8. Had design theory and psychology, loved psychology and looking at how the mind is cheating us [perspective] 9. Most of the time we take ideas and styles from the past and change it to make it look more modern. 10. Biggest transition from school to work was freedom to choose project 11. At school you have teachers who lead you to right path. Here [at work] didnt have anyone to lead me. 12. Ideal would be some other designer that could lead us in the process and show this is how things are done here that is different from the way things happened at school. 13. Sometimes when you do something completely different, people dont accept it. I therefore go to the sure things. 14. I look for the user to be comfortable.
  4. 4. Think Wants to be valued Engineers/technologists dont get design Creative isolated in a sea of technologists Constrained to meet rigid client requirements Needs to find inspiration sources Champion for the end user
  5. 5. Feel Isolated No mentor, no role model Unrewarded for bringing up disruptive ideas
  6. 6. Problem Statement Designer needs way to unleash creativity within technology world