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Energy empathy map for bc

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Welcome to Elles Energy Empathy Map for BC Students

Welcome to Elles Empathy Map for BC Students

As a student, I think my important need is 1) ___, a problem is 2) __, classes are 3)___ .

Interviewed StudentsYesenia money, time, internshipSarah job, say no to party, hardMariano friends, money, easyLisa new job, budget $, easyViviana family time, money, greatSylvia money, free time, workRosa part time work , time, easyBelle visit univ, money, easy

Stakeholders are students in engineering and medicineWhy are you taking a double major in medicine and MBA?


To Save TimeDoctor s needs to manageIPB-):->To Save MoneyEngineersLike to InnovateIT: - D8-I

Gain : Design and paint 2 houses for community in Miramar.

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