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Kevin Moran · PDF file Empathy Map 1. Empathy Map 2. Empathy Map 3. Storyboards. Storyboard 1. Storyboard 2. User Testing Script Participant Introduction Hello [participant]. My name

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  • Kevin Moran GR DES 76 Final

  • Empathy Map 1

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  • Empathy Map 3

  • Storyboards

  • Storyboard 1

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  • User Testing Script

    Participant Introduction Hello [participant]. My name is Kevin, and I am a designer working on the Coin Market Cap mobile app redesign. As a part of the redesign process we are asking a wide range of people to attempt to complete various tasks within our proposed app redesign in order gain a better understanding of what may need to be changed. At this time I would like to point out that we are only testing the product, so if you encounter any issues it is likely that others may encounter them as well. If you do encounter issues, we will make it our job to make the changes necessary for the app to be improved. This session should last about 30 minutes.

    Recording Information In order to help us gather the information that we will need to improve the app, we will be recording your screen as you attempt to complete tasks so that we can gain an understanding of what works and what does not work. We will also record video and audio of you testing the app in order to analyze the contents of this session in-depth. None of these recordings will be used for any other purposes.

  • User Testing Script: Tasks Task Introduction

    We have a total of 4 tasks for you to complete today. We will be asking you to complete them in a specific order. I would like for you to verbalize your thoughts and "think aloud" as you attempt to complete your assigned tasks. For example, if you can't understand the point of something then say "I do not understand what this is for" or something along those lines. From time to time I may ask you to share your thoughts. Do you have any questions? Okay great! We will now get started.

    Task 1 We will now start recording this session. Please complete sign-in or sign-up..

    Task 3 Please add any cryptocurrency to your coin watch list. Afterwards, View the coins in your watch list and share your thoughts on the watchlist.

    Task 2 Please view the market data associated with any cryptocurrency and tell me what you see.

    Task 4 Please attempt to view coin trends and describe what you see in detail.

  • User Testing Script: End of Session

    Task Completion Questionnaire Thank you for your participation. The testing portion of this session is now over. I will now stop all recording while you fill out this questionnaire on your experience testing our redesigned app. The information that you provide will only be used by us for analysis and will remain anonymous.

    Debrief I would like to thank you for coming in today. Your feedback is much appreciated and will help us improve the app. [Participant will now be given their incentive]

  • User Testing: Summary The user testing session for my app redesign provided me useful feedback for improving the usability and usefulness of my proposed redesign for the Coin Market Cap mobile app. However, there were issues that I encountered early on that almost completely stalled the redesign process. The main issue that I encountered was an inability to find enough testers to test the app since I could not find enough people that are actively involved or interested in cryptocurrencies. I had found two testers early on, but could not find a third for weeks after the due date of this user testing assignment. I had found people who are interested in cryptocurrencies, but who did not know enough about cryptocurrencies to care about market data associated with these currencies. I was fortunate enough to find a third tester right before the final week of this course and finally felt comfortable with the feedback that I had received to continue making changes to the design.

    My testers all seemed to agree that the app needs to do a better job at indicating whether any given coin has gained or lost value due to a lack of an indicator of what the percent changes shown actually mean. This gave me the idea of color coding gains and losses using green to represent a positive percent change, and red to represent a negative percent change. I was also told that the navigation involved more steps than desired because of a lack of a "back" button within the app's screens, which will be added in the next iteration of the redesign. All testers pointed out that the watchlist was underwhelming because of the lack of customizability for different types of coin price alerts. There need to be more options for alerts so that users can be more quickly informed about market activity that requires action from the users (buying, selling, etc...) to minimize losses and maximize profits. I also received critiques on the aesthetics of coin details page, which will require changes to the UI to become less of an eye sore.

  • Summary Continued... Next time I will need to do a better job of recruiting test participants on time. Even though I had conducted two tests on time, it had become clear that feedback from only two participants would not be enough for me to justify any design changes. I will also need to to be sure to have at least one more person helping me take notes during testing sessions because multitasking is rather hard for me. I noticed that I could not always write down what the participants were saying, which frustrated me a bit. I was fortunately able to keep myself calm and gather all of the important details that were needed and kept moving forward with the session.

    This testing experience was definitely an improvement from the experience that I had in Mobile Design 1, and I hope to keep getting better at this!

  • Evidence Of Iteration (Major Changes)

    Color of percentage change text has been updated to reflect gains and losses

    Text slightly realigned.

    Back Button Added to ALL Pages

    (Left)Coin Page Has been updated to include more details. More interactivity was also added to make the page more dynamic and useful.

    (Right) Add Coin to watchlist page has been updated to include more alert options and interactivity

  • Original Design

  • Final Visual Design

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