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    Discover also important new functions such as the TeamManager, the optional module Integrated Remittance Advices, processing of intraday state-ments, or enhancements in our payment optimiza-tion in the courses for FinanceSuite AutoBank Au-tomatic Cash Application or FinanceSuite Payment Management!

    Make the most of your software and use the op-portunity to learn from experienced instructors and connect with your peers from other organizations!

    We are looking forward to welcoming again many of you in Hamburg in 2016.

    Yours truly

    Daniela MatsanovaYour Hanse Orga Training Academy contact

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Welcome to our new Training Schedule 2016! Our Hanse Orga Training Academy is your first stop when you plan to

    train new staff,

    deepen your knowledge, or

    get valuable ideas for optimizing processes in your organization.

    We want you to profit to the maximum from our courses and take these benefits away with you:

    More efficient processes, satisfied staff, full utilization of your potentials!

    The following types of courses are available for the different modules of our FinanceSuite software fa-mily:

    Basic courses for you to get a solid overview of a module

    Professional courses for strengthening your knowledge with hands-on practical examples. As a participant you will learn more about the possible use cases and best practices of the software module and apply the knowledge on our training PCs

    New: FinanceSuite Working Capital Manage-ment get to know the possibilities of our web-based business intelligence tool with which you can automatically analyze your document and tran-saction data and uncover optimization potentials in your accounts receivable and accounts payable ma-nagement. After a general introduction to the topic, you will learn all about the most important KPIs and get to know best practices to sustainably optimizing your working capital.


    In the long run, there

    is only one that is more

    expensive than educa-

    tion: no education.

    John F. Kennedy

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    eBAM (electronic Bank Account Management)

    The FinanceSuite eBAM makes the global administration of bank accounts easy and compatible with auditing requirements. Integrated in SAP, this solution provides you with a central overview of all accounts and mandates within your group worldwide. In addition, you can automatically analyze the performance of your banks and professionalize your bank account reporting accor-ding to FBAR and CBBR.


    General Introduction Working Capital Management - Balance sheet and income statement - Key figures - Main value drivers and sources of liquidity - Relation liquidity and interest expenses - Current market interest rate level - Opportunity interest rate

    Background and Challenges

    Best Practices and minimum standards

    FinanceSuite Working Capital Management Application - Technical background - Accounts receivable

    - Invoicing procedure - Payment conditions A/R - Customers payment behavior

    - Accounts payable - Payment conditions A/P

    - Outgoing payments to suppliers

    Course: Working Capital Management Basic

    Booking code: WC01

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 13 June 2016


    Bank Account Administration Bank Performance Analysis Bank Relationship Management Bank Account Reporting XRD (eXecutive Reporting


    Course: eBAM Basic

    Booking code: EB01

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 1 August 2016


    Bank Account Administration - eBAM Workflow Manager - Dashboard & task list - Bank requirements and document

    archive - Management of eDocuments - ISO 20022 XML messages

    Bank Performance Analysis - Dispute resolution workflow - Management and analysis of bank

    conditions - Calculation of bank fees

    Bank Account Reporting - Foreign Bank & Financial

    Accounts (FBAR) - Cash and Bank Balances

    Reporting (CBBR)

    XRD (eXecutive Reporting Dashboard)

    - Interactive dashboards - Powerful and intuitive visuali-

    zation of data - Real-time reporting - Access to all types of data and

    uncovering of hidden information

    Course: eBAM Professional

    Booking code: EB02

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 2 August 2016

    = Basic course = Professional course = Workshop

    Working Capital Management

    With the FinanceSuite Working Capital Management Hanse Orga offers an innovative tool with which you can automatically - for the first time - collect all relevant document and transaction data for your working capital management (e.g. delivery/service date, document date, payment period, payment receipt, cash discounts and other discounts, etc.) from the underlying SAP and non- SAP systems and evaluate them in real time and in a straight-forward manner.


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    AutoBank Automatic Cash Application

    The FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application automatically processes information from bank statements, remittance advices and lockboxes. Specific filter functions and a direct subledger connection facilitate optimum assignment rates and direct posting. This helps you to achieve same-day processing in your accounting even for very high business volumes.

    Course: AutoBank Basic

    Booking code: AB01

    Duration: 2 days

    Dates: 20-21 June 2016


    Bank Statements - Performance Cockpit - Research - Overview Account Statement

    Manager - Post-processing - Dispute workfl ow

    Remittance Advices - BPI - Processing of paper and

    electronic remittance advices Lockbox Subledger connection Archiving Team Manager Cash Allocation Worksheet

    Course: Bank Statements

    Booking code: AB02

    Duration: 2 days

    Dates: 22-23 June 2016


    Overview Account Statement Manager Automatic posting Post-processing Dispute Workfl ow Performance Cockpit Research Reporting Archiving Team Manager Cash Allocation Worksheet


    Remittance advice processing Format structure of remittance

    advices Treatment of paper-based

    remittance advices Intercompany payments Link to bank statement

    Course: Remittance Advices

    Booking code: AB04

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 27 June 2016


    Process integration BPI server Basic settings Format defi nition Conversion rules Authorization concept Technical infrastructure

    Course: Remittance Advices BPI

    Booking code: AB05

    Duration: 2 days

    Dates: 28-29 June 2016


    Lockbox procedure Lockbox standard formats Processing steps Post-processing Link to bank statements

    Course: Lockbox

    Booking code: AB06

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 30 June 2016

    Course: Subledger

    Booking code: AB07

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 01 July 2016


    Interaction general ledger/ Subledger Connection SAP subledger Connection host

    Course: Integrated Remittance Advices

    Booking code: AB03

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 24 June 2016


    Challenges and Objectives Solution

    - OCR process - AutoBank process - Settings in AutoBank Functions in AutoBank

    - Import function - Monitor - Post-processing

    = Basic course = Professional course = Workshop= Workshop= Workshop

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    Payment Management

    The FinanceSuite Payment Management is the ideal solution for integrated and sustainable pay-ment transactions directly in SAP regardless whether you use one SAP system or plan to set up a global payment factory.

    = Basic course = Professional course


    Bank communication Technology bank connection Manual payments Automatic payments Workfl ow Monitoring Payment optimization

    Course: Payment Management Basic

    Booking code: PM01

    Duration: 2 days

    Dates: 4-5 July 2016


    What is SWIFT? Connection to SWIFTNet

    - SWIFT Alliance Lite 2 - SWIFT Service Bureau

    Which formats can be integrated? Calculation of a business case

    Course: SWIFT

    Booking code: PM03

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 8 July 2016


    Country-specifi c standard bank connections (e.g., EBICS) Manual payments Automatic payments Process chains Monitoring

    Course: Payments

    Booking code: PM02

    Duration: 2 days

    Dates: 6-7July 2016


    Communication protocol - https - sftp - ftps

    Encryption Digital signature

    Course: Direct Bank Access

    Booking code: PM04

    Duration: 1 day

    Dates: 11 July 2016


    Optimization of cash fl ows Payment optimization HO payment run Posting in FI and IHB Monitoring Reporting Conversion of formats

    (generating CGI)

    Course: Payment Optimization

    Booking code: PM05

    Duration: 3 days

    Dates: 12-14 July 2016

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    Cash & Liquidity Management

    Learn about the advantages of current and automated forecasts, cash pooling, cash flow-based liquidity planning and much more in our courses. The SAP-integrated FinanceSuite Cash & Liquidity Management provides intelligent functions with which you can keep a close eye on your liquidity.


    Cash Management - Cash Management Position - Cash pooling - Money market - Line and limit management - Reporting

    Liquidity Planning - Actual data assignment - Planning

    Course: Cash & Liquidity Management Basic

    Booking co