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ELECTRONIC BANKING - Hanse Orga Group · of maintaining EBICS authorizations for banks and, ... is imported into your data managing SAP ... PLI, PLA, V3 (AT), MT940, MT942, MT101,

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    The requirements for electronic banking solutions are continuously growing. In addition to professional and regulatory issues such as SEPA, EBICS or SOX, the desire for the highest possible security, the automation of payment processes as well as the integration into the existing infrastructure and ap-plication landscapes play an important role for corporations. Our electronic banking solution EBsec is the ideal product to make your payments simpler, more efficient, securer and sustainable.

    Corporations can only strengthen their competitive edge if they optimize their pro-cesses. This especially applies to payment transactions as they are the economic ba-sis for vital corporate functions.

    Conventional electronic banking systems often disregard aspects such as:

    Workflow and process optimization of existing payment processes,

    Consideration of integration options into the existing infrastructure of the organization,

    Protection of sensitive data from fraud by unauthorized persons,

    Intuitive and simple usability.

    These systems and processes that no longer meet modern standards are time-consuming and labor-intensive in their handling and also provide many potential sources for errors. This in turn can lead to a lack of security and to high costs.




    We were able to streamline our processes sig-nificantly: the processes that we had to trigger manually in the past now run in the background automatically, stably and securely. EBsec Professional was the right choice for us.

    Tim Boller,Commercial Project Managementand Project Controlling atCinemaxX Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG

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    Overview of EBsec Advantages:

    Delivering all required electronic banking functio-nalities

    Optimization of payment processes by automati-on and integration into the existing infrastructure

    Notification and control mechanisms for im- proved transparency and security

    Complete data control and highest security stan-dards for ideal data protection

    Increased efficiency by saving operational costs due to integration into the existing infrastructure and its use

    Scalable, server-based and highly failsafe data communication with all banks

    Support of SEPA formats and prompt realization of future developments

    Ensuring data exchange with all German banks and savings banks

    Possibility to connect to international banks via SWIFT and to those credit institutes that parti-cipate in EBICS (e.g., French banks), and con-nection via host-to-host (sftp, shttps) and local protocols such as FTX for Switzerland

    One-stop shop: We are your partner for planning, realization and support.

    The Right Solution for Your Require-ments

    EBsec has all the necessary functionalities for the en-try and administration of payments as well as for the processing and analysis of bank statement infor-mation. In addition, it enables the monitoring and control of the financial development. By consolida-ting your existing electronic banking products you can benefit from potential synergies.

    Stability and scalability due to the use of standard technologies, scalable and failsafe data communi-cation, independent system monitoring with noti-fication functionality and multi-client capability are further advantages of EBsec.

    The optional integration of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android accommo-dates the increased mobility of signatories.

    EBsec is available in different standard editions that have different scopes of functionality tailored to the different needs of our customers. Thus, each organization company can find the edition that best matches its specific needs. In addition, you can add different modules to the solution to further custo-mize it to meet your specific requirements.

    Optimized Payment Proces-ses: EBsec is the innova-tive and flexible electronic banking solution to optimize your payments. With EBsec, the transaction of all your payments becomes simpler, more efficient and securer with a high degree of auto-mation leading to a sustaina-ble process.


    EBC Bridge (EBICS, SWIFT, Host to Host, FTX)




    Files, Directories, SDK, Customer-specific Plugins











    Utilization of theexisting corporateinfrastructure

    Database Server Mail Server File Server





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    Overview of the Professional Edition

    The EBsec Professional Edition comprises of edi-tions that have been specifically designed for the use as network- or multi-user-solutions for compa-nies with a higher demand for automation and integ-ration. They focus on automating their payments by using a time- and event-controlled system and seek to interlock it with the existing payment systems (STP Straight-Through Processing). Comprehen-sive interfaces for the integration within existing ap-plications and the definition of own process chains in the scope of a simple control of daily routines create optimization potentials.

    The further benefits of the EBsec Professional Edi-tion include stability and scalability due to the use of standard technologies, adjustable and failsafe com-munication, consolidation of numerous electronic banking products and independent system monito-ring including notification functionality.

    The highlights of this edition are the automated ser-vices such as communication, directory and system monitoring and administration tasks.

    Our edition with its specific scope of functionality al-lows you to select the features that meet your needs best.

    The enhancement of the software with optional functions such as enhanced database support, em-bedding kit for ideal integration in your existing IT infrastructure, audit function and SDD mandate ma-nagement for an efficient handling of SEPA direct debits, and numerous plugins are available at any time with the Professional Edition.

    Optionally, you can facilitate mobility for your sig-natories with the mobile signature. You can display all relevant line item and account balance informati-on and also electronically sign outstanding payment orders at any time regardless of your location by using your BlackBerry, iPhone,iPad or Android.

    Optional EBsec Add-Ons

    You can extend EBsec by optional add-ons in or-der to match it perfectly to your company-specific requirements.

    Internal SignaturesThis add-on helps reduce the administrative tasks of maintaining EBICS authorizations for banks and, thus, concentrate external signatories. In addition, it allows the integration of additional staff into the verification and approval process.

    The solution is an entirely an internal authorization concept in which, e.g., the principle of dual control for the generation of payment requests is solved di-rectly within the software. If requests have the re-quired internal signatures, the banking signatures, that are stored in the system in an encrypted man-ner, are added and the requests are sent to the bank for execution. Alternatively, you can, of course, ap-prove payments manually. All steps are logged in the system and you can retrace them anytime.

    RFC ConnectThis add-on is ideal for companies that connect their payment files from SAP systems directly to EBsec for transmission in order to improve data security.

    With the add-on, a host connector (RFC package) is imported into your data managing SAP system. Payment runs are readout following different filter


    Professional Plus

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    criteria in SAP that are stored in the temporary SAP database TemSe and are transferred directly to EBsec from there via an interface. A temporary storage of payment files on your network drives is, thus, no longer necessary. Security is increased and administration made easier. With EBsec you can then approve payments as usual and transmit them to banks.

    Limit ModuleWith this add-on you can define specific amount li-mits for the authorization of payment orders on the user level. This allows for an even more specific ad-justment of the authorization concept to the indivi-dual requirements of your company.

    The Limit Module enables the definition of indivi-dual or user group-specific amount limits for the ap-proval of payment orders, either as a daily limit or a file limit (applies to specific payment order files, e.g., aggregate items). It is the ideal add-on for com-panies that have many users or increased security demands (e.g., due to a high staff turnover).

    The system-supported approach helps secure com-pliance with the internal requirements of a compa-ny for the approval of payment orders in regard to amount limits. Integrating additional staff members in the approval process relieves decision-makers of daily business/standard cases.

    Audit ModuleWith this add-on for EBsec you obtain a complete documentation of all changes that are made to the authorization profiles. This element is a pre-requi-site for your company to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

    With EBsec you achieve the security level you need by defining specific access authorizations for diffe-rent user groups. In addition, the system complies with current data privacy and security requirements, for example, by always saving your sensitive finan-cial data in an encrypted manner in the databases.

    Additional optional add-ons provide further advan-tages for a smooth execution of payments. For more details, please see our online download center.

    Automatic Hash Value Calculation Mobile Application for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad

    and Android CGI XML Database Connection MS SQL Server Embedding Kit Enhanced Database Connection Oracle

    International Payments (RTF) Country Module Austria Country Module Switzerland Remote Signature Client Shadow Accounting SDD Mandate Management Subgroup Administrator


    RFC package RFC package RFC package


    Payment File


    Payment File


    Payment File





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    Important Functions at a Glance

    Process Optimization Automation of existing processes and process

    chains Actively informs users about upcoming tasks Definition and execution of regular, time-con-

    trolled tasks (e.g., send liquidity report each workday at 9.30 am)

    Definition and execution of event-controlled tasks (e.g., send emails to signatories once a request for signature is available or the automa-ted forwarding of account information for internal processing)

    Dynamic request/directory monitoring for auto-matic recognition of outstanding payment files and preparation of transfer to banks

    Integration and Interfaces Use of already available database systems as well

    as mail and file servers SDK interface (WebService via SOAP/XML) for

    easy integration of electronic banking functionali-ties in corporate applications

    Connection options to ERP systems, treasury sys-tems, document management systems, etc.

    Numerous interfaces to providing and receiving systems, supported bank formats: SEPA SCT and SDD, DTAUS, DTAZV, DTA (CH), ClieOp, BTL91, PLI, PLA, V3 (AT), MT940, MT942, MT101, MT700, MT707 etc.

    AUSZUG.TXT and UMSATZ.TXT can be custo-mized

    Communication Data communication compatible with multiple

    banks Support of numerous communication protocols

    such as EBICS and SWIFT as well as host-to-host connections (sftp, shttps) and local protocols such as FTX for Switzerland

    Support of numerous data formats Communication runs as a Windows service and

    can be used parallel on multiple computers

    Payments Entry and administration of SEPA, domestic and

    foreign payments Additional payment formats available as optional

    add-ons Receipt of payment orders entered in feeder

    systems for verification, approval and transfer to corresponding banks

    Templates and standing orders for individual payment types

    Cash Management Management of statement and line item informa-

    tion Management of parked items Management of plan data Extensive evaluation options for your financial

    development and planning

    Security Requests and data can be encrypted and stored

    in the database protected against unauthorized access

    Extensive user administration incl. dedicated authorization profiles facilitate secure support of sensitive transactions such as wage and salary payments

    Fully client-capable on account and/or ordering party level

    Logon to EBsec optionally with SingleSignOn Support of specific password guidelines Integrated hash algorithms prohibit manipulation

    of files Support of electronic signatures in numerous va-

    riants, i.e., saving on mass storage media (memo-ry stick, etc.), SECCOS chip card or in database

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    Reports Standard reports for all data Easy generation of ad-hoc reports Definition of user-specific reports possible Data output in numerous formats such as Excel,

    PDF, HTML, CSV, XML, etc.

    Technology The application is compatible with Microsoft

    operating systems for details, see current list of system requirements

    Microsoft.NET framework Support of the following databases: Microsoft

    SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL Easy installation and maintenance of system Easy scalability individual components of the

    system can be operated in a centralized or decen-tralized manner

    Modular structure of the system allows for later addition of optional components

    Automatic system monitoring provides informati-on of the current system status

    Plugin technology allows you to fully implement customer-specific processing steps in EBsec

    Other Multi-language system (German/English) Easy data transfer/migration from your old sys-


    Innovative Business Values

    Automation Optimization of your payment processes due to the automation of processes and the integration in your infrastructure. For example, bank statement data can be made available in a format defined for the application which then processes the data; data can be split by account and then distributed or sent to a certain recipient via email in PDF format.

    Authorization Integration of corporate electronic approval workflows. Secure all transactions on the basis of multi-bank, electronic signature procedures such as chip card, memory stick, database and distributed electronic signature (VEU).

    HandlingThe intuitive GUI facilitates system change and its quick utilization.

    SupportOne-stop shop: We are your partner for planning, realization and support.

    Database ConnectionOptional use of existing database systems (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL).

    Data SecurityMaster data are encrypted and stored in the data-base that is protected against unauthorized access. Requests can also be transferred from feeder sys-tems with encryption.

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    Data TransferUser-friendly data transfer from your old system is ensured with EBsec, you can still access historical statement information and user-specific templates for payment entry upon migration.

    Dynamic Request/Directory MonitoringEBsec monitors directories and automatically recognizes payment processes and prepares the necessary transfer to banks. Optionally, the autho-rized signatories can be notified via email that they have to provide signatures.

    Increase EfficiencySaving operational costs due to integration into the existing infrastructure and its use.

    Integration into IT System LandscapeUse of existing databases, interface to messaging systems and a universal interface for the connec-tion to company applications.

    Investment SecurityEBsec is continuously adjusted to changing legal and regulatory requirements. The maintenance contract keeps your application up-to-date and ensures investment security.

    Continuous System MonitoringMonitoring function that notifies defined recipients in case of problems.

    Use of Standard TechnologiesUse of standard technologies allows simple scalabi-lity and use of available IT know-how.

    ReportingExtensive evaluation and reporting options for all data provide an easy overview. You can adjust the evaluations to specifically meet your needs or use ad-hoc reporting for individual evaluations at short notice.

    Scalable and Failsafe CommunicationCommunication runs as a Windows service and can be used parallel on multiple computers, which reduces the risk of failure.

    Assignment of Access Rights and Multi-Client CapabilityYou can support sensitive transactions such as wage and salary payments down to the individual data record in a secure manner via the dedicated assignment of access authorizations with user roles and groups. Multi-client capabilities are ensured on account and ordering party level, too. This ensures a full audit trail.

    Further ProcessingAutomated, event-controlled execution of further processes (e.g., transfer of received bank state-ment information for automatic account assign-ment).

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    Copyright 05/2014 cogon GmbH. All rights reserved. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP SE.

    The cogon GmbH is one of the leading software pro-viders of financial solutions. With a clear focus on the optimization and professionalization of the en-tire financial process chain we have been creating tangible added values for our customers for more than 10 years. A holistic approach is central to our products and services from the development of in-novative software solutions to banking and technical consultancy. Renowned customers from all industry sectors benefit from our comprehensive IT services that are based on the extensive know-how of our development, consultancy and project teams.

    The success and the innovative strength of cogon are based on the expertise of our employees which positively influences the consistent further develop-ment of our solutions a guarantee for best practi-ces and highest quality. As we develop the solutions

    cogon GmbH

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    ourselves, customers can rely on our know-how for an optimal project implementation, a professional support service and consultancy throughout the entire project. Flexibility due to a modular and ex-tendable service offer, fast and seamless integration in existing system landscapes, pioneering technolo-gies this is what makes our solutions stand out in the market. With this we have not only convinced our customers, but also independent expert com-mittees. Several awards confirm the innovative qua-lity of our solutions.

    Our products are always developed on the basis of up-to-date standard technologies so that our custo-mers benefit from numerous advantages. You obtain highly efficient tools that are easy to use and put into operation quickly. Moreover, maintainability and scalability are positively influenced.

    Your Partner for Innovation: cogon

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    Since 2014, Hanse Orga has united the three entities Hanse Orga GmbH, cogon GmbH and SymQ GmbH under one umbrella: the Hanse Orga Group. Alrea-dy today, more than 1,000 customers benefit from our leading and specialized solutions and services. As Hanse Orga Group we are a one-stop shop for your financial supply chain management. We offer specialized SAP add-ons in form of the Hanse Orga FinanceSuite modules, innovative and ERP-indepen-dent financial solutions of cogon and a competent SAP treasury consultancy by SymQ. With our inte-grated approach of modular software solutions and

    The integrated and SAP-certified solutions of the Han-se Orga GmbH offer com-panies a very useful add-on to their existing SAP lands-capes. They help significantly enhance efficiency in the areas of account reconciliation, cash management, liquidity plan-ning, treasury management, payment factory and electronic bank account management.

    The particular focus of cogon GmbH is on innovative and ERP-independent financial solutions for payments, cash application as well as cash, liquidity and treasury manage-ment. Flexibility, an extendab-le service offer and the easy in-tegration into existing systems mark out our solutions.

    From global player to medium-sized companies companies can significantly benefit from the competent SAP consul-tancy of SymQ for the areas of finance and treasury. The con-sultancy approach ranges from strategy development and solution design via the imple-mentation to the continuous process optimization in SAP.

    specialized SAP consultancy we are able to create added value for our customers. Since 1984 we have been developing modern financial solutions always having our finger on the pulse of the time. With a dedicated focus on the end-user experience, our technology is developed and continuously impro-ved by financial professionals for financial professi-onals. Our customer-centric approach has resulted in technically sophisticated and economically elabo-rate systems. Coupled with high-level advocacy this is a proven recipe for best practices and sustainable quality.

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    cogon GmbH

    Oldesloer Strae 63 22457 Hamburg Germany

    Tel: +49 40 514808-0 Fax: +49 40 514808-188

    [email protected] www.cogon.de