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Tiger Tales October 2009

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Parent newsletter of Travis High School, Richmond, Texas

Text of Tiger Tales October 2009

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    Travis Mission StatementIn partnership with home and community, it is our mission to create an environment of mutual respect and belonging in which we strive for excellence in both academic and extra-curricular programs.

    William B. Travis High School11111 Harlem Rd.

    Richmond, TX 77406Fort Bend ISD

    Phone: 281.634.7000Fax: 281.634.7010

    The 2009-2010 school year is off to a great start! The students and staff have been working hard building upon the strong foundation set during the first three years of Travis High School. Our athletic teams are continuing the tradition of excellence as they steadily outscore district opponents. Our band, drill team, and the academic UIL teams have been logging in long hours of practice in prepara-tion for successful competition seasons as well. At Travis High School, our goal is to provide your student with the best op-portunity to achieve their maximum potential in life. Students are not only afforded opportunities to build on their prior experiences, but they are also encouraged to branch out and discover new areas of interest. Parents, community members, and business leaders are all encouraged to support our mission of continuous achievement for all. I believe every interaction is an opportunity to learn. As we know, learning does not just occur in the classroom. We are surrounded by opportunities to learn and grow. As a school, we are working to better prepare our students for a global tomorrow. Students must learn to seek out information, develop their skills, and continuously search for answers. Within the walls of Travis High School could be the creator of the next big computer program or the doctor that discovers the cure for an incurable disease. This is why it is important for students to look at every challenge as an opportunity to do something truly amazing. At Travis High School, we are gifted with students who are setting high goals and a faculty committed to assisting them in reaching their aspirations. We continue to be proud of all of our Tiger students, parents, and staff. Our school year is filled with events that we hope you will attend. The involvement of you and your student will lead to their increased success. These events can be found on our campus website. Thank you for your continued support of your student and Travis High School!


    Kyle LovetinskyAssistant Principal

  • Administration

    J.J. Kyle Principal281-634-7004

    Karin Grisdale Associate Principal (Seniors)

    281-634-7011Doug Thompson Assistant Principal (A G)

    281-634-7082Bob Banks Assistant Principal (H-O)

    281-634-7080Kyle Lovetinsky Assistant Principal (P-Z)


    Counselors:Ronald Monachello - Freshmen

    281-634-7025Sophomores, Juniors And Seniors:

    Tiffany Chaney (A- E)281-634-7018

    Marci Nichols, Lead Counselor (F-J)281-634-7015

    Jeanne Andrews (K-Q)281-634-7016

    Crystal Collins (R-Z)281-634-7026

    Registrar:Cynthia Charles281.634.7020

    AttendanceTayma Sheffield281-634-7040

    Nurse:Gabriella Lischau


    Travis High SchoolTiger TalesOctober 2009

    Published Four Times Per Year11111 Harlem Rd.

    Richmond, TX 77406Issue # 1

    Gaggle.Net Email Accounts For Students

    There are many different forms of communication used today that are taught in our schools. Email is one form that is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication for most adults, for both personal and business applications. It is important for students to become proficient in this tool in order to be successful adults, and our state education standards include technology and electronic communication. Using email will also provide students with extra practice using correct writing conventions, improving overall literacy. In order to meet these standards, and give our students hands on experience with email, we have obtained safe email accounts through Gaggle.Net. Gaggle.Net is a safe, web-based Internet system for students where the teacher is always in control. They provide numerous tools that protect our students from the potential problems of email and social networking. The school controls what level of access the students have and with whom they can communicate with, and can set it to be as restricted as necessary. All messages pass through a number of filters. Messages with offensive language, questionable domains, banned file types, or por-nographic images are automatically rerouted to the students teacher for review. Gaggle uses a unique Anti-Pornography Scanner, and Blocked Word lists that are customizable by our school. In addition to email, the students will have a Digital Locker to store online files. Files can be uploaded and ac-cessed from anywhere, so students can work on documents or projects at home without needing a floppy disk or USB drive. Additional features include built-in Language Transla-tion, Spell Check, and an Auditory Feedback System that will read emails and message boards aloud. We are excited about providing email to our students, and confident that by using Gaggle.Net as our provider, we are putting safety first. You can visit for more information, or me with any questions.


    Jackie McMahonInstructional Technology Specialist

    SAT Prep Classes

    Course schedules and information available

    (832) 217-9200

    Close to home!

    Sign up with friends

    - U of H Sugar Land- Greatwood- First Colony/Missouri City

    Pay as little as $495for an 8 week course SOUTHWEST

    Jeanne Gregory, CRS, GRI,

    Over 20 years experience in Fort Bend County but...

    The Most Important Home I Sell Is Yours! RICHMOND CENTER 281-342-4530

    Family Practice ImmunizationsFamily Planning WIC Nutrition Program

    Case Management and Counseling

    Discounted services available for those who qualify

    Fort Bend Education Foundation Awards To

    Travis High School Through the years, Travis High School has received over $5,406.00 in the Angel Gifts Program. Established in 1992 to benefit students of Fort Bend ISD this non-profit organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors that includes local business, industry, and community leaders. The Foundation pro-vides funds to support innovative academic projects and staff development activities. Some examples of the many grants funded to teachers include digital microscopes, math manipulatives, mobile science labs, big books, History Alive materials, and gardening systems. Since its inception, the Fort Bend Education Foundation has awarded over $2,800,000 in grants to Fort Bend ISD teachers and schools. Please con-sider supporting the Education Foundation by volunteering your time at any one of our fundraisers, adopting an angel gift, donat-ing an auction item, or attending the annual gala in February. If you are looking for a great way to pay tribute to a teacher or loved one, con-sider making a donation to our Tribute Fund. M o r e i n f o r -mation about the Foundat ion can be found on the website, t ion o r you may contact Brenna Smelley, Executive Director at 281-634-1113.

  • Online Safety Pledge I want to use the computer and the Internet. I understand that there are certain rules about what I should do online. I agree to follow these rules:

    I will not give my name, address, telephone number, school, or my teachers/parents names, 1. addresses, or telephone numbers, to anyone I meet on the Internet.I will not give out my email password to anyone (even my best friends) other than my teach-2. ers/parents.I will not send a picture of myself or others over the Internet without my teachers/parents 3. permission.I will not fill out any form or request online that asks me for any information about my school, 4. my family, or myself without first asking for permission from my teachers/parents.

    I will tell my teachers/parents if I see any bad language or pictures on the Internet, or if 5. anyone makes me feel nervous or uncomfortable online.I will never agree to get together with someone I meet online without first checking with 6. my teachers/parents. If my teachers/parents agree to the meeting, I will be sure that it is in a public place and that I am accompanied by an adult at all times.I will not use any articles, stories, or other works I find online and pretend it is my own.7. I will not use bad language online.8. I will practice safe computing, and check for viruses whenever I borrow a disk from someone, 9. download something from the Internet, or receive an attachment.I will be a good online citizen and not participate in any activity that hurts others or is against 10. the law or my schools policy.

    _______________________________ ___________________Students Signature Date

    _______________________________ ___________________Parents Signature Date

    _______________________________ ___________________Teachers Signature Date

    Business DepartmentOwens speaks to Intro to Business Ms. Michele Owens was the guest speaker for Intro to Business. Ms Owens is a business owner, fashion designer and has her own mod-eling agency. She spoke to both Intro to Busi-ness classes Sept. 4. The students participated in a mock modeling show for their classmates. She will be back in the future.

    Lee A. Mahlmann, D.D.S., M.S.

    The Art of Orth

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