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Tiger Tales - Tales March 2018.pdf · PDF fileTiger Tales is published monthly by the Southeastern GTO Association. SEGTOA is a chapter of the GTO Association of America ( ), the

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Text of Tiger Tales - Tales March 2018.pdf · PDF fileTiger Tales is published monthly by the...

  • Southeastern GTO Association

    ...a chapter of the GTO Association of America

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    March 2018

    Volume 32, Issue 3


    our 32nd


    Inside this issue:

    Next Event 1

    Presidents Message


    SEGTOA Save the Date


    Lake Oconee Show 4

    2018 Summit Racing Atlanta Motorama


    2018 BOPC 7-8

    Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge



    Tech Tips: 11

    New Members! 12

    Classifieds 13

    Resources 14

    Tiger Tales

    Next Event:

    The Big Event

    Car Show

    Lake Oconee, GA

    Saturday, March 17

    See Pages 3-4
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    Officers &

    Board Members


    John Link

    [email protected]

    Vice President

    Ernie Stephens

    [email protected]


    Larry Snyder

    [email protected]


    VP Membership

    Kim Fowler

    [email protected]

    VP Newsletter

    Jim Andrews

    [email protected]


    Craig Dean

    [email protected]

    Board Members

    Bob Immekus

    [email protected]

    Chuck Giraud

    [email protected]

    Steve Weisbarth

    [email protected]

    Chris McPherson

    [email protected]

    Mike Walling

    [email protected]

    Presidents Message

    We had a really Fun February Meeting/Christmas Party/Gift Exchange. Katie Lawrence did a great job decorating and the food was wonderful. Great Food, Fun Gifts, and Great People equal a Great Time. Hope even more of you can be there next time.

    Im looking forward to the March Meeting/Car show at Lake Oconee. This show has been well attended by SEGTOA in the past. A lot of SEGTOA functions are on the Northwest side of Atlanta, so for you members on the east side, this meeting will be a lot closer. So, meet us there.

    SEGTOA has plenty going on the rest of 2018 too. All our functions are more fun if youre there!! Life is short, so enjoy the good weather, enjoy your Pontiacs and enjoy your friends in SEGTOA.

    John Link, President

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    SEGTOASave The Date!

    2018 Events

    Saturday March 17 The Big Event Car Show at Lake Oconee

    Sat.-Sun. April 28-29 Atlanta Motorama - Atlanta Motor Speeedway

    Saturday May 12 BOPC at Piedmont Church

    Fri.-Sun. June 1-3 Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge

    Saturday July 14 Dyno Day at Complete Performance

    Saturday August 4 SEGTOA Picnic

    October Tail of the Dragon Road Trip,

    Get together at the Links Estate

    The Big Event Car Show at Lake Oconee is coordinated by member Doug Askew. We havent

    been to this show for a few years, so lets make a big presence this year to support one of our members. There is no pre-registration. We will plan on caravanning from the east side of Atlanta

    together, and youve already received one notice, but well send another a day or two before. Please RSVP to Ernie Stephens ([email protected]) ASAP, as Doug is going to reserve parking

    for us at the show. Info is on page 4.

    Youll see on pages 5 and 6 info and the registration form for the 2018 Summit Racing

    Equipment Atlanta Motorama. You need to get your entry form and fee to Chris McPherson by

    March 19, 2018 so he can get them in by March 26 in order for our club to get preferred

    parking, club awards, AND to save $15 on your registration fee. You can print and fill out the

    form on page 5, and you need to send it to Chris so he can submit them together: Chris

    McPherson, 915 Franklin Goldmine Rd, Cumming, GA, 30028. March 19th will be here before

    you know it! Dont miss this show that gets bigger every year!

    Pages 7 & 8 contain registration and class information for the Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, &

    Cadillac show on Saturday May 12. The BOPC is the best long-standing car show in the area, and

    its being hosted by the Cadillac club this year. We hosted it in 2016, and well be up again in

    2020. The location is great, theres plenty of parking, and a whole lot of really sweet cars. You

    received a Special BOPC Edition Tiger Tales with all the information in it.

    Pages 9 & 10 are all about Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge. We heard at least one person say that this is

    not only the best Pontiac show hes ever been to, but the best Car Show hes been to ever! Very

    few Music Road Hotel rooms are available at the show rate. Last year we went up on Thursday

    afternoon so we could take our cars in first thing Friday morning. It fills up fast! Details to come.

    Dyno Day in July is still being tuned-up, and youll receive more info as it becomes available.

    Plan on attending and seeing what kind of power your Pontiac is putting out, and do some tuning

    on it. If youve done it before, you know its a lot of fun!

    John Link Kim Fowler Ernie Stephens

    Meeting Committee Pro Tem

    mailto:[email protected]
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    Chris McPherson

    [email protected]

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    Tech Tips: Trial and Error By Jim Norman

    Your GTO is stock with an external voltage regulator mounted to the fire wall. And it is

    an original mechanical points style like the one on the right. About $80 to replace.

    You decide to upgrade all your head lights,

    blinkers, and tail lights. You replace all the lights

    with all systems off. You switch on the ignition

    and start testing the lights. Naturally all of them

    work except one headlight, an opposite parking/

    blinker light, and one tail light.

    You leave the ignition switch ON and start

    trouble-shooting to get all of the lights working.

    Two hours later, all the lights are on and blinking

    correctly. You turn off the ignition switch and take a well-earned break, maybe even get

    something to eat.

    You come back to admire your effort and start the beast up. You hear a high pitched

    whine under the hood. You raise the hood and the whine is from the alternator you just

    bought two weeks ago for $89. Suddenly, it starts smoking. It is not the belt, but the

    alternator itself. The smell of ozone fills the garage and sets off the smoke alarm. What

    the heck happened?

    Well, when you turned the ignition switch to ON, you engaged the points on the

    original style voltage regulator and after the two hour light check with the ignition on,

    the points stuck together and with the engine later running, the points did not open,

    causing the stator winding inside the alternator to short out.

    So you go down to Auto Electric Manufacturing in Marietta, buy a transistor voltage

    regulator pictured on the left for $20 and have the alternator rebuilt to 70 amps for $40.

    SO NOW: remember that to check the lights for any period of time you should switch

    the ignition to the ACC position so as NOT to engage the voltage regulator.

    Jim Norman

    Editors note: Leaving the ingition switch ON for an extended period with a points type

    distributor is also good way to blow up an ignition coil. If the points are closed and the

    ignition switch is ON, the coil is energized. If left for a long enough period of time, the

    coil will heat up and expansion will blow the tower off the coil, leaving a coat of

    transformer oil all over the engine compartment. No need to ask me how I know this.

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    Welcome New Members!

    Welcome aboard! Its nice to see more Next Gen GTOs in

    the club!


    Alvin & Loretta Jackson Kathleen, GA

    2006 GTO


    Michael Story Gainesville, GA

    2006 GTO

  • 13


    67 GTO Parts for Sale

    Gas tank

    4 - G70-14 Wide Oval Red Line tires, bias-ply, off rims

    Larry Greer

    [email protected]

    Cars for Sale

    67 GTO Older restoration. Montreux Blue, Factory air, PS, PB, original engine. Nice. $27,000 67 GTO in primer. 455, turbo 350. New wiring harness and Big Disc setup available. $15,000 67 Tempest. OHC6, second owner. Parts to convert to Sprint (4bbl, dual exh.) $3000 74 Ventura 350/350, Factory Air, Power Steering $3500 63 Bonneville. Second owner. $5000

    All prices negotiable after inspection.

    Lee Lamb [email protected] 678-936-6481

    Wanted: 1960s Vintage GTO

    Rick Adams

    [email protected]


    Parts Needed

    66/67 AC Parts. Condenser with brackets, hoses, lower brackets for AC radiator air deflectors.

    Contact Ernie at [email protected]

    I have car parts to sell at the BOPC. I sold over $1,000 last year, so my stock is

    depleting. If anyone would like to share a space with me at the upcoming BOPC,

    please contact me.

    Also, we have an electric powered treadmill that needs a good home. Its a very nice

    one. Free for the taking.

    Paul Sorrells [email protected]

    (404) 702-3398

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]