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Spring 2012 edition fo the EWC Tiger Tales student magazine produced by the Fundamentals of Journalism Class - Mr. Jason Mitchell, instructor.

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    mk For all the students who didnt do well this semester, dont worry because after all these years of patiently waiting

    - Brittany Washington

    Ever wish a semester could be condensed to 5 weeks? This summer, Edward Wa-ters College will offer summer school after a hiatus. In the past, students have expected to attend summer school, only to discover it was canceled due to the schools lack of preparation. Students stated that last year, the summer school preparation was a train wreck and left them with many unanswered questions concerning financial aid and room and board. According to Accounts Payable Manager, Rosaline Lopez, this year summer school is set and ready. Samia Guice, Junior, understands the importance of offering summer school. I plan on being a senior and I am a couple of credits behind, so the fact that summer school is finally here is surely a blessing. Classes are $250 per credit hour will be held Monday through Friday, from 9am -1pm. For many years summer school has not been around and I am glad to welcome it back, said Lopez. Students must visit the financial aid office for registration and information concerning how summer school expenses will be covered. Classes will begin onMay 21.

    Summer School Is Back!!!

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    rts New Start For ewC SportS

    Brandon Turman

    Renovations in the Athletic Department

    The Edward Waters College Tigers get a fresh start in this years sports. In four areas the Tigers brought in new head coaches to help EWC improve in the athletic department.

    The softball team received Coach Ashley Walker from Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University. The season started off a little rocky for the Lady Tigers, but a few sunny days came and Coach Walker says there are more to come as were winding down on this season. Some of the players claimed that Coach Walker has been a blessing to them because she is willing to put in the work to turn the program around which the players have been waiting to experience. The Lady Tigers now have a record of 8-19 with a few more games to go in which Coach Walker said, They will be ready and will finish strong.

    The EWC basketball team, is now coached by Frank Burnell out of Daytona State College. Burnell, formally the head coach at Daytona Beach Community College, now Daytona State College, and the assistant coach at the University of South Florida, has been coaching mens collegiate basketball for 25 years. While at DBCC he led his team to four Mid-Florida conference championships, two tournament titles, and a Florida Community College

    Activities Association state championship. Burnell, a Jacksonville native and graduate of Ribault High School, is a four-year letterman of Stetson University, where he was team captain his senior year and team MVP twice. He has also won Coach-of-the-Year four times and was inducted into the FCCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2005. Coach Burnell led the tigers to an impressive season but finished early in the conference tournament. EWC ended the 2012 season with an 11-17 overall record and 6-9 in the GCAC.

    The Lady Tigers brought in Coach Charmaine Wilson who brings a background of history-making, as she was the first head coach at Allen University to lead her team to a victory in a conference tournament game. As graduate of South Carolina State University, Wilson played with the Lady Bulldogs from 1996-1998. Immediately following graduation, she took her first coaching position at AU as the assistant coach, and in 2001 was made head coach. In 2004, following her tenure at AU, Wilson became a first assistant coach at Bethune-Cookman University and helped lead the team to the most wins in a single season.

    New Head Football CoaCHBrandon Turman

    The head football coach, Brad Bernard, a native of Jacksonville, Fla., has enjoyed every moment of coaching and building his family style program. I appreciate the opportunity to coach such outstanding young men. Theyre all like sons to me, said Bernard.

    The EWC Tigers finished their first season with a record of 5-5, which is a major improvement from previous years. In the upcoming season, the Tigers face one of the toughest schedules they have had in a long time.

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    atHletiC SpotligHtBrandon Turman

    Two senior football players of Edward Waters College are still pushing forward to make their childhood dream come true. Linebacker Rudy Wilson and Wide Receiver Sam Charles have been competing in several combines and all-star showcase games to get their big shot.

    Sam Charles of Miami, Fla., has attended EWC for four years during which he played football all four. Ive had my ups and downs on the field, but I enjoyed every moment of my college career. Id do anything to get another year of eligibility, said Charles. In his career Charles has put up amazing numbers that have captured the attention from a few NFL teams that include the Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Rudy Wilson of Tampa, Fla., also attended EWC for four years and played all four years. Wilson finished his senior season as

    the second leading tackler on the team. I dont regret any of my years of my career; the whole thing was a learning process. Like Sam, I would also do just about anything to get an extra year, added Wilson.

    This past weekend the two attended a

    CFL combine in an attempt to receive a spot on someones roster. The entire weekend went well, said Charles. I ran a consistent 4.4 in 40-meters, which is pretty good for a receiver of my height and size. I just pray that God allows me to make on it someones roster. During the workout Wilsons hamstring tightened up, which disabled him to perform at his best. The two are awaiting phone calls for their next opportunity, that could come any day.

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    brotHer 2 brotHerRicky Glover

    Brothers, when dreaming, dream big. Todays preparation will set the pace for the future. Grasp what the true definition of success is and have a vision.

    Set goals and devise a plan to reach them. Through hard work and dedication success will come. When unprepared for the obstacles that lie ahead, both short term and long term setbacks are inevitable.

    Brothers, you are paying for a first class education, so why sit in coach? Take full advantage of the opportunities in the classroom by excelling one semester at a time. The educational investments each student makes is a step toward achieving dreams. The further education is taken, the more options one has in life.

    Being on time and attentive for class is imperative because it instills discipline, demonstrates initiative and gives a greater opportunity to absorb the information delivered by the instructor.

    Brothers, prepare for tomorrow by studying today and putting time into your studies, this is preparation for tomorrow, which is tooling your future.

    SiSter 2 SiSterNikole Redmond

    Are you your sisters keeper?

    Women have long had problems struggling in a mans world, but according to James Brown this world would be nothing without a woman. There was a time women stood together for the right to vote, to work and to be deemed an equal citizen. In todays society, the unity that was once present has diminished, along with self-love. Criticizing other sisters has become a way of life for some. Black women will degrade themselves to do what they think will make another woman look bad. African Americans have come so far and Black women have yet to get on one accord.

    Sisters, reality TV has a major influence on the African American community. Shows such as Basketball Wives and The Real Housewives of Atlanta glorify ignorant and catty behavior. Displeasing behavior, degrading other women and bad attitudes are what impressionable, little black girls think is acceptable. The younger generation needs role models, someone who can teach them the importance of sisterhood.

    The way women treat each other is vitally important to all those watching including children, peers, subordinates and superiors. Non-verbal communication is just as important as the verbal. Smiling is more conducive to creating harmony and a stronger sisterhood than frowning or a judgmental stare. Treat each other with respect and dont allow the media to tarnish the images of black women. Legacies are constantly being built. Sisters, we are all born females; however, every female is not a woman.

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    Y tHe iN gadgetS

    Tavaris Warren

    In todays society, technology and gadgets are faster, smarter, and very literate. The world of iMac has grown to become the leading resource of communication used in daily life.

    To say Apples iPad 2 is an easy tablet to review is somewhat of an understatement. The device, a fol-low up to last years wildly successful (and cu