Tiger Tales Feb. 2010

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Parent Newsletter of Travis High School, Richmond, Texas

Text of Tiger Tales Feb. 2010

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    Travis Mission StatementIn partnership with home and community, it is our mission to create an environment of mutual respect and belonging in which we strive for excellence in both academic and extra-curricular programs.

    William B. Travis High School11111 Harlem Rd.

    Richmond, TX 77406Fort Bend ISD

    Phone: 281.634.7000Fax: 281.634.7010

    By Bob Banks, Assistant Principal

    It is hard to believe that the winter season is just about over. This time of year can be very exhausting for students. Here are some helpful things to make it a positive seasonal transition for your children:

    Maintain routines and schedules. Encourage children to get plenty of rest and eat well-balanced meals. Listen to your children. Askchildrentofindwaystohelpothers.Get outside daily for fresh air and exercise. Set aside quiet time each day to read, color, paint or create.

    Cold Weather Reminder: It is also important to send your child dressed in layers, as some-times the heat is not consistent throughout the building. If they are hot, they can remove the sweater/sweatshirt and when they are in a space that is cooler they can put it back on! Therearenoknowncuresforcoldsandflu,socoldandflupreventionshouldbeyourgoal.Aproactiveapproachtowardingoffcoldsandfluisapttomakeyourwholelifehealthier.Themosteffectivewayforpreventingthefluistogettheflushot.Itmaynotbenatural,butitworksbetterthan anything else. But there are other strategies you can employ as well.

    #1 Wash Your Hands Mostcoldandfluvirusesarespreadbydirectcontact.Someonewhohastheflusneezesontotheir hand, and then touches the telephone, the keyboard, a kitchen glass. The germs can live for hours -- in some cases weeks -- only to be picked up by the next person who touches the same object. So wash your hands often. If no sink is available, rub your hands together very hard for a minute orso.Thatalsohelpsbreakupmostofthecoldgerms.Orrubanalcohol-basedhandsanitizerontoyour hands.

    #2 Dont Cover Your Sneezes and Coughs With Your Hands Becausegermsandvirusesclingtoyourbarehands,mufflingcoughsandsneezeswithyourhandsresultsinpassingalongyourgermstoothers.Whenyoufeelasneezeorcoughcoming,useatissue,andthenthrowitawayimmediately.Ifyoudonthaveatissue,coughorsneezeintotheinside of your elbow.

    #3 Dont Touch Your Face Coldandfluvirusesenteryourbodythroughtheeyes,nose,ormouth.Touchingtheirfacesis the major way children catch colds, and a key way they pass colds on to their parents.

    #4 Drink Plenty of Fluids Waterflushesyoursystem,washingoutthepoisonsasitrehydratesyou.Atypical,healthyadultneedseight8-ounceglassesoffluidseachday.Howcanyoutellifyouregettingenoughliquid? If the color of your urine runs close to clear, youre getting enough. If its deep yellow, you needmorefluids.

    Community and staff have a wonderful and successful second semester and stay healthy.

  • Administration

    J.J. Kyle Principal281-634-7004

    Karin Grisdale Senior Principal281-634-7011

    Doug Thompson Assistant Principal (A Ga)281-634-7082

    Bob Banks Assistant Principal (Gb-Oc)281-634-7080

    Kyle Lovetinsky Assistant Principal (Od-Z)281-634-7081

    Counselors:Ronald Monachello - 9th Grade

    281-634-7025Jeanne Andrews - 10th Grade

    281-634-7016Tiffany Chaney - 11th Grade

    281-634-7018Marci Nichols - 12th (A-J)

    281-634-7015Crystal Collins - 12th (K-Z)


    Registrar:Cynthia Charles281.634.7020


    Nurse:Gabriella Lischau


    SAT Prep Classes

    Course schedules and information available atwww.SugarLandSAT.com

    (832) 217-9200

    Close to home!

    Sign up with friends

    - U of H Sugar Land- Greatwood- First Colony/Missouri City

    Pay as little as $495for an 8 week course SOUTHWEST

    Jeanne Gregory, CRS, GRI, ABR713-854-0923www.jeannegregory.com

    Over 20 years experience in Fort Bend County but...

    The Most Important Home I Sell Is Yours! RICHMOND CENTER 281-342-4530

    Family Practice ImmunizationsFamily Planning WIC Nutrition Program

    Case Management and Counseling

    Discounted services available for those who qualify

    Travis High SchoolTiger Tales

    February 2010 Published Four Times Per Year

    11111 Harlem Rd.Richmond, TX 77406

    Issue # 3

    Dates To RememberFebruary 2 ...... 6:30pm 8th grade Parent Night in the AuditoriumFebruary 9 ...... Course selection materials will be distributed in Advisory February 11 ...... 6:30pm Course Selection Night all current students and their parentsFebruary 15 ...... Online AP registration begins www.travishs.TotalRegistration.netFebruary 18 ...... Turn in Completed Course Selection Materials in AdvisoryFebruary 26 ...... Last day for regular registration fee for AP testsMarch 5 ............ Late registration (additional $10.00 fee/test) for AP testsMarch 12 ............Final late registration deadline (additional $20.00/test) to pay for AP tests.April 6 .............. Last day to change a level or drop a class for study hall (7th pd only),

    offcampus(12thonly)orofficeaide(12thonly)Fullyearcoursescanonly be dropped during the 1st semester.

    June 5 ............... Graduation!!!!

    Counselors CornerAP Tests breaking news!! Travis will be using a new and easy way to register for AP tests. Starting on February 15 all students will register online for AP tests! Unfortunately the school district is not set up at this time to take payment online, so you will still need to pay at school at all lunches on the dates designated on the website. After February 26, additional costs will be incurred for late registration. All the information that you will need is on this website: www.travishs.TotalRegistration.net. No registration or payment will be accepted after March 12. Tests will not be ordered until payment is received. If you have any questions please call Marci Nichols at 281-634-7015 or email her at marci.nichols@fortbend.k12.tx.us.Seniors Remember to bring a copy of all college acceptances letters and scholarship offers tothecounselorsofficesothattheywillbeincludedintheSeniorAwardsCeremonyin May. Many scholarships are still available. Be sure to check the Counselors section of the THS website for more information and check out the $Dollar grams$. Make sure that you have submitted your FAFSA by the deadline set by the college or university so thatyoucanbeconsideredforfinancialaid.

    Sophomores and Juniors All students who took the PSAT in October can access a wonderful FREE resource from College Board. My College Quick Start and My Road provide a wealth of informa-tion. You can access this site by using the code on your PSAT results. Dont miss out on this great FREE opportunity! Consider planning some college visits during Spring Break. Check out the admissions section of the college of your choice for details about any activities that may be available.

    Life Skills Class To Collect Pennies For

    Patients The life skills class will be collecting money for Pennies for Patients. Pennies for Patients is a program that collects funds to support Leukemia and Lymphoma research and patient services. We will be-gin collecting money Feb. 9th and collect though Feb. 27th. Students and parents are encouraged to bring any spare change they have to support this wonderful cause. We will be collecting during all lunches and in the mornings when parents are dropping off their students. Thank you very much!

    Senior Sarah Afrondozo Named To Trainers Academic All-State Team

    Congratulationstoseniorstudenttrainer,SarahAfrondozo.Shewasnamedtothe Texas State Athletic Trainers Association 2009-2010 Academic All-State Team. SarahisthefirstTravisstudenttrainertoeverreceivethisaward.Shewasoneofonly5 student trainers from FBISD to receive the award this year and only one of 58 in the entire state of Texas.

    Students Can Earn Astros Tickets For

    Good GradesEnjoy going to the Astros games???

    Want free Astros tickets???Thats easy work hard on your

    studies and make Honor Roll during the second semester of this school year. You can earn up to two Astros tickets

    by making the grade honor roll. Honor Roll is:all As;

    all Bs and all As & Bs. Good Luck to EVERYONE and we

    hope to hand out lots of FREE Astros Tickets!!!

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    William B. Travis High School: Science

    TAKS Plan During the upcoming months, the Travis High School Science department will be conducting TAKS tutorials for all students interested. Tutorials will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:40 3:45pm. Interested students should report to room C100 where roll will be taken. The activity bus will be available for students who stay after school for the tutorial program. All students must pass the Science TAKS test during their junior year of high school in order to graduate. Retests are available during the students senior year, however FBISD policy states that the student must pass all parts of the TAKS test in order to participate in graduation and receive their diploma. It is imperative that students take advantage of