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Personal Learning environments

Personal Learning environmentsPersonal Learning Environments (PLE) are systems that help learners take control of and manage their own learning.PLEGroup- based learningSelf- directed learningSet their own learning goals.Manage their learning, both content and process.Communicate with others in the process of learning.Ple helps learners to:Personal learning environmentPLE is an approach, not an application.PLE offer both the framework and the technologies to integrate personal learning and working.PLE is an environment where people and tools and resources interact in a very loose kind of way.

PLE- Characteristicscollaborationconnectednessproductionuser controlLifelong learningsharingopennessownership

PLE- goalThe essential idea behind personal learning environments is that students are put in charge of the learning process, with a focus on how they can support their own needs and preferences.Relevance for Teaching, learning, or creative inquirySymbaloo ( ( ( ( ( merging with digitial portfolio

PLE far-term horizonPLE mid-term horizonrebootApplications of personal learning environmentsLiterature ( development ( ( ( Learning Hub ( Learning portal ( PLAY ground ( Learning Collaborative ( shuttle ( learning environment in practiceMore resourcesE-portfolio Implementation ( for iPad ( students to learn without us ( want Personsalized Learning, Mobile Technology ( New Site Turns Any Youtube Video into a Lesson ( Time Its Personal ( are free to access, join, develop and extend the system.Responsiveness to learners needs is ensured, quick and individual (e.g. answer, recommendation, individually adapted content, elements or tools) and relates to the learners individual needs, preferences and wishes.AttributionsSlide 7- edtechpost.wikispaces.comSlide 10- onlinelearninginsights.wordpress.comAll other images by Unnati Patel