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24 September 2007 Kapihan sa Philippine eLearning Society at College of St. Benilde, Manila

Text of Personal Learning Environments

  • 1. Personal Learning Environments Getting ready for the Friendster Generation.

2. What are PLEs?

  • Personal Learning Environmentsare systems that help learners take control of and manage their own learning. This includes providing support for learners to
    • set their own learning goals
    • manage their learning; managing both content and process
    • communicate with others in the process of learning
    • and thereby achieve learning goals.

3. PLE as a system

  • A PLE may be composed of one or more subsystems: As such it may be a desktop application, or composed of one or more web-based tools/services.
  • Important concepts in PLEs include the integration of bothformal andinformallearning episodes into a single experience, the use of social networks that can cross institutional boundaries, and the use of networking protocols (Peer-to-Peer, web services, syndication) to connect a range of resources and systems within a personally-managed space.

4. Example: Canadian University Hello 5. Example: Philippine Higher Ed 6. Example: Logged in Page This is aninformalenvironment 7. FormalEnvironment 8. One vision of e-learning 9. Social SoftwareApproach Individual Space Cooperative Space Profiles Group Ware Wikis Communities & Group Profiles Blogs PodCasts Net Enhanced Social learning E- Portfolios Socialbook-marking 10. Some Apparent Benefits of SCOs

  • Persistent 24/7
  • Reusable
  • Printout is optional
  • Searchable
  • Customizable
  • Re-mixable

11. Some SubtleBenefits of SCOs

  • Variable Visibility
  • Builds sense of ownership
  • Promotes Collaboration
  • Encourages meta-learning

12. Why support a PLE?

  • Multi-stakeholder effort to get ready for the Friendster* generation
  • Recognizes how 21 stcentury learners learn
  • Being in step with the global economy ( Think: IBM, Cisco, perhaps even McDonalds )
  • * or MySpace, YouTube, Multiply, Wordpress, Facebook

13. Is this done anywhere else?- PLEs forHigh Schools

  • -(broadly for all sorts of HS) via Paul Allison
  • Aldridge State High School
  • Dearborne Schools
  • De La Salle-Canlubang

14. Perhaps a good place to start Hello 15. Next Steps

  • we welcome yourfeedback.
  • [email_address]
  • +632 917 823 8627