MOOCs employability through Personal Learning Environments

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Southampton University's insights on the relevance of Personal Learning Environments in MOOCs as employability enhancers.

Text of MOOCs employability through Personal Learning Environments

  • 1. The case for employabilitythrough MOOC participation:affordances of the personal learningenvironmentSu White2, Hugh Davis1, Manuel Leon2, and Kate Dickens11Centre for Innovation in Technologies and Education, University of Southampton, UK2Web and Internet Science, ECS, University of Southampton, UK{hcd, kate.dickens}; {ml4c08,saw};Presentation CSEDU 1st April 2014: Graz, Austria

2. WAIS & CITECITE@suukii 3. @suukii 4. Why am I here?AT SOUTHAMPTON WEVE DONEMOOCS WITH FUTURELEARN 5. FL context 6. Our MOOC portfolio 7. Our MOOC portfolio@suukii 8. @suukii 9. WebSci MOOC: seeing the big picture. Retail understood that this connected them toa potential customer basemuch more broadly. The whole phenomenon ofinternet shopping that arose from that, wherethe fundamental kind of activity wastransaction-based. Buying, purchasing, selling.It's just different. There's plenty ofjobs in terms of working with thecompaniesthat are doing retail on the Web. Sothe High Street has gone online, andin a sense it's like,get over it.Sir Nigel Shadbolt / Dame WendyHall 10. MOOCs and Employability:Willets views (Parr, 2014)I think we will seethe rise of the de factoaccredited Mooca Mooc that has somecurrency in the jobs market,If you look at Moocs on theirown, you dont get the fullsignificance of what ishappening[to] significantlychange education. 11. PLEs as employability enhacers 12. PLEs as activity systems(Buchem et al, 2011) 13. Learners motivationsDavis (2014)Young learners (majoritybetween 18-24 years old)Why MOOCs? They are free Motivations 14. What learners value Free and open Convenience: any time any place Update knowledge, enhance CV Build a learning community Satisfy interest/ edutainment Learning with the best Professional development/lifelong learning 15. Planning my futureHow do you plan to use knowledgegained in MOOCs? 16. Affordances to enhance employabilitythrough MOOC participation 17. ReferencesBuchem, I., Attwell, G. & Torres, R., 2011. Understanding Personal Learning Environments:Literature review and synthesis through the Activity Theory lens. In The PLE Conference 2011.pp. 133. Available at:, H. et al., 2014. MOOCs for Universities and Learners An analysis of motivatingfactors. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Computer SupportedEducation. Barcelona. Available at:, C. (2014) Employers could turn to bespoke Moocs, Willetts says. Times Higher Education22 May 2014@suukii 18. Manuel LeonWeb and Internet Science, ECSUniversity of SouthamptonSO17 1BJ,