Personal Learing Environments For Lifelong Learning

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Dan Stuart's view of online education and translating formal learning activities into a way of structuring your personal online interests, interactions and engagements was another way of looking at stuff that I, for one, do 'organically' - but he tied together these things in a way I hadn't thought about. For that, alone, I found his talk worthwhile.From


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2. Agree on terms...
3. School?
4. Learning?
5. E-Learning?
6. E-learning as a department store
7. Learning Management Systems
software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content like an CorpTraining-ERP
8. Virtual Learning Environments
focused on the development, management and publishing of the content that will typically be delivered via an LMS
features in these systems include wikis, blogs, RSS and 3D virtual learning spaces
9. They curate,
so why not curate your own learning?
10. E-learning as a high street
11. Personal Learning Environments
shape your own learning spaces, to form and join communities and to create, consume, remix, and share material
12. Personal Learning Environments
set your own learning goals, manage your learning
managing both content and process, communicate with others in the process of learning, and thereby achieve learning goals
13. Personal Learning Environments
requires a social context by offering means to connect with other personal spaces for effective knowledge sharing and collaborative knowledge creation
14. Jafari Model
15. PLEX Project
16. Elgg PLE?
17. So what?
18. Learning?
19. Social Media?
20. Noise?
21. Too much frakingnoise in frakingsocial media that I cant frakinglearn anything?
22. Try this...
23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Your own Personal Learning Environment:
Use current social sites
Mix in some more - discover
Self-cast, listen and learn
Record micro-learnings
Reflect and document learnings
Document achievements
You win: you learn
We win: you add (meaningfully) to the knowledge collective