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  • distr ibu ted with au totest m ag a zineno. 20 / september 2011

    SIAR IS AffIlIAted to

    InteRnAtIonAlfedeRAtIon ofAutomotIveenGIneeRInGSocIetIeS


    IngineriaAutomobilului Society ofAutomotiveEngineers

    of Romania


    Interview with Dr. Ir. Jan Leuridan, LMS International Fuel Cell Powertrain Simulation

    Study of Automotive Dynamics and the Acoustic dynamics of the car A Better Reliability Modeling in The Cases of Incomplete Tests

    Engine Particle Filters Sytems Research


    Author: Prof. Dr. Eng. Dan ABITANCEI

    Abstract: This book brings to the fore over 40 types of engines ma-nufactured in Romania in almost 60 years, in international coopera-tion or national initiatives. This book accomplished a great void in the literature that reveals a road crossed by an important sector of Romanian industry, because it draws attention to the younger gene-ration working in this field that walking on a road that has traditions in Romania. From this book you can find creative and productive scale activities that took place and they carry generations of people who have worked and are still working in this area2011 ALMA Craiova, Publishing, ISBN 978-606-567-089-1Contact author: +40268 512 243


    Autors: Conf. Dr. Ing. Adrian Sorin ROSCA, Conf. Dr. Ing. Ilie DUMITRUAs. Drd. Ing. Andrei Gheorghe NANU

    This book is addressing mainly to students and to those who are in-volved in the field of automotive engineering. The authors are present-ing various subjects related to road vehicles (like engine, transmission and other sub-systems), using modern software (Catia, Inventor etc).The book is made up of several examples for each given subject, exam-ples covering a wide range of information that will assist the readers in their quest to improve the skills and knowledge.

    Universitaria Craiova Publishing, 132 pages, ISBN 978-973-742-571-3Details about the book can be obtained at:

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    Ingineria Automobilului

    The AIAR (Association of Automotive Engineers of Romania), founded in 1988 as part of the CNIT (National Council of Engineers and Technicians), became in 1990 SIAR (Society of Automotive Engineers of Romania), it was the result of recognizing both national and international professional prestige of the specialists from

    universities, research units and production sector, all involved in the automotive industry in Romania. It was also decided to edit a journal to introduce the events of the new company and to present the most valuable of both Romanian and foreign researchers acting in the field of automotive engineering. Thus, in the summer of 1990, with the high professionalism support of the Monitorul Oficial, appeared the first issue of the Journal of the Romanian Automotive Engineers (RIA), whose chief editor was Dr. Eng. Dumitru Marinca. The magazine was published monthly until 2000. Afterward, the appearance of the magazine ceased because of financial reasons.On the 1st of October 2006, the new journal Ingineria Automobilului (Automotive Engineering) has been launched (quarter issue) with the support of the Romanian Automobile Registry (RAR) and distributed together with the Auto Test magazine.During its five years of existence, the journal Ingineria Automobilului has been continuously modernized and adapted to the field, knowing a series of transformations.The interviews with prominent personalities at home or abroad acting in the field of automotive engineering or related to this area were highly appreciated. The interviews started to be

    published with the magazine no. 6 of March 2008. Among the personalities interviewed it is worth to mention Prof. Gunter Hohl, General (r), Vice President FISITA and President EAEC; Mr. Constantin Stroe, general manager of ACAROM and vice president of Dacia Renault and RTR; Mr. Philippe Prevel and Mr. Sorin Buse (CEOs Renault Technologie Roumanie); Prof. Dr. Eng. Nicolae Vasiliu, from the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Department of the Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery; Dr. Peter Pleus, general director of Schaeffler Romania; Mr. Bernard Gauvin, president of the WP 29, CEE-UN; the rectors of universities from Bucharest, Brasov and Pitesti and more recently, Mr. Andras Siegler, director of the Directorate Transport of the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission.New fields which have expanded the journal`s horizon of information and interest such as Research in universities, University laboratories, Student achievements etc. have been introduced.The increasing interest in papers and information published by the Ingineria Automobilului determined its managerial team to increase the number of pages from 16 to 24 (starting from no. 10 of March 2009) and to edit it in two separate formats: one printed entirely in Romanian language and one on-line entirely in English language posted on the website from no. 19 of June 2011).Celebrating the 5 years of the Ingineria Automobilului journals life, often in adverse economic conditions, I congratulate the editorial team as well as the readers and wish them long life together!

    Mircea Oprean

    Summary Ingineria Automobilului No. 20

    INGINERIA AUTOMOBILULUIThe 5th anniversary

    3 INGINERIA AUTOMOBILULUI The 5th anniversary5 Interview with Dr. Ir. Jan Leuridan Executive Vice-President & Chief Technical Officer LMS International 7 Fuel Cell Powertrain Simulation 10 The Interdependence between the Functional Dynamics and the Acoustic Dynamics of the Car12 A Study Regarding a Better Reliability Modeling in the Cases of Incomplete Tests15 Research on the Construction and Performances

    of Particle Filters from the Depolluting Engine Systems19 Intermediate Warehouses Logistics Solution. A Case Study23 Annual Session of Scientific Papers IMT ORADEA 201124 The laboratory for performances certification of electro-hydraulic amplifiers University Politehnica of Bucharest25 University Research26 Challenge KART LOW COST

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    Ingineria Automobilului

    romAnIAn AutomobIle


    General ManagerSotir STANCU

    Technical ManagerFlavius CMPEANU

    Auto test

    Chief editorLorena BUHNICI

    editorsRadu BUHNI

    Emilia VELCU

    Contact:Calea Griviei 391 A,

    sector 1, cod potal 010719, Bucureti, Romnia

    Tel/Fax: 021/202.70.17E-mail:


    ContactFaculty of Transport

    University POLITEHNICAof Bucharest

    Splaiul Independenei 313Room JC 005

    Cod potal 060032, sector 6Bucureti, Romnia

    Tel/Fax: 021/316.96.08E-mail:


    Art grouP Int srl

    Str. Vulturilor 12-14, sector 3Bucureti

    Full or partial copyingof text and pictures

    can be done only withAuto Test Magazine approval,of the Romanian Automobile

    Register and of SIAR

    soCIetY oF AutomotIVe engIneers oF romAnIAPresident: Prof. eugen mihai negru

    Vice-president: Prof. Cristian AndreescuVice-president: Prof. Anghel ChiruVice-president: Prof. Ioan tabacu

    General Secretary: Dr. Cornel Armand Vladu

    redactor ef Prof. mircea oPreAn Universitatea Politehnica Bucureti

    redactori-efi adjunci Prof. gheorghe-Alexandru RADu Universitatea Transilvania Braov Prof. Dr. Ing. Ion CoPAe Academia Tehnic Militar, Bucureti

    redactori Conf. tefan tAbACu Universitatea din Piteti Conf. Adrian sACHelArIe Universitatea Gh. Asachi Iai Conf. Dr. Ing. Ilie DumItru Universitatea din Craiova Lector Cristian ColDeA Universitatea Cluj-Napoca Lector Dr. Ing. marius bu Universitatea Politehnica Bucureti Dr. Ing. gheorghe DRAgomIr Universitatea din Oradea

    ColegIul De reDACIe

    sCIentIFIC AnD ADVIsorY eDItorIAl boArDProf. Dennis Assanis

    University of Michigan,Michigan,

    United States of America

    Prof. rodica A. brnescuUniversity of IIlinois at Chicago

    College of EngineeringUnited States of America

    Prof. nicolae burneteTechnical University of Cluj-Napoca


    Dr. Felice e. CorcioneEngines Institute,

    Naples, Italy

    Prof. georges DescombesConservatoire National

    des Arts et Metiers de Paris,France

    Prof. Cedomir DubokaUniversity of Belgrade


    Prof. Pedro estebanInstitute for Applied

    Automotive ResearchTarragona, Spain

    Prof. radu gaiginschiTechnical University

    Gh. Asachiof Iai, Romania

    Prof. berthold grnwaldTechnical University

    of Darmstadt, Germany

    Eng. eduard golovatai-schmidtINA-Schaffler KGHerzogenaurach, Germanz

    Prof. Peter KucharUniversity for Applied Sciences,Konstanz, Germany

    Prof. mircea opreanPolitehnica University of Bucharest,Romania Prof. nicolae V. orlandeaRetired Professor, University of MichiganAnn Arbor, M.I., USA

    Prof. Victor otUniversitatea din Craiova, Romnia

    Prof. Pierre PodevinConservatoire Nationaldes Arts et Metiers de Paris, France

    Prof. Andreas seeligerInstitute of Mining and Metallurgical Machine, Engineering,Aachen, Germany

    Prof. ulrich spicherKalrsuhe University, Karlsruhe, Germany

    Prof. Cornel stanWest Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

    Prof. Dinu tarazaWayne State University, United States of America

    Serie nou a Revistei Inginerilor de Automobile din Romnia (RIA), 1992-2000Cod ISSN 1842 - 4074

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    Ingineria Automobilului

    Interview with Dr. Ir. Jan LeuridanExecutive Vice-President & Chief Technical Officer LMS International

    Ingineria Automobilului: Who is LMS International?Dr.