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<ul><li> 1. A presentation given by JosephBushnell at the BizGen Conferenceand Expo Lincoln</li></ul> <p> 2. Social MediaMarketing For BusinessBy Joseph - @josephbushnell 3. Which Social Networks are worth bothering with? FaceBook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn And now there is GPlus 4. A few pointers on using Social Media for business before we begin... Its all about building relationships &amp;connecting first &amp; foremost. Businesssecond. Treat Social Media like a party ornetworking event Strategies will differ for different businesstypes. Theres no one size fits all solution Use the Slight Edge Philosophy, this will taketime &amp; you need to be in it for the long haul 5. What can Social Media dofor Your Business? 6. It Has Never Been Easier to Find Your Target Audience and connect with them 7. Social Media is Technophobe friendlyIt Has Never Been Easier To Publish Your Content 8. Reduces Overheads Its Free! Apart from a few exceptionsSocial Media Marketing is free 9. Global Distribution You now have access to your ownglobal TV Channel &amp; Printing Press You can drive traffic and make salesfrom any place in the world 10. Its Never Been Easier ToBuild Strong Relationships With Your Customers 11. Increase Opt-InsThe Money is in the list! 12. Ability To Go Viral 13. More Influence In Your Niche Be Seen &amp; Thought of as a Leader 14. Can Lead To MoreOpportunities 15. Lead Generation 16. Brand Awareness 17. More Traffic To Your Website Or Blog 18. Ultimately all this leads to anIncrease in Online Sales 19. Why All The Hype? Over 800 Million Users worldwide on FaceBook, which means 1 in 9 people inthe world are on FaceBook If FaceBook were a country they would bethe 3rd largest in the world 50% of users log on any given day People average 4 log ins per day spending over 30 mins intotal. Thats 6 whole days each year of just FaceBook time! 15% of all UK traffic &amp; 25% of all USA traffic is FaceBookactivity Search Engines refer approximately about 7% of visits to it Over 200 million active users on FaceBook Mobile every day 20. So why is FaceBook so good?Quite simply, its where everyone is!Their users are loyal and they spend lots of time on Facebook 21. So where to begin? You need to somehow be connected to peopleon Facebook so that you can drive traffic inthese 3 main ways... By having access to their newsfeeds By being able to send a message to their inbox By being able to invite them to attend an event 22. Fan Pages were designed with businesses in mindUnlimited fans, can send messages to a folder intheir inbox, gets into newsfeeds &amp; most importantlyyou are allowed to talk business 23. Before we start asking peopleto Like our fan pageWe need to have something in place Bait! 24. Entice Them With Bait 25. Entice Them With Bait 26. Instant Access To My Free Gift 27. Entice Them With Bait Its called a Reveal Tab You must provide a High Quality Incentive... Free PDF, Video, Audio, Software,Coupon or Consultation Its made using I frames this is the only technicalaspect of a FaceBook page so just outsource it oruse easy software... I recommend Fast Fan Pages If outsourcing use or 28. My top 8 ways to get people to likeyour fanpage 1. Interacting under your page alias 2. Twitter Application 3. Social Plug - Ins 4. Guest Blogging 5. Joint Ventures 6. Text Message 7. QR Codes 8. FaceBook Adverts 29. Interact Under Your Pages Alias Find other relevantpages &amp; introduceyourself on their wall Like &amp; Comment ontheir statuses Every time you do soyou leave a link back to your page Add value so that people want tocheck out who you are 30. Twitter Application The official Twitter app It will automatically post all your FB poststo Twitter &amp; drive traffic from Twitter overto Your FaceBook page Optional - If you want to your tweets toautomatically show on your fan page go 31. Social Plug InsA great way to make your website social &amp; integrate seamlessly with FaceBookSocial Plug-Ins can be found at are 4 of my favourites... 32. Like Box People on your blog or website can instantly Like your fanpage People can view yourlatest posts &amp; get a feelfor your content People can see howmany fans you have which adds social proof 33. Page Badge Similar to the Like Box just a little morebasic Like a sign post to your fan page. Shows yourprofile picture very prominently Can get it at 34. Like Button Adds social proof &amp; can go viral Every person who clicks this button shares itto their wall &amp; can get into their friendsnewsfeeds This is not Traffic to your Fan page but it isTraffic directly to your website or blog 35. Comments Comments on yourwebsite or blog Each comment is shownnot only on your site buton their FB wall too! You will get morecomments using FB thanany other platform,people are hardwired tocomment on FaceBook 36. Guest Blogging Find blogs related to your topic &amp; keywords inGoogle (Higher traffic the better) Send an email to the owners of the site asking ifyou can write a guest post for them Write a quality article or do an interview together At the end of the article include a link to your fanpage with a call to action Cool resource 37. Joint Venture Find other related pages &amp; group adminswho have an audience who may beinterested in your page Offer to do a reciprocal link exchange of some kind Either... Do a status update for one anotherrecommending their page on your wall Send an update for one another (needboth need reveal tabs to pull this off) Like each other pages &amp; include as a featured like 38. Text Message Get people to text 32665 (Fbook) and then... like yourusername So for me its... like josephbushnell Great for public speakers Offline ads &amp; signage Radio Webinars Even just one on one 39. QR Codes People who have the QRReader ontheir phone can get instant access toany website, you can use your FB fan page is a Free QR codeGenerator Use on business cards &amp; networking events Use in print, brochures, posters, books etc 40. Paid FB Traffic - FaceBook AdsAgeGenderLocationInterestsRelationship StatusLanguageEducationSexualityWorkBirthday 41. The formula to make sure your posts show inother peoples news feeds FaceBook uses an algorithm called Edge Rank to decide on what to show in people newsfeeds 42. Edge Rank Relationship How often do you talk &amp; interact withthat user? How often do they view your content orpage? Popularity How many likes, comments &amp; shares didthat particular update get? The more the better. Thismeans crafting your message in such a way that getspeople to do this Time Decay If you do these first two correctly thenyour posts will stay in the newsfeed for longer 43. Over 200 million users worldwide on Twitter Twitter is also good for B2B which is a slightweakness of FB Good Sharing culture on Twitter! Retweets!Ask for them, give incentives if necessary! Have a completed bio &amp; background, peopleneed to be able understand what you do in justa few seconds. Include branding, contactdetails &amp; pictures of you Give great content &amp; redirect the traffic to yourwebsite or blog etc 44. How To Get Followers Follow them first, many will follow you back Follow people who you identify as people whopotentially may be interested in what you tweetabout (They leave clues) You will have a difficult time if you try to be aTwitter snob. Your success will be limited How many new people to follow will depend onyour business &amp; your potential audience Once someone is following they can get yourTweets &amp; Messages 45. Follow by Interest/Topic orGeographical Twellow The Twitter yellow pages, listspeople by industry. Twellowhood for Geotargeting Real time conversationsbased on keywords &amp; Geography Brandchirp Saves time. Simply drag &amp;drop, semi-automated. Geo option too Listorious or Twibes to find people listed forcertain topics or regions 46. Of some of the people who you follow wontdecide to follow you back Every so often you need to flush your non-followers to even up your ratio Unfollow non-followers only! Not your followers! Quick follow churn can get you in trouble, soonly do this once in a while. I recommend oncea week maximum 47. Use to send an automaticwelcome message to new followers Use a softly, softly approach. Gentle nudge indirection of your site or simplehello/conversation starter. Dont try to sell You can also schedule Tweets. Best toTweet a few times a day, so schedule inadvance if necessary 48. Social Media Marketing ForBusinessVisit - @josephbushnell 49.</p>