Social Media Marketing in Business

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A slideshow presentation of social media marketing in business: How and where it began, current landscapes, opportunities and benefits, the different types of social media, what social media and social media marketing are, and how to find success in social media based marketing

Text of Social Media Marketing in Business

  • 1. Social MediaGoes CorporateMelissa CummingsProfessor KurpeMedia Design Concepts5 August 2012

2. Emergence of Social Media in Business What is Social Media? Social Media is simply media that isused for social interaction. 3. Emergence of Social Media in Business What is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing. 4. Emergence of Social Media in Business Where did it all begin? EBAY Customer Feedback Forum Online Community Increase in interest of products and services Increase in sales 5. Current Social Media Landscape Types of Social Media Blog Micro Blog Social Networks Video and Photo Sharing Multi Platform Collaboration 6. Current Social Media Landscapes How do other successful companies utilize Social Media effectively in their business marketing plan? Interaction with prospective and currently established customers at a more human and personalized level. Get honest customer reviews of products and services. Revealing the brand to a wide range and variety of people. 7. Current Social Media Landscape Something NEW! Pinterest What is Pinterest? Why should I use Pinterest? How can I add it to my Social Media Marketing Plan? 8. Opportunities and Benefits Opportunities Social Media can amplify your content. Can make you stand out in a crowd. Can accelerate the spread of the brand. Can allow for self-growth of the business. Can provide trust between business and client. 9. Opportunities and Benefits Benefits Little to no cost with large ROI. Ability to reach millions of people. Ability to establish a community between the business and the audience. Ability to establish relationships that last. 10. ReviewQuestions and Comments? What is Social Media and Social Media Marketing? Where did it all begin? Different types of Social Media? How do other companies find success in Social Media based marketing? Opportunities and Benefits of Social Media in Business? 11. Sources Binkley, Leah. "How Car Dealerships Can Use Social Media To Boost Sales." Social Mobile Local Marketing. Social Mobile Local Marketing, 06 Jul 2012. Web. 3 Aug 2012. . Raines, Jody. "How To Use Pinterest for Social Media Marketing." WebMarCom Blog: Focus on Web . Marketing Communications. WebMarCom LLC, 2012. Web. 3 Aug 2012. .