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  • 1.Small Business Social Media Marketing

2. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
Yep we proved another small business marketing strategy to work!
A Good Small Business Social Media Strategy is always evolving. And that is exactly what I am going to describe . A social media campaign that you can apply to get immediately apply and get results.
At the same time this social media marketing ideas on this blog is a book that is continually becoming a more dependable solution by continually focusing on optimization.
Also Just so you know I never claim to be a social media strategist, specialist or expert. Mainly because I don't personally believe in being done learning and exploring a topic like social media ROI through engagement and monitoring the conversations of the markets that are important to us.
3. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
Social Media in Small Business as a Marketing Strategy Video
Hey guys, this is Nathaneal Mohr from the small business marketing blog
We're going to talk about social media in business.And not just social media in business from a generic, "Social media is good for business, and business is good for social media" kind of talk.
4. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
We're not gonna do any of that because we've all heard enough of that over the last few years.
Instead what we're going to do is talk about a specific small business marketing strategy that quite a few business owners that we've been working with have been applying and been getting great results with and since so many of you have been asking questions about the Social Business Advocate Model, we're gonna go ahead and answer them for you.
5. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
Hopefully in a condensed couple of minutes version of these small business marketing tips anyways.
And for the rest of you who are watching this, that have not asked any marketing questions, I think that you should probably stay tuned, or keep watching, because you'll get value out of this as well.
6. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
So, just so you know, what the Social Business Advocate Model is, is when someone in your business, whether that be you, whether that be someone in your customer service, or a sales rep, or maybe even everyone because that's been proven to work pretty well also, monitors the conversation within your niche, about your niche.
7. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
Now we've all heard someone say, if we've been studying social media in business over the past year or two say, "Hey, social media monitoring is important.
And it is, but it goes a little further than that, as far as we can tell.
8. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
So when we say monitor the conversation, what we're talking about is basically social media search
Or searching through the - following a really easy follow up marketing process - and searching through certain social media platforms to find out the conversations that are taking place, specifically around the keywords, or around the words that would identify people that would be speaking about your industry.
Does that idea makes sense, I hope it does.
9. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
Just in case you're wondering, on the marketing blog, just so you know, we're going to have a couple of videos on how to do that and some links, so just click on those if you don't know how to do that yet, which is fine...which is cool...just click on's good...good stuff.
10. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
So the first part of the Social Business Advocate Model is basically to monitor the conversation when people mention your niche, or mention things about your niche, then you have an opportunity to go connect with them.
Maybe offer some advice, maybe provide a solution, work toward a referral. Either way, you're establishing a connection no matter where they are along the buying cycle.
Don't mess with where they're at along their buying cycle, just meet them where they are
11. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
If you need to focus on give away marketing, and go ahead and provide value for where they're at, and allow them to either purchase from you, or get a referral.
Oh, just a little side note, a little bonus piece of content here, within social media, we're finding a much greater response out of asking for a referral, than even asking for a sale, or telling people what we do, or reminding people what we do.
12. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
So when you're connecting with people in social media from a business standpoint, it's more effective for you to say, "Hey Bob, just so you know, the greatest compliment that I could ever get, is that you send me a referral if you feel that my services are worth it.
If you have time, feel free to look at my website if not, no big deal, our friendship's important."
13. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
That kind of communication is a more effective way to remind people to buy from you than saying, "Hey, buy my products because I'm important."
14. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
The traditional marketing plan doesn't seem to be working well for the people in social far as my observation that I'm watching try that.
So the first step is you're monitoring your niche and the conversations that are directly related to your industry.
Then the flip side of that coin, which isn't quite as obvious, is going to be to monitor the conversations that are taking place within your target market by the conversations themselves are identifying the people speaking as being your target market, but they're not necessarily directly related to your industry.
15. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
Make sure you take the time define your USP and describe a few different examples of who your ideal customer would be.
Ok, so an example of that would be if you were a plumber and you wanted to figure out who would be a good customer for you..."Hmm, maybe a real estate investor with multiple homes." Right?
That might work, right? Or multiple pieces of property.
16. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
So instead of just using social media search to find stuff around plumbing, and plumbing products, and plumbing questions,
You might monitor conversations that are taking place around collecting rent checks, or tenant, or other kinds of issues that go along with being a landlord.
So that develops that kind of relationship for you and kind of helps you - it's kind of the flip side of that coin. We're finding it to be very effective.
17. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
It's the two sides of those coins that are going to make the difference; Using them both is going to allow you to build your list to a rather large amount and also establish relationships and meet people where they're at.
18. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
On a side note - I hope you got value out of that, by the way - on a side note, those of you that are wishing my daughter Avery happy birthday, for her third - number three - yeah, she'll be three this Thursday, crazy right?
Well those of you who are wishing her a happy birthday, thanks a lot.
19. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
And yes as always, every single year, if you want to say happy birthday or give a piece of wisdom, or an idea, or just shout out at her,
I will definitely read your shout out, or your happy birthday to her like I do every year. So if you're that awesome that you want to give her a little piece of wisdom, or tell her happy birthday, yeah, go for it please.
20. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
If not, no big deal. And if you have any questions about this actual Social Business Advocate Model, feel free to ask them here or on our small business marketing blog at, and other than that,
I hope you have a really great day, and we will talk to you soon.
21. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
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22. Small BusinessSocial Media Marketing
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