Social Media Marketing | Social Media Masters Business Seminar

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Abbas Alidina presented Social Media Marketing | Social Media Masters Business Seminar #SMMF2012 #Bahrain


  • 1. Social Media Masters Business Seminar Session 2:Social Media Marketing Abbas Alidina @AbbasAlidina
  • 2. About Us ra of Marke4ng The New E Forrester Research Inc.
  • 3. The Marke4ng Mix
  • 4. The Social Marke4ng Mix (The Human Element) The Four Five Ps of Marke2ng. people
  • 5. People and Word of Mouth
  • 6. The Dunbar Principle (150)
  • 7. Social Media = Dunbar on Steroids
  • 8. Word of Mouth Audiences with Audiences.
  • 9. Social Media Marke4ng
  • 10. Social Media Marke4ng Socialized Business Strategy ?
  • 11. Developing a Social Media Marke4ng Strategy
  • 12. Developing a Social Media Strategy 4-Step Approach to Developing a Social Media Strategy. Listen Dene Engage Measure
  • 13. (1) LISTEN
  • 14. The Conversa4on Prism
  • 15. What to Listen For? Where are people talking about you online? What are people saying about you or your compe2tors? What are your compe2tors saying? What are people saying about your industry/market? Are there any gaps/opportuni2es?
  • 17. Dene Objec4ves Ensure Digital/Online Objec2ves are Aligned with Business Goals. Improve Awareness Increase Reten2on/Loyalty Clearly dened goals Generate Leads help brands to focus Increase Sales eorts towards Build Database achieving results Thought Leadership Support Customer Service
  • 18. Dene Objec4ves Clearly Dened Goals help Brands to Avoid PiSalls. Brand Inconsistency Wasted 2me and eort Dened goals help Communica2on Fa2gue brands to avoid Misunderstanding of consumers Brand Dilu2on
  • 19. Exercise: Dene Objec4ves Identify the top 2-3 objectives for using Social Media in your business. 1. 2. 3.
  • 20. (3) ENGAGE
  • 21. Content Strategy Customers will not visit/trust/buy from you if you dont provide value.
  • 22. (4) MEASURE
  • 23. Measurement
  • 24. Ques4ons? Social Media Masters Business Seminar Abbas Alidina @AbbasAlidina