Social Media Marketing For Business

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This presentation addresses different social media platforms and the audience they attract and social media sites developed for specific industries/interests.


  • 1.Social Media Marketing for Small Business Overview of Social Media Debbie Gorski Wyoming Entrepreneur SBDC, MRC, PTAC

2. How This Class Works Weekly webinar on Mondays noon-1:00 PM January 6: Overview of Social Media January 13: Customizing a Social Media Plan For Your Business January 20: Building Relationships, Strategies and Tips January 27: ROI or Is Social Media Worth It Handouts will be sent each week via email. Goal: Social Media Marketing Plan completed in 4 weeks! You can send questions via email anytime: debk@uwyo. Subject line: SMMB 3. Should I keep my website? Yes!!!! You own your website. When using social media, always link back to your website. Social media sites come and go. You dont own your profile site, you dont have access to a list of followers and their emails (or it would take a great deal of time to compile). If you lose access to your site, you have lost all info. 4. Who Are Your Clients? Demographics-Age, Gender, Income, Education Psychographics-Buying behavior of your clients. What are their interests, causes (for example: concerned about the environment). Email MRC: 5. An Assessment of Your Time, Talent and Committment Who will be maintaining your social media presence? Are you willing to make time everyday for social media engagement? Why do you want to delve into social media? 6. Poll How many social media sites do you manage? Answer: None One Two Three Four or more 7. Popular Social Media Platforms Facebook Google + LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest Instagram YouTubeClaim your space on the Internet! Cross marketing your website and social media sites! 8. Poll Check all social media sites where you have a presence. Facebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn 9. Demographics Site*Active usersGenderAgeIncomeEducationFacebook1.19 billion54% female 18-29$75K+Some collegeYouTube1 billionTwitter500 million52% female 18-29$75K+Some collegeGoogle +300 million70% maleLinkedIn259 million65% male45-54 25-34$100K +Grad schoolTumblr216 million50%18-24$75K+collegeInstagram150 million68% female 18-29


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